MM 249: Hmmm?

Crap, Monday again.  Still not tired of winning.







Yay for a short week.


  1. Maybe you saw it, but this is hilarious.

  2. That one gal is doing toes -to-bar. I like the movement but it’s messes with my shoulder so I can’t do it.

  3. Unless the overbite is mechanically causing her problems or significantly aesthetically awful, I definitely wouldn’t do surgery.

  4. Yea, we’re not. She is very self-conscious about her teeth in a time of absolutely perfect teeth.

  5. Jump rope girl (assuming she IS female) has the look I like.

    OTOH, I’m rethinking my job usual love of American flag bikinis…

  6. I think I”m remembering that this is the slowest week on the internets.

  7. I hadn’t seen The Bubble yet. It’s nice to see at least a few progressives are able to laugh at themselves. Precious few who will soon be beaten into submission by their peers. I caught the news this morning and there was some music award show last night where the hosts and performers piled on Trump et al. It’s all so predictable and trite. Knee jerk reaction from the usual suspects every damn time a conservative holds office. Trump may be the one able to make them look like fools although that’s not how it will be reported.

  8. I’ve been on the road between my conference, visiting friends and now spending the day at my mom’s house. I’ve been on the go for the past 4 days and the plan today is coffee, visit with my cousin Cathy and lunch at a diner in town. R + R before driving 4 hours back to Maine tomorrow.

  9. Heh, my mother told me that she thought the ballot question in MA was for medical marijuana not recreational so she voted ‘Yes’…SMH

  10. Dog head on foot.

  11. Everybody in Mass is for recreational marijuana, as long as it’s not sold in their town.

  12. I really can’t do anything this morning, because I have this dentist thing in a bit, but the internets are dead dead and I have Moose’s head on my foot.

    Good thing my coffee cup is full.

  13. Unrelated, but I follow and IF group on fasting, and they CRAZY hate Dr Fung. HATE with 1000 blinding suns.

    The whole Insulin thing they call wacko -magic-wishful thinking.

    millions of type 2 diabetics would like to disagree.

  14. Ok, we have this chick who BEGGED to come back and work at our place (she had left us when she moved).

    Well, so she got back on the schedule and now she tries to get rid of EVERY SHIFT.

    People are so irritating.

  15. Fung’s books are some of the most clearheaded examinations of insulin control that I’ve seen. The CICO people are hormone deniers.

  16. I’m listening to Radiohead this morning. You folks can blame Sean.

  17. CICO?

    Really they are crazy. It’s kinda sad because otherwise the group is pretty helpful. Then they’ll go on this anti-fung tirade.

  18. Hu Flung Dung

  19. Or, right. Calories in.



  20. I’d like to take those CICO people and inject them with Insulin every day. See what happens.

    It would be fun.

  21. Cico?

  22. Calories-in-calories-out, If It Fits Your Macros, etc. The people who refuse to believe in food quality or in hormonal responses to food.

  23. Magical hormones. Because … they don’t really do anything right?

  24. Anyone who has lived with a woman knows the power of hormones


  25. If you believe CICO is the whole story, then steroids don’t work and the sky isn’t blue. It’s pants-on-head retarded.

  26. Hillary Clinton will never be president.

  27. In this group, if you post anything that suggests CICO isn’t the bases for it all, you’re post will get deleted.

  28. CICO and the Man.

  29. Made it back from New York last night. Great show, but exhausting. We got about 5 hours of sleep a night, if that. Spent a lot of time wandering around the city, top of the Empire State Building, etc. Hoping to take it easy today.

  30. Flag bikini is a dude.

  31. Flag bikini is Linda Durbesson:

  32. Welcome back Pepe. Travel is often fun but getting home is always great.

  33. glad you didn’t get mugged pepe

  34. Pepe, did you catch Hamilton while you were there? All of the cool kids are doing Hamilton evidently.

  35. Never take a knife to a gunfight.

  36. Urrrgh, have to go make a couple of parts for a friend. Really wanted to take a day off, made it 1.5 hours.

  37. The eruption from Trump’s win has barely subsided and I read this.

    Tulsi Gabbard is meeting with Trump.

    I like this not because she is of Indian origin or because she is beautiful.

    But she served in Iraq, was opposed to Hillary, pro gun and anti unchecked immigration.

    I think I need another appointment with the doc.

  38. Erin is full drama mode. I knew she wouldn’t be one to be stoic about having teeth removed.

    Maybe I can go into work early?

  39. We walked by the theater, but tickets are supposed to be really hard to get. We did see the Alexander Hamilton exhibit at the NY public library. Everybody was really friendly. We were even able to get around on the subways. We were in Jersey City. Driving in takes an hour, if you catch the PATH train, it takes 15 minutes and costs $2.75. We walked around the city with friends who work there. They are electricians, so they know all the ins and outs of the area. It’s so strange to me that there are 6 stories of infrastructure below the street level. The new subway station/mall at the WTC is amazing.

  40. I’d give Tulsi Gabbard the ol’ slap and tickle, even if she is a Dem.

  41. Car in, just go grab the pliers from the garage and offer to take care of the problem right now.

    At least the dentist will give her the good drugs.

  42. The dentist did NOT give her good drugs.

    SHe’s on the couch, teary, and probably going to marathon “Gray’s Anatomy”. @@

  43. Tell her to suck it up and do some burpees.

    Then grind a couple valium into a milkshake.


  45. If Trump can expand his appeal to 20% black voters and 35-40% hispanics, he would be unassailable.

    He needs to find a way to convince blacks that unchecked immigration hurts them.

  46. Sorry I didn’t get back Friday guys. I got called out for a promotional gig. I like the jumprope girl. Cute.

  47. btw..You guys are sooo funny!! Muah

  48. Peaches? Who is this Peaches?
    Male? Female? Trans?

    Did xhe receive a proper H2 welcome?

  49. Aks her teh question, Tushar.

  50. I just reviewed and realized I had a double-post of toes-to-bar girl. I blame werd puss.

  51. >>Aks her teh question, Tushar.

    Ah, alright.

    So Peaches, how many bullwhips are stuck up your ass right now?

    Supplemental question: do you know the purpose of a latex body suit and a rubber hose?

  52. I studied TTB Girl to see if there was any differences between the two before concluding you were just fucking with us.

  53. Went with my mother to lunch at a diner in town. I had the Middleboro Burger. 1/3 pound ground beef patty topped with cole slaw and baked beans. Pretty damn good.

    *sets reminder to not trust farts while driving tomorrow

  54. Five us some background Peaches. What time zone are you in? Are you still incarcerated or out on parole? Boxers or briefs? Gardening or crossfit?

  55. Jimbro,

    Long drive, captive family, locked windows, beans the day before.
    Yeah, I won’t trust a fart either. It might come out odorless and ruin the perfect setup.

  56. *crop dusts H2

    *walks away

  57. Paula, the boys and the doggies are back home. I left Thursday and they would’ve missed 4 days of school if they accompanied me. Not that they’d mind but they miss days here and there for other reasons so it was a no go. Plus we would’ve had to kennel two dogs which is pricey even in Hermon, Maine.

  58. -sniffs-

    Who ate a whole dozen boiled eggs?!?

  59. Elliot is traveling to thanksgiving and Christmas with us, too. Boarding ain’t cheap!

  60. $46/night for 2 dogs x 5 nights….$230 + tacks!

  61. MNF from Mexico City tonight.

    ESPN anticipates some boos because Trump.


  62. Tushar, 23yo female. No bullwhips. I don’t know whatever the rest of that stuff means.

  63. Jimbro, East coast–only locked up for a day on some bs charge–I like commando–I don’t garden or crossfit. I get enough exercise in more fun ways. :-)



  65. Howdy Peaches!

  66. Welcome, Peaches.

    Sorry for the rude question. It is a H2 tradition.
    You will love this place.

    Just be aware of a few things:
    MJ has a bad habit of running amok on the blog and crashing into people’s knees.
    When pupster gives you something, he expects you to throw it so he can chase.
    XBrad is a heavy breather.

  67. Welcome Peaches. Feel free to add your bullshit comments here and let the good times roll. There’s a lot of collective wisdom here and I learn new stuff every day. Prior to reading this site I had no idea what a blumpkin was for example. Or spatchcocking.

  68. MNF from Mexico City tonight.
    ESPN anticipates is desperately hoping for some boos because Trump.

    And then fuckem again. With the barbed cock of Santa.

  69. >>With the barbed cock of Santa.

    Sheesh Pendejo, keep your freaky fantasies away from Christmas

  70. Welcome, Peaches.
    Sorry for the rude question. It is a H2 tradition.
    You will love this place.
    Just be aware of a few things:
    MJ has a bad habit of running amok on the blog and crashing into people’s knees.
    When pupster gives you something, he expects you to throw it so he can chase.
    XBrad is a heavy breather.

    Tushar poats really disturbing and gross links without warning.

    Honest Question: Is peaches the first newbie to show up here without at least one bullwhip up their ass?

  71. SHE’S LYING!

  72. Honest Question: Is peaches the first newbie to show up here without at least one bullwhip up their ass?

    Well I got here under treatment for urinary tract issues and was shoving them up a different entry under doctor’s orders, does that count?

  73. LYING!!!!!!

  74. isn’t peaches one of wisers’ stage names?

  75. Could Peaches be the first liar to visit the Hostages?

  76. My response would once have involved whether or not the Pope was, in fact, Catholic, but that seems to be in doubt these days.

  77. Parts of CT got up to 18″ of snow.

    Sucks to be them.

  78. Yeah, on the news I saw some town in western MA got a foot. I thought that was a lot. My friend’s step-mother texted him yesterday from the Berkshires and she had about 5″ on he ground, no power and more snow falling. That’s bullshit man!

  79. Your mom got about eight inches.

  80. 7.3 quake off Fukishima. Tsunami warning issued.

  81. still snowing here –
    more inches than your mom is comfortable with
    teh suck has set in early this year

  82. Just got a new server online, old one has been down for a few weeks. Have to manually recreate the data base, I don’t trust the old machine to not FUBAR the new one with teh bad datas.

    The software company and network admins are flummoxed about the whole thing. Took me with boots on the ground and new hardware to get the site back. Still don’t know why the old machine shit the bed but at this point I just want to start fresh.

    My life is awesome, and I’m the luckiest man alive.

  83. Also, I am not a DBA. But I’m staying at a Holiday Inn tonight.

  84. Secret Service wary of Mattis having plan to kill everyone he meets at Trump Tower

  85. Dumb but assertive?

  86. IF, IF that Secret service deal is true, they all need to be fired!

  87. Drinking Beers Allnight

  88. delete * from sys.tables

  89. Duffel Blog mare

  90. *tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity-tappity


  91. Just read…duffle blog


  92. Pretty sure soccer crowds in Mexico and Mexicans watching the US Soccer team booed our anthem during TFGs presidency. #FakeNews ESPN

  93. I thought the first two models in today’s poat looked kinda mannish.

    Then I saw #3.


  94. I had a lot of reservations about Trump going in. They are melting away one by one.
    I don’t know how this guy walks with his liberty bell sized brass balls.

  95. Trump is grabbing pussy.

  96. He just told the media to go eat dick.

  97. So they did.

  98. I think he’s daring the msm to 1) not cover the statement (as if they could refrain), and 2) cover it truthfully (especially since so many people watched the straight message without their inputs).

  99. That video was edited.

  100. It wasn’t racist enough to be authentic.

  101. Trump requested that I consider Director of Dept. of Bullwhip Counting.

  102. While we’re talking about Media Bigwigs and whatnot, did we ever hear about how dinner with Tom Hill went?

  103. The date might not be over yet.

  104. yeah, it was ok

  105. Wiser is upstate.

  106. Wiser and TH went to the Hamptons?

  107. Trump told the media to eat a bag of dicks.
    What are they gonna do?
    Write lies about him?
    Cover-up Hillarys crimes?
    They have been doing that for the last year.
    They’ve got nuthin’…

  108. Wanna bet Wiser picked up the check?

  109. He called out Martha Raddatz for crying???

    Our blog is the president now.

    Jesus, we’re in a post H2 world.

  110. I thought this was interesting, a democrat representative who realized what just happened.

  111. >>Our blog is the president now.
    >>Jesus, we’re in a post H2 world.

    I know, right? I wish they get someone like Rosetta as a WH Press Secretary.

    Reporter: Mr Rosetta, what is the President’s plan for combating global warming?
    Press Sec Rosetta: i will answer that Shirley, but first, how many bullwhips are shoved up your ass RIGHT NOW?

  112. Hi Colorado Alex and Jimbro. xoxo

  113. Peaches! How are you doing tonight?

  114. If Trump wants the media to play fair, he should do one thing: All big news channels are ownned by big movie studios. Make life hell for them. Through FBI, taxpayers spend a lot of money safeguarding Hollywood’s lucrative copyrights. Pull their entire LA staff and redeploy them to fight terrorism. Let the studios bleed a bit as bootlegs DVDs proliferate.

  115. yeah, it was ok

    Oh, man. You never want to tell wiser to go get his shine box. He’s real touchy about the way things went with Shoe Shine Solutions™.

  116. Let the studios bleed a bit as bootlegs DVDs proliferate.

    Nobody bootlegs a DVD.

    That’s third world shit.

    They BitTorrent that shit.

  117. Let the studios bleed a bit as bootlegs DVDs proliferate.

    Kinda cuts against his message that Chi-NAH is going to be brought to heel, no?

  118. Art post scheduled for 6am tomorrow. You do not want to miss this one.

    dinner with Tom Hill went ewxactly how you would imagine a dinner with Tom Hill would go. He was obnoxious, kept leaping from the table to go say hi to someone, leaving his wife behind, complained constantly about the service (which, admittedly, wasn’t the best), throwing business cards around like confetti and kept yelling at the band like he was a member.

    On the plus side, he did pay and his wife is absolutely charming and quite easy on the eyes. I could see her exasperation as Hill acted like Hill. It was kind of sad.

  119. blerg

  120. Unbundle cable TV.

  121. >>Unbundle cable TV

    This. I don’t want to pay $50+ for bundled cable. But I would gladly pay $20 for Fox news plus Fox business. $30 if you add CNBC and Bloomberg. Rest of TV does not interest me.

  122. On the plus side, he did pay and his wife is absolutely charming and quite easy on the eyes. I could see her exasperation as Hill acted like Hill. It was kind of sad.

    The poor woman.

    Does she like guys with beards?

  123. On the plus side, he did pay

    Did I wake up in Bizarro World?

    Oh, and hi, Peaches!

  124. The reason you can’t (thus far) get a la carte cable teevee is because the bundles serve to insulate money-losing channels from going under. Do you never, ever, EVAR watch Bravo or OWN or the Knitting Channel or Pantomime Network? Tough shit. You get them with the channels you want because they have to be subsidized for some byzantine reason.

  125. Joke dur jour
    A teacher was explaining biology to her 4th grade students.

    “Human beings are the only animals that stutter,” she said.

    A little girl raised her hand. “I had a kitty-cat who stuttered.”

    The teacher, knowing how precious some children’s stories could become, asked a girl to describe the incident.

    “Well,” she began, “I was in the back yard with my kitty and the Rottweiler that lives next door got a running start, and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard!”

    That must have been scary,” said the teacher.

    “It sure was,” said the little girl.

    “My kitty raised her back and went ‘Ffffff!, Ffffff!, Fffffff!’

    But before she could say ‘Fuck!,’ the Rottweiler ate her!”

    The teacher had to leave the room.

  126. I expect it’s almost a moot point now. Everything will shift to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc, and dedicated channels will be a thing of the past.

  127. Haha, good one, roamy!

    Nice to meetcha, Peaches!

  128. Does she like guys with beards?


    Are you worth a couple of million and really old?

  129. I expect it’s almost a moot point now. Everything will shift to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc, and dedicated channels will be a thing of the past.

    We’ve added a new UHD TV to Casa de Wiser recently. We’re still not totally sure that we’re gonna add that TV to the cable system.

    Iffin I can ween wiserbride off of The Voice, we’re that much closer to cutting the cord.

  130. Reportedly, Amazon Prime is in talks to carry sports live with NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.

    Good bye ESPN.

  131. No way they can offer enough for those, xbrad. That’s billions.

  132. Good bye ESPN.

    Nah. CT Taxpayers will be more than happy to give them billions of dollars in “forgivable loans” to stay in business, just as long as they promise not to leave the state for at least 180 days.

  133. Wiser,
    We don’t do netflix or paid Hulu. but we do Amazon, and its okay.
    The local shit comes from “over the air”, and most of those are Spanish.
    We cut the cord/satellite a year ago.
    Don’t miss it…

  134. Reportedly, Amazon Prime is in talks to carry sports live with NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.

    Good bye ESPN.

    J’Ames is right about how much that would cost. The other thing about that is that sports programming has gotten a lot more complicated with the rise of team-specific channels like the one that carries all the Lakers and Dodgers games here in SoCal. I don’t see how Amazon gets a piece of that.

  135. I have yet to watch a single NFL game this season.

    It was so easy to ignore it all.

    So who gives a fuck if Amazon gets pro sports? Waste of money, IMO.

  136. NFL and a little college football is pretty much all I watch. I have watched a lot less of the NFL this year. Play has been really bad.

  137. Heh. I’ll put a game on in the background while I’m at work on Sunday if there’s nothing else on. Meaning, this may be the first time ever that I’ve watched more pro football than wiser.

  138. All the days became so long
    Did you really think, I’d do you wrong
    Dixie, when I let you go
    Thought you’d realize, that I would know, I would show
    The special derp I have for you, my Baby Blue

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