MMM 257: The last bad Monday

Next Monday will be President Trump’s first Monday on the job.  Former VP Biden will be tooling around in his new Corvette, and 0bama will be reduced to plotting how best to destroy America from outside the White House.

Per what I’ve heard from the Left, by this time next Monday, millions of Messican invader families will be shattered by the Trumpenmarine.  Womyn will be sent home from all military jobs, possibly all jobs.  VP Pence will be prowling about with a portable electrocution device killing homosexuals.  Oh, and blacks will all be property again, or something like that.  Hollywood and fun will be outlawed.  The world will be literally on fire from global warming.

Did I miss anything?  Let me know in the comments.

Marred by ink.


Just a bit too much shadow here.


Pretty eyes.


Something seems “off” here.tumblr_m6ju11xS9L1rvjgt3o1_500.jpg

A little too skinny, maybe.


How long do you suppose she held this?


Hello Kitty.


Looks like California.  Wonder if they’ll do us a favor and secede.


She looks intense.


Her too.


Happy Monday, everyone.  Enjoy these last few days before Trumpmaggedon.

Also, remember to tune in to WATR today at mid-day!


  1. Best post so far today.

    Good luck Wiserbud!

  2. Intense gurl numero uno has the biceps, but retains a modicum of femininity.

    You on the radio, leon?

  3. No, Wiserbud got a weekday slot.

  4. sheet of ice here, thanks to Jupiter

  5. How did a distant gas giant give you ice sheets?

  6. I used way too any onions in my pot roast and created a near gas giant

  7. waqkey wakey

  8. Day off today. I’ve said this many times before: non-holiday holidays are the worst for me to work and since my office days are Monday Wednesday I get them fairly often. Many families don’t believe we’re open and no show and a bunch more arrive with the whole clan because of no school. Parents are distracted by their other kids and we take phone calls days later asking questions that we covered. As a result I was able to watch football last night and have my sweatpants on and can sip rather than gulp coffee.

  9. Day off from work and nothing planned.

  10. so, my daughter wants me to take her and a friend to the Governor’s Ball in June. IN NYC.

    Tool is playing.

    (she didn’t even know that)

  11. No school here, but I worky worky tonight.

  12. Much of our nation is acting like a child with a temper tantrum. It’s tempting to give in which would shut them up temporarily and give us a much needed break from their whining. However, now is the time to be particularly tough and steadfast. It’s better in the long run.

  13. When we start building the actual wall, I’m NOT looking forward to the idiots who will make a tent city and disrupt the construction workers. The best we can hope for is Drug cartel scum will strike fear into them.

  14. Oschi took Moose’s bone. He’s given up and he’s now at my feet.

    I just love that dog so much.

  15. I’m working today, wife is home with Possum. DC office is working, but the customer isn’t.

    DC is taking inauguration day off so they can protest.

  16. Remember when we were all preparing to physically protest at Obama’s inauguration by renting massive U-Haul trucks, buying 55 gallon drums of diesel fuel and truckloads of fertilizer?

    No? Because we didn’t!!! We fought him (somewhat ineffectively most of the time) politically! Not by having diaper baby tantrums!

  17. Well, that was a fun drive in.

  18. almost everyone else stayed home, including 2 out of 3 bosses, with no phone calls to everyone else. Typical.

  19. I’ve seen memes calling for a #GeneralStrike on January 20.

    Please do, dipshits, I want to know who to fire.

  20. Early line

    Atlanta -4
    New England -5.5

    I think both games will be nail biters.

  21. movey movey

    Well, moving most of my stuff to storage, anyway.

    Maybe I’ll figure out where I’m going soon. This is getting old.

  22. I think both games will be nail biters.
    Agreed.GB and Pittsburgh are playing lights out.

  23. The guy in the second photo did a really poor job of tucking.

  24. Happy Make the Black Folks Feel Good Holiday.

  25. Good luck Wiserbud!

    Thanks, brother.

    This is gonna be fun!

  26. Wiser, you’re going to kick ass!!

  27. Best barbarism ever!

  28. I had no idea it was MLK holiday.


  29. The post-truth meme from the left is rich, coming from these people. Riots over a video caused the Benghazi slaying! Obamacare will cut costs and you can keep your plan and doctor! Bush served a plastic turkey! Hillary ran through sniper fire! Having a private server is completely legal and also safe! We only deleted the yoga emails! Comey absolved Hillary! Oh shit, now Comey is the devil!

    And they edited Zimmerman’s 911 call, and they tampered with cars to make it look like they explode from a gentle tap, and they presented fake military memos to make it look like Bush was dodging service, etc and on and on. And they are responsible for lies that have gotten large areas of cities burned down.

    Post-truth, yes, they would know, wouldn’t they?

  30. Break a leg, Wiser!

  31. What Laura said.

    Nailed it.

  32. The article was something else, lauraw.

  33. Heh, wiser is a little uptight today. Loosen up, big guy! You’re great at this!

  34. I didn’t think Wiser was EVER gonna talk. Now he’s in the groove and I can get my ample butt to the gym.

  35. I have a midterm in 11.5 hours. I’ll probably head into campus around noon and and study in the classroom. Right now I’m moving slowly and preparing for tomorrow’s test.

  36. His lefty caller is a complete douchenozzle.

  37. Urrrgh, big storm here and power was out from 9:30 yesterday morning until 8:15 today. Usually they are really good at getting it back on but this is twice in about a month.

  38. Sounds like he’s familiar with Andy.

  39. Hehe, hostage callout!

  40. The new crop of lurkers should be fun.

  41. Gah! This guy works for the company that owns my lake.

  42. Hmm, bcoch sounds non-bcoch’y on the radio.

  43. GE left CT.

    GE is still in MI, and expanding. Hiring, even.

    Let that sink in.

  44. Talk Of The Town has a whole new set of advertisers.

    I miss the Ann’s Deli ads.

  45. Is MJ going to call in with his Liquid Lunch, or is that gone now?

  46. It’s raining and the temp is 32º. This could get interesting.

  47. Tom Hill shoutout!

  48. heh, already happened here, HS.

  49. It’s been below freezing here for long enough that the ground is frozen pretty deep. This afternoon through Wednesday evening we’re supposed to get 2″ to 4″ of rain.
    Glad we live above the valley…

  50. Naugatuck!

  51. Ha! Go get ’em wiser!

  52. Did Bcock call in as a caller or guest and if guest, what did they talk about? How did Wiser introduce the term Hostages?

  53. Oh man, chemtrails guy! Did he think he was calling George Noori?

  54. Mare, I’m enjoying that book your recommended. it’s got a little bit of everything.

  55. I’m glad, Carin. I’m nervous about recommending books and movies. Land mines.

  56. If I recommend a book, and the person doesn’t like it, I just think they’re an idiot.

  57. Yes, Hotspur, that’s the land mine, that I will think someone I see here everyday is more of an idiot than I thought.

  58. Sounds more like a feature than a bug.

  59. We need a new name for the Intelligence Community. Something that… oh, I don’t know…actually describes them accurately.

  60. Guys who pretend to be spies but are generally less competent than the typical private investigator?

  61. I like it, Leon. Seems kind of long though.

  62. The Clouseau Community?


    Nope, still too long.

  64. failing undercover centralized corps


  65. Dick Faces

  66. Central organization of corrupt knownothings


  67. Sub Human Idiot Twerps

  68. My mom just posted this. Baa haaaa haaa haaaa.

    I think we should do this.

    View story at

  69. I’ll start listing the non subtle shit that has changed in the last eight years.

  70. LOL

    Meryl Creep

    What a cunt.

  71. I’ve seen a subtle change in the wrinkles on Cankle’s face, and the width of her ass.

  72. Whoever sent the flowers, thank you!

    clever card too, btw

    “A Wiser person probably wouldn’ have done this.
    The Host of the ages, this Bud’s for you.”

    very clever

  73. LOL

    Clever indeed.

  74. Did you discuss gardening, exercise, or pets?

  75. >>“A Wiser person probably wouldn’ have done this.
    The Host of the ages, this Bud’s for you.”

    So there IS someone hiding among us with two neurons to rub together.

    Find the herectic! Burn him! Or her!

  76. None of the above, Hotspur. I was bored to tears.


  77. I was bored to tears.

    Excellent. That is exactly the response I was going for.

  78. Wiserbud,
    That was Anita…

  79. Congrats on your first day, Wiser! Feel like that seat is a good fit?

  80. I couldn’t help myself, I did laugh when Ben called in to “correct the record”.

  81. Anita is awesome!

  82. You’ve been a bad person, died, and gone to hell.

    The devil says, “You get to have sex with the woman of your choice.”

    You say, “Not so bad. I’ll take…”

    The devil cuts you off and says, “Not so fast. I tell you the choices.”

    Hillary Clinton
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Diane Feinstein
    Helen Thomas
    Maxine Waters
    Claire McKaskill
    Michelle Obama
    Joy Behar
    Rosie O’Donnel
    Lena Dunham
    Chelsea Clinton
    Nancy Pelosi
    Whoopi Goldberg

  83. The devil is one mean son of a bitch.

  84. Chelsea with a bag over her head.

  85. Me: ” He’s going to get a big head. Somebody needs to call in and give him shit.”

    Very next caller was Ben.

  86. No bags allowed.

    Oh, wait, they’re all bags.

  87. Have any of you read , The Queens Poisoner the Kingfountain series book one?

    It’s on sale and I need a good book and I’m too cheap to buy the new Mitch Rapp book at $14.99 because I know I’ll read it in one day or overnight.

  88. Is xbradtc dating someone?

    Damn it I bought the book and they have a list of characters and I already hate it because it’s like reading a hundred names in Welsh.

  89. Doggy style?

  90. Mare, have you read How Green was my Valley?

  91. About a hundred years ago.

  92. >>Wiserbud,
    >>That was Anita…

    See? I told you. That level of smartness cannot come from a Hostage. A Hostage spouse, sure. But not from a Hostage.

  93. Very good.

    This book is fine so far. But I have read books where I have to think every single time how a name is pronounced. John is easier than Maedorgelleyllein

  94. Mare asked: Is xbradtc dating someone?

    Leon’s immediate comment: Doggy style?

    What the hell is happening here? Leave the man alone with whatever gets his freak on.

  95. I read a Bernard Cornwell book that got me interested in the whole Welsh-English clashing (1356 maybe?, he’s got dozens of books, to lazy to look further) and decided to get one from another author. It was too loaded with Welsh names of people and places to draw me in. It’s up at camp hibernating for the winter. Maybe I’ll try it again next summer.

  96. I am making a north African dish called Shakshuka. Let’s see how it turns out.

  97. I’ve been meaning to re-read my Sharon Kay Penman books. She’s written two more in a series that I started.

  98. Shakshuka was a success.

    Basically you heat some olive oil, add chopped onions (one) and garlic(4-5 cloves), saute, add some smoked paprika. Stir. Add medium to large sized pieces of tomatoes (5 large tomatos). Add some chilli paste. The original recipe calls for Tunisian Harissa chilli paste, but a local alternative will do. Add black pepper and salt.
    Let this simmer covered for 10 or so minutes, until the tomatoes lose their individuality and become one with the universe.
    At this time, break 6-8 eggs and drop in the simmering sauce, a bit apart from each other. They recommend creating a little pocket in the sauce using a ladle or spatula, and dropping the egg in there. This way, the eggs are sitting in the sauce instead of above it.

    Do not touch, stir or disturb in any way. We don’t want the egg getting mixed in, but to maintain a modicum of integrity. Simmer till the eggs reach the level of doneness you like.

    Garnish with bits of black olives and cilantro.

    The dish will turn out more sour, the more the tomatos cook, so, use discretion.

    Pretty low carb, but not induction level low carb.

  99. When you see Maedorgelleyllein – just read “Meg”

  100. One hundredth! Woohoo

  101. I love Sharon Kay Penman

  102. I will say this for the process of getting the house ready and getting my son’s dialysis started, I threw out an impressive amount of crap (like two of the giant roller trashcans worth the waste management company supplies) that I had just been moving from place to place as I cleaned.

    Laura, I never said anything when you posted the link to the heather honey, but that brought a nice memory back. My fiancee and I went camping a lot. And we made biscuits from scratch and baked them in a field oven I made from a couple of paving stones I had in the back of the car. Anyway, she had this little jar of heather honey she got somehow from a RenFair, and I could hear her laugh again, in my mind, in delight at the look on my face when I tried it the first time.

    Thank you for giving me that memory back.

  103. Tushar that sounds amazing!

  104. HA

  105. That was sweet, MrScience.

  106. Gene Cernan, last man to walk on the moon has passed away.

  107. That was Anita…

    Crispy, please tell Anita that I said thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    that was a wonderful surprise.

    And yes, Mare, the chair feels like a perfect fit.

  108. >>And yes, Mare, the chair feels like a perfect fit.

    I am more worried about your head fitting through that door, now that you are a media celebrity.

  109. That’s really great, Wiser. What a start to 2017!

  110. I read this month’s Motor Trend.

  111. I couldn’t help myself, I did laugh when Ben called in to “correct the record”.

    That was funny.

    reminded me of when wiserdaughter graduated hairdressing school. She was standing in front of the room, holding balloons and flowers and student and teachers were just burying her with praise.

    I asked if I could say something and they all though that was like totes awesome that the dad was going to speak.

    I stood up and said “I’ve known my daughter for her entire life and I have no idea you are all talking about.”

    I thought wiserdaughter was gonna die.

  112. I am more worried about your head fitting through that door, now that you are a media celebrity.

    With friends like you, I don’t think that’s gonna be an issue.

    BTW, Nice Deb is going to be a guest on Friday.

  113. That’s really great, Wiser. What a start to 2017!

    I was petrified ever since I got the offer back in October that something was going to happen to screw this deal up.

  114. >>With friends like you, I don’t think that’s gonna be an issue.

    We do it out of love.

  115. We do it out of love.


  116. I must have missed Tom Hill’s segment.

  117. I must have missed Tom Hill’s segment.

    He was at the station. I was stunned that he didn’t come into the studio.

    station manager probably told him not to.

  118. Comment by wiserbud on January 16, 2017 5:49 pm

    I was petrified ever since I got the offer back in October that something was going to happen to screw this deal up.

    It’s never too late to screw something up……..

  119. BOOGERRRRRRR!!!!!

  120. With this radio gig, Wiserbud has turned a new page.

  121. Congratulations, Wiser! Scott listened and said your show was really good. I spent the day with family so I missed it, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch it in between classes tomorrow.

  122. I should study up a bit and call in about Reptoids. I can make chemtrails guy sound sane.

  123. Nice job older white man!

    Really miss Hill, though. He was the glue that held SES together.

  124. Greetings, people who hopefully didn’t incur any FCC fines today.

  125. “I should study up a bit and call in about Reptoids. I can make chemtrails guy sound sane.”

    hahahaaa – we should do an abbott & costello conference call – i can easily handle the chem trail stuff

  126. Sometime on Friday…

  127. Hillary will never be president, but she’ll always be a cunt.

  128. So, leon is going to call wiser’s show to deliberately make people who are trying to get out the truth about the Intergalactic Reptilian Conspiracy sound nutty?

    *adds name to The List*

  129. Sean, Shawn, Shaaaahn, nononononon…

    I call, I explain The Truth, and Wiserbud gets a few laughs on the radio.

    Meanwhile, a hundred listeners get woke when they use the googles to start down the rabbit hole.

  130. Woke to to what really happened to the dinosaurs.


  132. Roamy, that may be my favorite comic of the year!!

  133. I’m going to call Wiser and ask if this is the new CT radio Loveline.

  134. He’s gonna start blocking out-of-state area codes.

  135. Yeah, I’m gonna need to see your eyes under a blacklight. Also gonna have to dangle a live mouse in front of you to gauge your reaction, leon.

    If that is your real name.

  136. “Sean, Shawn, Shaaaahn, nononononon…

    I call, I explain”

    listen fuq de la wads….

    without the chemtrail project you reptoid fuquars would be screwed… cuz the insectoids.

    don’t make me educate you

  137. “Hello, Wiser, I’m currently working as a waitress and I was just knocked up by my Reptoid gardener. What kind of workout regimen should I use while I wait for this egg sac to hatch?”

  138. You need to file suit against Sean’s penis.
    The line is incredibly long, but your mom takes way less time.

  139. Of course it’s my real name. I’m, like, French Canadian or something.

  140. *wonders how well as “Reptoid Gardner” novel would sell on Amazon*


  142. This is hilarious. Never Trump Republicans are shocked that they are unwelcome in the Trump administration.

  143. “or something”

  144. I barely made it to my car. So icy. Horrible. Hope the drive home is uneventful.

  145. Leon, I read a few days back that you do intermittent fasting but have coffee and broth during the fasting period.
    I suppose pure black cofee can still be considered as fasting. What extra ingredient would be considered a no? Coconut oil? Butter? Heavy cream? Cocoa powder?

  146. Black is the only way to drink it.

    Putting stuff into coffee is like putting raisins into cookies.

  147. I hope Car in has studs on the car.

  148. “Putting stuff into coffee is like putting raisins into cookies.”

    Yum! Oatmeal Raisin cookies with walnuts!
    Good idea, Scoot!
    Maybe tomorrow…

  149. Scott, if you know anything about Leon’s fatty coffee, there is a crapload of stuff that goes into it.

    Purists like you will balk, but I have to follow my Guru.

  150. It’s like putting stuff into chocolate.

    No, you can’t make it better.

  151. //

  152. I would buy that album.

  153. Remembering you standing quiet in the rain
    As I ran to your derp to be near
    And we kissed as the sky fell in
    Holding you close
    How I always held close in your fear

  154. Sorry, I was asleep. I put heavy cream in my coffee most days. Occasionally I’ll blend in some butter and some Brain Octane (*sigh*) that a friend gave me when I visited him in Fairfax. That’s just MCT oil, though. Basically, I try to have nothing in it that would elicit an insulin response. A little fat shouldn’t cause one. Cocoa? Might be okay, I haven’t tried it. Sometimes on my “total fasting” days (W and F), I’ll forego even that. I do feel a little hungrier without fat in my coffee, but it’s nothing unmanageable.

  155. scott making dinner:

  156. These non-restful “weekends” are on my nerves.


  158. i broke something

  159. was trying to post this


  161. off to work now

  162. *farts on the way out*

  163. Haaaahha, jam!

  164. wakey wakey.

    What was that about studs in my car? I’m a married woman.

  165. The roads are horrible here still.

  166. It’s like bumpercars on the roadway. people are going in the ditch,then falling trying to walk away (seriously hurting themselves).

    One lady died – car went into a tree.

  167. Ice is seriously the worst part of winter. I can deal with deep snow by digging and going slower on the road and bitter cold by layering up, hot fire and crock pot meals but ice is just a plain old bitch to deal with.

  168. I’m amazed at the number of businesses here that don’t spend more time digging, chipping and salting their entryways and parking lots. Some of them do and it’s pretty smooth sailing but there’s always a few where you just look at the sheet of ice outside and say “Nope”. A cup of coffee is not worth a broken bone.

  169. It’s raining here and just on the cusp of freezing at ground level. Dirt is still frozen. Cold puddles everywhere.

  170. Some animal met its demise in our yard and Rowan has been eating it over a few days. My boy said it was a dead bird, maybe an owl. When he’s eating it he does have feathers hanging out of his mouth. When you try and approach him to take the bird away he runs into the field and continues chomping down. This is day 3 of bird part eating and he’s not suffered any obvious ill effects. I’m sure there will be some feather turds in the yard or dog pen later on.

  171. Oh sure, everyone’s worried about Car in and leon.

    What about poor Iowa?

  172. Heh, sometimes i have to bring a big garbage bag on Elliot’s walks, to dispose of some random carcass he keeps eating.

  173. It’s not an election year, no one cares about Iowa.

  174. A road commission truck is stuck on the road across my lake. It’s a BIG ass tractor. Skipped right off the road.

    Someone is having a bad day.

    And not just me because Moose hates the beeping it keeps making so is barking.

    (actually, the dude gave up and no more beeping for now)

  175. slipped.

    Kinda looked like it jacknifed kinda. It’s one of those big tractors with two parts to it.

  176. So, the NAACP hates the movie Patriot’s Day.

    Probably makes that a Must See!

  177. can someone give me an example of Trump’s racism? I asked a co-worker last night, and he said he was certain that trump was racist, but he couldn’t list the example off the top of his head.

  178. J’ames – this dude who’s been hanging at our restaurant is an ex-navy seal (he’s got some STORIES) saw it and love Patriot Day.

    Yesterday, one of his former mates died and they posted a picture from one of their manuevers. It was something.

    I had questioned whether he was full of shit (I just met him) but apparently he’s legit. He’s a mountain of a man (probably in his low 50’s).

  179. “can someone give me an example of Trump’s racism?”

    No, but CNN has called him a racist so many times that it must be true.

  180. EVERY one of their accusations are biased. His dad supposedly didn’t rent to black people. Trump made a few provocative statements which most of us know are completely true.

    People who don’t understand how business works, or have any sense of history arguing points. It’s ridiculous.

  181. I went through a similar exchange WRT Trump’s “fascism”, from a guy who couldn’t even define fascism.

  182. There was that black guy who spray painted “Vote for Trump” on the black church,before setting it on fire.

    Oh, and that muslim lady who made up a story about being attacked by Trump supporters.

  183. The election was a whitewash.

    We are all racists.

  184. Crap, I forgot the secret handshake.

  185. I’ve been called a racist so many times I’m having it put on my business cards.

  186. How could you forget the secret handshake?? (checks the whitey policy and procedure manual)…..says here the penalty for forgetting the secret handshake is suspension of your white privilege for a period of no less than one week but no greater than 1 month (depends on any previous infractions)…….

  187. >>Sorry, I was asleep.

    The Guru should not apologize. The Guru needs his rejuvenating sleep.

    **bows respectfully **

  188. The thing I hate about the racist handbook? The white ink on the white pages. Man, that is HARD to read.

  189. I’m rich!

    “Dear James Gxxxxx
    This is to inform you of unclaimed fund left by late Mr.Gxxxxx,a nationality of your country ,who died as a result of tragic motor accident .after all inquiries and investigation even with the relevant embassy has yielded no results showing that there is no living next of kin,I decided to track his last name over the Internet,to locate any member of his family hence I contacted you.Upon your positive response to this covenant,I will make all necessary information known to you.
    Yours Heimer”

    I wonder how much I stand to get!!!

  190. Thanks, I’m working on my dream recall and lucidity.

  191. Jay, you didn’t get the red-ink-made-with-minority-sourced blood edition?

    Must just be for the higher-level racists like me.

  192. @ Jay

    Did you lose the special glasses that went with the manual?? Dont make me look up the penalty for that shit.

  193. STOP! My penis can only get so erect.

  194. I normally dont remember my dreams, but I had one this morning right before I woke up. In this dream I was drinking from a can of beer (I rarely drink) and as I was drinking I felt feathers tickling my lips. So I reached up and pulled the feathers from the mouth of the can and it was a key ring. On the key ring was the keys to a new car. The can was some sort of promo giveaway thing and I had won.

    Then I woke up and discovered yer mom had taken my 20 dollars,

  195. Some poor bastard told a long, rambling story about how he found twenty dollars at my meeting this morning. It took a mighty effort not to crack up.

  196. I seem to have more vivid and memorable dreams when I take something to open up my sinuses at night. I don’t know if it’s the sudafed or if it’s the fact that I can now breathe more easily while I’m asleep.

  197. I felt feathers tickling my lips
    Have I told you about my bird-eating dog?

  198. IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

    McCain and Rubio can blow me.

    And I’ve come to the realization that Hillary Clinton was, is, and always will be a cunt.

    I no longer need to remind you of this.

  199. I seem to have more vivid and memorable dreams when your mom is involved.

  200. That’s because she ups the dose of roofies she gives you.

  201. Yah hahahaha, excellent, Sean.

  202. The best dreams come when you wear nicotine patches overnight.


  203. McCain is just an ego driven, old, asshole, dummy. Not sure what Rubio’s problem is but his push back on Tillerson and any push back on Trump is only going to be more damaging than his hook up (sexual and otherwise) with Schumer.

    Doesn’t he get his Presidential bid was shit because conservatives have long memories?

  204. Compare and contrast: The media’s present and future treatment of First Daughter Ivanka Trump vs theoretical treatment of failed First Daughter Chelsea Clinton.

    Ivanka will be painted as an evil bitch whereas Chelsea would have run the CGI as a real feminist power icon. Barf.

    As I typed the above comment I just thought of all the bullshit we’ve been spared with Hillary losing. Gawd…imagine how despondent we’d have been? All the glowing articles we’d have to digest? The in-your-face treatment by leftie journalists and bloggers?

  205. If Hillary had won we’d be discussing Chelsea’s recent announcement that she was running for a House seat from NY.

  206. Heh, who’s on wiser’s show right now? I tuned in late.

  207. Computer programmers and auto driving cars.

  208. GILF

  209. Why doesn’t Car in have a Youtube channel?

  210. My internet sucks, that’s why.

  211. Plus you’re wearing a Santa hat in January. None of the successful Youtubers does that.

  212. Damn, Tushar……no wonder there’s a billion of you horny motherfuckers.

  213. I changed my avatard. You only have J’ames to blame.

    I heard people were using Obama pictures as their profile pics to honor is last days in office.

  214. *waits for the launch of Car in’s new Newfie-Zumba channel

  215. Here’s how I’m honoring Obama’s last days in office:


  216. Let me rephrase that:



  217. Calling Him a cunt is insulting to everyone with a cunt.

  218. I like roamy’s picture of Trump calling her, to commemorate Teh Won’s last days.

  219. I am stuck in meetings and haven’t been able to listen to Wiserbud. If he’s talking SDCs I’m sad I didn’t get to hear it or call in.

  220. I think it’s funny that the GILF does “crossfire” according to the shitty website.

  221. I thought it was you for a minute, leon.

  222. My very liberal daughter was over for dinner on Sunday.

    It seems she’s concluded that it is time to get a gun.

    I LOLd.

  223. This post smells of bicycle seats and old crow.

  224. LOL

  225. MJ, you are welcome to solve the problem rather than merely whining like a b-list lefty “celebrity”.

  226. New Poat

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