MMM 250: Secret Santa Reminder

Y’all got ’til midnight to sign up.  I already have a few emails, but I know it’s not everyone who’s participated before.  DO IT NOW.



Shadow in an industrial setting.




Show day.


She kicks high.


She looks nervous.




Monochrome acrobatics.


Last Monday of November, first Monday of Advent.  Get to it!


  1. We never said what the $ limit was, but I’m going to say $20 like last year.

  2. I think the guy laying on the bed use to be a chick.

  3. Everything Hotspur has said about Hillary Clinton is true. IYKWIMAITTYD.

    And so is her daughter. And her Husband. And John Podesta.

  4. Calling Oracle functions from JDBC is a pain.

  5. ww

  6. Carin, we NEED a daily Elsie pic.

  7. OK. She’s sleeping right now, but I’ll try to get one when she’s romping around.

  8. I had an Aunt Elsie and she was really sweet.

  9. I had an Aunt Elsie and she was really sweet.

  10. You know, I’m not sure I understand the point of these posts.

    Is this somehow supposed to make Monday great again?

  11. MJ, these poats are the reason Trump won Michigan.

    You can’t prove otherwise.

  12. They’re supposed to inspire you to make the change, MJ.

  13. Trump only won Michigan because of black male apathy for an old rich white lady–and I can prove it.

    I’m inspired to make a change but only to my workout routine. I guess I’m going to start lifting again because there’s room for a gym in the new house.

    Side note, weights are spensive.

  14. Bleargh. What a “holiday”. Folks sick and ailing so we just called it off and stayed home to “get better”.


  15. I got my weights used. People buy them and then get sick of dusting.

  16. I’m looking at CL and play it again.

  17. There is a facedouche page for my area that sells thing. I don’t know if they have them everywhere, but people sell/buy just about everything.

  18. Puppahing is hard.

  19. What else should we put in the gym?

  20. “Power station” for pullups and dips is essential.

  21. This is an important piece of my office furniture.

  22. What’s the sekret satan signup email?

  23. My name at gee mail.

  24. Here are my thoughts on Castro, the recount in WI, Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Snowflakes, and Leon’s MMM:

    1. Hahahahahahahaha. Say hi to Ted Kennedy.
    2. Hahahahahahahaha. Worked against Scott Walker, right?
    3. Hahahahahahahaha. Go home, plant lady.
    4. Hahahahahahahaha. NBP.
    5. Actually playing 9th dimensional chess, unlike phony Obama.
    6. Hahahahahahahaha. Suck it.
    7. Hahahahahahahaha. Not sure I get it. What’s with these posts?

  25. Ha! Mare loves MJ.

  26. Squat rack.

  27. Did you get my email, based bald man?

  28. I did. I have not been replying to all of them, just putting them in a non-fit-chick binder.

  29. Squat Rack is a good puppy name.

  30. Squatticus

  31. There’s a St Quadratus. I assume squat racks would fall under his patronage.

  32. Leon, I am sure there are better ways, but I simply wrap it in a query:
    select my_function(arg a, arg b) as my_return_var from dual.
    Execute the query, grab the output as a resultSet, and grab the return value from the resultset

  33. Tushar, you’re assuming that getting the ResultSet from the cursor works at all. Either our DBA screwed it up, or the Oracle docs are just wrong on how to extract it.

  34. it should work if you are using a simple JDBC cursor.
    Maybe your JDBC library is a bit old?
    If you want, I can post some code

  35. I am stuck with ojdbc6.jar for… reasons. It’s fine, I’m getting it turned into a procedure instead, for which the documentation appears correct based on my test case.

  36. These guys have the right way of doing.

    I don’t have patience for the right way.

  37. Leon, you are using ojdbc6 for the below reason:
    Your SAs and DBAs are fucktarded fuckwits.

  38. I should have just done all this in Redis. Oracle functions/procedures put too much power into a DBA’s hands.

  39. before you rewrite that as a proc, try the way I converted it into a query.
    I think it should work with older libs, because it gets passed to Oracle as is.

  40. Customer dictate, Tushar. I can advise and suggest strongly, but I’ll be waiting for months.

  41. It really could be worse. This is only 1 version behind current.

  42. Best Cyber-Monday offer so far:

    “The first 100 customers who purchase more than $5,000 get a free Yeti tumbler….”

  43. That’s an insult.

  44. Bad Scene at OSU. CBS is reporting that someone pulled a fire alarm and then ran a vehicle into the students that evac’d the building, then two subjects got out, one with blade and one with firearm and proceeded to attack people.

    Prolly those right wing christian white hetero misogynists at again…..

  45. Weird that no description of suspects have been given.

    and by “weird” I mean suspicious.

  46. I bet it gets changed to one guy with a machete.

    No active shooter.

  47. “An Ohio State spokesman says some students were stabbed, others injured after being hit by a vehicle.”

    Mass shooting?


  48. It looks like they are downgrading it to an “active shooter situation.”

    HA HA stupid media.

  49. The only question: was it a run of the mill machete, or an assault style AK-15 Glock machete with high capacity magazine clips?

  50. I have a semi-auto machete for daily work and a full-auto one that I’m saving for the zombies.

  51. They are spinning the hell out of this story.

    The headlines are all misleading.

  52. Workplace violence.

  53. Mostly peaceful protest against white privilege.

  54. Yep, workplace violence…

    by a Somali…


    wonder what his religion is.

    We’ll never know.

  55. Wiccan?

    Pffft, they’d never tell us even if he were.

  56. muttering something about a snack bar.

  57. No gun involved. Used vehicle as weapon, got out and went all stabby stab. Now he dead dead dead….give that cop a qwepie doll for marksmanship

  58. Ho-Lee-shize A Somali Refugee???

  59. A freaking Somali? I am disappointed.

    I was sure it would be a gun toting homophobic xenophobic sexist white racist christianist cis-gendered heterosexual Trump supporter who is also a fascist nazi.

    Gun toting homophobic xenophobic sexist white racist christianist cis-gendered heterosexual Trump supporters who are also fascist nazis are frankly disappointing me with their total lack of participation in the national discourse and stabbings, but mostly stabbings.

  60. Look, I’m trying, okay, it’s just been hard to make time for stabbings.

  61. The email said no stabbys til after holidays tush.

  62. Leon, I gotta give you points fir trying new approaches like flame throwers. Today the plants, tomorrow, the humans.

  63. I say if you’re going to strike terror, you should try to be more scary.

  64. Tushar is awesome.

    You know, for a brownish guy.

  65. Hmmm. Interesting that Jill Stein has raised more money for the vote recount than she did for her entire campaign. Do I see a Soros connection? Or just whiny snowflakes wanting to overturn the election?

  66. I bet the Clinton’s get a cut.

  67. Donating to a candidate after they’ve lost seems like a poor decision.

  68. Ha ha! Jill Stein has missed the deadline for a voter initiated recount in PA. The deadline was Nov 21.

    She can still mount a legal challenge, but for now, I call upon Jill and Hill to go scissor each other, far away from public eye.

  69. Whose turn is it to tie Tushar to a chair and make him watch his own video links?

  70. My links are quite informative and cast a wary eye on the vagaries of modern human civilization. Do not belittle them!

  71. ^totally read that in Apu’s voice^

  72. as a side dish for Tush’s video of “2 Chicks and a Cup of Marx” i recommend this:

    the comments are the key – i know it was you

  73. OK, now I can’t NOT read Tushar’s comment in Apu’s voice.

    Unless…yes! Now I hear them in Morgan Freeman’s voice!

    And so do all of you.


  75. I’m much funnier if you read all of my comments in Barry White’s voice.

  76. Nope. Lollipop Guild all the way, Leon. Especially that last comment.

  77. (kidding, I don’t actually remember your voice so it must have been average-normal)

  78. It’s normal. I don’t have a Verne Troyer thing going on, but I think at one point Rosetta saw my handle and said “Leon makes me think of a big black guy” or something like that.

  79. Greetings, people who already surmised why #6 “looks nervous.”

  80. Bastards all of you. Secret Santa and I don’t even get an email???

    Who is running the thing? Whom do I email?

  81. You email the guy what made this poat at gmail dot com.

  82. Oh, and you should include your screen name, your real name, and your mailing address. And a tasteful nude photo of your mom.

  83. Thank you, SEAN. The rest of you……I boo in your general direction.

  84. And a tasteful nude photo of your mom.

    Dammit. Fresh out of those. Can you send me one? TASTEFUL, mind you.

  85. It’s a trick, there are no tasteful nudes of his mom.

  86. Leon, I don’t think we can really take your word for what constitutes a “tasteful” picture.

  87. HotBride is resigning to the BoD right now.

  88. Battery operated device?

  89. On good terms, Hotspur, or bad?

  90. I have a Master of Art degree, I know tasteful.

  91. And yet, leon, you continue to post pictures like today’s.

  92. A few failsons on staff, showed up at the board meeting two weeks ago, with 2 union goons, and presented a notice to organize.

  93. Long story short, she’s telling them to fornicate themselves.

  94. Mrs Hotspur just became one of my favorite people. FUCK unions.

  95. And yet, leon, you continue to post pictures like today’s.

  96. CoAl gets where I’m coming from.

  97. She was told by NLRB, and the union that if she needed information or legal interpretation to seek counsel. So she hires this labor specialist, and the young pricks immediate post a public petition on asking her to cease union busting, which she never even attempted.

    But the damage to her reputation is done.

    The left is evil. BIRM.

  98. I repeat: FUCK unions.

  99. Michigan unions, they never learn.

  100. Why is her reputation ruined not wanting unions? The co-op is intolerant?

  101. Thing is, she constantly encourages input and innovation. NOTHING.

    Then this pajama boy who started there a year ago, is organizing the workers. Never once expressed dissatisfaction or unhappiness.

    When I look at the photos on social media, he’s absolutely giddy with self congratulation.

  102. Mare, the coop is a bunch of 60s hippies who have cushy university jobs.

    When they read the accusation that she is union busting, they believe it word for word.

  103. *calls Pinkertons*

  104. Since she’s going to be accused, she might as well…

    I’m available for hire. Have axe-handle, will travel.

  105. Co-op will fold within 3 years.

  106. Evening.

  107. Leon is wise.

  108. How’s Mrs. Hotspur doing? Sad? Angry? Over it? Feel betrayed? All of the aforementioned?

  109. I want to meet them in the alley, and crack their skulls. But nowadays you can’t get away with it. Too many cellphones.

  110. Fuck them. Hotbride doesn’t need the aggravation, and the filthy hippies can feel even more smug as they continue to pay more for less. I’m sorry because I know she worked hard to make it a better place and got shit on. Fuck them.

  111. As usual, she’s to good for the lefty co-op bullshitters.

  112. Too

  113. She feels betrayed. She worked sooooo hard, and in the end, stupid ideology trumps decency.

    Saul Alinsky’s rules. We own the book.

  114. Sorry, Hotspur. I know she’s a tiger, but if she allows it, deposit a squeezy girlfriend hug from me, please.

    Resigning pissed is LOADS better than being canned, but it still fucking sucks.

  115. Does she have a therapy kitten?

  116. Yep, we just got her two weeks ago. All black kitty. Name is Lupin. Her favorite flower.

  117. “…ideology trumps decency”


    Sums up politics in a nutshell.

  118. Strangling kittens is extreme, but extreme times and all that. It might help.

  119. Hugs to HotBride. And an uncomfortable sorta hug, sorta pat on the back to HotSpur too.

  120. lol Bcoch, when I get home she will be snuggled with the kitty in front of the fire watching one of her corny BBC series.

  121. *rubs Tushar’s tush*


  122. lol Bcoch, when I get home she will be snuggled with the kitty in front of the fire watching one of her corny BBC series.

    Good for her.

  123. Just today or yesterday Scott was talking about getting Laura an anger management puppy. I have seen what she does to her anger management dolls. I fear for that puppy.

  124. Hotbride is a lovely woman and she deserves better.

    On the plus side, she will enjoy smiling wickedly and saying “No” when it all goes to shit and they beg her to come back.

  125. Therapy dog

  126. For the record, BBC series are not corny. They are quite watchable.

  127. Some of them I can watch, but they drag them out too long, and in many cases I need subtitles to understand them. No lie.

  128. I have seen what she does to her anger management dolls.

    *glances outdoors to long row of evenly spaced hillocks in the lawn*

    *bites lip and orders next batch from PsychHelp dot com*

  129. Sherlock is about the BBC thing I’ve really spent any time watching. I like it.

  130. Dammit.

    *about the only

  131. bCock, I freakin love Sherlock. Awesome directing, phenomenal actors.

  132. and in many cases I need subtitles to understand them. No lie.

    There was one show set in Wales that I wanted to like, but couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying.

  133. I can’t remember where I saw it, someone may have posted it here, but there’s a video of a scottish guy who is stuck on a roof and can’t figure out how to get down.

    You can’t understand a fucking word he says. The subtitles can barely keep up. But it’s hilarious.

  134. Hotbride is a lovely woman and she deserves better.


  135. I just looked up the stupid online petition and Hotbride’s completely neutral response that they published, and the (very few) comments. I would not be surprised if the comments were fabricated by the union dipshits themselves. Looks that way to me.

  136. I will always be grateful to the British for BlackAdder.

  137. There we go. Thanks, Scott.

  138. I will always be grateful to the British for single malt whiskey. Oh wait, that was the Scots. Okay, Spotted Dick then.

  139. Megahugs to Hotbride. She’s way better than the lefties she worked for/with. Pretty sure she’ll do fine in Trump’s MI

  140. But, then again. It’s one of those deep blue Michigan touch hole areas. You never know.

  141. “touch hole”

  142. Dan bought a new iPad mini on Cyber Monday. I get his old one! WooHoo! I felt like Hotbride for a few😂😂😂

  143. Ann Arbor is 25 square miles surrounded by reality and connected to a hellhole by I-94.

  144. I am glad she has a therapy kitten.

    It’s no puppy, but it’s a little better than a goldfish.

  145. Shut your whore mouth, Scott.

  146. I miss the old days when one could create a sockpuppet of Therapy Goldfish to say “Up yours, scott.”

  147. I’m so, sooo stressed out right now.

    *hands twitch*

    *looks at Sean longingly*

  148. They crap in a box.

  149. It’s true. Goldfish crap in a box. A little glass box.

  150. And then they swim in it.

  151. Dolls are creepy no matter what.

    It’s the human depiction of a human in 3D thing.

    Also, Hillary is probably drunk right now dreaming about the drama she could create by stringing along John Kerry and Katy Perry.

  152. They also have sex in it, laura. And then breathe it.

  153. I’m so, sooo stressed out right now.

    *hands twitch*

    *looks at Sean longingly*

    Well, I guess for old time’s sake, you could try to murder me. But just a little.

  154. *nods*

    I think it’s fair to say that goldfish do not go to heaven.

    This is why I buy a dozen every week and flush them for fun.

    Because they’re evil.

  155. No Sean, really, it’s okay. Don’t need you, but you’re sweet to offer.

    I’m good. Thanks.


  156. A wise woman.

    You should find a way to number them and then place bets on which one manages to stay up the longest.

  157. Geoff has this habit of drive by commenting.
    He comes by, shoots off a comment and scoots away before anyone can engage him in conversation.

    Come here more often and for longer, Geoff!

  158. So you’re saying a contained space for crapping is worse than “wherever they need to go?”

    Humans also crap in a contained space, just saying.

  159. *reads Mare’s comment*

    *eye, twitches*




  160. Um, mare, if you’re swimming in or doing any of the aforementioned activities in that contained space, you’re doing it wrong.

  161. Cats not fish. Flush all the fish you want.

  162. The Crap Tree is up!!!!

  163. **gets up**
    **moves into another bedroom that is a few feet further away from Connecticut**

    Damn, I ain’t feeling much safer here either.

  164. I now have 7-8 long strings of colored lights. Every year I buy a few more. I will continue it until the wife screams.
    My front yard is going to be lit pretty soon.

  165. Hugs to Hotbride and stinky dead skunks to the union punks.

  166. Dogs crap outside, in the neighbor’s yard, as it’s meant to be.


  168. Damn. Have you guys seen footage from the Gatlinburg fire?

  169. I saw a couple pics of it, oso.

  170. Hahaha, Pups!

  171. Hey oso, have the Chiefs traded Gaines yet? Why not?

  172. everyone is saying that Hilde won popular vote nationwide by 2 million.
    well, her margin of victory in California is 3.4 million.
    Which means if you leave aside that freak central called CA aside, Trump won the rest of the country by 1.4 million. And that includes the North East, Chicago, Washington, Oregon etc blue bastions.

    so, what they are basically saying is that California alone should decide the Presidency. Which is not much different than what abolishing the electoral college will entail.

    I heartily support California seceding from the union.

  173. That is exactly what they want, Tushar. A small area that has a majority of the people decides.

    To me, that just shows how differently things are viewed in different areas.

  174. Come on now, american history and basic civics are hard classes in high school!

  175. Interesting post that was probably overlooked by all media (from facedouche):

    Lost in all the chaos at Ohio State University today was something that most people probably missed. About an hour into it, when everyone was “sheltering in place” all over campus, CNN took a phone call from a young woman who was locked inside a classroom right near where the suspect was hurting people. She said she was a graduate student and she and many others were huddled together scared and not sure what was happening outside. Then she said something made me tear up.
    She said casually to the TV anchor over the phone, “But we happened to have a few ‘military guys’ in my class and the minute we got the text message alert of an ‘active shooter on campus’ they moved the rest of us away from the door and then all of them stood guard right by the door.” She said they were standing there as she spoke making certain if a shooter or someone with a knife or whatever calamity tried to come through that door, they would be the first thing he’d see and they’d stop it and protect the other students or die trying.
    These guys weren’t armed, I’m guessing they weren’t in uniform, they were just students who happened to have military training. Those “military guys” instantly put themselves on the clock and assumed the position to protect those unarmed, vulnerable students.
    I thought that was impressive. I thought that was brave. I thought that was oh so very American.
    I also thought you’d want to know.

  176. “Let’s Roll!”

  177. BCoch, I never studied them, because I came here in my mid to late twenties. But I think I have a much better grasp on American history and Civics than the average voter, the average liberal or the average journalist.

  178. Jay, saw some pics from OSU classes with vets. Desks and chairs against the doors and the Vets standing guard.

  179. Second day chile is hotter than first day chile. Frito Pie tonight was amazeballs! Feeling the heat. Phone dying. G’night

  180. That’s because you cared to learn, tushar. Too many people won’t risk learning because it might interfere with their preconceived notions.

  181. Tushar, that’s what’s so frustrating for me, watching Mini-me struggle through U.S. History class. Between Howard Zinn, three weeks on the Salem witch trials, skipping the Revolution, and a lot of make-work that’s making her hate hate hate the class, it’s an unholy mess. I resolve to take her to more historical sites and get the history lessons that way. It worked with Monticello.

  182. Wait…..stop for a second….a US History class skipped the American Revolution???

    How is that even possible?

  183. heh, skipping the Revolution, amazing.

  184. But they covered the Salem Witch Trials, bcoch. Even trade!

  185. Revo…. whut?

  186. If you skip the Revolution, how will the kids find out about Crispus Attucks?


  187. did they at least talk about Prince?

  188. How do people even take Howard Zinn seriously, much less a school?

  189. I’ve got two newfies under my computer table. a head on each foot.


  190. I once went on a rant about Howard Zinn at a bookstore which had a little display of his crap. I was a tad vocal. A gal reading one of his POS books quitely put it down and walked away.

  191. Heh, that would be fun.

    I like to think that a lot of people walk away from websites the same way when you go on a rant.

    Except your mom, of course.

  192. Carin, if you do a google image search for ‘newfie puppy’, that photo of Moose and Elsie you posted is the fourth hit.

  193. I didn’t know she was reading it (she was sitting in a chair right there). I laughed so freakn hard, to be honest.

  194. Yea, that’s an awesome picture.

  195. The pups are totes snuggled toether at my feet.


  196. I got home from work and the kids say she’s been sleeping for hours. I’m trying to get her played out so I can go to bed.

  197. Car in,.
    How’s she doing on “accidents”?

  198. Both fixed, or are you considering breeding them?

  199. Not bad. She’s pretty predictable.

  200. I think she wants to sleep with moose tonight.

  201. You’re the only one that plays with her? I would have thought the kids would have worn her out by the time you got home.

    Elliot hit daycare for the first time in a week. He was pooped when he got home. They said he ran around like a wild dog. Weird, cuz he was off leash when we were at moms, and he ran a LOT.

  202. ESPN games take a lot less time. They must have shorter commercials.

  203. THey just snuggled with her. If you put her on your lap, she snuggle and go to sleep. I guess they figured that’s all she does.

  204. Growing up is tough work and very tiring.

  205. Erdogan, the “Would Be” caliph…

    It would be nice if he had a cup of polonium-210 tea.
    Just sayin’…

  206. Mmm, Good Eats reruns. Perfect for sick days!

  207. Anita on the treadmill, watching “Rome” on her “Surface”, me cooking dinner, Carne Asada, Green Chile, Refried Beans, Enchilada Sauce, and cheese enchiladas.
    Cooking is like comedy.
    Timing is everything…

  208. Heh, so true, Chrisp. That’s where the magic happens, knowing when everything is done.

  209. Oh, man. I’m watching the “Cock Magic” episode of South Park from a couple of years ago. I had forgotten how hilarious this episode is.

  210. You can buy a dream or two,
    To last you all through the years
    And the only price you pay
    Is a derp full of tears

  211. No shit, this history “teacher” covered what led up to the Revolution and what happened afterwards, but skipped the icky war with all its icky battles. Lexington and Concord, Valley Forge, Yorktown, nope. Not even Washington crossing the Delaware. (“America. We will kill you in your sleep on Christmas.”)

    Fortunately, we have taken Mini-me to Lexington, Concord, and Yorktown, even Morristown’s Washington’s Winter Headquarters. She has argued with the teacher that this is not preparing them for the AP exam.

  212. I generally avoid arguing with my teachers about anything.

    It’s not a good policy. The kids who dish the shit right back seem to get more respect.

    It’s not in me, I guess. I just put my head down and do the bullshit makework and just try to focus more on my past murders and how sweet they were.

  213. They are giving Kasich shit for accepting thousands of refugees, and rightly so. So glad he wasn’t the Repub nominee.

  214. They’re here in CT too. I saw a covered lady with a full black cloth over her face at work a week ago. Usually we just see the hair covered here.

    Governor Malloy has brought more of Islam’s slaves to our happy shores.

  215. Wow, seeing some of the Gatlinburg fire pics. Prayers for TN.

  216. Which also reminds me to check my bugout bag for any outdated stuff.

  217. Columbus has a very large Somali community, not very well integrated. I’m pretty proud of The OSU Police, I used to work with those guys a lot, but it has been a long time.

  218. Roamy, when did you visit Morristown? My office is 5 minutes away from there.

  219. I think it was 2007, Tushar. We also went to the mine in Franklin, NJ, and Mini-me was young enough to get in free.

  220. Be Somali rapefugee given a winning lottery ticket to the USA.

    Attack a bunch of infidels for stereotyping as a violent jihadist.

    …Sure, by all means, lets import more of these retards.

  221. Yea, Islam (being Muslim) has nothing to do with all the acts of violence these 12th century idiots perpetrate in the name of Islam.

  222. The fraction of a % of people who are not white in Maine is largely due to Somali immigrants in Lewiston

  223. When I read the WSJ article about the shooting they lauded the OSU campus police. I can understand their immediate text in the form of a Mass Shooting Incident as in Run Hide Fight because that’s what their model is based on as far as risk/training/education. I doubt they have separate texts available for each Sudden Jihad Syndrome scenario.

  224. Saw the new house yesterday. It needs some work but nothing crazy.

  225. I thought the Run Hide Fight text was fantastic and appropriate.

    Based on the story Jay linked above, at least ex military were prepared to fight. Thank God.

  226. Mj, congrats on the new house, when is the move in date?

  227. Thx. Dec 30th.

    We’re living in a hotel for the next 32 days, but who’s counting.

  228. I moved into this place on December 31st.

    All will be well my friend, all will be well. Is GND stressed? Moving is stressful.

  229. Serious playing going on in this house.

  230. I have Secret Santa entries from a bunch of folks, should be able to make time later this morning to randomize and send emails. If you haven’t seen an email from me by 3pm and you thought you sent me an entry, please comment to that effect.

  231. I would not want to move in MI in mid winter.

    That said, I was thinking about buying this foreclosure and building another house on it, maybe fixing the original if it can be fixed. It’s cheap enough that I could “own” it for years before we moved there.

  232. Puppy head on foot. Who knows how long I’ll be stuck here.


  234. Pretty sure if I met Trudeau I’d call him “pajamaboy” to his face.

  235. Yeah, he’s got that “soft” look about him. Punchable too.

  236. Wiser, you need to do Soledad’s earpiece gig again. Not surprisingly she said something incredibly stupid about Castro. D’OH!

  237. Justin Trudeau, world leader most likely to get wedgied by a Russian ambassador.

  238. Justin Trudeau, world leader most likely to get wedgied by a Russian ambassador an irate toddler.

  239. The irate toddler would be able to best Tudeau in debate and rhetoric, and thus would not bother with the wedgie.

    The Rooskie, hell they’ll do it just to settle a bet.

  240. Soledad looks like she’s forgotten how to push back from the feed trough.

  241. Right on time from NPR:

    “Muslim Community Fears Backlash After Ohio State Attack”

    Search the title if you want to read it. I can tell you the content without even reading it as I’m sure you all can.

  242. “Muslim Community Fears Backlash After Ohio State Attack”


  243. “Muslim Community Fears Backlash After Ohio State Attack”

    Bollocks. If that were true there wouldn’t be any more of this crap.

  244. Muslim community fears backlash from tomorrow’s train attack.

  245. These muslim kids are afraid of getting shitty looks. This is a terrifying environment for them.

  246. I’m gonna put up a new poat, if nobody else is working on one.

    Gimme a few.

  247. Combine the modern college snowflake approach to “microaggressions” with Sudden Jihad Syndrome and you get shit like this.

  248. Microaggressions, macroagressions, time for some good old beat-down sessions…

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