Cell Wire

That a weekly art post requires a working desktop computer and a stray minute at home to complete, for me is a feature not a bug.

I have had neither lately as my workstation gave up the ghost and I now spend most of my time roving from set to set or sleeping.

Last week I could not bring myself to hack another Wire out on this bs phone interface and before this becomes a habit I shall take an hiatus from posting on Tuesdays.

With luck I won’t be gainfully employed long and will once again don my flip flops and traipse around the beach looking for something to do; but for now I must tend to business away from kith and kin (whatever kith are/is) and so casualty thy name is The Wire Post.

My ye rise again like the bile from a spicy tuna roll in the esophagus of an esteemed annal such as this.

Farewell for now.

ch. -_-


  1. Thanks for the pics Mr Chumpo. You’re a cherished part of our kith and kin.

  2. We should set Chumpo up with a metal detector for his beach-combing.

  3. Voted. Have a busy day ahead so hit the polls when they opened. About 75 people in line when they opened, about 30 when I left.

    Voting was easy. No to the Hillbilly and anyone affiliated with her by having a D after their name. No to retaining judges.

    One interesting item was a state constitutional amendment to forever allow hunting in the state. It was hedged with usual verbiage about it being for wildlife management and such, but sounded pretty generic.

  4. Polls open in 7 minutes. I might go immediately to get it over with.

  5. ok, so who’s gonna take over Tuesdays while he takes a break?

    wakey wakye.

    I’ve got my Trump 2016: fuck your feelings t-shirt on.

    I’m thinking a Lamb stew for dinner?

  6. I thought polls didn’t open until 8? I thought I looked it up and everything?

  7. Mine is open 7am to 8pm.

  8. Oh, no. Leon’s right. Maybe I’ll go after I drop off the kids at school.

    I was going to get a haircut first.

  9. To Crispy: Thanks for the article link last night. Found it pretty interesting. Yes, a season of onions + a cover crop of high-glucosinolate mustard greens tilled in would probably do the trick.

    Onions are great for preceding potatoes just generally.

  10. 0700.

    Has CNN declared a Clinton/Kaine victory yet?

  11. I am sorry that I ever planted mustard. I’m still weeding it out. I dosed that mound with 4 bags of basil seeds and the mustard kept coming back and choking it out.

  12. Lady Gaga probably shouldn’t have worn a Nazi costume at Pickles’ rally last night.

    I get that she’s controversial and shit, but that seemed like a poor decision.

    Also, election is over. Pickles 538, Sexual Trauma Assailant 0.

    Don’t vote. Waste of time. Stay home and watch CNN.

  13. No dice. No parking spots open, line out the door. UAW gets the day off, so it ain’t them packing the place at this hour.

  14. It’s literally 2 miles from my house, so I’ll just keep driving by until I see less of a crowd.

  15. Is there anyone more insufferable than David Brooks? Can you imagine saying “they vote their gene pool?”

    This from a man who actually, ACTUALLY referenced the crease in a man’s pants as evidence of his ability.

  16. I’m short and white, so is Hillarity. I’m voting against my gene pool.

  17. David Brooks is the perfect Republican.

    He’s actually a Democrat.

  18. People trying to vote before work. I usually go around 10 or 11 and it’s slower.

  19. He’s a fundamentally unserious person. If you left him in the woods somewhere he’d be killed and eaten by a feline less than half his size.

  20. Brooks is an asshole. He wouldn’t know what intellectual diversity was if it bite him in the ass.

  21. And by “woods somewhere” I mean a public park in a suburban neighborhood.

  22. I listened to NPR on the way in to work until I couldn’t take it any longer. They had a sound montage of Pickles and Donald which ended with the harpy screeching “Trump….Hate”. No mention of “Clinton Criminal “

  23. She’s going to unite the country Jimbro. I don’t know what it is you heard. I mean, she’s been going on about how much the Trump supporters are violent and deplorable, so I’m not exactly how this is going to work.

    Vote now: Another Newfie or a choc lab? This is important.

  24. Moose is sitting on my feet (as he does every morning for this little routine) so he’s campaigning hard for another Newf. But I think he’s like a choc lab /chew toy too.

  25. Labs are wonderful dogs, but they are the worst puppies.

    You can count on a lab puppy to eat furniture for two years.

  26. Lab.

    Newfies are crooked.

  27. Even with toys and dogs to bite?

  28. I’m partial to the herding breeds. ACD, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd … you get the idea. Even a Corgi! Moose needs a canine friend to get him in the Subaru.

  29. Well, the Felon won Dixville Notch 4-2.

    So we got that going for us.

    Heh, on clintbird not getting Car in’s autocucumber.

  30. Dogs sit on your feet to feel part of the park.

    /doggy daycare lessons

  31. pack, even.

  32. Oh, I love that he sits on my feet.

  33. I notice there was a couple of abstentions in Dixville.

  34. Jennifer Granholm just said Pickles is going to win all swing states including Iowa where she’s down 7, Ohio where she’s down 4, and MI where its tied.

    Let the disinformation begin!

  35. Voted this am around 7:15. Longest line I have ever encountered, maybe 20 or 30 folks.

    When I left, no line.

    Voted straight anti-D anti-tax anti-liberal-idiocy.

    Now waiting for SMOD.

  36. Jennifer has obviously hit the botttle early today.

    She’s vying for DNC chair I hear.

  37. WP sighting at the HQ.

  38. Thanks chumpo.

    (Nods head)

  39. She’s vying for DNC chair I hear.

    Alcoholism would be a good step in that direction.

    Also, she should have that thing cut off of her face.

  40. I’m pretty sure Pickles is going to win but every single person on TV is assuming that she will.

    Wouldn’t it be nice…

  41. This is a close up of Granholm:


  42. I’m going to be listening to metal all day. I think I’ll make some lamb stew if I can find the right cut of meat at the store. Workout at 5. Kid has soccer tonight until 9. Full day.

    Haircut too.

  43. The dem electioneer at my polling place asked if I wanted a dem polling guide and I said, “Hell no!” Then I thought about what Sean said last night and I fished one out of the garbage and it was INCREDIBLY helpful. Like Sean, I just picked the opposite on judges, amendments and charters.

    On my street corner was Charlie F’ing Crist with 15 people holding signs. The guy behind me in line called his friend and said, “Chain gang Charlie is on the street corner.”

    I’m about to pop out of my skin.

  44. Mare … some metal will help. pinkie swears.

  45. When do the riots start?

    I should probably get groceries, and booze.

  46. Obama expected to fire Comey next week

    Just in time! Thanks, Obama!

  47. I’ve got about 90# of meat in the freezer, so I’m good until the EMP from the CME.

  48. I’ve been praying and yet I haven’t found peace. Get thee to a church. Maybe outside in nature where I can club some manatees and punch some Dolphins.

  49. How far away was Charlie “Orange Blossom Special” Crist?

    Would be fun to have him arrested for electioneering.

  50. Mare, today seems like a good day for a sit-down in front of the tabernacle.

  51. Voted, line of about 25 waiting for the doors to open (small town MN, suburb of Minneapolis). Walked to Caribou Coffee because Boy2’s car sometimes won’t start after short trips. Paper ballots, scanned electronically. I’m sure it’s all very efficient and not crooked.

  52. You are correct, Leon.

  53. I should check the law here, Charlie was fine distance wise but the gal passing out Dem polling guides wearing a Hillary shirt was certainly within a hundred feet.

  54. Our ballots are scanned too, Pups.

  55. I said to her after I said, “hell no” “isn’t this illegal?” She just smiled.

  56. It will start in about an hour or so. Free refills and wifi at coffee shop. Next door to a crossfit/yoga gym, scenery is pretty good. If I had a bottle of rum I’d probably stay here until close.

  57. The law is only what’s enforced. She’ll do it until a cop tells her to stop – which he won’t – or until she can make a scene and claim it’s oppression of some sort.

    Vile human being, that one.

  58. You could pop in for a little zumba, pups.

  59. All white people voting at the school across the street. It’s a 50-50 neighborhood.

    The schools are closed in Charlotte today. FFS.

  60. Pretty sure I’d get arrested, J’ames. Turns out I’m not very attractive, so also creepy, apparently.

  61. I wonder what the new center right party is going to be.

    A lot of the pre-logo shit is a a red and blue lion. No name yet.

  62. Curb-stomp Party

  63. The good names are all taken by lunatics already.

  64. I am a fan of the Lawn Party, as in Get Off My.

  65. Early reports say “historic turnout” in CT.

    I can’t believe Hillary is the driving force behind that.

  66. I voted for a piece of dog shit so as to not vote for a piece of cat shit.

  67. Dog shit 2016. !!!

  68. Polls in Michigan are all sounding really busy.

  69. All white people voting at the school across the street. It’s a 50-50 neighborho*******

    They’re probably waiting until “their shows” are over.

  70. Haircut now

  71. Nah, black folks early vote. Usually on Sundays.

  72. Go with a buzzcut. Or the leon.

  73. I don’t think I have a well enough shaped head for the Leon

  74. Lady just grabbed a dum-dum, put it in her mouth and started biting away.

    Who does that?

  75. She looks like a Hillary voter.

  76. Peace earring. Yea. Hillary voter.

    I’m wearing my “fuck your feelings” tee, but I have a wrap kinda covering it. It may be time to let my freak fly.

  77. Who does that?

    Idiots who’ve never had a root canal.

  78. I just cut my hair last night. Slight stubble this morning, enough to keep a hat on like velcro.

  79. In other news, Hillary is a cunt.

  80. Frog = racist.

    Lady Gaga in a nazi outfit = avant garde.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a world where I don’t speak the language.

  81. MJ, I abandoned my sanity a long time ago for a more balanced world-view.

  82. I just think it would be nice if everyone played by the same rules.

    I’m tired of the left pointing out dumb shit as proof–absolute proof–of some sort of dark heart.

    But then laughing off the same behavior when the shoe is on the other foot.

    I guess expecting the world to be fair is immature. I should think about that.

  83. It’s been that way for so long, I just laugh about it now. It’s expected.

  84. It’s like a kid, stamping around, crying about “it’s not fair!”

    If lefties would notice that similarity, they might stop that.

    Oh, who am I kidding?

  85. I haven’t voted yet here in Pennsyltucky. Donald can win without us bitter clingers, right? The wife and I will vote but PA is out of reach for republicans. The 125% turnout in Philly, Pgh, etc. is too much to overcome.

  86. In my polling place. It’s packed. Never seen it this crowded at 10:45 in the 20+ years I’ve been voting here. Usually I’m in and out in 5 minutes, even in presidential election years.

    Would like to think it means something, but I doubt it.

  87. Waited 45 minutes to vote this morning – apparently 2 election volunteers didn’t show up, so there was only one person checking ID’s, and one person documenting who voted (I assume they check/compare the two lists for accuracy at the end of the day).

    I was voter #79 according to the Scantron – most elections, I’m in the 20s or 30s this time of day….

  88. Not good for Hillary.

  89. I’m sure it’s all the Hillary voters. She’s so dreamy!

  90. All the libs on facedouche talking about turning Texas blue.

  91. It’s inevitable.

  92. Go vote doc. I will kick your ass.

  93. Polling place was packed at 10:30. Not good for Hillary.

  94. BTW, picture ID required to vote in Michigan.

    I voted at a Methodist church cafeteria. Straight up voter suppression. There were crosses and everything in the halls.

    Took 5 minutes. But our community is all white.

    In the white communities you simply provide more booths.

    Totally racist.

  95. My community is reliably Republican, but I imagine the whole “historic” thing might have an impact on that.

    CT voters are so dumb that way.

  96. Jennifer Granholm just said Pickles is going to win all swing states including Iowa where she’s down 7, Ohio where she’s down 4, and MI where its tied.

    Soros said pretty much the same thing. He should know since he owns the machines.

    Speaking of which, I hear emails have dropped talking about how Pickles is going to destroy the subpoenaed evidence that they eventually destroyed.

    Which brings me to mention how Alex Jones (just caught a blurb, I don’t actually listen to his show) is saying his ‘guys’ at the Pentagon and some other place (can’t remember) are telling him that Trump is not going to be allowed to win. Given how the media, the GOPe, and a lot of those f*ckers at the Pentagon have been in everyone’s face lamenting how awful Trump’s rhetoric is and how he’s racist and sexist and how the media never reported how f*cking corrupt she is in all the leaked emails……they’ve worked together to make it a piece of cake to steal it from him.

    Trump draws tens of thousands at his rallies. Pickles, if she can move her fat ass out of bed, only draws a few hundred at the few she decides to have.

  97. The LeBron and Pickles rally? Only a few hundred, if that, showed up. He supposedly had to be coaxed to do it and barely any black people showed up. The had to pay others to fill some space.

  98. As I was voting, police and fire truck sirens started blaring as they raced past the polling place.

    I’m gonna take that as a sign.

    Place was still packed when I left.

  99. The arena holds 10k. What is in the picture is all that showed up. ^^

    Jones showed a picture sent to him by the Cleveland police working up in the nosebleed section…..the crowd on the floor was pitiful. But the media tries to make it look like the place was filled.

  100. For every deplorable vote, the machines are rigged to give two to Cankles.

    We are also duking it out in MO for the senate. DNC and co. want to take out Blunt. His Hillary shill opponent is pulling ‘oh look at me, I’m military and we need change in D.C.’.

    Governor seat is up for grabs too. The democrat is talking about how he, as attorney general, fought against obamacare mandate. The hell he did. He did exactly what Big Brother told him to do as AG. He disappeared and did nothing.

  101. Young lady that the better half sits for (24-25yrs old) dropped her kid off this morning to us and mentioned that she had went and voted this morning for the first time. Said she was nervous cause she didn’t know what to do. Said that she never wanted to vote before but that this time it seemed important. Said the choice was easy, one is a recognizable criminal and one isn’t.

  102. I’m voting, as I said. We are very rural and I would say we see 10:1 trump:hildabeast signage. But still I have voted in too many elections in PA where it is the same. The #s and/or cheating in the urban areas is too much to overcome. PA is fool’s gold for the repubs.

  103. It’s the White Whale, doc. Many have tried to land it.

  104. Then we have RJ Reynolds trying to stick it to little tobacco. Little tobacco has been getting some market share here and not paying a fine that Big Tobacco has to pay from some ’90s settlement. So Big Tobacco is going after their competitors by funding/backing a 60 cent tax hike and claim it’s for the children.

    The money is supposed to go to early childhood health and education. What they they don’t tell you on the ballot is that with the ‘health’ part, they ensconce abortion into our constitution…by allowing some of that money to go to ’emergency’ abortion situations – on children, I presume. Sneaky bastards.

    We also have an amendment to require Voter ID. I’ll vote yes for this but you know it will be ignored.

    Another ballot measure is reminiscent of the Citizen’s United fight. It wants to cap donations to political causes/campaigns.

  105. The #s and/or cheating in the urban areas is too much to overcome. PA is fool’s gold for the repubs.

    It’s past time for the repubs to fight back, hard. But not one peep from them.

  106. “Comment by Hotspur on November 8, 2016 10:27 am

    In other news, Hillary is a cunt.”

    i’ve turned into a simpleton – i laugh every time hotspur gives his update.

    it may be one of the few things that helps me get through the next 8 years.

  107. Like Bill Whittle says, I’ll give up Citizen’s United, when unions can’t donate anything either.

    We know how that will go.

  108. voting is moderate here.
    nothing like the first bammy anointing. at that one there were real lines with ppl i’ve never seen before. i’m sure that there was a tremendous amount of fraud in that round. tons of college aged kids. Way more than this villages’ demographic would support.

  109. Dennis Michael Lynch is putting out some Trump cheerleading, has been all along. It’s pretty good, if you need a pick me up.

    I only know of facebook, but I’m sure they are on the web, too.

  110. For perspective on a nerve wracking day:

    A nurse I know well is having a hard time today listening to a man pulled from a house fire who lost his wife and two teen kids in the same blaze. He is sobbing uncontrollably as you would imagine. Winning or losing an election can be a small “t” tragedy. Losing your entire family at once is a genuine tragedy.

  111. that would be horrible, jimbro.

  112. She was there when the other family members came in last night and is back now. The boys got extra hugs this morning and wondered why.

  113. It occurred to me last night that throughout all of this I know almost zero about Tim Kaine.

    That’s partly on me, because I wasn’t curious enough to go look. But where was the media with their colonoscopy mentality in all of this?

  114. Good point Hotspur considering he could be president in the event we lose Hill to jail or illness. I saw one or two articles about Kaine as a Manchurian candidate ready to do the beck and call of Soros et al and that was way back last summer.

  115. We voted this morning. Tiny town, so no waiting. 6 places to sit and fill out the ballot. Ballot goes into a machine to be scanned. Doesn’t matter which side is up to scan……..I figure it’s just a big shredder.

  116. As I was voting, police and fire truck sirens started blaring as they raced past the polling place.

    I’m gonna take that as a sign.

    Same thing just happened to me as I was driving back, cop blasted by me, got to my corner and then turned around to drive back slowly.


  117. At noon I was ballot 714. I am normally around 400 at 6PM.


  118. I was voter 974. Township has 8500 total residents and 6 precincts.

    I’ve never voted after 9am, so I have no idea what that means.

  119. I was 256 at 9AM. I have no frame of reference because this is the first presidential vote from our new location.

    I’ll go back in a bit and see what number I am.

  120. I was 2-something, but there are three districts at my (small) poll location.

  121. Poll dancer.

  122. I just realized that entirely without intended to do so for any other reason than that I like them, I’m getting ready to make a taco bowl for lunch.


  123. 2 1/2 wait to vote in Philly. This is why they crow about voter suppression. That’s ridiculous.

  124. Kaine has already met with Soros and Co. and got his marching orders this summer. Soros wants to be the Emperor behind the curtain. And he is.

  125. 2 1/2 wait in Philly? Is that two hours, two minutes, or two people?

  126. hours, beasn

  127. Any idea how far north the Northern Lights will be tonight? I think roamy said something about it. Wonder if I can see it.

  128. Is there that many standing in line or fewer polling stations?
    How much were they promised to show up?

  129. Anybody see any pussy grabbing at the polls today?

  130. I’m just going off of AOS comments.

  131. I can’t imagine anyone standing in line to vote for hillary unless they were promised some cash or weed.

  132. I mean, stand in line for that long.

  133. They already sent in their ballots, now it’s time to visit a few polling places.

  134. I voted this morning. I was number 15 so far today.

  135. I was just about Possum’s age when Carter won.

  136. I voted for Trump, but I also voted yes on marijuana legalization. I consider that hedging against a Hillary! win.

  137. Talk radio is saying lots of packed polling places. I do not believe people are fired up to vote for Hillary. If you disagree could you give me your reasoning? I really want to know. Am I the only person who doesn’t give a shit she’s a woman?

  138. Marijuana is effectively legal unless you’re a defense contractor.

  139. I was a defense contractor and hope to jump back in once I’m done with school, but if Hillary! wins I figure that the military will face a lot of cuts in the next few years.

  140. I read that idiotic deal about the woman crying voting for a female President, but I just don’t get that being a country wide deal with men especially.

  141. How weird 2 other people noticed sirens while waiting to vote. We had sirens here too. Huh?

  142. Hillary’s final ad, if you can stand it

    HillaryBot functions normally!

  143. Clinton vs. Turnip

    Bill is great.

  144. I remember waiting over an hour in 1980 to vote for Ronald Reagan.

    It was the first time I was eligible to vote, and I would have crawled over broken glass to vote for that man.

  145. 1984 for me.

  146. Hotspur, what was it like voting for Washington?

  147. The first time I voted was in the Bush/ Clinton election.

  148. Reagan was my first vote. I remember my parents calling me after he won and they were so incredibly happy.

  149. My first vote was for Nixon’s second term. Voting age was 21 then. Having to choose between him and McGovern was about as bad as this year. McGovern got 17 electoral votes. LOL

  150. People are fired up to fire everyone in Washington.

    70% say we are on the wrong track.

    51% of hispanics say we should deport and tighten the border.

    Hillary is going to have a bad night.


  151. I’m with Scott, FU.

  152. I want to believe!

  153. If Trump pulls this out the epic wailing and gnashing of teeth of the MSM will be so satisfying to experience

  154. Welp, we bitter clingers are doing our part. Just got back and our little podunk place was packed out. We got them ‘lectronic votin’ machines. It seemed pretty shenanigan free. Hope the libtards in the cities get high and forget to vote.

  155. How many times do you estimate Cankles will have to be changed today?

  156. No need to be changed when all you eat is booze. Catheter.

  157. I was #1290 at 12:30. Most seats, I think 10-12 on each side of the room, had a butt in them and there were always a few people in line.
    It will get a lot more crowded as people get off work.

    Young guy next to me voted for the stoner and then flipped it over to vote on the initiatives – didn’t vote for anyone else.

    My first vote was for Reagan’s 2nd term. Can’t remember what the lines were or where I went. I remember George W.’s 2nd term….tons of people in line. About an hour wait.
    Not so for Bammy. I think he lost by at least 8 points in MO.

  158. How many times do you estimate Cankles will have to be changed today?

    Can you even imagine having that job? I’m betting she’s still in bed smelling like booze and mothballs.

  159. No need to be changed when you wear a foley catheter.

  160. I’m betting she’s still in bed smelling like booze and mothballs.

    Cabbage, urine, and farts.

  161. Late afternoon, I’ll be signing off the internets for awhile.

    1 – We’re going ahead with finishing the basement for my in-laws. My FiL’s procedure was a wash and he’s finally using a walker to get around (he needed one before, IMO). Being here will give us an excuse to take away his car keys. We’ll be doing the framing, dry wall, flooring, painting, and hire out the rest. We were all talking about moving them in a senior living place. FIL would love the camaraderie but MIL would absolutely hate it. She kinda doesn’t like people. HA!

    ll – I’ve got to go through all of the crap in the basement and move it out to the garbage or storage or Goodwill or ebay. (I’ve got a feeling I’ll get sick of it all and throw most out.)

    Trois – My nerves can’t take the absolute blatant corruption being flaunted openly before our eyes. Not one person being held accountable for their crimes. Just daring us.

  162. Cabbage, urine, and farts.

    Sour fat folds.

  163. It has recently occurred to me that their is a high degree of likelihood that there will someday be a $5B+ aircraft carrier named the USS Barack Obama. Just the thought of that puts a shitty taste in my mouth. Maybe I’ll be dead by then.

  164. One of the other teachers at them music store (not one of the idiot libs) has never liked politics and has always avoided any conversations re: politics when it comes up.

    But he has obviously been listening over the last few years, because I got a text from him earlier today asking me how he could register and vote today.

    He then went and voted for Trump.

    Guy is probably in his mid-30s and this is the first time he has ever voted.

    Just anecdotal. Probably not indicative of anything……

  165. It has recently occurred to me that their is a high degree of likelihood that there will someday be a $5B+ aircraft carrier named the USS Barack Obama.

    If the universe has a sense of humor, it will be one of these:


  166. Good for him wiser and you for keeping up the conversation, that he heard.

  167. He came in a few months back, upset about how much his health insurance was going up. I gently explained to him why that happened and who’s fault it was.

    I also told him that while he may not care about politics, it cares about him and as long as he doesn’t vote, he’s got no say in what happens to him.

    Kinda proud that he finally stepped up to the plate.

  168. It has recently occurred to me that their is a high degree of likelihood that there will someday be a $5B+ aircraft carrier named the USS Barack Obama.

    it and its aircraft will be subject to a mysterious malfunction in its IFF. They will only lock onto and attack friendlies.

  169. the worlds first choom fueled carrier

  170. How many concert rallies were held for Cankles this past week?
    If it’s just her, she only draws a couple of hundred people.

  171. I think part of my lack of passion this time around is cynicism. I have almost zero faith in the integrity of the vote.

  172. Or rule of law, especially.

  173. I’m ready for some Zumba but no one is muthafocking here.

    I’ve been listening to metal all day. I want to lift heavy things.

  174. Carin’s in beast mode.

  175. I’m just daring not to hope. I’m avoiding the news until around 9.

  176. I’ve technically been listening to a lot of old smashing pumpkins. It’s strangely fitting.

  177. There first two albums were so good. I think part of it was that he had so much angst/emotion to get out. That’s what made that stuff so good. To have a long great career you have to have a bit more.

  178. I have angst in my pants.

  179. Car in,

    Your workout today is the Trump.


    100 pussy grabs
    100 Wall builders
    Make America Great Again.

    Follow this up with the Cankles:

    Drink Gin
    Fall down

  180. Pretty sure it’s

    Fall down

  181. I just want a First Lady that I can masturbate to. Bill just isn’t going to work for me.

  182. The First Lady and the First Daughter would not be biologically related is all I’m saying…

  183. The First Lady and the First Daughter would not be biologically related is all I’m saying…

    I know where you’re driving. It’s still gross, though.

    In a hot way.

  184. I agree about the integrity deal. It drives me nuts to think that the repubs pretty much have to tack on an extra 3-5% to overcome fraud. So I try not to dwell on it and hope karma is real.

  185. Ditto what The Hump said. Zero integrity, no rule of law.

  186. It drives me nuts to think the GOPe are ball-less trannies in sheeps clothing. No fight = complicit.

  187. And with that, I’m off to make dinner. See you sometime on the other side. God help us.

  188. If things go badly enough, I’m thinking Alaska Independence Party.

  189. Time to go kick a bag. Instructor said “wear blue!”

    Yeah, right!

  190. Just voted. My first vote. Straight R

  191. *runs back in*

    Oh yeah, and what Prudence Paine said…


    *runs back out*

  192. YAY Tushar!


  193. *fist bumps Tushar*


  194. Well done, Tushar!


    Sorry it had to be this one, but I hope you’ll be able tell your grandchildren about it with a victorious twinkle in your eye!

  196. Congratulations Tushar!

    Now you can immediately start to complain about Republicans selling out. Also, it usually takes about thirty minutes in a hot shower, scrubbing with Lysol and a wire bristle brush, before you feel “clean” again.

  197. Pups: Have we covered Kara Del Toro in a BBF yet?


  198. Shag-worthy

  199. Thanks, everyone. ColAlex, my conscience is clear and clean. Trump was my last choice, except Kasich. But damn if I would vote for that filthy old whore.

  200. Well said, Tushar! You’re a great American. #MAGA

  201. It’s no big deal that Cankles is making poopy pants. That’s normal for her.

  202. WooHoo! Tushar’s first vote! SQUEEEEE!

  203. When HotBride became a citizen she told everyone she was doing it to cancel my vote. Then she owned a business.

  204. Back from the cankle AMRAP/zumba. Showered, dinner is almost done. I’ve got my trump shirt on and my stars and stripes socks.

    I would have an adult beverage in my hand but I have a STUPID KID RUN.

  205. Oh crap. I need to put on my pepe shirt.

    I almost forgot.

  206. Thanks Jimbro, she is in the binder now.

    I’m going to bed after dinner, and avoiding news from here on out. I will be enjoying Mrs. Pupster’s famous meatloaf, ice cream for dessert, and grown-up cocktails before, during and after.

    I wish you all peace and happiness, I hope to wake up pleasantly surprised tomorrow, but I’ll settle for just waking up.. and I’ll start to count my blessings. You are all blessings, except for Satchmo. Fuck that guy.

  207. Damn..hostility

  208. Let’s elect a cunt. History.

  209. Why, oh why did I give up meth, crack and heroin? I could use a cocktail of all three right now. I went kayaking and it was gorgeous and peaceful and fun and yet I want to puke with anxiety.

    I get why Lauraw has almost checked out. I don’t trust the system either.
    Why do I care so much when I know shit is manipulated. I just hate theft so much.

  210. Mare, the country is totes boned. It’s been done. There is no path back short of war.

    The govt. employees are overwhelmingly democrats. We’re stuck with socialism.

    At 67, I’ll be gone before the mass killings start.

    I hope.

  211. I know I have my husband and my kids but is it too much to ask for an honest system too?

    Would someone kick Satchmo’s ass for me. TYIA.

  212. Holy crap! So much hostility I might need to vote with the kinder, softer Democrats.

  213. Screw you guys… I’m going hooommmme.

  214. Well, with a name like Satchmo, we just assume you’re a democrat.

  215. No, just a pasty, middle-aged white gun totting republican dude. Can I join your club now?

  216. >>pasty, middle-aged white gun totting republican dude.

    That is not enough anymore. Are you a bitter clinger? Are you deplorable enough? If not, we can’t admit you.

  217. Yes. You can join. But you have to buy the first round.

  218. Tushar became a sage when he became American!!

  219. Tushar, you’re just barely legal.

  220. Hotspur, au contraire, my legal status is hard fought and won. You were bestowed with US citizenship by destiny. I had to fight for 16 years to get it honorably.

    Barely legal? Pffft.

  221. I’ve been preppin’ and practicing shootin’ like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, I’ll buy the first round for everyone. Drinking now in case Trump wins. Or loses.

  222. Sitting in the tavern next to my office waiting for my pretty bride.


    Ann Arbor is democrat.

    Carry on.

  223. Tushie, I keed.

    I have the utmost respect for you.

    Except for your ability to hold your drinks.

  224. Hotspur, I have been working on it. A few months back, Andy and I finished a full bottle and another 1/3rd, and I was still standing. My tolerance for alcohol went up so much, it scared me. Haven’t touched it for over a month now.

  225. The guys from the Clinton campaign are complete masters of spin.

    They never deviate from the message. Never.

  226. I love all my FiFs at the H2. Someone needs to bring the Ewok to an H2 meat up. Cabal?

  227. I could tell by looking and talking to the poll workers this morning that our precinct was honest. It didn’t matter to these people how a person might vote. They were friendly, smiled and each one referred the voter by name. ” Good morning, Geoff.”x3 First time I voted there.

    But I know there are precincts throughout the US that are as crooked as a hound’s hind leg.

  228. Your liver thanks you.

  229. Ace needs to ditch NY and move to the real world.

  230. I miss Rosetta.

    I loved him, and it still hurts me deeply that he’s gone.

  231. Durham NC is staying open an extra hour.

    Make of that what you will.

  232. Just thought I’d poat that on this election night.

  233. Ewok has been to a couple of them.

  234. I often wonder what he would have thought of this current dick around.

  235. I’ve met Ace. He’s a great guy.

  236. 37% of Florida votes are in. Miami Dade, West Palm Beach, Jackson and Orlando results are out, and they are still neck to neck.

    So, they are going to steal it in Broward as usual.


  237. I miss him too. I pray he’s in a better place where all this hubbub means very little.

  238. I want him to show a sign.

    [x] Trump wins
    [o] Cankles wins

    Is that too much to ask?

  239. I think about Rosetta all the time. I still think he’s the funniest thing that ever happened to the Internet.

    I still laugh when I think about him saying, “when I was a little girl…”

  240. Seven years ago, I staggered into this shithole dump.

    Dozen meatups, and a bajillion comments later.

    ILU guys.

  241. I used to laugh so hard that it hurt.

    I can’t even think about ‘Congratulate!’ without laughing my ass off.

  242. Huh, 47% votes counted in Florida. trump 50%, bitch 47%. He has a 100k lead. They will have to get 90% votes in Broward to steal this one.

  243. West by God Virginia for Trump.

  244. MJ, any special insight into the Florida situation?

  245. Floyd’s balls.

  246. I don’t, Tushar. Only that I expect the vote in the North to be absolutely huge. We’ll see about the South, where they tend to cheat.

  247. Its a rare gift when someone can make you feel so special by insulting you.

  248. That was our Rosetta, MJ. That lovable douche made me laugh the hardest when he said the craziest stuff about me.

    He was the best. The. Best.

    Seriously, I remember crying laughing so hard watching Fake Kenny Rodgers and Tourette’s guy.

  249. Broward results are out. Like magic, bitch now leads statewide, but only by 77k. Still a few northern counties awaited. Lets see

  250. That wasn’t Kenny Rogers? I loved that. South Carolina for Trump!

  251. Remembering Rosetta, are we??

    How many of you fucking assholes are drinking alcohol right now?

    *raises hand first*

  252. >>Its a rare gift when someone can make you feel so special by insulting you.

    Almost felt like a badge of honor, didn’t it? Very very few people can pull that off. I miss that bastard.

  253. If she wins Florida it’s Bullshit.

  254. “Fucking assholes”

    *rasises hand*

  255. I’m still angry.

  256. Out of beer. Switching to whiskey.

  257. No booze.

  258. No booze, I was afraid of getting weepy if this didn’t turn right tonight.

  259. What’s the population of the panhandle?

  260. Total, or human?

  261. Florida, 73% votes in. Bitch ahead by 150k. Still doable, but difficult

  262. It appears the story, whether it is actually the story, is going to be ……….LATINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Prepare for amnesty bitches. This will be used to cudgel Ryan into passing it.

  263. Panhandle population 1.4 million. Expect about 640k votes. If Trump gets a 10% edge, that is 64k net. Not enough

  264. Redneck Riviera.

    Trump will win it.

  265. F*cik Ohio. Dumbasses.

  266. If Trump wins panhandle 60-40, he has a shot

  267. Only 54000 now.

  268. I still don’t believe Hillary will win Florida honestly, no way.

  269. Bitch’s lead down to 55k. Still almost 18% votes to be counted. Fingers crossed.

  270. Ohio and NC are disappointments so far

  271. How many of you fucking assholes are drinking alcohol right now?

    Gotta go for a run* first, then I’m diving in. Only way to get through the night.

    *It’s a run if you add 5 mph to my pace.

  272. FLorida, Trump has a 750 vote lead. You heard that right. 750 votes. Prepare for recounts.

  273. Clinton will only win through fraud in Florida.

  274. If its the panhandle it won’t matter. Trump will win.

    If anything is left in the South it’s over and Pickles will win it all.

  275. Trump ahead by fucking 34 votes. This is going down to the wire

  276. Geoff, forget running for today. Have a drink

  277. Oh and ahead by 34 votes, nevertrumpers thank you so very much.

  278. I will personally shit on Bill Kristol’s lawn if Trump loses by a few votes.

  279. I will personally congratulate BCoch. Is he still an ardent NeverTrumper?

  280. And then beat George Will until he forgets to use a baseball metaphor in every goddam sentence.

  281. I will blame Bcock for Florida if it goes sideways.

  282. And Tushar, because he could have voted there too.

  283. Oh crap. I could have voted there too. I still have a condo there.

  284. Woo Hoo. I just gave Florida to Trump.

  285. So it looks like Trump will win fl, but now oh and NC are iffy?

  286. I have it done too. Unless there’s a pretty big trunk of votes in Miami-Dade, it’s over in FL.

    Big cracker vote, which should bode well for other states.

  287. I could have voted in Florida? Honestly, I had no idea.

  288. Isn’t that where you are Slumlord Millionaire?

  289. Trump up by 100k in Florida. Let this pattern repeat in a few more states, and we can have bitch and Comey share a jail cell.

  290. Leon, I thought it is determined by where your primary residence is.

  291. Also, I am not a millionaire. Yet.

  292. OH will not be iffy.

    NC must be super close. To get a Fed judge to leave Durham county open for an hour is a total mind fuck.

  293. Clinton isn’t going to win Ohio either. No freaking way.

  294. You’re saying OH is good for Trump? I assume Durham County would be a hildabeast stronghold?

  295. So that means Based Cheeto Man outperformed his average in a state with a ton of new Latinos.


  296. 290K residents. 51% chalk, 40% slate.

  297. I don’t understand native born Americans. At least those motherfuckers who vote democrats. Seriously? If you import a fuckton of brown illegals who would gladly vote for anyone who gives them a welfare handout, do you really think your votes will matter in a few years?

  298. Tushar, I admire your respect for the rule of law, and am merely joshing you about the fact that you could claim an address there and cheat the system readily.

    I need to start investing in real estate.

  299. Frickin’ libertarians

  300. Leon, I won’t mind breaking an unjust or unconstitutional law. But the provocation has to be serious enough.

  301. Broward is only 13% counted.

  302. If Broward is only 13% counted, consider Florida stolen.

  303. It is tightening in North Carolina. TRump has a shot

  304. OH tied.

  305. If he wins VA… I may go to bed early.

  306. OMG.

    Pickles is trotting out Trayvon’s mom, Katy Perry, and Khan.

    What a fucking joke.

  307. I haven’t paid enough attention to all this. I know Trump needs OH, NC, Fla to have any shot at all. If he hangs on in VA, how are his chances then?

  308. I don’t think anyone was counting VA in his column.

  309. Heard that, MJ.

    MeAgain and Stirewalt and Rove are almost making me switch to CNN. Good thing Baier is there, he’s the best.

  310. I never put VA in Trump’s column. That would be a shocker to me.

  311. He’s counting on OH, and has to have Florida. If he gets VA, that’s real bad for Pickles.

  312. What’s PA looking like? Is the White Whale turning?

  313. Ahead in MI. That can’t last. No way.

  314. Trump wins Ohio.

  315. All right, time to crack one open and turn on the TV.

    This better be good or I’m blaming Tushar.

  316. Hahahahaha, Mini-me cast her vote for SMOD in the school mock election.

  317. Trump wins.

    Goodnight everybody!

  318. PA is awful but it’s at 8%.

  319. It would be awesome if Trump won by grabbing *ichigan right in the pu**y.

  320. decision Desk HQ has called Vermont and Delaware for the bitch. Color me shocked.

  321. Just called CT for Clinton, sorry W’s!

  322. I have a huge beautiful loaf of rustic part-rye sourdough in the oven right now. Be finished inside the hour.

    Thanks again, Jay. I have made SO MUCH really good bread from your starter, it’s ridonkumous. My family, my classmates, and my coworkers thank you….through me. ;)

  323. Also, my polling place was packed to the gills. I had to park in the field next door (that’s never happened before), and I ended up sitting at a table to mark my not-so-secret-ballot rather than wait for one of the booths.

  324. Called it for McCain. Shit.

  325. Don’t thank me, that stuff is stupid easy!

  326. You know, it kills me that politicians feel the need to lie about things they don’t need to lie about.

    Why bother? Just say Dems aren’t going to win the senate and move on.

  327. Lead holding in MI, but we apparently can’t count very fast. Still at 16%.

  328. If MIchigan could put their shit together, this would be over.

  329. Wayne County (Detroit) is at 7% but a dead heat, Ottawa (Grand Rapids) is at 22% but DJT is up 68 to 26.

  330. Take back what I said about Ohio, but you stupid stoners in CO better get your shit together.

  331. Trump wins!


  332. I’m thanking you, Jay. And you can’t stop it.

  333. Scott, if Michigan could put their shit together, no one would have heard of Toyota or Honda.

  334. Please, Lord Jesus.

  335. Good night my loves.

  336. My husband’s comment: It’s sad it’s close.

    *not a metaphor

  337. 20%, currently a bigger lead here than VA.

  338. Night, in Clinton county, oso.

  339. They save the big totals for the end, so they know how many votes they have to bring in.

    Like in NC.

  340. I thought Scott went to bed.

  341. …but you stupid stoners in CO better get your shit together.

    Sadly, even my once-reliably conservative town (which doesn’t allow marijuana growth or sale) is splitting 60/40 for Clinton.

    Though the older population (of which there are many) tends to use the mail-in ballots, which haven’t been counted yet.


  343. If Trump wins, at the next meatup, first 3 rounds for everyone are on me.

  344. Blerg

  345. Next 3 on me.

    And Tushar and I will do a little song and dance number. Something from Cabaret or West Side Story.

  346. I’ll wear a skort and allow everyone a thirty second leer w/o comment.

  347. Wisconsin? No way. No. Way.

  348. 30 seconds MORE? Awesome!

  349. I will jig and sing Puff der Zauber Drache.

  350. VA goes to the dark side.

  351. So he lost VA in a squeaker but over performed by 5 points.

    Holy cow.

  352. I might show up to a meat up if he wins.

  353. MIGHT!

  354. Trump may win

    Pantsuit designers hardest hit

  355. NYT is projecting a Trump win? That has to be a torture for those smug assholes.

  356. I can’t effing take this.

  357. time to “walk the dog”.

  358. provided Florida is in the bag, if Trump gets Michigan, it is game over.

  359. SWEEP THE LEG!!

  360. Again:

    If Trump loses Florida, it’s bullshit.

  361. 1) cripes, this sourdough bread is excellent, and

    2) I’m making these crispy rolls for Thanksgiving dinner for sure, and

    3) I seriously did burn my hand again. Soaking it in water now. FACXJH

  362. I’m not giving up on VA. That’s way too close.

  363. Michigan will end it.


  364. Washtenaw (Ann Arbor) and Wayne in MI are still low on count %. Either could flip the state if the west coast didn’t turn out.

  365. If Michigan makes it, Hotspur, Leon and Carin get a 4th round on me.

  366. Lauraw…..hhaahaah

  367. Sorry about your hand, plant lady.

  368. And if Trump wins, Hotspur will be flying to visit me wherever I live.

    Could be Indiana, could be NC.

  369. If we really do go red, I think it’ll be the first time since GHWB. Maybe Reagan.

    If the current percentages hold in Wayne and Washtenaw, I think he wins it even after all the counting ends.

  370. Is Wayne Co, Detroit?

  371. Sounds right, MJ.

  372. Trump up 3.5 points in NC? Can they cheat that much? 85% in.

  373. Wayne Co is Detroit, but it’s also where I live, along with a whole lot of Trump signs and not many Hillary ones.

  374. I’m not drinking tonight, but if Trump wins I’m going to live blog myself getting shitfaced with joy. And champagne, a shit ton of champagne.

  375. Trump up 3.5 points in NC? Can they cheat that much? 85% in.
    NC has been called for Trump.

  376. I did some quick math. If MI and WI hang on and the usual western states come along with Florida, that’s the game.

  377. If Wisconsin goes for Trump you can thank Scott Walker, or more appropriately you can thank the public unions that forced him to build a machine.

  378. When did NC get called? Must have been “walking the dog”.

  379. Hillsdale is yet to report and Muskegon is at 6%. I don’t think there are enough dead people in Detroit.

  380. Iowa going to the bitch, while Jay walks his dog.

  381. DecisionDesk called FL for Trump?

  382. One of the moronettes said that at least 20 folks in her Tejas precinct saw the machines change their straight “R” vote to Hillary…

  383. Scott Walker was my guy going into this. I will happily send him some wine to go with all that cheese they have out there.

  384. Whoa, New York Times saying Trump chances for win at 91%

  385. Every time I look, the lead in Michigan is larger.

    Is this real life?

  386. I can’t believe it.

    I have OTB (other than blog) friends in MI and checked in this morning.

    I didn’t ask, but they offered that they were voting for Cheeto. I was pretty shocked. These are not your average Trump voter.

  387. Woo Hoo! NC to Trump! On to Florida!

  388. leon, keep this up, and I’ll have to go to the doctor for the 4 hour thingy.

  389. I know fuckall about Wisconsin demographics and geography. I’ve lived here all my life, and based on what’s left to count, I think the worst case might be a win by 20k. Best case might be 100k.

  390. Wisconsin had a 6 point lead for Clinton in polling.

  391. I just realized…Kellyann Conway said she always had a ceiling of 45. Never above, with no where to go.


  392. Wow, Ohio is 11 points to Trump.

    And Feingold goes down AGAIN!

  393. Lead shrinking. Kalamazoo shot it to shit.

  394. She banks another 100K in Wayne. That ties it.

    Other than that, he should pull it out, non?

  395. WI looks solid. MI is going to be a squeaker, but I think Muskegon clinches it.

  396. Where are you guys getting totals?

  397. MSNBC hasn’t called NC yet.

  398. FBN: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/elections/2016/presidential-election-headquarters

    I’m hovering on counties in the MI results and extrapolating.

  399. Macomb and Saginaw counties are Trump double digits? whoa.

  400. Good job mare

  401. I’m using NYT site. Links are on Drudge.

    Really good breakdowns.

  402. Mate can hold her head up high.

  403. I have 50% of Wayne in with a 102K vote margin for Pickles.

    Its gonna be close.

  404. Lead down to 25k. My worst case was probably bullshit.

  405. Florida to Trump!

  406. And back up to 43k. Wayne’s running out of bullets. If they steal it, they’ll have to do it in Ann Arbor.

  407. For león. No one else click.


  408. Looks like McMullin took more from Pickles than Trump in Utah.

  409. Thanks for not taking the bait, Utah.

  410. MJ, that will literally be me all day tomorrow if this lead holds.

  411. Car in, go see what’s keeping the totals from showing up in Lapeer!

  412. I don’t know Leon. She’s up 30K votes with only 10% in for Washtesaw county.

    That seems to be a lot of votes to break her way.

  413. MI, WI, GA, AZ. Done.

  414. Haha, guy on Fox is already calling for compromise.

  415. Yeah, if they steal it, it will be from Ann Arbor. There’s a reason 0 was there yesterday.

  416. F*ck compromise.

  417. IA flipped.

  418. I want to see an interview with Kellyann again, NAO!

  419. 54k in MI, regained some ground in Wayne. I really didn’t see that coming.

  420. Really trying not to get my hopes up. Fingers crossed, though.

  421. Trump had a 7 point lead this morning. Story county (Iowa State) 0% Johnson country (U of Iowa) 83%.

  422. MJ, that will literally be me all day tomorrow if this lead holds.
    Me too. I have to sit nicely in a seminar all day but I don’t think I’ll be able to contain my joy.

  423. Sheriff Joe is out.

  424. breaking news. NJ goes to the bitch. Gawd, I hope I get to get out of this shithole before I die.

  425. MeAgain is happy.

  426. The mood is a bit different on MSDNC

  427. Sheriff Joe is out, McCain still there. Wow.

  428. I’m sorry, Tushar, but I’m so happy you got to vote. Couldn’t be prouder of you.

  429. If I take MI out of the win column and add NV, this still happens.

  430. Chris Matthews, voice of reason at MSDNC.

  431. Counting down to the democrat calls for “getting things done” in the Senate…

  432. Wisconsin, león. It’s over.

  433. How the hell is Sheriff Joe out? WTFF?

  434. If he wins, I’m looking forward to the headline:

    Rise of the Angry White Male


  436. Trump won Wisconsin!

  437. and Iowa.

  438. Pennsylvania has GOT to go Trump.


  439. Walker, you magnificent bastard. May you rest easy on your throne of skulls this No’ember evening.

  440. Damn, we should listen to scott.

    Wonder how big his smile will be in the morning.

  441. “FOX news predicts Clinton wins Oregon!”
    I’m shocked!
    Shocked, I tell you…

  442. Great! I don’t have to hate Iowa!

  443. Brian Williams just grunted in desperation on announcing Iowa.

    This could be a a fantastic night.

  444. Based Scott Walker.

    He looks asleep, he’s boring, but he fucking wins.

  445. MSNBC is still assuming Clinton winning WI in their analysis.

  446. Stephan, its going to be a great show on Sat.

  447. MSNBC idiots look suicidal.

  448. Stephan, its going to be a great show on Sat.

    It has potential…..

  449. I’m being greedy but I really want him to win michigan

  450. Should be interesting to see if Pickles accepts the results of this election….

  451. Just think of this and let it warm your cold dark heart:

    Obama will have to turn it over to Trump. I wonder if he’ll think about that Press Corp dinner where he decided to lay into Trump for waaaaay longer than a playful jest. He decided to be mean and mock him.

  452. Washtenaw Co can’t be right at 10% counted. It has less than 400k residents total, only about 250k are voters. They might be low on bullets too.

  453. Steve Schmidt on MSDNC – The Party of Reagan and Bush no longer exists.

    Well, at least he won, LOSER!

  454. We need every EV we can get our hands on, Carin. Unlike the dems who just get their hands on ballots in trunks. *wink*wink

  455. +1

    Fuck Barry

  456. Carin, go smack people around. Lapeer is still a grey box.

  457. So sweet watching MSNBC idiots already bitching about Trump and whining about what kind of party the Republicans will be in the aftermath of his win.

    Yo! Rachel! Your bitch was supposed to crush the Donald. When are you going to address her epic fail?

  458. Promise from a drunk and giddy Tushar: if Trump wins, I will kiss Wiser on the lips, whether he and I like it or not.

  459. awwwwww…… Muslim Americans are gonna has the sadz…….

  460. Promise from a drunk and giddy Tushar: if Trump wins, I will kiss Wiser on the lips, whether he and I like it or not.

    And I will let you.

  461. MSNBC just not calling WI.

    I need to see this and watch the reaction.

  462. Tushar, congrats on casting your first vote!

    You are exactly what America wants and needs.

  463. MI or PA would seal it now. Holy shit. I mattered today.

  464. Lapeer is going to go trump by at least 75%. That’s money on the mouf.

  465. I have it at 270.

  466. Wisconsin counties almost entirely red.

  467. Chris Matthews, laughing along with Giuliani

  468. Sadly, almost nothing changed in CT. Still the most fucked state in the country.

    We are so stupid.

  469. Wisconsin totally flipped.

    And Feingold lost. Again.

  470. haha, that has to feel good leon.

    It does here, too. We flipped too.

  471. MSNBC calls GA.

    trump at 244

  472. She’ll be in a home before innaguration either way.

  473. I may get naked and touch myself when Hillary gives her concession speech

  474. Matthews is gonna cry before Maddow. Didn’t see that coming.

  475. Matthews is desperate for a drink right now.

  476. Florida: Home of Florida man…but not crazy enough to vote Hillary.

  477. Kent County is at 44% and is breaking 56-36. They can swamp what’s left of Washtenaw if that holds.

  478. How the hell can’t they call NH yet?

  479. Watching Clinton supporters tear up as they watch the returns is giving me that funny feeling.

    In my pants.

  480. Analyst just said that Wisconsin puts Trump at 270.

    Williams says “geez…..”

    So totally non-biased….

  481. Oh my, CBS is more suicidal than MSDNC.

  482. Toomey’s #s are pretty similar to Trump’s here in PA. If both win this is looking like a mandate! The main think I care about is repealing obuttcare (and the supreme court of course).

  483. Trump up 8 in Iowa now.

  484. Oh my, CBS is more suicidal than MSDNC.

    Well they did spent millions on Madame Secretary just to get the bitch elected….

  485. Trump up 8 in Iowa now.

    Iowa already called for Trump

  486. think = thing, but you already knew that.

  487. Oh my, they are SOOOO condescending on CBS.

  488. 8!? Holy shit.

  489. I flipped over to MSNBC.

    Even Michael Steele is upset.

  490. Oh, I know, wiser, I’m just piling on, now.

    Waiting to jump on certain facedouche pages tomorrow.

  491. Carville just gave the election to Trump.

    That’s fucking huge.

    MSNBC has the numbers, but they refuse to make the call.

  492. If for even two seconds you feel badly for the women crying at Hillary’s headquarters, remember these are the women yelling and shaking their fists to abort babies right up until birth.

    Yeah, don’t give two shits about your tears.

  493. Top post at Ace is gold.

  494. Tonight will forever be knows as the Red Wedding.

  495. 10 now, leon. Grassley won by 20+, and all the GOP seats are safe.

  496. Carville just prayed to God. On MSNBC.

    MJ, you need to make a drink that includes liberals tears.

  497. Red Wedding, perfect.

  498. You know, the best part of this is the endless talk about accepting the results and working together.

    I fully expect Democrats to be contrite.

  499. stolen

  500. Damn it my Internet at home is down!

  501. I’m almost starting to believe that Trump didn’t run to help Hillary….

  502. Can’t call MI yet based on what I’m seeing, but damn, almost there.

  503. OK, what is the color in the sky in this brave new world I find myself in?

  504. I fully expect Democrats to be contrite.


  505. Not a problem. I’m on it Wiser.

    We have secured the Supreme Court. That alone deserves a pussy grab.

  506. MSNBC should turn on fox. They’re behind.

  507. Carville is suddenly upset about one-party control in Washington.


  508. I just did more math and I see Carville’s point. She’s got no path left.

  509. Is Scott Pelley crying?

  510. Whoa, Liz Cheney is a member of Congress. Awesome!

  511. Oh My God…the dystopian novels from #nevertrump-ians are gonna be really bad

  512. OMG, they are losing their minds on the liberal channels.

    The biggest story of the election is the data operation run by Jared Kushner to locate, energize, and turn out an apathetic voter.

    That guy is a fucking genius.

  513. Scott Pelley blaming the Russians…..


  514. Carville is suddenly upset about one-party control in Washington.


    hahahahahahaha, F8ck that gollum.

  515. Thank God for Julian Assange.

  516. Also: Does Ace have the Humpbot doing his stretches?

  517. I don’t think this was a data operation, MJ. This was all on the ground.

    And he did it without a ground game.

  518. And every *chantard that sat digging through piles of emails that the FBI couldn’t be bothered with.

  519. Wow, per the Fox website, Trump just caught up in PA

  520. Trump appealed to racists. We’re all racists.

    This is where the left is going right now. God, they never learn.

  521. Car in wasn’t far off:

    Lapeer 16% percent in
    Donald Trump Republican 4,634 74.1%
    Hillary Clinton Democrat 1,324 21.2%
    Gary Johnson Libertarian 227 3.6%
    Jill Stein Green 38 0.6%

  522. holy FUCK this pudding is fucking cold……

    and AWESOME!!!!

  523. Yeah, like the Russians didn’t want an already paid off, Hillary to manipulate. Pelley, shut the hell up.

  524. God, they never learn.

    Bless their hearts……

  525. I see him behind in PA by less than 20k and ahead in MI by more than 50k.

  526. is Pennsylvania turning fucking red? I may have to book that appointment 4 hours from now

  527. Ahead in PA by 6k.

    This is me right now: https://is.gd/jfXTa9

  528. Trump also winning the popular vote……

    until CA reports….

    Like that means anything….

    But so fun to watch the MSNBC idiots looking for anything to hold onto….

    Watch as they renew calls for the elimination of the Electoral College….

  529. Incredible.


  531. Kids votes at school want 75% for trump. That’s what i based it on.

  532. Does any station have eyes on Hillary? I want to see her face if she loses.

  533. MSNBC analyst shows that Clinton win WI….

    Yet they refuse to call it for Trump.

    OMG, this is almost as great as the night what what’s-his-name took Ted Kennedy’s seat.

    Meanwhile, MSNBC needs some good news, so they go out to the Nevada race to show that a dem is replacing Harry Reid in the Senate.

    take your wins where you get them, I guess.

  534. Sorry, 1st sentence was “Clinton has no chance to win WI…”

  535. This isn’t exactly hard to figure out. They nominated the most corrupt, most entrenched, most secretive politician in their part at a time when people are looking for the opposite.

    Duh. It’s hard to really assess things when you fuck up, but honesty is key.

    Not that the Dems will do it.

  536. almost starting to believe that Trump didn’t run to help Hillary….


  537. 11k in PA.

    I think I just got taller.

  538. Here ya go, Mare.

  539. I’m staying up to see the speeches.

    And to see if he grabs a pussy.

  540. Ahab got the fucking whale. By the pussy.

  541. If he doesn’t, I will.

  542. heh heh heh ….

    MSNBC stopped showing electoral race. Opened with the popular vote count.

    Like that means anything.

    Brian Williams literally sounds like he’s gonna off himself.

  543. Consider what the media did (completely dissolve any credibility they had left) to drag this woman, literally to the finish line and it may not have been enough.

  544. Genuine and credible.

    She was never genuine and it was her downfall.

  545. Thanks, Wiser!

    If Trump wins, this gives me such hope that there are enough of us that are sick of the crap going on.

  546. And can we all give Scott a hand?

    Dude never said more than ‘Trump wins’

    He’s like a retarded Nostradamus.

  547. Yea, Scott should be here, telling the media, pundits, dems and everyone else, FU.

  548. Don’t forget that the O Gang benifits by having a Republican to blame the state of the union on in 18 months.

    Nothing happens by accident.


  549. Consider what the media did (completely dissolve any credibility they had left) to drag this woman, literally to the finish line and it may not have been enough.

    It is pretty incredible, isn’t it?

    And can we all give Scott a hand?

    Scott was the only thing that gave me hope.

    Because he’s never wrong.

    meanwhile, MSNBC, while they won’t post the numbers, is basically conceding.

    Matthews is gone, probably downing an entire fifth in his office….

    The stunned look on their faces is fantastic.

  550. Some of my facedouche friends are pointing out the market losses.

  551. *claps for Scott.

    I will see you soon for beers.

  552. Someone at Ace’s mentioned Hillary hasn’t been to Wisconsin since April. ooops

  553. If you know anyone or are thinking of selling any stock, mutual fund, etc. please stop.

    You are an emotional idiot.

    If you are smart, buy a ton of shit when the market crashes tomorrow.

  554. Working hard to steal it back in PA

  555. NV went to Hillary? Hmmmmm

    Please lord, don’t let this slip away.

  556. MSNBC, instead of “calling” Florida for Trump, says that he is the “apparent winner”

    They just can’t make the call.

  557. Guys, earlier, I made some comments that I am ruing Oct 8, 1999, when I landed in US. I apologize and take that back. Although this country is sliding into chaos, I know that some spark is still left. And I will fight with you, my comrades, till my last breath.

  558. I’m opening an IRA after the crash and investing bigly.

  559. Steel youselves and be glad.


  560. Working hard to steal it back in PA

    Don’t need it.

    Once WI was called, it was over.

  561. Have we heard from Bill Kristol or George Will? No? Good. They need to shut their gobs.

  562. I had a choice tonight.

    I was working the board at the station for local coverage. Ended at 10pm. Was avoiding watching anything re: results.

    Was getting texts from Ben telling how amazing this night was.

    choice was either going home to watch and getting up early or going to music store and doing what I would have done in the morning this evening, allowing me to sleep late.

    So glad I went to the music store tonight.

  563. Matthews is upset that whites offset his beloved minority voters.

    he’s drunk now.

  564. Washtenaw county is done, even though it says 15%. Population is ~360k and they have 132k votes counted. MI is done.

  565. BTW, WTF is wrong with MN?

  566. MI is done.


  567. AZ is over, just call it. NH is a nail-biter but it doesn’t matter.

  568. MSNBC idiot is already calling this a racist vote.

    “This is not a rainbow coalition.”

    but we’re the racists….

  569. Thanks leon.

    It’s over mare. There is no need to worry.

  570. Holy Cow, Trump’s lead in PA is GROWING

  571. Doris Kearns Goodwin…. ugly….

  572. Trump wins PA?



  573. PA and MI are both over 20k leads.

  574. MN is the only state that went to Mondale in 84. Just sayin.

  575. I know it’s not officially over but may I be the first to say to the Clintons, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

    GO AWAY! You bilked the country and sold us out, you’ve got your millions, go the hell away. And take your daughter with you.

  576. Unfortunately, I think Bill & Obama are going to be picking up the slack for Jimmy C on the “America: We are SO Sorry!” tour

  577. Beat it, clintons.

    He deminished the office amd she diminished the process.

  578. I know it’s not officially over but may I be the first to say to the Clintons, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

    Obama pardons her for all past and future crimes by 9am tomorrow from the 1st tee…

  579. Who threatened to leave the country this time? I’m willing to pay someone a nominal fee to harass them into following through.

  580. Bill Maher, Miley Cyrus, Cher, Samuel L Jackson, Amy Schumer.

  581. And FU Muskegon, you turds. You don’t deserve that beach.

  582. watching these people crying at the Clinton rally……


    Fuck you, you fucking leeches.

    I am so going to be the most obnoxious winner you ever fucking saw, even though I was not a Trump supporter.

    Brian Williams seriously sounds like he’s gonna off himself.

  583. By the way, NICE TO SEE YOU CHUMPO!

  584. *pops popcorn

    *waits for the victory lap

  585. guys, it is fine about Trump winning and all that, but I need to do something about a medical conditions I am facing. I don’t think waiting another 4 hours is a good idea. I think I need to get in the ER

  586. My god. Megan Kelly is still pushing the gropers and mean things he said about women.

    Let it go already. Give the guy a chance.

  587. OMG.

    Watching MSNBC is so much fun tonight.

    Whenever Steve Kornaki points out the losses of Hillary’s chances, hearing rachel and brian grunt is fucking awesome.

  588. Put a hat on it!

  589. Ooops…

    Now it’s Johnson’s fault.

  590. Tushar, we don’t want your last breath to be this soon

  591. Damn.

    So tired of winning……


  592. guys, can one of you please come to NJ and kick me in the nuts and wake me up? I think I am dreaming.

  593. Me. All day.

  594. It’s so incredible watching MSNBC finally admit that Pickles was a shitty choice.

    Almost as if they really thought they could drag her stinking carcass across the finish line.


  595. The Decision Desk has Trump at 285. It’s done.

  596. I don’t think that whole “basket of deplorables” went over like Hillary thought it would.

  597. And we may be deplorable but we’ve never looked grieving relatives in the eyes and lied to their faces to protect ourselves politically. Go away, hag.

  598. Chris Matthews is actually making sense.

    The left seems to think its a zero sum game. We can only support whites or non whites.

    Why not both? They never seem to consider it.

    They turned on working class folks and got burned assuming that there weren’t enough of them.

  599. Mare, you deplorable you! I hope to meet you someday in real life.

  600. The Decision Desk has Trump at 285. It’s done.

    but is so much fun watching the sadness on the faces of the idiots….

  601. Biggest loser: Huma

    Winner: Bill’s penis

  602. >>Chris Matthews is actually making sense.

    I think I am in an alternate reality. Please snap me back into the real world.

  603. Hillary is still ill and some neurological deal is going on. If she dies I don’t think I’ll be able to take what the dopes will say about her. I don’t wish her dead at all. But she is a horrible person and SOS.

  604. I think he gets everything still on the table but Maine and Minnesota, maybe NH. 304 or 308.

  605. I can’t believe there are idiots that are selling the shit out of their assets because of an election.

    Total idiots. By all means, create an opportunity for me because you can’t master your emotions.


    Huma Abedin and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner found dead in a dumpster behind a Chappaqua 7-11.

    Details to follow….

  607. I have 310.

    Good night, idiots. Great time tonight. Sleep well.

  608. I’m genuinely very happy. I haven’t felt this hopeful in a long, long time.

  609. Fox still won’t call MI or PA… even with the last counties being very rural. Wonder why…

  610. Oh, yea, that whole, “all my emails were on a perverts laptop” deal didn’t go over real well either.

  611. Wiser? Scott? Laura?
    You are just 2 hours away. Can one of you drive down here, kick me in the nuts, and tell me that this is all just a dream? I don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and find out this is just a dream.

  612. The call-in line on CSPAN resembles, in tone and demeanor, that of “Coast to Coast AM” tonight.

    Stolen from a friend.

  613. DDHQ has called it for Trump…

  614. MI by 80k at the moment. If we hit my best case scenario I’ll be shocked and delighted.

  615. DDHQ has called it for Trump…



    Still waiting for MSNBC to call it…

    Want to see the tears….

  616. I want to see the flaming skulls or the sirens so I’m staying up.

    I’m so very, very, very relieved. Thank you American voters.

  617. I love you all. The booze is taking over. Tushar out.

  618. I don’t know who the cunt I just saw on MSNBC is, but she’s blathering about how Trump needs to reach out to the Muslim community.

    It’s 1% percent of the population


    Maybe, just maybe, Trump is winning because he listened to the 45 percent of the country that’s white middle class tired of being told they have to bow down to the other people.

  619. Maddow is going fucking insane with her “RACISM!” attack on the right.

    The pain….. the tears….. so fucking sweet….

  620. Matthews and Maddow arguing…

  621. Does this make Trump the first president ever to not win his home state?


  623. First president never to hold prior public office?


  624. Leon, Eisenhower never held an elected office. Nor did Teddy Roosevelt

  625. Daily Mail called PA for Trump…see if CNN follows

  626. CNN called AK for Trump surprising no one. I think CNN is waiting for a crisis counselor to make its way to the studio to help Van Jones deal

  627. MSNBC reporter at Trump victory rally is laying out all kinds of bullshit while fighting back the tears…..


  628. Ah, I see that you are right, though I’d argue that Teddy was elected as VP.

  629. Ohhhhh

    The weeeeeping!


  630. She’s already in a memory care facility.

  631. They won’t concede.

    It’s fun to watch williams/mathews/maddow contemplate thier fate on camera.

    So much headscratching.

  632. Wow wow wow. I’m coming to that next meatup. Should be held in PA or MI for turning red. Wow am I glad to be wrong about PA this time around. Bitter clingers ftmfw!

  633. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s on bed rest at this point and incapable of walking.

  634. She’s too drunk to appear in public.

  635. “I know we’ve had an erosion in trust in our institutions… I’m just asking you to believe me.
    Oir descision desk…exists in it’s own world.”
    “It looks like a failed moonshot!

  636. President Elect Trump isn’t waiting for the concession speech. Good for him.

  637. To my eye Carvel phases in and out of material being.

    “Set the trap, Ray!”

  638. BTW, drump didn’t drag the Senate across the line. The GOP Senate lifted Trump.

  639. Oh, the delicious tears of losing liberals.

    They always taste better by the bucketful.

  640. I am still waiting for a union thug to show up with a boxcar full of ballots in Detroit, Philly, and Green Bay. Look! We were loosing by x, I found 2x and they are all for pickles the harpy with a walker!

    Wait they wouldn’t call her that. I was carried away.

  641. They’re taking the bit at msnbc, ha.

    Git y’ap.

  642. Salud, Vman

    Salud Tex L.

    To your health.

  643. Fox just called PA. 75k margin.

  644. AP, Google News, Yahoo, Bloomberg…

    But not Abuela Borracha.

  645. WAIT, she called him.

    It’s over. It’s finally fucking over. Thank you, God.


  646. What a ride!!!!

    And just think back to those primaries where all of those Democrat voters “crossed over” to make sure that Trump won – they were so sure that they could beat him in the general election.

    They have no one to blame but themselves…

  647. WOOHOOO!

  648. Hahahahahahahaha…!!!

  649. First time I’ve voted for a winner in 12 years.

    I’ve been blogging for longer than that.

  650. Tonight feels good. I”m going to enjoy it.

  651. Their tears are delicous.

  652. Derp riot – I want to riot
    Derp riot – a riot of my own
    Derp riot – I want to riot
    Derp riot – a riot of my own

  653. This is hilarious

  654. Delicious indeed.

    I’m glad you had the forthright belief,Alex that the clinton would not be recieved well by The American Electorate.
    I belived that Trump would never be allowed to win.

    You are the wiser.

  655. Chumpo,

    In the long run, this is good for both parties. The Clintons were a cancer on the body politic, and now they’re done. And Trump has demonstrated to the GOP that it can win by respecting white blue-collar workers.

  656. Near the end of this hellish summer, after the xenophobia and the racism (or at least some of it), and before the bragging about pussy-grabbing and the alleged assaults (or at least the reporting on them), I attended a wedding in Maryland. A Pakistani friend of mine from a Sunni family in Lahore had come to the United States to study and work years ago, living first in Washington and then in New York City. She had met an Iranian American man from a Shia family, and they had fallen in love. The ceremony was largely Persian, with some Pakistani and American traditions added to the mix. We sat in a large tent and ate and drank and danced. I was placed at a table with a number of their other friends, a high percentage of whom were Jewish. So was the officiant.

    This has to be a parody.

  657. Feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. I started waking at 0400 because I’m not used to the clock change. Rather than going straight to drudge I read your comments to recreate some suspense. It’s going to be awkward walking around with pudding in my pants all day.

  658. That article will be saved and read by me Alex. Next week I’m going to MA for a meeting then staying with my lefty friend. He’s a big Hillary supporter with two adopted daughters. I could imagine him attacking Trump for the whole women thing yet neglecting to see his “role model” candidate as a criminal.

  659. Holy cow, he did it. I told myself not to get my hopes up and went to bed. Wow! Thank you, Lord.

  660. Holy cow, he did it. I told myself not to get my hopes up and went to bed. Wow! Thank you, Lord.

    So… squishy hugs all around?

  661. What I wrote on a friend’s wall:

    Trump’s victory is probably a boon for the Democrats in the long run. For both parties. The Clintons are a cancer on the body politic. After this defeat they are done. Between Hillary and Obama, the Dems are in the wilderness, but the idea that they can win with minority votes and urban millennial is put to lie. Meanwhile, the GOP establishment has been humiliated. They opposed Trump, and have largely been globalist in their views. Tonight they lost, and worse Trump won states that haven’t gone Republican in decades.

  662. So… squishy hugs all around?


    Also, will have HHD up in a bit. Still reading the liberal wailing linked earlier.

  663. To stretch ColAlex’s theme further,

    Have you seen a patient who has undergone chemotherapy? He looks wasted. Has lost hair. Has muscle and stomach pain. Has wasted away.

    Under Trump, America is likely to look like that patient. Because Trump is chemotherapy, but we got rid of that cancer called Clinton.

  664. 4 hours of sleep.

    I gotta say, I feel like Rosetta just played his last, impish trick for us. I can see his big ugly smiling mug and only wish he was here to celebrate the most H2 election in my lifetime.

    R to L–America, Rosetta:


  665. Went to bed last night early, knowing in my heart that Trump lost. I just woke up, knowing that Hillary won. I said to myself “damn that criminal.”

    I got up. Did not go to any news agencies.
    I went here, and to Ace’s.

    I just said, “Are you fucking kidding me?” eight times in a row. All alone by the computer.

    Are you fucking kidding me??


    *runs to wake Scott*

  666. Scott:

    Told you.

    *goes back to sleep

  667. LOL, LOL, LOL

    That is EXACTLY what just happened!!!

    I asked him when he knew, and he said, “three thirty.”

    So I just woke a guy up after three hours of sleep. Wooops

  668. How am I going to go to this meeting with this shit eating grin on my face?

  669. HHD is here!

  670. This is truly amazing.

    I should have known.

    Never question the wisdom of Scott

  671. Schlonged.

  672. Ace is going to be happy.

    Goodbye Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham.

  673. MJ. I missed Rosie like crazy these last few hours.

    Here’s to you, big guy. We buried the bitch.

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