MMM 251: I initially forgot to write the title

I gotta stop doing these on Monday morning.

Happy face.


Professionally artistic sweat beads.


Puttin’ women back in chains like the old days.


Sheets of sweat, so this might be amateur work or just poor professional work.  Also arm veins.


I can do 1-3 of these depending on the day, just not enough to use them exclusively on my “pushup” days.


Power cleaning in monochrome.


Who knew there was a market for giant, rubber-clad, concrete balls?


She should really keep those shorts on.  Gyms can get drafty.


She’s totes blocking me from that hundo dumbbell right now.


Not sure what to make of that “suit”


A gift.  From me, to you.


Man, it looks so warm and sunny there.


Monday morning folks.  Get out there and grab life by the pussy.


  1. Men look like women and women look like men. GET OFF MY LAWN YOU BRATTY KIDS!

  2. As much as I’d like a “Grab Life By The Pussy” coffee mug I can’t imagine a venue where it would be socially acceptable.

  3. I could use one sometimes, but eventually Possum will learn to read.

  4. We have snow on the ground that’s due to melt later today. Time to move the pumpkins from the coop to the crawlspace.

  5. “As much as I’d like a “Grab Life By The Pussy” coffee mug I can’t imagine a venue where it would be socially acceptable.”


  6. wakey wakey

  7. “That’s why can’t have funny things!”

    It’s true, some things are too inappropriate to use.

  8. I should get one of the mugs and then store it in a box somewhere, then open it and use it every day of my retirement.

  9. Hey Leon,
    Can you add a title to this poat? It makes it easier to navigate.


  10. Fixed, oops.

  11. Some different motivation, leadership lessons from Mad Dog:

    What is most striking to me is the General’s humility. The video is 17 minutes, but I think worth the time.

    The last question is a little bit of Marine Corps inside baseball/zen I think. “What is the kill/casualty radius of my knife hand?”

    As far as you can throw it.

  12. Now Clint, you and I both know if I walk around with my wiener in my grab life by the pussy mug there’s gonna be a commotion at work.

  13. not if you switch career tracks to urology

  14. jam2, he’s a thinker.

  15. I did one month of urology as an intern. My month consisted of checking labs on renal transplant patients and rounding early in the morning and late in the afternoon. I did a total of one case for the entire month: an adult circumcision. Only later did I realize the reason the attending wanted me to scrub was so he wouldn’t have to do any paperwork. Fucker.

  16. Were you treating phimosis or was the guy just some kind of masochist?

  17. I have a pretty good recipe for very low carb brownies that I think I can make into an awesome recipe, so I’m going to try it one more time with some tweaks and then put it on the other blog.

  18. My grandpa needed to be circ’ed as an adult.

  19. That was around the time of the HIV epidemic and the knowledge that circumcising offered some protection was out there so maybe that. I honestly don’t remember the details. 20-something guy, Hispanic, understandably nervous. Maybe a woman wanted it done so he could do more than grab her pussy. It was elective so not a phimosis.

  20. Pups, that was worth the 17 min. Thank you!

  21. Maybe a woman wanted it done so he could do more than grab her pussy.

    Not worth it.

  22. my grandpa had it done for health reasons.

  23. Day 3 of chainsaws.

    Neighbor is turning a treed lot into a prairie.

  24. I have to go repair a fence. Doesn’t anyone have something I can read before I go do this horrible job?

  25. I believe that two major corporations just called the Jug Eared Fuck a scofflaw. Not much subtlety here and I likes it.

  26. I got some 8’oclock coffee Alert! blend this week ( Trying it now. I’ll let you know if it lets me hear colors.

  27. This poat is starting to smell like Hotspur’s Mama’s pantygirdle.

  28. It’s Monday, December 5, 2016, and Hillary is still a cunt.

  29. Four of the littler and greener pumpkins got moldy in the coop during curing, so they get to rot out on top of the mound and supplement next year’s planting. 15 are now resting comfortably in the crawlspace.

    Also, I now want to write a phone game titled “Crawlspace Invaders”.

  30. Oh, and HotBride’s last day at the Coop is next Tuesday.

    The union vote is this Friday. We will be in St. Pete Beach basking in the sun, and she hopes the union gets in.

  31. This is what happens when you add the voice over of an old documentary about mental illness onto video clips of SJWs.

  32. Mrs. Pupster and I are in Utah at my folks, who don’t drink coffee. We have been surviving on 10 year old Folgers Instant, but we picked up some of this at the Health Food Store:

    It’s just OK, not worth the price tag.

  33. LOL

    Castro’s fucking jeep broke down in his funeral procession.

    Never tell me that God does not have a sense of humor.


    This will be useful when I settle in to watch Holly’s Holiday Orgy, and The Manson Family Christmas Special.

  35. Pupster’s a Mormon?

  36. Magic Underwear!

  37. I can’t wait to see what Kaepernick gets in the open market.

    What an idiot.

  38. CFL?

  39. Evidently Kaepernick got his ass handed to him on Saturday.

  40. Pupster’s a Mormon?

    Parents and sister’s family are, me and mine not so much.

  41. Magic Underwear

    Magic Commando.

  42. He got pulled in the 3rd quarter, at that point he had 4 passing yards and 5 sacks.

    He was probably sad that Castro died.

  43. make that 4th quarter.

  44. You left the church and they still talk to you? That’s good.

  45. Not Amish.

  46. Amish drink coffee and believe in the Trinity. I could be Amish more easily than Mormon.

  47. The hat would make you look taller.

    If the Trinity is what I think it is, you may be working off of bad data.

  48. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. One God, three divine persons. That trinity.

  49. Beer, Coffee, Bourbon


  51. Oof, I just looked up coffee blocks. Pricey is right. I use the Starbucks instant Via when I’m in a pinch with a large mug of hot water to dilute it. I don’t normally use sugar in my coffee but I add a couple of teaspoons in that. No butter.

  52. “”


    does leon sing the lollipop guild song when he wears that?

  53. Dwarfism and polydactyly are rampant among the Amish because of the shallow gene pool.

  54. I am merely short-statured, and have a disappointingly normal number of fingers.

  55. Amish 6-fingered dwarfs killed it.

  56. The comments at Ace’s are killing me. I had forgotten about so many shitty things Obama did.

    Asking people to donate their wedding gift money to Obama for America. How did I forget that one?

    Life of Julia! Holy shit.

    There’s too much. There’s just too much of this shit.

  57. Obama ate a dog.

  58. *slaps forehead*


  59. Aaaand, holy shit I just went back farther and remembered what the left became when they were driven barking mad by a Bush presidency.

    We’re going to see it again.

    Inflated scrotum man.

    Well, maybe not *him* but it’s going to get that wildly stupid again.

  60. *hides bicycle pump behind back*

  61. It already has, Laura. I listen to NPR because it’s my opposition research.

    The dialogue is absolutely over the top.

    Did you know Trump is going to suspend the Constitution?

  62. Oh, No!!! From what?

  63. Huh. Only 0.6% of the US population identify as transgender. Yet Leon is at MMM 251 and counting. He keeps finding new ones. Impressive.

  64. Today they were shitting themselves because Trum tweeted about a skit on SNL. He evidenly has more important things to think about.

    I thought, well, Chocolate Jesus never needed to, because they never made fun of him.

  65. Right, because leftists are such strict constitutionalists.

    The NPR audience actively advocates against the document, and the people who want it used aren’t even listening. Who do they think they are scaring with that bullshit?

  66. And he’s not even in office yet.

  67. What they really fear is someone reading the plain language and realizing that it doesn’t mean tranny bathrooms and gibsmedats.

  68. Tranny bathrooms are a constitutional right.

    The commerce clause covers it.

  69. I think Ace is stalking my YouTube subscriptions.

  70. What the fuck is a gibsmedat?

  71. What the fuck is a gibsdemat?

    A scam.

  72. I remember how Obama promised that we were going to have 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015.

  73. In the oft-repeated words of Jon Gabriel:

    “My favorite part of the Obama era is all the racial healing.”

  74. Anybody remember the Obama/Biden workout video?

    Not part of the evil, but definitely a part of the stupidity.

  75. Which reminds one, of course, of Michelle Obama’s poorly received attempt to make our children eat arugula ‘n such.

  76. Then there’s the time he gave the British Prime Minister a set of 25 DVDs of classic American films. The British Prime Minister gave him a pen holder crafted of wood taken from the HMS President, the sister-ship of the HMS Resolute, whose wood was used to make the desk in the Oval Office.

    And the time he gave the Queen of England an iPod loaded with his speeches.

  77. What the fuck is a gibsmedat?

    I’ve only seen it used as a racist mockery of black people who ask for things for free.

  78. The one actually prescient thing Obama said early on was “I won.” Not “We won.” As any number of smarter people than I have pointed out, Barack Hussein Obama has been good at precisely one thing in his life: Getting Barack Hussein Obama elected. At everything else, he’s been a disaster. That’s how TFG leaves office with pretty decent favorability numbers while his party is in tatters.

  79. iPod loaded with speeches was his fond fuck you to England

  80. I hadn’t considered it racist, just a reference to welfare mentality generally, but you are likely right and I am now ashamed to have repeated it here.

  81. Love you guys.

  82. I spent a little time at, getting a feel for what real racism looks like. It’s a term commonly used there.

  83. Since we’re remembering Barry’s greatest hits, who could forget this timeless classic?

  84. The fucker told people that they had to stop turning the heat up in their homes, and then it came out that he keeps the White House at 80 degrees.

  85. I spent a little time at, getting a feel for what real racism looks like.

    Which, BTW, I don’t recommend anybody visit. Not very smart people.

  86. Which part? The events documented or the comments?

  87. Holy shit, geoff. I just looked at their front page. The “We are not a hate site” disclaimer seems…a little off.

  88. Didn’t cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term.

    Didn’t double exports within 5 years.

    Left Iraq way too early and responded to the rise of ISIS way too slowly.

    Remember the red line he drew in Syria?

  89. I remember glancing at that site when I found out they got banned from Reddit at about the same time as fatpeoplehate.

  90. Which part? The events documented or the comments?

    The personal experiences that they recount are almost all trivial encounters with biased interpretations. The news stories they collect are obviously hand-picked as the worst examples of black behavior – that sort of selection criterion would work with any subgroup.

    But it’s the comments themselves that tell you that these are people who don’t have a lot going for them, who just need to feel inherently superior to someone.

  91. Jesus guys, I just don’t have time to blog all that stuff that you remember BUT I WANT TO!!

  92. They sure make the microaggressions crowd look pretty silly, though.

  93. He claims he cut the deficit, with a straight face.

  94. All the bowing. And almost always to some autocratic turd.

  95. I think Obama’s biggest sin was devaluing American citizenship. Illegals can now work, vote, get subsidized education and medical care, etc. Being an American citizen has become meaningless.

  96. The microaggression crowd needs no help looking silly.

  97. I correct, Geoff. Being an American citizen is now an outright liability.

  98. No budget in seven years. Crazy.

  99. I stand corrected.

  100. Bush was pilloried for trying to export the virtues of democracy and capitalism to the needy abroad. Obama just imported the needy to enjoy those virtues here.

    Somehow libs believe that America is a cornucopia of money, opportunity, and social stability, and that no matter how many people they import, those things will remain undiluted.

  101. Should have been “incorrect”, I got autocucumbered.

  102. Not being proficient in English qualifies you for SSDI. Illegals and Puerto Ricans were all over that one. Thx Obama! Refugees and their families get fast tracked for citizenship. TFG recruited minors to head El Norte and colluded with the Mexican govt to bring them here. Dark flights bringing in “Syrians” and “Somalis” and placing them in targeted communities. We have been invaded. ICE was neutralized. The DoJ was compromised. Albuquerque fucking New Mexico has a MB Imam in custody and the FBI is battling circuit judges over this fucking guy.

  103. When Rahm Emanuel can’t stand working at the White House, you know you’ve got a dream team working there.

  104. Somehow libs believe that America is a cornucopia of money, opportunity, and social stability, and that no matter how many people they import, those things will remain undiluted.

    When their guy is in the White House, anyway. When it’s someone with an R after their name, America AmeriKKKa is a tightfisted, racist, social-Darwinian hellhole teetering on the brink of Fascism, if not already plunging into it.

  105. Remember how every time a Muslim was caught doing terrorist stuff and the president cautioned us all to not rush to judgment, but whenever a black victim was involved in something he immediately started crucifying the police and/or racist citizens?

  106. Sorry for the deluge – lw got me all would up with her links (and all the hits she sent to IB – Thx lw!!), plus I’ve been a wee bit unhappy with the Obama administration.

    Anyway, back to the mines.

  107. Good to see you, Geoff.

  108. Evening.

  109. Howdy Jew!

  110. Heh. It’s like geoff and Jewstin have a Superman/Clerk Kent thing going.

  111. I was awarded Most Improved Employee at the company Christmas party. I guess I’m a real go-getter.

  112. It could be that.


    It is rather strange. And statistically bizarre.

  114. The MB owns the D-rat party. Taiwanese people were betrayed by Jimmeh. Iranian mullahs were empowered by him. (Adjusts tin foil tiara)

  115. That would be crazy interesting, mare, if Huma Abedin was Iranian. But her family is from India. So…yeah.

  116. Did the award come with money?

  117. I thought Huma’s family was Saudi.

  118. It came with quite a nice Carhartt coat.

  119. Huma was born in Kalamazoo.

  120. That would be crazy interesting, mare, if Huma Abedin was Iranian. But her family is from India. So…yeah.

    Indian (dot not feather) and Pakistani descent. Raised in Saudi Arabia.

  121. According to her Wikipedia page her parents were born in colonial India (her mom’s birthplace is in modern-day Pakistan) but she did spend time as a child in Saudi Arabia.

  122. Dan made a quinoa medley as a side for dinner. Could Dan be gay? Steeler fan? Check. Quinoa? Check. (Help me out here)

  123. Doesn’t look good, oso.

  124. Blah blah she and her family are MB elites. Love the Muslim Brotherhood.

  125. I’ve had this conversation with people on Twitter before, and it usually ends with some variant of “Well, all Muzzies are the same, so it doesn’t matter.” I happen to think it’s important to know one’s enemy, so I like to be accurate about this stuff.

    Also, I’m kind of a pedant, in case you hadn’t noticed.

  126. I love Carhartt gear on men. The heavy, square jackets and work dungarees. Sexxay.

  127. Bcoch, he told me he was a Reds fan. Has St Louis tees, jerseys, and signed baseballs. His favorite band is U2.

  128. Sean, I actually feel sorry for Huma. Some of the wikis about her are heartbreaking. It sounds like she was truthful with the FBI. Moreso than HillPickles McMaosuit.

  129. Bcoch, he told me he was a Reds fan. Has St Louis tees, jerseys, and signed baseballs. His favorite band is U2.

  130. I thought Huma’s family eat their offspring.

  131. The U2 thing is perhaps forgivable, provided that he has a cutoff somewhere around Joshua Tree or Rattle and Hum. The Cardinals stuff, though…

  132. I have to get up in about 5 hours and listen to somebody study.

    Not bitching.

  133. He attended a Joshua Tree era concert. Still laughing at Bcoch’s link. Dan insight: Finally cold enough to wear his wool baseball caps. Lidz gangsta co-workers are in awe of his ballcap collection. Hank Wms Jr signed one of Dan’s Steeler ballcaps at a Palin rally in ’08. Dan chatted Steeler football with Hank Jr. Ghey and NERD!!!!

  134. You need to read more about her parents.

  135. If she was born in Kalamazoo, Sean is probably her dad.

  136. Obama was best buddies with a real life terrorist and 52% didn’t care. So…yeah.

  137. Reading more about her parents won’t change the fact that none of them are Iranian, mare. Honestly, I don’t doubt that they have some shady shit in their past. Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, even. But, again, not Iranian.

  138. I know you’re from across the ocean, are you Chinese or Japanese? Laotian! (What the Huma/Val Jar meme reminds me of) Hank Hill’d

  139. If she was born in Kalamazoo, Sean is probably her dad.

    My Grandpa was born in Kalamazoo.


  141. Sean, relax. You are correct.

  142. Hah, Oso. Somebody used the phrase “chancleta voladora” in regard to encouraging a wayward kid on FaceBook.

  143. That was a reply to oso’s last comment, mare, but here…just to show there’s no hard feelings.

  144. Dan made a quinoa medley as a side for dinner. Could Dan be gay? Steeler fan? Check. Quinoa? Check. (Help me out here)

    If he sucked your dick, Oso, he’s probably gay.

  145. My Grandpa was born in Kalamazoo

  146. If he sucked your dick, Oso, he’s probably gay.

  147. Quinoa tastes like soap, I don’t know why anyone eats that crap.

  148. Cilantro tastes like soap. Quinoa tastes like nothing. I H8 hummus. Gritty aftertaste that clings on teeth.

  149. Hummus is delicious.

    *adjusts sleeve to hide Muslim Brotherhood tattoo*

  150. Hummus Huma is delicious.
    *adjusts sleeve to hide Muslim Brotherhood tattoo*


  151. That’s not Halal.

  152. Pecan Pie Ala Mode tastes like heaven. Carry on.

  153. Denmark’s exports remain pricy.

  154. True. I can only afford to buy domestic cheese danish.

  155. wakey wakey everyone.

  156. Anyone got a Tuesday post?

  157. Anyone got a Tuesday post?

    I did mine already.

  158. Excellent link, Carin.

  159. It is.

  160. We’re lost w/o chumpo.

  161. I read it the other day and much enjoyed.

  162. SO Obama is going to take ONE last Presidential trip to hawaii on our dime?

    Of course he is.

  163. So I’m looking for a good sweet potato pie recipe.

    And I find this one on the Food Network.

    Go down to the recipe review by “jim spummell.”

  164. December 6, 2016 – Hillary is still a cunt, she still got schlonged, and she’ll never be president.

  165. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

  166. Thoroughly Defeated Cunt may become my new favorite scent.

  167. The Center For Disease Control just announced that it will henceforth refer to the clap as the Hillary.

  168. Dead fish smell?

    Someone needs to clean their Hillary.

  169. Summer’s Eve® products are made specifically for your Hillary area. Visit our site and find out which product is right for you.

  170. The other day, Moose jumped on me and I landed smack-dab on my hillary.

  171. The worksite I connect to remotely randomly loses power roughly once a month. Entire days of productivity are lost, almost certainly 10s of thousands in value.

    They were quoted $8k for an UPS last year. Upper management has declined to spend these dollars.

  172. I’m guessing Hillary’s Hillary has a heavy coating of dust. Inside and out.

  173. I refuse to describe any part of myself with the H-word.

  174. I dropped a huge Hillary in the toilet this morning.

  175. Even the dreaded Hump?

  176. I am a cautiously optimistic supporter of Trump, but I am disturbed by what he did to this poor woman.

  177. Tushar, I got way too much pleasure reading that crap. That woman is nuts.

  178. That woman needs to wash the sand out of her hillary.

  179. washington post doesn’t like my disabled ad blocker? FAIL!

  180. Stories like that make me an entirely enthusiastic Trump supporter.

  181. Don’t pin that cunt Huma on my old country. She was born in that septic tank called Pakistan.

  182. That is CheChe, right?

  183. It’s been enough years that it’s not impossible.

  184. Trump taking a phone call from Taiwanese Prez sure rubbed a ton of coarse sand on Chinse leader’s collective Hillarys.

  185. Trump grabs women right in their hillary.

  186. I am a cautiously optimistic supporter of Trump, but I am disturbed by what he did to this poor woman

    Oooh that POOR WOMAN!

  187. Hotspur at the ghetto bar.

  188. Pfffffftttt….

  189. Erin’s getting her top braces in a few minutes.


  191. Arby’s Roast Beef has decided to change it’s name to Hillary.

  192. I mailed my secret santa gift to someone named Sean’s penis.



    New one

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