MMM 260: short and late

Long “weekend”.  Possum and I had lots of fun, but I get pretty drained trying to stay “on” for her for hours on end, so I’m a wreck this morning.  Straight to pictures.

If you have complaints about this one, you just don’t like women.


Probably a high-level sex cultist, what with the levitation ‘n’ shizz.


I’ve heard these can be rough on the shoulder done behind the neck.


Some sort of “military dominatrix” vibe here, I think.


Okay, I know what you’re gonna say, but I checked.  Really.  Up close.  Really up close.


Do chicks still get navel piercings, or is that an “aughts” thing?


I can do 3 of these on each side now, they suck.


I can’t do this, and that’s fine.


Repeat, but a good one.


Happy Monday!


  1. I think I need to fast all day today.

    I’ve got fresh chicken broth in the crock pot. I’m sniffly, so 2 quarts of it is probably lunch, and this coffee is breakfast. Yesterday was a carb-ish day (ate some dates and one of the pumpkins), so I feel bloated today too.

  2. Morning. It’s settled. June 24. Meatface. Cheyenne. We’re gonna burn the fucker down.

  3. I think the guy doing the one arm push-up is kinda hot.

  4. Slightly NSFW. Basically lingerie on mannequins.


  6. Basically lingerie on mannequins.
    There’s a place in Waterville doing radio commercials for Valentine’s Day and the guy reading the script sounds creepy. Should have gone with the sultry female voice versus a guy who sounds like he’s wearing only a raincoat and sneakers.

  7. First bowl of broth.

  8. Atlanta fans must feel like Cowboy fans.

  9. I’ve been saying that for a couple of weeks. As in, if the Patriots lose, I hope they lose convincingly, not like the Cowboys falling to Green Bay in the last couple of minutes.

  10. And for the first 2 1/2 quarters it looked like that was how it was going down.

    Just looking at the replays today on TV it’s amazing that they won with all of the obstacles they had to overcome. Two 2 point conversions in a row? C’mon! The collapse of the Falcons was as much of a shock as the Patriots come back.

  11. Should I wakey wakey again?

  12. Atlanta D was out of gas.

  13. I started watching the current season of Homeland last night. It includes a Madam President-Elect. I suppose this would have been shot early last year, through last summer.

    Every time the cunt comes on screen it makes me chuckle.They even found someone who sounds like Cankles.

    This is the only world in which Hillary will ever be President.

  14. Although, after the comeback of NE last night, I suppose anything is still possible.

  15. Re: Leon first pic and the “you dont like women”…. Uh Yeah…..not really into the oversized ASS thing. Never could understand it from the brothers and certainly dont understand it nowadays.


  17. She doesn’t look oversized to me, and the rest of that package is exemplary.

    I’m sorry that you don’t like women. Have you told your wife?

  18. Tank top and camo pants, the chainmail bikini for the 21st century.

  19. I blame Terminator 2.

  20. HAHAHA

    “We haven’t seen Atlanta burned this badly since 1864”

  21. Comment by scott on February 6, 2017 9:35 am

    Atlanta D was out of gas.

    Yep, when they said Atlanta only ran 33 plays through the middle of the third quarter, I thought, uh oh, the defense is gonna be tired. They couldn’t get pressure on Brady in the second half and he started making throws. He gets average pretty quick when he’s getting hit, but with a clean pocket, he’s really good.

  22. I didn’t have a dog in that fight last night, but I really didn’t like the booing of Goodell.

    People are pigs. Especially pro football fans.

  23. Goodell is a punk an an idiot. The longer he stays the worse it will get.

  24. I need to get back outside, but I have a dog head on my foot.

    What to do?

  25. Drink coffee and chat with us. Outside is overrated.

  26. I need to get dressed and go in to class, but it’s raining hard right now and it’s sapping my will to do anything.

  27. I’m trying to get the bulk of the invisible fence in place before I go to work.

  28. Don’t worry about it, car in, no one will notice.

  29. You poor CA people with rain, that must suck. Kind of like ice around here.

  30. Worse. No one knows how to drive and the roads are slicker here than they would be in Colorado.

  31. With all the snow melt filling up all the reservoirs in Cali next spring, it’ll be interesting to see what reasons the environazis gin up to advocate not using any of it for growing food and shit. Probably invent some kinda new fish or something.

  32. Going to rain here tomorrow and ruin the horse-feeding area that was nicely solid and walkable this morning.

  33. Washingtone State, western part. I have heard that some places got north of 7″. People are going to lose their minds. Only folks up here now are Californians who didn’t know how to drive when they were home

  34. That’s why I have to get the fence done today.

  35. Simon, my brother in Seattle just texted me, “snow day!”

  36. And WTF is Simon?

  37. Taking bottles back so I can see the floor in my pantry. Also:

  38. Who the fuck is Simon Jester Jr., and how many bullwhips does he have shoved up his ass?

  39. Mare, what is your objection to Lady Gaga? I don’t know anything about her, but I enjoyed her show last night.

  40. And to get me to enjoy pop music says a lot. I hate the shit.

  41. Pwning the comments.

  42. Lady Gaga has a magnificent voice. I remember I was concerned once when she was to sing the National Anthem, because I thought the SJW in her would mess it up. She didn’t, she crushed it.

    Same with last night. Everyone that was concerned didn’t have to be. It was the best show in recent years.

  43. I don’t know much about Western music that was created in last 100 years, but for some reason Lady Gaga’s music and fashion choices remind me of Madonna. Am I off here, or does anyone else see some similarities?

  44. There are. It’s attention getting to cut through all the other junk flooding the entertainments so someone actually listens to her voice, which is actually quite good.

    Whether or not that’s a deal with the devil, I leave to others. I certainly think it’s a shame. Her talent stands well on its own.

  45. And for the record, that puts her well above Madonna, whose primary talent appears to be self-promotion.

  46. Ha ha! According to linerals, the Falcons wuz robbed. Hust like Hillary.

  47. Except Madonna sounded like a cat when you stroke its hair backwards.

  48. LOL linerals

  49. Little known fact: Madonna was the original singer for Cats Fucking In a ClosetTool.

  50. The responses to the tweet are hilarious.

  51. Madonna is from Detroit. No wonder she sucks.

  52. >>LOL linerals

    Hotspur, you didn’t notice ‘Hust like’

    I generally go back and correct my mistakes, but I will have to let this one stand, because of your response.

  53. If you play bagpipe music backwards, it sounds like Madonna if she had a better voice.

    Also, it summons a Scotsman in a kilt, who proceeds to beat you for playing bagpipe music backwards.

  54. Madonna has a pretty good voice, too. Just sayin.

  55. She has pretty good producers, anyway.

  56. Good ole Talcum X! Keep having relations with that fowl!

  57. Madonna is from Bay City, actually.

  58. What a great game. I don’t love the politicization of all things, especially meaningless diversions. That’s kind of the point, you know.

    That Audi commercial was a pile of steaming crap, though. In what century are women told they can’t do things because they are girls? In what place are they paid less because of their vag?

    Do middle easterners really drive Audis? Cuz if they do I get it, but if not it seemed kind of dumb.

  59. I wasn’t laughing at you, Tush.

    I thought it sounded funny. Like some hobo with a hare-lip.

  60. Can we say hare-lip?

  61. Madonna is from Bay City, actually.

    Making me the spreader of fake news.

  62. I was laughing at you Tushar. Don’t worry!

  63. Did Lady Goggles show her tits last night? If not, then Janet Jackson was better back in the day. Just sayin.

  64. She didn’t show her tits. That was a wardrobe malfunction.

  65. Nobody was sure how the star got there.

  66. Anita went out to survey the damage from last night.
    We lost the rest of the branches off the Southern Magnolia.
    If it’s too dumb to drop its leaves, if won’t survive this much wet snow.
    A 31 year-old Gravenstien, that was leaning a bit, tipped out of the ground from the weight & wet soil.
    A 15 year Japanese Black Pine broke about 5′ above the ground.
    Busted branches all over the property.
    The welded-wire fencing around the raspberries held enough snow to snap all the 10″ zip-ties holding it to the T-Posts.
    She was wearing my 16″ stall-mucking boots and got snow over the tops.
    Trees down all over this part of the state.
    Lots of roads closed and 71,000 without power, as of 0800…

  67. Looks like you’re getting a dose of global warming.

  68. F1-fiddy in the shop. Engine very loud on acceleration and hill climbing. Won’t be diagnosed until tomorrow.

    Place your bets/suggest diagnoses.

  69. “Looks like you’re getting a dose of global warming.”

    That’s part of the problem. While this shit was falling, it was around 34 degrees. Wet, sticky, heart-attack snow.
    The cities seem to have gotten 1.5″ – 5″.
    We got 16″ +…

  70. Operator error, leon. PEBSWAA

    (Problem exists between steering wheel and accelerator)

  71. I’m silent when accelerating, so BZZZZZZZZT.

  72. I have a loose heat shield causing an annoying noise intermittently. Gotta get that fixed before it drives me crazy.

  73. >>F1-fiddy in the shop. Engine very loud on acceleration and hill climbing. Won’t be diagnosed until tomorrow.
    Place your bets/suggest diagnoses.

    Have you prugged it in? Try prugging it in.

  74. I’m rewatching the game on NFL Network and the half time show was played again in its entirety.

    Fantastic performance.

  75. F1-fiddy in the shop. Engine very loud on acceleration and hill climbing. Won’t be diagnosed until tomorrow.
    Place your bets/suggest diagnoses.

    Probably prostate cancer. You should have that checked.

  76. Won’t be diagnosed until tomorrow.
    Place your bets/suggest diagnoses

    There is definitely a problem with your framitz, need to get that replaced along with the whatchyamajiggy and you should be alright.

    I figure…750 to a grand should cover it…

  77. I’m going to guess you have Tom Brady’s jersey stuck in your catastrophic converter.

  78. Troy’s guess is currently in the lead. It’s a 12yo pickup with 204k miles on it, so it’s not like that’d be a surprise.

  79. F1-fiddy in the shop. Engine very loud on acceleration and hill climbing. Won’t be diagnosed until tomorrow.
    Place your bets/suggest diagnoses.

    Possible fixes:

    1) Don’t climb hills or accelerate
    2) Turn up radio
    3) Switch cars with wife

  80. The Brady jersey can’t be in Leon’s truck. I just saw your mom wearing it.

  81. Hotspur, did you read my comment??? I said my husband liked her performance.

    I don’t give 2 shits about any performer other than avoiding them.

  82. The Brady Jersey is being worn by the Lindberg Baby, while he scrubs his grill with Scott’s grill brush.

  83. Well, someone has his jersey. It’s been stolen.

  84. Exhaust leak or slippery tranny.

  85. Slippery trannies usually lead to an exhaust leak.

  86. Welp, game over. At least this means fewer will watch the Gaga abomination. Have a good evening, Hostages.

    That’s the comment I was referring to. I didn’t read any others.

    I just inferred that you had some special problem with her. But if you avoid them all, you and I are pretty much simpatico.

    I just happened to be at the ghetto bar, and the sound was so loud you couldn’t talk, so I was pretty much forced to watch it. I actually enjoyed it.

  87. Your mom is a slippery tranny.

  88. Didn’t Exhaust Leak open for Slippery Tranny back in ’83?

  89. Could be stuck in low gear, that could make sense. That or an exhaust overhaul is likely to be equally pricy.

  90. Hmm, did wiser interview Kurt Schlichter before Rush did? Rush is mentioning Kurt and his article today.

  91. You might have a potato in your tailpipe.

  92. My husband enjoyed it too. That’s why I felt like I had to take back my comment, I assumed it would be awful because most half time shows are…to me. He thought there was a lean toward the patriotic.

  93. Comment by scott on February 6, 2017 3:34 pm

    Check might have a potato in your tailpipe.

    You misspelled banana. ;)

  94. Your mom is a slippery tranny.

    Technically, that’s your dad.

  95. I was prepared to hate it, because as you say, most are awful – overproduced shitty music.

    The three cunts who sang God Bless America were flatter than pee on a plate. The guy that sang our national anthem drew out the lyrics in that way that I absolutely hate. Not as bad as some, but definitely that “Hey, Ima throw in a bunch of ghost syllables, drag out a few notes, and add in notes of my own. Douche.

  96. I wanted to see the Blue Angels instead of the zoomies last night, but I see they got to do it last year.

  97. That was beautiful, Jay. She has an incredible voice.

  98. >>Hey, Ima throw in a bunch of ghost syllables, drag out a few notes, and add in notes of my own. Douche.

    Yeah, I hates that part too.

  99. Since the super bowl is in Minneapolis next year, there won’t be any Blue Angels or Thunderbirds. Just a bunch of ice fishing out on the field.

  100. Laura, that video is awesome. Proves that even young non-whites, who the left assumes are in their camp, are not guaranteed to be so. They took rural working white folks for granted, and paid a big price. One would think they would learn there lesson and take these kids seriously.

    Eh, who am I kidding? They will call these kids RACIST!!!!!1111!!!!eleven!!!!!!

  101. Wow!!! The top post at AoSHQ is fascinating.

    That self unaware cunt takes self unaware cuntness to new levels of self unaware cuntness

  102. I’ve been watching a lot of Sesame Street lately, so this is semi-on-topic.

  103. Breitbart is reporting that the liberal and entertainment media is flaying Lady Gaga for not dissing Trump in her superbowl performance.

    That got me thinking. How different are we and them. On this blog and elsewhere in rightosphere, her performance was generally well received. We did not discard her musical performance because we have an issue with her politics. We were even a tad grateful because she did not poison the show by bringing politics into it.

    But the left is not like that. The refuse a life outside their political dogma. They would viciously turn on their own people for deviating a bit.

    Lady Gaga is smart enough to realize that just by avoiding divisive politics, she can double her potential audience. It is one thing to endorse a presidential candidate, and even campaign for her. It is quite different to inject politics in her professional life at all times.


  105. She has become a nazi worthy of punching for putting her career before an opportunity to attack HitlerTrump. Chumpy McBushitler. Meh.

  106. It’s the same with Taylor Swift, who kept her mouth shut about the election and drew ire from the left for it.

    We’re perfectly willing to buy from liberal companies/support liberal artists, as long as they don’t insult us by forcing their politics on us. But that’s not enough. We will be made to care.

  107. Alright, alright, alright Matthew asked Americans to get over it and support the new president. Boycott!!!! Springsteen bad mouths America in Australia: Don’t you fascists dare boycott!!! Meh

  108. LIVs at work are sick of the Trump bashing 24/7 by the MFM. Most of them didn’t vote. Ready to get back to RL. Pussyhats won’t let them.

  109. Oso,
    Did you see Anita pics on FaceButt?

  110. I did. I adore AnitaP. Your poor Magnolia.

  111. I think of AnitaP and AliceH as Hostages by proxy on FaceDouche

  112. “Place your bets/suggest diagnoses.”

    possibly from the slippery tranny

  113. We all know I am deficient on all things tech. Check out Fiona the premie hippo at Cincy zoo. Cincy zoo: AKA Home of Harambe

  114. Oso, AliceH may not visit H2, but she is very much a Hostage. She has attende a few meatups. Say Hi to her for me.

  115. I will. I ❤️ her so much. 😘

  116. Dan is making his first from scratch creamy potato soup. Sourdough bread bowl smells delish. I think the soup needs green chile, but I’m staying silent. Hoping he has realization on his own. Sending mindthoughts.

  117. 💰 math is in. Collective Fantasy Football and Draft Kings money has been added. Dan cleared 💰 800 in total fun money. I ❤️ foosball

  118. Greetings, people who have a clearer idea of whose cars and lumber they probably won’t be buying after yesterday.

  119. Sean: Bai Bai Bai…still no.

  120. Oso, that’s enough to order a bottle of Koloa Rum.

  121. I think AliceH lives in Colorado.

  122. She drove to the meatup at Michael’s house in Dallas. I am sure she won’t mind the drive to Wy.

  123. Michael’s was my first brisket.

  124. Gross.

  125. He cooked brisket and chicken. Both were amazing.

    Dave said it “was a little dry”, but that is just what Texan’s say about briskets they didn’t cook.

  126. That seems like a stock insult so utterly predictable as to be expected among Texans

  127. I miss Michael.

  128. Local radio host got to ask Sean Spicer a question via Skype and apparently riled the “real” journalists.

    Wiser needs to do this.

  129. Evening.

  130. We ran 84 Lumber out of town 20 years ago. Fuckers were idiots.

    Salesman came to my office and said they could beat my local family owned yard.

    Then proceeded to tell me that I could open an account for the best discount with $20,000. They would hold the money in escrow in case I didn’t pay on time.

    I said, “I do 30k a month with Fingerle and they give me 30 days to pay for an additional 2% discount in addition to what I already get.”

    Plus your lumber is shitty.


    I thought they were out of business.

  131. Boyfriend works at Quality Inn. I can get discounts!

  132. We ran Sutherland’s out of business. I don’t know if they were idiots.

  133. The media know what they have been up to with the Democrats, so now that there are changes to the roll call, they’re fucking terrified. GOOD.

  134. It might be a little easier to take the media’s hyperventilating seriously had they not used their access to the previous guy like this straight out of the fucking gate.

  135. Well then, I guess I killed it. I’ll just wait here by myself until pitchers and catchers report, I guess.

  136. Lena looks halfway decent. Too bad that she’s gonna wither away to nothing, huh?

  137. I had a pretty firm impression of Piers Morgan as a brain-dead leftist, snooty, English twit. It turns out that that was while he was an employee of CNN. Now that he is employed by “The Daily Mail”, he is allowed to speak his views. He went on Tucker Carlson show:

    I was quite surprised…

  138. Rebecca doesn’t have school tomorrow – about 1/2 of the staff is out with the flu, and a lot of the students have it as well. The school recommended everyone else stay home….

  139. Many guys have come to you
    With a line that wasn’t true
    And you passed them by
    Now you’re in the center ring
    And their lines don’t mean a thing
    Why don’t you let me try

  140. died in a sperm bank —-
    that’s a hell of an obit:

  141. for those who are bored and / or brain damaged:
    some amazing science journalism….


  143. oy!




  147. Up early as is now usual. Fortunately it’s useful for cramming. Two tests today.

    I was thinking yesterday that what the Left is doing by holding riots (same as in Bush years, especially during and after the reelection, when they lost their fucking minds) is a form of extortion. Some of them may actually believe they will be rewarded for this behavior. Some of them are just professional ruiners.

    The media is creating this erroneous perception that they are righteous and in the majority and that this behavior is persuasive. They are in a positive feedback loop that reinforces stupidity and brutality.

  148. wow look at all this studying I’m not doing

  149. Back to the books, missy!

    The internet is for test passers.

  150. *mumble mumble your mom*



  153. 2nd one, absolutely true.

    1st one, also absolutely true.

  154. OK, I have to get ready to go to school now. Have a wonderful Tues- ohhh shit.

    Nevermind. Just do the best you can, considering what day it is.

    *disappears in a puff of foul smoke*

  155. Something that didn’t exist a century ago, isn’t actually health care, and isn’t even a necessary survival expense is now something women absolutely must have paid for by men to whom they aren’t married, ay gunpoint.

    The Rectification of Names is long overdue.

  156. looks like about a day and a half drive for me to get out to wyoming….
    i ran the date past my wife – she doesn’t know of anything that would preclude me from going….
    i’m 80+% sure i’m going
    i’ll have plenty of room for 2 – 4 passengers – if anyone wants to do a road trip

  157. the progs won’t allow that leon

  158. it’s an amazing set of chains that we’ve allowed ourselves to be imprisoned by

  159. If the RoN really comes, “allow” won’t have anything to do with it. Also, the whore who wrote that should read some Science(!)

    No amount of pregnant mare urine fixes that.

  160. wakey wakey

  161. Leon, that story up there. .. makes me think of the Handmaidens Tale. THe infertility in the story is cause by damage to the environment or some shit.

    The reality …

  162. I did the math, flying is cheaper.

  163. Too far from the MoMeets…too far from this shindig…boy howdy, I am truly in the wrong part of the country…

  164. my wife is a nurse at a perinatal center – every once in a while she will mention some odd thing that goes thru the clinic –
    i beg her not to share, ’cause then i can’t help looking some of the crazy shit up –

    not sure how the providers do what they do there – i’d be in a constant state of gagging, dry heaving, or out-right spewing…

    last week she was covered in what she call “schmootz” from some procedure or other –

    their clinic has a high percentage of medicaid patients who evidently have dubious hygiene practices

    my wife is an angel – i’d hand those peeps a box of comet and scotts grill brush and tell them to come back after they clean their junk up

  165. i looked up flights – it is cheaper for me to fly out of binghamton or syracuse –

    but i like driving

  166. Yeah, and that’s not the first story like that, either. Science keeps coming through with these articles showing that the traditional model of lifelong monogamy from a young age being several standard deviations more likely to have all sorts of positive life outcomes. Economic wealth, healthier kids and selves, longer health and lifespans. It’s not a guarantee, but nothing in life is.

    I’m reading a pretty good book about nutrition right now that keeps making that same point. “Tradition” encodes many generations of hard-won wisdom in a set of rules anyone can learn and apply, no deep understanding needed if hewn to and passed on. They’re a form of technology unrecognized as such. I don’t have to understand algebra to use it and benefit from it, but if I decide that it’s worthless, outmoded, “patriarchal” thinking and discard it, woe unto me and those near me.

  167. Jam2, when you say ‘I like drving’, you are probably thinking Atlantic City, NJ. But it seems the tide has turned in favor of Cheyenne, Wy. No way you can drive the 1500 odd miles! That is a freaking two day drive at a minimum, or more than 24 hours even if you have multiple drivers.

  168. If you enjoy driving and are a good micronapper, 1500 miles is a breeze.

  169. I can usually average 900-1000 miles per day, on one occasion (I was in the zone) I doubled that.

  170. The assholes at Politifact distorted a Trump quote, and then branded it as false.

  171. Nancy Pelosi declares that she cannot work with President Bush.
    She is still living in the last decade.

  172. I am going to give Pelosi a pass.

    90% of her district is moonbat crazy. Her job is to represent them.

  173. I don’t give her a pass, because she held the same views when Speaker of the House. At that time she represented more than her district.

  174. Seriously, at what point does it become clear she’s suffering from dementia and needs to be in a home, not in the House?

  175. Everyone on the left is batshit crazy. No exceptions.

  176. i drive to ABQ to visit my in laws –
    WY’s no problem

    i’ve spent the vast majority of my professional life on the road – flying / driving, whatever.

    i’ve done 2800 miles in a work week with meetings every day.

    i was comparing notes recently with a colleague who also does a lot of driving – based on the cars i’ve had i’m WAY over a million miles

  177. Mare, you coming to Wyoming?

  178. We have Maxine to represent the stupid

  179. the progs are a damn comedy routine –
    some are so incredibly stupid ya gotta wonder how they manage to keep breathing

    the thing that gives me the sadz tho, is we’ve got to pay for their retardation

  180. What do we want?
    Russia to pull out of Korea!

    When do we want it?

    What do we want?

  181. To many in her district, Pelosi is “too right-wing”. Ponder that.

  182. Ha ha! This cat will happily take your money. Just don’t try to steal it.

  183. when they pull out we’ll have to worry about them cracking the peninsula and tipping it over

  184. Waters and Pelosi – this is why we have the noun cunt.

    Oh, and Hillary.

  185. >>some are so incredibly stupid ya gotta wonder how they manage to keep breathing

    Breathing is a auto neural function that does not need conscious effort

  186. Heh, marine in Iraq that asked Iraqi citizens what would happen to him if he went into town. They said he’d be killed.

    tl;dr summary: why would I let you in my country? after 8 million views, he was evacuated from Iraq, for his safety.

  187. The charges are for statutory, non-forced rape, local news outlets are reporting.

    What the hell does “non-forced” mean?

    You raped a minor.

    No, it wasn’t rape. He let me.

    Oh, okay then.

  188. June 19th is my 30th wedding Anniversary. With a bit of luck and a couple of work payouts coming through, we hope to be spending the month of June,or a good portion of it, in Hawaii.

  189. Micah Rhodes is the reason we have the term, piece of shit.

  190. They labeled him non-predatory. Idiots.

  191. @ Jay.

    Remove him for his safety is laughable. Maybe we should remove all the security contractors for “their safety”. I thought they were paying me good money over there to compensate for the “lack of safety”. Guess it was for my charm and good looks…..

  192. I had respect for AllahPundit and HotAir at one point. But they have become so rabid in their hatred of Trump, that they want to damage him even when he is working for conservative causes they support.

    Fuck HotAir in general, and that asshole AllahPundit in particular.

    This must be sad for Ace. Him and AllahPundit are (or were) good friends.

  193. Interesting, he considers himself mr big nuts revolutionary and yet he can only handle sex with children.

  194. Cool. The left is being lead by the Grindr generation.

  195. Pffftttt….

    Hawaii? Really?

  196. Shut your whore mouth, Hotspur.

  197. Dennis Prager just listed the 58 genders Facebook recognizes, how do you facedick people stomach it?

  198. Mare – because none of my “friends” identifies as any of those crazy genders.

  199. Yeah, and that’s not the first story like that, either. Science keeps coming through with these articles showing that the traditional model of lifelong monogamy from a young age being several standard deviations more likely to have all sorts of positive life outcomes. Economic wealth, healthier kids and selves, longer health and lifespans. It’s not a guarantee, but nothing in life is.

    Pretty much every crackpot “alternative” lifestyle is based on either arrogance of the people involved that they are so much smarter than the masses, or a desire by those pushing the lifestyle to make people miserable in the long run so they can push for revolutionary change.

    I’m reading a pretty good book about nutrition right now that keeps making that same point. “Tradition” encodes many generations of hard-won wisdom in a set of rules anyone can learn and apply, no deep understanding needed if hewn to and passed on. They’re a form of technology unrecognized as such. I don’t have to understand algebra to use it and benefit from it, but if I decide that it’s worthless, outmoded, “patriarchal” thinking and discard it, woe unto me and those near me.

    Isn’t that basically what Chesterton argued?

  200. Interesting, he considers himself mr big nuts revolutionary and yet he can only handle sex with children.

    He’s a revolutionary because he wants to have sex with children. He wants to make a world where it’s accepted and considered normal and healthy. He’s a dangerous lunatic.

  201. Sex with children is a mainstream muzzie practice.

    Oh, and goats.

    goatse too.

  202. Isn’t that basically what Chesterton argued?

    Yes, but he wasn’t talking about sauerkraut, organ meats, and sprouted-wheat bread.

  203. The communists and other leftwing nutjobs seem to do a lot of it as well. It was big in German left-wing circles back during the Cold War, IIRC.

  204. I don’t get how the Qur’an could be so differently written/interpreted from the Torah as to permit the boy-rape that seems endemic in those cultures.

    Of course, I never got why Socrates and his contemporaries were so keen on the idea either, aside from godless hedonism.

  205. I had sex with a 14 year old girl once.

    But I was only 11 so I really didn’t know any better.

  206. Obviously the above entry is a joke. It’s usually better told than written as you can use a pregnant pause to imply something nefarious happened.

    The truth is that I couldn’t have gotten laid in a women’s prison with a fist full of pardons until I was about……..OK, ever.

  207. Alice H still lurks. I told her about the WY meat. Mmmm…Koloa.


    “President Trump’s threat to weaponize federal funding is not only unconstitutional but emblematic of the cruelty he seeks to impose on our most vulnerable communities,” de Leon said.

    Unconstitutional, you say. Where the fuck were you when the fed govt threatened states with loss of highway funds if they didn’t make the law 55mph on their state owned highways? Where the fuck were you when the fed govt threatened states with loss of highway funds if they didn’t bump the legal drinking age back up to 21? Where the fuck were you when the fed govt threatened to withhold block grants from cities that didn’t make all their sidewalks ADA compliant? I could go on for another half hour or two, but TL:DR is a thing around here.

  209. Mare give Bermuda a try instead of Hawaii. Classiest place I ever visited.

  210. California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon said state residents contribute more to federal coffers than their state gets in return, and any sanctions against California would ripple nationwide.

    Please, please, please secede.

    There is absolutely nothing about your state that I would miss.

    your movies
    your tv shows
    your produce
    your wine
    your 55 electoral votes
    your faggery
    your illegal aliens
    your colleges


    Please leave.

  211. So DeVos was confirmed, 50-50 Pence breaks the tie. Now waiting for the facedouche caterwauling.

  212. Rosie O’Donnell
    Martin Sheen

    Nancy Pelosi could be your president.

  213. I would vote for secession. If I thought it was going to pass I’d pack a uhaul, vote, and then hit the road for Texas.

  214. Martin Sheen would be elected because he’s already been the greatest president ever on TV.

  215. LOL

    Betsy DeVos confirmed.

    Suck my dick you liberal cunts.

  216. I predict Collins or Murkowski, or both will jump parties.

  217. ba haa haaa haaaa …

    SUCK it libs. Elections have consequences. You lost.

  218. It’s refreshing to see the teachers union lose.

    Riots in 3-2-1


  220. They are really losing it.

    “16. Rural America will have NO SCHOOLS.”


  221. “going to have these children work in sweat shops again.

    The repigs are evil and greedy. STORM THEIR OFFICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  222. Car in should call her mom.

  223. All because she is for giving people a choice, instead of taking what they are given.

  224. I’m thinking about getting a new AR here in about a week or two…decisions…..decisions…..I’m kinda partial to Rock River…..but I’m also considering building one…..Of course its strictly for defense, I would never think to use it offensively against black clad, masked progressives…..

  225. Here’s some special kind of stupid.

  226. I can’t wait to invade CA after the cartels take it over.

  227. I guess the teachers are going to have to put their pussy hats back on and burn some shit down.

  228. TT, I wonder what rock salt loaded 410 shells would feel like to proggies?

    Shouldn’t be too lethal, at a long range.

  229. Seems like that’d be hell on the barrel, though.

  230. Wednesday we might hit 60.
    Thursday snowstorm.

  231. My mom is probably in her safe space right now.

  232. So Oschi has a cough. it’s not a cold. Here’ the most recent email from the vet:


    I spoke with Dr. Carey, one of the internists at Michigan State. He agreed that Oschi does sound like she may have cricopharyngeal achalasia. He agreed that fluoroscopy would be the next step. His estimate for the consultation and the upper airway fluoroscopic exam would be $400. These could be done on the same day, as long as Oschi has been fasted prior to the appointment (pull food after midnight, no breakfast, water is okay). He said if this diagnosis was confirmed, surgery would have to be scheduled on another day and rough estimate would be $1500. They would discuss all of the options and risks during your appointment there. The phone number for MSU is …… and you would need to make an appointment with Internal Medicine. Once the appointment is made and Oschi has a medical record number I can send over her x-rays, lab work and referral form – just let me know at least the date/time of her appointment. I am also attaching the paper that I discussed with you. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  233. Carin, never let a crisis go to waste.

  234. Sorry about your dog. Maybe it’s nothing.

  235. Yea, no. It’s something. She’s had the cough for a looong time. We’ve had x-rays done. She doesn’t swallow all her food – a bit remains in her throat and she coughs it.

    That alone isn’t a big issue, but she could aspirate it and get pneumonia.

  236. Please give my best to your mom, Car in.

  237. It’s either surgery, or always watch for her getting sick.

  238. She is healthy – playful, eats. It just sounds like she has a cold, but she doesn’t. She’s very playful, etc. She doesn’t throw up. Just a little bit gets stuck.

  239. If you ever want to see a nice cross section of scummy, gross, misfit, losers watch a teachers union strike.

  240. Reading the Daily Kos has been a real pleasure lately.

    Apparently Devos is going to destroy America. And so is a temporary travel ban, having an advisor come to NSA meetings, appointing family members non paid White House positions, etc etc.

    It must be exhausting to be so outraged all of the time.

  241. I’ve been so tempted to attack the “teacher need to be highly qualified, why not De Vos” argument.

    I was an education major. I took all those tests. i don’t in WHAT fantasy world that makes teacher’s “highly” qualified.

    What a fucking joke.

  242. I also don’t understand eliminating 50% of the country as a marketing strategy.

    What dude is going to be part of the pussy party? It’s just poor branding.

  243. Chili and spinach salad for dinner.

  244. Mare taught me everything.

    Drink wine, be kind, and never go full retard.

  245. teachers – the pee pants wing of the democrat party

    This is who teach the children – lefties educated on lefty college campuses teaching lefty ideas to kids so that when they graduate they can go to lefty colleges.

    We’ve had three generations of this bullshit.

  246. Monday morning I woke up at 1:00 AM with a really bad case of acid reflux. So I stagger into the kitchen, take a Prilosec, and I wait for it to kick in.
    It doesn’t.

    After 3 hours of hell I stagger back into the kitchen to see if can take another one.

    That is when I learned the pill I swallowed at 1:00 was really a probiotic pearl.


    The boxes are the same size, same color, same blister pack, and the pills are the same size.

    Yesterday sucked.

  247. Lady Ga Ga sales up 1000% since the halftime show.



  250. Scott, sad that motorc Hit that truck. It was poised to break free and liberated.

  251. Truck needs an exhaust system overhaul.

  252. I think the reason they went after Devos is because they felt she was vulnerable and they felt she was a direct threat to their control of the indoctrination system. The colleges are the solution to the issue(s). That’s where all this fucking nonsense is originating. ALL OF IT. Everything from LGBT to Anarchists to La Raza. All from the leftists that have taken over academia. Eliminate them and problem goes “poof”.

  253. Got a vacuum issue in your exhaust Leon? How much? Lemme guess…..750 – 1000?

  254. $388 was the dealership quote, but the tech there said I’d be better off going to Mr Muffler, since it’d take him a few days to get the part and Mr M would be a lot cheaper.

  255. My Subaru needed that done.

    My mechanic did the work for $100 and a promise to act dumb if anyone ever asked me about it.

    Catalytic converters are a scam.

  256. MJ, I’d like a t-shirt with that on it, although I could only wear it around you turds or in my house.

  257. Heh, wait until Kennedy/Breyer/Ginsburg resigns, and we get another nominee.

    Then the real whining begins.

  258. I really hope they lose again in 2018.

    I can dream.

  259. I want Ginsburg to keel over on the day that Gorsuch is sworn in.

  260. Jay, you misspelled “winning”.

  261. it wasn’t teh hiv?

  262. Laura this morning?

  263. it always amazed me that Scalia and the troll were such good friends

  264. Jay, that’s me right now.

    *Stares at paper due in 6.5 hours.*

    *Stares at presentation due in 6.5 hours*

    *Stares at homework due in 6.5 hours.*


    I bet it’s true here too.

  266. Procrastination is over-rated. Just like your mom.

    Shit Jefferson Never Said. Vol 1, pg 69.

  267. Of course it’s true here too.

    Who has time for that shit when you have to hold down a job and take care of a home?

  268. Urrgh, had to bail off a horse on Saturday. Landed on my hip. No bone issue, but a big bruise (14″ x 7″ ) and still swollen. I’m hoping it gets better tomorrow.

  269. Horses are like motorcycles. It’s not IF you’re gonna get your ass kicked, it’s WHEN.

  270. And that’s why I don’t ride either one anymore.

  271. Glad my estimate was off Leon.

  272. What’s a probiotic pearl?

  273. Here.

  274. It’s a dose of healthy gut bacteria. They are good to take after a round of antibiotics, or stomach bug.

  275. Hey, lmgtfy redid their interface, very nice!

    Dick move, HS, dick move.

  276. Every time I see your mom I go on antibiotics, so I take them a lot

  277. I’ve always wanted to send a lmgtfy link to a user, but I don’t want to get fired.

  278. If you take an antibiotic and a probiotic, will they cancel out each other’s effect?

  279. Have a fucking cage fight in your stomach and sell tickets?

  280. Do probiotics give biotics more choices than antibiotics? Seems like they probably would.

  281. I’m a little surprised we didn’t see the left freaking out a bit more over Betsy DeVos’ brother.

  282. We need a new post.

  283. One that won’t make us sick?
    One that won’t make us crash our car?
    Or make us feel three feet thick?

  284. Whoa, she is the sister of the guy who founded Blackwater.

  285. give me a few mins.

  286. Blackwater? I been to their facility.

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