BBF 2016 Championships

Hello and welcome to The 2016 Big Boob Friday Championships.  We have a classic contest shaping up, the Blonde Bimbo versus the Girl Next Door versus the Exotic European versus the Vivacious Redhead.




First up, the winner of the popular vote, Miss Anastasiya Kvitko.

Next, in 2nd Place for total votes, Miss Milana Vayntrub.

Next up, Miss Sarah Rafferty.


And finally, Miss Valeria Orsini.








  1. Righteous trophy rack

    I’m going to take a little time and mull this vote over. Damn hard decision.

  2. Are you seeing Sarah’s first picture?

    It’s not showing on my eyepad.

  3. I can only see a gif of her in a blue dress, just one pic/gif of her

  4. While scanning for Sarah’s 2nd picture I made my decision.

    Valeria has some funny looking underwear but between the thigh gap and the tremendous knockers the bubbly blonde gets my vote. And her funny name is most like our new first lady’s name.

    Valeria, Melania…not really, I just like her tits.

  5. I fixtit

  6. Ur a great merican.

  7. I am a fat American. I’ve put on 5# this week from stress.

  8. The day has finally dawned!
    The pestilence will be gone in a few hours

  9. I really can’t remember being more thrilled about an inauguration, well, ever in my entire life. Most of them have been routine non-events and play out in the background of everyday life. I can’t decide whether I’m happier to see Obama leave or Trump arrive. I’m leaning toward Osama leaving.

  10. I was pretty relieved when W was sworn in, but it was nothing like today.

  11. Wakey wakey.

    It’s gonna be a great day.

    I hope nothing unseemly happens.

  12. Nice job on the boobage contest, Pups!
    I feel so very, very good today! Really!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

  13. Went with Freckle girl


  14. Orange is the new blue.

  15. No matter who wins…we all win!

  16. My felt hole is tingly this morning.

  17. I should plant turnips this spring to honor the Presidential Scalp Weasel.

  18. Nigel’s going to be at the inauguration. Nice.

  19. Sneaky bastards heading off to work

  20. I took today off just to watch TFG get on the chopper and leave.

  21. Nice game cam. Are those coywolfs?

  22. This 9 am crossfit thing isn’t so bad. See? I’m already home.

    Now it’s time to hit the spin bike for a bit.

  23. Yep. The swamp ice melted and now they have to cut through our yard.

  24. Looked like raccoons to me, Oso…

  25. Haha, NiceDeb outed wiser!

  26. From FB:

    Apparently the only college out there without a safe space is the Electoral one. 🙂

  27. Everytime I see Don Jr’s wife, I think “Mother of 5”.

  28. Ivanka! Ivanka! Ivanka!

  29. LOL

    This cunt will never be president!!!!

  30. There are a couple mothers of 4+ at my church who’ve recovered very well, same for Carin. I think it helps a lot to start having ’em early. My grandma had 7 and I don’t think she was ever overweight.

  31. Bye, assholes.

  32. Other grandma had 5, but she had my mom at 17. Never heavy either.

  33. Compare and contrast – Melania/Michelle.

  34. Wonder if Hillary got a fresh diaper RIGHT before the ceremony?

  35. Thank God this isn’t Hillary. I couldn’t watch it.

  36. Michelle’s dress was actually fitting for the occasion and didn’t look horrible. Melania looks amazing, as usual.

  37. Dr Feelgood is in the same row with the ex-presidents

  38. Michelle’s dress was actually fitting for the occasion and didn’t look horrible.

    Someone else must have picked it. She has no eye for fashion. Which is too bad, she actually can look pretty good with the right help.

  39. STFU Chuckles

  40. Can you imagine Hillary walking down all those stairs without her SS agents standing inches away from her for support.

    Newscasters be like “They always do that”

  41. Holy Crap, When Pence was sworn in I was actually crying.

  42. I might have shed a tear or two.

  43. It’s happening!

  44. Well, I’m crying again. Just out of the sheer happiness and love of country.

  45. \o/

  46. Shelling protesters! Awesome.

  47. I like Trump’s shorter hair.

  48. What an awesome statement.

  49. How long will it take for Obama to get on CNN?

  50. His speech so far (as he would say) is magnificent. Keeping it about the people. Hasn’t even mentioned himself.

  51. That’s going to leave a mark,

  52. “….deprived of all knowledge”


  53. And thus ends the Reign of Error.

  54. Where’s Val-Jer today? Haven’t seen her sour puss in a while.

    And yes, Mare, the speech is awesome.

  55. Radical Islamists? He already said it.

  56. This is the red meatiest red meat of a speech I’ve ever heard anyone outside of Rush or Michelle Malkin make. Unbelievable.

  57. I’ll have to listen later.

  58. WOW

  59. TL/DR: MAGA. FU.

  60. I have setup a 4pm appointment with my doctor. I think I am gonna need it badly

  61. Jill Biden looks pretty good for 65.

  62. It was about a 20 minute bitchslap of Obama and his people.

  63. Holy shit, I am absolutely blown away. He didn’t dick around at all. Radical Islamic terrorists. That was worth the ticket right there.

  64. Now, the left is losing what is left of their pea brains because Jesus Christ is being mentioned over and over again.

    Suck it losers.

    Priest, Rabbi, Pastor…no Imam.

    I. LOVE. IT.

  65. It was a good speech. Perhaps Charles Krauthammer will eat his words now.

  66. Bill Krystal can suck it too.

  67. Mooch looks about as unhappy as any woman I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’m an expert in making women unhappy.

  68. Hillary is reaching for her hip flask right now

  69. That hip flask must be drained by now…

  70. >>Hillary is reaching for her hip flask right now

    She better be careful. That hip flask is right next to the colostomy bag.

  71. Fuck you, John McCain.

  72. I bet all my former H1B coworkers at the auto company are trembling about now.


  73. Watching Marine One lift off from the Capitol was a better feeling than watching Trump get sworn in.

  74. I wish I could be more cordial but as I watch the helicopter lift off all I can think is “adios motherfucker.”

  75. The beauty thing is, it wasn’t Marine One.

  76. Because the president wasn’t on it, just some worthless cargo.

  77. The jackass talking on Fox right now is a dickwad.

  78. So here’s Obama talking about himself as usual.

  79. The classless clueless Obama brats skipped the inauguration.

  80. Hilarious, Obama was yammering on about how this was never about them, it was about the people…..hahahahahahaha. Trump hit a nerve.

  81. Lol, pic of Bill and Hillary on Drudge. “Glum and Glummer”

  82. Our first legal immigrant first lady, and second born outside the US.

  83. Other than the inauguration, I’m having a decidedly shit-tastic day.

    There may be alcohol later.

  84. Unveiling of the Kolsch tonight.

  85. I can’t hate on Bill for that. Or any man. Or woman.

  86. Honestly, I’d condemn Bill for not looking.

  87. *happy dance*

  88. Remember when I was talking about people being brave on the internet?

  89. My felt hole is tingly this morning.

    BAHAHAHA! *pats MJ on his felty head*

  90. /lights one up

    Yep. A good day.

  91. I took today off just to watch TFG get on the chopper and leave.

    *High-fives Oso*


    PS It’s not yours anymore. Thank The Donald.

  93. Heh, you can hear Rush smiling on the radio.

  94. Gotta go with Milana. Just too damned cute. (Let’s out enormous sigh)

    Also, Buck Ofama.

  95. Also, if there was any justice, that chopper would drop his ass in Benghazi.

  96. The ridiculously expensive data warehouse that my application is based around has decided to protest President Trump.

    It literally stopped working just as he was giving his speech.

  97. Fuck it, whisky time.

  98. Brandy, whisky, heavy cream, and french roast coffee.

    I call it Today’s Bad Idea.

  99. Sorry for your stressful week, Leon. I know how you feel!

    I started having a chamomile tea each evening. Took three days to start affecting me but it seems to have taken the edge off.

  100. Proposal for tonight:
    We start a new thread titled ‘airing of grievances’ at around 8.30 pm, get drunk, hurl abuses, insults and affection at each other, and disparage your mom.

    On second thought, that doesn’t sound much different than every other day.

  101. Ducks are adorable!

  102. Mooch really didn’t look like she wanted to be there. Perpetual Angry Bitchy Face.

  103. Just read President Trump’s inauguration speech.

    Holy. Shit.

    I think I need to lay down.

  104. Lotta red meat there. I loved it. Historic shit.


  106. Gotta admit Tushar, that quacked me up.

  107. I heard Tucker Carlson is sacrificing a lefty on live television tonight.

    Is it true?

  108. heh, reading the first page of Google when searching trump inauguration speech. All lefty, all angry.

    It’s already started, day 1.

  109. I missed the “Lock her up” chants when Hill Pickles and The Clenis were introduced.

  110. I just read that speech, wowzers. Besides red meat to cons, it’s also a subliminal invitation to government leftists to quit their jobs.

    He is promising them that they will not so easily pursue their lefty agendas through government, ulterior or overt. Government employment will become dreary and unpleasant with demands for performance and payroll justification. They will not be permitted to ceaselessly harass *us* anymore, which as you know is most of all what they live for.

    If I’m a government employee leftist, this is what I hear between the lines in this speech. And of course, the racism. The horrible, horrible racism.

  111. Hey Beasn, are you as upset as Dan with the yuge numbers of Hoosiers associated with the Trump Admin?

  112. Lauraw, the speech was fascist, not quite as racist.

  113. I really expect an exodus. The worst ones will stay in the bureaucracy, of course.

  114. Ah! I stand corrected, Oso. Fascist-racist.

  115. Day One of the Presidency that Hillary will never have.

    She looked pretty schlonged at the inauguration.

  116. He he….. the meme of the Cunt catching Billy Bob scoping out split tail at the inauguration is hilarious…..the look on his face is “i’d eat the peanuts out of her shit”, while the cunts look is “Motherfucker! Cant you control yourself for just once!”

  117. Kellyanne Conway’s outfit was a gas.

  118. We’re fascist/sexist now!!! Woot woot!

  119. Remember when we rioted in the streets of D.C. when Obama got inaugurated?

    Good times.

  120. >>Hotspur on January 20, 2017 at 5:21 pm
    Day One of the Presidency that Hillary will never have.
    She looked pretty schlonged at the inauguration.

    Five points will be deducted from this comment because it contains two contradictory things: the cunts name, and the word pretty.

  121. Five points deducted for missing apostrophe.

  122. >>Five points deducted for missing apostrophe


  123. Five points restored for proper Hostage retort.

  124. I got to hear most of Nice Deb on Wiser’s show. Boring guy afterwards. Missed most of the festivities. The shipping dept. had three computers all live-streaming the inauguration, and they weren’t synced. I had to leave.

  125. I streamed the Fox coverage. I don’t watch Fox at home because I don’t have cable.

    Shep Smith is a vapid twat, who needs to be grabbed by the pussy.

  126. Barron Trump is almost 6 feet tall. He is 10. He acts like a 10 year old. Leave him alone. (I’m enjoying Melania giving him the side-eye though)

  127. Oh, and thank the good Lord it wasn’t Hillary today.

    Inaugural parade would probably look like Folsom Street Fair instead of tractors and bagpipes.

  128. We’ll see if the left leave their hands off the Trump kids like we were admonished to do with Obama’s kids – you know, the ones who played hookey at the inaug. today.

    Classless – like most Obama family actions.

  129. HS, the left and the right have been attacking Barron since 11/9.

  130. *puts on shocked face*

  131. Went around again. Even Palm Springs doesn’t want Barry anymore!

  132. Be thankful he’s only visiting

  133. I was Cruzing. Dan was always on the Trump Train. Gawd. He’s like the Scott of NM

  134. Friday night is usually dedicated to imbibing the libations concocted by the great distillers of Scotland.

    But tonight, in honor of America and President Trump, I am having some Tennessee whiskey, specifically Gentleman Jack

  135. I’m Evan and Diet Seven. Winding Dan up. He’s blocking mi familia on FB

  136. SAM 44 diverted. I think they went to Ontario, but maybe March AFB.

  137. Stock up on Tito’s before Trump deports him.

  138. Mattis just got sworn in. Somewhere, some jihadist just pissed himself.

  139. Mad Dog

  140. In honor of The Wall, I’m having a burrito and a Dos Equis.

  141. Greetings, Depolraballers amd deplorashot-callers.

  142. Holla Sean!

  143. Ah, yes.

    Pepe 1, Clinton 0.

  144. I’m eating a burrito and drinking a coke.

  145. Shorter Trump address:

    “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck this guy, fuck all that shit…”

  146. It might be an Oban night.

  147. There’s some serious Barron hate on the left. I’m so old I can remember when it was out of bounds to criticize the presidential children for their behavior at a public event.

  148. They should home school Barron

  149. Carin has the books

  150. I think, unless they’re in Leon’s crawlspace

  151. He is a ten year old! My kids are that age, and they are hopeless.

  152. Him playing peekaboo with the baby today should kill all the bullshit autism talk.

  153. They are actually still in my barn, Jimbro, I’ve been too busy to make room in the house yet.

  154. Gentleman Jack is a bit weird. The first sip disgusts you, but the the taste grows on you.

  155. He is 10. He and his mom will live in NY until the end of the school year. Doesn’t stop leftists from fucking with him

  156. It’ll never die. The left is full of serious hate for people that don’t fall in line with their beliefs.

    They’re violent and claim to be peaceful. Loving but full of hate. Diverse but bigoted. Enlightened but troglodytes. Worldly but bubbled.

    Etc etc.

  157. End of the school year is right around the end of the first 100 days. Good time to take a vacation after laying waste to 0’s EOs and signing the 0-care repeal.

    Fuck, he can take the rest of the year off after that and be golden.

  158. He’ll be 18 when he leaves the WH I hope

  159. Eric and DJTJr love fucking with the MFM. Take after their dad. Barron is 10. He catches more crap than Tiffany. I hope his siblings help him to keep it real. Loved him playing with his nieces and nephews.

  160. Bish, please.

    The Trumps have the media’s number.

    Talk about battered ho syndrome.

  161. I suspect that part of the reason Ivanka moved to DC was to give Barron a place away from the WH to go.

  162. Finely freckled Milana has lapped the field.






    The best.

    Not sad.

  163. I learned to love the Piano Guys at IB. Happy Birthday, Michael

  164. They’re violent and claim to be peaceful. Loving but full of hate. Diverse but bigoted. Enlightened but troglodytes. Worldly but bubbled.

    It’s called nuance. Once you attain it, they send you one of those “Coexist” bumper stickers and a subscription to The New Yorker.

  165. I am thoroughly happy right now. There are so few times to celebrate, celebrate them all.

    Melania is stunning. Barron playing peek a boo was great. Trump’s speech was awesome. Krauthimer and anyone else can eat a mountain of dicks. Eff them all.
    Talking heads…#ThisIsHowYouGotTrump…dumbasses.

  166. I am thoroughly happy right now. There are so few times to celebrate, celebrate them all.

    Melania is stunning. Barron playing peek a boo was great. Trump’s speech was awesome. Krauthimer and anyone else can eat a mountain of dicks. Eff them all.
    Talking heads…#ThisIsHowYouGotTrump…dumbasses. I

  167. Apparently Trump cut the office on violence against women.

    Holy crap, a government agency being shut down.

  168. I’m really happy as well. It’s been a great day.

  169. Day 1 and he’s already eliminated violence against women.


  170. Donald Trump doesn’t believe in violence against women. He believes in a firm, but gentle, grip on the pussy.

  171. I’m still giddy. Dan is blocking mi familia on FB.

  172. It’s called nuance. Once you attain it, they send you one of those “Coexist” bumper stickers and a subscription to The New Yorker.

    And a jar of piss to hurl at police.

  173. Paula’s brother (tattoo shop guy) and sister (school teacher in southern ME) have been feuding about Trump for months on facedouche. She reads me their comments every once in a while. I’ll let you figure out who supports Trump and who bashes him. It’s turning ridiculous.

  174. I don’t remember ever being this happy about an inauguration before. Was it like this with Reagan? We had only four years of Jimmeh, but I remember my oldest brother saying how lucky he was to get a mortgage at 13%. They were going for 15-16% in 1980.


  176. I’m glad Obama’s gone. I’m glad Hillary was denied the thing she wanted most in the world. I’m glad that a lot of lefties will be sobbing themselves to sleep tonight. That’s about as far as it goes.

  177. Now that I am a bit drunk, I can bare it:

    Ivanka is so beautiful, but I am incapable of having impure thoughts about her. May be because I am in awe of her accomplishments, and a bit intimidated by how beautiful she is.

    Carry on.

  178. What was the deal with the Obamacare executive order? I heard them say something about removing the penalty, so maybe the Little Sisters of the Poor are off the hook?

  179. Evening.

  180. I think he ordered agencies to take actions to ease the economic burden of Obamacare. My guess is that they’re trying to shut down enforcement of regulations and penalties while Congress works out a repeal.

  181. BTW, just a few weeks back, I was talking to one of the business side guys in my company who was part of negotiations between my Bank and Trump. According to him, Donald was the big ideas, big bluster guy, but Ivanka was the one who was going over the details, driving a hard bargain, and making the big decisions.

    If a man is known by what kind of children he spawns, then Ivanka is one of trump’s biggest achievements.

  182. Should I go to the store and buy pudding and booze?

  183. I did not know that Cheney was there too.
    I have high respect for him.

  184. Yup. He scrapped the unconstitutional individual mandate/ penalty.

  185. I’d hit it.

  186. Tush, we watched every season of Celebrity Apprentice. Ivana made her stamp on the older 3 kids that was reenforced by 3rd gen and 2nd Gen Trump. DJTs mom was from Scotland. Not saying cheap…but Scots?

  187. Somebody tweeted ‘John Kerry is unemployed’ and I retweeted it but then I went. WHOA.

    I’ve been out of the loop all day and didn’t see any of the inauguration so it hasn’t really sunk in yet.

    All these rotten apples are out of power now. Amazing. This cluster took up a significant chunk of my life.

  188. Don’t talk shit about the Scots! They produce the best whiskey, and they spawned Hotbride.

  189. I’ve never worked in a really strong economy. I’m hoping I get the chance.

  190. He is at the military ball. And Melania is looking like a godess

  191. My mom was upset that I hadn’t purchased health insurance. I pointed out that I couldn’t afford to pay the deductible so why spend money on insurance that I can’t use, and also that I figured Trump would nix the penalty for not having insurance.

  192. VP Pence and Mrs. Pence look good.

  193. Free range Hotbride.

  194. Mattis just got sworn in. Somewhere, some jihadist just pissed himself.

    I suspect some denizens of the Office of Transgender Diversity Department did, too.

  195. “I’ve never worked in a really strong economy.:

    It’s amazing. I worked with guys who couldn’t speak English, but earned enough to start businesses and purchase homes.

  196. DJT fired all the politicos in one tweet.

  197. MJ, I came to US in Aug 1999, when the dotcom bubble was just bursting. So, although I am older than you, even I have never seen a truly gangbuster economy. I hope that lovable racist, Trump, delivers us an economy so deliciously puddingy, that we can dip our balls in it.

  198. Around here during the late 80’s, the entire construction trade had a cocaine habit.

  199. Didn’t the whole country have a cocaine habit during the late 80s?

  200. Everyone could afford it.

  201. Now we can’t afford cable.

  202. Make cocaine great again.

  203. Tushar, I really hope this works out.

    You deserve the American dream.

  204. Hio-le-shit

    Melania is beautiful.

  205. Tushar got to see Melania. His American dreams have been met.

  206. MJ , it is Americans who deserve the American dream. I am just an opportunistic, greedy, undeserving outsider. But America is great enough to even grant a good life to a low-life like me.

    Believe me, brother, I am not here just to grab and ingratiate myself. I will fight alongside you to make America great again.

    Gosh, you all must be tut-tutting at how drunk I am.

  207. Uhhhhhhha, I guess I’m gay for Melania.

    Well shit.

  208. Sean, I understand. Here it is 10% yay Trump 30% thank God Obama’s gone and 60% Hillary isn’t President. I know Trump will disappoint me, politicians always do, but at least I’m no longer targeted for being conservative, Catholic, and 2nd Amendment supporter.

  209. Melania is beautiful, but I want Ivanka’s dress.

  210. Ralph Lauren is not a douche.

  211. “I guess I’m gay for Melania”

    Everyone is.

  212. Totally get that, Roamy.

    Golden gorgeous.

  213. Comment by mare on January 20, 2017 10:27 pm
    Uhhhhhhha, I guess I’m gay for Melania.

    It’s OK Mare. We’re here for you, and we’ll happily support you if you feel the need to explore these new and strange urges with your webcamera on.

  214. Like Melania would look like shit in anything.

  215. All those fucidiits who wouldn’t “dress” Melania, you’re idiocy overwhelms yourself.

  216. I wouldn’t dress her.

  217. Anyone who didn’t like Trump’s speech is dead to me . DEAD.

  218. I just wish our new First Lady wasn’t bare ass naked all over the internet. In girl-on-girl photo shoots. Sigh.

    Funny world for a conservative to be cheering.

  219. Scott, if you gave Melania shot gun shells, gunny sack, a green ribbon and $5 Melania would make it look good.

  220. I’m not criticizing you, Mare. Yes, she’s beautiful. Some things about her are just icky to me. Agree to disagree.

  221. I am happier that our last First Lady wasn’t.

  222. >>Comment by scott on January 20, 2017 10:37 pm
    I wouldn’t dress her

    Scott is wise. Scott knows the truth.

  223. Laura, I believe that Trump, with his wayward ways, is the best antidote to the liberal portrayal of us as retrograde people. He will blunnt their stupid criticism, but won’t force us to change who we are.

  224. Yes, super models should never show their bodies.

  225. The question is, did this naked supermodel conduct herself with poise and class?

  226. I made this tonight:

    Lotta fuckin’ work for a casserole…

    I made it ’cause it’s $5 Friday at Safeway and I got 6.5 LBS of chicken thighs for $5.

  227. Left to right, media, Trump

  228. In girl-on-girl photo shoots

    You’ve never seen my “Mortgage Schedule” folder on my hard drive.

    Which for some reason has half a terabyte of video.

  229. I can fucking tell everyone in the military appreciates Trump more than that jig eared giggolo

  230. *Jug eared

  231. “Funny world for a conservative to be cheering.”


    weird stuff horizon has been met

    giddy is a bad place to be in my estimate –
    (very)cautiously optimistic should be the order of the day

  232. “Which for some reason has half a terabyte of video.”

    why so small?

  233. Hahahaha. Faceplant friend is posting multiple comments about, “Former President Barack Obama… FORMER President Obama…yeah, I like the sound of that.”


    Inexplicably, your mom didn’t make the list.

  235. bunch of deplorables

  236. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on January 20, 2017 9:06 pm
    I don’t remember ever being this happy about an inauguration before. Was it like this with Reagan?


    It was the first time I was eligible to vote, and Mr. TiFW and I had gotten married in August. We had lived through gas lines and high interest rates and the Iranian hostage crisis, and had seen Carter show himself as a pussy on the international stage more times than we cared to count.

    We both waited in line (with my mom!) for over an hour to cast our votes for Reagan, and when he was inaugurated it felt very much like Trump’s inauguration today.

    It was not lost on us that the hostages were released right AFTER Reagan took the oath of office.

    America was back in the driver’s seat, and we were ready to kick ass and take names.

    It was great.

  237. Go, go little record go it is named by some guy named Joe
    And the words are the letters of the words
    Said electrically played for outer space and those
    Of they who paid this derp is twice occurred
    And now it’s time to go away on holiday

  238. I made this tonight:

    Lotta fuckin’ work for a casserole…
    It looks good Chris but after reading the recipe I knew I’d never make it. I bet it would be good with about half the ingredients

  239. This would be a technique for lauraw to try out next time you’re messing around with clay

  240. Who was in charge of knitting all the Hostages pussyhats?

    They’re going to bring Trump to his knees with……pussys?

    Can’t wait for him to give them a grab

  241. Looks like Milana Vayntrub won BBF Model Of The Year

    A worthy holder of the crown. Who gets to award it to her?

    It should be Pupster: Journeyman Boob Giffer

  242. I have a pretty easy chicken broccoli bake that has rice instead of the pasta. Rocketboy even makes it.

  243. Yes, super models should never show their bodies.

    No one has said this. Don’t get snippy with me.

    After McCain, Romney, Rubio, Ryan, etc etc I am incapable of jumping wholeheartedly onto bandwagons anymore. It’s kind of a good thing, I think.

    Okay, off to work. Have a good weekend!

  244. I’m making baked beans today. Navy beans soaked last night and I’ll get the rest of the stuff this morning. I have a big bean pot that’s fun to cook beans in. Most of the fun derives from the fact that I actually own a bean pot which for some reason cracks me up.

  245. I am a bad person for snickering at Starbucks getting their windows broken by protestors. Sort of like the Mens Wearhouse declaring they were on the side of Occupy Wall Street and promptly got vandalized by same.

  246. That’s how they got the day off.

  247. I am trying to figure out why Trump is anti-Semitic for saying “America First” but Obama’s UN actions and treatment of Netanyahu isn’t. Does not compute.

  248. No footballs today?


    I’m going to try and get the racecar going, it’s going to be close to 40 degrees!


  249. A bit NSFW

  250. These concrete pink flamingos aren’t going to pack themselves.

  251. Man, it’s 10:00 and I’ve already got a days worth of work around here in. Plus a cardio workout.

    No footballs…sad face.

  252. The first lady certainly isn’t ideal. But then, it’s not as if Trump groomed his life for politics. Which is a positive.

    It’s a far cry from the planned political path of the clintons. I don’t hold it against him or her. She was doing her thing at the time. Not plotting a trajectory.

  253. Cactus Dick

  254. A friend at the gym just asked, “Are you going to the rally on Monday?” I said, “No, and I think it’s today anyway.” He said, “No this is the pro-Trump rally on Monday morning. People across the nation are going to get in there cars around 7:00am and go to work.”

  255. i don’t remember wh/1 of u posted this, but this makes me raff:

    it sums up the clinton legacy in seconds

  256. “pasta-chicken-broccoli-bukkake”


  257. >>Looks like Milana Vayntrub won BBF Model Of The Year

    Where do I go to throw rocks at cops and set trash cans on fire and shit? Is there a designated protest site? Do any of you have a limo i can borrow? I’ll totally get it back to you tomorrow. Gassed up too IYKNIMAITYD.


  258. The Women’s March in DC reminds me of that Chris Rock line about picking up women at pro-abortion rallies because you know they put out, except a good percentage of these attendees don’t like men.

  259. The whole premise of that rally of being inclusive is complete and utter bullshit. It’s composed of women disappointed Hillary or Bernie didn’t win, who want women to abort babies and could give a toss about the plight of Muslim women in the Middle East. And the beta men who put up with their crap.

  260. ‘fucks goin’ on in here?

  261. >>’fucks goin’ on in here?

    Fuckall nothing.

  262. Did that JEF finally make it to Palm Springs?

  263. Twitter on the women’s march is hilarious.

  264. Reading about yesterday’s protest in an NPR article and I came across these 2 paragraphs:

    “Several people on the video identified themselves as lawyers who were observing the protest and said they were not participating in the protest when they were caught in the group of people being hemmed in by police.

    The self-identified lawyers in the group were particularly vocal that their detainment was unjustified.”

    Rioter 101: Claim you’re a lawyer just observing.

    And another thing, why the hell did they leave unsecured trash barrels, benches and newspaper vending machines around the area? Seems like someone who should know better fucked up. Hell, even a guy who’s not a law enforcement officer knows you need to clean that shit up in advance FFS

  265. “#notmytits”

    you didn’t vote early or often enough

  266. you should blame bush for your tits loss

  267. So, in anticipation of Milana’s victory lap poat next Friday, I went searching for some new pictures. I’ve been wondering why the second picture I used in this poat is always so tightly cropped. Now I know.

    Mostly she only does these pictures if it is related to comedy or something funnah. She’s not a serious boob promoter.

  268. I know outer space is pretty large, but maybe not large enough if this doofus becomes an astronaut and tries to launch herself into space.

  269. I still don’t know what they are marching for.

    One of my favorite tweets: looks like many of those marching should be jogging.


  271. #notmytits, lol

    Roamy ♥ Senor Pendejo

  272. That recipe I made last night was great!
    But it’s so rich that you can’t eat much.
    Perhaps because of the cube of butter and 1.5 cups of heavy cream that’s in it…

  273. Tushar, is that Amy Schumer? The vacuum of space will match the one between her ears.

  274. roamie, you thought yesterday’s guest was boring? I thought the subject was dry, but interesting.

    I got a few laughs out of him and he even complimented me, saying how refreshing it was to be interviewed by someone who had actually read his book.

  275. don’t remember if I linked this earlier, but here is the flower bouquet that the lovely and talented Anita sent me this week.

  276. Wiser, Anita’s message was even more awesome than the flowers.

  277. Sweet flowers.

  278. Wiser, he had a tough act to follow with Nice Deb.


  280. LOL Madonna.

    What a cunt.

  281. Just saw the women’s march.

    Upper middle class white women looking up to upper class white women.

  282. Old fat white women throwing a tantrum.


    Someone observed that instead of marching, they should be jogging.

  283. I think a guy on twitter had it right. They thought Hillary was going to win, they bought airline and bus tickets for her girl power inauguration and they couldn’t get a refund.

  284. Interesting most of the speakers/leaders were some of Hollywood’s skankiest gals, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Chelsea Handler, Lena Dunham, the fat one who thinks she’s a comedian.

  285. Do you think these “women” are changing hearts and minds?

  286. No, I think most of them are changing their Depends due to the lack of porta potties.

  287. Yep. They got everyone in swing states to vote for Trump,

  288. I am hoping this is solidifying if not changing some minds away from the demented, baby killing, feminist crap.

  289. When the march is over and all the drunk old white chicks leave, will there be the usual mountain of trash the left leaves in its wake?

  290. The average American is fed up with this liberal bullshit.

    Every time Lena Dunham and Madonna get their ugly mugs in front of a camera, Trump gets more 2020 voters.

  291. Trump got more fat chicks walking in one day than Michelle Obama did in 8 years.

  292. One of these Hollywood idiots is going to have to make “a statement” during the Superbowl.

    More votes for Trump.

  293. Messages on feminine pads stuck on walls. Pussy hats. Dressing as vaginas. Cheering for dried up old attention whores like Ashley Judd, Madonna.

    So empowering.

  294. Trump got more fat chicks walking in one day than Michelle Obama did in 8 years.


    Please tell me you tweeted that.

  295. You should tweet that.

  296. When a person uses the phrase, “_________ is so empowering!” Sure sign they are a douche.

  297. My candidate (out of the two) won the election. He was duly sworn in and gave a speech that I really liked. I didn’t feel empowered. I was happy, yes and humbled that my (and many other) prayers had been answered.

    Now for the hard work, getting the GOP to GTFOOTW.

  298. We should have been there to sell ice cream.

    $6 for black chicks
    $10 for white chicks–for their privilege offset

  299. I stole that from some Moron on Facebook.

  300. Lowes sells lighted grill gazebos for $149.

    That there might be my birthday present.

  301. Scott, I wrote the below comment on that Breitbart story:

    Cynics might say that Trump did this for publicity. I disagree. Who, apart from Breitbart, Fox and a couple of blogs would publicize this? No MSM outlet will risk painting Trump in any positive manner. And the aforementioned outlets are frequented by just us deplorables, and we don’t need convincing that Trump is a great guy.

  302. According to Rush, he does this kind of thing all of the time.
    Normally, he requests to remain anonymous.

  303. 25 pro-obama/anti trump posts on my mom’s timeline in the last 24 hours.

  304. I had 8 political posts in the last 24 hours. And I always feel guilty with that many. Some are just straight up jokes.

  305. Only 1459 days left in his term.

  306. Melania Trump tweeted her first tweet one hour ago.

    She has 6.56 million followers.

  307. Too good to check – the Spanish option for the White House website has disappeared.

  308. Good God. These people are totally uninformed and dumber than pile of bricks.

  309. Hey roamy, you mentioned this earlier:

    I am trying to figure out why Trump is anti-Semitic for saying “America First” but Obama’s UN actions and treatment of Netanyahu isn’t. Does not compute.

    The answer to the first part (on the off chance that you were unaware) is that America First was a movement to keep the U.S. out of WWII which featured some prominent pre-war Nazi sympathizers like Charles Lindbergh. This is, of course, some kind of dogwhistle that people who post Pepe memes are keenly attuned to.

    The answer to the second part is threefold: Obama is eternally blameless for everything, Israel is the main obstacle to Peace in the Middle East, and you can totes for realsies be an anti-Zionist without being an anti-Semite.


  310. you can totes for realsies be an anti-Zionist without being an anti-Semite.

    You could. But they aren’t. They’re straight up anti-semitic.

  311. That venn-diagram has become vanishingly close to just two circles overlaid on one another, Colex.

  312. Sean , it’s the same logic for people taking money from George Soros, a known Nazi sympathizer, but Trump is Hitler.

  313. These protests are insane. Penelope said there were 40 people in Magdalena protesting. Some were protesting Trump’s war on gays….

    I think mocking these people will be most effective. They take themselves so seriously it will drive them crazy.

  314. I like to remind the idiots calling Trump homophobic that he supported gay marriage long before Obama ever did.

  315. It took a mighty effort to keep from saying something to a lib friend on Facebukk today. She had an all-caps post that was something like “I AM SICK AND TIRED OF MY ANXIETIES ABOUT MY COUNTRY BEING IGNORED!!!” I sooooooooo wanted to say something like, “Gee, you sound just like a Trump supporter circa Nov. 7th.”

    Probably wouldn’t have gone over real well.

  316. I like to remind the idiots calling Trump homophobic that he supported gay marriage long before Obama ever did.

    As did Dick “Sodomizing Cougar-Man” Cheney. Evil HQ is awfully festive.

  317. What happened to the “Hits Graph” at the top of the window?

  318. Anybody find any coverage of the womens marches in Tehran and Mecca, today?
    I wonder how they went…

  319. Didn’t you hear, Crispy? They didn’t have women’s marches in either of those locales because of scheduling conflicts with the Gay Pride parades.

  320. Saw Patriot’s Day. Very emotional.

    Tsarnaev got death by lethal injection. He should get death by slowly roasting over a fire.

  321. I like to remind the idiots calling Trump homophobic that he supported gay marriage long before Obama ever did

    Yeah, the gays love hearing that one.

  322. He may have been sentenced to death, but that doesn’t mean anything around here.

  323. “scheduling conflicts with the Gay Pride parades.”


    the construction cranes were in the way

  324. J’ames, did people in the audience cheer when Speedbump died? When Flashbang was captured?

  325. Hey y’all. Guess who’s not president today?

  326. Your mom.

  327. Well, yes…..but to be quite honest, she’s never held public office.

    Looking at Spicer’s first press conference at the HQ, that mofuck better get smoother in a hurry or he’ll become an SNL regular.

    Not that I’m opposed to his message, it’s a message that needs to go viral, but his delivery is Gomer Pyle.

  328. Better yet, guess who’s NEVER gonna be President?

  329. Fernando Lamas is on Johnny Carson (Antenna TV). I had no idea Billy Crystal had nailed his impression that well.

  330. Pinche Fernando was my homie back in the day.

  331. Robyn Hilton would be a good throwback BBF. She’s wearing a halter dress that shows off a fantastic rack, and Fernando actually said, “You look mahvahlous.”

  332. I saw a meme of a totally empty Mall captioned “Hillary’s Inauguration Crowd”. I Muttley’d

  333. Oso, what are you drinking tonight? Round off to the nearest whiskey.

  334. I cheered when speedbump died. It was set up so well.

  335. I have lefty friends in places like L.A. and Oakland who went to the marches there today and have been posting stuff online about ZOMG THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE YOU GUYS.

    Yeah, no shit. You’re lining the streets of the places that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary. Most of them probably walked there.

  336. I have friends and family marching. DC to Seattle. Ignoring and not commenting. Dan has started blocking Mi Familia on social media. FB eliminated the “Hide” feature.

  337. You can “unfollow” someone and then there crap doesn’t post to your wall.

  338. My Nino is in the hospital. His daughter is posting anti-Trump stuff. Dan: Shouldn’t that cunt be more concerned about her dad than abortion? (Keeping Dan off social media until mi familia calms their tits)

  339. Dan’s shirking his duty to feed you and make you drinks.

  340. CoAlEx, the follow “Unfollow” isn’t quite there yet.

  341. Dan made tamales tonight.

  342. What if they never calm their tits?

  343. Dan really is a messican housewife.

  344. I’m kind of spoiled. He made beans, too. I don’t frijole.

  345. They will never calm their tits. They will never grow up.

  346. bacon fat popcorn? meh, coconut oil is better

  347. Mi familia is extra douche-y recently. I refuse to attack kids. They are all going to hell, due to grave sins they are unaware they are indulging. Dan is blocking all of them. I’m full on lurk and hide mode

  348. Too bad Sox doesn’t hang out here anymore. He could give you refuge behind the Safe Couch.

  349. Holy shit. Am I the only one who didn’t realize until just now that our BBF winner is the AT&T girl?

  350. Have you seen my derp, Mr. Jones?
    Do you know what it’s like on the outside?
    Don’t go talking too loud, you’ll cause a landslide, Mr. Jones.

  351. Am I the only one who didn’t realize until just now that our BBF winner is the AT&T girl?


  352. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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