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  1. Damn, I hate bustin a poat’s cherry. That’s not who I am.

  2. Yes it is.

  3. So, shall we discuss milkers?

  4. Clogged ducts aren’t fun.

  5. Wiser knows a company that’ll clean them.

  6. “Anyone heard from that grumpy old bastard MCPO lately?”

    I bump into him on twitter pretty regularly.

    He dropped in here, very briefly, a couple of weeks ago.

  7. oops


  8. Today’s winning status: still winning.

  9. Good afternoon. Pull my finger.

  10. I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

  11. Says the guy who caught the clap from a muppet.

  12. This poat has been updated like the little bitch that it is.

  13. This is what happens when you give a bow and arrow set to a baby.

    I’m getting kind of sick of the snow now. Does anyone want any of this? It’s really lovely snow. Let you have it for free, even. Just come get it off my lawn. I’ll help you load.


  15. You forgot to yell, “COCK”.

  16. One doesn’t just walk into Library and yell “COCK!”

  17. Mail me some, Laura. I’ve got room.

  18. Ha! Xbradtc, I love the Sparta, This IS Library.

    That video is absolutely hilarious to me. Jack offs trying to protest something, just anything. Asian guy telling them this is library so STFU. Dick faced kids shutting up because an undisclosed Asian guy told them to. Protesting in the library to begin with is so stupid.

  19. Seriously, that Asian guy is my new hero.

  20. https://is.gd/dn5cRx

  21. https://is.gd/wtqH27

  22. One thing I’ve learned in MN.


  23. https://is.gd/KAIQ8l

  24. Way ahead on homeworks and presentations and papers. I think I need to start some more seeds. Or make a gargoyle.


  25. got any pics of your sister’s tits?

    There are no, and never will be, pictures of my non-existent sister’s tits.

  26. *draws extremely classy artist’s rendition of Jay’s sister’s tits*

  27. I just read Ace’s post about Ben Rhodes torpedoing Mike Flynn.

    I’m not sure I give two craps about any of it, but I was Trump I’d take JackStraw’s advice….

    “I think it’s time for Trump to rethink his stance on not going after Hillary. Payback time.”

    I’d actually expand that to any of the big names left over from the Obama admin.

  28. Tell scott I got my Danner boots today. Man, are they big and warm.

  29. Happy Valentine’s Day, Hostages!


  30. Some of my classmates got to watch open heart surgery last semester. I was so jealous!

    I finished my drawing of Jay’s sister’s boobehs.

  31. J’ames’s sister’s kids would never starve.

  32. I’m making very large portions of things tonight with the idea of being a lazy meal prepper.

    It has to be easier than setting aside three hours every Sunday.

  33. Are you sure that’s not a picture of Jay’s sister from behind?

  34. I finished my drawing of Jay’s sister’s boobehs.

    My lord…. it’s so….life-like!

  35. Oh…oh please do this. Don’t paint it blue, either.


  36. In my twenties when I lived with my grandmother, I used to portion and freeze meals for her so they were like homemade TV dinners. She was a diabetic in renal failure. Her meals had to observe important limitations. I made these so when I was at school or work, she could take a foil packet out of the freezer and put it in her toaster oven and have a good home cooked meal in about a half hour. I used to grill a lot of those veggies and stuff on my tiny little charcoal hibachi because it made low salt, low protein, low fat, etc foods more palatable for her.

    Knowing what I know now about that disease…sigh.

    Anyway, those TV dinners…the intent was never that they would take over for my regular fresh meals. That was just a relief valve for when I had time, to cover for when I didn’t. It did get away from me periodically where I was screwed and had to run to the store and cook a whole lot when I wasn’t planning to. But in times when the schedule worked and the freezer was stocked, she was so happy. It gave her a sense of independence to be able to do for herself when I wasn’t around. And she loved the flavor of grilled food.


    I think I need to go out tomorrow and buy a little bottle of Jean Naté. For no reason.

  37. Jay’s sister’s tits are better than your mom’s.

  38. And bigger than SoHoS’s.

  39. Hugs Lauraw. Ran into the mom of a family I babysat for in the 80’s. Her youngest went in for gallbladder surgery in December. She died during surgery. 3 kids. 38 years old. Lots of crying at work. And squishy hugs.

  40. Hold my beer http://tinyurl.com/hkj9l7q

  41. https://is.gd/3GesDA

  42. I’m mostly prepping things I don’t eat enough of. Veggies, etc.

    what is the date of the meet up ?

  43. July 15

  44. scott needs a new project:


  45. We pretty much did that already.

    It’s a big plastic bucket with a lid, insulated with moving blankets.

  46. Moving blankets saved our lives at Lapeerapalooza.

  47. We had no idea how cold it got in Canada.

  48. They helped you dispose of the bodies?

  49. They do that too.

  50. Hotspur is messing with you, it’s June 8.

  51. Hotspur is messing with your mom too.

  52. Cruelest Chinese ‘delicacy’ food ever. Damn.


  53. June and Ward were his parents.

  54. scott needs a new project:

    Silly Jay, coolers are for catching mice.

  55. Miss Landers taught him grammar.

  56. Wilbur and Orville cut his lawn.

  57. “Hotspur is messing with you, it’s June 8.”

    i leave the chat room for a few minutes and y’all start screwin’ w/c ar in

    it’s august 13th – don’t listen to those bastidges

  58. Wilbur was a slacker.

    Orville was doing his mom.

  59. https://is.gd/TbntKE

  60. A point of view of Flynn & Trump:

    The Empire Strikes Back…


  61. GSD Rumor is no Misty

  62. Finance final update: blerg.

  63. Result or going in blerg?

  64. Result was blerg. I focused on the stuff from after the midterm, but most of the final was from stuff we covered before the midterm. Bleh, I think I got a C, and I got an A on the midterm.

  65. Is your figure less than Greek?
    Is your derp a little weak?
    When you open it to speak
    Are you smart?

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