MMM 258: Some kind of hate

So I watched the heck out of this movie on HBO when I was a kid.  It’s on Netflix now:

If you’ve got 90 minutes, it’s a great nostalgia piece.  Sheen does his “sober guy” character for a change.  And there’re a lot of Pontiacs going fast.  And Turbo!



Utterly impractical gym gear monochrome.


So jealous of those sunflowers.


Clean and jerk.


I wouldn’t ride in those shoes, ma’am.


Eva is thick-wasted, I don’t mind.


More bizarre sex cult rituals.


Wing chun?


Chalk booty.


Leg warmers.


And my day already hates me, so I have to go kick some ass.


  1. Faust!

  2. I think the guy picking his wedgie is a girl.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. It’s literally Tank-riding Trump and St Mattis, who gave his One and Only Fuck for the USMC.

  5. And one more:

  6. No way kettlebells does that more than once.

  7. New England is favored by 3 points.

  8. Quiet today.


    President Donald Trump told business leaders on Monday he believes he can cut regulations by 75 percent or “maybe more.”

    At the White House with 10 senior executives, he repeated his campaign pledges to roll back corporate rules, arguing that they have “gotten out of control.” A White House spokesman did not immediately respond to a request to elaborate on which rules Trump will target or how the 75 percent was calculated.

    “We’re going to be cutting regulation massively,” but the rules will be “just as protective of the people,” Trump told reporters at the meeting that included Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank.

  10. Mattis ordered bomb strikes on 31 ISIS targets on day one. No word on whether he actually sat down at his desk first.

  11. Quiet today.

    We’re having massive marches and protests – in our offices, at our desks, working.


  12. I’ve been reading about all the snow in the Sierra Nevadas. Trump is already helping the farmers in California.

  13. I’ve been reading about all the snow in the Sierra Nevadas. Trump is already helping the farmers in California.

    Jan 20 will be remembered as the day the Earth began to cool and the planet began to heal.

  14. …and the pussies were grabbed

  15. I haven’t grabbed a single pussy since Donald was inaugurated.

    We need to impeach the bastard!

  16. You all heard of Florida man and Florida woman.

    Behold, the Florida little girl.

  17. Shhh, we’re sleeping!

  18. I dont know about you guys….but there is some evul funky disease running through the population round here that is just all kinds of fun. Kinda a Flu viral thing…one guys has strep n the flu, the other a sinus and lung infection, third guy was out all congested in nose / chest with fever. (They all have fever) From the sounds of it, its not just here (my workplace) but community wide…..there is a fungus among us……

  19. I’ve had that crap since Thanksgiving.

  20. Baby and I both have a cough. I was “sick” for about a day, scratchy throat for almost a week now.

  21. The TiFWs had that last week. No fun…..

  22. Well, I know who brought this shit onboard here….it was my fucking boss….Mr. “I dont go to the Dr or take medicine, while I hack a fucking lung up all over this room.” Swear to god, he’s one of those people, “dont take medicine”.

    Betchya if that motherfucker caught the clap and his dick was dripping and burning he’s get his ass to a dr and take whatever they gave him….. Last Monday, arrive here in the morning, fucking guy says “I got a 102 temp” and looks like shit. Me: Well Skipper you should probably consider going home, there is nothing going on right now…….Him: “I may leave later” (in the meantime let me spread some germs). Did he leave? Did he?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, He did end up at home 2 days last week which told me he was all fubar’d. Too late! My facilities guy was out wed, thrs, and fri. My 70 yr old bookeeper announced on Friday he was ill and left early this afternoon and I was in bed all day yesterday….

  23. The very reason Al Gore invented the internet. Funny cat gifs.

  24. Name it after him. It’s the Skipper Flu now and everyone needs to refer to it that way.

    Name every future illness after the person who brings it into the office.

    I did this at a place I worked. It works

    Man, I still remember some of the flu outbreaks in the 90’s.

    We had The Jon Foote flu, The Puerto Rican Flu…..

  25. 3-6″ of snow overnight followed by freezing rain and then regular rain. Oh yeah, 30 to 40 mph winds. So a nor’easter to fuck with my day tomorrow. I’m hoping the kids have no school and the power stays on. Luckily I don’t have anything scheduled except being on call tomorrow.

  26. I hear Michael Moore’s speech was well received at the womens March.

    I have decided to come up with a zero to 10 Tushar-o-meter for link freakyness.
    0 being: heh, that idiot, Tushar!
    And 10 being: someone needs to murder Tushar!

    The link is about 6 on that scale. Slightly NSFW

  27. Pupster is living with crazy Vikings

  28. That story was filler material on the local news. I searched it and found a link to the story on hammock forums. Yes, there’s a site called hammock forums:

    The internet is vast

  29. Craptacular video Tushar!

  30. I will buy a hammock when I retire.

  31. The kids found the Hippo video hilarious, and the Mrs was disgusted. Target – achieved.

  32. Did Trump schlong anyone today?


  34. Today was pretty much a cluster of meetings and fail. I get why there weren’t many comments.

    Did anyone get to listen to Wiserbud kicking off week 2? (3?)

  35. Indians. They can hunt down bugs in your computer code, and pythons lurking in the everglades.

  36. Your mom tracked my python down relentlessly

  37. Lol, I was just reading about the so called vagina hats. I didn’t know anything about them.
    On Saturday, after work I stopped into the tavern next door (not the ghetto bar) where three liberal hags were wearing them.
    Now I realize they had their heads up their vagina. But then, they always do.

  38. Trump schlonged the TPP and abortionists today


  40. and a bunch of terrorists.

    Why were there known Isis bomb making facilities for Mattis to bomb?

  41. Because Obama was a closet muslim, and hated the joos.

    I think we’re going to find out some interesting stuff.

    You asked a very valid question.

  42. Too bad the media won’t.

  43. I’m a member of that forum. I bought a backpacking hammock and a couple of different tarps back in 2007-8 when I still had the time and inclination to loop hike on overnights, mostly weekends. It is collecting dust in my basement, along with all my other gear. I got tired of sleeping on the ground, a hammock is much more better for camping. You don’t need level cleared ground like with a tent, just two trees about 10 feet apart.

  44. To the surprise of local biologists, the trackers have also been able to detect information critical to snake management: the python’s sex, approximate size and even how long ago it was in the area.

    It’s only a ‘surprise,’ if you can’t perceive your own arrogance. Gosh, how on Earth would people who have been in the snake-hunting business literally for *generations* not also have naturally developed an understanding of the important details?

  45. Greetings, people who belong to much weirder internet communities than the Hammock Forum.

  46. Not to mention federal leeches by announcing a hiring freeze.

  47. If you have 3 trees you can use one of these

    These are fascinating!


  49. My hammock has a “ridge-line”, a paracord that goes overhead to hold the tarp and/or bug net up over the hammock. Those tree tent folks have taken it much further, but my setup is to cut weight on my backpack compared to a tent.


  51. Beasn needs one of these

  52. *giggle*




    My sides… are killing me……


  54. Hi Wiser!

    *Forest Gump waves*

    How goes the radio business?

  55. Did anyone get to listen to Wiserbud kicking off week 2? (3?)

    Hour 1: 20 minutes of phone calls on varying subjects. Then 30 minutes interviewing a local woman who had written book about chasing your dream, no matter your age.

    Hour 2: 50 minutes with my buddy from the CT BBB

    Meanwhile, leftist douchebag tags the show’s twitter account, saying “all right-wing talk, all the time.” and demands that the station brings back the old host.

  56. How goes the radio business?

    beats the fuck out of renting saxophones to angry parents

  57. *waits for guest appearance invitation

  58. Just had a kind of customer that I only seem to have to deal with about once every three or four months, but I can’t stand them. We’re an open-air facility, and we allow people to smoke if they want to. It’s not against the law (somehow) and you pretty much can’t smoke anywhere else these days. Still, every once in a while, we get one of these jagoffs who says, “I really don’t like cigarette smoke. Could you guys either prohibit it or create a separate smoking section?” The answer to that is no.

    What these people are never satisfied with is the idea that adults can make choices for themselves, such as finding a spot where nobody is smoking and politely asking someone who shows up later and starts to do so if they could move. They always threaten to take it to the city (good luck, seeing as how this is an unincorporated area) but nothing ever comes of it because, again, open-air facilities have somehow escaped the state and county’s fairly draconian smoking laws.

  59. *waits for guest appearance invitation

    My producer said to me today “yannow, that drink guy you used to have on saturday’s was great. Think we could get him on the show again?”

    No bullshit, actual conversation.

  60. leftist douchebag tags the show’s twitter account, saying “all right-wing talk, all the time.”

    You need to retweet that and thank him for the endorsement.

  61. Producer?

    Jeez. Getting a little uppity aren’t we?

  62. Love that tent idea, Jimbro! Would love to have one, even just to use in my backyard woods. I can imagine spending many sleepless nights out there, lol.

  63. open-air facilities have somehow escaped the state and county’s fairly draconian smoking laws

    Not for long.

  64. Just don’t smoke in your tent lauraw

  65. The thing that particularly chaps my ass about this kind of person is that when they come and complain to me, I always ask if they’ve asked the person who has so grievously offended them by puffing smoke somewhere in their general vicinity if they could, you know, move or anything. They always say no. I suggest that they do so and then come back to me if there continues to be a problem, which they never do. This suggests to me that for the most part, these people are chickenshits who want someone in a position of authority to clamp down on behavior they don’t like. Fuck that.

  66. I’ll be interviewing Joe Buck on Thursday.

    Any questions?

  67. You need to retweet that and thank him for the endorsement.

    You’ve probably heard him before.


  68. Jeez. Getting a little uppity aren’t we?

    Wait… did you think Hill was my friend??

  69. Any questions?

    Joe, why are you still treated as relevant?

  70. You guys don’t have outdoor smoking restrictions? Wow, Albuquerque is more restrictive than Cali!!!

  71. Wiser, I was always irritated by breathless MSM pieces about Moochelle’s beauty, elegance and fashin sense. Even if one was to conclude that she looks alright, their exaggerations would put off anyone. Any now this idiot columnist calls her a fashion icon and Melania is disparaged as merely fashionable. Amazing. The comments were a hoot.
    Someone compared Melania as a sleek Ferrari to Moochelle as a dump truck.

  72. Joe, is it true that the team with the most points at the end of the game wins?

  73. Joe, WTF is up with your hair? Does Costas have more fucked up hair than you?

  74. Heh, I’m driving a loaner car for the week while my truck is being fixed after my recent accident (guy plowed into me during a snowstorm about 3-4 weeks ago). I had Boy # 2 let the dogs out one last time and shut the garage down. He came in, all serious, “Jim, someone parked a car in our garage!”

  75. Oops. Lose the hair question. Dan just told me that JB nearly died from his hair plug addiction. 2011. Infection

  76. So Joe, when is the big day?

  77. Joe, Jack Buck was beloved. You have a FB page dedicated to you called “Joe Buck Sucks”. Do you cry yourself to sleep on Aikman’s shoulder?

  78. I’ll be interviewing Joe Buck on Thursday.

    Any questions?

    Really? Wow. Well, this might seem like a dick question, but I’m actually being sincere: A lot of people out there really seem to dislike him in spite of the fact that he seems like a decent guy and is a seasoned professional broadcaster. Does he have any theories about the source of that hostility?

  79. When will you finally stop ruining football?

  80. >>JB nearly died from his hair plug addiction

    Joe Biden?

  81. Who are you blowing to keep your job?

  82. I wish Trump was a bit more serious.

  83. See, the great thing here is that I asked that question in a kind of diplomatic way, and you have a whole raft of examples to back it up.

  84. Wiser, I read that article and seriously wanted to puke. Michelle Obama had EVERY designer and stylist at her disposal (which the article said she didn’t) the and still crapped her pants a number of times. For gosh sakes one of her idiotic choices compared her to a hooker.

    Yeah, Melania is no fashion icon. FFS.

  85. “Jim, someone parked a car in our garage!”


  86. Joe Buck. I guess he talked about it in a book I’ve never read, but Dan remembered him talking about it on one of the sports radio shows.

  87. Tush, I guess Joe Buck could be called Joey Plugs as well 😂😂😂

  88. Pups, I hope your Governor is OK.

  89. Greetings, people who belong to much weirder internet communities than the Hammock Forum.

    It’s a chair that hangs from the ceiling. Nothing more.

    And the Saint Andrew’s Cross is for decoration.

    Stop looking at me like that.

  90. I don’t have a governor, I run wide open all the time.

  91. *checks news*

    Oh. OH. Thanks.

  92. Pups, thanks for The Ringer link and making me feel like a bigger POS than Dan did about JBs hair

  93. you guys are harsh.

    I love it.

  94. The 15 lamest joe buck page keeps crashing on me, but it is ying to ringers yang.

  95. Whenever you say Joe Buck, you have to say it the way Seinfeld said Newman.

  96. Joe can you ask Troy a question for me? Back when him and Jay Novacek were a couple, who was the top and who was the bottom? Thanks in advance.

  97. Is Joe Buck your gay porn name?

  98. Is Joe Buck your gay porn name?

    okay, this was obviously a bad idea.

    There is no way I’m getting through this without cracking up.

  99. Joe Buck is awesome.

  100. I prefer Joe Buck to pencil neck Collingsworth. I H8 Costas moar!

  101. I will listen to radio audio before TV color.

  102. How long have you been into felt porn?

  103. Joe Buck is far from my favorite broadcaster, but he’s gotten a lot better without Tim McCarver. Ask him if he has a restraining order against McCarver.

    Oh, and ask him is Costas is, like, midget short. It seems like he’s short either way, but you never really see a wide shot of him standing around with regular people.

  104. Ask him what it was like to call a World Series classic game 6 in 2011, comeback elimination game, sitting in his father’s seat.

  105. Thanks Sean!!! I totes forgot McCarver hair!!!

  106. And using his trademark phrase “we’ll see you tomorrow night”.

  107. Ask him if he’ll take McCarver back. We’ll send along Dan McLaughlin and a bag of balls.

  108. See if you can get something signed by Bob Gibson, and send it to Dan.

  109. Rally squirrel!!!! 2011: The Jewstin WS

  110. A long time.

  111. I want a Bob Gibson!!!! My dad gifted Dan with a signed Stan the Man baseball

  112. Ask him if he’ll take McCarver back. We’ll send along Dan McLaughlin and a bag of balls.

    Nope. It’s a trick. McCarver is the ballbag.

  113. 😂😂😂 At least McCarver lost the orange hair dye

  114. TWIB used to be my favorite show.

  115. Dan had 💰 on the Pats yesterday. I guess he didn’t need as much Steeler snuggling as I gave.


  117. Love Mel. I need to check my CD for the Mel Allen rap mix

  118. Joe Buck sucks. The only reasons he’s not THE worst sports commentator is because Dick Vitale is still around.

  119. How does it feel to be
    One of the beautiful people
    Now that you know who you are
    What do you want to be
    And have you traveled very far
    Far as the derp can see

  120. Uh-oh. Looks like they finally took away the old WP admin interface. Beep beep boop forever.

  121. I’ve gotten used to it.

  122. Have to take the Camry in for 70k mile service. I can get a shuttle home from there, or I can wait 1-2 hours.

    I might wait just to make my micromanager sweat.

  123. I thought clint would love Dicky V, with his never ending love of Kentucky. You’d think they were in the ACC.

  124. What time does wiser’s show begin? 0900 or 1000?

  125. 10-1, Jimbro. Haven’t checked the website yet to see if it’s updated.

  126. 10 eastern, so 9 am out here in God’s country.

  127. I started listening and quickly realized it wasn’t our wiser chatting. Woo boy…the host on now is kind of cheesy.

  128. sure it isn’t wiser?

  129. Kids had no school today because of freezing rain. It’s pretty nasty out there. Supposed to go all day. I’m really hoping I don’t get called in for a case since it’ll be a risky proposition getting in to work. My partner had office today and I’m sure he’ll have mostly no shows so he’ll handle stuff if it comes in (hopefully)

  130. Quite a writeup on Gorsuch:

    No way he gets confirmed, he’s too conservative.

  131. I know wiser’s voice and he is no wiser!

  132. Hope it fizzles out like it did here, jimbro. The temps stayed above 32 during the day when it was raining. a couple degrees colder and it would have been a nightmare, with the constant drizzle.

  133. The constant gloom and drizzle have made the horse feeding area an absolute nightmare of sucking mud. I desperately need a day to just move mud to the front of the property. And probably some more buckets.

  134. God’s country = Flyover

  135. Oh goody, the first day I’ll be able to move mud, it will be frozen.

    Which is a nice, temporary reprieve, but won’t let me solve the problem.

  136. wakey wakey.

    Wish me luck. I’m taking Moose for a walk. He was a bad boy yesterday and needs more exercise.

  137. I’ve kept true to my 9 am crossfit promise.

    (and I’m sore)

  138. I’m now going to do a Dog AMRAP.

  139. Take Moose to Zumba, problem solved! You get your lifting in, too.

  140. #OccupyServiceDept

  141. Gah, I have to replace the front brakes on my truck today. I was hoping not to have to deal with it for another month or two.

  142. We’re moving.

  143. Boxes everywhere.

  144. And dust.

  145. When you’ve been in one place twenty years, there is dust behind everything.

  146. Good luck, Hotspur. We’re going on 6 years now and the very idea fills me with dread.

  147. *follows talk of the town

    *finds nothing

  148. I thought you just moved, HS!

  149. Heh, looks like the Trump Inauguration crowd was a LEEEEETLE bit bigger than the original internet meme let on:

    HUGE picture, takes a while to load. Someone did some looking around for you, if you prefer a faster link:

  150. Moving my office. I should have clarified.

  151. Oh, I just did.

  152. where to?

  153. Glad you clarified. I thought you were loco with multiple house moves.

  154. Away from the road, so Car in can’t spy on him when she drives by and doesn’t stop.

  155. Right across the street from my house in Dixboro.

  156. SYWM

  157. These assholes are going to give us Trump again in 2020.


  159. J’ames’s picture linky was awesome.

  160. Comment by Car in on January 24, 2017 10:37 am
    I’m now going to do a Dog AMRAP.

    Thirty minutes of scritchies
    Thirty minutes of walkies
    Two treaties.

  161. Leaky oil pan gasket, seized rear caliper. Had to shuttle home.

  162. “Leaky oil pan gasket, seized rear caliper. Had to shuttle home.”

    sounds like a normal night out for mj

  163. the walk was an hour. He’s been asleep since we got home.

  164. He was pretty good. I haven’t walked him much since I figured he got enough exercise running around and playing with the other doggies.

    He tried to go into the cow field a few times – but, I mean, Hey, who wouldn’t want to roll in cow shit?

    And when i wasn’t looking he flopped into a kinda deep ditch of really dirty water and then wouldn’t get up.

    he’s funny,though. When he sees the ditches of water, he doesn’t just want to walk through. He must RUN.

  165. heh, Elliot passes out after daycare. They have mandatory nap time there, too.

    I think dogs sleep more than cats.


    People set up times to meet, then go to the meet up place. It’s been going on for ages.

  167. She’ll feel bad if she stands you up if she has to make an appointment.

  168. Sounds like that agent needs another go around with the psychological background people

  169. And people scoffed at Trump keeping private security

  170. That scrunt made those posts at time when she was certain Cankles would get elected, therefore – no repercussions.

    Now she must be shitting her vagina hat.

  171. Fire the scrunt. Publicly.

  172. Out of a cannon.

  173. The article indicates that other agents have made complaints and her shit reads like a militant lesbian. She’s destined for the proverbially “post of shame” (night shift). She doesnt have to stay in her current role (working with the advance team), she can head over to investigations and conduct field interviews of area people that threaten the president online…. Muwhahahahahahahahaha..

  174. Speaking of vagina hats, where’s Mare?

    What color do you think her hat was?


    I bet these boy scouts were fussing about the best way to help little ol’ ladies across the street and all of a sudden shit just got too real.

  176. Wait, I don’t think those were real boy scouts…

  177. “The people that shot this man knew who they were looking for and wanted him deceased.”

    Deceased? Why do cops talk like this? It sounds so retarded.

    They wanted to murder him.

  178. Hi hotspur!

  179. Hiya!

  180. Did you just drive by?

  181. “I don’t think those were real boy scouts…”

    jay they were just from a different troop than you and i went to

  182. Yes. Saw ya at your desk

  183. leon – a little show prep for ya…
    see you on wiser radio

  184. The guy literally said “Paul the four” for Pope Paul VI.

    Credible, d00d.

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