Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

There’s something about the year’s end that turns my thoughts inward, even more so than a birthday. It may be that my birthday is in July, the height of the summer. I’m really not a resolutions guy. I figure if the changes were that important to me then I would have done them or will do them of my own accord. Well, there is that one resolution involving your mom.

This is so true. His treachery knows no bounds.


Time isn’t always linear


Sometimes it goes back and forth (I used to have one of those but had to turn the eyes and tail off since it was creeping me out)


My favorite part of this past year has to be the presidential election results. Sure, most of us had a different horse in the early part of the race. But by the end the Never Hillary sentiment led Trump to victory. Think of the things we worried about before the election. Have you worried about them lately? It’s not all unicorns and rainbows and I’m sure, like all politicians,  he will dissuade, disappoint or deceive us but Hillary Clinton (nsfw link) will never be president of the United States. No Huma, no Podesta, no Billy Jeff, no Pantsuit Nation, you get the idea.


I know it‘s early but here’s to a wonderful new year ahead!  One last song to rock out


  1. hahahaaa! i raffed at the clinton link – u channeling your inner hotspur?

  2. Good job, Jimbro.

  3. wakey wakey.

    Jimbro’s not a bad dude for a bone doctor.

  4. I highlighted “BBOC’s” in a comment by lauraw and did an image search. And as suspected most of the results were gynecological in nature. There were two book covers, one fake, funny and linked above and one real with the gentler title of “Big Book of Pussy” which I’ll allow you to seek on amazon.

  5. *hones amputation saw

  6. Your mom is a bone doctor.

  7. In an article at Drudge about mysterious abdominal pain etc., diagnosed more often after pot use became legal, one of the sufferers said this after quitting for seven months:

    “Now all kinds of ambition has come back. I desire so much more in life and, at 37 years old, it’s a little late to do it, but better now than never,”he said.”

  8. I was just telling Paula about that condition mare


    I saw that report on the news last night and figured with ME legalizing marijuana she’d see it in the ER before long.

  9. Lots of guys doing dishes at our place all smoke pot.

    Weird, huh?

  10. Just thought that quote was interesting. I don’t care about minor pot heads like Hotspur (hahahah) but one thing leads to another or a lot more of the same. Like alcohol some would say. Legalizing something else bad for us is not good. You just get more of it.

  11. My issue is that there are folks who are still driven and successful who smoke pot. I know some of them. But there are LOTS AND LOTS for whom smoking pot is a hindrance. Go in the kitchen and ask those kids which came first – a complete lack of ambition, or their pot addiction? These kids get stoned AT WORK.

    To say that it is good for you/medicine … it’s just cray cray.

  12. It is good for medicine. Glaucoma, pain, etc.

    Medicine is not getting stoned at work. Which is what the true believers want.

  13. It’s easier to get pot than antibiotics.

  14. In those with low ambition, weed will kill it.

    Fasting on coffee and broth since Monday night. Down 7 pounds and I actually feel really good, energetic. Cold, though. Day 2 with Possum so wife can do some duty days. Breakfast is in the crockpot for after she gets home tonight.

  15. My sister had that clock. My Uncle Don brought it to her when he returned from Korea.

  16. It’s easier for a kid in Chicago to get pot than a computer or a book.

    -shit Obama said

  17. Oh wait, that was gun. Easier to get a gun…

  18. I could grow enough weed in my crawlspace to supply my township, but why would I?

  19. A fresh new day dawns, and Hillary will never be president.

  20. It’s no coincidence that you can’t spell CUNT without UN.

  21. It’s no coincidence that you can’t spell CUNT without UN.



  22. It’s no coincidence that if you write CLINTON, and place the L and the I really close together you get CUNTON.

  23. This video is teh awesome

    Rebel Media with Gavin McInnes “Debunking MTV’s “2017 Resolutions for White Guys”


    A few f-bombs so lower the volume if working

  24. Damn, Jimbro.

  25. That video is woke

  26. My dogs are great watchdogs. They’ve gone ballistic twice so far this morning at the FedEx guy and just now at the power company contractors making a line sweep with their bucket truck. Excellent early warning system.

  27. Power company guys can be sneaky. You just never know. It’s important to announce your boundaries so there’s no ‘confusion’ about it later. Good dogs. Smart.

  28. OK, time to start prepping Winter-sowing containers.

    Stim you later.

  29. Split pea soup is assembled. I looked at a recipe and then free handed it. It’s not too tough: the holy trinity of onion, celery and carrots mixed with some spices, split peas, liquid and some pig. After cutting up some leftover Christmas ham I’ve concluded we have way too much ham to eat. I’ve had it for leftovers twice already and consider the ham I ate during meal prep as lunch. I even gave the dogs a couple of small pieces to reward them for fulfilling their part of the dog-human contract by barking at the lineworkers.

  30. Sous vide chicken day!

    I’ve got two thighs sitting in a 165 degree bath for 8 hours.

    5:42 can’t get here fast enough.

  31. http://freebeacon.com/national-security/white-house-defense-exposed-architect-anti-israel-u-n-action/

    “One veteran foreign policy insider and former government official who requested anonymity in order to speak freely described senior Obama administration officials as “lying sacks of shit” who routinely feed the press disinformation.”

  32. Is it 5:42 yet?

  33. http://tinyurl.com/zkras7p

  34. Leon, congrats on your long fast! I want to do at least one before school. Or a coupletree 24-hr ones in a week. We’ll see.

    Were you doing a strict keto regimen before you started your fast? How did you feel on day 2? Any tiredness?

  35. I was keto before Christmas blew me out of the water. No tiredness, but I do feel a little cold today. Still waiting to eat. Wife should be here soon and I can make guacamole to go with my spicy chicken.

  36. If I wait until 8pm to eat, it will be 72 hours. Not gonna happen, though, I’ll eat as soon as the horses are fed and the trash bin is out on the roadside for pick up.

  37. Bin’s at the road, horses are fed. Time to juice limes and cut lawyers.

  38. Yeah, that’s an arbitrary number and no huge metabolic news is gonna happen to you between hours 68 and 72.

    Good job, considering you weren’t keto to begin with. I keep hearing about how it can be unpleasant if you aren’t fat-adapted before you start a longer fast.

    Getting inspired!

  39. Johnny’s Selected Seeds is getting ridiculously expensive. Over $5 for a packet of 25 tomato seeds? GFY. Sheesh.

  40. I probably didn’t lose my adaptation over a couple of days of binging. Mentally I’ve been fine, sharp, even. Time to dine.

  41. Best chicken ever!

    Tomorrow is pork chops.

    You all need one of these things.

  42. Where the hell is Roamy?

    *sweats profusely*

  43. Nice try, Mare.

  44. We should have written about the sous vide chicken over at The Connecticut Brisket Research Center. Dang.

    Next time.

    Tomorrow, pork loin chops.

  45. Tomorrow, your mom.

  46. Experimenting is so much fun.

    – Things Your Mom Said, vol. III

  47. hah!

  48. No need to marinate your mom.
    She is already salty.

  49. That piece of shit fucking snake is biting hard on his way out. He stabbed Israel. Now he is detonating US-Russia relations out of pure spite for the incoming president.

    I hope Trump can repair the damage to Israel and to US-Russia relations.

    Mark my words, US and Russia will need to cooperate. China is going to be a bigger threat than Hitler’s Germany or Soviet Union.

  50. Let’s play “Guess That Party”!!!!


  51. No joke, TUshar. I think he’s trying to set up the worst possible scenarios for Trump possible. Then they media will play along and pretend this his all Trumps doing.

  52. Not until the seventh paragraph we get the reveal….Democrat

  53. Pretty sure Trump has already reached out to these people. No way he’ll sit back and allow “events” to overtake his presidency.

  54. Talking to Israel may be ok, but if Trump communicates with the Russians through back channel, the dems will find out and raise a stink. Why? Because.

  55. http://tinyurl.com/her4ma9

  56. http://tinyurl.com/z2mft5c

  57. Evening.

  58. These are my kind of people. The snowballs make me laugh every time. http://tinyurl.com/js8hluc

  59. Let me be the first to wish you a happy new year, Scottw.


  60. I’ll miss roamy.

  61. Back at ya, Pupster. http://tinyurl.com/jp8xlyt

  62. Evening Hostages. Today was a good day. Spent the afternoon gun shopping with my FiL.

  63. https://is.gd/vQxMkK

  64. This is kinda long, but the J F’n Kerry stuff and ‘connect the dots’ is pretty interesting…


  65. You’re not my mom.

  66. It’s the last song
    They’re playing the last song
    The orchestra’s yawning
    They’re sleepy, I know
    They’re wondering just when will we leave
    But till we leave, keep holding me tight
    Through the last derp
    Each beat of the last derp
    Save me the first derp in your dreams tonight

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