So, When Does Spring Get Here?

Super Bowl is over. No sports on TV that I like to watch. I truly wish I was interested in college basketball but other than a few games during March Madness I just can’t get into it. The days are getting longer, over an hour more of daylight since the shortest day of the year. Time to organize my sock drawer which is really just a euphemism for spanking your mom just the way she likes it done.

When asked who sang this song my boys proudly announced “Motley Crue of course” SMH

During the recent Deadspin dust up where a writer tried to ridicule Ted Cruz and he pwned her there was a series of tweets by one of the editors looking to fight the people mocking his site. Here’s an article if you’re not familiar with the story.

“Unsurprising that not one Ted Cruz-supporting cuck/Twitter user is willing to face me in the UFC octagon.”  — Tim Marchman (@timmarchman)

A Special Forces veteran // MMA fighter answered his challenge with a curious response of “I’m your huckleberry“. I have heard this used a few times over the years and when I searched for it I realized it was a famous line from the movie Tombstone.

[Tombstone is a great movie that I haven’t seen end to end recently. It’s such a great movie that it’s on frequently and when a few commercial blocks have bored me to tears I give up. Maybe it’s time to buy a copy.]

Where does the expression come from?


I’m your huckleberry

“The etymology of the phrase is traced back to Aurthurian Lore. Huckleberry Garlands were said to be given to Knights of the Kingdom for coming to the service of a damsel. They would approach the lady, lower their lance, and receive the small branch as a symbol of gratitude; much like a medal.
Therefore, “I’m Your Huckleberry” literally means “I’m your Hero.”
In current adaptaions, in reference to the movie Tombstone, it means “I’m your man.” as an affirmative response to a challenge.”


Another idea is that the handles on a coffin are also known as huckles. Who knew.

Pall bearer = Huckle bearer Fascinating. Let’s do what mankind has done for millennia and  make alcohol


Huckleberry buckle


Huckleberry pie


Don’t forget the dog


Okay, time to organize my sock drawer and stuff.




  1. Huk

  2. ehll

  3. behr

  4. eee

  5. Huzzah!

  6. It’s snowing like a biznatch. No school. Got a paper to write.

  7. Thundersnow! This storm has some big thunderboomers in it. That’s always so weird in Winter storms.

  8. Huh. Mom’s lost weight.

  9. *buckles my huckle*

  10. Holy shit, there was a very brilliant flash of lightning really close by, then BOOM! I think that must have hit right back in the swamp here.

  11. No snow yet but it’s arriving soon. No school again today to make it 2 days in a row. When Paula heard the forecast last night she said “Great, stuck with those assholes another day”.

  12. Morning.

  13. Laura, did you see my email? I sent it. But not from my iPhone.

  14. L to R: Pupster, Nessie

  15. wakey wakey

  16. Light snow here. Jimbro has helped me, because I just found this:

    I had those volunteering in my garden last year and had no idea what they were. Never planted them either. Glad to know I wasn’t a complete idiot to try and eat them.

  17. If you do find those, keep them, they are tasty and sweet.

  18. Don’t eat those. Pretty sure they are poisonous. Surprised you can eat the leaves.

  19. There must be different varieties with different qualities. I see anything with ‘solanum’ in the description, generally I no touch.

  20. I grow a lot of nightshades, so I’m less inclined to dismiss them. The ones I had growing “wild” were almost certainly carried in with some of my other plant starts from the greenhouse.

  21. Looks too similar to belladonna, would freak me out to even try them!

  22. White-out conditions now, inch of snow in the last half hour.

  23. OK, now I really have to get to work. See you guys later.

  24. It looks a little like it in pictures, but up close it was clearly something else. Didn’t get tall like belladonna, and the berries had tiny spots, even when ripe.

    Also I didn’t get sick when I ate them. I tried one on an empty stomach and waited an hour or two and felt nothing at all.

  25. Jeff Sessions is Attorney General, and Cankles will never be President.

    Just thought I’d start your day with another win.

  26. **throws nightshade at everyone**

  27. Hotspur, I am worried that only 8 people have been confirmed so far, and 16 to go. This is unprecedented slow walking. Mitch needs to nuke the joint and hold a single vote to confirm all 18.

  28. Patience, patience.

    It’s never fun to prematurely ejaculate.

  29. oy!!

  30. o my –
    this may become fun to watch

  31. department of energy next

  32. like sun to a vampire

  33. water to a witch

  34. dunkin donut coffee roll to leon

  35. abstinence to sean’s penis

  36. .

  37. ..

  38. dunkin donut coffee roll to leon



  39. I need to go outside.


  40. /starts layering.

  41. What, Huckleberry Finn wasn’t on the list?

    Lotta work to avoid the obvious there…

  42. Snowing like a mofo out there.


  44. I covered Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Extra Melanin Jim last week in my things that are banned poat.

  45. *pins ribbon on jam2 for pwning the comments so early in the day*

  46. I went outside in a t-shirt and a windbreaker to get some cold exposure when I fed the horses.

  47. Elizabeth Warren is a cunt.

    Dems, please run her in 2020.

  48. Yea, no. I’m not doing that.

  49. Bleh. I need to go do laundry, study, then come home and change the brakes on my truck.

  50. Significant drifting too.

    Wiser is sleeping in his car tonight.

  51. Pretty sure Wiser was several Indians in last night.

  52. I had to have an emergency cup of hot tea before I went out.

    It’s freezing out there.

  53. School day is half way over. Not a single flake of snow has fallen.

  54. teachers = special snowflakes

  55. It hit hard and fast here.

    2″ per hour from the start.

  56. Our snow stopped. Bright and cold now.

  57. No snow here but a bad north wind all night long has filled the sky with dirt from the barren cotton fields up north. The sky looks like weak hot chocolate and is making me sneeze.

    Glad I could contribute to the weather update portion of this shithole dump. Carry on, molesters of each other’s maternal parent.

  58. Snowing again.

    And I banged your mom.

  59. Bright and sunny here and I banged yours.

  60. Bigly.

  61. I would have banged your mom, but the line was too long.

  62. Bangin’ Bigly opened for PremeJack in ’89 at the forum

  63. Sun’s out again, and your mom says hi.

  64. i was with your mom at the time – she was fun in the 80’s

  65. Yours still is.

  66. Hey Leon, this looks interesting for your homeschool needs.

    Classical Christian Education for All Ages

  67. Found that while reading this –

    But news out of Australia may offer a new way to boost not only America’s reading proficiency, but math and science proficiency, as well. How? They’re teaching students some Latin and Greek.

    “A program that borrows from the classics is giving pupils who have fallen behind their classmates a huge boost in deciphering English and even helping with maths and science.

    Some children have advanced by six years in as many weeks, by using the technique to decode words and broaden their vocabulary, research has found.

    Pupils learn dozens of prefix, stem and suffix meanings, most originating from Greek or Latin, so they can work out what words mean, or can have an educated guess.

    Research at Northumbria University found that children made, on average, 27 months of progress, but one school reported a small group improving their reading age by six years. Exam results have risen, not only in English but also other subjects, because children are more confident with terminology.”

    …According to author and classical education enthusiast Dorothy Sayers, learning Latin helps in the five following ways:

    1. It Demystifies English Grammar
    2. It Boosts Vocabulary
    3. It Lays the Foundation for Other Languages
    4. It Sheds Light on Literature
    5. It Boosts Comprehension

  68. I think the youngest person in the group is Nearing 40, and the oldest is probably touching 80. But we are not above making YOUR MOM jokes.

    I love this place

  69. Beasn, how can I teach Greek/Latin to my kids?
    School won’t do it, obviously.
    Tutor? Some online self-study courses?

  70. Wiser sounds so happy. I told you turds this was going to be a good year!

  71. Pretty chipper for a guy who is going to sleep in his car tonight.

  72. I saw Banged Your Mom open for Smashing Pumpkins in ’92.

  73. Mrs. should get to the car early, before it’s undriveable, bring blankets, pillows, food and booze. Voila! A party.

  74. Carin, has your mom calmed down at all?

  75. Let me go check. I’ll do a “crazy status count”.

  76. Give us her take on AG Sessions.

  77. Gosh, that sounds good.

  78. Only 14 crazy “shares” in the last 24.

    Perhaps the window included a lot of her “off time”.

  79. If I include the last 30 hours, the number jumps rather precipitously.

  80. Thanks Beasn, still trying to get wife on board.

  81. Big Milk and Big Egg


  82. It is really freakin cold outside. I barely made it a few minutes.

  83. Ut oh. Oschi took Moose’s spot under my computer. They both trying to squeeze in for now. He will not be thwarted. He’ll just lie ON her.

  84. They are so freakin cute.

  85. Oschi fave up. I knew she Moose is too big to refuse, to be honest.

  86. Tom Hill just called us all “weird.”

  87. WTF is he doing on the radio?

  88. Tushar, start here, they have lesson plans and curriculum packages –

    Greek, Latin, Classical studies, Logic and Rhetoric, Literature and Poetry, Modern Languages, penmanship, etc etc…

  89. Hotspur, Tom Hill called Hostages weird or conservatives?

  90. No, he told Wiser that his friends are weird. Then he asked if he could get MJ on to do a drink recipe because their weather is shitty.

  91. Oh look, we’re getting screwed from another angle –

    “If it were not but for Judicial Watch and their FOIA request, who would know that our State Department was in the Travel Loan business. They are actively involved in financing refugee travel on promissory notes and not a vestige of accountability. It is another multi-hundred million dollar ripoff of the American taxpayer.

    Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State seeking records on the number of “Refugee Travel Loans” issued by State’s Bureau for Population, Refugees, and Migration to the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration from 2010 to the present. Judicial Watch is also seeking the number of loans defaulted on and the amount of money written off on each defaulted loan. The suit was filed on January 24, 2017, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:17-cv-00157)).

    Judicial Watch filed the suit after the State Department failed to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on February 5, 2016, seeking the following:

  92. Pretty chipper for a guy who is going to sleep in his car tonight.

    Naaaah, I brought a sleeping bag with me to the station.

  93. The Washington Post reported that the nine resettlement agencies contracted by the State Department to help resettle refugees in the U.S. actually make more than $5 million a year in commissions on refugee debt collection.

    “The State Department has stonewalled our request for refugee loans and associated taxpayer losses for a year – an unlawful delay that screams ‘cover up’,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “This is an opportunity for the Trump State Department to come clean and clean up this refugee welfare program.”

    In June 2016, Judicial Watch reported:

    The U.S. government gives refugees on public assistance special “loans” of up to $15,000 to start a business but fails to keep track of defaults that could translate into huge losses for American taxpayers, records obtained by Judicial Watch reveal. The cash is distributed through a program called Microenterprise Development run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement.

  94. Pretty impressive for 7 hours of snow

  95. Beasn, all those refugees who marched into Europe had money.

    I bet we funded that too.

  96. Wow. That’s a lot of snow.

  97. Scott, yep.

    “The Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration provides funding for aid and relief work abroad and the bureau’s admissions office handles settling refugees in the United States. According to the agency’s website, it spent nearly $545 million “to provide new beginnings to the world’s most vulnerable refugees” in 2016 and more than $2.8 billion to “humanitarian assistance overseas.” It provided $103 million directly to the UN’s International Organization for Migration.

    The International Organization for Migration, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, has an annual budget of $1.4 billion and (as of 2014) a staff of 9,000 throughout the world. According to the International Organization for Migration website, the organization provides interest-free loans “furnished by the Department of State” to “all refugees arriving in the United States:”

  98. Wiser, Tom Hill called us weird, and you didn’t challenge him on it.

  99. And yet during the sequester, Obama closed national parks.

    What a fucking cum dumpster.

  100. Wiser, Tom Hill called us weird, and you didn’t challenge him on it.


    Why would I?

    In fact, I said that that’s exactly why you’re my friends

  101. Our tax dollars and work, destroying Europe forever.

  102. (except for that part that MJ wants to go to, I am sure it’s fine there)

  103. Beasn, around here every gas station is now owned by an immigrant.

    A decent gas station is at least a couple million dollars.

    Where are they getting the money?

    Is the State Dept guaranteeing loans?

  104. Snow removal time.

  105. The State Department doesn’t give a rat’s ass. It’s more concerned with bringing in a voting bloc willing to help chop the heads off Christianists, the last remaining resistance to them as God.

  106. The loans are interest free (sharia compliant?) and State doesn’t seem to keep track of defaults.
    Think they’d give a regular Joe that kind of loan?

  107. Scott, I don’t know about gas stations owned by other immigrants, but I know a thing or two about Indian owned gas stations. These are mostly owned by the same community in India that also owns a lot of motels. Patel is a common last nmae among them. This community is very tight knit, and a guy who wants to start a business s quickly able to raise a couple of millions by tapping into his network of near and distant friends and relatives. No govt money there.

  108. Tushar, did you see the link above re: Greek/Latin? I think I’m going to order some stuff from there.

  109. I just sent Cyn an email. Anyone heard from her?

  110. My one year in St Louis there was an anesthesia doc, last name of Pattel, owned 2 gas stations and a hot sheets motel near the airport. He spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone speaking Hindi to his workers at the businesses.

  111. one t…Patel

  112. I just sent Cyn an email. Anyone heard from her?

    I think your mom has heard from her. Everyone else? Not so much.

  113. Someone must have her address from Secret Santa.


  114. Beasn, I did. I need to find out what do my kids need to study to supplement what the school is teaching them

  115. Tushar, you’re coming to WY, right?

  116. The last response I got from her was in August.

  117. To an email, or here on the blog?

  118. I think we should blame Mare for the loss of Cyn.

    She must have done something.

    Or Mj.

  119. I’m inclined to blame MJ – that fucking gif he always posted.

  120. ^^

    *does finger/eye pointing thing

  121. I need someone to help me with the final installations step for the invisible fence.

    The wires need to be twisted. I need someone to hold the one wire while I twist the other.

    I think Leon should do it. He can wear his t-shirt and windbreaker and do more of that cold-air practice BS.

  122. To an email.

    I wished her a happy thanksgiving and got crickets.

  123. Plus possum could meet oschi

  124. That thing Kellyanne Conway did regarding Ivanka Trump’s clothing line was pretty fucking stupid. I know it’s fun twerking the liberals, but why give them actionable material? She flat out broke the ethics laws.

  125. Car in, we have an invisible fence system that we don’t use.

    Can you use it? You would only need the wire and collars.

  126. And the flags for training.

  127. Don’t tase me, bro.

  128. Too far to drive today.

  129. Someone must have her address from Secret Santa.


    i do but its in my yahoo account and i lost the fucking password –

    all my internet dumb shit was on that account –


  130. her astrologist prolly told her to wait until a rising muddler eclipsed Uranus before commenting again

  131. Hotspur, barring death or a serious enough dismemberment, I will be in Wy

  132. \o/

  133. I think a lot of the gas stations are now owned by the oil companies. They saw franchisees earning a good living and realized they were leaving money on the table.

    They bought their stores back and brought in immigrants (cheap slave labor) to run them.

  134. I e-mailed Cyn a couple of times and never heard back. I thought maybe Rosetta’s loss hit her hard, and she needed a break from the H2, or maybe it was MJ’s muppet porn.

  135. Scott, the gas station makes very little money on gas. 3 to 5 cents a gallon on regular gas, a bit higher for premium. They are profitable only because of the attached convenience stores. Also, compared to the time and effort spent, the owner’s take is ok but not great.

  136. Cyn said that she had been regularly in touch with Rosetta over the time before his death, because they were both going through messy marriage break ups.

    I think she knew how much all of us regretted that he didn’t rely on all of us as well.

    So it makes it all the more unsettling that she just disappeared.

    I’m not trying to awfulize, just wish she’d get back in touch.

  137. Sometimes it helps that women are not interested in geography.
    When I broached the subject of Wyoming, my wife said, ‘that far away? You can’t go that far!’

    So, I asked, what about Denver? And she was ok with Denver.

  138. I’ve got a snail mail addy and a phone # on Cyn left over from Secret Santa in ’16. If you’ll email me at pendejogrande7883 at your mom’s gstring drawer, I’ll gladly send it to you.

    I was out there in October and thought seriously about going by to see her but I had my wife with me and I wasn’t sure I could explain to my wife why I wanted to visit a woman whom I only know from the internet. I’ll be going through there on my way to visit heir #1 in Fresno in July and will probably try to stop in and say hi. Hopefully she’ll have rejoined us by then.

  139. >>I was out there in October and thought seriously about going by to see her but I had my wife with me and I wasn’t sure I could explain to my wife why I wanted to visit a woman whom I only know from the internet.

    Strange women on the internet mostly want to steal your kidneys, and identity.

  140. AKA: just another Friday night down at The Blue Moon.

  141. Strange women on the internet mostly want to steal your kidneys, and identity.

    One gave me a sword. Now I’m King of the Britons.

  142. Snow is good for the garden. I’m very very very happy right now.

  143. fuck. I can leave the station anytime I want now, but they haven’t plowed my street yet, so I would probably get stuck there.

  144. “One gave me a sword. ”

    nice euphemism

  145. you should do a midnight live blog / radio show…
    we could help

  146. Radio Free Wiser & his weird friends

  147. Radio Free Wiser & his weird friends

    Perfect! I’ll barricade the door and keep the management from shutting me down!

    #FightThePower #AtticaAtticaAttica #NoSnowplowNoPeace

  148. Strange women lying in that pond called internet distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

  149. I would be sick if I was responsible for Cyn not being here.

  150. Perfect! I’ll barricade the door and keep the management from shutting me down!

  151. So, it looks like ole Lizzy Warren is the new face of the jackass party.
    They went from grating shrill hag to sanctimonious scholmarm. A nauseating, phony, insincere, duplicitous schoolmarm.

    Good strategy, dems. Consider 2018 and 2020 in the bag.

  152. Two weeks ago, some Euro lady customer at my work asked me why we didn’t have alpine perennials for sale yet. “Too soon?”

    She must be shellshocked today. Going back down to tiny temps tonight.

  153. Impotent Update!

    Just so’s ya know. The Sophia is turning 6 today. Indeed.

    She has picked tonight’s dinner, with a smorgasbord of PBJ, hot dogs, some other shit, and a cake shaped like Pikachu.

  154. Oh, Herr, it’s so good to hear from you. Your little one is 6? How did that happen.

    We miss you.

  155. Wow, time flies.

    Happy birthday, Morgensdottir.

  156. That thing Kellyanne Conway did regarding Ivanka Trump’s clothing line was pretty fucking stupid.

    What exactly did she do? Everyone seems to be having kittens over it.

  157. I guess this is where CrossFit comes in handy.

  158. Somebody needs to explain to that dumbass the difference between a weapon and a gun. One is for fighting, the other is for fun.

  159. Beasn, she was talking to a Fox show while in White House and made what amounted to an endorsement of Ivanka Trump line of clothes and shoes. She exhorted people to go buy her products.

    This was exceedingly stupid and unethical and potentially illegal.

  160. It is illegal. It violates ethics laws.

    She has to know better than that.

    I hate that she did it, and I really hate that it gives the left a legitimate issue.

    Really stupid.

  161. Is that all? I thought she sold a large chunk of our uranium to Putin and got a little something something, in return.

    Or is using a private server to do gubmint business.

    But seeing as how those things are just ‘careless’, I’m not seeing the big deal here.

  162. Or robbed Haiti of a couple of billion $$.

  163. LOL Beasn.

  164. Is that all? I thought she sold a large chunk of our uranium to Putin and got a little something something, in return.


    This is why I love Beasnsesns.

  165. I started watching Penny Dreadful and it’s excellent except for the inordinate amount of penises shown.


  166. Where is the line between acceptable numbers of peen, and inordinate?

    Round up to the nearest ten.

  167. I’m working on it, Hotspur!

  168. Mare’s abacus is clackin’ like a steady rain.

  169. It’s wonderful!!!

  170. I don’t like nudity and gratuitous sex. Nearly all of the time it adds nothing to the story, and can be suggested by a slow fade. I think the directors do it because boner.

    It turns me off, and it’s embarrassing.

  171. What is wonderful?

  172. Penny Dreadful lost me with the abortionist witch hero and the gay and tranny sex scenes. Heck, the straight ones were gratuitous enough. Too much agenda, not enough plot.

  173. **sends Mare 87 dick picks**

  174. Not like she used the IRS to target Tea Party Coservatives. Not like she used State Dep funds to run arms to Syria from Libya through Turkey. Fuck the left suddenly discovering ethics.

  175. Quantity never beats quality.

  176. The left gives zero fucks about ethics.

  177. What is wonderful?


    Leon’s orthodoxy!

    And I’m not kidding. Yanks me back to goodness.

  178. r in, we have an invisible fence system that we don’t use.

    Can you use it? You would only need the wire and collars

    Thanks but too late. I finished installing a few hours ago. it’s too dark to test it out. Testing and training starts tomorrow.

  179. As Ace points out, the cock holster DoJ lawyer arguing the ban, not having the facts is just pathetic.

    Probably a hold over from Obama.

    Trump, you’re smarter than this.

    If you didn’t have the right boots on the ground, you should have kept your powder dry.

    Now you’re fucked, embarrassed, and beaten.

    Next time get better people.


    Let him eat his noodles.

  181. Trump, you’re smarter than this.
    He’s on to tax cuts. I surely hope they’re working overtime to figure the immigration stuff out.

  182. I want Sessions to drain the DoJ swamp.

  183. Real Americans aren’t upset by Guadalupe getting ICE’d in PHX. Texas Jew has some insight about the effect of a Trump presidency on El Paso economics.

  184. Oso, a smart general would have waited until Sessions drained the swamp, before the ban.

    Plus anyone with half a fucking brain would know that a case like this would be tried in the 9th Circuit Cunt.

    This was just really stupid, and defeatist.

    The only winning we had today is Cankles is a cunt and will never be president.

    Otherwise Trump was a dope.

  185. Hotspur, is “rigged fore and aft” a Navy term? Because I heard a couple of sailors use it.

    They said your mom really enjoyed it. :)

  186. I have several great big pots/urns between house and garden. I love how the wind has circumscribed a ditch around each one, in the snow.

    Otherwise, this wind is wicked and terrible. I’ve been seeing rivers of swift snow flying North to South, fifty feet in the air. And there is no current precipitation.

  187. Fore and aft is indeed nautical.
    I like fore, your dad likes aft.

    Your mom prefers to be square rigged.

  188. HS, I’m trying to keep my chin up while watching the SJWs implode. My Santa Fe cousin hosted a Democrat female party at his house. They are planning the #DayWithoutAWoman activities for NM.

  189. Otherwise Trump was a dope.
    Totally agreed. It’s a pretty good example of READY! FIRE! AIM!

  190. Let them have their day without a woman. The next day, when the world didn’t end I’ll be saying, “How did that day without pay help your kids, you fucking twatwaffle bint?”

  191. We’re getting hit now. It will repeat this weekend and then Monday we’re forecast to get another foot during the day. I better bring a book to work.

  192. I may need Sean on this. From what I understand, the lame DayWithoutAMexican actually was great for traffic and shopping without crowds.

  193. Evening.

  194. 61 today. 75 tomorrow. Wind forecast is crazy

  195. Yeah, Trump should have kept quiet until he got his cabinet sworn in. He had to know that everything he says/does, sets the dem freaks off even more.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think he had any representation when it first hit the courts. What Robards did was kind of out of the ordinary.
    I also think he would have been well within his right to go with the judge in MA decision.

  196. And the GOP dragging their feet on his cabinet makes me think they are dem-ratting him too.

  197. Trump should announce a policy to import 2 million refugees to the nicest neighborhoods in Seattle.

    No. Four million.

  198. “**sends Mare 87 dick picks**”

    *wonders if mare “like-likes” sheep dicks…*

  199. “No. Four million.”

    nominates mj for sec’y of housing and turban development

  200. Hawaii

  201. and Chappaqua NY

  202. Judge Napolitano on the 9th circus.

    “The 9th Circus substituted the judgment of three judges for the president of the United States when the Constitution unambiguously gives this area of jurisdiction of foreign policy exclusively to the president. ”
    “The highly politicized Circuit Court of Appeals that assumed the powers of the presidency by second guessing him and overruling him.”

    If that is so and he Constitutionally has these powers, why can’t he tell the Appeals Court to pound sand. I keep hearing it would create a Constitutional crisis, but aren’t the courts doing that by assuming his Constitutional authority on this matter?

  203. this is where we are in US politics –

  204. I’d barely notice if the women on my team didn’t show for a day. They take daily 2h lunch breaks, and I doubt either of them has done more than 30 hours in a given 40-hour week in quite some time.

  205. “Constitutional crisis”
    constitution shmonstitution:

  206. The smart thing to do would be to sign a series of new EOs that are more clear, accomplishing the same result.

    And then resettling 4 million refugees in Obama’s neighborhood.

  207. There was a women’s march for pussy here a few weeks past, but they bussed all the women in from Colorado.

  208. “Hawaii
    Comment by scott on February 9, 2017 9:26 pm

    and Chappaqua NY”

    scott for undersec’y

  209. Chappaqua is Indian for little Somalia.

    Little known fact.

  210. >>>There was a women’s march for pussy here a few weeks past,

    Kinda thinking that entire thing was lost on you for some reason….

  211. >>>>Totally agreed. It’s a pretty good example of READY! FIRE! AIM!


  212. Did you make it home?

  213. I shall vent here. This week has been hell at work.
    I finished designing a 200 unit project and submitted it to production. Unbeknownst to me I am the initial project for a new QC/QA procedure that is being documented and used as an example for the whole company.

    I do superior work and produce exemplary plans, however having every picayune mistake that is the equivalent of “you forgot to dot your i on page 79 of 300” broadcast to everyone in my chain of command and all the higher executives is making me nuts!

    /rant off *pours a stiff drink*

  214. They are planning the #DayWithoutAWoman activities for NM.

    I’m stocked up on baby oil and paper towels so let’s do this thing.

  215. The DOJ lawbitch from Obamas DOJ had less than 24 hours notice, as the previous 2 lawyers recused themselves due to “conflicts”.

    The 9th Circus is apparently not even aware of “8 USC 1182 (f)”.

    They have beclowned themselves and will now contribute to the 82% of 9th Circus cases being overturned.

    The 9th needs to be broken up. When it was formed (1861?) it represented 4% of the population. Nobody lived out here in the “West”.
    Now, it represents 20% of the population, and 70% of the 29 judges are leftists.
    It is, indeed, a Circus, and the judges are the clowns…

  216. A day without liberal women? They need to go bigger.

  217. >>>>Did you make it home?

    Yeah. Roads were totally shitty. And other drivers’ were fucking insane.

    And then I had to shovel out my driveway.

    And then the fucking animals started driving me up the fucking wall because snow….


  218. >>>>
    A day without liberal women? They need to go bigger.

    Maybe they can get hipster baristas and huffpo columnists to join in…

  219. >>>A day without liberal women?

    The world just got incredibly more pleasant looking, if only for just one day…

  220. Take the rest of your life off.

    They’ll love it.

  221. So no takers,
    I will drink this Japanese whisky (no e) alone, unless Tush wants some.

    What is this Wy thing? Did I miss something? I want in on that.

  222. Check this shit out:


  223. Jewstin is hosting a meetup.
    6/24 WY

    All the cool kids will be there

  224. and Hotspur.

  225. The 9th Circus is apparently not even aware of “8 USC 1182 (f)”.

    I don’t think obama’s lawbitch even brought it up. I hear he sucked pretty bad.

  226. >>>>and Hotspur.

    Is the venue handicap-accessible?

  227. Heh wiser
    Thanks Scott, now I have to decide to drive my Mopar or fly

  228. Cheyenne…….so Denver

  229. Of course Denver. If Cheyenne has an airfield, it probably cannot handle anything bigger than a Cessna 172

  230. You can squeeze a 757 into Cheyenne.

    No one does. But you can.

  231. G’night. Clingy Dan is opening windows for Spring Time Cuddle Zone

  232. Tushar,
    Great idea! I have access to a Cessna-172.
    I could fly there much faster than drive, airplanes don’t have to follow the roads. I suppose I could use the C-208, but that would be spendy.
    Perhaps it would be worth it.
    Then again, I could take you all on an aerial tour of Cheyenne…

  233. I’d love a ride in a Caravan.

  234. >>>>You can squeeze a 757 into Cheyenne.

    I was in South Bend when GWB was there for a speech.

    I watched as they put AF1 down onto that tiny little runway. And then later, watched as it took off. It was an amazing thing to witness. Did not believe it was possible

  235. How could I be such a derp?
    How could I believe all those lies you told me?
    How could I be taken in by your sweet face?
    You spoiled our love
    You ruined my life
    I’m so tore down
    A terrible disgrace

  236. I really need to start checking for these school delays before I make my coffee.

    School delayed opening, my clinical is cancelled. Which is fine, the city roads are still awful, probably.

    But now, I’m up.

  237. Glad you got home safe, Wiser.

  238. Wiserbud’s 10:30 link…I just can’t even.

  239. Going back to bed.

  240. wakey wakey.
    Everyone woke me up with their walking around the house bs.

  241. I laid in bed for an hour. Finally gave up.

    Oschi wanted ON the bed. Then OFF the bed.

  242. I’ve got the fence in. I test it last night, and it appears to be working fine. I need to do a perimeter test, then the training begins.

    He’s going to think we’re going for a walk. /sad face.

  243. *turns up music really loud

  244. From Wiser’s link:

    “It’s about helping students so they can live with dignity and hygiene.”

    It would hurt my dignity a lot more of someone else was picking up the tab for my hygiene products.

  245. I’m going to crossfit early today (olympic lifting first). You guys are on your own.

  246. Paula went to crossfit yesterday for the first time since her car crash and did a bunch of modified exercises

  247. “Free tampons and wifi” will be the historian’s equivalent phrase to “bread and circuses” when describing the current dark age.

  248. We tried an invisible fence. The border collies would run past it if they wanted to work cattle or something. They knew they’d get zapped, but they didn’t care. Bad thing was, they couldn’t get back.

  249. Morning

  250. “Comment by Tushar on February 10, 2017 6:58 am”

    tushar beat me to it – but that line sums up the stupidity

  251. Hopefully moose won’t do that. We’ve given him lots of land to play in. But the fence is double up since we’ve left the page access open. The loop doubles back.

  252. morning

  253. Sorry, sorry, this is the decadent age. The dark age is soon to follow based on essentially every historical precedent, likely immediately following a few years of especially cold weather.

  254. >>The border collies would run past it if they wanted to work cattle or something. They knew they’d get zapped, but they didn’t care.

    We humans can try to become better, but we will never be as good and pure as dogs.

  255. I needed to fly out of Cheyenne about 40 years ago. Instead, I flew out of Scotts Bluff Nebraska. I don’t know why. This was in the days when travel agents did all that shit for you.

  256. Tushar, my dog humps his stuffed moose on the regular.

  257. That said, the Islamic (and Asian) disdain for canines tells me everything I need to know about their debased and worthless culture.

  258. Why no boobies?

  259. Dog 1 – wouldn’t ever cross, even without wearing the collar for several years.

    Dog 2 – wouldn’t cross, but he constantly tested to see if it was on.
    If the battery in his collar died he would know it and be gone.

    Dog 3 – would cross but only if he thought it was worth it.

  260. ” my dog humps his stuffed moose on the regular.”


  261. Why no boobies?

    MJ is too busy maligning midwesterners.

  262. I am soaking pumpkin seeds. The plan is to sprout them, grind them to flour/butter, and then bake things. Maybe a bread loaf.

  263. If this works, I might have to make a youtube video about it.

    Also it will mean that pumpkins are the best crop ever.

  264. I made a loaf today

  265. Sadly, no video

  266. I would be re-purposing this recipe, I think:

  267. Pretty face, but her yoke is too swole to be feminine.

  268. Used to have an invisible fence with my old 4 dog pack. Only one would leave the yard if she got bored, Daisy the border collie mix. She’d head down to the gas station and sit by the door to get petted on the head by passers by. The dog catcher knew her name by sight and where we lived. My ex was not that attentive about the dogs.

  269. I have my pumpkin seeds from leon all ready to go .

  270. Thinks that may be misinterpreted on facedouche.

    My snatch sucks.


    I’d be interested to hear what LauraW, as a descendant of Portuguese immigrants, and Tushar, as a recent immigrant, think about this essay. I found it exceptionally interesting but my most recent ancestor who wasn’t born in America is about 7 generations in the past.

  272. I had a few of the pumpkins in the crawlspace start to rot, so the mound got some really early seeds. Eventually I’ll save a couple hundred seeds to deliberately plant.

  273. We humans can try to become better, but we will never be as good and pure as dogs.

    Our ancestors turned wolves into dogs; in return, dogs made us human.

    Our first, best friends.

  274. Okay, these just need soaking, not sprouting, according to the interwebs. So I should be able to test this tomorrow.

  275. This is pretty good

  276. Same with Marvel Comics. Building a new pantheon of SJW heroes may appeal to the whiners but the people who buy comics don’t give a shit

  277. I have not watched ESPN for 4-5 years.

    It sounds horrible.

  278. I’ve only ever seen it when it was on a TV at the gym.

    I couldn’t figure out what the appeal was supposed to be.

  279. I’d give Sarah Hoyt more consideration if she didn’t take for fucking ever to get to the point.

  280. Agreed, reading her blog has put me off reading any of her fiction.

  281. jeez, I’m not reading that

  282. sorry, man
    Going to work in about an hour, need to stay woke

  283. “need to stay woke”

    i’ve never heard anyone use “woke” in the fashion the sjw’s do…

    i definitely would have suggested they use Merriam-Webster online – it’s free and all

  284. sounds like a ghetto slang thing with a side of traumatic brain injury, chased by a jigger of ‘tard

    (i know – RACIST)

  285. I know, I was just using their stupid term wrong to be a pain in the ass.

  286. i assumed as much – i’d never even heard their usage until a few weeks ago when that ridiculous mtv thing was released.
    i spend too much time in labs – if it weren’t for this chat room i prolly wouldn’t know much of anything about the outside world

  287. my wife’s lesbian cousin and sjw other cousins’ kid will lip off at family gatherings with some barrage of stupidity and it’s kind of funny when the room gets quiet and half side eye me to see what my response will be

  288. Lunar eclipse this evening.

  289. G’night crew. Having Iron issues that lead to RLS. Trying to manage. (Restless Leg Syndrome)

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