Irish History Month

Now that February’s BHM is in the rear view mirror we can move on to IHM. Of course no one calls it that but me but I’m writing my legislators to see if we can make some changes. It’s really ideal, there’s St Patrick’s Day of course, celebrating the man who drove the Komodo Dragons out of Ireland. In addition, due to lack of sunlight and cool weather most of us are pale and pasty like our Irish brethren and potatoes from Maine (casts sideways glance toward Idaho <.<).

Here is a tune that applies to most of our Hostage crew performed by a lovely and talented musician who has a few more videos in the same vein out there on her channel.

As an aside, we used to sing this song at Boy Scout campfires. I can’t imagine the new, transgendered Scouts allowing this never mind the song called “Bang Bang Lulu”

( — skip to the military cadence section).


If you don’t like fiddle music you may have tertiary syphilis, perhaps as the result of a fiddler’s fuck since they’re known to be carriers of multi-resistant strains of VD. If you had only paid attention in school you might have prevented all that misery.

It’s a wonder Disney let that one get made much less out on the tubes. Here is an Irish boy engaging in their national sport. It’s called “Twedawdling”. Odd word isn’t it? Twedawdling. Twee-Dawh-Duh-Ling. Say it out loud and savor the word like a fine spirit. This is the modern version with a leaf blower. The ancient Celts used hand fans and spun on rocks and for some reason it really didn’t catch on until much later.


Here are a few modern hoop stars who identify as Irishmen


All month long there is special incentive to catch leprechauns. If you catch one there is a clause in the whole Pot O’ Gold reward where you not only get some gold but they will not slay your first born as revenge. Now that’s some Grimm Fairy Tale shit right there.

Lastly, the Irish are known for their propensity to lift a glass or two. And not just a cup of tea. Between the Guinness, the Murphy’s and the Beamish they’ve got the stouts fairly well covered. You know who wishes it was IHM all month for an excuse to get out to the bar and slake her thirst?



Irish History Month seems like a long shot but so did PDT just 4 months ago. JEF was all smiles at that WHCA dinner a few years back when he said Trump would never be president. How’s that shit sandwich taste now Obama? Like eating crow? Or eating Reggie‘s ass? I’ve said it many times here and elsewhere that DJT may and will probably disappoint like all politicians but just knowing that he wiped all the grins off so many smug faces makes it all worth it. And the Supreme Court justices. And Melania. And Mad Dog. And making Mexico pay for Taco Tuesday from now on. That’s all I got now, see you Friday!



  1. A fiddler’s fuck is worth more than a tinker’s damn but not nearly as much as a flying fuck at a rolling donut hole which, if you think about it, is quite the feat of athleticism.

  2. Keenan Wynn is the narrator in the VD film. I remember him as the villain in the Herbie movies.

  3. I picked up a traditional Irish cookbook not too long ago, haven’t had time to skim through it just yet, but I saw a few fun things just flipping pages.

  4. Morning.

  5. ww.

    Oschi didn’t get fed last night (oops – guess I didn’t properly inform the fam that she could eat up until midnight) and I think she’s considering eating me.

    I could DIE on this car ride.

  6. Good luck with the puppy, Carin.

  7. Morning.

  8. Jeez, you’d think Trump lived in Moscow. The news is lit on fire with pretty trivial shit.

    But my absolute favorite thing is that every cowed Dem politician is back to asking to see the tax returns.

    Its just strange to keep fucking the same, poor, unwilling fowl everyday.

    Today will be filled with painting and listening to A Clockwork Orange audiobook.

    Continue the usual H2 revelry.

  9. Irish cookbook, so a pot, water, and cabbage?

  10. This month-long, come-and-go cough has been simply awful for my fitness. I don’t think I got more than a couple short workouts in in Feb. I feel doughy. As a responsible radio fitness personality, I’d better start getting back in shape ASAP.

  11. No, there are some actual, non-boiled-meat, non-cabbage recipes.

    I was as surprised as you are, and I’m a quarter Irish.

  12. Irish cookbook, so a pot, water, and cabbage?

    Well, at least they’re not savages like the scots, stuffing animals inside one another and lighting them on fire.

  13. *shoves a chicken inside a lamb*

    shit, where’s that jug of kerosene-

  14. There’s a blood pudding (“black pudding”) recipe on p29, under “breakfast”.

    My wife is going to kill me when I make this. I hope it’s good.

  15. Can you slowly remove quantities of blood from a horse and freeze it until you have enough to make sausage? Just throwing that out there.

  16. The recipe only calls for 4 cups. Should be able to safely bleed that out in one go.

    I need a Masai guy to show me how, though. Or a vet tech.

  17. Man found bleeding horses in rural MI, bail set at $250k.

  18. Listening to the audio now, you sound good Leon!

  19. Look, they give me nothing but fertilizer and chores, this would be a minor way of recovering some of the investment.

    My wife would actually kill me long before The Man, though.

  20. The White House is cunt free for the past 42 days.

  21. Thanks, Laura.

  22. And Ted Kennedy is in his 8th year of sobriety.

  23. My wintersown lettuces are all up, in their little water bottles outdoors. They look really healthy! Be interesting to see what happens in the next freeze. The next things to sprout should be alliums.

  24. *hastily switches blogs*

  25. BOO!!

    *pinches Hotspur*

  26. Arrived safely. Sorta. Stinker sat in my lap the whole way.

    Who the fuck put snickerdoodles in my purse??

    LAURAW!!!! [shakes fist at sky]

  27. Not me, I’m onto really buttery oatmeal-craisin cookies today. You know the kind, where the texture is just chewy and perfect, and the edges get kind of lacy and golden-crunchy and you can taste the butter and sugar and cinnamon so nicely there?

    That kind of cookie. So as you can see, I am completely innocent.

  28. I ate the rest of my buckwheat sourdough bread for breffast. I’ll make it again at some point, likely with a bit more salt next time.

  29. Pure hate you.

    I’m fasting for a few more hours, but I brought a protein shakes. Can’t wait. It’s going to be awesome.


  30. Your mom likes “protein shakes”.

  31. I’m gonna try the buckwheat thing too. I love any kind of sourdough, so good. Not sure if they sell raw buckwheat in the grocery store.

    I actually have a big jar of whey in the fridge from my last batch of greek yogurt. I should put it to use souring something soon, too.

    I like this garden post.


    And I watched the video linked in it last night. All very inspiring. As soon as I spread the rest of this spoiled hay, I’m switching to wood chips. Guess I can start with wood chips in the paths. One of the local dumps has a pile of them for free.

  32. Pepe. did I ever tell you that Pepe LePew is one of my most favoritest Warner Bros. characters? Him and Yosemite Sam.

  33. Laura, this is what I bought:

    And I did my soak/ferment in a wide-mouth mason jar that I had sanitized with boiling water and covered with cheesecloth.

  34. Groats is a funny word.

    Can’t talk to you right now, I’m on my way to the doctor. Gotta scorchin’ case of the groats.

    I hate it when I put veggies in the crisper, forget all about them, and then a week later I find this pile of groats in there.

    We had to throw away our potted plants. They were completely infested with groats. Groats hopping from leaf to leaf. It was disgusting.

  35. …anybody else feeling itchy? Goddamn groats. Every Winter.


  36. Anyone read The Fifth Season by NK Jamison?

    It’s 1.99 at Amazon but if she’s a progressive tool I’m not interested.

  37. Jamison is an SJW, iirc.

  38. Jemison, rather. Yeah, just checked Correia’s archives and confirmed. One of the tools that turned the Hugo into a joke.

  39. Thanks, Leon.

  40. WTF, Disney?

  41. So, it turns out Obama’s DOJ was shaking down corporations and funneling billions of dollars to lefty commie causes.

  42. What about Disney, BiW?

  43. That explains the $6 million home.

  44. The corruption in government is mind boggling.

    If it’s 1%, and I think that’s being generous, the total is $40B.

  45. What about Disney, BiW?

    That VD film.

  46. Ah, okay, thought it was something else. I’ve been in meetings all morning and hadn’t watched yet.

  47. Amazing that with all that cash, corruption, and the media, Hillary still managed to lose.

  48. Bernie would have won.

  49. Polling shows that Hillary would crush de Blasio should she want to be mayor. She’s never had a real job, or any experience running anything, so she would be perfect for the job.

    NY deserves her.

  50. Still here:(

  51. I think they’ve decided to run every possible test on her. Then they’ll break ground on the oschi wing of veterinary medicine here at MSU

  52. Sorry Carin :(

  53. HA! Our vet had a Ruby wing.

    Dog glaucoma is a scam.

  54. The Oschi Memorial Veterinary Wing and Crossfit Box.

    Burpees while you wait!

  55. Ugh, went to a burlesque show last night and the three beers I drank don’t agree with me this morning. Blech. The show was fun. Cute girls and a live band. It was a really small venue, and my spot at the bar was right next to the stage. A couple of acts got up and danced on the bar itself, right in front of me. One of the dancers looked like a young Bebe Neuwirth.

  56. Always liked me some Bebe.

  57. Agreed.

  58. John Podesta works for WaPo, Sessions might have been investigating him.

    Fake News, indeed.

  59. I’ve had enough “testing “. I’m ready to move to the “let’s do something ” stage.

  60. “Our millennials are a force. I recognize it. And I was a millennial once,”

    Maxine Waters

  61. On 2 of my trips to Ireland as a youth I was a mule for blood pudding. This was before the days of point and click on the internet with next day delivery in styrofoam coolers packed with dry ice. On the way to the airport we had to stop by the butcher, pick up the frozen meat, wrap it in newspapers and rush to the airport. It also involved fibbing to the customs officer when they asked if I was bringing anything back. Playing the role of a clueless kid came naturally I guess.

  62. Much less drama now

  63. The temperature has been dropping steadily over the course of the day and it’s going to get colder as the weekend progresses. We haven’t had a fire in the wood stove for a couple of weeks but I just got it going now.

  64. I was the assist for a BKA today. My patient but I do them so rarely I had the adult guy who ends up doing way more of them as the main surgeon. No matter how many times I see them they always give me the heebie jeebies. As was the case with this one, the kid came in asking for it rather than me making the suggestion. It’ll be a process but within 6 to 8 months when the prosthesis is finally fitting well she’ll be happier than she was before.

  65. Let’s talk about sausage smuggling

  66. Did the wind make it up there yet? We got trees coming down around here.

  67. I’m still trying to sort out how to get fresh blood for my black pudding, so that’s sort of like sausage smuggling.

  68. Definitely windy out with worse to come. Rowan has lost his shit a few times with the plastic snow shovels getting blown over in the garage. Every time I go out to toss the frisbee for him I pick them up. Might need to put them in the back of the garage which is sort of like tempting fate if you believe in omens.

  69. Next door neighbor had a motorcycle crash 30 years ago, and just last year finally got an AKA. Says he wished he’d done it right away.

  70. Leon is going to raise a piglet.

  71. Podesta is an effing worm.

  72. He is going to get ready to slaughter it, and his wife will cry and cry because she will have fallen in love with the piglet.

    The piglet will become a cherished (but not by Leon) family pet. He will be named Knockwurst.

    Every time Leon has to go feed Knockwurst, his hands will shake slightly while dumping the slop bucket.

  73. It’s sad if any black people think Maxine Waters is a “smart voice” for black people.

    She makes Biden look smart.

  74. I probably won’t bother raising my own, Laura. I know some farmers at my parish that I could ask if I really want to try this. I should probably just figure out some more liver ideas, or kidney.

  75. Why make blood pudding or whatever if you can make ANYTHING ELSE ON THE PLANET?

  76. Laura, your narrative is why. Same reason I’m not raising rabbits.

  77. He probably lost a lot of time, energy and wasted hope trying to get the leg where it would function. For most of he ones we do (versus the vascular surgeons) it’s after one or more attempts to make a horrible trauma or tumor situation tolerable. Sometimes it works and other times you need to cut your losses (said without sarcasm or irony).

  78. Paula’s parents bought a pig from some farmer and had it butchered. I think we have a few freezer packs of pig meat in the chest freezer from it.

  79. Mare, where’s your sense of adventure?

    Besides, I’m half English/Irish. Blood puddings probably kept my ancestors alive at various points in history. For all I know, I’m going to be hooked at the first bite and wonder how I lived so long without it.

  80. I read BKA and thought Bundeskriminalamt, German version of the FBI.

    Sorry, Jimbro. Sounds tough.

  81. I have a calisthenics book written by a guy with an AKA after being crushed by a car. He went a couple of years in dire pain before electing to lose the leg. Says he wishes he’d done it sooner, but he was holding out hope that it might recover some function.

  82. Yeah, Portuguese blood pudding is a thing, too. I haven’t had it in forever. I should ask my Dad to pick some up one of these days, next time he’s in the porkchop parts of Massachusetts.

  83. My dad had a aka. My cousins wife has a bka.

  84. I sliced the tip of my finger off once.

  85. I’m circumcised.

  86. The best chourico I’ve ever had was at a clambake when I tagged along with my college friends. I ate an embarrassing amount. They were working at a light fixture factory in Fall River, Portuguese capital of MA, on summer vacation. I was at the envelope factory earning more money but they had a lot more fun with their cow orkers.

  87. I’ve cut up a hobo.

  88. I lost my big toe nail but it grew back

  89. Haven’t been to Fall River in ages either. That’s gonna be a nice summer road trip. We usually just go to Ludlow.

  90. Dan just asked me to stop screaming at the TV. He’s the one watching MFM news

  91. Well, he obviously can’t watch it if you’re screaming at the TV and ruining his enjoyment.

  92. Breakroom LIVs are tired of the BS. Breaking Trump.

  93. “…among others”

  94. Comment by Oso on March 2, 2017 7:22 pm
    Breakroom LIVs are tired of the BS. Breaking Trump.

    Yeah, the Dems are overplaying their hand. They look like spoiled brats who can’t admit that they lost.

    The next four years are going to be glorious.

  95. Even the non-voting peeps are tired of the MFM


  97. A moment of reflection.

  98. He wants to be the good boy his owners think he is.


  100. She seems nice.

  101. Comment by Pupster on March 2, 2017 8:59 pm

    She seems nice.

    I vote you guys do this at the next meetup.

  102. Smooth move, Pups!

  103. LOL

  104. Evening.

  105. Today I died of a massive coronary event. Then I got better.

  106. I had to hoist my clumsy maintenance guy up to the crane with a tractor.

  107. She’s got a ton of videos on her instagram.

  108. Killed it dead.

  109. Everybody is watching her in leggings over on instagram.

  110. I got a like from Bo Snerdley.

  111. Allergy check!

  112. Dierdre’s endocrinologist refused payment.

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