MMM 248: Make America Motivated Again

Hillary Clinton will never be president.  I can’t think of anything I could compose that might surpass that as a motivating and inspirational statement.

Also I’m running late and might be sick, so it’s all I got right now.

I miss warm beaches.




Might just might be some steroids at work here.


Monochrome for artsyness.


What is she looking at?


Is it the same thing she’s looking at?


Partner exercise.


This might be the first gal again, not sure.


Happy first Monday after the end of a long career of public disservice that could not have ended more appropriately.


  1. First!

  2. What is she looking at?

    Wall balls

  3. Whoa the hot takes from the Sunday shows!

    -Enlightened people should be less condescending to dumb hicks.

    Megadoubleplusbigleague facepalm.

  4. Heh, I’ve been loving the introspection, MJ. Hasn’t done them any good on The (Face) Douche™, but it’s the thought that counts.

    Meanwhile, I’ll look at some more electoral college theories.

  5. What I learned a long time ago that never ever dawns on the “enlightened”: if you think you are, you aren’t.

  6. Oh, I’m sure some have had their “come to Jesus” moment. It just presents itself differently, when it actually happens. When a lib actually listens to a conservative, then I’ll know.

  7. If you haven’t watched the Saturday Night Live election skit yet, I suggest you do that. It’s worth it!

  8. So let’s break this down:

    – Trump was asked if he would accept the results of the election if he lost.
    – He said he’d have to wait and see what the circumstances are.
    – He didn’t say he wouldn’t accept the results.
    – The press and the left (BIRM) freaked out for over a week as though this was a huge scandal.
    – Trump won the election.
    – The left has been freaking out for almost a week that he isn’t their president, in effect saying they don’t accept the results of the election, and there is no sign of them letting up.

    Anybody see the irony and hypocrisy?

  9. Dead already? Fine! I’ll just get work done, then!

  10. the hypocrisy and irony are a feature, not a bug! It’s hard manipulating public opinion! but the propagandists in the media are tireless workers for our betters!

  11. I’m dragging my feet, trying to solve problems and not getting anything done.

  12. I still own two of the condos where I used to live until I moved last year.

    We had our annual membership meeting yesterday.

    People are stupid.

    Carry on.

  13. Heh, I don’t go to the meetings. I read the newsletter, and talk to the board members when I’m walking Elliot.

  14. They want to spend lots of money on stupid stuff, Hotspur?

  15. That’s my last one.

    These fucking people are clueless.

    Yes, there are stupid questions.

  16. No. Money isn’t the issue.

    They actually had a heated debate about planting flowers in the front yard.

  17. Oh, that is particularly stupid.

  18. *plants pumpkin patch in front yard*

  19. Then they had a discussion about what a reserve in the budget is.

    “What does Roof Reserve mean?”

    “Ummm….hello! You realize we will have to reroof these houses some day, right?”

    “Yeah, but there is $70,000 in this line item. That’s a lot of money.”

    “Umm….. no it’s not. If we had to reroof them this year, it would cost us $110,000. We don’t have to do it until 2025, so we have to build up the reserve each year.”

    Dumb fuckers.

  20. Call it a lockbox. That worked so well with Social Security and they can relate to it.


  22. Yeah, that about sums it up, Tushar.

  23. It’s old.

  24. I think the left will go through a period of mourning, then accept that they need to change and set about creating a coherent platform that is inclusive and respects all opinions


  25. morning joe didn’t like the opening of SNL (the Hallelujah song, not the Chappelle skit). I didn’t have a problem, but I didn’t watch it live.

    I thought it was a tribute to Leonard Cohen, not Hillary.

  26. Good one tushar.

    And nice job, leon. Most of these “women” aren’t cringeworthy!

  27. I see MJ had a liquid lunch today.

  28. SNL can suck a bag of the very biggest of dicks.

  29. Mugshots of those arrested in Portland’s riots. Go over to the dailymail link to see more. The best-rated comment: “”What I imagine a meth family album would look like.”

  30. The media is in on egging the riots on.

  31. Nazi relic, Soros, is shrieking in rage through surrogates. The man is exceedingly dangerous. He’s got one foot in the grave and he’s been foiled again.

    “George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.”

  32. Mugshots of those arrested in Portland’s riots. Go over to the dailymail link to see more. The best-rated comment: “”What I imagine a meth family album would look like.”

    A comment I saw on twitter said something to the effect that of a portrait artist was to paint a collage of all those mugshots he’d have to entitle it, “clusterfuck of humanity”. My first good laugh of th week.

  33. Gutter filth.

  34. Is it meth, or is it radical progressivism? Hell, at Reed College it could be both!

  35. I’m proud of the left.

    They lose an election and terrorize their own cities. You can’t script it any better.

    I’m not tired of winning yet.

  36. Just wait until 2018, when the Dems have 25 Senate seats up for grabs and a party in disarray.

  37. Pussy.

    I just wanted to see how it benefits me. So far nothing has changed.

  38. Did you see that video Ace linked of a mother abusing her young son because he voted for Trump?

    DSS needs to pay that cunt a little visit.


  39. They opened an investigation.

  40. I believe they did indeed, and that particular Mother of the Year candidate is now in very hot water as a result…

  41. TPP is dead. Heh.

  42. Leftism is truly a mental disorder. They contradict themselves at every turn and the weak minded are being paid to protest, yet they have no specific desired outcome. I don’t care how much Soros pays these idiots, they are looking and acting fringy, that appeals to a narrow group.

  43. Soros needs to be arrested for inciting violence.

  44. Soros needs a metric ton of dildos thrown at him

  45. Fen’s law.

  46. I ask you the burning question of our time:

    Is there anything on this here Gods green earth that feminists can’t and won’t fcuk up?

  47. >>Soros needs a metric ton of dildos thrown at him

    Not a ton. Just one. Well aimed.

  48. I’m really surprised that the lefty strategy of rioting and dragging people out of their cars and beating them up and burning shit in the streets is not bringing the American majority to their side. Stunned, I am.

  49. Their argument is powerful, Lauraw. I may just skip work and go protest on the streets of Lapeer.

  50. If I take a day off, I’m not wasting it rioting.

    Who are we kidding, these “protestors” aren’t skipping work, they’re at work.

  51. Gwen Ifill died.

  52. A day late and a dollar short!

  53. 61 is young. Diabetes?

  54. They are getting paid between $15-35/hour. Ads on Craigslist. Guaranteed 10 hours. That’s good money for the freaks.

  55. Cancer.

  56. I will always remember that cunt for her disgraceful biased moderating of the 2008 VP debate. Then the icing on the cake was her release of a book on Obama on his inauguration day.

    The conflict of interest was stunning.

    Fuck her.

  57. Gwen Awful.

  58. * checks his fucks…

    Nope! None for gwen! Next!

  59. Never liked Gwen Ifill anyway, but still, fuck cancer.

  60. Heck, I might just take up that offer. I could use the money.

  61. Who are we kidding, these “protestors” aren’t skipping work, they’re at work.
    Pretty much

  62. Gwen Ifill gets my respect for working her way up as a black, female journalist in the era she did.

    (Simmons College, Boston Herald-American: at that time forced busing of students was a thing and racial tension was pretty high in Boston. Not that it’s all that good now…)

    For the rest of her career, as so eloquently stated by Hotspur, fuck her

    And, fuck cancer along with it.

  63. Micks and blacks didn’t mix well when forced to associate

  64. Getting myself intensely worked up about how awful this professor is whose exam I’m taking tomorrow.

    She’s unpleasant and verbally abuses students when we ask or answer questions. Her class is like being in a morgue because nobody wants to say anything anymore. We are unsure about certain assignments that she has been unclear about, but we can’t get clarification because she’s too much of a cunt to answer a simple fucking question.

    I need to relax. Test tomorrow. Need my sleep. Heart is thumping. Not good.

  65. On the upside, Lauraw, Hillary will not be our next President.

  66. You’re going to kick butt on this test. Period.

  67. We should all sign up to be protesters.

  68. Yeah, I kinda wish there were protests here in MO, I’d sign up. I can stand around and live blog it on my husband’s phone.

  69. I thought it was a tribute to Leonard Cohen, not Hillary.

    Coming in waaaaay late on this, but if that were true, they could have just had Kate McKinnon sing the song without the Hillary costume. As they did it, I thought it was fucking ghoulish.

  70. I’d watch this if I had HBO. Hopefully it gets a wider release on disc.

  71. Oof…I was too busy earlier to watch it. Yeah, cringeworthy.

  72. I’ve got HBO, so I’ll keep my eye out for that and let you know how it is. Westworld is pretty good so far, by the way.

  73. I know what I said about Ifill is mean spirited.

    Not apologizing.

    Remember when the left said kind things about Breitbart?

    Me neither.

  74. Naked robots fucking – yeah, doesn’t get much better than that.

  75. Sexbots are a small-s singularity, in my view. At some point, they’ll get so good that they can fool the average man for 30-40 minutes, and cost less than a mid-sized sedan. Internet porn and hormonal birth control are already causing some significant genetic bottlenecking, but what remains of humanity after a few generations of men with on-demand Sasha Grey is anyone’s guess.

  76. Whenever the left takes some bullshit position, then cloaks it in “Just want to start a dialogue.” I say, “Go start a dialogue with my chocolate starfish. But let me eat a bean sandwich first.”

  77. I just ordered this for beasnson.

  78. Naked robots fucking – yeah, doesn’t get much better than that.

    Well, they also kill each other over and over again, so there’s that, too.

  79. Delores has nice tits, so there’s that too.

  80. leon?


  82. Xeljanz.

    Arthritis medicine or African-American kid’s name?


  83. Hahahaha


  84. Sean, Futurama nailed that one. Between video games, free porn, and SJWs effectively criminalizing being male and hetero at colleges, we’re practically already there.

  85. Oh boy! Randy Moss interviews Odell Beckham Jr. !


  86. The Jetsons didn’t show Rosie’s nighttime functions.

  87. I always imagine black athletes put Jr. or II or III on their uniforms to assert that they know who their dads are.



  88. I’m not building a client’s addition, that I designed, not because she’s a lesbian, because she’s a cunt.

  89. You are what you eat.

  90. That explains why I’m chicken.

  91. And you are a fishstick.

  92. I’m not building a client’s addition, that I designed, not because she’s a lesbian, because she’s a cunt.

    In the not-too-distant future, cunts will be a protected class.

  93. OK, off to bed. I have to get up real early and cram.

    And you have to sit there and shut your whore mouths.

  94. G’night Lauraw. Good luck on your test

  95. They are making it easier and easier to find a college for Mini-me.

  96. Good for you, Hotspur.

  97. No addition for you!

    Come back, two years.


  98. Go start a dialogue with my chocolate starfish. But let me eat a bean sandwich first.”

    Pure Poetry. Well done suh.

  99. FREESPN!

    Thanks, Tittyweb Jenkins!

  100. Yeah, Scott, you and I have talked about this.
    Follow your gut, and fire clients who are likely to fuck you over.
    This woman will fuck over whoever does the work.
    Not goin’ be me.

  101. It was a hard thing to learn.

    Now I celebrate every firing.

  102. Me too.

    I try to tell my partners that it is wisdom.

    They are a good ten years younger, but they’re getting it.

  103. She gets up at 4 to cram.

    I hope the ninja skills have improved.


  105. Whenever the left takes some bullshit position, then cloaks it in “Just want to start a dialogue.” I say, “Go start a dialogue with my chocolate starfish. But let me eat a bean sandwich first.”
    I nominate this for the comment hall of fame.

    I just laughed so hard I couldn’t talk.

  106. That’s pretty fuckin’ funny and all, but are bean sandwiches a thing?

  107. No?

  108. My sister is the queen of the refried bean and onion and velveeta sammich. Circa Virginia 1968. She would bread or tortilla. Otherized us in elementary school. No Taco Bells. No Messicans. Our neighbors would play with us then shun us arbitrarily. My dad would host black sailors at our home. Military thing.

  109. Blerg

  110. I have a flutter in my chest. Will be going to the DR this week. I’ve diagnosed as A-Fib. Nurse on call seems to agree. Dan is freaking out more than I am or the nurse on call.

  111. Evening.

  112. I have my Thanksgiving menu set. Turkey, ham, manicotti, ceviche, Dill cous cous, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, refrigerator pickles, and baklava. I hope I didn’t forget anything.

  113. Green Beans casserole. I forgot green beans.

  114. What, no sushi?

  115. Jew, we are having Ribeye, green bean casserole, and baked sweet potato.

  116. Watching football. Eli gonna Eli. Triple coverage? Why not?

  117. Watching foosball in the Q. I have work at 6. Busy busy. G’night

  118. Oso,
    When I had BAD A-fib problems, got to wear the heart monitor for a month,
    it turned-out to be one of my BP meds. I switched to another and it was gone!
    My cardiologist assured me that the medication WAS NOT the cause. He was wrong, and he had “Short Man” syndrome. Very assertive, “I know better than you what you are feeling, after all:
    “I am a Doctor”!

    I was like:
    “Yeah, you and DOCTOR AMY BISHOP!”..

  119. Last final done. It was… meh. I’ve got a week off before classes start again on Monday.

  120. I would suggest we get together for some hookers and blow, but I have to stay home while the house is getting re-piped and I’m sober.

    Man, I’m no fun anymore.

  121. Honestly, I’m planning to stay home with a couple of library books. I may go dancing on Thursday night, but I haven’t decided yet.

  122. I don’t know what the fuck can be done about it
    If you play the derp, you get nothing out of it
    You’ll find out for yourself tryin’ to be good

  123. I need a little one-cup coffeemaker at my study station so that I can stay put and not have to creep around the house waking up the hubster.

    Took Leon’s advice about reducing noise but there are still some small creaking noises in the floor when I walk really close to the walls.

    Better, though. A marked improvement.

    And, of course, I stopped absentmindedly wringing a wad of bubblewrap while I study. Honestly, that surprised me, what a difference there was in just changing that one little silly 3 am habit.

  124. *practices flutophone*

  125. *tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap *

    *drops pen*

  126. Voice over (whisper): We secretly changed Laura’s regular brand of coffee to Samoa. Let’s see if she notices.

  127. Sanka, you auto correcting mother humper.

  128. Hahaha.

    OK, gonna lie down for a few minutes to help all this knowledge soak in before the test.

  129. Laura, make a thermos the night before and leave it where you need it.

  130. wakey wakey.

    good LUCK Lauraw.

  131. I’m not a huge ceviche fan. I like the salmon one – I forget what that’s called. Where you process the salmon in the fridge – it’s too early. I don’t remember.

  132. Great suggestion on the thermos Leon. I have a stainless steel double wall one that I use now and again. I used to use it all the time at my moonlighting job at the psych hospital. Fill up with coffee at a local donut shop and sip coffee in a secure location away from the locked wards.

  133. Yeah, good luck lauraw. Your stories make me think of Paula’s struggles dealing with nursing school BS. And it is BS. There’s a difference between being thorough and not accepting excuses and arbitrary maliciousness. The first is called a “stickler” and the latter is labeled a “cunt”.

  134. We are hosting thanksgiving her again this year. So far, it’s turkey, roasted pumpkin, and broccoli. The wife will surely request more things, but that would be enough for me.

  135. If it weren’t for double standards…

  136. Morning.

    Yall have a make america great day!

  137. Lomi lomi salmon.

  138. I’ll have an early Thanksgiving this Sunday while visiting my mom down in MA. I’ll eat whatever she makes which will probably be turkey, stuffing, grape leaves, syrian bread (the good kind, not the crappy pita from the store) and peas with pearl onions. Peas with pearl onions is an homage to my departed little bro who used to wax poetically about them as a joke since we only saw them at holidays.

    Thanksgiving #2 is on turkey day with turkey, ham, etc at Paula’s folks house. We may or may not make a turkey here the weekend after since we like turkey.

  139. Your menu sounds great Jew.

    workie workie

  140. “If it weren’t for double standards…”

    they are truly charming –

    the fact that melania trump is actually good looking is going to drive them to new highs of foaming fanatical hatred – she’s smarter than their icons too… the double whammy

  141. Whenever the left takes some bullshit position, then cloaks it in “Just want to start a dialogue.” I say, “Go start a dialogue with my chocolate starfish. But let me eat a bean sandwich first.”


    “Making H2 Great Again.”

  142. Yes, Jam, it’s going to be fun watching the lefty fashion/women’s magazines figure out how to portray Melania as LESS beautiful and dumber than Michelle…..hahahahahahahahaha

  143. Ace of base in 25 minutes. I have a half hour to sit in the hall and chill.

  144. Someone make a post. I’m on daddy duty all day and can’t.

  145. I did last tuesday’s. I don’t want to horn in.

  146. i’ve noticed an increase in the use of the c-word around this joint;
    is it the new cool kid code for lemon bear dick punch ?
    citrus ursine nad tap

  147. Ok, I called about another Newfie. I’ll know hopefully on Thursday.

    Moose REALLY wants a puppy.

  148. New, improved, non-stinky Wire post:

  149. Who is putting up a new chocolate starfish?

    I hear Tuesday’s art dealio has been abolished because of Trump.

  150. It’s like MJ doesn’t read the blog anymore…

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