MMM 256: Depths of Winter

It’s going to be pretty warm here today (21F) but thankfully not so warm that the pond will melt, so I’m planning to do some limbing of my fallen pines with a bow saw while the ice is good and firm.  On the down side, I saw an opossum in the barn last night and had to set the trap.  If I catch it, I’ll either have to chop a hole to drown it, try to kill it with truck exhaust, hatchet the poor thing, or shoot it.  I don’t really want to clean up the hatchet or the gun, so I may try exhaust.  No, I will not use the flamethrower.

Oh, and I have to put in something like 10-12 hours at work (all paid, at least). How’s your day ahead look?

This seems a little risque, how’d it get into the binders?


Ah, much better.


Is this sepia toned?  Is it racist to put an asian in sepia?




Okay, that’s a neat kettlebell, but it seems more prone to cause abrasions than the round ones.


Marred by ink.


Extreme lordosis?


This girl’s name escapes me, but the pic makes me think she’s eaten some wild game at some point.


Looks like an Oakley ad, cute though.


And the week begins on a high note.


  1. Sorry this was slightly late this morning. Had to stop halfway through and get wife and daughter off to temporary duty and babysitter, respectively.

  2. Morning.

  3. Obama can do better than the extreme lordosis girl. He has managed to get his head inserted up his ass.

  4. wakey wakey. Freakin busy day today.

  5. but for the moment I have a hot cup of coffee and a dog at my feet.

    which is nice.

  6. scratch that. Two dogs.

  7. Time to go feed the horses and check the trap.

  8. If Moose sees me heading for my computer, he’s at my side. He nudges my leg, so I move the chair a bit so he can get under the table. If I leave -even to get coffee, he’ll move. Then come back.

    These dogs like to be AT your feet.

    During the holiday, I was so busy I wasn’t on the computer much but to look up a recipe for a minute. He’d get all excited and think we were having our special “quality” time. Get bummed when I got back up after a minute.

  9. No victim, but I only baited it with raisins. I’ll do a marshmallow tonight.

  10. Leon is getting better and better at setting up bait in his trap.
    He is becoming a master baiter.

  11. He didn’t catch anything. It would appear his skillz are getting rusty.

  12. >>He didn’t catch anything.

    That is the advantage of being a master baiter. There is no risk of catching anything.

  13. I didn’t put in the effort last night, is all. The marshmallows are in the house and I didn’t feel like making the trip back out. The raisins were already out there and occasionally work.

  14. Okay, dog people, I have a new neighbor across the street (we live in attached homes) whose dog won’t stop barking. We are a ” dog friendly” community. We hear very little noise from any neighbors. As dog owners how would you be least offended if I want to tell you to get your dog to STFU?

  15. Obviously the dog has an issue. is it outside too much?

    When I was in Detroit, my neighbors had dogs who would occasionally bark at night (they were outside dogs). My other neighbor was kind of bitching one day, to which I said I didn’t mind, because EVERY time those dogs barked,they were actually barking at someone. I was fine with that type of alarm system.

  16. “Marred by ink.”

    Evergreen statement.

  17. My first thought is to leave a note on the door, giving my address ( ergo., not anonymously) and say something like, “I’m certain you are unaware that your dog barks constantly while you are away…while sitting in my kitchen I can hear him…I’m sure he is just uncertain in a new home and you’ll get him to be secure and happy in no time…

    Or a note on the door attached by a knife that says, “shut your effing dog up”

  18. To reply, wouldn’t they have to get on your lawn, mare?

  19. Carin in this community we don’t need a dog barking CONTINUALLY all day to act as an alarm system. It’s grating. This just isn’t a few barks.

  20. I didn’t mean to suggest you did. I was just explaining that “dog barking” isn’t necessarily bad. It depends upon when/how long. But some people have a VERY low tolerance (my old neighbor). I think he saw my point when I said something to him. If my neighbor’s dog woke me up at 2 am barking, I nestled back asleep safe in the knowledge that the doggy alarm is keeping bad people away.

    But that’s different from your situation.

    Maybe they don’t know the dog is barking in their absence?

  21. Ha! My husband just walked upstairs and said, “That dog hasn’t stopped barking all morning.”

  22. I would go with the first option. Not the knife /door one.

  23. Carin, did you read where I mention this in my “friendly note”to my neighbor?

    I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t know. No decent person would allow that to go on. For the dog’s security/happiness if nothing else.

  24. Agree.

  25. bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark.

  26. You’ll be able to tune it out pretty soon.

    We have corn cannons blasting all summer and we don’t even notice them.

  27. bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark

  28. bark … bark … bark … [slows down to give you hope it’s gonna stop]


  29. I tune out the airplanes most of the time at my place. Still better than the din of I-94 we had in the back yard in AA.

  30. I had a neighbor whose dog barked all night long out in their yard. Every night. How they could not hear it was beyond my comprehension.

    So one night, I couldn’t take it any longer, so I phoned them, and just started barking loudly into the phone. (This was in the days before caller id.)

    Next thing I heard was the wife calling the dog inside. They never put it out at night again.

  31. I tune my neighbor’s Rottweilers out. He’s the tree guy who worked in my yard. His wife, who is a social worker, joins him on estimates since he’s hard of hearing (running a chainsaw all day … whodathunkit?) Anyway, she was busy apologizing for their dogs who I honestly don’t hear very much. Our dogs are probably just as annoying to them. They are accurate about 85% of the time with the occasional mistake when the boiler kicks in or a bathroom door gets knocked on to check occupancy.

  32. You dog people are joking, right? You’re just supposed to get use to it? I know you guys wouldn’t be that rude to your own neighbors.


  34. Oh, I’d definitely say something. Mine came and talked to me because Benny is a terrible yapper, and I do my best to stop him.

    That said, those dicks refuse to leash their animals, and the stupid shits run out into the driveway all the time when we’re getting home. Multiple delivery drivers have complained to me.

    I pray their house goes on the market very soon, but I’m not optimistic.

  35. They’d get one note….new here…blah blah blah….separation anxiety…blah blah blah….after that….I begin planning the perfect doggie murder

  36. Mare, take the video Scott linked, hook it up to huge amplifiers and massive outdor speakers, and play it to your neighbors all night.

    It is an arms race. You cannot afford to stay silent.

  37. Nailed, it Scott.

    My husband just said (because we are talking in our kitchen while listening to the radio and can still hear the dog), “That can’t be good for the dog, can it?”

    Poor doggie, looks like a border collie. Don’t they need a crap ton of space and running time? He’s looking out the door in the stairwell.

  38. Mare loves Tushar.

  39. If you can make it all of the through this video, I’ll buy you dinner.

  40. I lost my way.

  41. bark bark bark bark bark

  42. Can’t watch it, Hotspur, but the American taxpayer is paying for a bullshit website for dumbasses to comment on how great Obama was in their puny ant minds.

  43. Imagine super rich actors, rappers and dumbasses, completely unaffected by the Obama presidency talking about their great love for his policies. Real citizens who have been screwed should respond. Well, I guess they did, it’s called an election.

  44. Carin is getting a note on her door.

  45. I wanted to watch the movie The Revenant because it’s about a subject I’m familiar with – the story of Hugh Glass and Jim Bridger.

    But I couldn’t do it, because it stars that peabrain hypocrite DiCaprio.

    Fuck Hollywood. Fuck Hanks, fuck DiCaprio, fuck Streep, fuck Damon, fuck just about every one of the cum guzzlers, cum dumpsters, cock holsters, dickbags, pin heads, dick heads, douche nozzles, douche bags, attention whores, slut bags, queers, hags, and fagz.

  46. “You dog people are joking, right?”

    Not really. Some people are jerks, and some dogs are idiots. It’s going to be a challenge to change his behavior if he only acts that way when nobody is around.

  47. If you want to read a fascinating book, get this.

  48. I hope this Hotspur fellow has a newsletter, because I’d like to subscribe to it.

    Decaprio has literally screwed almost every super model ( including Tom Brady’s wife) while jetting and yachting around the world. If he was seriously interested in “global warming” he’d keep his dick in his pants, get rid of the jet and yacht and live in a Muslim shithole country. Those people don’t pollute because their “culture”is still in the 12th century.

  49. I made your mom bark all night long. The neighbors pretended not to notice.

  50. PD is getting a note on his door…with an M-4.

  51. Hotspur’s rant reminds me of my favorite scene from Blazing Saddles.

  52. Gonna go for a walk in a few minutes. After that It’s laundry day, and then off to school to study until class tonight.

  53. Mare, our mutual West Point friend was stationed down at Hood when his first wife was pregnant with their first child (28 yrs ago). Their next door neighbor, who was an NCO with about 20 years in and an African American, had two dobermans that barked all night long. Our friend was hesitant to confront the neighbor because he knew that the guy and his wife would play it off as a white officer using his rank and privilege to punk down a black NCO and it would hurt his career. PC was already a thing in the late 80’s I guess.

    They tried to handle it through the Killeen police but to no avail. Finally, first wife couldn’t take it anymore and she fed the dobermans some hotdogs soaked in anti-freeze. The neighbors knew she’d poisoned the dogs but couldn’t prove it. It was a huge mess.

  54. Ok, that was a shitty thing to do.

  55. Mare, I googled ‘how to discourage dogs from barking’

    Apparently there are a bunch of electronic gadgets that emit a high frequency noise when a dog barks. We can’t hear it but drives them nuts.

    The expectation is that they will figure out the cause and effect, and would learn to be silent. Maybe worth a try

  56. Search Amazon for : dog barking control devices

  57. Hahahahahahaha

  58. Pretty funny stuff, spur. Now can you find one juxtaposing Lena Dunham and huge pile of cowshit? If not, why not?

  59. Because that would be totally mean to the big pile of cowshit?

  60. OMG this is hilarious:

  61. Now can you find one juxtaposing Lena Dunham and huge pile of cowshit? If not, why not?

    Because the world doesn’t need even one more picture of Lena Dunham in it?

  62. Hahahahaha, stupid Meryl Streep. I hate MMA and I still like it and the people who watch it more than I like Streep.

  63. She thinks I give a shit if Hollywood can’t produce anything new because we want to control our borders and vet refugees? They are soooooo out of touch. Glad they have their mansions, jets and bubbles to live in…dicks.

  64. Good afternoon citizens!

    Landed in Brussels a few hours ago after one of the oddest flights of my career.

    We take off out of Chicago at 5:45 with a full 767. 2 hours into the flight we get a call from the back. Lady who is 8.5 months pregnant is having contractions. They stop for a bit and lady goes to sleep. 2 hours later contractions again and they’re coming faster.

    At this point we’re over the North Atlantic. Our nearest divert bases are Gander, Canada (behind us) and Keflavik Iceland (ahead of us) both about 2 hours away.

    As a bonus, no medical people on board as pax, not even a veterinarian!

    5 minutes later her water breaks and the lead FA delivers a healthy baby boy at 39,000 ft. Mom and baby are healthy so we press on to Brussels and have a bunch of medical people waiting at the gate.

    Once we got back into radio range we had some of the wierdest radio conversations ever when the airline patched us in with our medical consultants: ‘Did you cut and tie the cord.’ ‘Make sure you bag and store the placenta!’.

    So, how was your day?

  65. Not that exciting!

  66. As a bonus, she was a citizen of Cameroon who was being deported on our plane. Happens more than you know.

    I think the baby is now a US citizen.

    Good luck to the US embassy here to try and unfuck this!

  67. Does she get a free flight? Does the baby have to pay?

  68. Aren’t you supposed to not fly when you are that pregnant?

  69. I went to Trader Joe’s and along with shopping I enjoy watching the hotbed of very out there employees and rude, self absorbed patrons!

    Would rather have delivered a baby!

  70. Guess that’s only Palin.

  71. How is the baby a US citizen? Is the inside of a plane that takes off in the US, US territory, or some kind of twisted liberal assfuckery?

  72. That was the first question the Capt asked. ICE is going to get a big bill for putting her on the plane.

    Baby was delivered in one of our fancy new 1st class seats that is now a biohazard.

  73. Everyone speaks English in the cockpit, so obviously it’s a US conspiracy, so all babies born in the air are citizens.

  74. Hotspur, I don’t know. It’s complicated. in some cases the plane is considered US territory while over int’l waters, but since the mother is not a US citizen it gets even murkier.

    i assume the US embassy will punt it to the Cameroons and say, hey you need to get a passport for your new citizen. Pity the poor state dep’t flunky who found this waiting for him when showed up for work today!

  75. They will just blame Trump, and be done with it.

  76. I’m indifferent to men’s MMA and think women’s MMA is disgusting and repulsive. Because I oppose hitting women, even if it’s women hitting them.

    Because I’m a misogynistic patriarch.

  77. The nice thing about kickboxing with leon is that you don’t have to lift your leg so high.

  78. I’m wiling to trade Meryl Streep for Random Cameroonian Baby.

  79. The bad thing about kickboxing with leon is that I can bumrush you and uppercut your junk while you’re kicking.

  80. I think Ms. Streep has earned herself a dose of Hotspur’s favoritet epithet.

  81. My package from the seed house arrived. Happiness!

    Gonna go make up some new wintersowing containers.


  83. I have never been a fan of Streep. She looks dopey, and I hate the sound of her voice. I have seen enough of her movies to know that I will never watch another, regardless of her irrelevant politics.

    Oh, and she’s a cunt.

    Make that Cunt, with a capital C.

  84. Beats being born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus rolling down Highway 41

  85. Word is that she will be playing Sarah Palin in the upcoming biopic.

  86. I just love Hotspur and his proclamations about the left.

  87. >>Good luck to the US embassy here to try and unfuck this!

    Once the baby is born, there is no way to unfuck this.
    But Planned Parenthood is trying to change that.

  88. Hahahaha, Tushar and his Christmas avatar.

  89. Streep playing Palin. That just about figures.

    But it’s the right who have a war on women.

  90. Word is that she will be playing Sarah Palin in the upcoming biopic.



  91. BTW, I was kidding.

    But it could happen, you know it could!

  92. *kicks dirt on Jay’s shoes*

  93. Remember when the Hollyweirds were going to make a movie about Helen Thomas with Annette Benning in the lead?

    Did they ever actually make the steaming pile?

  94. Hahaha, I was outraged by Jay’s joke that could actually, really happen but hasn’t. This place makes me laugh.

  95. This is a fun site to read.

  96. Lol, I love the header pic, Hotspur. Followed.

  97. Here’s Meryl Streep in her upcoming Palin movie.

  98. Oh, NSFW.

  99. Crap, first they made me a racist, a misogynist, and a patriarch, and I started clinging to my guns and my bible.

    I’m not sure I want to be a fascist, but if the alternative is that hippo… well, at least the uniforms are spiffy.

  100. Her underwear could be enough material to clothe 5 Ethiopian children.

  101. She ate five Ethiopian children.

  102. >>Her underwear could be enough material to clothe 5 Ethiopian children.

    The unit of such measurements has just shifted from Ethiopian children to Cameroonian babies.
    I would say easily two dozen babies.

  103. I’d concur with that assessment.

  104. The Giants are gone…

  105. Mare, concerning your neighbor dog problem, I’m betting they aren’t aware of the problem. And in the case of the dog, it has learned that when mom and dad leave, all it takes to get them to come back home is to bark. Eventually, they always come back – dogs don’t have a concept of time like we do.

    Our dogs bark at the mailman every time they see one. And every time they bark at one, he/she always leaves. Same thing with kids walking home from school, families out on a walk, etc…..

    Saw a segment about this on a dog program once – basically, to a dog, “When I barked, xyz happened. The second time I barked, xyz happened again. Therefore, if I want xyz to happen, I just need to bark until it happens again!”

    Surely there is a way to change this learned behavior, but darned if I know what it is…..

  106. Bark collars are cheap.

  107. Finally, first wife couldn’t take it anymore and she fed the dobermans some hotdogs soaked in anti-freeze. The neighbors knew she’d poisoned the dogs but couldn’t prove it. It was a huge mess.


    That’s a heartwarming story. Think Disney is working on the screenplay?

  108. Pretty sure the airline will send a bill for an additional passenger and in-flight medical services. Estimated at $12,432.71

  109. Dog stopped barking at 10:45am. Did not see if owner came home. I did see that the dog was no longer in the stairwell. 3 and a half hours of constant barking. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

    I feel kind of sorry for the little fella, but I don’t want to hear barking like that in my kitchen every morning.

  110. In the past we had a dog that barked at night that was very annoying. We have no direct neighbors but through the woods less than a 1/4 mile away are several houses. Had to be one of those. Haven’t heard it in a while so either the dog or people moved. Or the dog ate a “special” weenie.

  111. My closest neighbor’s Rotties have an outdoor fenced in area that they move around in the day. They bark if they see something but not for hours on end. There is a strip of woods and an outbuilding between my house and theirs that mutes it a bit.

  112. “The Case of the Cameroonian Baby and the Barking Dog” is a lot of people’s least favorite of the Nancy Drew mysteries, but I really liked the psychosexual drama of the peanut butter scene.

  113. Cameroon always makes me laugh. Trading Places

  114. From Aces sidebar, how is this not front page effing news:

  115. Eff Obama, he wants killing chaos.

    Especially of the Jews.

  116. Today I learned that labdanum and laudanum are in fact two different things, but that both might be used as a cold remedy.

  117. Isn’t there some prophecy about the end of the world happening right after the Temple is rebuilt for the second time?

  118. It hasn’t happened, obviously, but only because there’s a satanic house of worship on the site at present.

    It would be deep, deep irony if the Iranians nuked Jerusalem and managed to destroy only that.

  119. I listened to an NPR show today where they were discussing people who couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas because of the election. They just didn’t know how they could tolerate people who voted for Trump.

    You know what, cunts? You do the grown up thing and don’t discuss politics.

    What do you think the right endured during eight years of Chocolate Jesus? We found other subjects to discuss.

  120. I’ve enjoyed a few Cameroons over the years

  121. Part of the enjoyment I get from listening to NPR is the absolute cluelessness they approach EVERY social issue with. If you disagree with the SJW-line you are wrong in their eyes. And they’ll tell you about it over and over.

  122. I started weightlifting and gardening. Joined a really old gang that has a crapton of affiliates and shizz all over the place. We’re currently working hard on destabilizing the People’s Republic of China, but our South American branch appears to have dipped into the stash a bit much.

  123. I knew a quadroon in college.

  124. Jimbro, I listen for pure entertainment. At this point, it’s more fun to laugh at the left.

  125. I listened to an NPR show today where they were discussing people who couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas because of the election. They just didn’t know how they could tolerate people who voted for Trump.

    The problem here is in the first six words.

  126. But I couldn’t do it, because it stars that peabrain hypocrite DiCaprio.

    Hotspur, I respect you…I hope you know that. However, The Revenant is an amazing movie to watch, it was shot completely with natural light in some of the most amazingly complex and beautiful scenic shots I’ve ever seen. There is CGI involved, the bear is enhanced, but DAMN is it an epic, brutal, interesting and wonderful movie if you like the frontiersman survival type stories. The acting is great, Tom Hardy is worth 10 Leo’s and was perfect for the role. They introduced a Pawnee wife and son to the Hugh Glass story because Hollywood can’t make a movie without a love interest, and turned it into a revenge instead of survival movie, but I think you would like it if you gave it a chance.

  127. I didn’t watch because of bear politics. Rumored bear rape scene. I h8 the denigration of Ursus. Bear Lives Matter.

  128. Oh, and I’m sure a lot of hollywood types including Leo suffered through bad weather, cold, and difficult location shoots to make the movie, so that might warm your heart a bit. Also Leo spends most of the movie suffering tremendously. It was great.

  129. Pretty good movie review, Pups.

  130. I resisted watching The Departed forever because it had a ton of people I loathe in it (DiCaprio, MATT DAMON, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin) but it’s a damn good movie.

  131. It was a momma bear. No rape, but she fucked him up but good.

  132. Feeling is mutual, Pups.

    On your recommendation, I will watch it.

    So they gave Hugh Glass a squaw, and a papoose? Fucking Hollywood.

    Hopefully, they didn’t make Jim Bridger a tranny.

  133. Ha! Oso!

    Pups tell me about the bear rape scene.

  134. Dan got sick at Christmas. I was saved from having to be around Catholic family members that gave money to PP in Mike Pence’s name without understanding the gravity of their cutesy Democrat act of resistance. Women’s march on Washington. Several family members are attending.

  135. Oh already answered.

  136. What are women marching about? Serious question.

  137. I wish I had watched it on the big screen Mare, it is an epic.

  138. There is nothing wrong with being married to a Pawnee woman and having a child, except it didn’t happen.

  139. What are women marching about? Serious question.

    Tranny bathrooms

  140. To be fair, hotspur, I’m pretty sure a portion of the right lost their minds during the past eight years.

  141. Mare, on Jan 21, they are marching in protest of Trump’s anti-woman presidency. The following week is the Annual Pro-Life March. Which will get more marchers? More MFM coverage?

  142. Leon, you joined the masons?

  143. From what I’ve seen of the trailers, the mauling took place in the winter.

    In actual fact I think it happened in summer. Glass could feel maggots crawling around in the wounds on his back, which actually helped save his life.

  144. It is seriously brutal, lots of musket against bow and arrow, realistic combat, plausible survival techniques, no magic smart horses, the French are bad guys. I was about to say none of the noble savage jazz, but I concede there is some of that malarky.

  145. What are women marching about? Serious question.

    Hush, mare. Men are talking.

  146. Okay, I’m convinced. I’ll watch it when I get home.

  147. They changed a lot of the story as I understand it, but being in the winter just added to the tension.

    I’m done with the sales job, sorry to go on and on but I really liked it because it was so different than the pap they usually put out, and Jeremiah Johnson is one of my favorite westerns, even though Robert Redford is probably 200 times worse than Leo with his politics.

  148. Ha! Three Days of the Condor was on the other day. I was obsessed with the phones. Loved Jeremiah Johnson. RR was a Ginger hippie.

  149. I have built a Pennsylvania rifle, Hawken rifle, black powder 12ga. double barrel, Kentucky pistol, Navy Colt, and an Army Colt.

    Pre- cartridge firearms are a passion.

    If the production is that good, I bet there are some doozies.

  150. Anti women? Idiots.

  151. I want to watch it now, Pups and read the book Hotspur linked. On my wish list.

  152. For the record, I’m anti-idiots.

  153. Mare, they passive/aggressively signed me up for the women’s march on Albuquerque. Dan won’t let me call them out. I have to just ignore.

  154. Mare, I read that book in the early eighties. I’ve read it twice since.

  155. Show up with a sign that reads, “stop stealing books from Sam’s Club!”

  156. I didn’t realize you were into black-powder.


    That was one of my criticisms, nobody ever misses the entire movie with their single shot flintlock rifles and pistols, and reloading seems pretty easy while running/riding/getting bear raped. At least the bullet catchers don’t fly backwards 5 feet through the air when they get shot like the typical movie. Mostly they just scream and cuss.

  157. Masons wouldn’t take me. I kept screwing up the secret handshake and asking about the illuminati and the pyramonster.

  158. Hopefully, they didn’t make Jim Bridger a tranny.

    Shh, nobody tell him about THAT scene.

  159. We should start a secret society. The Ancient and Honorable Order of the Lemon Bear.

  160. I’m not sure you would like it Mare. It’s brutal and gory and doesn’t ever stop for almost 3 hours.

  161. I have a Berniebot nephew who is not speaking to me. The nice thing about his snit is that he hasn’t cashed the checks I sent him for graduation and birthday.

    The other liberals in the family are grown up enough to either not talk about politics or agree to disagree.

  162. I thought it was violent but boring, but it was beautifully shot. Didn’t get the point of the love story.

  163. Pups, I’d love it. My husband might not.

  164. Finally watching Rogue One tomorrow. No spoilers!!!

  165. Wow, those Alabama twirlers are fetching!

    /Brent Musberger

  166. It turns out that she was dead the whole movie.

  167. Roamie, Dan’s niece and nephews were all Berniebots. Mine as well. Morphed into Hill Pickle voters. I bite my tongue and ignore them. Familia familia familia.

  168. Movies are a scam.

  169. The thing many don’t understand was the frequency of misfires. As high as 30%.

    You truly had to keep your powder dry. And the more you fired, the more difficult it was to load.

    British troops in the Napoleonic era could get off three rounds per minute. But their muskets were smooth bore, so the ball just dropped right in.

    A lot like your mom.

  170. Of course you didn’t get the love story, J’Ames–you’re a robot!

  171. Finally watching Rogue One tomorrow. No spoilers!!!

    It turns out Rogue One was a sled.

  172. HS makes me want to rewatch Sharpe’s Rifles

  173. I’m a little disappointed Leo doesn’t get raped by the bear.


  174. Sharp’s was great.

  175. But Sharp’s company had rifles, not muskets. So you have to suspend a little disbelief.

  176. What did Hawkeye have in LOTM?

  177. Finally saw Rogue One yesterday. Also watched Deadpool on DVD. That was an H2 kind of movie.

    Oso, Sean Bean makes me want to rewatch Sharpe’s Rifles.

  178. I enjoyed the Allan Eckart books. I may have spelled it wrong. Simon Kenton. The Sharon K Penman of the American frontier.

  179. I loved that first scene in LOTM where Hawkeye is hunting/running, great music too.

  180. I ❤️ Sean Bean.

  181. Roamy, Deadpool lines can be dropped on BCoch daily!!!

  182. Mare, the only way to watch that scene is with surround sound adjusted to eleventy. I love it.

    I have watched LOTM 50 times, conservatively.


  183. LOTM soundtrack is awesome!!!

  184. Jeremiah Johnson is the kind of movie that makes me change my plans when I happen to catch it on TV.

  185. I’m still mad that I lost all of my DVDs after I got home from deployment. I had Sharpe’s Rifles and really liked that movie.

  186. CoAlEx that sucks!!! Even with streaming, I like owning the DVD/CD.

  187. Hotspur, I know I’ve watched it many times, also love the scene where Hawkeye is covering the guy leaving the Fort. Love it!!

  188. Netflix can pull a movie suddenly and no more watching it (see: Serenity). I like having the DVD available.

  189. LOTM and Glory. Both Fantasias. Braveheart.

  190. My son has exceeded the expectations of the surgeon who installed his catheter, as he told us when the two of us went in to have our post op visit. However he still yanks on his dressing daily and has pulled half of the stitches out..

    If he pulls it out, we go on palliative care.

    Sigh…and I have to schedule his third hepatitis immunization because the first two produced no immune response before he can be active on the transplant list.

    On the positive side…yeah, i got nuthin’

  191. Own Firefly and Serenity. You never know when Netflix will disappear a movie. Pretty sure they disappeared Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Dec 1. As in the time most people watch PT&A

  192. Sorry to hear that, MrScience.

  193. Sorry Mr Science. 🙏🏻

  194. CoAlex, I love the Sharpe’s Series. The books are much better, if you can find them, and Sharpe and Harper are just awesome together.

  195. Drove through Searchlight today. Didn’t see any fresh graves. Abandoned mines looked like they could very easily hide bodies.

  196. Hots, when I went to Fort Niagara in 80’s I can remember watching the demos of the flintlocks and cannon. The cannon misfired once and the flintlocks did two out of the four times, and one was a hangfire/slowfire which the re-enactor was worried about. And it was just mildly foggy that day. The cannon was just one of those things they just put a fuse in an L-shape slipped one end of it in the touch hole and lit it again


  198. Dan was scanning radio channels and everytime I’d start to sing, he’d hit “Seek”. Dan: Who was that? Oso: The Who. Dan: Who’s on 1st? (We are easily amused) Still kind of irritated that he left me hanging while singing Tom Sawyer.


  200. Hahaha, I didn’t read the title.

  201. >>Tom Hardy is worth 10 Leo’s

    Do not undervalue and insult Tom Hardy like that.

  202. Prayers still going for you, MrScience.

  203. Tom Hardy. Does this mean we’re watching Taboo?

  204. Oso, all four of us were singing this song on the way to meet Mare. Even Mr. RFH sang.

  205. The value of higher education?

  206. Roamy, do y’all sing it with the Irish accent?

  207. The shopping in Vegas is awesome. Still unable to find work shoes. Nike has gone with “Kids” shoes. Not boys. Not girls. Tried a few Merrell’s but they hurt my ankles. I H8 having stoopid feet. Vegas is a great place to shoe shop. I’m just not having any luck.

  208. That sucks, love my Merrells. and they last.

  209. Heh. Before roamy’s song played, there was an ad for Shen Yun.


  210. J’ames, I was hopeful. They felt great through the arch and the width. Can’t afford blisters of any kind with the diabeetus. All the styles I tried, rubbed at the ankles. Zappos FTW

  211. I’m wearing the Merrell Mocs dress shoes that Elliot chewed up as slippers, they are so comfortable.

  212. Oso, yes. Rocketboy does the best imitation of an Irish accent.

  213. Had lunch at L&L Diner. Every table had the huge bottle of sriracha. Year of the Rooster coming up.

  214. They had great Kung Pao chicken at the noodle place in Mandalay Bay.

  215. Wow, Alabama is hitting Watson HARD tonight.

  216. I’m gonna recommend “The Night Manager” and “The Man In The High Castle”.
    I liked “Bosch”, too, but I am easily amused…

  217. Comment by Pupster on January 9, 2017 8:26 pm

    I’m not sure you would like it Mare. It’s brutal and gory and doesn’t ever stop for almost 3 hours.

    Like labor? A date with your mom? When Lauraw babysits?

  218. Mr. Science?

  219. Jay, I’ve seen ice skaters spin less than Watson on that play.

  220. Heh, nice hair, Henry!

  221. Heh, true roamy. Not as graceful as the sumo wrestler skater, though!

  222. I don’t know about that call. Didn’t look like he altered anything, just really tight coverage.

  223. J’ames, I don’t like Chinese food in restaurants with fish tanks. Dan is pulling up the Noodle Shop menu right now. Thanks.

  224. It’s the only restaurant we hit twice the last time we were out there. There’s a good italian place in New York New York, too.

  225. Plus the pizza is good there.

  226. Comment by Oso on January 9, 2017 11:21 pm

    J’ames, I don’t like Chinese food in restaurants with fish tanks.

    But the ones next to animal shelters are okay, right?

  227. That’s where the authentic stuff is served.

    Right, Obama?

  228. Wow, an Alabama mistake.

  229. Oh my.

  230. Wow, Clemson did it.

  231. I just hope Clemson appoints good Supreme Court justices.

  232. Disappointed, but Clemson earned that one.

  233. So…they’ve made a “gritty” Archie teevee series called Riverdale for the CW. That should be incredibly stupid.

  234. If Betty and Veronica have hot girl on girl, I’ll watch.

  235. So…they’ve made a “gritty” Archie teevee series called Riverdale for the CW. That should be incredibly stupid.

    Over/under on how long before they crossover with Arrow/Flash/Supergirl/LoT?

  236. You say that you derp me (say you derp me)
    All of the time (all of the time)
    You say that you need me (say you need me)
    You’ll always be mine (always be mine)

  237. Can’t sleep, worries will eat me

  238. The CW managed to make me bored with superheros. Me.

  239. Hang in there, Brother Cavil.

  240. Morning. Bleargh.

  241. Morning jewstin!

  242. You know when it’s way below freezing for a long time, then it warms up just enough to not snow, but rain?

    Yeah, good times. Frakkin ice.

  243. Yeah, 3″ of snow here, but rain later today that might not be enough to melt it.

  244. wakey wakey. snow day up here.

  245. Good morning. I’m working from home so you’ll have the pleasure of, erm, my pleasure this morning.

  246. This just seems wrong–2#/

    I suppose it’s better than doing nothing but it strikes me as another form of buying indulgences. Is food waste a problem? Yeah, sure. But we’re not going to solve it by buying instant compost machines FFS.

  247. We’ve got 2 days of rain ahead too Jay. Snow tonight and then rain Wednesday and part of Thursday with the deep freeze after that. The driveway is so coated with ice my dingo dog hasn’t been able to play frisbee for a while. I tried the other day and he was slipping on the ice under the snow. Poor guy looks for the frizz every time he goes out.

  248. MJ!!!!

    How’s it hanging?

  249. That’s gonna be great for those in the city without a lawn or a garden.

    Which is probably 90% of the prospective customers.

  250. And by “hanging” I’m not referring to your penis but rather how things are going in your life.

  251. What makes you assume MJ wants to discuss his dong?

    Oh, yeah, never mind

  252. Life is pretty good. What are you up to?

    Dong status: recovering. I made chili the other night and GND suggested we put some jalapeño seeds into the crock pot for a bit of spice.

    Why not? Chug about 16 ounces of water, seed the jalapeño, wash hands really well, then uses the facilities.

    All is fine.

    10 mins later I feel like Hotspur on shore leave in Thailand.

    Slow burn in the dong area.

    A good laugh was had by all.

  253. Your kitchen will smell like a dump.

    I don’t get it. Food waste breaks down into dirt.

    Why do we need to keep dirt out of the landfill?

  254. Video for Alex

    ” Forging a Tomahawk from a Railroad Spike ”

    Pepe may find it interesting too although I suspect he’d CNC the shit out of a piece of steel in half the time after getting the code right.

    We used to walk along the railroad tracks as kids and find spikes all the time. Between my older brother and me there were easily 30 or 40 hanging around the house. I’m sure my dad brought them to the scrap metal dealer when he cleaned out the basement in preparation of moving out of our childhood house.

  255. It’s truly a scam

    1. Identify problem perceived by well to do white people

    2. Invent expensive kludge

    3. Profit!!!

    I suspect the appeal of this fix will be limited.

  256. Rich white people are the worst.

  257. Watched The Revenant last night. Pups was right.

  258. I’ll get to work on a Tuesday post, unless someone else is on it.

  259. Comment by mare on January 9, 2017 9:04 pm
    Hotspur, I know I’ve watched it many times, also love the scene where Hawkeye is covering the guy leaving the Fort. Love it!!

    I love that scene too. Although you do have to suspend some disbelief.

    In the opening scene Hawkeye has a Pennsylvania rifle, which would have had a rifled bore, probably .40 cal. Totally capable of long range shots.

    In the fort scene though, he is firing a Brown Bess musket, which would have been smooth bore, probably .75 cal, and not at all accurate.

    British and French troops were not trained to aim. They were taught to point. It was the volleys from their massive lines that did the initial damage. As the lines closed the fighting became hand to hand, hence the bayonets, hatchets, and knives.

    I’m not sure why they switched weapons for that scene, but it was a mistake.

    As to the music in LOTM, it is performed by the Scottish National Orchestra, and I listen to it often.

    If you were to ask me to name my altimeter favorite movie, I think you know now what the answer would be.

    Daniel Day Lewis didn’t play Hawkeye, he WAS Hawkeye.

  260. altimeter = all time

  261. Wordpoon can blow me.

  262. One last thing.

    The actual best scene of the movie is Chingachgook’s fight with Magua.

  263. So you’re gay for Hawkeye? Got it.

  264. Daniel Day Lewis was Hawkeye….Agree!

  265. That’s a top scene.

    I remember returning from that movie and saying to a neighbor it was better than Dancing With Wolves and she was outraged.

  266. I’m gay for Hawkeye!

  267. Wouldn’t, I dunno, a food waste bin with some sawdust for scent reduction and a compost pick-up service be better?

    I don’t compost food waste, just coffee grounds. Everything else in the compost stream came from the garden or the back end of an equine.

  268. I should do an instructional video on hot pepper handling for MJ’s sake.

    Pro-tip: never handle them. Only touch with tools.

  269. Jimbro, thanks for that link. That was pretty neat.

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