Car In D’art

I’ve got art and shit around my house, so if Chumpo is too busy  I’m happy to fill in.    I’m not really sure who did any of this stuff, but beggars can’t be choosers. So sit back and enjoy the show.

This first work my mom gave to me several years ago, and it was done by some local artist. Neat huh?


Up next, this piece is on Inter-family loan to the O’Brien household from my mil. It’s some Japanese something or other.  It looks nice in the hallway.   THe picture is a tad blurry … whatever.  I think you can make out the relevant parts of this work.


What do we have next? Ah yes. This is the piece I bought Pat from Chumpo’s older installments of Wire.    I finally got it framed. Looks nice, no?


Moving right along, we now have on of my own works … a picture of the greatest dog ever. Greta. *wipes tear away. I know, I know. It’s crooked.  They make medications for OCD, you know …


This is by a dude out of Toledo who does these statue things. I like ’em.


This is a new piece to Gallery O’Brien  – just a funny little thing that makes me happy.  And it looks awesome in that spot.


And finally, what post from me would not be complete w/o a picture of Moose?  WHo’s a good boy?  YOU ARE!


I hope everyone has enjoyed a little peak into the high art to be found at my house.


  1. /finds laurels and rest on them

  2. Best post ever.

  3. Some of the pictures are blurry, but I really think the emotion of the works come through anyway.

  4. i nominate this for poat of the week!

    i actually laughed a real laugh…

    nice job c ari n


  6. I’m sensing a theme this week. Just can’t put my finger on it…

  7. If you see some way to tie all my art pieces together, go for it J’ames. I’m one of those “I like what I like”. They say if you just pick things you like, it will all somehow magically just go together … I’ll look harder and see if I can find any commonalities though …

  8. The carrot picture is a triumph de force.

    Such imagination and bravery in one piece!

    *pulls up skinny jeans to show that I’m wearing no socks

  9. Excellent poat. That artsy soft focus is inspired.

  10. I like the dog.

  11. And Mare.

  12. Yes, Clint!

  13. A lot of folks are saying the FBI investigation doesn’t really impact the election.

    I’m not so sure. People are just looking for a reason not to vote for Hillary. It’s been that way since the primaries (that she cheated to win) and I’d be very careful that they don’t assume the best case.

    On Morning Joe the Clinton campaign said their internals showed a 2-4 point race, down from a 4-7 point race last week.

    Which means its tied.

  14. it’s

  15. The carrot picture is a triumph de force.

    Such imagination and bravery in one piece!

    I think MJ is more prepared for his move to Europe than we thought.

  16. In other news, someone watches Morning Joe?

  17. Only MJ, and he’s just salivating over Mika.

  18. Good point, Jay. What kind of dipshit watches morning Joe? Ohai, MJ.

  19. Wait, MSNBC is still on the air?

  20. What channel is MSNBC? I don’t think it comes in on my tv.

  21. Your TIVO doesn’t detect it. The racist white channels suppress it’s voice.

  22. I like Mika.

  23. TiVO is still a thing?

  24. Mika?


  25. Well, I take that back since I don’t watch tv for news, ever. Since 9-11-2001

  26. We just got a Tivo, cheaper than the whole home DVR. Works pretty good, connects to online sources, too.

  27. Trapped at garage.
    Banglar Party van is out of commission

  28. I saw a Mercedes van commercial on TV, first one ever. starting at $21K, too.

  29. What broke, Scott?

  30. So, it looks like some of the emails point to not just Weiner and Bill, but Hillary being in on the Lolita Express.

    This can’t be true, it just can’t.

  31. What the eff is a lollipop?

  32. Supposedly a reference to a Lolita.

  33. Why the hell would a “lollipop” be in the spin room after the debate?

  34. I had to leave it with them.
    When it’s cold it leaks fuel and makes a horrible noise.

    Sounds just like this

  35. Honest Question…. What do you think the Progs are going to do if Trump is declared the winner by anything other than a massive blowout?

    What do you think will happen if after all this, Hillary wins by a large margin?

  36. I don’t know, Alex, this has to mean something else.

  37. That’s my guess. I suspect that it’s more likely code for a plant in the press corps.

  38. Yeah, lollipop doesn’t fit in the context of that email, leon. More like an invite, or a pass, to me.

  39. Honest Question…. What do you think the Progs are going to do if Trump is declared the winner by anything other than a massive blowout?


    What do you think will happen if after all this, Hillary wins by a large margin?


  40. Lollipop, like Alex said sounds like a plant.

  41. I’m with Mare.

    Kinda like the hillary arrow deal.

  42. Toledo statue face appears stoned.

    Carrot would be great as a fabric wall hanging thing…a mini tapestry if you will

    Moose’s Superdog tag is great

    Thanks for sharing your collection!

  43. We have a cardinal trapped in the garage. Paula left her door open after she went to he gym. I left both doors open. A blue jay was in there the other day but got out. Fall migration leads to birds doing crazy shit.

  44. If Chumpo wants a break, we could all do a series like this. Just a thought. Kinda fun.

  45. Just more of “this is what is hanging in my house” kinda thing.

    Then – we analyze you.

  46. Is it too early start making plans for next tuesday? What time do we all assemble in front of the tv?

  47. If you asked me a week ago I would have said to forget it…Pickles won according to everyone in the media. Today, I think it will be a memorable November 8th. Right now she’s out there asking for early voters. HURRY…BEFORE MORE CORRUPTION LEAKS OUT!!!

  48. Polls out today have trump ahead.

  49. We have a cardinal trapped in the garage.

    If it’s Timothy Dolan, I’ll pay you to keep him trapped.

  50. We don’t have any actual art (other than stuff I made in college ages ago), but our house is full of gargoyles. Actually, not ‘full.’ A good amount, though. We need more though, because there’s none upstairs. We need some coverage up here.

    I made a cool one of a monster ram’s head years ago but it broke when I bumped it off the wall by accident.

  51. I’m with Mare.

    Kinda like the hillary arrow deal.

    I’m with Mare.

  52. Hahahah, you tools are alright!

  53. We don’t have too much stuff on the walls. I have a big 3 x 3 foot photo of Mt Katahdin and a Sabra Field print my friend gave me when I got married. ( ). Luckily i was able to hold on to that. We have the kids school pictures hanging in the wall. So funny to look at them year by year when we hang the new ones.

  54. I have a couple of my drawings and some black and white photos I’ve taken over the years. That’s it. I really should start painting again.

  55. I painted the walls, does that count?

  56. I painted your mom.

  57. I wish some reporter would ask Cankles the same question they asked Trump about accepting the election results.

  58. So grooooovy, man.

    Like, I’m diggin’ the vibe…

  59. If 1% of those emails contain classified info, Huma committed 6500 felonies.

    Will she do the time or turn on Hillary?

  60. Ok, went out to try to 1) work on training Moose to get the FUCK in to the car and 2) clean out some of the shit (none of it is mine) in the garage.

    Both were pretty much an utter failure.

  61. There will be no time. Podesta’s friend is in charge of the investigation.

  62. This is why the FBI should be headquarted in another part of the country. There’s no way that they can be objective when they’re investigating the same people who are their neighbors and the parents of their kids’ friends.

  63. There needs to be a fucking special prosecutor. Always should have been one.

    Corruption, Inc.

  64. ‘There will be no time.’

    If Trump wins, those guys will be long gone.

  65. Ok, went back outside and made moose the most WONDERFUL bowl of food. PUt it in the back of the car. He lay down for a while and thought about it, then finally got up and went up the ramp.

  66. Moose, get in the fucking car.

  67. I think we have a lurker in Buffalo

  68. I tried that Hotspur and it didn’t work.

  69. Hold out for steak, Moose.

  70. Jennifer Rubin she has become a hack, hasn’t she?

    Smoking guns everywhere around Hillary involving a million things? Well … now … we don’t know for SURE … bla bla bla

    Some weak connection between a Trump dude and Russia involving some server? OMG HE’S IN BED WITH PUTIN. HE’S A NATIONAL SECURITY.

  71. threat.

  72. There was steak (from work) and raw hamburger in the bowl.

    He’s playing me.

  73. I tried that Hotspur and it didn’t work.

    It takes a man’s voice. Try saying it lower.

  74. HA! The gofundme page for the homeless lady guarding Trump’s Hollywood star is up to $22000.

  75. Just saw the Mercedes van commercial. Starting at $25,995 here.

  76. Maybe that was it. i just didn’t expect 20 anything.

  77. That’s less than a new Transit.

  78. My first date with HotBride was the day after the 2000 election. I had a pretty good idea that she was a liberal when she told me she had spent the previous evening at a democrat election night event, and that her and several girlfriends were chanting Hillary!Hillary!Hillary!

    Anyway, we laughed at how the election still wasn’t settled the night after it was over. I think it carried on unsettled for a couple of weeks.

    By the time of our fifth or sixth date she was convinced that we could discuss ANY topic, and pretty much come to the same position, but would differ on how to actually get there.

    After owning the inn, and having to deal with employee law, taxes, health inspectors, ag. dept. inspectors, etc., she turned pretty squarely republican.

    When we started dating I encouraged her to get her citizenship. She told her friends she was becoming a citizen to cancel my vote.

    LOL Times changed.

  79. he was becoming a citizen to cancel my vote.


  80. Does she still chant Hillary?

  81. No, she h8s her. She sees right through all of the corruption and lying.

    Funny though, all of our friends think its just the Russians, and have every intention of voting for her. One even had on a Madame President 2016 button at the path clearing party. He’s the one I told that I was grilling Anthony weiners.

  82. Then added, “But you have to be over 15 to eat them.”

  83. You have some terminally stupid and/or immoral friends, Hotspur.

  84. Interesting how libs love to flaunt their stupid thoughts and yet conservatives tend to keep their rational thoughts to themselves.

  85. Deplorable


  87. Liberals next Tuesday night

  88. best gif evah!

  89. Somebody on twitter just referred to Shaun King as Talcolm X.

    I almost wet myself.

  90. Car in when she was little

  91. You have some terminally stupid and/or immoral friends,

    That’s why we decided that politics was off limits.

    They are very interesting, enjoyable people to be with. They aren’t stupid, and they aren’t immoral. They’ve drunk the Kool-Aid.

    So we talk music (several are in a band), sing songs, talk movies/TV, talk about travel, talk about food, eat food, drink wine, smoke herb, go to events, help one another with tasks (like the path making party), etc., etc.

    Just none to very very little politics.

  92. I get not talking about it, but I don’t get the level of cognitive dissonance they live with. It’s on par with the pro-choice vegan who thinks eating eggs is murder, but partial-birth abortion is a constitutional right.

  93. He’s a real winner!

  94. Most of our wall art is photographic or Disney prints. Sports stuff. Wiener dog art. Some textile art. < Snooty way of saying quilts.

  95. I still can’t believe Hotspur is a pot head.

  96. I can.

  97. I can.

  98. Hey Jewstin, I got something for you.
    First one is free.

  99. I can.

  100. I was getting contact highs in Waikiki. It was like being in LoDo Denver.

  101. The dreadlocks give it away, mon.

  102. Oahu during election season usually has scores of people on street corners holding candidate signs and campaigning during morning and evening rush hours. Party on every corner. Not this time. Weird. Saw 2 pickup trucks flying Trump/Pence flags on Kalakaua Ave.

  103. I saw a huge truck with a giant Trump, USA, Blue Lives Matter flags on the backroads of Yadkin County.

    It was pretty fun.

  104. If you told me 6 months ago that Donald Trump would be talking about real issues in the closing days of the campaign and Hillary Clinton would be yelling about fat girl shaming I’d think you had gotten into Hotspur’s stash.

  105. Alicia Machado is the new Tito the Builder.

  106. MJ, this is unlike any election in my memory. Driving home from the airport, billboards and yardsigns were all Johnson/Weld. Trump had a huge non-violent turnout in ABQ Sunday night. No DNC/Soros paid protestors.

  107. Hill Pickles TV ads in NM? Cray cray.

  108. If Trump wins he and Pence should hire a monster truck to do donuts on the Chappaqua lawn. While flying a MAGA flag.

  109. If Trump wins Hotspur has to fly to Indiana instead of Charlotte to visit me.

  110. Comment by osoloco11 on November 1, 2016 6:46 pm

    Trump had a huge non-violent turnout in ABQ Sunday night. No DNC/Soros paid protestors.


    They had it at the airport, secure area behind a fence. Dems were lamenting the fact they couldn’t get close enough to cause trouble.

  111. Can we just admit that Kellyann Conway might be the second coming?

  112. Thanks, Pepe. I was wondering about that.

  113. MJ, I like her. I have been waiting for someone to fight back for years.

  114. I’d give her a third and fourth coming, even if she’s a little long in the tooth.

  115. Oh man. I just learned that FBI dropped the documents from Marc Rich’s pardon today.

    FBI has big ones. They keep firing shots across the bow at Clinton.

  116. On the way home I pass a panel truck with a Johnson/Weld sign on it. It’s parked at a lot with used cars. The owner must like his weed stance.

  117. I’ve been pretty disgusted with the FBI since Comey’s press conference back in July, but if the FBI really is releasing this shit to mess with Clinton, then good for them.

  118. It’s the Russians.

  119. My disgust with the FBI began with Flashbang and Speedbump. Accelerated with Okie Jihadi and Gay bar Mateen. This July with Hill Pickles was the final straw for me. Fuck the FBI. Fuck the NSA. Fuck TFG and his jihadi butt boy Jeh. Drain the swamp.

  120. I have no idea what they’re up to but the message seems very, very obvious to me.

  121. I still think that every federal agency should have its headquarters relocated to somewhere far away from DC. The agency heads, or even just a representative, and a small support staff should be all that exists in the DC area.

  122. I just read his bio. He’s a politician, not an FBI guy.

    Somehow he has tricked people into believing that he’s not a politician.

    Sheeeeet. He’s the white Obama.

  123. If you told me 6 months ago that Donald Trump would be talking about real issues in the closing days of the campaign and Hillary Clinton would be yelling about fat girl shaming I’d think you had gotten into Hotspur’s stash.


    I sincerely believe Trump wants to be a great President. Make a real difference not the hope and some Change bullshit.

    And the end of your comment made me laugh.

  124. I agree, CoAl. Drain the swamp. Clear the beltway.

  125. Mare, you need to do this at your house

  126. Scott, I DO need to do that at my place.

  127. Hope & Loose Change

    Madame President 2016

  128. Gary Larson is the reason people believe furbabies are poor spellers. I blame Cat Fud.

  129. My cousin, Celena, is moving to CO. In town today to prep home for move. Celena to Oso: You are the only person that goes to HI and comes back as white as you left. Oso: 50 years of sun smart indoctrination.

  130. Welcome home, Oso!

  131. Thanks, Mare. Serial though, you lived Oahu election cycles. So much excitement. Every street corner engaged. Bottom up democracy. THIS was so not Oahu. I will be gobsmacked if boiled cabbage lady wins.

  132. Trump is turning blue states.

  133. NC was a toss up, now it’s Trump +7.

  134. Oso, Hawaii Kai, where I lived, was conservative and we always voted for the same republican guys who won. HUZZAH!

  135. Sauerkraut, pee, and flatulence.

    Madame President 2016

  136. Djou had way more supporters on the streets than Caldwell. Albuquerque PD just recvd their most recent DOJ assessment. Still leaning rayciss as opposed to show of force. Fuck the DOJ.

  137. I’m scared, I’m getting my hopes up. My nature is naturally optimistic. Hence the reason I get particularly hostile when people I vote for kick me in the poon. Like McCain. And remember when I liked Ryan? Uffffffff, what a dolt I was. I like Cruz and was angry he couldn’t suck it down and support Trump at the convention, however, he at least came around. Please be gentle with me if the worst possible thing in the world happens and we honor Hillary selling out our country with the Presidency.

    Don’t give two craps if she has a vagina or not.

  138. Mare, I have my hopes, too, but I’m still prepping like mad.

  139. I remember when I thought Romney was pretty awesome. I still think he would have made a good president.

    However, his fighting spirit consisted of writing a strongly worded letter.

  140. Twin!!!! I am so afraid of a Boiled Cabbage Farty McMaosuit win.

  141. There is nothing she wont sell.

  142. Not that it will affect me but Vine is going the way of the dodo bird

    I read the NYT take on it, at least the columnist who wrote on it anyway, and apparently Vine was a center for black humor. Huh.

  143. MJ, agree. Romney was right on about foreign affairs and I think he would have been a respected and smart President. Also, not arrogant like the undeserving clownfart we have now.

  144. Do not, do not! Watch the video on Ace’s sidebar showing the dog being rescued from a completely demolished home n Italy.

  145. On a happy note, Obama has less than 3 months left.

  146. Why shouldn’t I , mare? How bad is it?

  147. Lauraw, look at my use of commas. Watch it. A very happy ending. But kind of rips your heart out at the beginning.

  148. Not commas, oh forget it, just watch it they save the dog. And he’s a sweetie.

  149. On a happy note, Obama has less than 3 months left.
    But who will tell me who I am or who I am not?

  150. I don’t really watch lefty stuff anymore but it seems like they are in full on panic mode.

  151. Kellyann Conway has steered this ship masterfully. She was a perfect choice.

  152. She’s a smarty.

  153. If Trump wins Kelly should hold a press conference to ask how her dick tastes now.

  154. I followed a long convoluted set of internet linky-whoosies, until I ended up watching the Budd Dwyer press conference. There’s no fucking way I will be sleeping normally this evening.

  155. If you don’t know what it is, DON’T WATCH IT. The man does away with himself on live tv. This is not like Mare’s nice dog video. It’s a cold awake nightmare.

  156. What possessed you to search that lauraw? I got to the liveleak video description and, armed with what was coming, clicked close on the window.

  157. I didn’t search it! I never even heard of this guy before twenty minutes ago.

  158. That wasn’t very nice.

  159. I’ve seen the video. It didn’t disturb me, but I can understand why it would disturb others. It’s surreal to see how calmly he behaves and then… boom.

  160. If reading a 21 page diatribe of grandiosity and egotism is normal then I would have hated to see ol’ Budd in an agitated state.

  161. I’m going to start compiling better ways I’ve discovered for raising specific garden crops in my agricultural zone, searchable by English and Latin plant names.

    la la. la la. can’t hear you

  162. goodnight errybody!

  163. Hospital update – the ICU patient is not better but not worse. The other kid is home tonight! Thanks again for the prayers.

  164. If trump wins pat is sending Scott a nice gift certificate a nice restaurant. Scott may be unaware but they’ve been in a bet for the last 18 months or so.

  165. “Not that it will affect me but Vine is going the way of the dodo bird”

    not to worry:

  166. Good news, Roamy.

  167. I think I’m in a bet too. McDonalds sounds good right now.

  168. I’m always a little surprised that YouTube leaves the Budd Dwyer video up.

  169. I used to be on an endless run;
    Believed in miracles ’cause I’m one.
    I’ve been blessed with the power to survive;
    After all these years I’m still alive.
    I’m out here kickin’ with the band;
    Oh I’m no longer a solitary man.
    Every day my time runs out.
    Lived like a derp, that’s what I was about.

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