BBF Playoffs

Hello, and welcome to the 2016 BBF Semi-Finals.

Today’s models were all posted by me in 2016, and were selected based on the highest number of comments in the thread.  Please cast a vote for your favorite, there will be another round or two before the finals.


#1 Valeria Orsini


Your model for today lives in Miami but was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 19th, 1990. She stands 5’2″, weighs 105lbs and measures 34-24-35. Please stop Dan from making it rain long enough to welcome, Miss Valeria Orsini!

Valeria Orsini

#2 – Charlotte Herbert


Your subject for today is a model, illustrator and cosplayer, born on January 7th, 1989 in Hungerford, Berkshire, England, UK. She is 5’7″ tall and weighs the obligatory 125lbs. Please ignore that smell long enough to welcome, Miss Charlotte Herbert (aka Chad Suicide, Charlotte Something).

Charlotte Herbert

Charlotte Herbert

#3 – Casey Batchelor


Our features for today are naturally attached to a glamour model, musician, and reality show participant. Born October 2, 1985 in Essex, England, UK, EU, Earth, she measures 32FF-27-32, 5 ft 3 in and 112 lb. Please prepare a nice fruit salad and welcome, Miss Casey Batchelor!


Casey Batchelor


#4 – Nadia Naivnaya


Your model for today is currently in internet hiding because she posted some pictures of her humongous rack supporting her little kitty.  At one point she had a youtube channel, instagram, reddit and imgur account, but she hasn’t said much lately…I’m guess because her pictures might have gotten her some unwanted attention.  At any rate, she seems like a nice young lady from Russia (I guess) who is a classical singer and artist.  She likes kitties and holy crap does she have a nice set of ear-muffs.  Please stop being too specific and welcome, Miss Nadia Naivnaya!


Nadia Naivnaya



Voting is closed.  Final Results:




  1. wakey wakye

  2. Bad news kids…

  3. Ok, you guys suck. I seriously need to get my day started.

  4. Looks like I’m skipping crossfit, though:

    12 days of barbell (Time)
    1 Deadlift
    2 Hang Power Cleans
    3 Front Cleans
    4 Shoulder Presses
    5 Back Squats
    6 Push Presses
    7 Thrusters
    8 Squat Cleans
    9 Push Jerks
    10 Hang Power Snatches
    11 Overhead Squats
    12 Sumo Deadlift high pull

    (you do it like the song with reps).

  5. I’d be lucky if I could do that with an empty bar.

  6. We did overhead squats and 70 is my one rep mac. Yea … I can do 11 at 65 TWICE. ugh. No thanks.

  7. I’m going to stay home and bake cookies.

  8. BOOBS!

  9. I’m awake Car in. You can get busy ignoring this shithole dump.

    Hi mare. Greetings and shit.

  10. ok, I need stocking stuffers. Ugh.

  11. Cookies from the gas station will fit in a stocking.

  12. Scratch tickets!

  13. My mom always puts candy in mine, along with pencils and pens. Sometimes lip balm.

  14. Your mom always puts lip balm in mine, she must like me best.

  15. Happy Festivus!

  16. Big Boob Festivus.


    I was a little dissapointed that she didn’t use the word, “cunt”. Other than that, very satisfying read.

  18. I won $30 from scratch tickets from a tip I got wednesday. Those are kinda fun. I’ll get those for my oldest three.

  19. Ok, floor moped, kitchen cleaned, laundry going. I’ve reviewed my gifts. I’m off to buy ss.


  20. Pat was really shocked that I got such an extravagant gift, but I told him that yous guys were really special.


  22. I slept in until 0820ish local. It was everything I heard it could be and more.


    I speak CARin.

  24. Hello Lauraw, what is on the cold porch and how will you be preparing it?

  25. Scott decided my wake time today by plunking a coffee on my nightstand. I told him he’s bossy and he laughed at me. Then he lit a fart, flipped me off, and went roaring through the wall like Kool-Aid. It was very hurtful.

  26. I can see that happening, except I believe there was helicoptering involved that you are neglecting to share.

  27. On the cold porch is the sherry mustard I made a couple days ago, all lined up in little jars with cute gold lids.

    In the fridge is nineteen pounds of pork belly, ready to be smoked tomorrow.

    In the oven is several pounds of Christmas cookies I baked yesterday, waiting to be packed in little bags with ribbons this morning.

    In the cupboard is about $100 worth of fancy cashews, pecans, and macadamia nuts that I will be transforming into rosemary spiced nut magic your mom ramalamadingdong, this afternoon.

    In the upstairs bathroom is a box with a small picture of a happy lady with youthfully pretty hair color in her hair, waiting to make me happy too.

    Why do you ask?

  28. Oh, man. After Christmas I need to start reading the books I bought while school was in session. Won’t have another chance until Spring.

    Looking forward to that. Reading for my own pleasure. Miss it.

  29. So, um.

    Any of you guys reading books?

  30. I’ve got a standing rib roast in the fridge for tomorrow. Going to parents’ house for dinner and gifts tonight.

  31. I have a bunch of books to read, but they are nearly all nonfiction. Gardening, herbs, mushrooms, greenhouses, etc.

  32. In the upstairs bathroom is a box with a small picture of a happy lady with youthfully pretty hair color in her hair, waiting to make me happy too*********

    I told that lady to FOAD 10 years ago.

  33. Well, I’m not pretty enough with grey hair to pull it off the way you can, Carin. It looks awful on me.

  34. I said the same thing to the grinning douche on the Minoxidil box 20 years ago.

  35. Cost of clippers: $15 (still have the same set)
    Amortized cost of minoxidil for 20 years: > $1M

  36. Drudge is full of win this morning. Pure Deliciousness.

  37. I believe on the near future Im going to see a video of one of these SJW’s doing the public harassment routine on the wrong person and subsequently getting mud stomped. Im looking forward to that video.

  38. Based on the Mr Science Total Nudity = Vote rule, Charlotte is my choice.

  39. TT, there was a video of that somewhere. I want to say it happened at UCLA or USC. Bro Feminist gets his ass kicked by SigAlphEpi (or Delta Tau) and their dates. It may have been a prank video but it was hilarious as hell.

  40. I’m sure police will not abuse this surveillance tool that they aren’t allowed to say they even possess. Right.

    This is a lot of bullshit. How is this even constitutional?
    This is how you have these court cases where the course of the investigation is concocted afterwards, because the cops can’t tell you how they actually got the information.

    If you can’t truthfully say how you obtained the information, it’s probably not kosher.

  41. Most of your SJW types need the crowd behind them to get in your face uppity.

  42. I’ve been reading some Sci Fi from David Weber, he’s written some more books in the Honor Harrington Universe called Saganami Island Series. After the first 2-3 books I am reminded why I don’t really read him much anymore, he bogs down by introducing all the science behind space travel and warfare and interjecting chapter after chapter of new characters that have no role except political intrigue. When there is any action, it is abbreviated and then we are back to physics and politics. I don’t think I’ll be reading any more of them because I just don’t care about the characters.

  43. Grey hair is kinda sexy on the right woman.

    Laura, I’m currently reading Beyond Good and Evil, by Nietzsche. Before that was a history of the Crusades. Next up is an basic overview of formal logic.

    I second Miss Charlotte, but I’m disappointed that she’s decided to ruin her body with those tattoos.

  44. I finished watching Bosch Season 1 last night, I liked it. Will probably watch Season 2 this weekend. I’m having trouble adjusting my new TV’s picture settings based on different inputs, I get Amazon TV to look good but switch to Netflix and I have to readjust, satellite TV varies wildly from channel to channel.

    I don’t mind getting fiddly with the settings, but I wish it was more intuitive, I end up changing this and changing that and turning this and that off and on and adjusting that there and then I want to change the channel or watch something else and the process repeats itself.

    *first world problems*

  45. So suck it, Turdfaces, I met Roamy and her lovely family. Roamy is a smiley, sweet, smart, chick!


  46. What??? Roamy met Mare? How can this happen? Didn’t we all agree that Mare is not a corporeal entity and is just a disembodied soul wandering the intertubes and refusing to meet anyone?

  47. It’s a scam.

    Or Roamie will never been seen again.

  48. Until Roamy appears again (alive) I don’t think we should put too much stock into what Mare says.

  49. *does two-finger-eye thing with Pupster

  50. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  51. Squishy hug pics or it didn’t happen.

  52. Pepe, there is photo evidence, but it could be fake.

  53. And another.

  54. I’ve met Roamie – three times.

    I’ve never met Mare even once.

    Mare is fake.

  55. Pupster had a lot of fun meeting Roamy as well. I hear there was squirting.

  56. I’m going to miss Roamy.

    You guys think she’s already hog-tied in Mare’s basement?

  57. Tushar those pics are perfect!

  58. You guys think she’s already hog-tied in Mare’s basement?

    Only if she’s been a very naughty girl.

  59. So, yeah.

  60. One of my kids wants to be a school principal when he grows up. According to him, all the principal does is walk around in the hallway.
    Seems easy enough. Two legs and a sense of balance is all the qualification needed.

  61. Mr. Roamy took a pic with his camera!

  62. For Leon

  63. Pics don’t count when the camera is unrecoverable off the Atlantic Shelf.

  64. Guess it’s time to SSS* for work.

    *I explained this the other day

  65. Someone please wrap all these presents for me while I’m gone.

  66. *I explained this the other day

    Slap, stroke, squeeze?

  67. >>Slap, stroke, squeeze?

    Stalk, slither, swarm

  68. *wonders if shaving yields greater tips

  69. *and how customers can tell

  70. Carin has a beard?

  71. Comment by Pupster on December 23, 2016 12:07 pm

    I’ve been reading some Sci Fi from David Weber,
    I read the Honor Harrington series. XBrad was nice enough to send me most of them. They were okay, but 90% diplomatic/economic/backstory setup, then very little battle.action. I really don’t need to understand the physics behind the operation of the Warshawski sails.

    I kept wondering if they were allegorical references to old wars between England and France or something.

  72. All my Christmas stuff is done, except for the stuff I forgot about. So I don’t have to worry about that until the morning of, when I suddenly remember and kick myself.

    *sighs in happiness*

  73. The Duluth Harbor fog wall pics are pretty nifty (from mothership).

    Minus 18 degrees? F that.

  74. All my shopping was done a few days ago. Still need to wrap them tonight. Fortunately I’ll have an elf to help (Boy #2).

    I did the grocery run today but because of work commitments I wasn’t able to hit the store until 1330. Holy Hannah, it was jam packed with people! I just grabbed a cart and focused on my list and moved slow and steady…no sudden moves to provoke the more frantic shoppers.

  75. When is Christmas? I should probably try to figure out gifts……

  76. If you start now and delay any present opening until noon on Christmas you have roughly 42 hours.

    Ready, set, GO!

  77. Or you could be done with electronic gift cards in under an hour.

  78. Ugh…gotta wrap now

  79. Gift bags ftw

  80. Checking to see if my Christmassy avatar has taken hold.

  81. On or around Oct 15 I started working with Amazon exclusively for Christmas Presents and I have some startling observations.
    -I saved a crap-ton of $
    -I have WAY too many presents for everyone (including myself)
    -I couldn’t wrap all these boxes in a week so I am settling for a 2(wrapped):3(unwrapped) ratio.

    Santa’s contributions are all coming unwrapped due to a shortage of Scotch Tape in teh North Pole.

    That’s tape my story.

    I am sticking to it :)

  82. By the way, the current guy defiling the white house is a motherfucking asshole. He is damaging Israel on his way out.

    Good riddance, asshole.

  83. >>That’s tape my story.
    >>I am sticking to it :)

    I don’t think you are sticking anything

  84. Trump needs to send an advance team to the White House to find all the fucking boobytraps before he moves in. Obama is going to be way worse than Clinton was in this regard.

    WJC arbitrarily decreased the allowable maximum % of arsenic in drinking water by executive order in the last days of his presidency. This number was unrealistic and unnecessarily low by the government’s own standard, and would have forced small communities to build water treatment plants they could not afford.

    This was a booby trap. In the opening days of Dubya’s presidency, he had to overturn that EO, and all we heard on the news was him getting pilloried by the environmentalists and the press about increasing the allowable amount of arsenic and poisoning babies.

    And then of course, there’s all the Ws that were removed from all the keyboards, because ha ha ha and we don’t have to pay for them, the taxpayer will.

  85. Good evening, stuffers of stockings.

  86. Sean!

  87. What!?!

  88. Hi!
    Merry Christmas!

  89. I’m listening to this album, which Chumpo linked late last night. Pretty good stuff.

  90. Laura is truly enjoying the spirit of Christmas. She did not kill Sean on sight.

  91. Oh, hello laura. Merry Christmas to you, too.

    I thought maybe the Ghost of Christmas Past was behind me or something.

  92. Tushar, I told Sean a few months ago that I would no longer try to kill him.

    That’s what I said.

  93. She’s been true to her word, too. I even offered to let her kill me one time when she was all stressed out, and she didn’t.

  94. Newspaper story on the power outage here last week just came out. Wind gusts were in excess of 100 mph in some places. 5 poles were broken. They had to call 811 and wait 2 hours for permission to dig. There was another 2 hour delay until the winds died down enough for them to set up the poles. The power repair guys here really do a great job.

  95. Comment by lauraw on December 23, 2016 7:46 pm

    Tushar, I told Sean a few months ago that I would no longer try to kill him.

    That’s what I said.


    As she patiently waits for Sean to let his guard down…….

  96. I was never particularly cautious, Peps. That’s how she was able to bury me alive/toss me in the ocean/set me on fire so many times.

  97. It’s true. If you look very closely at Sean right now, you can see that one of his legs is being consumed by a Monitor lizard. But does he look worried, or even seem to notice? No.

  98. He’s all tappity-tap at the keyboard, perfectly content.

  99. Totally wrapped with a couple of gift boxes along the way. I really wonder how organized people do this stuff.

  100. Bacon gets smoked tomorrow.

  101. No wrapping.

  102. Rowan is exhausted from all this wrapping

  103. Dawwww,

  104. Brightest Bentley ever.

  105. Rowan’s a a good boy. Give him a scritch for me.

    Huh. My leg feels funny. It’s probably nothing.

  106. There are two kinds of runway models in this world.


    And I want to see them both naked.

  107. Rowan’s little jowl hanging down…you must flopple it for me, because I’m not there and I can’t flopple it the way it desperately needs to be floppled.

    Try not to get bit.



  110. As soon as I even move toward him he’s up and leading me to the door like we’re going outside to play frisbee. Every time. He’s got me trained to respond more than 50% of the time.

  111. Hah! Yep. I remember that. Dorkus was the same way, especially when he was younger. Hard headed.

    He settled into a good routine at the store but didn’t really start to settle down until he got to about twelve or thirteen. I think we took him to Lapeerpalooza at fourteen, and he was out of control there from the novelty.

  112. he wasn’t so bad, just ignored us most of the time.

  113. Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!!!


  115. He was kind of a dick about eating Carin’s cat food and violating her dogs’ boundaries. Embarrassing.

    And when we first arrived, the first thing he did was take a shit on her deck. A big one.

    I mean, just…what do you do, if that’s your dog? You die. You just die. And pick it up.

  116. Has anyone contacted Roamy since Mare claimed to have met her?

  117. To be fair, the cat food was delicious.

  118. No, Tushar. Based on the time that has passed, I would think Roamy is almost done gnawing through the ropes.

  119. It’s pouring here. Don’t get me wrong, I like the rain, but still I’d rather it rained heavily tomorrow afternoon once I’ve finished with shopping and errands and am safely home with a bottle of booze and my cigars.

  120. It never rains (at a convenient time) in Southern California, Colex.

  121. Blerg

  122. Work was that great, eh?

  123. Got a Christmas Card from a niece about going to get their “Christmas Card Picture” taken at their church.
    They had gotten the children dressed, hair done and gone to the church to “Do The Deal”. As they were leaving, they were wondering: “What’s missing?”
    They looked at the picture and discovered that one of the children was not there.
    Where could we have lost her? Retraced their steps, gas station, etc…
    They went home and found a cardboard sign in the front window:
    “Home Alone.”
    Their daughter was laying on the couch, distraught, that they had gone off and left her…
    That’s what can happen when you have eight children.
    Assign them a number in the order of their birth.
    When loading the car, have a “Count Down”.
    If there is a missing number, find the child.
    Eight is enough, is really true…

  124. I always counted the whenever I was out with them.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 12345. ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE.

    Over and over again.

    Work was ok. Loooong. Money was good.

  125. I finally found something I don’t like about my new car.
    Dodge put a econo box gas tank on a monster gas sucking hemi V8.
    I get about 250 miles per tank. 16 gallons total, a quarter tank is 12 gallons, less than 200 miles. WTH?

    I know you have to feed the ponies, but a range of under 200 miles in the city is bullshite

    A half hearted complainant is the skinny tires, they loose traction with a 1/4 of a thought, yes burn outs are fun, but unless you are driving like grandma you are burning them. I have had 4 cyl that had tires as wide.

  126. I had a buddy that forgot his wife once.
    That didn’t end well.

    30 years later he still hears about it.

  127. work is SLOOOOOOOOW

  128. listening to some radio head guy now

  129. Slow is good sometimes Jay

  130. 30 years later he still hears about it.

    He should have just kept going.

  131. slow is OK, but makes the night drag

  132. Ask Sean and X and me about a slow noght drag.

    Ypu don’t know how good ye have it.

  133. This’ns better.
    Real party musak

  134. Derp colored ponies and crisp apple strudel
    Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
    Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
    These are a few of my favorite things

  135. I know a million reasons not to go where I’m headed
    Oh but when she smiles I can’t even think of one
    I wish trouble always looked that good
    Yeah I wish trouble always looked that good

  136. I need a tie breaking vote before I close the poll.

  137. Merry Christmas H2.

  138. I already tried voting twice for my candidate. Damn voting machine wouldn’t let me.

  139. Who’s your horse, Jimbro?


  141. Charlotte Suicide

    TBH, they’re all quite spectacular. If only there was some real life competition we could organize like a pillow fight, jello wrestling, diving or trampoline jumping contest.

  142. Casey and Valeria are tied at 14, a vote for Charlotte is a hanging chad.

  143. At the time I tried to pull a “Vote early and vote often” move she was tied with another at 11. From the comments here I think Casey is the people’s choice.

  144. why am I awake?

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