Whole Lotta Nope

The wildlife in Florida is varied and deadly. We’re not quite Australia, but we’re not far.

Venomous Snakes: 6 – Eastern Diamondback, Pygmy Diamondback,Timber Rattlesnake, Copperhead, Water Moccasin, and Eastern Coral

Venomous Spiders: 5 – the Southern Black Widow, Northern Black Widow, Red Widow, Brown Widow and Brown Recluse

Random Animals: Black Bears, Wild Boars, Alligators, Sharks, Jellyfish, Florida Panther

Those are just the ones indigenous to Florida. Because people are stupid and lazy and incompetent, they bring potentially dangerous animals into Florida via smuggling. We now have Nile Crocodiles in Florida.

A team of scientists has identified three reptiles captured near Miami as Nile crocodiles, a species native to Africa.
Through DNA testing, scientists from the University of Florida were able to confirm that the reptiles captured in the wild from 2009, 2011 and 2014 were Nile crocodiles, the second-largest extant reptile species in the world.
But Florida’s largest and most destructive invasive species by far is the Burmese Python. Introduced to the Everglades, largely escaping during the massive damage due to Hurricane Andrew, these snakes have now made their home here and are the Kings of the Glades. With no natural predators and a climate that is perfect for them to breed, they are dominating.

An examination of the digestive systems of 104 pythons killed this year in a public hunting competition turned up the remains of seven alligators, 50 mammals — including two deer — and 38 birds.

It was ample evidence of the toll the non-native constrictors were taking on Everglades wildlife.

Alligators. The damn things eat freaking alligators.

And just this week, a 15 FOOT BURMESE PYTHON was captured and what did they find in it’s stomach? Not 1, not 2, but 3 deer. It ate 3 deer in 90 days.
When they checked the contents of the snake’s stomach, all they found was some fur, a few teeth, and hooves.
It’s not just the people that are out of control in Florida, it’s the animals too. Whole lotta nope.


  1. AtC says it best: Nature wants to kill us all.

    Going to see Mannheim Steamroller today!


    Oh, HB, Car In

  2. it’s Bush’s Fault. Oh, wait that is the old and busted. It’s the new hotness Trump’s Fault

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  5. Happy Birthday, Carin! May your skorts never ride up and undies never fall down.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  6. Happy Birthday, Carin!

  7. Happy birthday, Car in. I didn’t get you anything but I am sure your puppy will leave you something.

  8. Good morning!

    Carin, for your birthday I got you a gross of these


  9. And this is why I live in a place with real m’fargin’ winters.

  10. Happy birthday, Carin.

  11. The traditional Christmas story has been posted at IB.

  12. I can’t wait to go celebrate my birthday at work with a fake double.

    I bet there will be lots of keno and gift certificates involved.

  13. Happy B’Day, Car in!

  14. Happy Birthday , Carin. Is Elsie your bday present?

  15. Happy Birthday, Car in!

    In unrelated news, The Crap Tree post is up at IB.

    And to be relevant to the post, you can enjoy this, which might be mildly unsafe for work at the very end.

  16. Twitter is dumber now than during the election. And I’m talking about some well known “conservatives.”

    Trump isn’t President yet and they continue to tweet the insane #nevertrump memes and Trump beat downs. Calm down. He’s picked excellent cabinet fillers and if allowed the freedom to do what they do best we’re in pretty good hands.

  17. Elsie is my b-day present.

  18. Some people can’t admit that they may have been wrong.

    They will try to tear him down instead.

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  20. Happy 35th birthday, Car in.

  21. https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/250871/

  22. Happy Birthday, Cah-in <–WIcked classy Bostonian pronunciation

    Mare, one of the funniest of the #NeverTrump intellectuals is Tom Nichols, at least before he blocked me. He was so very, very sure that the Hillary election would signal a coming Conservatopia. Since then, his public columns read like a disaffected Hillary supporter. But he is TOTES a conservative.

    At this point, how do you tell the difference between #NeverTrump and #ImWithHer, because damned if I can figure it out.

  23. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on December 4, 2016 12:14 pm

    Progressivism is truly a mental disorder.

  24. As someone who opposed Trump and refused to vote for him I am attempting to give him a chance and I have been mollified by a couple of his cabinet picks. The thing I am really enjoying though is seeing the Hillary supporters and those even further lift going insane. because of professional associations I follow quite a few on twitter and a number follow me back (the tech field is filled with hard core commies) and the are so easy to spin into an absolute frenzy. I do it on a daily basis. It’s good for my soul. I do it in the office too. All I have to do is make a noise that may sound something like approval of something Trump did and people will be out of their minds for hours. It is so much fun, it’s like being a kid at Disneyland again.

  25. Be careful fakechad, I’m semi surrounded myself at werk and it’s easy to spin them up “too much” and get into trouble. HR put out an all staff email about leaving political opinion out of the office after I started saying things about “making X great again”.

  26. Happy birthday, sweet Car in! 😊

  27. that’s what’s great – I don’t even have to actually express an opinion. just say something like hmmm while they are talking about what an idiot Trump is and the hook is set.

  28. http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20160908-the-language-rules-we-know-but-dont-know-we-know

    I’d like Tushar’s input on this.

  29. Roamy, my wife is just like me.
    Grew up learning English along with native languages.

    I gave her the adjectives in random ord and asked her to construct a sentence describing the knife.

    The version from that article:
    Its a lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife.

    Her version.
    Its a lovely old little rectangular silver green French whittling knife.

    Not exactly the same, but not entirely different either.

    I am not going to give my own version, because my mind is already colored. It would be interesting to give the same exercise to a few people, Americans, Brits, Aussies, and some of them brown colonials from various places.

    From my own language, I can tell that the order of adjectives would be more or less predictable, though quite different from that for english language.

  30. Instapundit linked a Laura post on AoS.

  31. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/12/04/cheney_to_cnns_barbara_starr_trump_took_us_to_point_where_we_dont_need_you_guys_anymore.html

    Dick Cheney, still the classiest and measured uber-mensch out there.

  32. Thanks, Tushar.

  33. Happy birthday, Carin.

    I suppose you’re already at your fake double, but happy birthday for when you get home.

  34. Any of you guys own one of these holsters? Looks like it solves some problems.
    Link goes to a youtube advertisement.

  35. That holster is pretty cool, cept how do you get your gun out when seated? Like in a vehicle.

    Pretty innovative design and approach. If in a urban enviro doing a lot of pub transport would be a good fit.

  36. Good point, troy.

  37. Merry Christmas to me.

    I ordered one.

  38. Evening Hostages. Happy Bday Car in!

  39. I have been watching Star Trek -The next generation.

    You would think a series that started almost 30 years ago would be a bit less PC and revolting.

    Here is what they managed to do with their limited cast:
    Dr Crusher- woman, also exudes sex though older
    Counselor Troi – woman, sort of latina.
    Lt Worf – Alien, also, black.
    Giordi La Forge – black, also, blind.
    Tasha Yar – butch, lesbian, security officer
    Data – robot, also homosexual, though robots are supposed to be asexual.
    Wesley Crusher – retard, aptly played by Will Wheaton.
    Picard and Riker – generic white men, because even a PC endeavor needs to make money.

    No reboot of your franchise, eh TNG?
    Everyone except Patrick Stewart is completely useless.

  40. Dr. Crusher was MILFy.

  41. TNG got better once Gene Rodenberry died.

  42. Congrats on not dying for another year, C arin.


  43. Tasha Yar – butch, lesbian, security officer
    Data – robot, also homosexual, though robots are supposed to be asexual.

    They actually fucked in one episode. I mean, not on screen or anything. But that happened.

  44. Never watched any of it.

    Everything I know about Star Wars and Star Trek I learned from watching Big Bang Theory.

  45. I don’t know why, but I find it kind of surprising that you’d watch Big Bang Theory, scott.

  46. I don’t have a lot of options with free tv.

  47. BTW! Is Beverly a very 80s name, just like Britney is a very 90s name?

    I see a pattern that female names have a relatively short shelf life.

  48. I would not recommend seeing Mannheim Steamroller live, even if you are fan of their music.

    Extremely talented musicians, but very corporate. Totally scripted, totally lacking in fun or any sense of joy. They just played song after song, sounding exactly like the CDs, made some circles with them lights and occasionally turned on a smoke machine.

    Technically good, but overall, very dull. We left as they were starting their encore.

  49. Wiser, that’s when they start up the ritual human sacrifice to the Old Gods of Christmas.

  50. Chip Davis, the originator of MS and the composer/arranged for all of their music, was only there by pre-recorded video.

    Chip Davis is extremely taken with Chip Davis and Chip Davis’ accomplishments.

    Average age of the audience? 67.

  51. Beverly is more of a baby name from the 1930’s-1950s.

    It’s probably about due to come into vogue again.

  52. >>>>Wiser, that’s when they start up the ritual human sacrifice to the Old Gods of Christmas.

    I’m sure would even made that dull and lifeless.

    It was almost like watching a MS cover band.

  53. I was born in 49. Beverly was on the way out.

    I only remember one in my school.

  54. Beverly is a loverly name.

  55. There were no Emilys in my whole school when I was a kid. It was an old person’s name back then.

    Now I know three Emilys just in one class of 20-somethings.

    See also: Chloe.

  56. But Beverly is also a man’s name in England.

    Had a friend, now dead, but he’d be probably early eighties, whose name was Beverly. He mostly went by Bev.

  57. Hazel is due for a comeback.

  58. It was almost like watching a MS cover band.

    A cover band prob would’ve been more entertaining. Cover bands typically aren’t as good as the original, so they go over the top to try and make up for that.

  59. I have a granddaughter named Emily, one named Natalie, and one named Madeline. A grandson named Maxwell, and one named Rowan.

    It’s all so predictable.

  60. Ann (or Anne) is a baby girl name that might be coming back soon. I think the majority of the Anns I have known are in their 70’s or older. About time for that one to pop back into the common.

  61. whole night was stupid.

    I was 2nd on line at the bar at intermission. Ordered a merlot. Barmaid grabs a bottle and empties it of the maybe 1 ounce of wine left in the bottle. She then proceeds to struggle for the next 3 minutes to open another bottle.

    Seriously, it never occured to you to check the wine during the first half of the show to be ready for intermission?

    She then says $8. Ok, I was expecting that. I hand her a $20. And it takes her 3 attempts to get me the correct change!

    Only plus: I ended up sitting next to someone who recognized me from the radio. Which was cool.

  62. My partner’s granddaughter is named Hazel.

  63. What are your thoughts re: Esther

  64. My other partner has a granddaughter named Esther.

    You guys are prescient.

  65. My cousin’s name is Ann

  66. I bet it would be better if they had real steamrollers.

  67. I went to school with a Beverly. She was cute.

  68. My MiL’s middle name is Merle.

    Our dog’s name was Merl when we adored him as a puppy.

    We immediately changed it, for the sake of familial harmony.

  69. Although that might make it more like a Gallagher show.

  70. My sister’s name is Mary Lou.

    When will that become vogue again?

  71. I’m semi-worried that Possums rare-ish name will not be all that rare in a decade or so, and she’ll end up like all the Jennifers and Jessicas I grew up with.

  72. >>>I bet it would be better if they had real steamrollers.

    They played some non-Christmas MS tunes and had videos playing on a screen behind them.

    One involved a steamroller going to a 50s prom.


    So fucking cheesy…..


  73. I can think of at least 6 women I dated with Ann as a middle name. Only one as a first name.

  74. Adored = adopted

  75. Rush Limbaugh put Mannheim Steamroller on the map.

  76. When I was younger, it seemed like the kids of Asian immigrant parents got a lot of the less fashionable names, especially the girls. There were two Korean chicks named Eunice in my high school graduating class, for example. Both of them were waaaaaay hotter than someone by that name should have been, too.

  77. Ann Marie
    Beth Ann
    Lisa Ann
    Sarah Ann
    Cheryl Ann
    Mary Ann
    Julie Ann

  78. My mom’s middle name is Ann. Thankfully, she doesn’t appear on Jimbor’s list.

  79. I knew a resident who was Vietnamese. Her parents decided Thuy was too tough for the Americans so she was named Twee.

  80. Lauraw, your post at Ace’s was spot on. I’ve seen an additional Gruber video where he again bragishly talks about lying and the stupidity of the electorate. He’s a discpicable character and Obamacare needs to be repealed if for no other reason than to rub his own ass in his face.

  81. It wasn’t a comprehensive list Sean.

  82. Ann is the white-person “Maria”.

  83. JImbro’s list reminds of the “White Trash Names” list from Ted. Foul-mouthed but funny.

  84. Heh, never dated a Lynn, either first or middle name

  85. Ann is the white-person “Maria”.


    Mary is the anglicized version of Maria. Both are ‘white-person’ names, since Spanish is a European (white-person) language.


  86. Mary is the anglicized version of Maria.

    …or is Maria the hispanicized version of Mary?

  87. Sat next to a guy in the ghetto bar tonight who proclaimed that Castro had eradicated race from Cuba, and that he’d take Castro any day of the week over fucking Trump.

    I told him he was welcome to move to Cuba.

  88. I accept your challenge. The location shall be an above ground pool filled with exactly 5 3/4 inches of peanut butter. The time will be midnight on the next new moon. The weapons will be freshly caught trout.

  89. Mary was the name of Jesus’s mom.

  90. End of discussion.

  91. I request a handicap, on account of me being a smallish female.

    I request that my trout shall be a large mackerel instead. And that it be frozen solid, prior to our combat.

  92. I told him he was welcome to move to Cuba.


    “I hear Cuba is a paradise on Earth. CNN says so.”

  93. geoff, I have a post going up next week at mothership, giving linkylove to you at IB. Hope it’s okay.

  94. I’m a linkylove slut. It’s always OK.

  95. Mary was the name of Jesus’s mom.

    End of discussion.

    Uh-huh. You ever met a Jewish girl named Mary? I haven’t. Met a few named Miriam, though.

  96. St Anne is the mother of St Mary and wife of St Joachim, my confirmation Saint. All have variants in most cultures touched by Christendom, though Joachim has been a lot less common in English-speaking nations.

  97. Mary wasn’t jewish. She was pre-christian.

  98. Do Jewish women get named Martha or Elizabeth anymore either?

  99. “But Beverly is also a man’s name in England.”

    So are Margaret, Sarah, Angela and Teresa. I think that has more to do with British men than the provenance of the name.

    (That joke would have worked better if he had said France, but since England is the only country France conquered that stayed conquered longer than 15 minutes we will make it work)

  100. Joachim = Jack

    At least, that is the trans in Portuguese (an old Latin language that predates Spanish by centuries).

  101. I’m a linkylove slut. It’s always OK.

    …and thanks.

  102. Joachim = Jack

    Don’t think the math is quite right there. I think it’s more like:

    Joachim = Jack + Repulsive Hocking Sound

  103. Probably a cultural thing where Jews won’t use “Christian” names. Never met a Jewish Timothy or Matthew, either.

    Not enough Barnabases around though, if you ask me.

  104. My Uncle Jack’s birth certificate name is Joachim. Tilde over the a.

  105. Mary decided the pharisees could shove their phylacteries up their asses, and acknowledge her son’s superior ability to bake, catch fish, and make wine.

  106. Mary wasn’t jewish. She was pre-christian.


  107. Oh no, Joachim and it’s variants are all over the place in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Multiple guys in my soaps have been named Joaquin or something like that, or the actors have been. It’s as common as Jimena.

  108. Leon is correct, the spelling for most Catholics is Anne, as in the mother of Mary. My mother is an Anne.

  109. Joachim = Jack + Repulsive Hocking Sound

    No, that’s Spanish.

    In Portuguese, the initial ‘J’ is pronounced like the second ‘g’ in ‘garage’. Like a zh- sound. Oh, and it’s actually spelled Joaquim.

    So, it’s more like,


  110. Zh-wow-keem.

    Good name for a band.

  111. Old school Catholics named thier kids after saints or it wasn’t happening.

    My family:


  112. Which one is you?

  113. Depends on when you start calling them “Jews”. Mary was a Judean, but the people Israel were in two kingdoms at that time, of which Judah was simply one, and was more properly a region than a people. The Tribe weren’t really called Jews until later in in the first century, around the time John was writing his Gospel. At the time of Jesus there were a handful of different groups of Israel’s descendants that had some very serious theological disagreements. Some subset of that formed the “Jewish” core of what would become the early Church, in addition to the many gentile converts that followed. The “Jews” that recognized Jesus as Messiah certainly didn’t think of themselves as converts to Christianity, just following God’s new revelation about himself through the person of his son.

  114. And he was a good bread maker.

  115. I named our first and her name means “heavenly” our youngest was named by my husband and I have no fricken idea what her name means. Thank goodness she’s a kickass kid. However, I call my kids terms of endearment more than their real names.

  116. John, I was named after my father.

  117. Bitch, ‘sup?

  118. Pretty sure Jew is just a linguistic corruption of Judean, which became more-or-less the only population of Israelites remaining after the Romans sacked Jerusalem in 70AD.

  119. Sure, if you want to get all hair-splitty and everything.

  120. Granted, Judea was named for Judah the tribe of Israel, but at the time of Mary’s birth that was already ancient history, like a mountain named after Montezuma would be today.

  121. The Pharisees I can at least understand a bit. They had the Law and were pretty sure following it meant an afterlife with Yahweh. The Sadduccees had the same Law, but didn’t believe in a resurrection at all.

    That’s why they were sad, you see?

  122. My name is not in the Bible, but my baptism name is Michael. The priest in our parish always called me Michael. Never my real name.

  123. I’m no theologian, but isn’t St. Hotspur there in the back, somewhere?

  124. Sean, you might be thinking of that guy who wrote the overly-lurid, line-by-line examination of the Song of Songs (about your mom). He achieved sainthood in spite of that, though, not because of it.

  125. I knew an American man named Beverley.

    He owned Global Van Lines.

  126. St. Hotspur was the keeper of bullwhips. He knows.

  127. I have completed Secret Satan shopping. I put some tape on all the leaky bits so the package won’t be soggy.

  128. The Blessing of The Bullwhips Ceremony happens on St Hotspur’s Feast Day

  129. My sister is Theresa Jo Marie. I am Constance Maria Cecelia. The most generational name I know in Spanish is Jesus Maria y Jose. Very few around. I could never say Gertrudis or Genoveva.

  130. Penelope’s middle name is Ann.

  131. Remember, man, whence the bullwhip came and whence it shall return.

  132. IB gives me a “This site is marked private by its owner” message

  133. Try clicking on this.

  134. Thanks, Geoff.

  135. I don’t think Hortencia will ever make a big comeback as a girl’s name. I could be wrong.

  136. A lot of people have dropped out but are any of you still watching The Walking Dead?

    Dark and obviously a different director but different enough I want to know what happens.

  137. Colin Kapernick is as good an American as he is a quarterback.

  138. I’m still watching it, mare. I know I’m not supposed to, but I kind of like Negan.

  139. TWD without Rick is the MEH!

  140. Sean,the masses are hating it, but I’m loving it.

  141. I just want someone to destroy evil, I don’t care who does it!!

  142. Heh! geoff mentioned me in a post on IB.

    I am famous!

  143. Negan is an obviously bad guy, but he gets such enjoyment out of the things he does. Compared with The Governor, he’s actually kind of a fun character. But they’ll have Rick kill him at the end of the season.

  144. PG, I can pronounce Hortencia. You’re right. Hortencia falls in with Gertrudis and Genoveva. 5 of my mom’s sisters are Maria’s. 9 of my cousins have Maria in their name. My Aunt Martha’s 3 daughters are Ana Maria, Monica Maria, and Alicia Maria.

  145. This is worth a read.


    I am not sure if Jon Stewart had a genuine change of heart about demonizing the opposition, or he simply realizes that the tactic has backfired and wants to pull his side away from the brink.

  146. Just an FYI:

    If you’re walking by the freezer case in the grocery store and see a new brand of pizza in a YUUGE box labeled “Wild Mike’s (sic) Ultimate Pizza.
    Over 2 lbs! Super Sized Combination! Sausage & Pepperoni. Mozzarella Provolone Romano & Parmesan.”

    That it’s a 16″ crust with no visible tomato sauce, less than a quarter pound of the listed cheeses(a dusting), 18 slices of pepperoni, and 2 oz of sausage crumbles.

    Pretty much a 2 lb pizza crust.

    There is a promotion at Safeway to introduce the new product – $5.
    Too much.
    I added artichoke hearts, 8 oz of black olives, and a pound of 4-cheese blend.
    What a rip…

  147. ChrisP do you guys have Screamin Sicilian pizzas in the freezer case? We add toppings, but a pretty good base

  148. Screamin’ Sicilian is the shizz.

  149. Oso,
    I’ve not noticed, but I’ll look. Anything special about them over a Di-journo or Safeway, or Freshcetta?

  150. Way mo bettah than the 3 you named. Serial. We stock up when they are on sale.

  151. Oso,
    I’ll watch for them…

  152. My sister’s name was Beverly. She had an overbite from sucking her thumb, so naturally her nickname in school was “Beaver”….

  153. Can’t believe Bcoch didn’t bring up the Skunk Ape. I kind of H8 boiled peanuts more, but Skunk Ape deserved a mention

  154. Keep your silly ways or derp them out the window
    The wisdom of your ways, I’ve been there and I know
    Lots of other ways, what a jolly bad show
    If all you ever do is business you don’t like

  155. Having a hard time concentrating on my studies. Tossed and turned since 2 am, knowing I had to get up at 4 to cram. So sick of this shit.

    Exam today, exam tomorrow. Then next week, final exams. Seems rather rude the way they pile them all up together like this.

    My give-a-damn is severely busted.

  156. God, my own bitching disgusts me. Sorry, guys. I hate dumping on you like this. Especially when you’re asleep. It’s not fair to you.

    *tiptoes out silently*

    *clangs around in kitchen*

  157. Good luck with the exams, shitninja.

  158. patiently wait for new poat to wakey

  159. Noo poat incoming.

  160. /flounders

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