Things Are Warming Up

We’re getting close to the big day. If you haven’t completed your shopping and still plan to get it done you have my sympathy. Remember, scratch tickets and gift cards, which can be found at your corner store are perfectly acceptable gifts if you put a bow on them.


So 80‘s!

Fresh cut tree


Waxing the runners


And we will wait


There’s a limit to my apolitical seasonal mirth. Stolen from the sidebar…so delicious


  1. Looking forward to watching that video when I can have sound on the computer. Hubby asleep and I no gots headphones.

  2. Reminder: wiser radio WATR 1200-1800 today

    Connection information on the sidebar

    Christmas carols all the live long day

  3. I usually turn the volume waaaay down low and give it a test run. The speakers don’t seem to face forward since Paula can usually hear it better than me from across the room.

  4. Got home at 8 last night and the BBT was blocking my driveway by the out building. I wasn’t upset since that meant my shopping was officially over. Now I’ve got to wrap…

  5. Holy crap, if he’s on today I might actually be able to listen.

  6. Dog in the post is cute, reminds me of Dorkus. Looks to be mostly cattle dog but the ears aren’t quite right.

  7. I image searched Christmas cattle dog or some similar combination of words and there were just a few bona fides among the bunch. A lot of cartoon art from the internet’s early days. Then a lot of obviously not cow dogs.

  8. I love his ‘derp?’ expression.

  9. Christmas menu is ham, mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. I think I’ll try to roast the green beans in the oven. Just not a fan of green beans that have been boiled to oblivion. Steamed or pan fried is better than that.

    *begins green bean research project

  10. Just a fun one:

    The captions under the pics in the linked article are funny too.

    OK, I’m going to try to go back to bed for an hour. Please ask Carin to keep it down.




  14. I have to wrap presents today. And work 10 hours.






  17. fried in a pan with garlic and oil is pretty good, jimbro


  19. Good morning.

    Today is the day I get to decide what to do when I grow up. At least for the next 2 years. My division at werk has been revamped and I’m interviewing with my new boss today.

    I watched 2 Episodes of Bosch last night, I’ve read all the books and I get that they can’t really follow them too closely, but I’m not really buying into the lead actor’s tough guy routine, he just doesn’t seem like the Harry Bosch I imagined from the books. Like he’s trying too hard to be a tough guy, he’d really rather be cross-dressing and drinking appletinis.

    Big thumbs up for the season 1 love interest though:

  20. Bosch? Never heard of it. You guys are supposed to keep me up on good shows I should watch – since there are zero shows I watch right now.


  22. Annie Wersching

  23. Big thumbs up for the season 1 love interest though

    MILFy, but I’m still thinking I’d be better off reading the books.


  25. It’s on Amazon, available in Ultra HD for Prime Members.

    I won’t say it’s “good”, it’s just not bad. If you haven’t read the books, he’s a good character and the author is prolific.


  27. My old coffee maker just makes coffee. I’ve never gotten a serious ALL CAPS perk out of it. Maybe it’s defective.

  28. He has several spin off series, I’ve enjoyed them all, several have been made into movies and now the TV show. He’s a good writer, it’s just like everything else though, after about 10 books he’s just following a formula and cranking them out.

    New Partner or Fellow Law Enforcement person introduced
    Problem with Politics or LA PD command staff
    Plot twist
    Big Break in case because Harry broke the rules
    Harry gets in trouble/sued/suspended/demoted
    Harry solves the case and lets the chips fall

    Insert love interest anywhere in the above.

    I should write this stuff.

  29. I think Xbrad sent me a bunch of them as Ebooks, I’ll look for that email. I’ve got them all now, but some of them I bought from Amazon in Kindle format.

  30. I pretty much burned out on procedural dramas after House and CSI. I didn’t finish either series, either. Only managed to watch 3 seasons of Grimm, and that had Bree Turner.

  31. My old coffee maker just makes coffee. I’ve never gotten a serious ALL CAPS perk out of it. Maybe it’s defective.


  32. Was this your actual SS gift, or is that just what we’re telling Pat?

  33. Scroll wheel on my primary mouse just died.

    Shit just got real.

  34. *sends Car in a Christmas present


  35. Yay, Thumbnail Zoom works with Pale Moon, again! No more clicky clicky!

  36. “NEVER leave the house while the washer is running!”

    Yep. I ran out once, just for a couple minutes, and came home to a house full of smoke.

    The washing machine was on fire.

    Without thinking, I tore the front panel off of the machine and doused the motor with water. I was very fortunate to not get electrocuted.

  37. Two guys from the local garage door company are here doing a service call. Doors were installed in 2007 and other than changing light bulbs when they burn out they’ve had no service. Their site says it should be done twice a year (HAHAHAHA…no). Every time they move around from the garage or shift the door both dogs need to sound the intruder alert. This is getting old fast.

  38. as this your actual SS gift, or is that just what we’re telling Pat?

    That’s what WE are all telling pat.

    I think I need to brew another pot. THANKS SS!!

  39. I thought there was a $10 limit, which everyone breaks anyway.

  40. I think my ss got a really good deal.

  41. Still no reply to my email. Worried.

  42. My nurse (who hates the term “my” nurse) has one of those Secret Ninja Coffee Bar thingies. She loves it for making lattes and such. I have my Mr Coffee working right now. The only deluxe thing on it is the timer. Probably the biggest difference in the taste of my coffee is whether I fresh grind the beans or use the industrial size Maxwell House container. The garage door dudes left so I celebrated by grinding beans. I’ll be sipping coffee soon.

  43. Probably shouldn’t have bought her that leather collar for Christmas, then, huh Jimbro?

  44. My girls are sound asleep in my house right now. LOVE IT. One had been up for 20 hours and the other around 18 due to traveling and what not.

  45. Add a pinch of salt to the Maxwell house, Jimbro. It’s the secret!


  47. *kicks self for not thinking of collar gift

  48. J’Ames, are you using Thumbnail Zoom? or Thumbnail Zoom Plus?

  49. Thumbnail Zoom Plus.

  50. Thanks!

  51. I bet Hotspur carries one of these in his shirt pocket

  52. Are my wife and I the only people who use the expression “poop o’clock” to describe a particular time of day? Like, “It’s almost poop o’clock, can you watch the baby for a few minutes?”

  53. Yes.

  54. Laura has decided to sleep during the day and I can’t work in stealth mode.

    Wiser, need help?

  55. Just go to his house and start baling, he’s gotta work in 90 minutes.

  56. Are my wife and I the only people who use the expression “poop o’clock”


    Pretty sure you are. Maybe you should copyright that. T – Shirts? Mugs?

  57. My college roommates used to use the expression that it was time to “Shit, shower, and shave”.

  58. Maybe Hotspur can lend wiser his new snowblower to pump out the water.

  59. It’s getting the big industrial fans to dry things out that’s the hard part.

  60. Once again, that snowblower will come in handy.

  61. Just flipped across the channels looking to see if there was anything worth watching. Landed on The View for about 20 seconds.

    How the fuck is it possible that I share a country with anybody who gives a fuck what Whoopi Goldberg had to say about anything? Somebody is paying her good money to run her mouth. I don’t get it.

    Maybe I’m rayciss

  62. @YSSP Absolutely terrifying when you really think about it. There are humans that watch that shit and believe that shit for reelz. Imagine if they had gotten into power this time?

    Thank you God for not allowing Hillary the CUNT to be President.

  63. Please, Your Majesty, outlive this brain fart.

  64. I want to believe that’s part of the reason Elizabeth is hanging on.

  65. QE is an argument for monarchy, PC makes every effort to be the counterargument.

  66. The credit union at work runs benefits a few times a year. Sports tickets, kayaks, that type of thing. I usually buy a few tickets as a donation and never expect to win. This year they had a cash calendar thing with the proceeds for a local food bank. I bought $100 worth of tickets. With more than a week left in the month I’ve won 3 times: $25, $20, $15. I didn’t win on the big day which had a $250 prize. So, in a way, I found a twenty.

  67. My secret hope is that Elizabeth has given orders to her military that on her deathbed Charles is to be taken into custody and locked away on an island somewhere. No harm, mind you, but a comfortable cabin far away from the throne.


    Ivanka Trump flies Jet Blue. Liberals lose their shit.

  69. I can’t find an obit online for Carin’s Santa. Still worried.

  70. I see you’re all making the Yuletide ghey.

  71. Coach on Jet Blue, too.

  72. Who’s my SS?

  73. Wiser, it’s still 2016. Your 2017 is going to be kick ass!!!
    (It has to be)

  74. 2017 is going to be great because Hillary Clinton will never be president.

  75. I’m jugging coffee to prepare fro round 2 of today.

  76. And she’ll still be a cunt.

  77. Mare, who did your daughters vote for?

  78. Nominee for an artsy Tuesday Poat.

    I really like these.

  79. well, maybe things are looking up for my buddy.

    It seems he watched this video and it solved the problem with his washing machine.

    While watching it, all I could think was that mare probably would have come in really handy on this particular fix.

  80. Reminder: wiser radio WATR 1200-1800 today

    Correction: Saturday. Christmas Eve day. noon to 6.

  81. Loved the video. I like how his washer and dryer are outside, probably next to a smoker.

  82. Smoker’s probably built from re-purposed appliances.

  83. We added a pinch of salt to our next pot of coffee.

    It tastes richer!

    Thanks, Jay.

  84. Rednecks rule.

    I should have been one.

  85. You still can. You need to escape Connecticut first, and get somewhere sane like Kentucky.

  86. Do I qualify yet? I’ve been working really hard at it.

  87. Comment by leoncaruthers on December 22, 2016 4:07 pm

    Do I qualify yet? I’ve been working really hard at it.

    How many teeth are you missing?

  88. Two more cookies made. Two more to go.

    (more sugar cookies and gingerbread)

    I need more butter.

  89. I need more butter.

    Planning to go look at apartments?

  90. Both my daughters voted for Trump.

  91. I think I’ve watched that guy save those kids about 30 times so far.

    Give that man a medal.

  92. I <3 'dad reflexes' gifs. So much.

  93. Oops on the day wiser. I listened today but it didn’t seem like you so I switched to Rush.

  94. We added a pinch of salt to our next pot of coffee.

    It tastes richer!

    Mrs. Jay started doing that at her job, and she doesn’t drink coffee. Everybody likes it when she makes the coffee.

    Thanks Good Eats!

  95. I bet sea salt will taste like gourmet coffee

  96. How many teeth are you missing?

    I’ve got two crowns and one’s gold. That count?

  97. It’s a balmy 33 degrees and trying to snow. I got the wood stove going and it’s taking the chill off

  98. There’s a very fine line on salt in coffee. “Too much” is a lot less than you think, and it’ll be very, very bitter.

  99. What about Himalayan salt?

  100. I use only the finest in Trump-provoked liberal tear salt in my coffee.

  101. My friend’s ex wife used to sprinkle a little cinnamon over the coffee grounds before brewing it. Came out pretty good.

  102. I used to do the cinnamon thing too but Scott hated it.

  103. It;s not snowing on the blog again…wait a minute; now it is..

    Crisis averted.

  104. Merry Christmas, Slugos’.

  105. Tomorrow is Festivus.

  106. Howdy Hostages!
    I have the next 11 days off! Yea! Planning on sleeping in and going on a few daytrips in my new race car.

  107. I did not know you smoked a pipe, V.

    Keep ‘er between the ditches.

  108. You got me Chumpo. How are things on the west coast?

  109. Evening Hostages.

    So I’m thinking of actually growing out the Hillary Clinton Chia so that I can then shape the “hair” into rude things.

    A hair penis sounds like a good start.

  110. Rainy, as it happens.
    That’s ok.

    That’s a goot idea, Bee Cock. Imma get a grip of Clinton Chia’s too. There is boundless joy in anything that reminds me how much she is not the CINC.

  111. Evening, pole smokers.

  112. There is boundless joy in anything that reminds me how much she is not the CINC.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a Trump fan, but the thought of that bitch being cunt-punted to the sidelines of politics brings a smile to my face every time.

  113. Evening, Hoot.

  114. HotShot, how many MILFS are you leering at at the Ghetto Bar right now?

  115. Bcock, Bcock, Bcock. Always with the penises.

  116. Chumpie, I don’t leer. I wink and nod.

  117. Is cunt-punting anything like schlonging?

  118. There are huge numbers of Trey Gowdy videos at YouTube.

    When you watch the ones of him grilling Cuntles, they just make you feel warm and fuzzy that she got the Lucy/Charle Brown treatment.

    It’s like “Fuck you, Cunt. This is why you lost.”

  119. The first time I ever saw the phrase “cunt punt” was when ace linked to a story about some sorority girl house president whatever writing this completely profane, blistering, hilarious email to her whole house.

    Here, read and enjoy:

  120. I hope the sun shines soon Chump.
    Here on the central south coast it is Meh.

  121. hey all, don’t know if anyone would be interested but i started a new book club group loosely affliated with one of the AoSHQ groups over on FB take a look. if you feel like joining just request membership and I will add you.

  122. Book clubs are for people who try to be intellectual.

    The women spend all their time bashing men, and the guys are pussies.

    But don’t let that stop you.

  123. Still trying to sync all my Apple apps to the new thingies. Love you all. Secret, by saying I’m still trying to link, I mean I’m trying to get Dan interested in fixing stuff. He’s being a douche

  124. And Anthony Bourdain can eat a bag of dicks. His first book was highly acclaimed, so I read it.

    Well, actually I read half of it, and decided, this guy is a skyscraper asshole, so I’m done with his narcissistic screed.

  125. I leer.

    My natural look is a long leering gaze. I come by it naturally. Probably because I cant wink and I nod from side to side.

  126. And your smile would melt the pants off of Ivanka.

  127. I’d have to join facechimp.

    Also, I doubt many people want to read what’s on my backlog, unless you know a lot of other would-be homesteaders and apologetics enthusiasts.

  128. I would actually be interested but for the aforementioned concerns. I have about 50 books waiting to be read through. I wish you the best of luck with it.

  129. Comment by Hotspur on December 22, 2016 9:10 pm

    And your smile would melt the pants off of Ivanka.

    Only Hotspur could say this to another man and it’s still entirely heterosexual.

  130. Evenin’, bitchez and ho ho hos.

  131. Andy!!!! Merry Christmas!!!! Hope your season is bright.

    I remember the cool collages your bride used to post at Christmas.

  132. Thanks! There will be one this year, too, presuming she gets over scarlet fever (ISYN).

  133. I got all over Scarlet Fever one time. That set me back a few Remini I can tell you.

  134. *leers at Andy*

  135. Andy, mucho prayers for Mrs Andy’s health.

  136. I don’t have a Lazy Eye, it just doesnt care about what the other over-achiever eye is interested in.

    It’s a Slacker Eye.

  137. First off hotspur, I don’t think you would recognize a pussy if one bit your nose off. You’d probably confuse it with a naked mole rat. Just saying…

    Second – The house intelligence committee released their report on Edward Snowden. As expected he is a commie shitbag

  138. Thanks, Oso. Yeah, this is nuts. She’s having a pretty bad Christmas.

  139. I’m sorry Andy. that sucks :(

  140. Back in the day, Kathy Lee was making fun of Ivana for taking her kids to NJ to buy school supplies at KMart. Kathy Lee was a friend of Marla Maples. Ivana and DJT kept their kids real. I can totes see Ivanka and family flying coach to FL for Christmas. Ivanka didn’t want today to be a thing.

  141. Hey andy didn’t mean to get all fiesty on top of your post, hope your wife feels better. And to everyone of course Merry Christmas

  142. Prayers for Mrs Andy Z186234

  143. Bibi is a mensch…

  144. Scarlet fever?? The poor thing. Hope she feels better real soon. Any idea what her exposure to it was?

  145. Scarlet fever?? The poor thing. Hope she feels better real soon. Any idea what her exposure to it was?

    Honestly, I didn’t realize it was still a thing. I knew my MiL and her brother both had it. That would’ve been probably early 60s. But you don’t really hear much about it anymore.

  146. usually develops after strep throat that goes untreated.

  147. That’s frightening. Since my eldest had strep throat 11 times in 13 months at one point. Finally pulled the trigger on tonsils and adenoids coming out. I don’t think the kid has had a cold since then.

  148. I’m sure it wasn’t the thousands of unscreened “refugees” that are being spread about the country bringing diseases that have, long ago, been eradicated in this country.
    That couldn’t possibly be it…

  149. Such a fucking racist

  150. Well, and usually it’s a disease of children.

  151. Thanks for the link, fakeChad. I skipped around in the document, but from what I could see, this Snowden fellow seems to be quite the headcase.

  152. I blame the tube full of disease a/k/a aircraft she flew back from Austin on last weekend.

  153. Nah, it’s just the evil streptococcus. She hasn’t had the usual strep throat symptoms at all, which is just weird. Oh well.

  154. You shoulda opened a window Andrew.


  155. Mystery Men is still funny

    evenin H2! A great night of darts!

  156. All Hail, Jay The Dart

  157. Chumpo lives! It’s a Christmas miracle!

  158. Sleeping like a baby now. She has this hereditary neuropathy issue that’s interacting with teh Scarlet “fever” Johannson and made her joints hurt bad, hands swell, etc. It really sucks, especially for someone who’s nominally the healthiest one in the family, marathon runner, etc.

  159. Oso, I bet the White House staff all love the Trumps by the end of next year.

  160. ugh, hope it passes quickly, Andy. I’ve had this crap for a month, but not that bad!

  161. Hi, Buddy.

    How goes the brewing? Nice and clear I hope. My friend and I are frustrated because we can’t get a simple Lager right. It’s a damn shame.
    we have done some great ales recently; however. Porters have been the very popular recipes of late.

  162. Heh, bet they are counting the days, CoAlex, no matter what the media says.

    GOP is always more pleasant.

  163. Started controlling the fermentation temp, and the cranberry wheat I did was awesome. Just did a Kolsch, got to bottle that on the new year. I was just putting together a porter recipe to try.

  164. Go, man. easy on the malt. Let it be dry. Once we used Milk Sugar, that was a good deal.

    Love a kolsch. Recently I’ve been visiting the great Lagers. Sam Adams Boston is really out of sight. Just perfect.

  165. Going to build a fermentation chamber out of the extra upright freezer I inherited. Been doing it in a swamp cooler with frozen water bottles.

    Surprisingly easy. Not sure why I should upgrade.

  166. Kolsch is my favorite so far. This will be my 3rd batch. Controlled temp all the way through, I’ll bet it kicks ass.

  167. Out dancing. Lots of pretty girls, but the dance floor is packed. Waiting for another room to open for blues dancing.

  168. The byproduct? Elliot loves the biscuits I make from the spent grains and peanut butter.

    Wonder how he’ll like the porter grains?

  169. Out dancing

  170. even I eat the porter grains.

    We steal about six ounces of the first runnings when we make porter. We mix in equal parts Jameson and drink it still hot.


  171. oh man, that sounds great. pretty sweet drink!

  172. I found Sean M’s college rock project in his old book bag. You guys were pretty good for Teh Bay!!

    It’s like The Monkees got bad-banged by The Punkies

  173. All the children are tucked in their beds
    Sugar-derp fairies dancing in their heads
    Snowball fighting, it’s so exciting baby

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