MMM 247: Election Day Eve

Tomorrow decides the fate of the nation, folks.  We either elect a man who said mean things but has a really nice family and has signed a LOT of paychecks, or we elect someone who’s criminality will destroy what remains of the republic, and on who’s watch countless Americans will be murdered in the womb by taxpayer-funded assassins or in hospitals waiting for care, while we all go broke because beggars are easier to please.

Tough choice, I know.  I get it.  Anyhow, how about some pictures?

Annie the daughter of Thor.


I don’t know her name, but I would like to.


This is the only lift I really miss.


Levitation time.


Pretty architecture here.


I should do some handstands today.


I’m reminded that I really need to go cancel my gym membership.




Enjoy the last 36 hours of anticipation as best you can.


  1. MONDAY!

  2. i see comey told congress that the political pressure was too great re: putting the harpy in prison – so he caved

  3. looks like that last dude has his breast implants pumped up to about 80psi

  4. Coast to Coast AM with George Noori is the name of the show I was thinking of lauraw

  5. probably does that for high speed turns

  6. back before sat radio i used to listen to that crazy shit on long drives home…. there are some very disturbed ppl out and about.

    the witches were the funniest to me

  7. Coast to Coast is fun on early morning/late night drives.

  8. When my father in law would work graveyard shifts, he’d listen to all those shows. The next day he’d be all wrapped up about some conspiracy or discovery or aliens.

  9. Coast to coast is hilarious.

    It’s so serious, yet such bullshit. I love stuff like that.

  10. Reptoids, man. It all falls into place after you accept the truth of repotoids.

  11. After thinking about the Comey thing last night, I believe it doesn’t really matter.

    The Clinton people were pretty correct when they said it was baked in the cake. Her numbers have been remarkably steady since the beginning of October. She clearly has a ceiling in the polls, which Kellyann Conway has spoken about at length.

    It’s up for debate whether Trump can pull even at around 44.5 but he’s got room. She doesn’t.

  12. Pretty sure Don Lemon was right. The Malaysian flight was swallowed by a black hole.


  13. Chemtrails are a big topic there too

  14. I’ve got a No on 3 sign on my lawn Jam

  15. i see you guys are trying to legalize smokin dope:,_2016

  16. i finished listening to the abby martin video that scott linked – it’s really well done

  17. off to work

  18. So I paid $10 for my 180 jarrahdale seeds. Having eaten one, I now estimate that to be 1 fruit’s worth of seeds. I have no rep on Amazon, but I wonder if I could save and sell packs of, say, 50 seeds from mine. Can’t hurt to try.

  19. Five referendum questions in Maine:

    Recreational weed, higher minimum wage, ranked choice voting, expanded background checks, tax income over 200k for schools

    These are all perfect questions for LIV’s to vote Yes on. No consequences for them.

  20. Wayne County Sheriff is running unopposed. Looks like I found where to sign my ballot.

  21. All our ballot proposals appear to be millages. No.

  22. I NEVER liked the idea a families being the center of power. I don’t get how this appeals to anyone.

    Kennedy, Clinton, Bush…we should NEVER see any more of these assholes as President.

  23. Or Presidential nominees.

    Can you imagine, Jeb Bush as President? 16 to 20 years of that nonsense?

    And John Kennedy Jr was a nice guy i’m sure, don’t know,but imagine how the press would have propped up that dim bulb for 8 years. His dad was mediocre at best. Better than the crop of scum the dems have been shitting out for years.

  24. Wakey wakey.

    Yes, mare I completely agree with you. Ruling elite. Ruling class. That’s what we’ve moved on to.

  25. I’m depressed this morning.

  26. Someone talk me down.

  27. Monarchy has been around for thousands of years. Democracy is relatively new.

    I think people are comfortable with the simplicity of a ruling class.

  28. Yep. I put your quote up on facedouche.

    It’s non-offensive to those who don’t understand what you’re saying.

    To get offensive, they have to understand who they are supporting.

  29. I’ve been quoted? I’m flattered.

  30. (no one tell Leon I quote MJ because I don’t want him to feel bad)

    It was the simplicity of the ruling class bit.

  31. Fine, fine, but remember that leftists still think they are fighting the ruling class. The beauty of Marxism is convincing people to ‘cuff themselves.

  32. I hope you put Marcus Julius, from the Publicus Rex Vol VIII

  33. Hey! That was my first time on Facebook.

  34. I quote leon all the time. Usually I put LOL after it.

  35. Oh, that’s good leon. I’ll go add it.

    You have to be concise on facedouche because people are stupid.

  36. *likes

  37. I know, cuz I’m stupid.

  38. So, Investor’s Business Daily has Trump up 2 nationwide. Dennis Michael Lynch says that was the most accurate poll in 2012. I thought It was 5-38.

  39. Nate Silver is like Nostradamus, he words everything so vague you can look at it after the fact and find whatever you want.

  40. That’s probably true, BC. Smart way to write.

  41. MCPO – has come around. I REPEAT, MCPO HAS COME AROUND.

  42. Come around to what?

  43. Someone talk me down.
    I’m not sure there’s reason to be depressed. I think it’ll be a huge hill to climb for Trump to win, but no one was going to beat a 30 year machine built on favors and graft. Any republican would have been crucified and rolled over like Mittens or McCain. At least Trump fought back and tried to win.

    The exposure of the media/political complex is good enough for me.

    Regular people know its all a scam now.

    And its possible for Trump will win, although I’m not even sure I really care about it that much. It would be fun to see Hillary lost because its just soooooo unfair for her and the media to win. I have no idea what would happen if Trump were to win, but I’m 100% sure that he loves America and would work his ass off.

    The media has once again declared the race over this morning. That feels like wishful thinking. No one woke up today and changed their minds to affirmatively vote because Pickles didn’t get indicted. If anything, it might motivate a fence sitting Trump voter to get off the couch.

    I’ve been sifting through the math and its a very right race. Pickles is gaining support in deep blue states and losing voters in the rust belt. That doesn’t help her.

    I used to think Trump going to MI, MN, VA, CO, etc was just flailing to find a path but the fact that every surrogate and Pickles are going to MI tells me its in play. They’d be in NC for a full blitz if that was the actual firewall. It could be that they’re backstopping the backstop but I sincerely doubt it. Pickles is deep into her own territory, on defense.

    Having looked into PA its all about rousing black voters out of the projects/neighborhoods to vote. The Dems have perfected the operation. They door knock at 11am and 4:30pm and forcibly take people to the polls, giving them $, cigs, and booze if necessary. I’d expect pretty good turnout but about 15% down from Obama. She’s not black.

    The 200K votes that Trump needs to flip the state will be really hard to get. Better be a lot of crackers in central and west PA.

  44. he media has once again declared the race over this morning. That feels like wishful thinking. No one woke up today and changed their minds to affirmatively vote because Pickles didn’t get indicted. If anything, it might motivate a fence sitting Trump voter to get off the couch.

    You know, I think you may be right. I’m seeing those signs on facebook.

  45. Rain in Michigan on tuesday. God is doing what he can to help.

  46. But, the people in support of Trump were already voting for Trump. It’s that uninformed undecided that is affected by the FBI decision. Those will go to Hillary, because she’s not mean.

  47. I’m very pessimistic re: tomorrow. But something astounding happened at my daughter’s college yesterday during it’s Parent Weekend..

    I was talking to a recent grad who is buddies with my oldest daughter’s boyfriend. He asked me if I knew of Bill Whittle, and said he loved reading & watching his conservative commentary. Even more amazing, daughter’s boyftoend, fairly liberal, enjoyed him too.

    Perhaps there is some hope after all.

  48. It’s hard to not like Bill Whittle.

  49. People who see how justice is obviously rigged to help Hillary may have their distaste of Trump over ruled. If she has THIS much power now … just wait until she’s president.

    It’s going to make the IRS investigations of Tea Party groups look like a walk in the park.

    The never-trumpers (some) may come to this conclusion and pull the lever for him.

  50. I tend to throw out NBC/ABC polls. They have Clinton up 4-5 points nationally. There is no way that’s right.

    IBD/LA Times has Trump up 2-5.

    Who knows?

  51. Jay, I was honestly stunned not that he liked him, but that he knew of him at all.

    I honestly wish Whittle would run for office. It’s guys like him we need.

  52. My grandson is eligible to vote this year. I asked him yesterday who he was voting for, and he said “I know who I’m not voting for.” So for giggles I said “Who?” He said “Trump.” I asked why, and he answered, “Cuz he’s a racist and misogynist.”

    So I asked him to name one instance of racism. He said “Hold on while I google.” I said “Nuh uh. You either know this stuff or you don’t.”

    “Next question, name something mysoginist he’s done.”

    “Ummmm uhhh, he went into the women’s dressing room at a beauty pageant.”

    I said, “That’s it? That’s all you’ve got? Female sports reporters demanded access to the men’s locker rooms at sporting events. Is that sexist?”

    We had fun. He’s in college and all he know is the bullshit he hears at school.

  53. I should spend more time with him.

  54. You should. Historically, children end up more like their grandparents than parents, if only as a reaction to their own parents. Is his dad around?

  55. But, the people in support of Trump were already voting for Trump. It’s that uninformed undecided that is affected by the FBI decision. Those will go to Hillary, because she’s not mean.
    Could be. I’m hoping we’re in a position that Hillary wins the popular vote but loses the electrical college.

    I’d love to rehash that a million times.

  56. Again, one of the best things that can come out of this election is the absolute destruction of the republican party.

  57. Have we seen Bill Kristol or Karl Rove talking about how badly we need amnesty yet?

  58. Heh, that would be fun. Let’s set it up in, say, Florida?

  59. If we had amnesty, all those Latino votes would be GOP!

  60. Also, I don’t see the media as destroyed. Only in the circles it already was. The rest are still horribly misguided or blissfully ignorant.

  61. Yeah, his dad’s around – one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met. Really.

    My daughter is remarried, and her husband is a good guy – libertarian. So – wasted vote. But at least he won’t be voting for the boulder in a pantsuit.

  62. Looks like Janet Reno has gone someplace warm.

  63. I want the media to lose most of all.

  64. My neighbor has been running his fucking leaf blower and/or lawnmower for 95 minutes straight.

  65. The amount of time, energy, and treasure that moron puts into making his lawn marginally better than mine is terrifying.

    He had it sprayed to kill all the “weeds”, including clover, insuring that he will forever after have to feed it since there’re no nitrogen fixers left.

    *plants clover farm to facilitate beekeeping*

  66. I think that’s why the media is so into Pickles. They sense their power is almost completely gone.

  67. meh, as long as there are LIVs, the media will have power. The dems control them.

  68. Rocketboy waited around until it was too late to register to vote. Pretty sure it won’t make a difference in Alabama, but I’m still annoyed with him. Too many members of our family fought for him to have that right, for him to let it slide.

  69. Seems topical for the H2

  70. Both my boys are registered but my daughter unknowingly put her form in a mailbox (on the last day) instead of taking it in to get post marked.

  71. Hillary’s going to unite the country.

  72. you spelled untie wrong

  73. Kellyann is pretty smart.

    She’s been talking about MI for a few weeks. I wonder…

  74. If Bill said grab them by the pussy we’d be talking about what a cheekish rapscallion he is. Such a vigorous older man full of power.

  75. Motherfucker is still mowing his goddam lawn. His 2″ high, immaculate fucking lawn. In No-fucking-vember.

  76. I don’t have a problem with the workweek. It’s the fuckers who decide Sunday evening is the right time to mow lawn/blow leaves that need their dicks ripped off.

  77. Leon, this sounds like a job for a mostly peaceful protest.

  78. We had a guy stop by a few weeks back.

    Knocked on the door. Knocked again.

    Asked if I needed the grass cut then walked away super fast when I said no.

    I’m 100% sure he was going to mow the lawn with his invisible lawnmower, not rob us.

  79. I wouldn’t normally take issue, it’s just the futility of maintaining a 4 acre suburban lawn in the middle of a sycamore forest.

    And leaf-blowing a lawn is stupid. A rake works fine when you’re not cleaning out landscape and structures. I don’t think he owns one tool that doesn’t have an internal combustion engine.

  80. Sounds like a retired UAW worker.

  81. Not quite yet. I’m sure he’ll be utterly insufferable when he retires.

  82. You rake leaves by running them over with the lawn mower.

    Am I the only one that does this?

  83. I rake leaves by pulling up to the home depot parking lot and waving a ten-dollar bill around.

  84. Pretty sure you could spray random parts of his lawn with weedkiller just to watch him go crazy trying to figure out what was happening, Leon.

  85. I rake leaves onto a tarp and then haul them to where I can use them for things.

  86. I let the Messican landscaping crew use leafblowers for an hour on Tuesday mornings.

  87. We’re in the middle of hour #4. No wonder he’s deaf as a post.

  88. You’re not the only one MJ. That’s my method too. By the spring time they’ve mostly rotted and what hasn’t decomposed gets blown into the fields. It takes a few hours getting leaves out by the foundation where the wind doesn’t reach.

  89. #1 son registered to vote online. He said you had to select either Democrat or Republican. Every time he selected Republican, the site crashed. Gotta love NM politics.

  90. Rush just reminded me that Obama won Florida by 1%. There is no way Hillary is going to get that kind of vote here unless the Dems perpetrate vote theft. Period.

  91. There is no the only way Hillary is going to get that kind of vote here unlessis when the Dems perpetrate vote theft. Period.


  92. That Saul Alinsky deal, Hotspur is effing bowel loosening.

  93. Obama lost NC in 2012. Pickles is going to improve? Bitch, please.

    The black folks are staying home.

  94. But the dead people and felons are coming out in force.

    See Virginia.

  95. Hour fucking 5.

  96. Is he just lying in the lawn holding the leaf blower?

  97. Anyone else nervous, scared and have their stomach in knots?

    If Hillary wins I’m going to cry like a baby and I’m not a crier.

  98. If Hillary wins I’ll be pretty happy when Trump is remembered fondly as an honorable opponent that would have been ok for America…

    As they’re breaking down Rubio as a coke snorting, money laundering whore that isn’t a real hispanic. They’ll trot out a fake girlfriend from HS that he beat the shit out of, a string of women will remember how he beat them while doing coke and shouting racial slurs, then a ‘video’ will surface showing Rubio doing coke and beating a hooker with a pipe wrench.

    Trump sure was a good guy compared to this nut job Rubio.

  99. Mare, I don’t really care as much as I used to.

    I think its a real shame that a lying, corrupt, grifter like Clinton could be elected, but the country really is changing. She’s a reflection of the obvious moral decay of our society.

    I love most debauched things but I’ve always tried to work hard and at least have some respect for the people that pay me. I only expect the same from the people that I pay. That doesn’t seem to be popular right now.

    But in the end, all I can do is make good decisions and hope things turn out ok.

  100. I run my leaves over with the lawnmower. My dirt isn’t great and it’s the greatest natural fertilizer out there. I get bagged leaves from other folks to put on my garden. lol. If I find a big pile of leaves or grass I will move to a garden or something, but I don’t generally rake myself, unless it’s raking out of my ornamental gardens.

    And yes , mare.

    If Hillary wins I’m drowning my sorrow by 1) buying another puppy (we’ve been talking about it anyway ) and 2) taking a CPL class and buying a gun.

    Moving forward. together. With a puppy and a gun.

  101. Besides, I still think its a jump ball.

    There are very credible polling outfits that have both Trump and Clinton ahead. Given the amount of spectacular partisanship from everyone in the media, I’m hesitant to believe anything.

  102. I’m preparing myself for a Hillary win, because I don’t want to break into actual tears tomorrow night.

    But I will probably be drunk, so if it happens, it happens.

  103. Moving forward. together. With a puppy and a gun.

    That sounds like an awesome spinoff to The Walking Dead.

  104. It’ll be ok.

    I know everyone says Pickles is going to win but what do her actions say?

    Obama is asking illegals to vote and using the KKK to gin up anemic black support.

    Everyone is campaigning in Michigan. FUCKING MICHIGAN.

    We’ll see…

    Could you imagine if Trump had to campaign in Georgia and what the story would be?

  105. If Hillary wins I may just cash in my 401k and buy the biggest contiguous piece of land I can find and disappear into it.

  106. I’m in Knoxville tomorrow night.

    I have to speed interview a bunch of recent grads as a supply chain leader.

    What should I ask them?

  107. Ask them if they grab pussy in college?

  108. Friend of mine is releasing an album. Childhood friend.

  109. I will cry if Trump wins too. For joy. Like. A. Baby.

  110. I have to speed interview a bunch of recent grads as a supply chain leader.
    What should I ask them?

    9mm or .45? It doesn’t matter which they choose, you’re looking for the ones who know what the hell you’re talking about.

  111. Just tried to go to my bank, but the fucking cops have State Street barricaded so “Turd for Brains” can campaign for the Vagina! in Chief.

    What a cluster fuck.

  112. Ask them “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck your mom?”

  113. Black Jesus: Please go vote for a rich old white lady that hates you.

    Black people: No.

  114. Immovable object versus irresistible force.

    Who wins?


  115. It’s at the UofM. Won’t be any black folk there.

  116. Chelsea is there too.

    Someone should throw a dildo at her.

  117. She’s not gaining any votes at AA. They’re her Michigan base.

  118. Right. That’s the part that is so funny.

    How many minds do they think they’re going to turn in the liberal shithole?

  119. Terrible heavy-metal, or terrible alt-rock?

  120. “How much debt did you rack up for your crappy degree, and why shouldn’t we count that against hiring you?”

  121. Oh I’m not hiring anyone. It’s a networking event to get them exposure to execs.

    On a totally unrelated note, if you were going to play the part of an executive something or other, how would you do that?

  122. Belch.


  123. Immovable object versus irresistible force.

    Who wins?

    Michael Bay.

  124. Oh, and scratch my ass.

  125. On a totally unrelated note, if you were going to play the part of an executive something or other, how would you do that?

    Have an obsequious and clearly-not-hired-for-her-brains intern follow you and take notes on everything you say.

  126. Have somebody else do all your printing.

  127. Give them all your work and go golfing the rest of the day.

  128. Carry a glass with amber liquid and ice cubes around. Rattle it often.

  129. Walk around saying “This is bullshit.!!!!” All day long.

  130. Where are the leaks?

    I demand leaks!

  131. FFS. This is a question in a totally unbiased, for reals, totally legit survey of hispanics.

    Recently Donald Trump said he wants to create a special deportation force inside homeland security that will work with local, state, and federal police to identify and immediately remove up to 6 million undocumented immigrants on day one if he is elected President. Does this make you more/less likely to consider voting for Trump?


  132. MCPO’s commercial still makes me laugh

  133. 6 million

    Isn’t the number something like 12-20 million? Are they using 6 million just to make people think of the Holocaust?

  134. No. They lie.

  135. My guess is that the rest have anchor babies.

  136. In hindsight it was really smart to have Hillary disappear for most of the campaign.

    Her commercials are good, and basically all they see of her.

  137. Reading Protein Wisdom’s Twitter posts is like listening to Coast to Coast, lots of crazy conspiracy stuff. Unfollowed.

  138. Protein Wisdom never impressed me, honestly.

  139. If you want your standard lefty hot take you can visit Hot Air.

    Jeez, they used to be pretty conservative but reading their site is pretty much the same as reading the Atlantic these days.

  140. You know what would be nice, Mare?

    If Trump actually did well and no one was prepared for it. The shock dawning on everyone would be fun to watch.

    I doubt it will happen like that but it would be interesting.

  141. I’ve been writing 11/8 all day for the date. Yeah, I’m a little focused on the election.

  142. Did you go vote, jimbro?

  143. At this MOMENT I’m feeling good. Newt and Hannity were running some numbers and I’m off the ledge for a bit.

  144. Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with?

    Until Romney, that predicted every presidential election.

    I still can’t believe he lost.

  145. Ham sandwich lost in 12.

  146. I voted a couple of weeks ago Jay. Tuesday is my call day and I never know 100% whether I’ll be free. I got asked to do a busted elbow in the morning so that would’ve nixed my efforts at an early morning vote.

  147. You humorless bunch. I was treating you like a Democrat.

    Wait, then I should have waited until Wednesday.

  148. Here’s some red meat for mare, so she can sleep tonight:

  149. I figured that’s where you were going. I’m coming off a 3 day call weekend and going back on call tomorrow (N.B.: I hate call ) and I’m a little on edge about the whole election thing. I’ll need some real red meat to shake off the little rain cloud that’s hovering over me.

  150. It’ll be a nail biter.

    Crackers up, licorice down = President Melania Husband.

    Other way round is Pickles.

    The meh hee cahnos are a wild card. They have the lowest voter participation rates of any group. Maybe Trump pissed them off enough or maybe they don’t love their abuela. Who knows?

  151. Stuck in an elevator with either would be ok.

    Hillary would collapse (good) and Trump would be funny (also good).

  152. I just want it to be over, already. I’m past the point of caring anymore. That nerve can no longer be stimulated. It’s dead.

  153. Thank you, Jay.

  154. I think I’m getting there, lauraw. I always assumed I’d care but I don’t much anymore.

    I do really enjoy gardening, though. I got some toms and peppers yesterday. WTF?

  155. Really? What a wonderful climate you must have. I have a couple bags of toms out on the cold porch to give to mom. Picked them out completely last week and tore down the vines. Only cold-loving veggies are in the garden now. And few of them will survive long.

    Reminds me, I gotta go pick out the bok choi.

  156. This seems like a stunt with a goal of enraging college age millennials to vote for Pickles

    Added bonus of getting all the liberal rags to publicize the evil alt-righters doing these awful things.

  157. Coronal mass ejection from the sun is due to hit Earth tomorrow. I’m sorry but I’m going to laugh my ass off if the electrical grid goes down and they have to go to paper ballots instead of Soros machines. Northern Hostages should look for auroras.

  158. My favorite voter suppression is texting your vote for Hillary. I am hoping they got an extra $5 charge on their phone bill.

  159. Poor Scott had to go pick up a large amount of work tonight. Should have gone with him, but I’m beat. Worse, he’s anticipating having a conflict with this client.

    I hope everything works out okay.


    I shoulda gone with him.

  160. Some years ago, we were at the polls and saw a guy get stopped from voting. They said he already voted. He said he hadn’t. Welp, he figured it out while he was standing there. Apparently his kid came home from college and voted under Dad’s registration. Kid’s name was same as dad’s.

    That’s a beatin’

  161. Hil got schlonged by Weiner. Hoping Trump doesn’t get jacked by Johnson.


  163. Greetings, people who actually give a shit about tomorrow.

    And laura, I believe the show you were listening to that you mentioned at the end of the last poat may have been “Coast To Coast AM.” If that’s the one you’re talking about, it used to be Art Bell’s show and it was actually WAAAAAAAAAY more batshit crazy back in the day. A favorite topic of his used to be “The Shadow People,” who are supposed to be some sort of interdimensional beings that his late-night insomniac listeners seemed to have lots of experience with.

    It was only after I’d been to rehab and met several people who’d had experience with meth that I realized that those listeners were likely tweakers who were hallucinating because of meth psychosis. Good times.

  164. Vagina! 2016

  165. Alas! Poor Scott. We knew him well. That’s not to say that we liked him…

  166. Heh, just got an email newsletter/sale flyer from LuckyGunner with the tag line of “Guaranteed to Ship Before the Ballots Are Counted”

  167. As soon as November hits, the bartender at the ghetto bar starts playing Christmas songs. People absolutely give him a mountain of shit, but I love it.

  168. I’ve spotted a few houses with Christmas lights up already on my drive to and from work. Makes sense I guess. It’s dark out and it’s much easier to put them up in late October/early November than December.

  169. The thing that always scared me about am coast to coast was the time……majority of country asleep, cept for a whole bunch of cray crays. Passed many a night sitting post listening to Art Bell.

    I guess, (now that I think about it) nowadays we see crazy more often due to the net, so we’re a bit desensitized.

  170. Premature Emmanuelization.

    Not a fan.

  171. We need to come together, you racist women hating piece of shit irredeemables!

    You guys are the best. THE BEST.

  172. I prematurely emanuelized once. What a let down.

  173. I think Hill Pickles will win. All the illegals and Dreamers will vote for her. TFG has been moving them to red states. I’m still pissed that W didn’t challenge NM in 2000. Saved my I voted sticker for FS. Donut at Krispy Kreme. Queso & Chips at Twin Peaks.

  174. Sean for president.

  175. Comment by leoncaruthers on November 7, 2016 6:22 am
    In a world gone mad and run by actual satanic conspiracies, it is likely quite comforting to believe that aliens are ultimately behind it rather than simple human concupiscence.

    Nice word, helluva segue.

  176. I used to think Trump going to MI, MN, VA, CO, etc

    MJ, I think you are delusional, at least about MN. I hope you are right, and I will eat fish sticks for a week if Trump wins MN. With ketchup.

  177. Slublog found this:

  178. I don’t think he’ll win MN. Never.

    I don’t think he’ll win VA, either.

    But MI is in play for sure and CO seems to be fairly close as well.

    I think my point is that I thought he had no strategy at all, but it appears he’s playing on her territory and she’s not on his at all.

    It’s a good spot to be in.

    If he was in GA and she was in TX what do you think the conversation would be?

  179. Did you guys see the viper in the overhead bins on the Aeromexico flight?

  180. Thanks Pupster. “Concupiscence” is one of those great Latin words you don’t hear much outside of the Catechism, but so perfectly captures an essential truth of our nature.

  181. I’ll send my regrets to Mrs. Pauls.

    There are 9 choices for president on my ballot, including the Constitution, Legal Marijuana Now, American Delta and Socialist Workers parties.

  182. Was anybody else getting a 503 trying to load comments?

  183. I was, Lauraw.

  184. Me too, when I went to post last.

    I expect massive Internet disruption in the next 36-48 hours.

  185. Coronal Mass Ejection?

  186. I think it was my direct twitter link. I changed it to a shorty and the problem went away.

  187. Wikileaks keeps going down on Twitter. @Jack says DDOS hack. Yawn. Spirit Cooking is my second favorite email hack. (I’m trying to shut out all the coded pizza emails)

  188. Coronal Mass Ejaculation.

    Right in the Clinton campaign’s puss. And by puss I mean mug. And by mug, I mean their rape-worthy faces.

    But you knew that.

  189. So Wikileaks is eating Twitter pussy?

  190. I’m not referring to the CME, but that won’t help matters. DDOS, botnet attacks, maybe even some old-fashioned wire cutting and network hub power outages. Weapons and 0-day exploits are going to be used.

  191. Sean for president.

    If elected, I will not serve. I’m a shit tennis player.

  192. At this point, I’m sold on the satanic child abuse stuff ringled by Podesta. There’s too much weird around that guy and his people for it not to be at least partially true.

  193. Ring-leaded? Ring leader ed?

    Organized by.

  194. Well, nearly every Satanic child abuse story that’s ever come down the pike has been debunked, but this time

  195. America: not guilty.

    It’s just like the OJ trial.

  196. Spirit Cooking is performance art. Not satanic. CGI paid $10K for performance art. I really hope the emails about the kids in the swimming pool and $40K for pizza are nothingburgers.

  197. Fine, fine, it might only be satanic in the pedestrian sense of being pure evil. I doubt they took the time to dress it up with pageantry and ritual.

  198. Sean EXACTLY!!!

  199. Have you ever actually met a Satanist? They’re mostly dorks who want to dress up their paganism or atheism with something that sounds (to them, anyway) cool.

  200. Sean, in my life, they are usually guys in bands whose music is all screechy and sucky.

  201. I’ve been searching online for a republican voter guide with regards to judges who should or should not be retained. Any suggestions? The FL site is crap.

  202. That performance art is satanic in nature. That’s bad enough and they should be judged on supporting that creep “artist” or attending her shit shows. She’s sick and we are being asked to think this is just “art.” I call bullshit.

  203. blerg.

    It’s almost over.

  204. I actually have met a few, and yes, mostly just turds. I meant satanic in the small ‘s’ sense. There are pedophile rings, there is human trafficking, these things are real, and evil, and I am starting to believe that Podesta, WJC, and others really are into that shit.

  205. Mare, I always vote against retaining judges. Either party.

  206. That might be smart policy, Oso. I’m leaning in that direction.

  207. The NYPD emails and Anonymous can’t be released because once you click, you get child porn on your computer. Huma was 19 when she interned for Hill Pickle. Why does Hill Pickle have 6 logged trips to Pedo Island?

  208. Jeeze Louise, Hillary is staggering again,

  209. Adjusts Coast to Coast tinfoil tiara

  210. In the past when I couldn’t sleep I’d listen to George Nori on Coast to Coast. He’s so kind to his callers as in nothing they say throws him and he seems (?) to care about their lives. The lonely love that and he has a loyal audience. I love the shows on ghosts and aliens. Sometimes they are talking about weird crap and I cannot figure out what they are talking about. Literally have no idea what the guest is talking about. It’s not fun crazy, it’s crazy crazy.

  211. I’ve been searching online for a republican voter guide with regards to judges who should or should not be retained. Any suggestions? The FL site is crap.

    As a newly-minted independent voter, I also get mailers from the Democrats now with lists of candidates they suggest I vote for, including judges. Their names are already all crossed off on my sample ballot.

    Thanks, dummies!

  212. Road trip with Mare!!!

  213. I also vote against anything that raises my taxes. UNMH raising property taxes? FU. Buying organs and bebes from PP? All your patients are welfare and illegals. Obamacare can pay for your shit.

  214. Yeah, I’m not voting to raise my taxes either.

  215. Neither.

  216. Good one, Crispy.

  217. I’m also a new GDI.

  218. GDI?

    Gay what?

  219. Excellent, Chrispy.

  220. I’m a GDI now, too. Not that it matters. SMOD 2016

  221. I’m reading fascinating articles on how using diverse cover crop mixes with no-till systems (cutting or crimping) can reduce the need for crop rotation and virtually eliminate weeding or watering.

    Basically, the diversity of the cover crop mix prevents the buildup of family-specific pests and diseases in the soil. It also prevents the deterioration of the soil, provided the cover crop is NOT tilled in, but cut and allowed to lie on the soil, or crimped and rolled flat to the surface.

    No tillage = large pore spaces will be retained and accumulate in the soil which both aerate roots and hold LOTS of water that is slowly taken up by plants looooong after the last rain.


    This is news I can USE.

    I might dig a swale into the slope ahead of my garden next Spring, too. If I had done it last year, I definitely would have had a better year for potatoes, for sure.

    Still digging into the nitty-gritty. But no matter what I read, I will NOT be planting hairy vetch anywhere. That’s the one cover crop that seems to murder the whole franchise by just refusing to go down. I can’t even tell you how many hillsides and pastures I have seen in this area just covered with that noxious stuff.

  222. God damn independent

  223. Phone dying. G’night guys. Lauraw should’ve helped Scott tonight. (Did not understand garden compost comment. Trying to shame lauraw) 😘😜

  224. Laura,
    Check this out:

    One would think that the “easy” solution would be to plant onions/garlic for a couple seasons.

    Give the nematodes nothing to eat for a couple years, then go back to work…

  225. Evening.

  226. Blerg.

  227. Blergning.

  228. Boyfriend and I are moving in together next week. I get seven inches of closet space and I think there is an empty space in the bathroom big enough for my razor.

  229. OMG, how exciting Jewstin.

    *snifff sniff

    Our little boy is growing up.

  230. Why not eight?


  231. Damn you!

  232. When he mentioned seven inches, for a second I thought we were going to hear TMI.

  233. You don’t want pics.

  234. Congrats Jew!

  235. We dropped off our ballots a couple days ago(WA is all ‘mail in’, totally blue, how many ballots have you got in the trunk of your car?) fraud votes.
    Tomorrow, as an aspiring alcoholic, I will start early and end late. Try not to watch TV at all, and black-out.
    Hopefully to wake Wednesday night and try to accept the fraudulent results.
    So it goes…

  236. I’m excited but I’m keeping my place with Crazy Cat Lady. I might need an emergency escape pod.

  237. And I’m foreman at work. The only good thing about that is that I have keys to the executive washroom.

  238. Ooh! How do the fancy soaps taste?

    I’m asking for a friend.

  239. I copied this from the upper left hand corner of the blog: “Pay is give years older than me. I have him an ultimaaum when I was 22.” Can whoever posted it tell me what the fuck it says?

  240. “Pat is five years older than me. I gave him an ultimatum when I was 22.” -Car in.

  241. Yankee soldier
    He want to derp some skag
    He met it in Cambodia, but now
    He can’t afford a bag

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