Tues- D’AWWW

Tuesday is such a nothing day. But it could be cute. Maybe.

We try? OK. I still love kittens and puppies playing together.




But other baby animals can be cute too.




Oh my goodness, bunnies. I can definitely see the appeal of them as pets. They are ADORABLE. But I still kind of always see them as a meal.

Look at this tender little croquette:


Ridiculous. Already golden brown.

Charming kittens and puppies and bunnies and bunny on a bed teh cute cute puppies cute kittens amp other

“You would even eat ME?? But I’m flooffy and huggable!”

Yeah, sorry about that.

Back to kitties.



Tuesday. The nothing day that gets a nothing post. But at least it’s cute.




  1. T-word.

  2. A hawk has been hanging around my yard for a couple days. NO birds at the feeder.

    55 degrees out. Gonna make a pilgrimage to the cold frame and pick some mustard leaves.

  3. Yay! It’s No Tucker Tuesday!!!!!!!

  4. I’m planning to do the short-term fix on my crawlspace handle and fix my leaky tub-faucet today. Just going to put two long bolts all the way through the door and do my best to seal it with some caulk. Won’t be pretty, but it will hold until springtime.

  5. I have one question about the claims that the Russians rigged the US elections:
    If you are Russia, you would want America to be led by a feckless leader who would roll over and play dead. You want someone who is predictable. Not someone whose behavior is impossible to predict.

    Now, Trump is the more anti-war of the two, but Putin is not stupid. He knows that if America’s vital interests are threatened, Trump won’t hesitate to go to war. Even Bush started his first term as an explicit isolationist.

    So, why would Putin rig the election to favor the unknown commodity rather than the known, predictable one?

  6. There’s no way to know what Putin knows, Tush. Maybe some other foreign interest had donated to the Clinton ‘charity’ for something Putin doesn’t want to happen. Who the Hell knows.

    Also, isn’t it funny how an email hack is now described as ‘hacking the election.’ And nobody is saying the contents of the emails were not true.

  7. Twatwaffle

  8. Had a large-ish branch fall off of neighbor’s oak tree onto power line running down back fence last night. Miraculously never lost power, although some downstream folks did. I suspect a lightning strike brought it down as the wind wasn’t that bad, but there was no other lightning last night. Hmmm…

    Power company came out and got limb off power line, leaving it in my back yard. Time to fire up the chainsaw……..

  9. Zelda’s sick. DOggie appointment at 2:15. Not sure how I’m going to get her into the car.

  10. Hahahahaha

    HotBride was supposed to take her kitty to the vet today to get her declawed.

    It’s the shyest most skittish cat I’ve ever seen. Hides in the basement all day, only comes upstairs for food, or at night, bolts out of the room if you walk towards her, etc., etc. A real pain in the ass.

    We were at my daughter’s on Christmas Eve, and she has a new kitty too. It’s very playful and not the least bit shy. HotBride played with that thing all evening. And lamented that she got a dud.

    So anyway, as I was leaving this morning I saw the cat carrier on the kitchen floor, and I said, “You’ll never get her into that thing.”

    She couldn’t.

  11. Poor Zelda. Blanket carry, Carin.

  12. Supposed to be a question mark at the end of that.

  13. if only car in did crossfire, she could handle that dog. stupid zumba.

  14. crossfit. stupid autocucumber

  15. I can pick her up. I just don’t want to hurt her. Blanket carry is what I’m planning on.

  16. Her back end hurts … which is one of the lift points on this particular model of dog.

  17. Hotspur – some cats are awesome, and some are not. It’s a crapshoot.

  18. I would assume Moose just jumped on her too hard and pulled a hammy on her or something, but she’s not eating/drinking.


  19. Can someone explain this RoKU thing?

  20. This cat was feral.

    On the day before Halloween HotBride told our other daughter that she wanted to get an all black kitty.

    On Halloween daughter spotted it in her yard, then saw it come back several days in a row, so she captured it, and took it to the humane society to have it neutered.

    So that’s how we ended up with it.

    It was about four months old, which is borderline on being able to socialize a feral kitten.

    I think it’s going to stay a dud.

  21. roku is a device that allows you to stream Internet content to your TV, instead of the computer.

  22. We had a cat which was pretty feral. For a few years.

    It’s 14 y/o now and completely domesticated.

  23. THE DRAIN IS CLEAR!!!111!11!!!

  24. I don’t even know where to start with this one. They’re really full of it, aren’t they?


  25. I mean, vagina was certainly out of bounds for him. As was monogamy.

  26. they wouldn’t care if he wasn’t gay.

  27. The entertainment editor of the Advocate told the LA Times in 2008: “He’s still one of the most important gay musicians alive, if not one of the most important musicians alive.”

    uh huh.

  28. In 2016 when toxic masculinity reigned, devastating to lose Prince, Bowie & George Michael, who showed there’s no one right way to be a man

    uh huh.

  29. Bowie and Prince were both WAY more talented.

  30. Dude had two good songs.

    Now, go STFU. Comparing him to Bowie and Prince … they should be slapped silly.

    THey only thing they have in common is that they all died in the same year.

  31. Michael wishes he were as relevant as the other two. But he decided to give priority to his sexual drives and drug use.

  32. Bowie and Prince weren’t caught exposing themselves in a public men’s room

  33. people don’t die at 53 from pneumonia without help

  34. Hahahahaha

    Yesterday I said to HotBride, “Evidently some guy named George Michael died, whoever he is.”

    And she said, “He was very popular in the eighties, handsome, and probably gay.”

  35. Gay is the new straight. Being a pussy is the new masculinity. Being a blue haired hairy-pitted fat cow is the new feminity. Asshole is the new vagina.

  36. Just go the fuck away, ManChild.

    Take that transgender wife, and those entitled brats, and just go.

  37. http://tinyurl.com/zrmu8ka

    or possibly MJ’s church.

  38. What if there’s some sort of anti-gay musician hit man out there?

    Elton John probably has ’round the clock body guards. I would bet they’re all fabulous and buff.

  39. Elton John did rushs wedding, though.

  40. Today would have been day 3 with no kitchen sink.

  41. Can we talk about “toxic femininity” with regards to Lena Dunham and the cast of The View?

    Oh, wait, that’s not femininity at all, nevermind.

  42. Oh this just makes me quiver in my swimsuit area…


  43. whoa, Israel cuts working relationship with un security Council countries that censured Israel, including great Britain, France. recalls ambassadorso from q0 of them.

  44. Wiser, the drum kit is amazingly well built. The frames are made of sturdy powder coated pipes. The foot pedals are heavy machined hunks of metal. The drum pads are solid.

    I am very happy with this! The only problem is that me and the boys are fighting too much about who gets to play it.

    Now I need to find a amp + speaker setup so I can scare the neighbor’s dog.

  45. If Trump does nothing else but pull out of the UN, I will consider him a great president.

  46. Trump may very well pull out and then spit on their back.

  47. Princess Leia is gone.

  48. I am very happy with this! The only problem is that me and the boys are fighting too much about who gets to play it.

    Glad I could help you out there, Tush!


  49. 2016 is not done yet, Hotspur.

  50. Gay is the new straight. Being a pussy is the new masculinity. Being a blue haired hairy-pitted fat cow is the new feminity. Asshole is the new vagina.

    I’m wagering on subscribing to your newsletter.

  51. Wavering. Not wagering. Phuking phone.

  52. Apart from justice Scalia, the other famous people death that made me sad was Alan Rickman. What an amazing actor.
    His role in Die Hard was awesome, but so was his portrayal of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series.

    The death I liked most was ofcourse Fidel Castro. He jouned his old buddy:


  53. You know the death that made me happiest?

    Hillary Clinton’s coronation

  54. The death of Harry Reid’s career is pretty sweet too.

  55. Afternoon from Virginia, Hostages. So who summoned the wrong damn demon legion?

  56. My father passed away this afternoon. He’d gone to the hospital with a UTI and other issues yesterday, but his cardiac arrhythmia got him. Age 76.

    At least I got one last Christmas with him.

  57. Cavil, my prayers for your family.

  58. I’m sorry for your loss Brother Cavil.

  59. Prayers for the family, Brother Cavil.

  60. Dammit. So very sorry, Cavil. Prayers and love to you and all of yours.

  61. Brother Cavil, very sorry for your loss…

  62. Sorry for your loss, Brother Cavil.

  63. That is very sad news, Brother Cavil. My condolences.

  64. I’m sorry BC. UTIs in older folks are no joke. My dad had those take him down many times.

  65. I’m very sorry for your loss, BC.

    My most sincere condolences.

  66. Alright, so 2016 has been a fairly crappy year. Lot of losses. I was thinking real world connection might be good for everyone. Any plans/ideas/thoughts on a MeatUp for 2017?

    I’d really like to meet as many of you degenerates as possible.

  67. So very sorry for your loss, BC

  68. BCoch, Jew was wondering if there was interest in a Summer meat in WY

  69. The last two years I’ve gone to the RedState Gathering, but I’m thinking of shitcanning that in favor of a MeatUp if there is one, Oso. So I would def be interested.

  70. BCoch, we are definitely a more weird bunch than the RedStaters.

  71. Very sorry to hear, Brother Cavil. You kicked ass taking care of him. You were a good son.

  72. Oh I know. I fit in with you fuckers much better.

  73. You know the death that made me happiest?
    Hillary Clinton’s coronation


    Mare loves Hotspur.

  74. We’re like Redstate, but with fewer unintended pregnancies.

  75. Very sad to hear, Brother Cavil.


  76. so sorry, brother cavil. lost too many dad’s this year.

  77. we’re not weird, we’re eccentric

  78. What mare said. As I thought back to some of your prior comments about parental care…you’ve been a good son and a stand up guy.

  79. People I’d like to see go the way of Harry Reid:

    Mitch McConnell
    John McCain
    Lindsey Graham

  80. Car in, do you have enough WiFi/Data avail to ROKU?

  81. Roku is a scam. Don’t fall for it.

  82. NOW you tell me. I’ve had one for two years. (Only used it for Amazon Prime…yeah, I know.)

  83. guess what we’re having for supper!

  84. lutefisk?

  85. When do you stir in the herring livers?

  86. I’m in London and the sadgasm they are having over George Michael’s death is epic.

    An entire channel is playing his videos 24/7.

    Also, most of the local pubs are closed for the holidays. No wonder we kicked their asses twice.

  87. I have t-mobile with unlimited data. I think, though, I need an iPad. I could watch shit on that.

  88. We stream on our iPads and through our Apple TVs. I needed Starz and old Apple TV didn’t support. We stream through WiFi. Maintain basic cable. I can watch on my phone or iPad mini. Cloud or stream.

  89. Phat, I found that to be true in Vienna back in the day, too. Everything shuts down pretty much between Christmas and the Epiphany,

  90. Oso,
    Have the day off tomorrow so the plan is to go to the Imperial War Museum. Should be fun.

  91. laura, they are fried in salted cod oil, no livers needed. side of kipper, though?

  92. Have fun Phat

  93. You fry pastries in fish oil?

    Why am I surprised.


  94. I love those videos where people try other countries’ foods.

    Koreans frickin’ love American BBQ. It’s hilarious to see these cute little asian chicks hunker down on a Tennessee rib with awe and happiness.

  95. Sumbitches are all at H4, aren’t they

  96. RFH isn’t there.

  97. George Michael had some fun songs, but he was a freaky heroin addict. He did NOT cure cancer. England, please get real.

  98. George Michael had gay sex with strangers in bathrooms, so he’s a national treasure.

  99. He had a wonderful and soulful voice, especially in later years. I loved his duets with Elton John.

  100. We kicked their ass for a reason.

  101. Laura, the Koreans eating BBQ vid is awesome.

  102. Twitter and FB

  103. I’ve been listening to this song way too much over the past few days. There’s something about her voice…

  104. Or you might be gay.

  105. Cultural appropriation for Tushar.

  106. Plane porn for XBrad SFW


  107. A very nice Christmas Story from Insty:
    Miracle on the Old Lincoln Highway


  108. Has anyone else died since earlier today?

  109. Alex, in this one case, I don’t want any cultural appropriation. This silliness should NOT spread beyond India.

  110. Too late. Rich white women everywhere have already cleared their schedules.

  111. Damn. Eternal rest, Princess.

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