The Red Wedding: 2016 Gloat Thread

This is going to be a bit of overreach because only a small number of people at the H2 were all in for Trump. And even so, I felt as though the support was given mostly to oppose Pickles McDoubleschlonged–and I can certainly understand that position. He sure did make it hard, but playing hard to get is way more exciting than just laying down. Ask Mare, she knows.

But fuck it. We don’t win much, so for this evening I’m going to gloat my cold black heart out until it twinkles with warmth. FUCK YOU LEFTY BITCHES.

You mush click this video. I’ve seen it 134,539 times and I’m still laughing.

Cee lo, you know what to do…

Trump is already lying to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leon reacts to the unbelievable results in the fair state of Michigan.

Nigel Farage, leader of Brexit, demonstrates ‘The Trump.’

Wisconsin liberals upon learning that Walker came back for thirds.

It appears that Jeb! has found a job that suits him.

Amy Shumer apparently won’t be leaving you racist. Or has she already?

Clint Eastwood is a man surrounded by boys. Love this guy.

Missed it by that <<———————->> much.

Well said, although some guys are incapable of self reflection.

I had no idea scottw is black, or had a Youtube channel. Interesting.

Blitz Wolfer has eaten a lot paste, and by eat paste I mean gargle balls.

The intellectually lazy sure are intellectually lazy. They’re also dumb.

Fen’s law: The Left doesn’t really believe in the things they lecture the rest of us about.

Jeez. Get a life already. And while you’re at it, make me a sammich.

The left, the media (BIRM), generation snowflake, and HRC all in one.

How is Enron doing these days, Paul. Oh, that’s right. FUCK YOU.

I think this is mature and thoughtful. CBS was worse than MSNBC on 11/8.

I wonder why some kids never grow up.

A perfect summary of Hillary’s campaign and the response by a bunch of babies.

Fen’s law again. 

Not my president. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

We have the best friends in India, don’t we folks?

Everything is a scam, wrapped in a hoodwink, surrounded by bamboozle.

Fen’s law part III. Will it ever end?

And a special thank you to Wisconsin and Michigan. For the first time in many, many years, your vote mattered!


Lastly, I want to give a massive and hearty FUCK YOU to every single bitch ass mother fucker in the media and democrat party that looked down upon Americans for rejecting their fake ass mind control politically correct bullshit.

Once more time, FUCK YOU, you whores!




  1. TRUMP 2016: Because you fuckers had it coming

    I made pronouncement on those lines a year and a half ago.

    I never dreamed–not in a million years–it would play out this way.

    I guess America’s got some surprises left in it after all.

  2. I was a Cruz guy, but I choose not to throw any battles just because I may prefer one guy over the other when I hate the commie fucking liberals. I voted for Trump, I am not ashamed, I may be sorry later, but if I had sat out, I would be sorry today.
    IT’S WAR! Now we have a bunch of RINOs to toss in 2 years.

  3. From previous thread:

    At lunch, I heard two students discussing the election. One’s Poli-Sci professor said “I guarantee Trump will have four years of gridlock and will accomplish nothing.” Hello? He’ll have majorities in Congress and a couple of SCotUS appointments. I think he’ll make Mr. Two-Putt look like the lazy narcissistic ass-clown he really is.

  4. Don’t cut O short. In his first couple years he really fucked a lot of people over but good.

    Any GM bondholders here? Remember?

  5. Hotspur owes me a visit, but we can just bake into the cake of our meatup in Jan/Feb. Let’s do this.

    Tushar and I will begin working on a song and dance number immediately.

  6. I’ll say this, Trump’s schedule the last couple weeks of the election really impressed me. Old fucker has quite the energy.

    I remember kinda laughing at the early part of the election. He was heading home almost every night. Well, looks like reserving his energy was a wise choice.

  7. That AR15 pic is hilarious. Face still hurts. Don’t care.

    We need to meet somewhere that I can let Scott try out Mostly Peaceful Protest.

  8. We need to reflect for a moment on Scott’s steadfast refusal to believe the polls.

    Totally nuts.

  9. MJ, I can think of only one song for the occasion:
    Queen’s ‘We will we will rock you’

  10. Done. I’m in.

  11. So anyone wants to place bets on Bitch and horndog will divorce?

  12. xbrad, he looked like he was enjoying it too.

  13. I thought the polls were going to be off by 5-6 points.

  14. Tushar, why would they? They haven’t lived together in how many years? It would cost money and they love money.

  15. Scott, I bow before your wisdom and sagacity.
    The best pollsters, pundits and prognosticators in the country are not worthy of washing your dirty jockstrap

  16. Where is oso?

  17. Beasn, he still has to sneak in women to make sure they don’t come face to face with the bitch. At some point he would love the FFF.

    Freedom to fcuk freely.

  18. So anyone wants to place bets on Bitch and horndog will divorce?

    Spousal immunity- can’t be forced to testify against one another.

  19. Don’t they have separate homes?

  20. So anyone wants to place bets on Bitch and horndog will divorce?
    They don’t live togehter. They both travel full time.

  21. I thought the polls were going to be off by 5-6 points.

  22. We need to meet somewhere that I can let Scott try out Mostly Peaceful Protest.

    Hmph. OK. You. That’s okay. I guess.

    Schweinehund. Sexist.

    *kicks pebble*

    (I also wish to operate the flamethrower!)

  23. (I also wish to operate the flamethrower!)

    Me too, of course. But Scott was the one who guessed the election correctly.

  24. They are always off by 2-3 points or so, and I figured they would be off by even more this time.

    No enthusiasm on the left, so low turnout, and a lot of anger motivating the right.

    Rush was talking about one pollster who got it right. He realized Trump supporters were lying so he would ask everyone who their neighbor supported.

    If they claimed to support Hillary, and said their neighbor supported Trump, they were really supporting Trump.


  25. I’m in the tavern next door. Large group of libs at the stand up behind me.

    I’m eavesdropping. Fucking delicious.

  26. Interesting.

    GND and I talked about this a lot. Most of our friends didn’t really talk about Trump even though he was in the news 24/7. Our close friends did, but not as like they were in all the way. It was like they were feeling us out.

    Most were all in for Pickles.

    The ones that said nothing…we assumed were for Trump.

    She was convinced there were large numbers of people lying or just laying low.

  27. Fuck you Jonah Goldberg

  28. On my way home from Rockport today I made 2 stops. Aubuchon Hardware and the Belfast Co-op. At the back of the hardware store a few employees were bitching about election results and the racists that stole Hillary’s election. At the Co-op it was like a funeral. At the register the girl in line ahead of me asked the cashier how everyone was holding up. It took all I could muster not to snicker out loud.

  29. I stayed mostly silent. All of my friends are libs. There really was nothing to discuss.

  30. A lot of the young women who work at HotBride’s coop were wearing Nasty Woman tees yesterday.

    Can’t wait to hear her stories tonight.

  31. We can all take turns with it, Laura, but it runs for maybe a minute or 2 on a charge and I only have 2 CO2 cannisters.

  32. Are you having a meatup, Leon?

  33. I don’t know if I have enough interior space inside the house, so it might be tough in winter, but we could try. I definitely don’t have the bedspace. Closest hotel is about 15 min away.

  34. If they claimed to support Hillary, and said their neighbor supported Trump, they were really supporting Trump.

    CBS had the pollster Luntz on this morning. He pretty much said the same thing. That they, the media and pollsters, got it all wrong because those who supported/voted Trump are so pissed at the establishment and media, that they avoided pollsters…considered it an act of rebellion.

  35. Lot’s of first time voters too, like the guy at the music store.

  36. Tim Kaine can take his faggy face and bury it in Cankles’ twat.

  37. The fucking media gave that asshole a complete pass.

    The media can now take their faggy faces out of Cankles’ twat, to make room for Kaine.

  38. We haven’t set a date yet. Tentative talk about January- February.

    I don’t know when my clinical rotation schedule is going to be next semester. Please don’t plan anything yet!! I should know in the next couple weeks, I hope.

  39. One of Rush’s callers pointed out something interesting. Trump did real well with non college educated people.

    Not because they aren’t smart, but because they aren’t indoctrinated.

    I need a fuck your feelings shirt.

  40. Graduation part!

  41. or party.

  42. The voters hid their vote because they didn’t want to get fucking villified and attacked. Had nothing to do with being pissed. The biggest bullies in the world and the media were screaming rayciss and finger pointing. So even in analysing their error, the pundits still get it wrong.

  43. I’m going to plow through the data in a week or so but it looks to me like he ginned the cracker ass cracker vote and over performed with every group that was supposed to hate him.

    That last part was probably bias from the pollsters.

  44. I also didn’t realize how terrible Romney was. Total bias on my part.


  45. Between Scott’s “Trump will win” and MJ’s “She’s not black” (re: black voter turn out) there was hope to keep me going.

  46. I’ve mostly rolled my eyes at the National Review columnists that disparaged Trump (Geraghty, Goldberg) because I otherwise like their stuff. I’m hoping they give him the benefit of the doubt and don’t take the easy route of “I told you so” when the inevitable speedbumps happen.

  47. MJ, you’re awesome and not the total douche xbradtc says you are in secret emails. Smooooooooch. Love this post.

  48. Total butch Lesbian clerk at TJ Maxx said without being asked, “rough night but I’ve learned to not worry about things I can’t control.” I smiled and said nothing. However, I was wearing an American flag t-shirt and a HUZZAH! Tea Party hat. I think she knew. Hahahahaha

  49. Scott, do you have a link to the neighbor thing?

  50. I had to make a run to Target for some jeans, and I found a t-shirt with “‘MERICA” on it so now I’m wearing that in celebration.

  51. No. It was in the 2nd hour of Rush’s show. You can probably listen to it at his website.

  52. Trump did real well with non college educated people.

    Oh yes, they were talking about that on CBS too. The working class came out in droves. 67% was a number I saw.

    Up to 10% of blacks too.

  53. Oh, and I also went to Trader Joe’s and got some looks too. But if wearing an American flag shirt becomes controversial I’ll wear one all day every day.

  54. My “The H is Silent in Benghazi” shirt arrives tomorrow

    The one I got has a #NeverHillary under the logo

  55. My daughter has burst into tears five times today. It’s really cutting into my gloating.

  56. Ooo, I like that shirt Jimbro. I’d be to askeered to wear it though. Don’t want to dodge sniper fire.

  57. Geoff, your daughter was a Hillary supporter?

  58. How old?

  59. My NP told me her 9 yo daughter was asking her and her dad why they didn’t vote for Hillary because she was a woman. She told her about the emails and a few other things a 9 yo would understand. She said her daughter understood and hadn’t heard that stuff from her teachers.

  60. I got choked up about 3 times today thinking about America, Americans and someone bucking a system entirely against them.

  61. Damn. Sorry, geoff. No one should have to gloat alone.

  62. Looks like 3rd party candidates got about 5 million votes.

  63. My oldest paid $22 to have her ballot Fed-ex’d to Florida.

  64. I’ve had this shirt for six weeks or so.

    Almost no one gets it, but that’s what I wanted.

  65. Somehow the fucking elites have managed to equate college education with intelligence.

    Therefore, if you don’t have one, you’re a stupid racist.

    I’ve never had a day of college in my life, but have managed to run a highly successful upscale construction business for 32 years.


  66. Secret high fives with gloating Members and associates. 2 D-rat voters asked the breakroom at large why if you voted for Trump and it can’t be not Pickle McDoubleschlonged? (Thx MJ) I started laying it out Wiserbud/Dragnet style. One was a Berniebot so I used the DNC hack to get her onboard. Our local FU was sending Michael Fucking Sanchez home.

  67. I spent about 30 mins last weekend listening to a couple talk about how they feel undereducated with MBAs from Georgetown.

    It was hard, but I mustered zero fucks for them. I ordered another beer to reward myself.

  68. My father who never went to college and I’m not exactly sure if he graduated high school was the most intelligent man I knew. Worked his ass off and put 5 kids through Catholic school. He read the classics, could do rather complicated math in his head, knew lots of Latin and was fair, unprejudiced and well liked by his employees. He also had an uncommon amount of common sense. I think a lot of people in his generation were like that. Bonus, great sense of humor especially since he never had things easy.

  69. MJ, to be fair it’s not like they’ve learned anything useful.

  70. Susana refused to endorse Trump. My personal LiV has vowed to never vote for Susana again. Not even for dogcatcher. He didn’t even know #NeverTrump was a thing. I’ve been happy all day!

  71. I know my father had an excellent classic Catholic school education. You knew your reading, writing and arithmetic.

  72. MJ, I don’t get it.

  73. Most intellectually stimulating course I ever took was the Master Gunnery Course for the Bradley.

    And boohowdy, it was fast paced.

    Here’s a 700 page manual on the TOW Missile System. Your exam is tomorrow. 90% or better, or go home.

  74. I get it, MJ.

  75. I have been reading Ghe Daily Kos today.

    Ho ho ho.

    I wont link it here of corse but if you really want a good laugh read Markos poast toasty titled something awesome like
    “first we cower then we like our bawls then we fight like pussies”

    I practically died laughing.

    What a twisted fruit!

    Ps, I Love you assholes.
    Thanx for getting me through TFG’s reign of suck.

  76. Hotspur, of my husband’s circle of friends, a couple of them have had no college and have done very well for themselves. Better off than we are.

  77. Mmmmm beer.

  78. OSO! There you are.

  79. MJ, to be fair it’s not like they’ve learned anything useful.
    They’re very nice but very upper middle class and insecure about it.

  80. CHUMPO!!
    Not going to the Kos asylum. I’ll live vicariously through you.

  81. I’ve never had a day of college in my life, but have managed to run a highly successful upscale construction business for 32 years.
    My friend with a successful battery business in Worcester, MA only went to 2 years of college because his father forced him to. He’s grown it from a garage to his own shopping complex in about 25 years

  82. Hi Mare. I meant that I had a hard time mustering any sympathy for people that went to Georgetown. I was being sarcastic.

  83. I get it, MJ.
    Thanks Bradley.

  84. Beasn, we were Netflixin last night. Dan H8s the MFM. I woke up a little after midnight local time and watched DJTs speech. Avoiding facechimp, because of the meltdowns. I still have to attend parties/funerals with mi familia. Scottradamus! While I agree with quite a bit of the Ewok’s post about FiFs, I love all y’all. There is nothing Fake Internet Friends about the H2. I remember how the Thanks Nancy thread at the HQ lifted me from serious depression. I love the Horde, but I really love IB/H2 peeps. (Feel free to punch hippie love OSO)

  85. Carl Bernstein is fucking moron. If you think racism and sexism was the big winner last night do us all a favor and take the bag over your head challenge.

  86. My brother’s eldest is at Georgetown Law. 2nd year. His daughter is crying glass ceiling tears at Loyola Marymount in Cali. Heh.

  87. Oh, I knew that, MJ. I was agreeing with Hotspur’s comment. But your GT friends are right. They probably did not study American History, the classics, math, critical writing or the sciences. Studying modern American cinema will not get you that far.

  88. Some of the most successful people I’ve met have little to no college, some didn’t even finish high school. They were smart and hard working. Started their own business, good managers, busted their asses.

  89. One of the smartest people I ever met was illiterate and never saw the inside of a school.

  90. Scott and I have talked about this before. I am still in awe of Alvin at TBC.

  91. The Kos article was hilarious. It’s so easy to keep screaming racism and sexism. Its kind of lazy.

  92. Mare, I took lots of film classes before I dropped out of UNM due to #NoMath.

  93. Did anyone at Kos mention Hillary was a horrible candidate and us backwoods yokels were sick of Obama’s shit?

  94. Hahahah, Oso.

  95. The day I met Booker T, he was returning a microwave he repaired to a coworker.

    He couldn’t read but he could fix anything.

    He ran our warehouse. The place was huge, thousands and thousands of items in the inventory and he knew where it all was.

    I think he had a photographic memory.

    Good guy.

  96. Whenever he saw me straining to move something he would say “your baby is gonna be born bald.”

  97. My favorite thing is using DNC/Podesta hacks to break Berniebots. Mi familia is in deep mourning on FB. My cousin, Raul, is the new BernCo DA. I didn’t vote for him afterall, as he was running unopposed.

  98. Booker T and Alvin. Respect

  99. I met his grandkids one day…

    “This one is Hammerhead, and that one is Motormouth.”

    Ha ha

    I loved that guy.

  100. Hahahahahahaha.

    I love that shit.

  101. I kicked in another $50 for ace.

    I only seem to be banned when I’m at home. When I’m on the road, no problem.

    What’s the deal?

  102. I was in my late 20’s when I met him, he was in his mid to late 60’s and I couldn’t keep up with him.

    Booker would spot me searching room to room.

    B – Watcha lookin fo?
    M- A copier that came in last Tuesday, probably has a purple tag on it.

    B- Third floor, second room to the left of the elevator.

  103. Booker T Grady.

    He would sign his checks Booker T, because nobody taught him how to write Grady.

  104. Booker T. I love Booker T stories. Alvin is my Louisiana born Booker T. He’s great. People sense.

  105. I was fortunate to know the guy.

    I worked with him for about 8 years before he retired.

  106. If you want to have some fun around the campfire, insert whatever you are doing into making …. great again.

    I was making coffee great again, making webinars great again, making design specs great again until I got called in to HR and asked to stop.

  107. I make everything great again.

  108. I want this to embed, let’s see if weirdpress will cooperate.

  109. Best comment of my commenting career:

    Comment by MJ on November 7, 2016 3:40 pm

    You know what would be nice, Mare?
    If Trump actually did well and no one was prepared for it. The shock dawning on everyone would be fun to watch.
    I doubt it will happen like that but it would be interesting.

  110. Scott, people like Booker T and Alvin are truly what makes America great. HS and Mare’s dad. Mike Rowe. America has always been about the free man. The American citizen. The freedom loving people that aren’t about caste, wealth, or college. My dad was better read than most people I know. I’m a college drop out and Dan has a UNM degree. All the Ivys and over educated assholes in mi familia won’t let us be partners in any board games. Family game night is BS.

  111. I have to log in on WordPress for every comment. Get’s old. Some of my comments are in the bucket. Cyn isn’t here to rescue me.

  112. Mare might not be real.

  113. >>Mare might not be real.

    Please don’t say that, Scottradamus. Your words have a strange power of coming true.

  114. She’s real and RFH will be able to soon confirm. I bet there’s a no photo clause to the Gulf Coast meat up.

  115. There. I stink at html, and my computer is trying to shit the bed.

  116. I ‘escaped’ from high-school(1.8 GPA). Started out as a freshman with 3,6, but got bored.
    Got into college via SAT and failed(way up on the spectrum)…

    Came back from the army and went to a scam computer-school, got hired by a Fortune-100 company and worked IT for 21 years.
    Made lots of money.
    Worked in tall buildings.
    Drove Porsche’s, Lotus and BMWs.

    I had always loved aviation and, in my 40s asked myself;
    “If not now, when?”

    I quit and got a pilot license and went to school for two years to get an A&P(Air frame & Power-plant)ticket.
    Later, I found out that the school I went to was a “Technical College”, and that I had an “Associates Degree”.

    Shortly after that, I found out that what makes airplanes fly is not Bernoulli’s law, but money!

    Worked on skydiving airplanes(Twin-Otters, Porters, and Caravans), and for the DoD on attack helicopters.

    Then, I crushed the two discs at the bottom of my spine.
    Now, I do nothing, but I voted for Trump.

    I guess that makes me part of the ignorant, deplorable, racist, misogynist, bible-thumper, gun-clingers, racists.

    Fuck You, leftists!
    WE WON!!!

    (yeah, I’m drinkin’, but I’ll stop now. Love you guys. Good night…)

  117. Well… that was interesting. Final was four questions, and I was done in twenty minutes. I either completely bombed it or did really well.

  118. Alex,
    Were you the first to get up and drop the test on the desk and walk out?

  119. You did well, CoAl! I’m still freaking high on the Trumphumping

  120. ChrisP, back in the day I had classes with Gary Choom Johnson. He was a B student in a class full of weeded out A’s. Bell Curve fucked over lots of Poli Sci students. Brutal class. He was always true to his beliefs

  121. ChrisP, yup.

  122. I don’t want to update my phone. Even if it means commenting here is easier. I ❤️ my 🔫. It becomes a squirt gun once I download and upgrade

  123. Can’t find the stats Mark Levin* was reading from, but it looks like the pew link above is sorta bullshit. Trump won all sorts of people, college educated or not. BUT, he did win 81% of the conservative vote.
    Trump better try to deliver what he ran on. And you know Schumer will be a total ass and play his fascist bullying games.

    *We get Mark here at 9pm*

  124. Oso, there’s a tab “how to fix your fucking phone, Mare”. Would that help?

    I met his grandkids one day…
    “This one is Hammerhead, and that one is Motormouth.”

    I worked with two guys like that. One’s grandkids were nicknamed Dizzyman and Sputter. The others were Pinecone and Amos Moses (after the Jerry Reed song). Both were retired Army, no college.

  125. Apple boy wants me to update. When I do, I will lose my 🔫. Maybe tomorrow, cause this shit is old

  126. Bolden sent an email about transition. I deleted it without reading it.

  127. Roamy, how will you know which Kool-Aid line to get in?

  128. Ok, thinking it over I think I fucked up the first question but got the other three. Meh.

  129. Comment by osoloco11 on November 9, 2016 10:55 pm

    ChrisP, back in the day I had classes with Gary Choom Johnson.

    What’s weird is seeing all the stoners I went to school with are now school superintendents, bankers, cops, etc. I wouldn’t have trusted these people to run a copy machine, and now they are in positions of responsibility.

  130. So how much is Soros paying for these protests?

  131. I have the will to survive
    I derp if I can’t win
    If someone locks me out
    I kick my way back in
    An’ if I get aggression
    I give ’em two times back
    Every day it’s just the same
    With hate an’ war on my back

  132. I gotta believe he’s at least losing money on them.

  133. New post after 1100 today

  134. Making air travel great again.

  135. If you only see one thing today, make it the video I just added to this post. I’m dying.

    Plus a whole bunch of new links added for your viewing pleasure.

  136. MJ, that laughing black guy is hilarious. You can’t not laugh loudly with him.

  137. I’d been looking for something like that since yesterday.

    Thank you r/The_Donald!!!!!!!

  138. That guy’s great. I bet he’d be a hoot to talk to.

  139. Car in is supposed to visit today and is suspiciously absent thus far.

  140. I should call her.


  141. Oh man, that was a great video MJ. Damn.

    He has really nice teeth too.

  142. I don’t know why you are still having problems with bannination over at Ace’s. The site is ancient Movable Type held together with paperclips and snot. That might be part of the problem.

  143. Wakey wakey.

    Just got back from kid run to school.

    send me your addy. I’m gonna have to get moving. Need to be back in time to pick up kid from school (plus soccer banquet tonight)

  144. Who’s gonna move all these boxes to my car?

  145. I gmailed you my phone # a little bit ago.

    Today’s WOD:
    Load boxes in car AMRAN

  146. Watching that video made me laugh in a public setting!

  147. I might have sent it to your older gmail with the . in the middle. Forwarded to the other one you logged into WP with.

  148. I watched MJ’s video three times and laughed along. I feel better now.

  149. Do the protestors realize that if their demands for faithless electors to choose the Witch were met it would result in a no-kidding civil war?

  150. Oso, my phone went through about a 2 month period where I had to sign in for every comment. The advice in the “Here’s how to fix your fucking login, mare” didn’t work. For an unexplained reason it just stopped and now on all my devices I’m logged in all the time. And I use 5 different devices. Mini mac, my husband’s mac, my iPhone, my fire and an iPad.

  151. I will head your way earlish. As soon as I’m done consuming a bit of coffee and can get moving.

    I ddn’t get enough sleep tuesday so I’m slow-moving this morning as I try to make it all up.

  152. Also snickering at my liberal friend in MD finding out what you have to do to get a gun (because Trump is going to take away all our civil liberties, natch). She said it would be easier to move to a red state. Duh.

  153. Maryland won’t let you own a flamethrower. California won’t, but they have wildfires. Maryland is just run by assholes.

  154. I’m sure, in certain Baltimore neighborhoods, obtaining a handgun is easier than finding a book. I know that because the SCOAMF told me that.

  155. I wonder what the effect of Trump’s election on gun stocks (meaning both shares and inventories but not actual wooden or plastic stocks) will be?

  156. I’m gonna laugh my ass off if the liberals trying to buy guns and learn how to use them get clued in to WHY we care about them so much.

  157. Oh leon, liberals and learn don’t go in the same sentence.

  158. Jay, there are many ex-liberals, I have a scintilla of hope that there might be more.

  159. First speaker today is Lt General Larry Wyche.

    Pretty cool.

  160. Interesting. The buffoon really deserves some credit

  161. Turnip >>> Ham Sandwich

  162. CBS: The unbearable smugness of the 2016 election

    Some people can see what was put right in front of their eyes.

  163. Interesting. We run a vegetable, and we win. Are we vegetarians?

    Whatever works!

  164. Turnips make better projectiles, I think that’s the key.

  165. I just found Tuesday’s wire subject matter. Patriotic Wire, stay tuned!

  166. The polls had Hillary up by 7 here, she won by 14.

    Yet, in the swing states, they were off by 5-6 points in the other direction.

    It’s almost as if they were trying to manipulate us while keeping the national poll numbers accurate.

  167. Leaked emails reveal that Clinton’s campaign really did elevate Trump on purpose, thinking they would make him easier to beat.

  168. have they found any that show coordination with the primaries, telling her followers to vote Trump? We know it happened.

  169. That’s quite possibly the best leak yet.

  170. Is Cankles still schlonged?

  171. amrap took 14 mins

  172. Happy Birthday USMC

    Respect and Salutations to all you Gun Bunnies. Semper Fi

  173. Schlonged and fisted.

  174. I had this painting hanging over my bed before HotBride and I got married. (She asked to put something a little less masculine up.)

    This is what happened Tuesday.

  175. I just sent Ace some bucks. I read him every day, and he did an excellent job throughout the campaign and election.

    Go there now.

  176. Ruth Ginsburg can eat a freighter of dicks – big hairy uncircumcised dicks.

  177. Heh, that Salon article calls Trump a “far right demagogue.” Lol, no. Trump is more liberal than hillary in some ways. I love that Trump pulled it off with everything stacked against him. Only things I hope to get out of him now are a couple conservativish supreme court nominees and repealing obumblescare.

  178. We really can’t afford it but I threw Ace a little cash anyway.

    I’m kind of dreading going back to school and having to listen to all the disillusioned youngsters. They really are nice kids. I don’t talk politics with them.

    The fears of the lefties today – pogroms, KKK, murderous racists, etc- are so far out I can’t believe it.

    You would almost think that maybe it’s not healthy to constantly portray political opposition as the Devil from Hell, and make your children piss themselves with fear and dread.

  179. I will laugh my ass off if Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies of a heart attack the day before Trump is sworn in. With the way 2016 is going, it’s entirely possible.

  180. It scares me that Sanders is seen as a figure that would have beaten Trump.

  181. Jay, that is why the elites have to go.

    I wouldn’t be fine with a Sanders win, but I would think it was fair and square. The Clinton bullshit was just too hard to sit back and watch.

    – the lying
    – the crime
    – the cronyism
    – the smugness
    – the zero investigation of Kaine
    – the media sycophants
    – the cover up

    It was all too hard to bear. I did not want to vote for Trump. I didn’t want him. But I had no choice. I had to vote against Madame Corruption and Incompetence.

    That’s what it boiled down to.

  182. Sanders was a full out socialist that would have been worse than Clinton in many ways.

  183. And they would have protected Sanders in the same way. Granted, he wouldn’t be criminally indictable, but he would have received the same free pass in the media that Hillary did.

  184. How many of you have been labeled as full out racists/sexists in the last 2 days?

    *raises hand

  185. This fucking article is so full of straw men, it’s a wonder it doesn’t set itself on fire.

  186. Maybe God knew we needed someone like Trump who was so unconventional and doesn’t owe anyone anything politically except the people who believed in him and voted for him.

    Hillary owed a lot of favors to a lot of people (countries).

    Do we have a final number on the amount of money Hillary spent to lose?

  187. Those videos at Ace’s are awesome. This is the generation that will be in charge in the future.

    Fucking diaper babies.

  188. I thoroughly enjoy it when Trump calls the media ass with the mic, ‘rude’ to their faces while slamming Hillary for taking naps while he is 8 places at once.

    This is a good clip.

  189. I have to say, I have been thoroughly enjoying the schadenfreude over the past couple days. It’s about damned time we had some good political news. I’d stopped paying attention after a decade of almost zero positive events.

    Hahaha love the laughing Trump supporter vid. I was practically walking around work today with a boner from all the crying Dim supporters. Stupid a$$holes… I have a feeling this actually has a chance of being a good 4-8 years. He’s saying all the right things on .

  190. New thread

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