New day, new poat

Some freshness for your Sunday morning. Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder.

Pajama Mamma?
Next Secret Santa gift.
Thank you for your attention, and y’all have a good day.


  1. guhmerman.

  2. dragged over from last poat:

    Comment by Car in on February 12, 2017 7:48 am

    Comment by Car in on February 12, 2017 7:51 am

    Kids saw John Wick last night. THey like it.

    THey had to buy the first one because for SOME reason they had never seen it. I suppose it came out during their horror movie obsession. Every crappy horror movie that came out, they were there.

    / edit – they bought THE FIRST movie and saw the second in the theater yesterday.

  3. This is the second Sunday I have taken off from work so that we could take Mom out for her birthday, and our date is being cancelled again. Her birthday is getting expensive and I haven’t even given her anything yet.

  4. Why is the date being cancelled?

  5. I’m thinking about doing some meal prepping thing.

    silly or no?

  6. Depends on what the meal prepping thing is.

    I prepped some throw-in-the-crockpot meals that were pretty good.

  7. Snow is going to start right about the time we were planning to go to brunch, and the place is by the shore, over an hour away.

    The first cancellation was because of some event my sister’s kid was doing and she wanted her mom to be there.

  8. What is this meal prepping thing? My sister was talking about it.

  9. OK, just checked and it appears to be what I usually call cooking, with some extra packaging done at the end.

  10. Or is it?
    OK, looks like there could be more to it.

  11. What kind of oil would you deep fry with if not veggie? Seems like it would be prohibitively expensive with anything else. I like the taste of coconut oil but I’m not going to use it to make fried chicken.

  12. Or is it?
    OK, looks like there could be more to it.

    Are you microwaving your dirt? That’s the first step.

  13. I’ve done two different types. One was a Wildtree party, where the hostess was selling different spice mixes and oils; the other was a set of recipes I got off the internet with a shopping list. Both involved chopping up all the meats and veggies and assembling in gallon ziploc bags, e.g. I’d cut up four bell peppers, one goes into bag #1, one goes into bag #3, one goes into bag #4, one goes into bag #7.

    The Wildtree stuff is good for those on gluten-free diets or with nut allergies.

  14. Pups, I got a big gallon jug of coconut oil for 12.99 recently. The refined stuff that doesn’t smell like anything. It’s getting cheaper.

    Plus, I can flavor it with homemade rendered beef fat. :)

    Beef fat makes fried foods better.

  15. Some people prep salads for the week – so they can just grab and eat. Clean prepping would involve baggies with hardboiled eggs, green tea, etc … Having those healthy things ALL ready to go versus “I can just throw a salad together quickly” then you’re too lazy.

    A friend at work is prepping, and she does containers with salads and yummy stuff all together (she a vegetarian).

    I dunno. There may be something to it.

    I always make large portions of meals -for leftovers, so obviously that isn’t new. But my impression is that prepping is about more than just eating leftovers all week.

  16. Some people in the world refuse to eat leftovers. My father’s wife used to throw all the extra food away after every meal, or send it home with guests. It blows my mind. But there are definitely people who will cook fresh every day or not at all. I can see that prepping meals in that way- raw ingredients ready to go- would be really super helpful.

  17. Morning.

  18. Our problem is that the boys will not eat what we make. Paula loves my cooking when I make meals. After eating it 2 or 3 times it moves to the back of the fridge and when we see it a week later it goes in the disposal. I’d totally not buy all the crap foods the boys eat but Paula is the boss. Pretty sure it’s a response to the relative poverty of her childhood

  19. The book thread at mothership is outstanding this morning. Really. Love it.

  20. ‘live shots in a snowstorm’ sidebar link, ha ha ha haaa

  21. Boyfriend and I went to a Spanish birthday party last night. There were lots of hefty ladies with very large hair, the food was terrific, and the guys with shiny belt buckles almost never cried. We danced to oompa-oompa music and some old lady with pants as tall as her boobs whipped out an iPhone and snapped photos.

  22. Once I get my library the way I want it, I’m sending a pic to OregonMuse for the book thread.


  24. Hey Jimbro, my SIL is taking part in an immunotherapy drug trial, but it’s only 3 months. Why so short – is immunotherapy one of those things that it either works right away or not at all?

  25. Boyfriend:. That is Hi Mom.

    Me:. The pink one?

    Boyfriend:. Yeah.

    Hi Mom:. HIII! DID YOU EAT!!!??? ARE YOU DANCING!!!???

    Me: *whispering*. Is she drunk?

    Boyfriend:. Um. . . Nooo?. I don’t think she drinks.

    Me:. Hi Mom. Can I buy you a beer?

  26. If it’s a trial they should find some change by 3 months, whether in a lab value or objective clinical change. By 3 months that should be measurable and, in the case of a trial, they’re also looking for side effects.

  27. Jewstin – I hear that music ALL THE TIME playing in the kitchen. Honestly, how do they like that stuff?

    At times, I feel like I’m at a circus or something.

  28. ^denounces self as racist.

  29. I’m thinking about doing some meal prepping thing.
    silly or no?


    Both my girls meal prep on Sunday for their lunches during the week.

  30. 3rd snow in 4 days. I am getting sick of this crap.

  31. 3rd snow in 4 days. I am getting sick of this crap.


    Got up at 6am. Left at 7:30am for a 12 mile bike ride. No wind. 63 degrees. Beautiful blue skies. It was so enjoyable.

    This is why we put up with “Florida Man” “Florida Woman” “Florida Drivers” and summers that are too humid.

  32. My Tom Tom satellite watch/calorie/heart rate/pedometer/everything watch said I expended 843 calories on my ride. It’s probably bs but even if I take 20% off I’m pleased with the calorie expenditure.

  33. I prepped every Sunday when I was powerlifting. 3-5 meals depending on my # of workouts. It’s worth doing, especially if you’d otherwise eat crap.

  34. Leon, have you read anything about the best weight loss fasting style for women? I think from Fung I got the idea that fasting can be different for women.

    I did a 24 hour fast yesterday and it was fine. Today I really wanted to eat at 10:00am…so I did.

  35. Thanks, Jimbro.

  36. Lauraw- thanks for the heads up about the book thread. Good reading there.

  37. I love the pet thread too.

  38. Just got a $100 bench for $37.


  39. Another miracle in the Age of Trump!

  40. I got the science fiction book recommended in the thread.

  41. My good friend Will died Friday morning. He was an awesome guy.

    Fucking cancer. That’s two friends in two months.

  42. I got ‘The Fourth Turning’ this morning. Will report back in 2 months.

    Sorry, HS. Cancer is a real MFer.

  43. That’s too young.

  44. Sad for you, Hotspur. Seems to happen to the best people.

  45. home sweet home, what a fun weekend

    sorry to hear about your friend HS


  47. I got nothing, Mare, other than you might want to stick to <=14 hours, but it seems much more individual for women. Men generally tolerate longer fasts better, but some women do just as well as men.

  48. Sorry, Hotspur.

  49. sorry about you friend Hotspur

  50. i picked up the fourth turning a while back – haven’t had time to read it

  51. check out this guys obit:
    the family didn’t care much for him –

  52. w

  53. x

  54. 3rd snow in 4 days. I am getting sick of this crap.

    You want me to come rescue you? It’s about 28 days by dogsled.

  55. You last two comments were in the spam bucket jam2, I unjammed them for you.

  56. 3rd time is a charm.

  57. Sorry about your friend, Hotspur.

  58. y

  59. thanks –
    was wonder wtf that was

  60. If you use tinyurl or is dot gd you don’t end up in the spam bucket as much. Wordpuss doesn’t always like direct links.


  62. So, Moose does NOT like the fence. First visit – he wanted to go back to his safe spot (at my feet at the computer).

    I’m going to take him out to play in the yard (safely away from the fence) later.

  63. He ran back to the house. Once I let him.

    I hope we get him trained fast. I can’t wait until I can just let him out again.

  64. Sorry about your friend, HS.

  65. We’re due for a blizzard starting real soon, up to 2 feet of snow, ending sometime tomorrow night. School cancelled already and I got an email from work: offices are closed, all elective surgery and endoscopy is cancelled and staff should expect to be held over if people can’t make it in. Jeez Louise!

  66. Al Jarreau died.


    Hahahahaha. Saving that one.

  68. Aw, really? He was a virtuoso.

  69. *jumps up and down on the poat*

  70. Wut?

  71. Good evening, people who won’t be watching the Grammys unless they picked up a shift at the old folks’ home.

  72. people who won’t be watching the Grammys

    Damn skippy. Watching “Kingsman Secret Service”

  73. Ooh…I was lobbying for that one myself, Romacita! Watched JW2 this AM, Colombiana this afternoon. New Kingsman this year.

  74. I also have “In the Heart of the Sea” but will probably Skype with Rocketboy instead.


  76. Heh. From the comments on laura’s link:

    “Janice rossi is a whore”

  77. And that’s a sessay photo of Aretha, by the by.

  78. Boyfriend and I played the number game. That was a mistake. I had better not forget Valentine’s day.

  79. What’s the number game? Is it a game dealing with numerals or with one’s degree of numbness?

  80. The numbers game is just how many people have you have slept with.

  81. Oroville is in deep kimchi…

  82. No one actually “wins” the number game as I’ve learned more than once.

  83. This is how that game ends

  84. The numbers game at the TiFW house is pretty boring – both of us are just “1”.

  85. I just looked up the Oroville Dam on a map. There’s a lot of humanity below that dam.

  86. Didja like JW2, Oso?

    Stay safe and warm, Jimbro!

    Sorry about your friend, Hotspur {{{hugs}}}

  87. >> Watching “Kingsman Secret Service”

    I love that movie! Didn’t care for the church scene. But otherwise not bad. Colin Firth is an awesome actor.

  88. There’s a lot of humanity below that dam.

    “Sure, whatever. WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THE DELTA SMELT ARE OKAY!!!” –Someone in the California State Government right now, probably

  89. Yes. That’s how the numbers game ends. It seems like a good idea when you’re drunk.

  90. TiFW, loved it! Already quoting

  91. I vowed not to play the number game with Dan. Fertility Dr questionnaire kind of fucked that one up 😜

  92. Dan is a whore.

  93. Heh. It was brutal. He knew he wasn’t the first. STD. Actual #s. Awkward car ride after the Fertility Doc visit.

  94. My PCOS wasn’t related to eating disorder or STDs. Just genetic. Whew!

  95. That mess in Oroville makes me vow to keep the bugout bags ready and not let the car get too low on gas.

  96. Completely ignorant to all the previous content, and completely grateful.

    Plus I just watched Streets of Fire again, so I feel like a badass.

    Life: Unsafe, but feels Okay.

  97. Lex could paint a picture with words. You could almost see this guy.

  98. Oh wait – the numbers game is for partners you had before you get intimate with the person. In that case, Mr. TiFW and I are both “0”.

    We also never smoked, never did drugs, and didn’t really drink much, to speak of. Still haven’t.

    Like I said, boring.

    But we do cuss…. 😁

  99. I re-read Lex every day.

    And every day I want to kick his ass for getting killed.

    I love, LOVE Mary.

    And oh, how I miss Lex.

  100. Wish I had met the guy. He was a really perceptive writer.

  101. Lex was an English major.

    His writing in 2003 was pretty damn good.

    But with practice, his writing in 2012 was, occasionally, sublime.

  102. The derp in heaven
    They play my favorite song
    Play it one more time
    Play it all night long

  103. Morning!


  105. I’m awake. I consider this both a blessing and a curse.

  106. MMM is going to be at like 9. Possum has new teeth coming through and my cough and clogged eustacian tube came back.

  107. I just spent 10 mins reading xBrad’s twitter feed. Its pretty good.

    I give it 4.5 stars.

  108. wwakey

  109. Maybe 10, I just had a moment of not-dumb and need to follow through on it before other employees arrive and interrupt my ability to work.


  111. Where are the mother tuckers?

  112. Coming along shortly Hotspur, it’s been a rough 16 hours.

    Sorry about your friend.

  113. I buy illegal stuff face to face Leon.

    Not sure I’d do it online.

  114. Things like that are how a lot of people arrange payments for such items. Like you escrow a payment for a load of ‘shine, arrange a drop off point, then exchange goods and currency without ever meeting each other. Protects the distribution chain.

  115. Meh. Seems like a terrible idea to involve the web. Even if it’s dark.

    I’m pretty much too old for real fun anyway.

    Side note: let’s start an H2 weed farm. Who has a farm we can use?

  116. You grow weed in a basement with hydroponics and grow lights.

    Or so I’m told.

  117. Until my neighbor moves out and I buy his side, I’ve got potential witnesses, no good.

  118. We’d have to remediate his side of the land for a few years to get all the glyphosphate gone, but that’s doable.

  119. i’ve got 52 acres in the sticks… grow whatever you want on it. i only use it for hunting.
    i don’t smoke dope but if that’s your thing i’m cool with it

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