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TOP OF POAT UPDATE [leon]: I just looked at the agenda for my CPR class today and it runs until almost 730pm EST.  I will have a post scheduled for 7pm, and anyone with edit privileges is welcome to add photos as they open gifts, or send them to me and I’ll add them as soon as I can.

I don’t have it in me to do art today, but we need a new poat.   Here it is.

Upset that there is no art today?


I’m sure I have plenty of fun and interesting stuff sitting around my desktop. Like this nice Holiday themed meme.


Don’t like that?   File a complaint with corporate, because IDGAF.

Moving on.

One of my co-workers wanted me to name the new pupper Ling-Ling.  She won’t shut up about it. Then she called me racist for posting this on facedouche. (she was joking)


I’m sure I have more stuff. OH YEA.  So Hannah (first year in college) was CERTAIN she bombed her math final and was going to get a c+ in the course. Well, she ended up getting a 86% and an A- in the course, so luckily the following will not apply to her:


YEA Hannah. She’s got a 3.79 for her first semester.    And she didn’t lose a single pair of my headphones the entire time she wasn’t living here.

Well, I have to say I’m awfully proud of this post. It probably took an entire 5 minutes. Time to rest on my laurels.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t hit the hard news: Hillary lost the election ONE more time yesterday, so it’s time to celebrate.

Ok, enough of that.  Time to finish that shopping.

Update- just because

Thom Yorks ex died yesterday of Cancer. They were together for a long time and had two kids together. His last album obviously was colored by the breakup of their relationship. This song especially. I know they’re famous and all and it’s not important, but even big famous people are affected by life sucking.

I also lost a friend yesterday – a VERY VERY nice regular. She had Leukemia which made her recovering from an appendectomy (not to be confused with the Addadicktome surgery) very difficult . She got weaker and weaker the past few months and was removed from life support on Sunday.   :(

Update [leon]: America, one month from today:



  1. Wow. this poat is AWESOME.

  2. I would like to share with you all that I love Vicoden in the morning.

    That is all…

    Now back to yer regularly scheduled MOM.

  3. I have an update, but it looks like Carin is editing, so I will wait.

  4. Yea, you’ll wait. I’m done now. Carry on.

  5. Sorry to hear about your friend, Carin.

  6. Updated.

  7. She was a very nice lady. Her and her friend would bring me all sorts of baby plants from their garden. he’s a major horticulturists and would go all over the country gathering stuff to crossbreed. They gave me a lot of hostas and peonies this past summer.

  8. Car in is sassy today!

    Sorry about your friend. 2016 has sucked, it can’t go away fast enough.

    2017 is gonna rock! Make H2 great again

  9. Well, this has shaped up to be a rather kick ass post.



  11. I bet my wife that Betty White won’t live ’til 2017. I want to be wrong, but I keep thinking it’s gotta be soon. Probably in a parasailing accident.

  12. show of hands for who feels bad for Wiser:

  13. Great poat, Carin. Sorry about your friend.

    I wore that T-shirt to pick up my daughter (She always says that to me as a joke -maybe) she laughed out loud in the airport.

    Also, my daughter’s kitty whom I love, got into a tree I had put up in our entrance and all hell broke loose. My husband had it fixed except for one of the broken awesome ornaments and added a strut to a nearby table so it couldn’t happen again.

    I said, thank you and laughed, and said, “I would have cleaned that all up and dealt with it!” He said, ” No problem, you needed a cooling off period.” Hahahahahah. Good man.

    So I’m going to consider this Carin’s poat for me even if it isn’t.

  14. EXCELLENT update, Leon.

  15. From the last poat:

    Hotspur, did you see my comment last week. I was at the Island Grill praying you’d walk in (worried because I thought I might recognize you from the POL pic but could only yell out, HOTSPUR!). I left the next day at the crack of dawn on a road trip to Texas. Stayed there a week. Flew back. Very sorry (honestly ) I missed you. Also worried I only knew your wife by, “Hotbride.”

    You should have emailed me. We went to lunch at The Hurricane. We could have easily gone to Tierra Verde.

    First thing I do when I get to FL is order a grouper sandwich.

  16. *Impressed by lack of hands shown…

  17. I gave your mom a lot of peony this past summer.

  18. *Impressed by lack of hands shown…

  19. You know what is so cool about this year’s election?

    Cankles McMaoSuit got schlonged.


    She lost more Electoral College votes than Trump.


  20. Poat Killing. It’s what’s for supper.

  21. I’m poking around in eclipse making a shell project for an older coworker who refuses to learn new things, so I’ve been busy.

  22. I’ve been poking around your mom, so I’ve been busy.

  23. As long as most of you are not busy would one of you be so kind as to pop this pimple/ingrown hair/boil thingee on my ass? I cannot reach it.

  24. I’ll pop it.

    *grabs 12ga.

  25. ^^^ Overkill. I was thinking more of a sterile needle approach. Mare, you busy right now?

  26. Want me to gas up the flamethrower? It’ll clean that right up.

  27. Sterile Needle would make a great ironic porn name.

  28. Apparently my CPR class runs 4.5 hours starting at 3pm, so I’ll have to do the Secret Santa post after I get home.

    Everyone okay with 8pm start?

  29. Nevermind, I updated this poat with some instructions.

  30. way to kill the blog, Leon.

  31. I have literally been shopping since I last commented.

  32. I was hoping someone would clean this house while I was gone.

    Thanks for nothing.

    Lauraw – can I borrow your flying monkeys?

  33. 1998 was the last time I went Christmas shopping.

  34. You were wise and didn’t have kids, scott.

    I did a TON of it online. Most of it. But I needed moar stuff today.

  35. Buy enough presents for n-1 kids. Tell them the week prior to Christmas that they have to earn your love.

  36. We quit Christmas the year we got the store.

  37. “Fuck it, we’re Jewish now!”

  38. Modern Jews get gifts during Hanukkah … TANSTAAFL

  39. I buy gifts for my family: brother/sister/mom and Paula. She handles the rest of it. I’ve been in one store to buy her stocking stuffers and that was today on the way home from work.

  40. Sure Carin, no prob.

    *sets up Carin’s username and a $100 voucher for monkeyassassin.org*

    Tabs on the top right of the page, click either ‘straight-up murder’ or ‘shit on car from great height’ and just follow the prompts.

  41. HotBride and I do not exchange gifts – Christmas, birthdays, anniversary.

    Neither of us need anything, nor want anything. We have each other.

  42. All my shopping was online. Pretty sure I’ve done it that way for at least the last 5 years.

  43. either of us need anything, nor want anything. We have each other.


  44. Sister + family: Chocolate gift basket
    Brother + family: Coffee beans and a toy for the kid
    Mom: earrings
    Paula: Apple watch and necklace, chocolate, pens* , Chili’s gift card

    *(pens, not penis, that’s more like a bonus)

  45. lol

  46. Damn. I got your mom earrings too.

  47. Tiffany’s?

    Damn, you cold!

  48. I have a hodge podge of things I got everyone. I have sorta a lot to buy for. Mom, sister, stepmother, bother, nephews. inlaws.

  49. I’m not buying anybody shit. Fucking capitalist materialistic fake holiday.

  50. I got your mom a necklace.

  51. Heh:

    While ZZ Top’s songs can be highly offensive to sensitive ears, Billy Gibbons has an explanation why they tend to get away with it: “There is an advantage to being last in the record bin. I think when Tipper Gore got to Zappa, she just got so disgusted she didn’t go any further.”

  52. Everybody gets some or all of the following:

    Homemade bacon
    homemade german mustard
    Scott’s family christmas cookies
    spiced pecans (I’m doing a savory rosemary one this year)
    homemade coconut granola
    maybe some homemade dark truffles, if I feel like it (I won’t)
    sesame seed candy
    and a sexy picture of your Mom

    I’m not making lemon marmelade this year. I only have a couple days to get this shit done.

  53. truffle shuffle

  54. No!! I revise list now. That’s too much work. I’m not even making my Christmas cake this year because I’m not feeling it.

    spicy pecans
    your Mom with a donkey

    That’s it. I’m going out back to work again with Scott tonight, and I still have a big pot of beef broth to can up tomorrow, I might have jury duty on Friday, and I’m working all day on Christmas Eve so I can’t do it then either. Enough. I can manage just these few things without going insane.

  55. Tales from the front line. A certain nurse I know working in an unnamed hospital had a family member take 2 pills from a medicine cup as she had her back turned to help the patient re-position. Anger and condemnation soon followed tempered by restraint. A weaselly charge nurse didn’t evict the family member. Nurse is still irate at the incident.

    Addicts gotta addict

  56. They didn’t call security??

  57. They did but there was nothing they could do. She asked them to zoom their cameras on the medicine cup as she entered the room. Couldn’t see the meds even though they were still in the unit dose packaging. The dirtbag said she must’ve dropped them between the med room and the ER room. The good news was it was just oral Zofran and Flexeril. Still, accusations like that, of a nurse “keeping” meds can ruin your reputation in so many ways. She was pissed.

  58. Yeah, they discuss ‘diversion’ in school. Apparently a high proportion of nurses are drug abusers.

    Being wrongly accused or even suspected of doing a crime is the most helplessly enraging feeling. Goes to your core. I’m surprised she didn’t try to turn the guy upside down herself.

  59. It was touch and go for a while. Some time has passed and she’s still quick to anger when discussing it but is also saying things like “That’s never gonna happen to me again”. She’s used to dealing with D-bags and other assorted lowlifes but this was a new one on her.

  60. If a druggie is that desperate and daring, I’m not sure there’s a way to always prevent this sort of thing.

  61. We called off work for tonight. Guy was taking forever to call us in.

  62. I’ve got a puppy on my feet because Moose is barking. That still scares her.


  63. He’s being a manipulative jackass.

  64. I am home and adding pics to the SS post, which is live.

  65. This is the son of a longtime client. I had no idea this was going on. For over a year.


  66. Neither of us need anything, nor want anything. We have each other.


    You know your avatar pic? I’m doing that to you right now.

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