100 % Bunnies Tuesday

Bunnies are frickin’ cute. And exactly what we need on an extra-crappy Winter Tuesday.

First group of bunnies: All love, all the time.





I’m going on a short journey, straight to your heart. And maybe your other internal organs. Do you like Monty Python movies?

Tuesday is already a garbagey day that feels like that pile of lint in the corner of your jacket pocket. An extra-crappy Winter Tuesday is more like when you reach into the junk drawer and your finger hits a tack. Not the end of the world, but just kind of extra-shitty and annoying.





You know when you’re walking barefoot across the bedroom and you hit your pinky toe on the bedframe corner at full stride and you collapse in friggin’ agony for thirty seconds? That shit almost always happens on Tuesday.

That’s when you need a funny bunny.




Aww, he likes the parsley in the garde- SHIT! Scott! Shoot it! SHOOT!

Thank you and have a lovely day. Try to forget what day it is and concentrate on the bunnies.


  1. Monsters like these are why I didn’t get any sunflowers last year.

  2. First.

  3. *curses*

  4. I should do an instructional video on hot pepper handling for MJ’s sake.
    Pro-tip: never handle them. Only touch with tools.

    And never handle your tool afterwards.

  5. What’s the proper way to sous-vide a bunny?

  6. I managed to dice up my last 30 or so scorpion-reapers without touching them at all, those went into 12 4oz jars of salsa. I’ve managed to eat 2 of them and give away 4.

  7. sous-vide…a bunny… *gasp!* I bet that would be amazing!

  8. These baby animal posts are becoming my favorite. Fewer boobs, tuckers and bed dusters.

  9. Thoughts?

  10. So I guess we’re a baby animal blog now.

    Ok with me.

  11. Any of you who loved the Outlander books, I have a recommendation for a book series that is endorsed by Diana Gaboldon, has a small tie in with Claire and Jamie and chronicles the life of Hawkeye and Cora’s (based on the movie not the book) fictional son. Anyone interested? It’s really good. Really good. It’s under “romance” but like Outlander it’s so much more.

  12. Into The Wilderness by Sara Donati

  13. 6 book series.

  14. I’m writing a romance series called “Into Your Mom”.

    It has Scottish noblemen, Californian truckers, Mexican Wrestlers, a pair of Korean midgets, a donkey…

  15. TY

  16. Does it have anything in it about muppet porn?

    If not, MJ will never read it.

  17. The second book, “Clenched Fist in Felt”.

  18. Caveat, it’s very Indian centric. But not exclusively so. I liked the second book a lot. No spoilers but its swashbuckling.

  19. Someone kick Alex’s ass. Oh forget it, I will, I found this broadsword over here in the corner.

  20. HS and Mare, I love LOTM as well. Most of the filming was done in and around Transylvania County, North Carolina. My parents live about 20 miles from Chimney Rock State Park, where the bulk of the film was shot.

    The soundtrack is the only “non-musical” film soundtrack I ever purchased 🙂

  21. I don’t know who Tavis Smiley is, but he’s an idiot. Time and PBS can EABOD.

  22. The second book, “Clenched Fist in Felt”.

    No, it has to be in Book 1. Otherwise you won’t get him to read Book 2.

  23. Just read the outlander synopsis on Wikipedia. So a woman travels back in time, cheats on her husband, and then returns home to her own time where she cuckolds him for twenty years, and after he’s dead undermines his daughter’s memory of him before running off to be with the man she actually wanted to be with all that time. Is that about it?

  24. Hmm, what is this LOTM movie? I’ve never seen Lord of the Mom.

  25. You can always tell when an outfit like Time, know that they are publishing crap by a crappy thinker – when they do not have a comments section.

  26. So I guess we’re a baby animal blog now.

    Nope, bunny blog.

  27. Just another race hustler, HS.

  28. Last of the Mohicans

  29. I like where leon is going with this.

  30. Is that about it?

    Pretty much. Women read it for the porn.

  31. Oh, I’m fully aware, TiFW, but I couldn’t let that opportunity slip by.

  32. Crikey, Leon. NSFW!

  33. Nope, bunny blog.

    Little bunny Foo Foo, hopping through the strip club
    Taking suckers’ money and spending it all on coke.

  34. They’re called Bodice Rippers.

  35. Sorry, I figured it was no worse than Monday and didn’t think to caution.

  36. Just read the outlander synopsis on Wikipedia. So a woman travels back in time, cheats on her husband, and then returns home to her own time where she cuckolds him for twenty years, and after he’s dead undermines his daughter’s memory of him before running off to be with the man she actually wanted to be with all that time. Is that about it?

    Isn’t this basically every modern “romance” novel?

  37. No, Alex not even close.

  38. when they do not have a comments section.
    First thing I looked for after skimming that POS

  39. Colorado Alex, we learned about that in genetics class. It’s fascinating. If you can affect how the DNA is wrapped around the histone, you can affect whether or not the protein coded for by that gene is expressed at all.

    So, let’s say you are perfectly normal and have coding for a protein, say, that is a tumor-suppressing enzyme (maybe one that switches off a specific stage in cell proliferation). If you simply fail to unwind that selection of coding off the histone ‘spool’ and therefore cannot produce it, you become a line in the family that is prone to certain cancers, even though you technically *have* the gene that fights that cancer.

    Those changes to the histone winding happen while we live, and they are duplicated and passed on to offspring.

    It’s all fascinating stuff! I kept my link to genetics lectures in my bookmarks. I love it.

  40. That cuntface has a PBS show.

    The thing I will never forgive Gingrich for was that in his bullshit contract with America, he promised to defund the National Endowment for the Arts. Then the fucker didn’t do it.

  41. The main character is an honorable Catholic.

  42. I pass my genes off to your mom.

    What she does with them after that is her business.

  43. I’ll look into the book, mare.

  44. It does make me wonder if the Great Depression/Dust Bowl might have contributed to the obesity epidemic.

  45. Funny and harmless link:


  46. The second book, “Clenched Fist in Felt”.
    Sounds promising. Send over the draft so I can proofread it for you.

  47. Carin, that is some of the most inane, infantile, stupidity I’ve ever read.

    I lost brain cells.

  48. downloading. I’ve been looking for a good book /easy read for night time.

    So many titles look sketchy.

  49. You’re welcome, Hostpur. I’m going to try to use the phrase “woke white slacktivism” into a conversation today.

    Probably in reference to to your mom.

  50. MJ and mj ONLY. Ok, Sean too. This may be the greatest thing you see all day.

  51. Could someone name me one example of something liberals claim that makes Trump a racist?

    Because if he had said something racist, I’m sure I would have seen a youtube video of it in an endless loop.

  52. Carin, that fucking guy is a bass player. Not a real musician.

  53. Telling me that you know my mindset by the color of my skin is complete racism.

  54. I researched that very question, Hotspur and apparently it was mainly that he said mexico isn’t sending their best, they are sending rapists and murderers. He said he was sure some of them were good people, but…etc. rapists and murderers.

    I don’t think it’s controversial with anybody outside the bubble. I’m fortunate that where I live the Mexicans I meet are generally hardworking people. But in our main sanctuary city and around it, they have problems with…drunk driving, rapes, etc., by illegals. Although they do suppress the news.

  55. That guy’s voice sucks. But I mean that in a nice way.

  56. If all the good, hardworking Mexicans had stayed home and fixed their country instead of invading ours…

  57. When your mom says, “drain the swamp,” she’s not talking politics.

  58. If huge portions of our own population weren’t lazy worthless welfare criminals, there wouldn’t have been any jobs for the Mexicans. Liberals did this.

    When George Bush used to say they are doing jobs Americans wouldn’t do, I wanted to kick him in the nuts, and set him on fire.

  59. And don’t even try to say that was racist. The majority of people on welfare are white. I guess they’re just white woke slacktivists.

  60. I’m not sure where all the white people went, but I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Mexicans, West Texas’ oil production would be about 10 barrels per day.

  61. You would need a heart of stone to not laught at this like a maniacal hyena.


    Don’t forget to also read the Politico piece linked in there

  62. heh, .22, .223, whatever it takes.

  63. Tushar, I saw that the other day.

    Thousands of steelworkers, miners, and factory workers just replied, “Welcome to the party, pal!”

  64. I like how Ace described it:

    Federal Employees Brace for Possible Draining of the Swamp

  65. Maybe they can find part-time work, since that counts in unemployment figures.

    For now, that is. Wait until they go back to the old way. Unemployment “shoots up”!

  66. Heh:

    But it’s not all bad news. Laslo Bock, Google’s outgoing chief of human resources, has, according to the Wall Street Journal, established a database of résumés to help Obama staffers and Clinton advocates find work after their unexpected yet impending unemployment.

    World needs ditch diggers too.

  67. Dear Lord, those people are delusional!


    Be sure and check out their merchandise page; I especially like the “I Pay Reparations” t-shirt:


    Somebody clue Ace into this – the possibilities for snark are endless…

  68. Why can’t they just go back to being baristas with a blog, like they were in 2008?

  69. Mare/Hotspur – did you NOT read the part where I said that was for Sean and MJ only?

    [mumbles to self] people can’t follow fuckin simple directions

  70. Just put a NSFW on that link. MJ and Sean will still click.

  71. Teresa, I’ll not have you disparaging a Michigan-based small business built around taking money away from liberal idiots.

    I just wish I’d thought of it.

  72. Dear Lord, those people are delusional!


    It’s gotta be a scam. Gotta be.

  73. I didn’t click on the link, Carin. I’ve clicked on your music links before.

    I just looked at the picture. (since you embedded the video)

  74. So, essentially these liberal tools can buy absolution for their sins (privilege).

    Isn’t that what people do when they put money in the basket at church?

  75. Mare, will you quiet the ever-lovin’ fuck down?!?


    So distracting!

  76. During the lengthy hearing, Judge Moore pressed Mohamed’s lawyer, Fort Worth attorney Susan Hutchison, to provide any facts that would suggest that Hanson and the other defendants had said anything false or defamatory about Mohamed or his son during the television broadcasts. After spending a painfully embarrassing 15 minutes flipping through reams of paper, Mohamed’s lawyer was unable to provide any such evidence.

    Good Lord. How embarrassingly incompetent.

    Go read it at Ace’s.

  77. Well, please don’t watch it Hotspur. The bass player is phenomenal though.

    You mom seemed to like it.

  78. Isn’t that what people do when they put money in the basket at church?

    It’s what liberals and atheists think we do, but the offering plate is just that: an offering. “Here God, you gave me all that I have, please have some of it back that it might help your will to be done here on Earth.”

    Absolution comes in the Confessional, and cannot be bought. That’d be simony.

  79. https://is.gd/efxBE9

  80. LOL Leon, I know all that.

    That was a jab at the liberals who think absolution is purchased.

  81. Actually though, didn’t Teddy Kennedy purchase an annulment?

    LOL the fucking Kennedys – crookeder than a hound’s hind leg.

  82. I was Catholic while you were still kicking slats out of your cradle.

  83. Hotspur converted while on his second tour of duty in Judea.

  84. Well, the lower parts of the slats, at least.

  85. Since, bunnies.

  86. I was clarifying for the heathens, pagans, and heretics, Hotspur.

  87. Actually though, didn’t Teddy Kennedy purchase an annulment?

    Yeah, I’m told that some of that still goes on. Canon lawyers and tribunals in some places are not especially on the up-and-up.

    Mine was a one-page form and no money changed hands, but it was outside the church to an Adventist while I was an apostate atheist, and the minister was Lutheran. “Lack of Form”.

  88. Tushar, Ace just linked to the same article.

    Best Ace quote.

    “My dick just put on a black cape and started whispering “I’m Batman.””

  89. >>Well, the lower parts of the slats, at least.

    We sometimes forget how much funnier Hostages are compared to average humans.

    My wife sometimes reads ovet my shoulder when I am yucking it up here. She howls in laughter at stuff we barely chuckle at.

  90. Lolol, Jimbro, that horsey video is great.

  91. >>I was clarifying for the heathens, pagans, and heretics, Hotspur.

    I am one of those heathens and pagans. And I think Jesus is (I don’t think of godly figures in past tense) a chill dude. I consider him an Avatar of God – quite analogous to Son of God.

  92. >>I’m Batman

    Ha ha ha!

    My boner’s so hard a cat can’t scratch it.

  93. The Kennedys are to Catholicism what Michelle is to skinny asses.

    Or whatever Hotspur corrects me on.

  94. Boner is a funny word.

    Crevice isn’t.

  95. >>what Mitchelle Obama is to skinny asses

    Mare, when Obama made that failed trip to win the Olympics hosting for Chicago, Ace gleefully wrote:
    Some other country won the Olympics but Obama came home with a HUGE consolation prize.
    And he added this photo:


  96. Hahahahahahaha, My ass isn’t even that big.

  97. Good one alex. I loved that episode of Buffy. Everytime Anya would bring up bunnies throughout the series- it was always of funny.

  98. And he added this photo:


    That is one spectacular ass. Haters.

  99. Drew Carey and the rest of the goobers that used to be on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” used to spend their downside on the show making dick jokes. One of them wrote a book just detailing all the dick jokes and how they got set up, context cluses, etc.

    My favorite was, “My dick graduated from school a year before i did.”

  100. “My dick graduated from school a year before i did.”

    How’d it get ahead?

  101. Emma Caulfield was so darned cute. I miss Anya.

  102. How’d it get ahead?

    It met your mom.

  103. Agreed about Emma. Adorable.

  104. I agree with HS. Promontory is the best scene. Chingaguch takes out Mugua.

  105. Been stuck in a lab all day – just got into my car to head home and found it’s freezing rain. Mutha f’ing fuq

  106. The ride home is gonna suck animal bung

  107. That’s what this morning was like, jam2. Good luck!

    At least my car was in the garage, so i didn’t have to scrape.

  108. There must be 111111111111111111ty!!!!!billion and 1 inches of ice on my car

  109. Back in the Summer of the Recruited Latinx Children amassing at our border with Mexico, the statistic that 80% of the children had been victims of rapists and cartels on their way El Norte was common knowledge reported daily by the MFM. Trump took their “Statistic” and flipped it on the MFM. There is no way that many unaccompanied minors made it through Mexico to our border without the aide of the Mexican govt. Thanks TFG for undermining our border and allowing an illegal invasion

  110. Facts? We don’t need no stinking facts.

  111. >>There must be 111111111111111111ty!!!!!billion and 1 inches of ice on my car

    Uh oh. Leon is going to explain to you how it is physically not possible to accumulate 111111111111111111ty!!!!!billion and 1 inches of ice on your car in one winter.

  112. Just had to add that extra inch, huh?

    Just like your mom.

  113. I assumed he was speaking hyperbolically, Tushar.

    If he’d said the weight of the snow was more than what your mom tips the scale at, I’d have had to weigh in with some scepticism.

  114. Gargoyle I hitting the oven now. I hope it doesn’t crack. I read too late that I was supposed to condition the clay. Forgot about that…it’s been almost twenty years since I’ve used this stuff.

  115. You don’t know my mom.

  116. Hotspur does.

  117. By “Gargoyle” she means human effigy to practice VooDoo/Santeria like rituals. Personal security rules are now mandatory, secure all hair/nails/blood lest you be bewitched…..

  118. Pepe. Your ‘laura babysitting’ crack yesterday was a goodie! I was surprised, a hilarious insult totally out of the blue. Well done sir.

  119. secure all hair

    Got it covered.

  120. laura, quit filming your babysitting/gargoyle cooking sessions.

  121. Gargoyles have to be roasted gently.

  122. Sous vide will cook your gargoyle to perfection

  123. The second dog looks happier with the result

  124. It took these guys long enough to find out the airport shooter was a splody-dope. Lots of us knew it a week ago…


  125. From the old poat:

    Comment by Hotspur on January 10, 2017 10:18 am
    Watched The Revenant last night. Pups was right.

    I don’t hear that a lot, thought it was worth repoating.

  126. ha ha ha ha ha

    *scritches Pups behind the ears*

  127. scott – i can’t access my yahoo account (i blame mare), could i impose upon you to send the sous vide charts to my gmail account?
    purty please
    with barbecue sauce on top


  128. yahoo forced me to change my password – which i did – i used it a few times and now have forgotten wtf it was…..
    be otch

  129. Hasenpfeiffer

  130. Paula had the same problem with her yahoo email account. Password changed and promptly forgotten. She’s back in now…not sure whether she contacted hem or just remembered what it was.

  131. Great, make a Lauraw joke and the next thing you know, she’s making a golem…….

  132. I don’t have to remember all my passwords. I have an app called eWallet on my phone. It cost me $10, but free alternatives are available. It stores all my passwords encrypted. All I have to do is remembr one password that opens this app. I can periodically email an encrypted file to myself that contains all the data, so, if my phone is stolen, my data is still available to me.

  133. yep, I use lastpass. But it’s not getting along with apps on my phone. Bout to switch.

  134. Yahoo just got bought by Verizon after their token-female CEO ran it straight into the ground after embezzling from it and being sued for discriminating against male employees.

  135. i originally opened the yahoo account as a burner –
    ended up using it so much throughout the years that i collected a bunch of contact info there – i never linked it to a phone or real email address so now i’m kinda screwed.
    it’s got most all of my email correspondence with my dad and you clowns – i’m bummed

    the fake reft reg email domain that i used is actually owned by some dude in FL – i’m gonna try to see if he’ll let me recover an email through him or see if he’ll sell the domain (cheap).

  136. Well, tomorrow & Thursday I do the whole dialysis set up, observation and take down in the center and and Friday, I have a single woman in the house for eight hours while we do dialysis in home.

    Well, technically she is engaged and getting married in March. To someone else. And there will be other people here as well. But I am going to celebrate the victories I can.


  137. I got all my passwords written on a 24 inch 1 x 3.

    Laura got a fancy 1 x 4, it’s got 25% more memory.

  138. Sent, jam2.

  139. Mine are all in my head. The ones I have to write down are database service accounts that aren’t technically mine. They took the place of all the phone numbers I used to have memorized.

  140. We have too many that change every month or two.

  141. i ran out of room on the napkin i wrote stuff on

  142. Thanks Scott!
    appreciate it

  143. I do 2 factor authentication for a few accounts (PayPal for example). If my password gets hacked I’ve still got a prayer of not losing the contents of my checking account.

  144. btw – the shoulder turned out quite nice.
    when i do another one i’ll try your 130° suggestion.
    the center of this one was perfect. the outside was a little on the well done side for me – so i assume that i ran the temp a little too high?

    i used a slow cooker with a thermometer and thought i kept the temp between 140 – 145 +/-

    i have a rheostat that is used for running lab heating mantels – i’ll rig that up to better control the temp on the next try…. i’m thinking rabbit

  145. Between school, several school adjunct sites, work, bank, emails, photo edtors, blogs, etc., I keep around 20-30 or so passwords in my head. The ones written on the password 1×4 are things that we don’t access very often.

    The gargoyle didn’t crack!!

    I’m going to paint it and post pics in a day or two. Can’t decide if I should do colors, or just grey-stain it (the way most gargoyles are made to look, like stone carvings).

  146. You guys don’t seem to be taking security seriously.
    Here is a trick hackers use:
    if you have an email account, say john.doe@yahoo.com, and they crack your password, they will attempt to use the same password to connect to gmail, hotmail etc, betting that they all belong to you, and have the same password everywhere. If they see a bank account number in your email, they will try the same password there too.

    That is why it is important to have different passwords.

  147. my password is so secure even i can’t hack it

  148. tush, i’ll pay you in the booze of your choice if you can get into my yahoo account

  149. If huge portions of our own population weren’t lazy worthless welfare criminals,

    If huge portions of our own population were kicked off welfare, they’d eventually find a job if they wanted to eat.

  150. That would save CT in a month. Cut the benefits to 90% of what they are in Mass and NY.

    They will find a way to move.

  151. All my financial PW’s are different and I change them at least yearly. I’ve got a few standard ones I use for non-financial stuff.

  152. lauraw i’m kinda fond of a traditional color scheme:

  153. Evening Hostages.

    Should I feel special that LauraW followed me on the Tweetface?

  154. No.

  155. I just use “password” as my password.

  156. I just use “password” as my password.

    All the best do.

  157. “I just use “password” as my password.”

    We know.
    Thanks for the game camera.

  158. Great theme music in the beginning of this clip. Instantly recognizable by 90% of Americans.

  159. We know.
    Thanks for the game camera.

    Wait until you find out how I feel about the Jews. Keep digging. It’s in there.

  160. Roughly 40% of the US pop is under 30, Laura, I’m thinking most of them don’t recognize it.

  161. My financials make me change them every so often. But I keep the passwords (not “password”) on a card. Moose protects it for me. I don’t really have enough money or credit that I’d be farked if someone broke in.

    I mean,but seriously – are they going to be able to get by Moose? First he’s going to be so excited, he’ll knock down. Then when they try to hack into my computer, he’ll sit on their feet.

    He’s so adorable, they’ll be distracted.

  162. Don’t they still play this movie before Halloween every year?

  163. He could fierce if he wanted to.

  164. He doesn’t really want to.

    he doesn’t care for people on our ice. The ice fisherman and bike people (they ride motorcycles on the ice) are very much hated. I keep him in the house but he barks barks barks. I don’t think much good would happen if I let him out.

  165. All of my passwords are the same and totally unguessable:


  166. giveme20dollarsandmymomisyours

  167. Bluelippedmotherfucker6969

  168. MrScience, is your son leaving the setup alone? Also, my sympathies if you are trying to teach with all this on your plate. Hope you have some days off.

  169. Jam2, have you not registered an alternative email address on your Yahoo mail account? If you have, it is a breeze. If not, it would get difficult.

  170. muppetpunchuntillilostmyjob

  171. This page lists everything that is feasible


  172. holeefaqicantremembermypswrd101

  173. IsawTushareatasteakmediumrareinPhoenix

  174. wedontneednostnknpwrds

  175. pwordsr4pussies

  176. igrabbedherbyherpword

  177. passwordsecurityisascam

  178. For serious, I changed a password to Podesta earlier today.

    I had to change it again but I thought it was funny

  179. AllyourpasswordsRbelonstous

  180. Fucksaltyourmomlemonbeardickpunch

  181. My router allows me to setup two wifi accounts, one at 2.4 and another at 5 GHz. I have named them HillarysSecureServer and HillarysUnsecureServer. My neighbors, if any f them are GOP leaning, must have giggled at this.

  182. Tushar – i gave all bullshit responses; hence my dilemma

  183. the biggest travesty of this whole debacle is that i lost carin’s # …. now i can’t call her for information on proper box etiquette

  184. box etiquette?

  185. http://tinyurl.com/jsmpam9

  186. i’ve been told there is a certain way you need to wipe up after use the equipment

  187. you

  188. Rain please tell me now does that seem fair
    For her to steal my heart away when she don’t care
    I can’t derp another when my heart’s somewhere far away

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