Duct Wire

Let’s take a look at what Monika Grzymala has been unwinding.

b.1970 Poland


Get it?















I like the installation art.

How ’bout you?


  1. I would love to see that installation in person. Well done,Chumpo!!

  2. I wouldn’t want it in my house, but it is recognizably art and required enough skill that I don’t feel insulted.

  3. Looks like Bill Clinton’s office after he’s done dicking bimbos.

  4. It must be a bitch to set up and take down.

  5. And how do you dust it?

  6. Leaf blower.

  7. Had to fire my real estate agent for the new house in IN. Millennials are such wimps, he wrote me a long email about how this has never happened before and what extraordinary efforts he put in.


    We ended up losing a house because he didn’t move fast enough. He derped (golfed) when he should have worked on Friday. You know, on our offer.

    Art is good.

  8. That sucks, MJ. What are you looking for?

  9. From the sounds of it, a new realtor

  10. haha, golfs on a Friday, and then whines to you about how hard he works?

    I hear that argument too, and it fails to invoke any sympathy whatsoever in me. Ever.

  11. Pretty interesting stuff, Chumpo!

    The main impediment to me being an artist is my utter lack of artistic talent. I wish I could somehow bridge the gap between the big picture and the meticulous details required to do this stuff. Just do not have it.

  12. Heh, love the story on Hillary being funded by a handful of people, not the groundswell of grassroot efforts that is being depicted by our betters in the media.

    But, I’m preaching to the choir, here.

  13. He had an offer in hand and went golfing?

  14. Mj doesn’t understand that his (former) realtor “has a life.” I hear that from all the people at work. They need to take just about every weekend off because “they have a life”.

    Unlike the rest of us cretins.

    If mommy and daddy would kick them out, perhaps they’d realized the truth of life.

  15. wakey wakey

  16. where’s that story J’ames?

  17. I don’t know how I feel about this art.

    Seems sort of theatrical. Like he’d do awesome sets.

  18. I just don’t know how I’d feel about looking at IT all the time.

  19. I see an opportunity to kick a lot of ass in real estate just by working a full week.

  20. Looking at IT all the time is no picnic, I tell ya!

  21. It’s a tough job. You work weekends, and Monday through Friday, sometimes until 10 PM.

    Plus, everything you plan gets interrupted.

  22. Just try to take a few hours off to sneak in a round of golf.

  23. Oh, and if you happen to get drunk?

    Your phone will start ringing and it doesn’t matter what time it is.

  24. LOL

  25. Eh, water under the bridge.

    I’m sure the new guy will work out better. He seems a little more aggressive.

  26. This is what kind of gets me…

    He never called. He always just sent an email or a text.

    ‘Bad news. Another offer was put in and it looks like they’re working on it. We’ll keep looking!’

    You may as well say, ‘I could give two shits about you, but I’d love to make 15K without really doing anything. We’ll keep looking!’

  27. Yea, that kind of smack of ass-covering.

  28. Is anyone else rocking out to APC this morning?

    Or is it just me?

  29. Nah, listening to Rush from yesterday.

    Its pretty interesting.

  30. Phone calls come from home, the car, or the office.

    Texts come from bars.

  31. Millennials don’t do phone calls much these days it seems.

    A lot of them don’t seem to do much of anything. Though there are plenty who do, and even do useful things.

    You didn’t get one of the useful ones, it seems.

  32. You should turn off yesterday’s Rush and crank up “Pet”.

  33. nevermind. I’ve moved on. It’s time for Puscifer. THen crock pot dinner prep. Then cleaning. Then workout. THen spend half my day driving to/by Hotspur’s work for an ortho appointment.

  34. Change is come. Keep your dignity. Take the high road. Take it like a man.

  35. WTH is an APC?

  36. A perfect circle. Duh.

  37. GND put him down gently. Compliment sandwich. Its not you, its me.

  38. Today’s art looks sticky. And not the xhamster kind of sticky.

  39. I’m at home, Carin.

  40. What for, MJ? He’s not going to learn a thing that way…

  41. WTH is a Perfect Circle?

  42. Crappy band with some members from Toad the Wet Sprocket.

  43. Oh

  44. Art is good.

    Thanks. It’s about time some of you fuckers noticed.

  45. Happy Birthday, XBrad.

  46. What for, MJ? He’s not going to learn a thing that way…
    I’m not worried about teaching him anything. I don’t care.

  47. The geniuses in nearly bankrupt Hartford have a plan.

    They decided the city has too many parking lots, so they are going to tax parking lots as if they were developed lots.

    This, they think, will encourage parking lot owners to build.

    Tax them and they will build!

  48. https://is.gd/WDPiFQ

  49. I’m at home, Carin.

    The appointment is kinda late today. I think the next one is when they put the braces on and that will be a long one – perfect for running out to visit (I think they said it’s something crazy like four hours?)

  50. Crappy band with some members from Toad the Wet Sprocket.

    That is blasphemy.

  51. Lead singer is Maynard. Bad members come and go but it’s basically pretty much always a supergroup.

  52. The original guitarist (Troy Van Leeuwen) left APC to join QOTSA.

  53. https://is.gd/igQDxM

  54. LOL pupster.

  55. Well. The local PD just set up a mobile crime cam in my neighbors front yard.

    This day just got better…

  56. It’s not about economic development, they can’t be that stupid.

    It’s just a shitty way to force all the little parking lot owners to sell to the big guy, the one who makes campaign contributions.

  57. Why? Someone steal his Trump sign?

  58. glad you made it to the 5x bd xb!

  59. Happy birthday, XBrad! Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

    My 2nd knee replacement was supposed to be tomorrow, but I caught my foot on something yesterday and took a nasty spill. I would’ve sworn that I broke my femur, but it turns out that the cracking sound that I heard was just scar tissue around the knee being broken up….

    The verdict from the surgeon is that I pulled a muscle in my left thigh; he wants to wait at least a couple of weeks to do the right knee. I may wait and do it after the first of the year; I missed Thanksgiving and Christmas last year due to my gut issues. I don’t want to miss two years in a row!

  60. My sister wants to take me out to dinner for my birthday.

    Why can’t I just stay home, eat pizza, and play World of Warships?

  61. https://is.gd/stand_up_straight_TiFW

  62. I’m in meetings until 5pm. This headset is going to make me ache by then.

  63. Why can’t I just stay home, eat pizza, and play World of Warships?

    Isn’t that what you do every other day?

  64. Happy Birthday Xbrad!

    I got you one of these:


  65. Isn’t that what you do every other day?

    No, I only order pizza about once a month.

  66. No, I only order pizza about once a month.

    What language is that? I can’t read it.

  67. Scott will get a chuckle out of this:

  68. Well, that’s always been a factor. He’s an …, after all. A lot of people have made fun of him, and maybe I ought not be publicly in favor of him.

  69. Again, don’t want to pick on the polls, but there was none of this insight.

    It’s happened before…

  70. Thanks Jay.

  71. Just found that interesting. He’s not the king for nothing.

  72. It is interesting. I just wonder if the obvious Trump enthusiasm and lack of H! Enthusiasm will translate to electoral college delegates beyond the margin of cheating.

  73. ” beyond the margin of cheating ”
    Exactly. Huge obstacle to overcome.

  74. Based on Facebook activity

  75. Exactly, J’Ames. Look at the number of people turning out at events, Trump, tens of thousands, Kaine rally, 30 people. 30! Some were probably paid to be there. 91% of Trump coverage is hostile.

  76. Happy Birthday, dear XbradTC!

  77. Happy birthday, X…

  78. Everyone’s watching baseball I guess

  79. HBD XBro

  80. Apparently Paula Jones was asked to describe it as part of her trial.

    Her description proved he dropped trou in front of her.

    A little smaller than normal with a pretty significant bend.


  81. These have made their way into the Halloween candy stash


  82. …with a pretty significant bend

    Trump’s next line:

    “They’re both crooked!”

  83. no derp

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