MMM 252: Snowmaggedon

8″ yesterday, just like your mom got.  Headed outside to shovel again in a little bit, because it never actually let up yesterday while I was shoveling the first time.

Public cult activity.


I prefer to do these at face height. This looks like a future rotator cuff issue.


Mother of the year candidate.


How’d this get in here?


Ah, that’s more like it.


It looks so warm there…


Are the gloves a kink or are they supposed to make her look ‘tough’?


Good rear deltoid definition.




  1. Sorry this is so late, I made the mistake of checking work email first.

  2. nice job leon –
    3 of those guys are cute

  3. Shouldn’t that be “father of the year”?

    Also, #5’s weenus is threatening to appear. Probably should use more tape next time.

  4. Crossfit is cancelled for snow day.

    wakey wakey.

  5. Ugh, couldn’t sleep last night. I’m behind on homework, so today will be spent frantically trying to get it done and still catch a couple of hours of sleep so that I’m not a zombie in class tonight.

  6. Shouldn’t that be “father of the year”?

    Because dad is taking the picture or because the subject is secretly a man with perky bazongas?

  7. Back to werk after a week off, meetings stacked up all day today and training on a new system the rest of the week. By my count I had 8 phone calls, 7 texts, and 23 emails from werk that couldn’t wait until I was back on the clock. It’s nice to be needed, but I never really got to relax at all. I burned through most of my frequent flyer miles and hotel points, but we got to see our families and spend time with the grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. Worth it.

  8. I’m postponing shoveling until after my 9am meeting. Going out for an hour then stopping for 15 minutes seems foolhardy. Better to see if there’s anything urgent before I go and to just get it all done in one marathon session.


  10. Snowblower is broken. We’re fubard.

    Pay took my Lesbaru to werk and left me with my son’s truck. Which I hate driving.

  11. I’ve got sleeping dogs at my feet and I ain’t going anywhere until worky work time.

    I’ll make some soup. That will sustain us.

  12. Today’s WOD: shovel, AMRAN.

  13. Yea. My driveway that could be a pretty serious workout.

  14. Mine will likely take 3 hours.

  15. I would actually really like some snowshoes. I could pretend I’m running.

  16. Mine would likely take three days.

  17. The Midwest is colder than I remember. It sucks.

  18. Everyone is whining up here – “my car is stuck” . There really isn’t that much snow. If they’re stuck now, they need to just pack it in for the winter.

    One girl is already saying she can’t get out – but work isn’t for another 2 and a half hours. Get digging my friend.

    It’s not as if she has a driveway like mine. My lesbaru got out no problem. I hate driving that freakin truck though. Ugh. Not looking forward to that.

  19. The Midwest is colder than I remember. It sucks.

    I didn’t shovel once last winter. We were due for a bad one. It’s not even bad yet, temps are still pretty high, just got a lot of snow on the ground.

  20. Oh for heaven’s sake, it’s 34F. Toasty warm.

    Another 10-16″ forecast for next weekend.

  21. Mine would likely take three days.

    That means you don’t have enough kids. You should steal some and put them to work.

  22. MJ, you should get your neanderthal DNA report. I have the neanderthal gene associated with height. You might as well.

  23. How’s she going to get out after the nest is empty?

  24. I only have two currently in the house. And only one shovel.

  25. Mother of Year has triplets?

    Low temp of 1 on Thursday night. Yeah, fuck that shit.

  26. I only have two currently in the house. And only one shovel.

    Figure out which one is currently pissing you off more, and give them a paper cup.

  27. How’s she going to get out after the nest is empty?

    Most likely by the time the last one leaves the older ones will have started to filter back in.

  28. I don’t know whether or not to feel sorry for the author of this article.

  29. Antarctica = Atlantis, confirmed.

  30. Um, 12k before present was… still in the last great glaciation period. If anything, Antarctica was more icy then. OTOH, you could probably have easily boated there from South America. Assuming you wanted to go and hunt penguins or something equally stupid.

  31. Fun fact, we’re still in an ice age, because there’s ice at the poles, we’re just between great glaciations.

  32. A human city in Antarctica is silly.

    Everyone knows that the city was actually created by the Elder Things and their servants the shoggoths.

  33. We’re having the Snowmageddon here too. I did rounds earlier this morning and saw my schedule for the day looked pretty full. By the time I got to the office and looked at the schedule again half of the morning was gone. Still need some afternoon cancellations to make the day complete.

  34. Not that Antarctica thing again? That’s made the rounds ever since the Rooskies found that funkiness at Lake Vostok…

  35. Nice of apple to make a charging cable that’s different than everybody else.

    stupid iPod touch.

  36. Made. It out of the driveway.

  37. My ass is dragging. I didn’t shovel last night. Main part of the driveway got plowed, and my son in law used his snow blower about 3 pm on the rest, but that part now has 4″ on it.

  38. Oh goody, they’ve started in on the Catholic bashing over at the HQ.

  39. I dug the car out in about 90 minutes. If I want to dig the truck and the big turnaround area out it will likely take another 90.

  40. Oh goody, they’ve started in on the Catholic bashing over at the HQ.

    Heretics gonna heretic.

  41. My vincas are still blooming.

  42. Pendejo, you probably want to go see a doctor about that. Longer than four hours can be a sign of a serious medical problem.

  43. >>Pendejo, you probably want to go see a doctor about that. Longer than four hours can be a sign of a serious medical problem

    Ha ha ha! Pendejo, if you got vincas blooming down there, you could be gay. See a doctor anyway.

    It seems they now have therapy to make the ghey go away.

  44. What is wrong with Arizona and S Carolina that they keep electing these two human sized buttplugs as senators?

    These assholes are opposed to Tillerson. Tillerson was recommended for the SecState job by Condi Rice herself, pretty much the incarnation of steely eyed US foreign policy, and supported by no less than James Baker and Robert Gates.

    Does Graham know his scrotum from his arsecheek?

  45. You know what makes your vinca go away?


  46. Jimbro, if hoarfrost accumulates on Pendejo’s nethers, forget vinca, the whole thing will wilt away.

  47. oh come on, only Mike Pence believes that.

  48. I’ve heard testimonies from a number of people who’ve left the gay lifestyle. Gay activists will argue that they are either 1) now in denial or b) they were never gay in the first place. We can’t actually do the science to know for sure, because in the current climate it’s literally safer to work with something actually radioactive instead.

  49. MJ, you should get your neanderthal DNA report. I have the neanderthal gene associated with height. You might as well.
    You realize I’m 5’10”, right?

  50. Leon, I have always fantasized about someone inventing a way to perform tests on an unborn baby and predict with high certainty if it would turn out gay.

    That would put liberals in a moral quandary. Do they protect abortion rights, and allow the gay babies to be aborted? Or do they ban abortions to save the gays?

    I know they will weasel out by banning abortions specifically for gay babies, but still, the divisions would be deep.

  51. You realize I’m 5’10”, right?

    Is that metric? Sounds metric.

  52. Why not 5’11”?

  53. There’d be no conflict. Abortion is a greater sacrament and the left would just pivot back to homosexuality as a lifestyle choice. The goal was always to push hedonism by whatever argument worked at the moment.

  54. Tushar – that’s why the left is so conflicted about finding the gay gene. They would love for it to be biologically based (born this way) but then I can’t wait for them to circle that square with the holy sacrament of abortion.

  55. They can’t pivot it back to a lifestyle choice. Because they’ve become too invested in “gay as minority” – civil rights issue.

    If it’s a choice, that loses a bit of it’s bite.

    Not that they’re terribly committed to logical consistency.

  56. I find it di to believe that it is completely a choice, or completely something one is born with.

    As always, when we are confronting two extremes, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

  57. They can’t pivot it back to a lifestyle choice. Because they’ve become too invested in “gay as minority” – civil rights issue.

    With the push for transsexualism, no difference between men and women anywhere, etc. they’re trying to force androgyny as the next cultural step. Once there are no differences between men and women then being gay or straight is no longer a thing.

  58. I find it di to believe that it is completely a choice, or completely something one is born with.
    As always, when we are confronting two extremes, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    The answer is that orientation and behavior are two different things. Some people are born attracted to the same sex. That’s different than people who are willing or even comfortable having intercourse with someone of the same sex. I suspect that a lot of people “cured” of homosexuality had other issues that manifested themselves behaviorally.

  59. Personally, I’m completely agnostic regarding where it comes from – although I’d lean nurture over nature.

    look at the stuff leon is always talking about regarding porn, and how THAT affects what turns them on.

    Just saying.

    But as a political issue, it’s poison for them to find the gay gene.

  60. Either way they are screwed. If it’s a gene, abortion and/or gene therapy will eliminate it. If it’s the result of nurture/conditioning, then therapy can change it, and parents have every right to seek it for their children.

    They have to have it both ways and make it celebrated and wonderful or it’s no longer useful. And that’s the whole point, the Left doesn’t care about gays or trans or gay marriage except as weapons against anyone who might oppose them,

  61. Here’s my problem with homosexuality: I have zero ability to understand why it might be satisfying to a person.

    If I’m in the same room as Sofie Vergara and some dude who’s considered to be hotter than a two dollar pistol, I’m spending 100% of my mental energy on Sofie Vergara and 0% on the dude. I can’t understand how anybody with a penis and testicles would be different.

    I can understand murder. If I knew for a fact I’d not go to hell and not spend a day in prison, I’d have already done it.

    I can understand rape. I’m not cold blooded enough to do it to another human being myself…..but I understand the motive.

    I can understand stealing, robbing, swindleing, etc. Easy money is always welcome.

    I can understand the motive for many other behaviors that are immoral and/or illegal. But I don’t understand why anybody would want to fuck another guy’s ass or vise versa.

    Other than that, I’m cool with them as long as they don’t mind me making fun of their shoes and shit.

  62. So, Tushar, were you born gay?

  63. No, he took a correspondence course.

  64. Plenty of weird “sex” makes no sense to me. BDSM, furries, none of it, but show me the old-school french maid outfit on a hot chick, and my crossed wires light up.

  65. His GPA must have been 4.0.


  67. Well, yes, I did take a course, and got a 4.0 GPA.

    Top of the class.

    No bottom for me.

  68. Plenty of weird “sex” makes no sense to me. BDSM, furries, none of it, but show me the old-school french maid outfit on a hot chick, and my crossed wires light up.

    The people I’ve known who were into the alt-lifestyle stuff, BDSM, swinging, etc. universally had issues. Some of them were friends and I loved them dearly, but… issues.

  69. Trump administration is going to be like an Ace Of Spades Lifestyle Presidency.

  70. Actually, Tushars GPA was O*O

  71. He was sucadictorian of his class.

  72. Same here, Alex, I knew quite a few in my LARPing days, and all of them had some weirdness or baggage.

  73. >>He was sucadictorian of his class.

    Cum Laude.

    This one is quite funny to me, because in my native language, a dick is called a Lauda. And the plural is Laude.

  74. Suma Cum Loudly

    Like your mom.

  75. Sumo Cum Loudly.

  76. what happened when the whorehouse caught fire?
    Some came out running.
    Others ran out cumming.

  77. Huma Cum Loudly

    *Hillary’s dream

  78. Huma Cum Loudly

    I’ll take “things Anthony Weiner only heard when he wasn’t in the room” for $200, Alex.

  79. Huma Cum Loudly, wake up the town
    Will Hill still love you, when she’s not white house bound?

  80. I wonder if it is too late to leave my current profession and become a pastor.

  81. Pretty sure there’s a special place in Hell for guys like that.

  82. Soon

  83. I wonder if it is too late to leave my current profession and become a pastor.

    Definitely not LDS. They kinda cray cray bout they undies.

  84. Scott, that device looks interesting. The hipster doofus looks like any second Laura is going to pop out of the bushes and give him a wedgie.

  85. I could make medium rare burgers safely.

  86. I’ve been making med-rare burgers safely my whole life. Sous vide is a scam.

    That hipster irritated me, yes.

  87. Ha ha ha, Scott informs me that ‘luckily’ and ‘safely’ are not synonyms.

  88. I am not sure sous vide is a scam. The theory is sound.
    Of course, the real test is the taste.

    BTW, interesting video from ‘Americas test kitchen ‘
    I did not know carbon steel skillets are a thing. Much lighter than cast iron, and equally good results.
    Their other reviews are good too.

  89. Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church

    The Lord’s Propeller wants you nekkid

  90. I have that matfer bourgeat skillet, but in the larger 14-inch size. I wish I had gotten the smaller size though. It is too heavy for me to move it one-handedly. I never realized how much of cooking is doing one thing with the skillet in one hand, and something else with the other hand. Cumbersome when you can’t do it.

  91. I’d like to point out the “Catholic bashing” was largely a Catholic or two noting that, really, the Catholic powers with autocratic cultures did a piss poor job of building colonial cultures, as opposed to the Protestants with a history of Common Law.

    Might also have been started by yrs. trly, a Catholic.

    So not so much Catholics or Catholicism as cultural tendencies.

    (Seriously, it’s the last Roman bureaucracy, what do you expect…)

  92. Catholics built Europe in the first place, so there’s that.

  93. It takes a sick mind to change this

    to something nsfw lik this

  94. Scott: temp controller and a crock pot.

  95. Add an aquarium pump to move the water.

  96. I think my Secret Santa gift came.

  97. People seem to forget that the Church didn’t spring up fully formed from vacuum. It was a two thousand year battle to spread Christianity among pagan tribes and convince them to change their ways. A lot of the things the Church is criticized for are vestiges of the pagan traditions, or compromises necessary to enable the Church to spread the word of God.

    And Cavil I did notice that after I posted. In the past the HQ has devolved into Catholic bashing, and I thought it was heading in that direction. My apologies.


    **I swear, these people are just not going to stop this nonsense until we kill a few of em.

  99. These fucking democrats are a hoot – delegitimize, obfuscate, ignore email content, sensationalize, condemn, insult, name call, whine, rage, deny, build straw men, lie, threaten, refuse.

    Did I forget anything?

  100. cunts

  101. Nobody ever wins fair and square against them. Because they are children.

    In other news, that annoying hipster in that cooking video is no longer annoying. His company does a ton of awesome videos where they live the life I would want.
    Any ‘chefsteps’ videos on youtube. So interesting. I love this ‘wall of fire’ outdoor oven. Massively inefficient yet awesome.

  102. If Trump manages to normalize relations with Russia, that is a good thing. In spite of their massive nuke arsenal, they are not a threat, because their ambitions arise mainly out of their insecurities.

    Not so with China. Their ambitions stem from their belief that they are a superior people than everyone else on the planet.

    Containing China will be difficult, but it will be much more difficult if Russia is on their side.

  103. Good Lord

  104. Greetings, soused viddles.

  105. Heh heh heh heh Bangor Daily heh

  106. This sudden chatter about Russian hacking is making me nervous.

  107. I won’t put it past Ryan and McConnel to collude with dems and hand over the presidency to that scrunt.

  108. Meh.

    MEH I SAY.

  109. I second pupster.


    So what does everyone want for Christmas?

  110. If Turtle wants to turn the cold civil war hot, that’d be a great way to go about it. Personally, I think he’s just hinting at it to keep donation money coming from the GOPe big money types.

  111. The Russian things is so dumb. No one will remember it in a few weeks and certainly no one will even think about it after Jan 20th.

    It’s just the last effort of the Clinton people to throw some shade at Trump.

    First she wouldn’t concede publicly, then she blamed Comey, then she blamed the founders, then she blamed news, then she blamed Russia.

    She’s a fucking embarrassment that everyone wishes would just fucking go away already.

    Even democrats hate her. At the moment, they just hate Trump more.

  112. She’s sick physically, mentally, and emotionally. Someone needs to grab her by the pussy (near her cankles) and drag her back to the smoking crevice from which she slothed.

  113. I’m just comforted by the fact that we only have nineteen days left in this stupid fucking year.

  114. Thank Vaca. It’s been a strange year to say the least.

  115. Sean, it is 2016. Don’t underestimate the amount of further havoc it can cause in 19 days.

  116. If they can convince some people that Hillary would have won without Russian intervention, and that she’s going to run again in 2020………
    the Foundation is back in business.

  117. That’s a really good point, Scott.

    Here’s a picture of Bill and Hillary relaxing in 2019, gearing up for another run.

  118. There has to be a reason for the pictures of Hillary “hiking” in the woods.

    They only need a gullible Saudi prince here and there.

  119. Horror Movie Character A: “Thank God this nightmare is over–that’s the last we’ll ever hear of the Clintons.”

    Horror Movie Character B: “Yes, their hubris and insatiable hunger for money and power finally did them in. We are safe at last.”

    [both walk off into a beautiful sunset as music swells and the words “The End” appear on the screen…but then a question mark appears after the words. After credits roll, we see a shot of Hillary’s grave. Suddenly, a cankle bursts through the ground as her horrible laugh echoes through the theater!]

  120. – John Podesta invents MMA fighting for women 65 and over –

    – Hillary takes the title –

  121. Fin

  122. There are no gloves in MMA 65+, just ashtrays.

  123. What about lamps? Can you throw a lamp?

  124. The D ticket in 2020 will be Al Franken / Jill Stein…

  125. As I figured

  126. I love how Eisen kept trying to make it about Trump cheating at golf. John Daly…keeping it real

  127. Hillary wouldn’t get the nomination again.

    Personally, I think the Dems are going to look for another minority, female, and young. My wild prediction: Tulsi Gabbard. She’s a triple minority score (race, sex, and religion), and her military service and opposition to TPP could play well with blue collar voters. She’ll be 39 the next election, meaning that she’ll be qualified to run but young enough that she’d have better appeal for millennials. And she’s attractive.

  128. Berniebot, as well.

  129. Not even a nibble at Franken/Stein 2020.


  130. Personally, I think the Dems are going to look for another minority, female, and young. My wild prediction: Tulsi Gabbard.

    The other name I’m hearing tossed around is California’s freshman senator, Kamala Harris. She’s basically Obama in drag.

    Not even a nibble at Franken/Stein 2020.

    Nobody wants that anywhere near their mouth, Crispy.

  131. No fucking way.

    That would make Queen Pelosi look old.

    They are going to double down on stupid again.

  132. Wait and see what happens in 2018. If it’s brutal to the Dems, then Pelosi may not be able to hold onto power.

  133. It’s Tillerson

  134. “citing unnamed sources.”

  135. I think my Secret Santa gift came


    Gross. Tmi

  136. I KNOW!

  137. If there is one dem I want to switch parties, it is Tulsi Gabbard.
    Dems can have that hag Kamala Harris.

  138. BTW, Wiser kindly helped me acquire an electronic drum set as a Christmas gift for my kids. I haven’t opened the package yet, but I am as excited as I know my kids will be when they see it.

  139. Oh, sweet, it’s a book!

  140. Reminder: if you received a gift postmarked St. Ignace, MI, put it in the fridge or freezer.

  141. ^Kinda wish I’d checked the mailbox a few days earlier^

  142. Haven’t looked closely at the return address on mine. Oh well, it’s too late now.

  143. It’s probably okay, XBrad, unless it’s been sitting under a heat lamp.

  144. Heat lamp? Mail box? Desert?

  145. I can’t think that Americans can be suckered this easily.
    Everybody and their dog goes after the toy company for a photo-shop joke.
    I mean, What The Fuck, People?

    No one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the American people…

  146. Have a heart, have a heart, have a heart
    Sixteen six six six and I know the part
    You are the river flow
    And we can never know
    We’re just a weatherman
    You make the derp blow

  147. Why, in Star Wars, are some people still wearing what looks like homespun?

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