MMM 246: No Holiday theme

Because hunting down a bunch of cosplay chicks would take time I don’t have today, and might lead me into pr0n I’m trying to avoid.

Speaking of pr0n.


Camo not for concealment is just silly to me.


This Doug Jantz guy has a pretty sweet gig.


And Wally is a lucky guy.


As is whomever’s being saluted here.




The other A word.


I guess if you start with a wedgie, the squatting won’t make it worse.


That’s a lot of beads.


And a dirty dirty girl to close out the post.


Last day of October, folks, make it count.


  1. Feel free to push this down if you have something more festive.

  2. Beautiful morning here. Fog wafting up off the lake.

    Wakey wakey.

  3. Hello.

  4. Hola, MJ. Any fun plans or are you packing your fudgestuff to go be a Hoosier?

  5. Lots of dudes today. What’s up with that?

  6. Algorithm has statistical clusters sometimes. It wouldn’t be truly random if it didn’t.

  7. Roamy, your “friend” was crazy to ask you to co-sign for his kid’s college loan. I wouldn’t do that for family members.

  8. Hi león, if that’s your real name. No fun today other than handing out candy.

    The movers don’t come until later this month, so there’s really nothing to pack. They’re doing everything.

    GND is going back to IN to look at houses then we’re going to make a decision.

  9. I’m going to have to work in an office again. YUCK.

    Hopefully I can get into a very defined routine and just let it fly for a few years.

    Looking to line up the next move, which will most likely be in Europe.

  10. What is the piglet’s costume, leon?

  11. Looking to line up the next move, which will most likely be in Europe.

    It’s been nice knowing you.

  12. MMM = Mostly Men Monday this week?

    Time to get off my ass and commence ta workin’, Jethro.

  13. Cheese eating surrender monkeys.

    I’ll be fine.

  14. Allahu akbar

  15. She’s Sleepytime Bear, but we have nowhere to take her and she can’t eat most candy yet.

    Why aren’t you investing in a rural compound like a smart person?

  16. Europe, Europe??

    COME ON!!

  17. It’s a life long goal. I’ve been >> << this close a few times but now it's within reach.

    Two years, tops. Live in Germany, then come home.

  18. Maybe MJ just wants to be able to carry a man purse w/o people judging him?

  19. Pat’s family is from Germany- aunt and cousins all still live there. Good luck with that.

  20. Maybe I want to wear loafers with no socks and sip tiny cups of coffee.

  21. Man bags are perfectly acceptable in Germany.

    And MJ will, for perhaps the first time in his life, be an alpha male.

  22. If you come back talking about how America needs to be more like Europe, I’ll shove one of Leon’s pumpkins up your cram hole.

  23. I’m going to change my name to Rolf. Or possibly Dieter.

    It’s still a long way off but rumor is that my position is now the way we’re going to run the business and the CEO told us that we need to overseas for a few years.

    It’s a good thing, you fat, lazy, uncultured American racists.

  24. Pumpkins are curing in the chicken coop. Still appear unmolested by bugs and whatnot.

  25. Hey now, I am not fat and lazy.

  26. Trick ‘r Treat, weiners.

  27. For Halloween anyone handing out, Uno bars, Paydays or Chardonnay?

    Asking for a friend.

  28. I’m more of a Score bar/Cabernet person here.

  29. I’m handing out your mom.

  30. The “woman” in the top picture is particularly unappealing.

  31. Skor

  32. My lefty friends are of two frames of mind.

    About half are absolutely panic struck, and think the FBI is crooked, (unlike the way they felt about them in July when they dropped the investigation into crooked Hillary), and that this is the republican October Surprise.

    The others believe the election is already decided and that this changes nothing. It’s all just Wikileaks and the Russians, don’t ya know. (Frankly, I think they’re shitting themselves too, but just won’t admit it.)

    At the path clearing party on Saturday I was grilling polish sausages and telling them that these were Anthony weiners.

  33. A dick pic changed the course of a nation.

  34. you should have served Anthony wieners and Huma tacos.

  35. 0bama should love that, another historic first.

  36. Typical Hillary “crowd”.

  37. The dick pic giving Hillary fits is an appropriate symbol of the dicking Hillary and Barack have given the US. They care about the electorate about as much as an unwanted boner at Hillary and Huma’s sleepovers.

  38. Oh, my gosh, that is incredible, Scott.

  39. Man, I saw repeats not even pointed out. Lazy photoshop for fooling lazy people, I guess.

  40. CLONES

  41. Yay, everyone is an ISU fan!

  42. Everything lefties touch turns to crap.

  43. I just watched the Sunday shows while throwing together a presentation.

    The Democrats have decided to run against the FBI. That seems to be a very poor strategy when details are emerging by the hour.

  44. Yeah, my lefty friends are all anti-FBI today, after lionizing Comey for his restraint in not pursuing these obviously manufactured VRWC lies.

  45. It’s gonna be a nail biter.

    Even if she wins her problems don’t go away, though. She’s fucked either way. She really should step down to spend more time with her family.

  46. Heh, they are busy protesting the Bakken pipeline up in North Dakota.

  47. The media is trying to say NC is done. Hillary won.

    I don’t buy it. I just looked at a few polls and the only ones that aren’t within 1-2 points for either candidate have Johnson with double his average. That’s driving a 7 or 8 point edge for Clinton, throwing the total average to her by 3.

    No frickin’ way.

    Wait until midweek and we’ll see.

  48. Is the Anthony Weiner file labeled, “life insurance” real or is that an Internet fake deal? If it’s real that is just utterly incredible and telling.

  49. Look at the list of DNC operative “suicides” and the label becomes entirely plausible. Weiner knew the score.

  50. Has Huma left the country yet?

  51. Her passport has been revoked.

  52. She’s been at Hillary’s side for over 20 years.

    Former CIA guy interviewed this morning ………”if there is one person who clearly knows too much, it’s Huma Abedin.”

  53. I haven’t found that photoshopped picture was used by anyone. It could be one of those stupid things people put out.

    I also haven’t seen anything to validate the “insurance policy” thing.

    /takes off investigative cap

    Scott’s still right and Sean’s wrong though.

  54. I want to believe.

    I’m not saying that wasn’t the reason for the emails. Just that I never heard it was actually in a file labelled as such.


    “We now learn that the FBI are looking into 650,000 emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, a machine Huma Abedin has told friends she never used – as you wouldn’t, if your spouse had the habits Mr Weiner has. 650,000 emails is at least 20 times the number Mrs Clinton originally turned over to the government – or approximately a thousand emails per day for two years …”

  55. Trump is gaining everywhere. +2 in New Hampshire now

    It all looks really bad for the Clinton Crime Family.

  56. There will be some crazy stunt this week.

    Bill must be using a food taster.

  57. Considering the crap they pull anything is believable to me.

  58. I found the original Car in.

    Looks like it was just made for twitter. It looked like something the media would do.

  59. It can look anyway it wants… this election is going to be contested. If she wins in this environment Trump will rightfully contest. If she loses, she is going to contest. I have no concerns re: the election, it’s the after thats going to get sporty.

  60. Breaking: Hillary Clinton expresses deep regret over death of former President Bill Clinton on Thursday.

  61. Moose is afraid of the propane truck. LOL

  62. We went through this in 2000. It took weeks to sort it out. This time though, the corruption at the polls will be epic, and there is no majority on the Supreme Court.

    Negan for President! 2016

  63. He’s hiding under my computer table.

  64. Scott, that proves they faked it.

  65. They caught that cunt Brazille lying again.

  66. Former CIA guy was interesting. He believes the Carlos Danger stole the emails, either for revenge, insurance, or blackmail, but the fact that Weiner thinks they are valuable is a very bad sign for the Clintons.

    Huma admitted she’s never deleted emails, so if her gmail account is 10 years old, there are 10 years of emails.

  67. Weiner is just the sort of slime bag that would pull this on a political enemy.

    Are we going to have Anthony Fucking Weiner to thank for keeping Hillary out of the White House?

  68. Wow. Trump is doing so well in swing states he’s campaigning in D states.

    “pollster Pat Caddell, Hillary Clinton is hemorrhaging support as a result of the FBI announcement and we could see a repeat of the 1980 election when anti-establishment candidate Ronald Reagan won in a landslide.”


    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  69. Good luck on the Europe thing, MJ. I might try and do the same. The company has a bunch of openings in Germany and the UK.

  70. NEIN!

  71. Europe is too rapey for me.

  72. Trump is campaigning in Michigan today.

    CHer is also in Michigan campaigning for Hillary. @@.

  73. heh, hotspur, i assume your post about Brazile was about this.

    All the underlings lose their jobs, never the top of the food chain.

  74. The concern troll take: Trump is campaigning in blue states because he lost NC and needs electoral votes.

    Trump take: internal polls show a dead heat in MI and NM.


  75. I’m glad Trump doesn’t drink. He’ll need a lot of energy to start campaigning in New York, Illinois, and California.

  76. Also, I’m so glad the free commenting has lasted longer than five minutes.

    Are we going to send the comment box to the doctor? It’s been 4 hours, at least.

  77. Yeah, the bitch exwife Megyn grilled Brazile about that. She said she would never do such a thing, and that the emails were fake.

  78. Please, Lord, make Hillary get what she deserves. Thank you in advance, mare.

    I will be popping the champagne if Trump wins.

  79. I bet he’s ahead in NC.

    He’s up in NH now.

  80. If wiser were here we could play November Surprise Headlines!

    Trump Groped Bigfoot in 1977, Remained in Seclusion Until Now

  81. Yard sign poll says Trump wins Michigan bigly except in the PRAA.

  82. Remember this?

    Breitbart, you magnificent bastard.

  83. Anyone wandered over to the HuppPost swamp to see if the liberals are all in the fetal position, rocking themselves, and crying?

  84. I nominate Mare.

    Mare, go see what they’re doing, then report back.

  85. I checked it out.

    They all think Comey is a sleeper Republican agent but it won’t matter.

    I’m particularly fond of the positive arguments:

    1. It’s good! Now Democrats will vote bigly.

    2. Thank god it came out now! When she’s president it will be a nothing burger.

  86. If any computer needs some bleach, it’s Anthony Weiner’s….

  87. Oh I get it.

    Once Team Hillary gets their bearings straight they’ll say that Weiner stole the emails and he’s the bad guy. They were simply victims of pedophile thief.

    Not my fault!

  88. That doesn’t change their content, and it also eliminates the possibility of blaming Russian hackers.

  89. Still. It’s better than their response so far.

  90. Why was the FBI investigating Weiner in the first place? I thought politicians’ sex lives were private, and none of anyone’s business.

    Where is the outrage?

  91. Huma will never be seen again.

    They’ll tell us she fled the country.

    *adjusts hat *

  92. My favorite Podesta email is the one where she smells like cabbage, urine, and farts. After some of the pics where Hill Pickles had unwashed hair and looked like her caretaker hadn’t freshened her up THIS is the email I choose to believe.

  93. Leon,
    On the garden-thread this weekend they suggested wiping pumpkins/squash with bleach/water when setting them out to cure, to head-off mold spores, bugs, etc…

  94. Hmm. I could try that. Can’t hurt to mist them a little.

  95. HS, 15 yr old sexting friend in NC. FBI warrant only covered texts between Carlos and the 15 yr old. I wonder if AW ever flew on the Lolita Express with the Clenis?

  96. BAked in

  97. HAHAHA! I’m hearing sirens going “Weiner, Weiner, Weiner!”

  98. Between this story and the impending Cubs WS loss, I’m drowning in schadenfreude.

  99. MJ it’s hard to play this game because the left has made every stupid allegation you could think of.

    Trump called a fattie, fat. Who cares?
    Trump said something inappropriate in private? Who doesn’t?
    Trump likes to bone beautiful women? Who doesn’t?
    Trump took a loss on taxes to stay in business? Smart move?

  100. I want to see that Podesta email where he says she’s gross.


  101. I think there are some new rules that he broke, mare.

    I’m not a huge MEN ARE UNDER ATTACK person but I can see how men are looked down on for characteristics that once were prized. If anything, its confusing. Especially for an older guy that has been slightly successful in life by applying his gigantic ego to everything.


    Please be real.

  103. Ha! Scott beat me to it.

  104. If that email is real, come on, she is literally unfit to lead.

  105. Not real, but very funny.

  106. Bill’s son is holding a press conference tomorrow.

    If this election were a movie it would be completely unbelievable.

  107. There could be an email from HRC to the muslim brotherhood on 9/10 telling the Libyan MB that Chris Stevens would be meeting with the Turkish attache in Benghazi the next day, and I would still want the boiled cabbage, urine, and farts email to be true!

  108. * invents Hillary scented candle *

  109. MJ, how do you know it’s not real?

  110. My suspension of disbelief broke back in Act I of the campaign.

  111. *orders Hillary Scented Candle for 2016 Secret Santa*

  112. Mare,

    That’s the true hilarity of this dumpster fire of an election.

    When the craziest shit you can imagine turns out to be real, it’s hard to discern parody.

  113. I’m not a huge MEN ARE UNDER ATTACK person but I can see how men are looked down on for characteristics that once were prized. If anything, its confusing. Especially for an older guy that has been slightly successful in life by applying his gigantic ego to everything.

    The key is to understand that it’s not about what the men do, it’s about demonstrating power over them. Democrat men get a pass on everything. Republican men, not so much.

  114. *sends Hillary scented candle to Mark Cuban*

  115. Getting ready to enter the Hawaiian Diaspora. Time between checkout and redeye flight to the mainland. Scott would not be surprised to learn I spent the AM drinking all the open bottles that I wouldn’t be taking home. Happy Halloween y’all.

  116. MJ, how do you know it’s not real?
    I don’t, but it doesn’t seem like it fits with Podesta. He’s a bootlicker.

  117. *sends Marc Cuban scented candle to Marc Cuban’s mom

  118. Mare, that one is false. THAT ONE is why I tried and failed to not get excited by cabbage, urine, and farts

  119. Emailgate is a bitch hunt!

    War on women!

  120. I think I would rather clean out my earwax with a chainsaw than listen one more of colleagues try to convert me to Clinton voter.

  121. Roamy, your “friend” was crazy to ask you to co-sign for his kid’s college loan.

    Mare, I was gobsmacked. They are awful about handling their finances and would have declared bankruptcy by now to get out of some of their mistakes. I’d sooner bet on Jill Stein winning the presidency. I hate that they put me on the spot by asking.

  122. Now they are talking about a GoFundMe if they can’t get a co-signer. How about staying at home, going to community college, and working part-time to pay for it?

  123. Roamy, that is just weird. Am I just weird that I wouldn’t think about taking out a loan for college and thought that college was for preparing to get a career? That I would get a scholarship?

  124. That’s what half my clique of high school buddies did. I went to the (relatively) fancy pants school on a ROTC scholarship.

  125. Exactly, Roamy! Is she pre med or engineering? Stay close to home if not.

  126. Dan put the luggage keys in his carry-on. Locked his carry-on to leave at Bell Station for our 5pm pick up. I can’t laugh, but this is epic!!! 26 years in the making EPIC

  127. Oso….that is classic

  128. Cabbage, urine, and farts stench is only acceptable on March 18.

  129. Greetings, weeners, hallowed and otherwise.

  130. In Soviet Russia, cabbage, urine, and farts have stench of YOU!

  131. 1:56 PM. Getting ready for lunch and MNF.

  132. Do you know why witches can’t get pregnant?

  133. Hillary doesn’t print.

    When Hillary wants to print an email she forwards it to Huma. Huma forwards that to her gmail account so she can print it at home.

    The FBI has 10 years of this, plus ALL of Huma’s emails.

    They are going to find classified stuff, top secret stuff, and tons of corruption.

    They would both be wise to leave the country.

  134. Hotspur: Splinters?

  135. Warlocks have crystal balls and hollow weinies.

  136. Scott, yep. Carlos and Huma had their devices synced to the same printer!!! Yaysssss!!!

  137. Someone at Ace’s mentioned that Podesta’s best friend at DOJ will be in charge of Huma/Hillary/Weiner email investigation.

    Ufffffffffffff, if true.

  138. Same old bullshit.

  139. *hugs mare*

  140. Scott and I are simpatico, that craziness in Germany should never come here even if it means the ” appearance” of “racism.” Don’t give two craps.

  141. Oso, how was your vacation? On a scale of 1-10? I’ll always be happy to be in Hawaii. Would you prefer Kauai?

  142. …..and MJ is running towards it?

    Big Spin Class got to him.

  143. He’s probably selling flowers at the airport RIGHT NOW.

  144. If we didn’t love MJ so much, we would kill him for being a faggy European, man-purse carrying, girl drink drinking, muppet molesting douche.

  145. Hopefully they don’t get into a fight with the Crossfitters.

  146. Starting to wonder about his prayer rug.

  147. Mare, I always prefer Kauai. This has been a 9. Mauka showers. I would definitely stay at Ala Moana again.

  148. After reading all the stories about homeless and Oahu, I can say I had fewer homeless encounters this time than last time we were here. Dan brought his camp knife for nothing! (Locked in luggage)

  149. If we didn’t love MJ so much, we would kill him for being a faggy European, man-purse carrying, girl drink drinking, muppet molesting douche.

    Oh. Now you tell me.

    BRB. Gotta go bury something in the desert.

  150. Hahaha, Happy Halloween, Sean.

  151. Hey guys! I just bought a Vespa!

  152. Happy Halloween, mare. I hope your trick-or-treaters are all cute kids and not annoying teenagers bothering you while you’re trying to enjoy a scary movie at home.

  153. MJ,
    If you wanted two-wheeled, non-eurotrash transportation, I would have sold you a Ducati, but that would have required a bit of effort on your part. Ducati are a little demanding…

  154. Hey guys! I just bought a Vespa!

    See? Soon we’re not going to be able to tell when you’re joking.

  155. NO Trick or Treaters here.
    We are out in a rural area, narrow two-lane road, unlighted, no sidewalks. We have no outside lights on.
    If someone shows-up at our door, this time of night, they are met with gun-in-hand.
    Our neighbors are the same.
    Saves a lot on Halloween candy, and the Reese’s Peanut butter Cups are almost gone anyway…

  156. Pwned!

  157. Man, how come none of the OTA channels around here plays horror movies on Halloween? Fucking lame.

  158. Sean, I,ve been looking for scary movies too, what the hell is wrong with every market??

  159. Sean, I was tuned to BOR and I thought they had Pumpkinhead on, but it turned out to be just Karl Rove

  160. Let me amend that statement, since one channel was apparently showing “Wolfen” and is now showing “Sleepwalkers.” Ugh.

    How come nobody plays good horror movies on Halloween?

  161. Heading to Dallas in a few hours to visit my bro at Baylor.

    Was not on my calendar, but my dad kinda guilted me in to coming down. They hope he will be conscious at some point in the next two days.

    Any of you guys around Downtown Dallas?

  162. I’m keeping you and your brother in my prayers, phat.

  163. Peter Pumpkinhead put to shame
    Governments who would slur his name
    Plots and sex scandals failed outright
    Peter merely said
    Any kind of derp is alright

  164. No art?

  165. wakey wakey. DO we need a poat?

  166. Without one I shall surely feel bereft.

  167. I’m on it.

  168. Oh god no. It’s going to be QOTSA.

  169. Shut up MJ. Go sit and spin on your Vespa.

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