Jimbro Seems Like a Nice Guy…Be a Shame is Someone Stomped on His Post

We have the best doctors, don’t we folks? I really appreciate Jimbro stepping up so much lately and filling in the dead end days. I like his sense of humor and even though you guys are constantly running him down in our secret email chains, I think we should give him more of a chance.

Oh, and I found this gif this morning and it’s way better than whatever what’s his name posted earlier so I thought I should make like Hillary and chuck his poor, limp poat into the waiting H2 medical van.

Just preppin for BBF….


  1. This is some kind of commentary on legal weed, isn’t it?

  2. Or possibly on legal wood.

  3. It’s a fucked up world when Donald Trump is the President Elect, and I find myself in complete agreement with a column by Piers Morgan.


  4. Time for today’s most contentious meeting that is certain to make me question my career choice. Possibly every choice.

  5. Holy shit, b-rad. We really are living in Bizarroworld, aren’t we?

  6. I’m glad McCain and Romney chose to lose although I still think Romney would have made a decent president.

  7. I think the next thing that’s going to happen here on Earf2 is that supermodels are gonna start showing up on my doorstep.



  9. Still waiting for my mutant superpowers to emerge.

  10. By the way, those women don’t show up when you order a pair of Dickies work pants. They really should have a disclaimer in the commercial about that.

  11. This is a great post. I like the Colorado jugs.

  12. Is this Paleo? I think it’s Paleo.


  13. I take a road trip only to discover I’ve been replaced by a set of humongous jugs? And the comments include fashion models in the community and carrot bukkake? What has become of this shithole blog?

  14. You think they’re real?

  15. In the sense that they are not imaginary? Yes.

  16. I was thinking more along the lines of adipose tissue combined with milk ducts versus silicone fakies

  17. I’d say plausibly real with a good chance of needing a wheelbarrow later.

  18. Every 2 to 3 years I’ll get an older teen girl with back pain that the family thinks is caused by their tremendously large breasts. It’s super awkward to say the least. The likelihood of that being the cause is low and PT and a proper bra go a long way to providing pain relief. What they’re really looking for is a reduction mammoplasty by a plastic or general surgeon which is not covered by insurance because it’s considered cosmetic. I am not unsympathetic to their plight and if they jump through the hoops and comply with PT orders I’ll refer them to plastics for consideration of surgery. Thankfully it’s a rare occurrence.

  19. http://blurbrain.com/dumb-blonde-blm-protestor-slaps-police-horse-gets-kicked/

    Yes, there’s video!

  20. Send ’em my way for PT Jimbro.

    I’m a doctor. I know what to do.

  21. MJ’s Happy Ending Therapy Palace.

  22. Doctor, do you really think clenching a fish stick between my tremendously large breasts will help matters?

  23. Why yes Katelyn (their all named Katelyn now). And don’t worry about the tartar sauce. It’s for science.

  24. Board meeting at 1730 followed by open bar and either scrod or beef.

    I’m a scrodman myself.

  25. I….can’t….scrod? Wha the fork is scrod?

  26. White fish off the back of the seafood truck. Cod, scrod, haddock all look the same.

  27. http://www.food.com/recipe/parker-house-scrod-61275

  28. The etymology of “scrod” is shrouded in mystery, but some experts claim that it’s short for “Scrote of the deep.”

  29. After a while the screwed wears off and yer just scrod….like after a divorce

  30. The etymology of “scrod” is shrouded in mystery, but some experts claim that it’s short for “Scrote of the deep.”

  31. Chrispy, I liked your link so much, I want to marry it.

  32. Growing up near the coast in MA I heard the word scrod used often enough for it to seem like a normal word. Deep down though, I suspected it was some sort of joke, the punchline to which would one day be revealed.

    Today is that day.

  33. Oh, and….SAUSAGE FEST!

  34. Also, I’m pretty sure my uncle had a scrod removed from his neck.

  35. Keith Olbermann is still waiting for his scrods to descend.

  36. We used to serve battered scrod at the Elk’s Lodge on Friday nights in Lent when I was busboy/dishwasher. It was quite good, and roughly the only time I’d bother having dinner there even though it was free.

  37. I’ve seen the term #Friendsgiving a couple of times and I think it’s a trend our cultural betters are trying to force down our scrods. This year Thanksgiving is going to be rough with all the Trump gloaters out there so on Saturday the real celebration happens with your friends. I wonder if Cankles won whether this would be a thing?

  38. What, no snarky articles from Slate about how to destroy your conservative uncle over Obamacare while munching on mashed potatoes?

  39. I volunteer at a shelter for battered scrod.

  40. heh, good one, xbradtc.

  41. Hillary gives battered scrod fundraisers.

  42. Hillary’ scrod dried up and fell off.

  43. Dear Hillary,

    You will never be president.

    Yours Truly,
    Random Deplorable

  44. https://is.gd/06VszG

  45. https://is.gd/WD8E1y

  46. Two Cuba Libres, garden salad, roll and, coming soon, ThecSacred Scrod!

  47. New furnace seems to be working. Between that, the roof, and the 8′ slider, it’s been a very expensive year for home stuff.

  48. L to R

    This poat, Pupster


  49. http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-sacred-cod

  50. This Poat, Pupster made me LOL in my bra.

  51. Ghaaaaa, I meant your comment.

  52. The cat deal.

  53. The slider looked really nice.

  54. Thanks. We still need to stain it.

  55. I can’t believe MJ dumped a post with an update/ my new puppy . What a dick.

  56. MJ? Ball gargler

  57. I saw the pup. Cute dog. We’ll need action photos later

  58. I just went back and saw the puppy, wife would like you to bring him to visit.

  59. See thing Leon.

  60. Sure …^

  61. Any bets on when Trump picks up his first Nobel prize?

  62. Pretty sure Leon is just planning a puppnapping

  63. BONER!!

  64. Are you kidding? I tried to give her Benny when she brought all the books.

  65. “So a tourist from Texas arrives in Boston and hops into a cab. Having heard about the delicacies to savor in the venerable city, he asks the cabbie, “Say, where can I get scrod?” The cabbie turns around in his seat, regards the man carefully, and replies, “Buddy, I’ve been asked that a million times, but never before has anyone asked it in the pluperfect subjunctive.””

  66. Scrod for your bod.

  67. I sat at a table with a few of the old timers who are great guys. One of them brought his wife who was hard of hearing. Our server was a Nigerian guy who still had his accent. When he came around to ask “fish or beef?” she was mystified as to what he was asking. Finally her husband answered for her with a loud “SCROD”.

  68. Early day tomorrow. Scrodnight, everyone.

  69. Scrod, blod, and tattod.

  70. >>pluperfect subjunctive.

    That sounds like a particularly contagious venereal disease

  71. XBrad posted someone’s tweet on Faceplant:
    Donald Trump truly made history – he won an argument with a woman.

  72. http://tinyurl.com/zud82jy
    Star went nova, now visible to the naked eye.
    (If facedouche link doesn’t work, try spaceweather dot com)

  73. Hi Roamy!
    My car is very subdued in looks. The blue looks black until you are 3′ away, even in bright sunlight however,
    when the sun is behind you and you are within 5′ of it the dark blue turns bright and the pearl POPS! It is overwhelmingly gaudy.

    I have a few crappy cell phone pics, but I hope to break out the Nikon tomorrow or this weekend.

    It is definitely a she, and I am calling her “The Bee” or “Bee”. What I know of bees can fit in a teaspoon, she is obviously The Queen bee.

  74. This makes me smile so hard, I’m putting it up again. Originally from BiW on FaceChimp:



  75. Friday or Saturday, what does that mean?
    Short space of time needs a heavy scene
    Monday is coming like a derp on wheels

  76. mj and the use of – is –


  77. http://tinyurl.com/jdc9y5w

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