MMM 262: the start of year 6


So I reckon these things mostly by how often I have 52 binders’ worth of weeks in the can, but last week was the end of year 5 of this august institution, making this the beginning of year 6.  How time flies, amirite?

RBF sufferer?


Her thighs are too skinny.  She needs a sammich.


High production value here.


Belts on panties, what’s your take?


I think this girl was an extra in one of my telenovelas.  She has that look, anyhow.


Can’t remember this girl’s name.  I used to know it.  Ask me later when I’m not paying attention.


Pilates: not a sex cult.


You’ll always be my favorite, Eva.




  1. First!

  2. I don’t even remember why I started now, other than “we need a Monday post”.

  3. Good Morning!

  4. wakeywakey

  5. I don’t even remember why I started now, other than “we need a Monday post”.
    Finally, we agree! I’m not sure I understand the point of these posts…

  6. Hi Cavil. I hope things are going okay with your Dad’s estate/house. I haven’t kept up as well as I’d like with comments but I do always say a brief prayer for you when I read your updates.

  7. The point nowadays is me clearing out my binders, MJ. I don’t go looking for this stuff anymore. Too easy to get #triggered.

  8. Plus, it worked. I said I’d keep doing it until 0 was gone and America was on a better path forward. Now it’s just a tradition.


    So the question becomes, can I take young animal plasma and safely inject it in a human for similar benefits, or would I have to pull a Lady Bathory?

  10. I don’t know…I’m really scared that we’re entering fascism because Russians hacked the press and now women can’t get abortions without gay conversation therapy.

    I’m literally shaking, you guys.

  11. Keto might help your seizures, MJ.

  12. How’d that last one make it in?

    She’s hittable, for chrissakes.

    Spent a lovely weekend avoiding twitter, watching lovely niece #2 marry a good Catholic man.

    Screw the left.

  13. Thanks, leon. The papers were signed Thursday; once the whole mess clears probate in a few months I’ll walk away with 20-23k depending what else comes out. Plus there’s a slim chance dad had more life insurance than we thought, which will take some of the sting out.

    Meanwhile some friends were kind enough to let me stay with them until that comes through, or I get certified better and can get a better paying job (what I had was good while I was looking after dad, but no longer comes close to fitting my needs). So I have a path into the future and fewer things to fiddle with, which is a blessing.

  14. So I have a path into the future and fewer things to fiddle with, which is a blessing.

    So, prayers answered then. I’ll keep ’em up.

  15. Tex, Eva Andressa has been a staple of these things. She’s been up there a bunch.

  16. My buckwheat sourdough has doubled in volume. I’m hopeful this works as well as advertised.

  17. Doubling is the key.

    Make snack crackers out of the rest. That’s my next trick.

  18. I was considering a small loaf or a bunch of fritters.

  19. If this works, I’ve got grain-free bread that isn’t even too carb heavy, nut free, and I could grow buckwheat here if I want to.

  20. Not grain-free, but I will be making Mt. Vernon hoecakes (H-O-E, mind you) for President’s Day.

  21. Oh man, you gotta try these. It’s like oatmeal pancake.

  22. Did you fry some up already?

  23. Making the pancakes now. They are awesome. These are my new carb-day go-to.

  24. It’s worth noting that they literally took 2 days to make.

  25. Vampirism is now an LLC:

  26. A belt like that on “panties” is a bathing suit. Think Ursula Andress in James Bond.

  27. Have you taken your teenage plasma today, Mare?

  28. My ambrosia is dark roast coffee with heavy whipping cream. Does that count?

  29. I don’t think that extended mouse lifespans nearly as much.

  30. I need to rent a car for our meetup/vacation. It looks like we will be out there for 12 days.

    If I rent from the airport it’s about $690.
    If I add a rental to my flight through Orbits it is $500.
    If a take a $34 cab ride to downtown Denver it is $300.

  31. zumba about killed me.

    So much dancing.

  32. President’s day!! Another day we can celebrate that Hillary’s not in the White House.

  33. Today’s kettlebell weight was 53 pounds . I think I’m wrecked for the day.

    25 pounds. @@

  34. Ugh, we did curl burnouts the other day. Started with 20, wound up at 15.

    225 of them, damn.

  35. So why is the Sweden thing a gaffe? The “refugees” are tearing up shit left and right.

  36. But it didn’t happen exactly at the time he specified so NAZI !!!

  37. There is very little Trump has said that I don’t agree with. Sad!

  38. Europe is on fire, I just watched a 2 minute video of the animals (immigrants/refugees) rioting IN PARIS.

  39. What is the author Ace likes who is the sort of anti will power guy?

    Thank you in advance.

  40. Cleaning house followed by doing taxes. Bets on number of f-bombs for each?

  41. What’s Vegas sayin?

  42. I’m betting the over.

  43. We got our Federal return already. Just spent it on a down-payment on a used Venza.

    We owe Michigan $33. I’ll pay them in April.

  44. I didn’t get all my forms until Feb. 15th.

  45. So now the Yale pukes are protesting the new name for Calhoun Hall. Grace Hopper’s a white woman, and we can’t have that, either. They will never ever be satisfied.

  46. In the future, everything will have been invented by a black gay latina tranny in a wheelchair.

  47. Lunchtime, Mare?

  48. I WISH I looked that cute, Tush.

  49. So apparently Milo managed to step in it. Honestly, it’s not that surprising. Disappointing, but not surprising.

  50. They will never ever be satisfied.

    Of course not, because it’s not about the change. It’s about their ability to influence the change. It’s about power.

  51. You can’t even explore certain topics. And your words are always going to be taken for the worst possible meaning.

  52. Insty has the full quote.

  53. I’ve read the quote on Insty. It’s still a stupid comment.

  54. It’s a comment one can agree or disagree with. But instead we’ve become a society that picks out a phrase here or there – out of the 1000000 of things you say – and hangs you.

    THAT is stupid.

    “The law is probably about right, that’s probably roughly the right age. I think it’s probably about okay, but there are certainly people who are capable of giving consent at a younger age, I certainly consider myself to be one of them, people who are sexually active younger …”

    And THAT is something a lot of people (here) would have to admit they agree with. Or did at some time. WHen they were young.

    so …

    Is it what one wants for THEIR kid? No. But statutory rape is a complicated thing, and the law has been abused out of malice.

  55. It was, agreed. The hebephilia in the gay community is shameful and ought to be.

  56. Personally, I’d rather debate the issue than shut him up.

    But that’s me.

  57. Trump legend: he makes his own vodka just to deny temptation.

  58. Trump legend: he wrote the myth of narcissus, or so he claims.

  59. That part wasn’t the problem. This was.

    In the homosexual world particularly. Some of those relationships between younger boys and older men, the sort of coming of age relationships, the relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are, and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable and sort of a rock where they can’t speak to their parents. Some of those relationships are the most -”

  60. From Milo’s facebook:

    “”I’m partly to blame. My own experiences as a victim led me to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject, no matter how outrageous. But I understand that my usual blend of British sarcasm, provocation and gallows humor might have come across as flippancy, a lack of care for other victims or, worse, “advocacy.” I deeply regret that. People deal with things from their past in different ways.”

    Apparently he was sexually abused by a priest when he was 14.

  61. I read it all. young boys is an imprecise term, and perhaps he should clarify.

    He could be talking about a relationship between a 17 y/o and a 21 y/o.

    Again. I’m sick of hanging people for one cherry picked phrase. WHen they try to clarify, the cacophony of voices screams out “NO NO NO – YOU SAID THIS”.

    the game gets old. I like Milo. He’s brave and refreshing. Do I agree with everything he says? No. so what.

  62. I’m more interested about HR McMaster being named NSA.

  63. Not a bad choice, IMHO.

  64. Oh shit, something leaked that shouldn’t have.

  65. Carin, I think the big problem is that a lot of us hear a line like this:

    relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are

    And immediately think of the predatory relationships like he had with his abuser. I doubt very highly that any parent looks at a relationship between their teenage son and an adult gay man that ends with an ‘out’ son as anything but predatory.

  66. Roamy, there’s a suspicion one of the old Russian subs leaked.

  67. And again, we’re picking one little bit from an interview. W/o asking him to explain. W/o taking into account that perhaps his views on this are skewed by a self-defense mechanism because he, himself was abused.

    As I’ve said – I’m sick of the shut-up method of debate. The left has been waiting for an opportunity to silence Milo, because he’s been so effective.

    But you know. hey, we’ve always got John McCain and similar to speak for us.

    EVERY voice is going to say something at some point which is going to offend, or people or going to disagree , or or or…

    These sexual things are complicated. A very small group has the high ground on this.

    In addition, there have been a shit tonne of femmist women who have told me they were perfectly capable of making a sexual choice for themself when they were 14. To ME it makes no difference if someone chooses a man or a woman. If 14 is the age of consent (as many have debated ) – then anything goes.

    (obviously I don’t agree with that)

    ANd, Milo DID say he thought the age was about right. But it appeared to suggest that he thought we made sure to error on the side of caution. And that was ok.

  68. XBrad, I was trying to figure out how you get iodine from Norway to Spain, and that would do it.

  69. I do agree that I don’t want him silenced. This seems like a setup from the NRO crowd and the people for whom “conservative” is just the brand of soap they peddle.

  70. Must be quite a leak.

  71. In this age of short attention span theater….Milo’s 15 are about up. He’s reached peak saturation.

  72. Iodine-131 has a half life of 8 days. It won’t even register by June unless it happens again.

  73. And yes, I did have to look that up. I don’t have half-lives memorized.

    Except for Xe-135, because it’s like 9 hours and it’s a byproduct of the Thorium fuel cycle.

  74. I looked up the half life of your mom. She still has a few good years left.

  75. Iodine 131 isn’t the problem. The problem is, what the fuck else leaked?

  76. #notmyiodine131

  77. I’ll bet Iodine 131 stings really bad when you put it on a cut.

  78. Did you check out kettle pizza, Jay?

  79. XBrad, and who’s getting thyroid cancer from it.

  80. Yesterday’s AoS thread on cooking accidents was pretty funny. A lot of loose lids, whether ketchup bottles being shaken or blenders fountaining.

    I once had a pecan pie knocked out of my hands as I was putting it into the oven. Pecans and sugary Karo syrup all over the floor, the oven, the door, and into the drawer underneath.

  81. Shortly after the folks moved into this house, mom dropped a saucepan of tomato soup.

    Six years later, when they repainted, they were still finding soup stains on obscure spots on the wall.

  82. You forget the cardboard under the frozen pizza ONE TIME!!!!! (The 2nd time doesn’t count because SOMEONE asked me if I remembered to remove the plastic and the cardboard and I was emoting dramatically when I realized I forgot the cardboard)

  83. I made pizza once with not-fully-peeled garlic on it. My mother never cooked with fresh garlic so I never knew until after trying to chew the paper and failing.

  84. And immediately think of the predatory relationships like he had with his abuser. I doubt very highly that any parent looks at a relationship between their teenage son and an adult gay man that ends with an ‘out’ son as anything but predatory.

    Change it to a relationship between a 14-year old girl and a twenty-something man and see how many people still think it’s ok.

    To be honest, the number of people responding to his comments with variations of, “Meh, teenagers are horny. They want this so there’s no harm” is disturbing.

  85. Turkey Story 1: I was taking The Bird out of the oven. Kitchen mitt must have touched a coil. Mitt caught fire. I was trying to find a counter space to save the turkey and get rid of the mitt. My mom was saying lots of uhs and ers. I saved the turkey and threw the mitt in the sink. My mom: I couldn’t remember the English word for “Mitt”. Me: Fire would’ve worked 😜

  86. I cooked a whole chicken with the gut bag still in it once.

    And heard about it for years.

  87. Turkey Story #2: Our first married Thanksgiving. Butterball with the plastic thing that pops when The Bird is done. I don’t math. My mom cooks down the neck and giblets and stuffs The Bird. Dan’s family cuts an orange, an onion, and a lemon for the cavity. Throws neck and giblets in trash. Plastic thingy pops. Defective. I don’t math and the leg juices ran clear. We call that Thanksgiving: “Blood Turkey” Cavity was full of juice. We were microwaving turkey because all the sides were ready too early due to my no math and relying on cheap plastic turkey timer

  88. Our old PC desktop died yesterday. I’m typing on a brand new Mac computer Paula got today. I’ve had iPhones and iPads for years but this is so counterintuitive it’s driving me nuts. I’m sure I’ll figure it out before too long.

  89. Cher was 16 when she hooked up with 27 yr old Sonny.

  90. Melanie Griffith was 16 when she hooked up with 22 year old Don Johnson.

  91. Priscilla was 14 when she met Elvis.

  92. I hope Milo takes Dana up on her offer to talk about Hollywood and the gay casting couch/pedo boy parties.

  93. CoAlEx it gets into the hypersexuality of American youth that no one wants to talk about.

  94. I was only 14 when I did your mom for the first time.

  95. Rocketboy microwaved the macaroni and cheese for 3 minutes, according to the directions on the box. He forgot to add the water. Every now and then I’d still get a whiff of burnt pasta upon opening the microwave.

  96. this is so counterintuitive it’s driving me nuts. I’m sure I’ll figure it out before too long

    I’ve had a MacBook for about a year. It took about 30 days to be proficient, but there are still things that annoy me that my Apple loving wife thinks I should just get over it already. No backspace key. Files go where Steve Jobs think they should, not where you want to put them. Everything has to run through ITunes and the Apple Store. Finder. Launchpad. There is an AP for that. I can’t kick, this is a nice laptop that was given to me by my MIL because she couldn’t hack the differences between Apple and Windows. But yeah, it’s been an experience. You just kind of have to give up the idea that you are in control.

  97. This really isn’t a cooking story. More of a stove story. I didn’t know the two dials had to be turned. Broil blah blah temperature dial. Dan asked me to preheat the oven. I thought the oven was broken because nothing happened. Blah! The time that he broiled something and oven wasn’t set to bake but broil. I preheated and I still don’t understand why the plastic cracked.

  98. ?

  99. I never had to pre-heat your mom.

  100. I got Paula a MacBook for nursing school about 5 years ago and she lets Boy 2 use it so they’re both familiar with it. Nothing more annoying than sitting down to a new computer and having your woman and a teenager giving you shit for not knowing how to navigate as well as they can. They were eventually able to read the body language I was actively transmitting. I’m sitting alone in the living room now.

  101. Our stove has a diagram next to the burner dials. 4 dots, with the one corresponding to the burner blacked out. She put tape over them and hand wrote front and back 4 times.

  102. Start thinking like a lazy hippie, Jimbro. Things will make sense soon, man.

  103. Our new one does too. They don’t make sense. I always have to double check the settings. Counter intuitive

  104. Our Apple products are idiot proof, yet I still have Dan fix everything for me.

  105. You’re just an advanced idot, like me. Apple products lower sperm counts and IQs. It’s settled science, man.

  106. There is a scott themed post coming up soon at the HQ.

  107. Smoked Milo

  108. Windows 7 was okay. Windows 8 is awful, Windows 10 is spyware, and MacOS makes me want to commit genocide. I lament every minute I’m forced to not use Linux or Unix.

  109. Retail moment: Yuppie mommie asked me if we had any drones. Her beta boy was around 7-8. Riding in the cart. I showed her the parrot drone. $50. YM: This is great! Happy Presidents’ Day!!!

  110. When I was a kid we called drones remote controlled airplanes.

  111. I need to switch my laptop to Linux. I won’t change my desktop, for the moment, but maybe by next year I’ll be fully converted.

  112. We use our iPads almost exclusively. I’m fine with it.

  113. One of the things I love about Sam’s/WalMart: Service dog groups that train in our facilities. I love watching them train. Goofy boxer/pit bull mix the other day. Paws & Stripes. He was such a dork. Getting ready to graduate to busy WalMart. He was getting lots of love at Sam’s. It is always fun to watch them train. Dan and I like the dogs that don’t quit get it. Puppy that kept screwing up with entrance commands. The day he finally made it in The Club was so exciting. Messed up “Stay” within 20ft inside. Now, we get to see goofy graduate to WalMart.

  114. Chief!!

    *sets up running tackle, trips on throw rug*

  115. IT guy in my office is Beta-Apple Boy to the core, out of his comfort zone with Windows but that’s what we have to use because business. Wouldn’t give me admin rights even though product and application management was my core function. After the 3rd or fourth time I made him run .exe files after hours on a remote install he let me go rougue with my laptop. I have to run clean on the company domain with my desktop, but I keep the laptop off the books so I can do my jerb.

  116. Your work story had me grinning Laura yesterday, the one about telling the criminals to go DIAF

  117. OMG, really? MCPO is going to stop in, talk about his iPads, and not acknowledge what a dick he is for not checking in every day?

  118. Hiya Chief. My IPad is fine for most browsing, doesn’t like AOSHQ at all though, the ads crash every browser I have.

  119. My dick checks daily. *screams* DICK CHECK!

  120. My ipad is great for candy crush

  121. I mostly troll progressives on Twitter and FaceChimp and stream music. Herself streams kitty videos and music. IPads are great for that stuff.

  122. I tried the pizza stone on the gas grill, but I don’t have heat mgmt down yet. Burned it.

  123. Laura – Have you and your husband escaped the People’s Socialist Republic of Connect the Cuts yet?

  124. There was a drive by shooting outside the pizza/bar where I work. Police tape everywhere. 3 people hit, non life threatening. Assholes were from Milwaukee, and got into a bar fight a block away, then opened fire.

    Found them an hour away in a hospital with gunshot wounds.

  125. I don’t Apple.

  126. Mcpo/m3po wyoming in June. Pretty sire there is golf! NE has great golf if you decide to road trip

  127. Think I’ll try this, scott

  128. Wyoming is a Canadian Province, correct?

  129. Descanso wars. Dude crushed skull in 90s. Cross and flowers. Biker dude died in 00’s. Graffiti, paper cups, and flowers. Hide 90 boy descanso. Media wars. (rayciss Dan H8s descansos and ghost bikes)

  130. Descanso wars. Dude crushed skull in 90s. Cross and flowers. Biker dude died in 00’s. Graffiti, paper cups, and flowers. Hide 90 boy descanso. Media wars. (rayciss Dan H8s descansos and ghost bikes)

    I honestly don’t know what any of that means.

  131. Good to see you, MCPO.

    Jay, I may try that.

  132. Doesn’t sound like J Kenji Lopez-Alt cared for the kettle pizza:

  133. * hands Oso a cookie *

  134. Good to see you as well, Scott.

  135. I saw my first ghost bike last year.

    It was just off the campus of a $50,000 per year prep school.

  136. If any of you idiots going to Wyoming need a ride from Denver,

    we’ll have room for two if aren’t flying in at a stupid time.

  137. Been golfing yet?

  138. Okay, my dick check is out. L8r, sk8rs.

  139. Hey scott, could you please pick up a Danner boot and throw it at your wife? TYIA.

    Aim for the hump.

  140. No.

  141. Fine.

  142. I could, but I wouldn’t.

  143. There was a drive by shooting outside the pizza/bar where I work. Police tape everywhere.

    In Ames effing Iowa?

  144. Nice poat, MJ. Way to raise expectations over here.

  145. In Ames effing Iowa?


  146. Jay, were these shooters unidentified? And by that I mean were they negroes?

  147. Now I know where to buy pizza. At the Kum-n-Go.

    Ames Police Cmdr. Geoff Huff said that a short time after the fight, in which two police officers were on scene to investigate, a red passenger car stopped along the 200 block of Welch Avenue and fired multiple shots into a crowd.

    The individuals in the red passenger car were believed to have been involved in the earlier fight, according to police.

    Huff said that the officers shot at the red passenger car. He is unsure whether or not the officers hit the vehicle or one of the occupants, but it is a possibility.

    So they were in town for the Mensa convention then. Makes sense.

  148. They are good boys, in town to tour the campus while they save their money from being DJs to go to community college this spring to study architecture and shit.

  149. Terrion, Desmon, and Travieon. You be the judge.

  150. The ‘and shit’ is a nice touch.

  151. They had just started turning their lives around before this little misunderstanding turned violent with an entirely disproportionate but accurate response from law enforcement officials.

  152. I just noticed that “the red passenger car” in the story was the actual shooter in this unfortunate incident. Terrion, Desmon, and Travieon where just in the wrong trigger happy car at the wrong time.

  153. This is Library!!!

    MCPO, MCPO, MCPO!!!!!??

  154. They were probably looking at colleges.

  155. Haha, it does read like that.

    Guns don’t kill people, cars do!

  156. It was a Decepticon.

  157. Barricade ruining it for the other cars.

  158. Food accidents:

    When we were dating, Penelope smacked a ketchup bottle on the table, then violently shook it. Lid came off and ketchup sprayed all over the guy in the booth behind us. He was a priest. Not real happy.

    Then one time she was heating something in a double boiler. didn’t realize you were supposed to put water in the lower pan. :)

  159. Haha, I boiled one dry, once. That and the water pan in the smoker going dry.

  160. Oso translate: Descanso = roadside memorial. Ghost bikes are for bike accidents. In NM, ghost bikes and descansos are protected. My story is about a descanso from ’94 whose cross has been covered by recent biker death. Dan H8S descansos. Thinks it should be kept in graveyards. Culture clash

  161. One of our first dates was at Cervantes. Honey+Sopa=🍯🐻 Cute at 110#. Not so cute with the diabetes.

  162. Oso, plastic on the burrito, or off, when reheating?

  163. Where the Buffalo Roam…

  164. G-g-g-ghost Bike!!!??

  165. Sultan Knish. A good essay…

  166. well, I guess I can say that I’ve succeeded in radio.

    There is now a coordinated effort to have me removed from the radio.

    fucking idiots.

  167. Evening.

  168. Feel like Trump, wiser?

    Nice work.

  169. HI JEWSTIN!

  170. Food accidents:

    One February, many years ago, I prepared a Asian-style dinner for wiserbride and her grandmother to be served when they returned from seeing a performance of Madame Butterfly at the Met.

    Dessert was going to be deep-fried Heath Bar spring rolls with chocolate sauce.

    As we sat down for dinner, I set a dutch oven, filled with oil and covered, on the stove to heat.

    Granny liked to talk. A lot. Suddenly, she asks me if there should be smoke coming out of the dutch oven.

    I look into the kitchen and see plumes billowing from out under the cover. So, of course, I remove the cover.


    It burst into flames! I immediately put the cover back on on move the pot out to the driveway.

    Meanwhile, the house if filled with greasy smoke. So of course, we have to open all the windows and put fans in them to clear the smoke.

    In February.

    In Connecticut.

    When it was about 10 degrees outside.

    Oh, how we laughed.

  171. Wiser, who’s leading the charge? Someone at the station, or someone in the audience?

  172. Feel like Trump, wiser?

    One fucking troll calls in, starts dropping stupid bombs, expects me to respond ( I even asked him today as he went off on Melania, “Ummm, and I’m supposed to respond …. how?”) proceeds to interrupt me when I try to engage me in conversation, which of course, is annoying as shit, which I then finally decide I’m tired of being played, so I end the discussion.

    Less than a minute later, someone with a different name e-mails SM to complain that I am angry and rude and easily flustered and should never have replaced the previous host.

    I see what the game is, but it seems the SM is taking the complaints seriously and is telling me that I need to play nice.

    Fuck that shit.

  173. when I try to engage me

    engage “him”

  174. e-mailer is the same douchenozzle who e-mailed the station two weeks ago.

    That time I was rude and obnoxious because I spoke softly underneath the caller in an attempt to get him to stop ranting and engage in conversation.

    SM agreed and said that I sounded rude and arrogant.

    This time, the complaint was that I got louder and louder as the fucktard was ranting until he finally shut up.

    SM agreed and said that I sounded rude and arrogant.


  175. “fuck that shit”


    Do not move off this point. Otherwise it’s typical and boring lefty bullshit theater. And you are doing a great job. Obviously, or they wouldn’t call in and be asses. A coordinated effort means the nasty left wants to shut you up, you make sense.

  176. Meanwhile, I interviewed an author today after having almost no time to read his book and got 20 minutes out of it that producer said was incredible.

    Had the guy laughing and even pausing to say that he wished that he had said what I said in regard to the two main subjects of his book.

    But yeah, I really need to learn how to banter with trolls.

    Fuck that shit.

  177. Is your show just a means for callers to ant?

  178. Rant!

  179. Ant Caller!

    Put away the sugar, wiser.

  180. Otherwise it’s typical and boring lefty bullshit theater.

    Shittalker started on whatever Melania did yesterday, making some vague reference to what she was wearing.

    I said “okay……. huh?”

    he asked me “Do you know what I’m talking about?”

    Me: “ummm…. no….. But please do continue with your attempt to smear Melania Trump.”

    He goes off on how upset she was by what the “supposed christian” Melania Trump was wearing when she read the Lord’s Prayer somewhere.

    When he got done, I said “Ummmm… and you expect… what..from me here?”

    Not getting the response he wants, he then brings up her naked pics.

    “Again…. I’m not sure what you are looking for here.”

    “Having her as first lady is beneath the dignity of the White House.”

    Me: ” oooookay…… feel better now?”

    And before i have a chance to mention that there is nothing in the constitution that says that if a first lady has ever posed nude, the President is now required to resign and give the office to his opponent, he changes subject to fake news…..

    I finally ended the call telling him how badly I feel for him that our first lady is not living up to his high moral standards.

    Yeah, I sound angry. Because it’s tiresome putting up mindless bullshit

  181. Is your show just a means for callers to (r)ant?


    And I know what they are attempting to do.

    I’m going to have a chat with my producer and the SM and I’m going to ban him from calling for a while.

    Which, I’m sure, will make his e-mailing asslicker e-mail the SM to complain that I’m a coward.

  182. My next-door neighbor has started listening to the show, since she’s in her car often for her job. She’s in her late 20s, not exactly our target audience, but as she told me a few days ago, she needs something different from the same songs over and over. I remember starting to listen to talk radio around the same time and for the same reason.

    When I talked to her about what happened today, she said “Is this the same guy who called in last week and was a complete asshole?”


    So, if that’s what she got out of it, wouldn’t most others feel the same way? They guy is really just an obnoxious troll.

  183. Heheheheheh…..

    I’m gonna read this on the air tomorrow…..

  184. Interesting about your neighbor. Actually, excellent.

  185. I may not know what your asshole caller was talking about referring to Melania’s clothing, but she looked fan fricking tastic in that red dress and gorgeous matching shoes. Not gouache. Well fitted. Appropriate and made me long for the days I could wear shoes like that.

    By the way, IMO, why does any serious person (who is pissed about policy) care or mention Melania’s clothing? Unless she was dressed like a hooker (which I can link Michelle Obama looking like)?

  186. By the way, IMO, why does any serious person (who is pissed about policy) care or mention Melania’s clothing? Unless she was dressed like a hooker (which I can link Michelle Obama looking like)?

    Because desperate obsessive losers who still can’t get over the fact that they lost gonna be obsessively desperate losers.

  187. nite, y’all.



    (sorry for stomping on ya. hugs.)

  188. »»»He goes off on how upset she was by what the “supposed christian” Melania Trump was wearing when she read the Lord’s Prayer somewhere«««

    Caller must’ve forgotten the part in The Lord’s Prayer that says “…as we forgive those who trespass against us”….

  189. »»»“Having her as first lady is beneath the dignity of the White House.”«««

    Ask him how he feels about the dignity of a President getting a BJ from an intern in the Oval Office –

  190. Teresa, wtf was Melania wearing that was offensive and needed “forgiveness for offense”

    FFS, everyone is losing it.

  191. Oh, I wasn’t offended in the least bit – but the caller was. Guess he’s not a good Christian…. 😊

  192. Nine to five and five to nine
    Ain’t gonna take it, it’s our time
    We want the derp and we want it now
    We’re gonna take it, anyhow

  193. You don’t like it how it is,
    til you’re wishing it was how it was.

  194. Lolita is a pretty good book. Just sayin.

    I think the left & right has decided to use any sort of moral preening to destroy their enemies as long as they don’t get held to the same standard.

    Which they don’t. It’s the perfect set up, actually.

  195. We should probably arrest Kevin Spacey while we’re at it. American Beauty was a pretty good movie. Just sayin.

  196. Every Tuesday morning, an exam.

    Come on, Spring Break! I NEED YOU.

  197. Arresting Kevin Spacey is just the right thing to do.

  198. Spicer’s having another press torture session today.

  199. One thing I can’t stand about being bombarded with all this school work and deadlines is that I feel like am constantly in a state where I’m living two weeks in the future, all the time. I see that something is due on 3/5 this morning and freak out, not really grasping that yes, I do have time to do it. My brain says that 3/5 is like, tomorrow. So weird. Derp.

  200. That poor man. You know who they should give Spicer’s job to? Jeff Gannon. How awesome would that be. The MFM would explode.

  201. I think Spicer has fun with it.

  202. Good luck lauraw.

    Bring your rabbit’s foot but make sure it doesn’t have the tendon’s attached this time.

  203. Dammit, MJ, you’re a grown man, learn to plural!

  204. s

  205. Wakey wakey.

    Something is wrong with Oschi this morning. Waiting for vet to open.

  206. I’m a little light headed. I just kicked my own ass.

    Carrying 80 lbs up and down flights of stairs sucks.

  207. Is GND making you carry her? She really can handle stairs just fine, I promise.

    That said, if you don’t have a railing on both sides, install one on the other side now. Trust me.

  208. I wonder if anyone in this apartment complex will notice of some of the noisier geese “disappear”…I could use some variety in the diet anyway…

  209. She was FINE last night. This earlier she had a horrible coughing /gagging fit. Now she’s listless.

    I may just drive to the vet and wait outside.

  210. 27 minutes

  211. Cavil, cheerios and a machete are valid hunting implements.

  212. Claim self defense.

  213. Here. Look at some art, you savages.

  214. Dammit, Tushar, why you gotta link porn and get me all #triggered?

  215. I skimmed thru yesterday night’s comments on this thread.

    The gist:
    Wiserbud, for some reason, set up a dutch oven for his wife and her granny (her granny!). It was so bad that they had to open all the windows.

  216. >>That said, if you don’t have a railing on both sides, install one on the other side now. Trust me.

    Whoa! What did I miss? Have GND and MJ done the frick frack and expecting a mini-MJ?

  217. Officially? No. It’s too soon.

    Plus it might not be his. Or hers. Muppets and all.

  218. What time is wisers show? And what station?

  219. I’ll wait to fall down the stairs before I consider safety, tyvm.

  220. My wife fell down the stairs carrying Possum when she was 3 days old. Saved the baby, tore her stitches and had to go in for surgery.

  221. I had that railing up within 36 hours.

  222. Back from vet with antibiotics. Most likely aspirated into her nasal cavity. Lungs sound clear, so that’s good. Pneumonia is the big worry until she gets that surgery.

  223. Carin, please give Oschi extra scritches and hugs from me.

  224. Would a change of diet help?

    Would wet squishy food be harder to aspirate?

  225. I can’t find info regarding whether that would help or not.

  226. Pence supports the EU?

  227. I’ve kinda got a cold, but I don’t want to admit it.

    That makes it real.

    /blows nose

  228. Take zinc, Carin!

  229. I’m re-reading our comments from August, 2015. Man, I was ready to get out of Ford in a jiffy, huh?

  230. You aren’t there? Wow, when did that happen?

    Next thing you’re gonna say you have a kid.

  231. If you feed her dry food, try mixing in a half can of wet food.

    I bet it helps. I used to do that for my lab but I can’t remember why.

  232. I’m not sure. It’s all a big blur of blue cubicles and trying not to ogle hot coworker chicks.

  233. There’s a new poat, people.

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