Big Blam Frooday

Tushar sent me an email yesterday after watching Trump’s press conference with dire warnings of peak boner. I believe our newest American is loving winning more each day even if he has a constant headache from lack of blood flow.

I wanted you to know that I gave your mom a chance to name this song. What a dirty slut.

Today’s model  hails from the country of Whatevestan. She’s smoking hot, has giant boobs, and to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not even sure these pictures of the same walking boobs girl. Please give a hearty, healthy, and very warm welcome to RION.

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Teh Luv Sessy Poat

V-Day has come and gone and hopefully your celebration was everything you wanted it to be.  I’m not really a Valentine’s Day guy because I think it’s a manufactured holiday designed to ring up sales in the retail market during a slow time in the winter months. Try telling that to your partner if he or she is a “believer“. I think something small is in order like a witty card, some good chocolate and a home cooked meal (do leftovers count?). “Toys” are a dicey proposition that can come back to bite you in the ass so to speak. Maybe your celebration consisted of some dancing involving a ‘good’ female dancer, performed by an (nsfw) avatar: Because…science.

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New day, new poat

Some freshness for your Sunday morning. Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder.

Pajama Mamma?
Next Secret Santa gift.
Thank you for your attention, and y’all have a good day.


Hi there and welcome to the third Friday of his majesty’s reign. On this Friday we are about to feel slightly less winning than previous days, which will still be better any day Hillary has left.

You know, I’m not sure I care about serious issues anymore. Here’s what I give greater than zero f**ks about: not losing. It turns out not losing is better than losing. Hard to believe.

If someone could inform former President Romney of this eternal wisd…..oh. I guess we could call Hillary and ask her if winning….nope, that won’t do either. So we’re left with all of history as a guide. It’ll do. Not perfect, but it’ll do.

Today’s song was written about Hotspur’s thong after a long night of medicinal tequila and Meh -hee- can cuisine.

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So, When Does Spring Get Here?

Super Bowl is over. No sports on TV that I like to watch. I truly wish I was interested in college basketball but other than a few games during March Madness I just can’t get into it. The days are getting longer, over an hour more of daylight since the shortest day of the year. Time to organize my sock drawer which is really just a euphemism for spanking your mom just the way she likes it done.

When asked who sang this song my boys proudly announced “Motley Crue of course” SMH

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Angry Tuesday Critters

Tuesday, aminal day. But it’s night, not morning, so the aminals are showing their dark sides.

Bowl. Empty. You fix dis now.




Just back away, clown. Back away.


This otter isn’t really angry. Just disappointed in you.


Obligatory bunny.


I’m allll outta bubblegum.


MMM 260: short and late

Long “weekend”.  Possum and I had lots of fun, but I get pretty drained trying to stay “on” for her for hours on end, so I’m a wreck this morning.  Straight to pictures.

If you have complaints about this one, you just don’t like women.


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