Here is a pic of your dad


While I learn the intricacies of my new MacIntosh  product this is it for today. Busy week for me: partner is on vacation, nurse is in FLA and it’s school vacation…hold me!

Feel free to add updates. Let’s make this a community project.



This is for Mare:

This is for Jimbro:


  1. Good morning.

    **tries to hold Jimbro, but he’s moving too fast**

  2. your dad’s looking rather dapper today-
    and by dapper i mean he remembered to put on socks

  3. wakey wakey

  4. Update added!

  5. Morning.

  6. Your dad hit me up for a $20 yesterday. I told him to go fuck himself.

  7. A quiz today. Been up studying this morning. Getting mighty sick of this shit

  8. I’ve had a cup of coffee, a Monster, and a dose of DayQuil.

    I might just go work outside if I can’t move the ball forward at work today.

  9. Snowstorm coming tomorrow, after 70s this week.

    I love midwest weather. If you don’t like it, wait a minute, it will change.

  10. Huh, they say the same thing about New England weather!

  11. I think we’re getting rain this weekend after a week of above freezing temps. The snow pack has declined precipitously compared with a week ago.

  12. I miss dad.

  13. Yeah, that’s hard to get used to, isn’t it BC? I miss his grouchy ass.

  14. 35mph sustained winds today with gusts up to 55mph. We usually don’t get this shit until mid March to mid May. Spring wind is the worst part of living in West TX.

  15. in the spam bucket again…
    wordpuss is pissing me off

  16. My dad was so miserable during the last 6 months to a year of his life that I’m thankful he was able to go on. I do miss his micro-managing old ass though.

  17. This poat practically updates itself.

  18. Your mom needs an update.

  19. Or a tune up.

  20. Or both.

  21. I’ve hit the Dayquil up too. I actually left work yesterday after an hour, I was feeling so bad.

    Moose has a grooming appointment in 45 mins.

    Lots I can do around this shit-hole dump.

  22. Soft goat cheese n’ eggs experiment: Pretty good. Needs something, though. Maybe a bed of wilted spinach?

  23. /steals the booze from the updates

  24. Salsa, Laura. Eggs love salsa.

  25. With goat cheese tho?

  26. I’d do it. Spinach might work too.

  27. Holy crap. Alan Colmes is dead.

    Was he sick?

  28. Died after a brief illness.

  29. He was liked by everyone.

  30. I liked him.

    I didn’t usually agree with him, but I thought he was sincere in his beliefs.

  31. There is an article linked on Drudge about how social media is making us all nuts.

    The writer brings up the need for digital detox.

    I bet that’s what Cyn is doing. Between work, all the crap going on in her life, Rosetta……she unplugged.

    Hopefully there will be a Cyn 2.0 in the future.

  32. I bet she shows up in Wyoming.

  33. I hope so. I miss Cyn.

  34. When I go on vacation, which isn’t all that often, I ” digitally unwind” and it feels so good not to know, up to the minute, what the left is trying to pull…or how the GOP is helping them. I feel more lighthearted.

    I hope that is the case with Cyn.

  35. Her kid, her mom, peak election nonsense….oh, and MJ.

  36. Mostly MJ.

  37. I think she was sick of J’ames’s shit.

  38. Or hearing about multiple newfies doing zumba.

    Anything is possible.

  39. MJ! That shitweasel.

  40. I think we’re all sick of J’ames’s shit.

  41. It was the gardening talk. I blame Carin.

  42. Well, the O’Keefe/CNN thing sure turned out to be a nothing-burger. Fucking 8 year old tapes.

    Fucking bullshit.


  43. I actually wandered out of Provisional Cavilopolis without my cellphone for a full day this past weekend. On purpose. Just got sick of the digital leash and had to ditch it.

    Most relaxed I’d felt in years.

  44. Everyone but your mom.

  45. Or hearing about multiple newfies doing zumba.

    Nice try, but that’s complete bs. I didn’t get the second newfie until after she left.

    To deal with the pain of abandonment.

  46. Let’s all detox from the H2 for 6 days between boobs. Ready, set, you first…go!

  47. I’m sick of Jimbro’s shit.

    Let’s ban him.

  48. I’m sure there’s a name for it, the space between boobs. I must’ve been absent the day we learned that one. Hell of a scrabble word I bet

  49. Décolletage
    Boob crack

    Nothing in the medical world unfortunately

  50. I hear that if you rub toilet paper between your boobs, it will make them bigger.

    Look what it did for your ass!

  51. Speaking of asses…OHAI, Hotspur.

  52. “Nothing in the medical world unfortunately”

    i always thought it was called the boobal cleft
    under boob is the boobal fold

  53. give Shelly a call – he might know:

  54. “I’m sick of Jimbro’s shit.

    Let’s ban him.”

    we should all go on some “Rate my Doc” website and write a testimonial about how when we were all little girls, jimes fixed the crack in our asses after we fell off of:
    a tree
    an elephant
    a skyscraper
    your mom
    a position of prominence in the Carter administration
    a truck load of mares’ boxed wine

  55. Puppy head on foot.

    moose is getting groomed. Oschi likes being a single dog. She doesn’t have to compete for affection.

  56. Speaking of doctors working on little girls, I saw a news segment on that guy who worked on Olympic female gymnasts for years. He was doing major perv stuff.

    Sore back? Obviously we need to stick a finger or two in your vag and adjust your spine that way…unsupervised

    Lock that fucker up in the general prison population

  57. Working outside in a t-shirt !

  58. Waiting at dentist for a cleaning. Sort of like a grooming.

  59. Moose looks beautiful.

  60. Here we go, moose this, moose that.

    Can you imagine the racket in here if Car in could garden dogs?

  61. What, no dogwood?

  62. I’m glad you asked.

  63. I have a stupid work problem and I’m running out of ideas for a solution. Nothing I try seems to make any difference.

    It’s like 0 is president all over again.

  64. Label the problem a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, h8r and then go play golf. It’ll all sort itself out eventually.

  65. Fling feces at it. That seemed to work for 0bama.

  66. Pretty sure that’s racist.

  67. Calling things racist is racist. So is pointing out that calling things racist is racist.

    In fact, I’m sure pretty much everything is racist.

    Eff it, Hostages, let’s go bowling.

  68. Bowling is racist.



    sleep deprivation is making you yell

  71. “Fling feces at it.”

    it works for farmers

  72. Have you ever been convicted?

  73. And when she bent over,
    Rover drove her.

  74. Great, just got a call from NM Game and Fish that there is a wolf with a tracking collar “in our area”. Which probably means on our ranch. Perfect since it’s calving season. Hopefully he’ll keep on traveling through. Also it’s been blowing about 35 mph all day long. Grumble, bah, humbug…….


  76. That kid made me Lol!

    No kidding it reminds need me of something I use to link about Rosetta being a poor athlete.

  77. I’ve watched that video 5 times. Hilarious!

  78. Gathering area between books is referred to by the medical term “dick rest”.

  79. Damn it, autocorrect. You all know what I meant to say.

  80. Hate it when I slap my dick in a book

  81. H2: Putting the dick in dictionary since 2009

  82. Like we’d have a big book like a dictionary. More like a comic book.

  83. More like “Great Jewish Athletes”

  84. Or “Frugal Government Plans”

  85. “Things Your Mom Won’t Do For $20”

  86. “Gorgeous British Smiles”

  87. All in favor of banning Jimbro?

  88. ‘Male Asian Porn Star’

  89. “2016 Donors Who Will Back Hillary Again in 2020”

  90. “List of Jay’s Favorite Foods Which Are NOT a Type of Pancake”

  91. “Scott’s Big List of Non-Scams”

  92. “Healthy Vegetables That Scott Will Eat”

    (three lines on a very small, single slip of paper)

  93. Comment by lauraw on February 23, 2017 6:37 pm
    “Scott’s Big List of Non-Scams”

    *Opens book*

    “Everything is a scam. Including this book. Fin.”


  94. “Interesting things about Xbrad”

  95. Lena Dunham Beauty Tips

  96. “Things Leon Did Without a Well-Thought Out Plan”

  97. Speaking of which- Leon, did you add some kind of a culture to your buckwheat, like whey or keffir, in order to kickstart the fermentation?

  98. Evening.

  99. “How a Barely-Catchy Slogan Can Make Up For Poor Business Fundamentals”
    by W. Bud

  100. Jewstin!!

  101. Solutions!


  103. *touches index finger to nose*

  104. Howdy, Hotsnausages!

  105. “Osos’ Entomological Guidebook for New Mexico”

  106. I died in flames today. Then I got better.

  107. I set myself on fire while showing the new guy how to weld.

  108. I bet things were in flux for a while but you bucked up and soldered on

  109. * groans *

  110. All I learned about welding was from my dad’s oxy acetylene torch stored in the cellar and a youthful spirit of adventure

  111. I have a new hot glue gun.

    Applying boiling plastic to your skin is very uncomfortable.

  112. So, guess who interviewed Sen. Blumenthal today?

    Also, local R party had their annual dinner and according to a former state rep who attended, I was the hot topic of the evening.

    They are very happy that they finally have a friendly voice in the city.

  113. It’s a miracle the house remained in one piece between my older brother and me using his tools unsupervised in the basement. By the time my younger brother came around 5 1/2 years later video games had been invented and the house was safe again.

  114. When we are more financially comfortable and can have a little workshop, we are going to have a welding machine, for sure. I used to love metal working. Only ever had an oxyacetylene setup for brazing, but next chance I get I’m going to learn to really weld.

  115. We are having our “Safety BBQ” tomorrow. Over 300 days without and accident. “Hot dogs and hamburgers”. OSO: That’s a cookout. Not a BBQ. Fin
    Grilling and Smoking with the Window Lickers.

  116. And I will be talking to a VERY special guest next week.

    No hints, but this will be pretty cool indeed.

  117. Will they be in space?

  118. Congratulations, Wiser!! Sorry about the Blumenthal thing. Hopefully it was over the phone and you didn’t have to look at his skull.

  119. Are you Nutmeggers really a Sanctuary State?

  120. Even better than space!

    And yeah, Blumie was by phone and OMG is he just as empty-headed as you would imagine.

    I asked him why he was in the state today and he almost sounded offended. “Well, I live here andthey let us come home on weekends, so I came home to my home like I do as often as I can….”

    No, Senator, you called to talk about an event you are attending. And that event is…?


  121. >>>>Are you Nutmeggers really a Sanctuary State?


  122. Is your very special guest Chachi?

  123. We don’t us the N-word Oso.

  124. >>>>Is your very special guest Chachi?


  125. Tom Cruise

  126. This doesn’t seem very practical.

  127. Shorter

  128. Scott, is that an only “Nutmeggers can use the N word, or is it ‘noone uses the N word”?

  129. Danny Devito?

  130. Charo?

  131. Less hair

  132. I thought we were going to be doing drink=hostage and got totally flipped with the Hostage-Book dealio.

  133. Vern Troyer

  134. Speaking of which- Leon, did you add some kind of a culture to your buckwheat, like whey or keffir, in order to kickstart the fermentation?

    One Tbl of whole milk so lactobacilli would have a head start. I also did NOT ferment in the soak water. You want to throw that out and add fresh water for the ferment, that clears out most of the phytic acid, which is the opposite of a nutrient.

  135. Fiona the premature hippo?

  136. MJ

  137. Leon’s flame thrower doesn’t fly.

    Why is he so lazy?

  138. >>>Vern Troyer



    Omg, you are really damn close here…..

  139. I just typed MJ and got the Slow Down you’re going too fast WP flag.

  140. I might not have needed it, but it seemed like a good way to encourage the right bacteria. I’ve never bothered when making sauerkraut and it’s never mattered.

  141. Glomming on to Scott’s comment

  142. >>>MJ

    I said “special” guest….

  143. Leon’s flame thrower doesn’t fly.

    Why is he so lazy?

    Your mom tires me out.

  144. Wines mare won’t drink

  145. He’s special.

    * awards ribbon *

  146. >>>He’s special

    Yes. Yes he is.

  147. “Meat-ups that mate has attended”

  148. “…mare…”

  149. She’s going to Wyoming.

    I just know it.

  150. On her way back from her 30th Anniversary trip to aloha

  151. >>>I just know it.

    If I really, truly, honestly believed that was possible, I’d hook a ride…

    But I am yet to be convinced that mare is not a sock puppet that is being used by a small ring of “deep state” Hostages…

  152. Mare!!!! Japan Village Walk at Ala Moana is awesome!!! Great food. Great prices.

  153. Pendejo and Mr Mare have RL friend in common. Roamy met Mare. Mare is real!!!!

  154. People who have met mare.


  156. >>>Pendejo and Mr Mare have RL friend in common. Roamy met Mare. Mare is real!!!!

  157. Guess who just landed an interview on a radio show next week?

  158. OMG I’m singing I believe in Mare to a lame Hair song🎶🎶🎶🎶

  159. Hahahaha, you tools, I love the comment section header!!

    Oso is that Japan Village Ealk at the Ala Moana hotel or shopping center? We’re still not sure where (on the islands) we’re going. Get this, I’m a fortunate bastard, my sister is in the process (close April 21st) of buying a small condo on Maui and my husband’s friend heard it was our 30th and offered his Hilton vacation club waikuloa for 10 days and it may be able to be switched out to the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu. People are kind and generous.

  160. Meh. It ain’t Cheyenne.

  161. Guess who just landed an interview on a radio show next week?

    Shut….. up!

    *checks calendar


    never mind…..

    BTW, I may have missed this…. who did you blow to score posting rights at the mothership?

  162. Wiser, you’re making it difficult to not listen to your show…which, of course, is the idea.

  163. Shopping center. Maui is only cool during whale season.

  164. which, of course, is the idea.


  165. Maui is only cool during whale season.

    I disagree. Hookipa Beach is always cool. Always.

    I really wish I had been brave enough to surf it, but those people had amazing skills.

  166. Maui is Californicated. Only cool during whale season. St Therese is an awesome church.

  167. Comment by wiserbud on February 23, 2017 8:04 pm
    And I will be talking to a VERY special guest next week.
    No hints, but this will be pretty cool indeed.

    Is this a “very special episode” of wiser radio? One that the whole family should listen to and discuss?

  168. I need to go to Moloka’i

  169. Dad and Stepmom are flying back from Hawaii today. I don’t know where they stayed. Don’t care to live in Hawaii. Too far away from civilization.

  170. CoAlEx: Kristy McNichols and Lance Kerwin

  171. Nobody makes sense.

    That’s why Cyn left.

  172. With special guest star Leif Garret

  173. Is Leif Garret playing the pervy gym teacher, or the bullied gay student? Chemo kid?

  174. Bullied gay student

  175. My bro is texting me pics from Costa Rica. I’m like “Dude” 🐍

  176. I can’t remember where I shared. MIL is in Hospice. Dan is having to deal with SIL.

  177. When I lived on Oahu, (Hawaii Kai) I have been kayaking with whales 150 yards away.

    Maui is expensive especially near Waimea, which is close to where we will be. We stayed in a place once on a trip my mom sponsored which was $450 a night. That was only about 4-5 years ago. We certainly wouldn’t pay that. Now it’s between $800-1000 A NIGHT. Sucker business travelers with a huge expense account and people with literally money to burn stay there and at the other two top places. Costco and my sister’s recommendations for happy hours make this doable, fun and not cringe worthy

  178. Dan is the king of cheap travel. We never resort stay. Loco moco.

  179. Is this a “very special episode” of wiser radio? One that the whole family should listen to and discuss?


  180. I need to go to Moloka’i/i

    Too many spiders.

  181. Jewstin, is our soundtrack King George or Garth?

  182. Lepers not spiders. Pilgrimage

  183. BTW, I may have missed this…. who did you blow to score posting rights at the mothership?
    First, Hotspur but he kind of lied to me.

    We both had fun so no big deal.

    Then an Ewok. I’m still coughing up hair balls.

  184. Too far away from civilization.

    and this is bad…… why?

  185. MJ, are you moving or will the bebe be a Hoosier? Beasn is kind of rabid about Hoosiers.

  186. First, Hotspur but he kind of lied to me.

    You looked him in the eyes, didn’t you?


  187. Hoosier.

    Pretty sure I’ll be here for at least a few years.

  188. Seriously, who’s the guest? You can tell me. No one reads your comments.

  189. Clinical. I have to somehow fall asleep, get rest, and then wake up in a ridiculously short timeframe.

    Goodnight. Ruv roo.

  190. Buble.

  191. He paid extra for eye contact.

    I’m a capitalist at heart.

  192. >>>Vern Troyer



    Omg, you are really damn close here…..

    Peter Dinklage.

  193. Robert Reich?

  194. Milo Yanoflopulus

  195. I’m a capitalist at heart.

    You are just the kind of slut that I can respect.

    Peter Dinklage.

    Who the hell wants to talk to that little dumbass?

  196. Richard Simmons.

  197. Robert Reich?

    Milo Yanoflopulus


    Imagine a combination of these two, but with slightly less flamboyance and slightly more intelligence….

  198. Tucker Carlson

  199. Richard Simmons.

    OMG! You are soooooo getting warmer……

  200. Tucker Carlson

    aaaaaand you just got colder….

  201. Even better than space!

    I don’t know whether to “hmph!” or pull a Mrs. Cuffy here.

  202. Green chile corned beef hash with tortilla was awesome. En fuego

  203. Speaking of Tucker Carlson…..

    Damn I fucking had the tech at my station to parse this…..

  204. “….wish….”

  205. I don’t know whether to “hmph!” or pull a Mrs. Cuffy here.

    When you you hear who I’m talking about, I think you’ll think difthinkeraly….

  206. I have been kayaking with whales 150 yards away.

    That’s because you got so close. If you stay at a respectable distance they don’t get goosebumps.

  207. Weird Al Yankovich.

  208. and this is bad…… why?
    – – – – –

    I have interests that require other people. I’m not a competent introvert or misanthrope.

  209. Complete introvert.

  210. See her picture in a thousand places ’cause she’s this year’s derp
    You think you all own little pieces of this year’s derp
    Forget your fancy manners
    Forget your English grammar
    ‘Cause you don’t really give a damn about this year’s derp

  211. Tom Hill?

  212. I’m a competent introvert.

  213. benny hill?

  214. the little bald guy from benny hill?

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