MMM 245:Up early with a sledgehammer


I’m actually writing this on Monday morning for a change, got up at 5am, planning to head out to the barn in the cold and 1) check for trapped varmints and dos) do some “mace training” exercises with my new sledgehammers.  WTF is that?

Also, this is stuck in my head:

You’re welcome.

Blue suit.




She needs to move to a better neighborhood.


Tan lines.


Arm veins.


Some seriously robust hindquarters and a bonus sledgehammer.


No idea what’s going on here other than posing for a picture.


Repeat pretty smile.


Might be a cultist, might just be a dancer.


Pupster, she wants to take you for a walk.  Get off the couch and go, man!


Monday hammertime!


  1. Goin’ outside.

  2. Walkies? YAY!

  3. Need some Jimbro type advice this morning, Boy2 has been coughing and feverish for almost 2 weeks, Saturday chest Xray shows pneumonia (urgent care doc said “maybe walking pneumonia, radiologist overruled Sunday morning and said pneumonia). He’s taking augmentin for anti-biotic and over the counter cough stuff.

    I have a cough, fairly dry, started Thursday last week, no fever. I feel really tired but that is nothing new. Overnight Nurse said I’m not contagious without the fever, I was planning on working this week but should I stay home? I got shit to do. I cough every 2-3 minutes or so.



  4. Buy chicken pieces. Simmer them until tender with a diverse array of vegetables. Plop some good herbs/spices that you like, in there toward the end. Top each steaming bowl with a glug of good olive oil, or a pat of butter, or some coconut oil. You need the extra energy from fat.

    Keep eating this throughout the day and slurping the broth. When you’re reheating some, poach an egg in there if you like that. I like that.

  5. ok, off to school. Feel better soon, Pups.

  6. I’d give it 48 hours to evolve. If by Wednesday you’re not febrile and the cough has decreased head to work. Surround yourself with hand sanitizer and boxes of tissues. That’s the universal sign for “Keep away from me. If you get sick it’s not my fault “. At a minimum your cough is going to drive you and your cow orkers crazy so that may be enough time to get it under control.

  7. Well that was fun. Decided to work out in the yard in the dark and enjoy the morning air. 8/10 would repeat.

  8. Wen dem Wikilinks emails come out today?

  9. After Assange brings his private submarine up to broadcast depth.

  10. Gotta say, never thought I’d be praying for that guy’s safety.

  11. Define “work out in the yard in the dark”

    wakey wakey

  12. See top video. I did a bunch of mace moves with my sledgehammer.

  13. when sooo many of our vaunted leaders and political apparatchiks want someone dead – he must be doing something right.
    i’m with leon – i hope the guy stays healthy with great internet service for the foreseeable future

    i’ve seen ppl pissing and moaning about sensitive info getting into the hands of our enemies because of assange’s antics – my ? is: who the fuck do you think originally hacked it….???!?

  14. btw leon – the dude in the blue bikini looks like he could be ann coultergeists tranny twin

  15. Anyone else watch The Walking Dead? Hooboy, rough.

  16. Yes, mare. I didn’t get home until after 10, but one of my coworkers came over to watch it with me (she doesn’t have cable/etc and didn’t want to risk having someone spoil it before she had a chance to see it).

    My children were traumatized. Erin is still upset this morning.

  17. Snowden didn’t hack, he just stole, so that’s where that came from, same with Bradley Manning. The Hillary stuff is the first actual “hacking” that needed to be done.

    Y’know, if you consider the digital equivalent of walking into an unlocked house and taking pictures to be “hacking”.

  18. That happened around issue #100 or 101 in the original comic Mare.


  19. Ah I see. I skipped right to comments for some reason. I don’t usually do that, but I’m doing things my own way this morning.

  20. I still say how the got captured by Nagin is bullshit. Worst setup ever. Let’s put all our most badd-asses all in a recreational vehicle and just have them drive into a trap.

  21. I also get a tad sick of the constant narratives of the pregnant women getting sick/having dangerous pregnancies/horrible deliveries.

    Seriously … most pregnancies and deliveries are completely w/o any sort of anything. Normal body function. It’s just the constant cheap plotline they always take.

    I mean, seriously, if Maggie was in some sort of trouble with the baby, the outcome is pretty much determined in zombieworld w/ no medical etc anywhere.

  22. If it made sense and involved good decision-making, it wouldn’t be on TWD.

  23. Also, humans can only be safely born in government-approved facilities, peasant.

  24. “A Better Future… Underground!”

  25. It’s wacky world.

  26. Is anyone here doing the Fung fasts?

    I’m THIS close to convincing Pat. I did two 24 hr fasts this week. I’m not exactly sure what protocol I’m going to follow going forward. I am kinda piecemealing it into my schedule.

  27. I’m so happy that today I’m sitting her jamming to Tool. It soothes my soul.

  28. Obama sucks. Hillary doesn’t blow.

    There. I said it.

  29. Regularly, plus his advice for how to mitigate insulin spikes from high-carb foods. I’ll be fasting through W and F this week.

  30. Fasting is for commies.

  31. Haven’t watched TWD since season 2, and it started to suck from season 1.

  32. I think Hillary’s “hack” involved typing in the password. Which was probably password.

    Sharp bunch of IT folks there. It isn’t THAT hard to lock down a server. It’s making it accessible that’s the tricky part. And that usually doesn’t involve putting it out in the open, and opening up all the ports.

  33. Fasting Wednesday UNTIL friday? Like last meal when and next meal when?

    I don’t really feel as if I need to do anything that radical. I need to find something that fits into my lifestyle forever. And it needs to be a tad flexible, because of my crazy days.

  34. I’m fasting until lunch.

    *keeps up the struggle

  35. Going to workout today, thumb doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode every time I get near to something.

  36. I can’t believe the entire 2016 race came down to vagina.

    I thought for sure it would be something substantive like how to transport a dog for a family trip or how to store and read resumes for job openings.

    Democrats really know how to take the high road.

  37. You should see the shit my mom posts. Honestly. Drives me nuts. THe stupidest shit ever. It really brings home to me why we’re in the situation we are.

  38. Sitting in the lobby of Grand Hotel. It is a grand fall day. 🙂

  39. In the past 24 hours even. I can’t even.

  40. I call it “The Walking Dumb” for a reason.

    Mornin’ folks. I guess since the Cubbies are Series bound, that must mean SMOD is incoming, right?


  41. I mean seriously, she’s looking at her phone and has a drink in the other. Because people all the time can be seen in that exact same stance.

  42. People rag on the TWD, but I find it interesting from the stance of what would people become if society completely broke down. STupid decisions aside, I fear there would be roving gangs of really bad people- as depicted. How do you be “good” in such a society. Is there such a thing.

    From that perspective, I enjoy the show.

  43. Heh, you’ve got some good stuff on the timeline, Car in!

  44. J’ames, I get pissed and i can’t help myself but to share some fucking knowledge, but I do try to put things all in one or two posts and I try to NEVER merely “share” something w/o adding my .02. My mom shares about 10 stupid things EVERY time she’s on facedouche, and doesn’t research a single one. THey are nothing but lies and distortions. Every now and then I’ll put one up one my timeline and respond THERE because she doesn’t like me commenting on her absolutely STUPID shit. The Mike Pence story is from her timeline.

  45. Fasting is for commies.

    Whatchu got against Jesus, Clint? Or, like, literally every saint, OT and New?

    I’ll eat my last meal late Tuesday then again at lunchtime Thursday, so about 40 hours, then repeat from Thursday night to Saturday lunchtime.

  46. Oh, I’ve been seeing the Mike Pence one for a while too. Usually links from Kos or ThinkProgress.

  47. There was some post-apocalypse fictional universe where the nuclear annihilation had occurred just as the Cubs were about to win the WS in the bottom of the ninth. Can’t remember what it was, though.

  48. Jesus was a liberal, dontchaknow? I’ve heard it in complete confidence from my atheist liberal friends.

  49. I still don’t think Ted, Marco, or Jeb would fare any better.

    There would be a string of fake news stories against all of them. It’s how it’s done now.

    But what about your gaffes?

  50. Why Leon, why?

    I find that after my fasting, I can’t really eat a lot. I don’t. I probably eat a smaller meal than normal, and then sorta each regular/light afterwards. I can’t BING or anything. I don’t eat tons or anything crazy.

    Fasting just pretty much takes away the snacking desire, and makes me satisfied with less when I do eat, so I really don’t see a reason for me to do crazy long fasts.

  51. J’ames he was black too. Or at least very dark brown.

    This is very important. The color of Jesus’s skin.

  52. The new company I work for is starting the diversity thing. The HR people are obvious SJWs.

    It’ll be about 2 years before I’m holding hands with a guy and looking into his eyes while listening to Michael Jackson sing about the man in the mirror.

    They’re fucking everywhere.

  53. ***SPOILER ALERT***

    I have to admit when Maggie stood up and said, “you guys have to leave to get ready to fight them.” I was pretty fired up.

    Good questions. Do you ever give up? Live free or die trying.

    To what lengths do you go to save the group? Love it.

  54. /does finger eye pointing thing at Mare

  55. It’s just a matter of time before MJ needs to denounce us.

  56. The election is neck and neck. Don’t let the MSM fool you or depress you which is exactly their tactic.

  57. We should send MJ a pair of footed pj’s so he can make the transition easier.

  58. MJ, that was funny.

  59. Yeah, 2012 was neck in neck, too.

  60. The HR people are obvious SJWs.

    HR always is, it’s their shoehorn into an otherwise-functional company.

    Why Leon, why?

    3 reasons:
    1) To try and drop the last 15#
    b) Matthew 17:14-21
    iii) To build mental toughness.

  61. Jay, you don’t actually equate Trump with that milquetoast, Romney. There was zero excitement for Romney. Zero.

  62. From a stats perspective I think its fascinating that the daily tracking polls have the race really close but the snapshot polls have it really wide.

    The variation in polling 2 weeks out is amazing. +12, -2, +7, -1.

    That shouldn’t be happening. Someone is very, very wrong.

  63. Philippine war on drugs –
    this is an actual war zone. holy moly this is crazy:
    i wonder what’s gonna happen when they start shooting tourists caught doing naughty things.

  64. That shouldn’t be happening. Someone is very, very wrong.

    They just haven’t coordinated their lies completely yet.

  65. 3 reasons:
    1) To try and drop the last 15#
    b) Matthew 17:14-21
    iii) To build mental toughness.

    I want to drop 10 – 15 but I’m not fasting for 30+ for that. 24/25 is my limit. Honestly, I’ve just started doing this so we’ll see how it goes.

    And 24 is tough enough for me. lol.

  66. When you look at some of the decisions made, they HAD to be made because he has a son and a baby. You don’t just go and do whatever when you have kids. And Lots of people are dependent on Rick. He can’t account for their behavior (smart or dumb) JUST LIKE REAL LIFE.

    Those of you who would solve problems with nuclear reactors, ungettable weapons, etc, etc, etc, it’s just kind of silly. The point is to do the best they can with what they have and whom they have to work with. They stayed in Alexandria because they needed a rest. Remember they had been roaming for months. Every action has a “dues owed” kind of deal. JUST LIKE REAL LIFE.

  67. Motivation level today – 0

  68. I need a list or something.

  69. Here’s an example of my mom’s posts.

    She links this:

    ANd here is the “discussion” :

    Kathleen This article is excellently explained.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 11 hrs

    Lorraine No, with the total disaster of a Trump presidency hanging over the country, her emails don’t bother me a bit.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 8 hrs

    Jennifer Excellent article. Unfortunate that people can’t accept it as a viable explanation. It will always be Hillary is hiding something despite a year of FBI investigation.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs

    David When the former Secretary of State doesn’t understand security classifications and protocols , that bothers me.
    Like · Reply · 40 mins · Edited

    Lynne (my mom) What Jennifer said!
    Like · Reply · 34 mins

    David does not mean true or acceptable.
    Like · Reply · 32 mins

    Jennifer My point has been proven
    Like · Reply · 1 · 30 mins

    David What point?
    Like · Reply · 23 mins

    Lynne The point is that it’s unfortunate that people can’t/won’t accept a very plausible explanation.


    Proof summed up: Hillary explained it was all just a big mistake/No big deal.

    What’s wrong with you Nazis who won’t accept it?

  70. Meh. We all know government is corrupt.

    We used to say, ‘the leaders are corrupt, but I’m sure there are civil servants that are good people that just want to do their jobs.’

    That no longer applies. It’s all bad.

  71. Pumpkin carving will begin this evening.

    Should I go NSFW or something normal?

  72. Trumpkin

  73. I came up with a loverly suggestion for a pumkin spice drink in last night’s thread.

  74. The strongest branch of Government is the media.

  75. Roast and eat the seeds, good for T levels. Also her fertility if you care. We’re convinced that’s what finally made the difference for us.

  76. Haha. Dudes working on access control on my project just rolled the ladder trucks to the site.



    *jumps off building*

    I went to work anyway.

  77. I’ve been on that diet for 20 years.

    Monday – Friday I don’t eat breakfast and I rarely eat lunch. Other than that, I eat whatever I want and as much as I want.

    My weight hasn’t changed.

  78. The best part of this election will be the sanctimonious lectures from the establishment republicans.

    I’ve heard rumors that the GOP is going to push for super delegates during primaries.

  79. Twitter had some blerg of Jonah Goldberg saying that the media will hold Hillary accountable once she’s elected to make up for their biased treatment of Trump.

    Now, before I declare him the stupidest motherfucker, someone tell me if his words were taking out of context.

  80. Jonah used up all his good thoughts.

  81. Dumb mother fucker.

    The entire media things Obama has been scandal free and that he’s very transparent and honest.

  82. I think a lot of people in DC are ok with Hillary. They know what they’re going to get and they can work with her.

  83. But project ORCA was awesome. Worked perfectly.

  84. I’d successfully blocked that IT nightmare from my memory, up until now.


  85. I wonder if these “chicks” are into anal.

  86. “work with her.”

    Pay her and get what you want.

  87. Lovely, guess I have control over the whole deployment process now, yay.

  88. Shocking – the polls are tightening.

    It’s almost as if the polls have been total BS.

  89. Morning.

    Today I begin cutting out sugar again during the week. I used to be good, but classes in the evening created pressure to have “just one can of Coke” to get through them and the drive home. The next few days will be miserable. Gonna go back to fasting as well, at least Mon, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are tougher, since those are my big workout days, but Thursday might be doable since I don’t have class at night.

  90. They tried to put out a 12 point lead for pickles yesterday.

    Seems legit.

  91. Latest Project Veritas video is up.

  92. That was ABC, they don’t care about credibility.

  93. I occasionally have starch, but no sugar anymore.

  94. No artificial sweeteners either.

    Yes, this is hard.

  95. O’Keefe got video of Creamer taking about how Hillary explicitly wanted Americans United For Change to push a specific campaign message. She wanted them to run a campaign of bringing protesters in Donald Duck costumes to Trump rallies.

  96. It’s all better now. Creamer stepped down. Haven’t you seen that? My goodness, winger, let it go!

  97. Soooo ready for hunting season to be over. Tired of all the distractions, I need to get back to work. Guide just poured 5 gallons of diesel into his gasoline truck. Now he’s trying to siphon it back out. Impressive smoke plume.

    Fixed a pack saddle. Answered 27 questions from hunters. Go away!!!

  98. I might have a seizure if I totally eliminated sugar. Pretty much lived on it for 50 years.

  99. I ate a cookie earlier. Home made.

    Wait, I have to be honest. I had two.

    I’m not into eliminating anything 100%. Of course, I can go days w/o sugar and cookies. But if I want one, I’m gonna have it.

    (not when I’m fasting, of course).

  100. I try to limit my sugar intake to Friday nights and Saturdays. Basically I buy a couple of Mexican Cokes and maybe a slice of cake. from Safeway.

  101. I think it depends on how bad your cravings are. .If you’re constantly craving, you probably do need to go cold turkey for a while to get it under control. I don’t drink soda, or put sugar stuff in my coffee. Yesterday at work they had an ice creak cake – so I has a really thin slice SO good. And I don’t feel like I’m really putting insufferable limits on myself.

    I’d rather do 24 hour fasts a few times a week and have a cookie now and then.

  102. Video = dumb

  103. I gave up pop too. It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Still have one once in a while, but nothing regular.

  104. The ABC poll that shows Hillary up by 12?

    Sample was 36% Democrat, 27% Republican, and 31% Independent.

  105. I gave up pop too. about 27 years ago.

  106. Pop is super good. I only drink it a few times a year but I like it.

    Dr Pepper is my fav.

  107. Mmmm, dr pepper.

    I hear they have a diet variety that is quite tasty!

  108. I’m curious as to what Mr RFH’s beer experience turned out like?

  109. If Trump loses I adamantly believe that voter fraud was perpetrated.

    It was proven just a few precincts in Philly and a few other places made a huge difference.

    Remember that f’ing idiot Al Franken who ONLY WON due to those ballots found in a f’ing trunk. His vote was the Obamacare vote.

  110. That ABC poll is shittier than Hillary’s diaper.

  111. It was 38D, 32R, 29I in 2012.

    It’s not that far off but to assume that there will be a more heavily partisan split in 2016 is wishful thinking.

  112. YEah, all those blacks that were bussed in (and paid) for Obama are going to get their asses to the polls for Hillary. Really? Really?

  113. With leaners, gallup puts party ID at +5 D right now.

    Same time for previous erections:

    +8 D in 2012

    +11 D in 2008

    +5 D in 2004

  114. Really? Really?
    No. She’s not black.

  115. Those independents are about as independent as a turd not wiped from Hillary’s ass.

  116. I think I might do a sledgehammer workout as well today. That and go for a quick run later.

    Meanwhile, my Finance homework is staring at me.

  117. I’m going to vote so hard for Trump I may break the machine.

    I’m going to be like our beloved Rosetta on latex porn.

  118. Alex, I read your comment twice because I thought it said, “my fiancé is staring at me.”

    Which would be better.

  119. The would require me to have a fiance, which ain’t gonna happen.

  120. Should I cook spanish rice for dinner, or black beans?

  121. 2 more neighbors just got on the Trump train. There are 11 houses between me and the end of the road, 4 of them have Trump signs up.

    I have never seen anything like this.

  122. That’s amazing. It almost gives me hope.

    Then I look at people that I know, and their constant Hillary! support, after being Bernie-bots.

  123. I like spanish rice. Do you brown the rice first? I always get into trouble with that step.

  124. Occasionally I remember to. Usually I just saute the onion and garlic, throw in the rest of the ingredients, and let it simmer.

  125. Should make your fiancee cook you a steak

  126. I’m a poor college student. My income is less than a third of what it was three months ago. Steak is going to be a luxury for the next year.

  127. Obama took CT by 18% in 2012.

    Poll has Hillary +7 right now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that were inflated.

    If it’s accurate it’s still a big swing.

    Trump wins from what I see.

  128. These are the headlines that loosen my bowels:

    Fear over Soros-linked voting machines.

    Like Obama HIMSELF SAID: Good thing we are in charge of the voting machines.

  129. If there is excitement for Hillary it must be in the same place Bill keeps his boners for Hillary.

  130. I bet all 4 houses get egged on Halloween.

  131. Not if you get your flamethrower built, Scott.

    You could stage a mostly peaceful protest.

  132. Shit. Den Beste passed away. (Possibly some time ago, he’d been out of contact for like a week and a half.)

    No further details.

  133. I didn’t even know he was ill. I think he and I talked in comments once. Darn shame.

  134. Alex, do you have a routine of some sort for hammer workouts?

  135. Your mom has a nice hammer routine.

  136. She mostly just polishes it, though.

  137. Leon, I have a stump that I go hit. I usually do 30 strikes per side,then twenty, then ten. After that, the 360s that the guy mentioned. 30-20 of them per side.

  138. I have stumps, but that could get loud. I need to find a tire.

  139. *sprays mace at a stump*

    *walks around to the other side and sprays it again*

    This is good exercise? Apparently I’m in amazing shape.

    I did a 19-hour fast today. Didn’t intend to but I forgot that after class I had to meet with a group of students, and then had another meeting with my academic advisor. So that stretched my foodless time out a wee bit.

    My stomach suddenly started gurgling SO LOUD during the advising meeting, lol. All I could do was giggle and apologize.

    OK, now I study for exam tomorrow. Be good, kids. Stop hitting your brother.

  140. Lauraw, kick butt on your exam or don’t bother showing up here tomorrow.

  141. Den Beste had a stroke a couple years back. He made a near complete recovery, but it took a lot out of him. I’ve continued keeping up with him after he switched to mundane blogging, but mostly as a lurker. His recent going dark felt a lot like the stroke incident, so various longtime commenters started investigating much like happened here with cranky. It’s a damned shame.

  142. The problem with the interwebz is we don’t always know why friends go quiet.

    And then sometimes when we find out, we don’t feel better about it.

    *looks at page thumbnail on the open tab and bites tongue*

  143. I just hope Cyn’s ok.

  144. Who?

  145. Anybody else casually lean against a MiG-21 while discussing the F-104 today?

  146. That sounds fun, xbrad.

  147. Yeah, the museum’s jet collection is growing very nicely.

  148. I’ve seen an F104, but not a MiG-21

  149. They *finally* got permission from the Navy to repaint the Tomcat and a couple of other jets on permanent loan. So, I couldn’t park in the docent’s lot, because they were moving the big Kitty off her pad. That was a real struggle, because at 34,000 pounds empty, they had to make sure she didn’t sink into the grass. But they managed.

  150. That’s a lot of plane! 17 tons empty burns a lot of gas, I would imagine. A b17 weighs 36k empty!

  151. Welp, time to go workout. Hope my thumb makes it! It’s a little sore today, but not as bad as last week.

  152. Up to 20,000 pounds of JP5 jet fuel.

  153. I hate people. Penelope gets an email:

    Guy: Do you warranty your knives? I’ve got one of your kitchen knives that broke.

    Penelope: We warranty normal use, but since Richard only made a couple of kitchen knives, and none in the last 15 years, please send a picture showing the knife and the damage. We need to make sure it’s one of ours.

    Guy: I’ll send you the tracking #.

  154. Mass is finally getting rid of their toll booth workers!

    It’s been pissing me off for 20 years, seeing people sitting in booths handing out tickets all day. State employees that will be getting pensions for handing out tickets.

    GAH! Monkees can be trained to that.

  155. “GAH! Monkees can be trained to that.”

    Harambe don’t work for The Man…..

  156. Gorilla Glue is now Harambe’s Finest in my house.

  157. Sitting in library cocktail lounge at Grand Hotel. Coat and tie required. Dinner in about an hour and a half.

  158. Ask them if they sell fish sticks.

  159. And mac n cheese!

  160. Lets hope the food and company are worth playing dress up for supper.

  161. I shaved model #3’s balls for this?

  162. Automation costs Money, Scott. The tolls will go up 3-5%. No more nice round numbers either, $4.37. Machines do math.

  163. I just wonder how long it will take the toll machines to become sentient, realize that we humans are the cause of traffic congestion, and wipe us all out.

  164. Prior to this year, I think I have probably watched every MNF game since the late 80’s.

    I have not watched one this year.

    Fuck ESPN, I won’t even steal it.

  165. Evening.

  166. Howdy

  167. Boy Howdy!

  168. Oso, have you been in touch with Cyn?

  169. RIP, Steven DenBeste.

  170. No response to my last two texts.

  171. Sean, any gmail activity?

  172. Whoever is closest needs to look under her door.

  173. I haven’t seen anything from her since May. I send her a text periodically, but she never responds.

  174. I sent her an email last month, but no reply.

  175. Maybe actually calling?

  176. Called her just now. Went to voicemail. I left her a message and told her we were starting to get a little worried. We’ll see if she responds.

  177. Well, the phone is still in order, that’s good, for one aspect.

  178. If she decided she just doesn’t want to hang out here, at least the phone still works. I feel a little better.

  179. Good point.

  180. I’m okay, btw.


    I just left her a voicemail too.

    Not that she owes us an explanation, but a simple “goodbye” would have been nice.

  181. Oh, yeah…hey everybody, it’s wiser! Thank God you’re okay! We were totally worried about you. For realsies.


  182. I’m really worried about Cyn. I’m ashamed that I don’t know enough about her to check on her.
    It took some real sleuthing from his fans to find out what happened to Steven Den Beste.
    What has happened to Cyn.
    I can’t think but that she would have said; “Goodbye”…

    Anita tells me that some of you have wished me happy B’day on facechimp. Thank you.
    I’ve not logged onto facebutt for three years…

  183. Shawn gets it.

  184. Happy Birthday ChrisP!

  185. Cyn is our sleuth with the RL names and #s

  186. Oso family theater: Dan: You need to have your clothes washed and packed by Saturday. No more doing laundry and packing the night before we leave. We fly to Oahu tomorrow. Who is doing laundry right now? Like a boss!

  187. You should listen to Dan. He has your best interests at heart.

  188. And he’s totally not planning on pushing you off a cliff.

  189. He’s such a girl!!! Telling me how many shirts I’ll need. He just checked my phone to make sure I set my alarm for AM not PM. We always make fun of photo on cliff stories where the surviving spouse was setting up a photo and didn’t realize how close to the edge, ocean, balcony, or wild animal their beloved was. We pretty much set up every pic with just a few more steps back…

  190. Rant: MLB isn’t letting Uecker replace Joe freaking Buck. 2! The Indians selected Kenny Lofton and Carlos Baerga to throw 1st pitch in G1 and G2. Still think it should’ve been Charlie “Wild Thing” Sheen

  191. Uecker is dead.

  192. Uh-huh. Because Tigerblood McAIDS is really the image the team wants to have associated with them.

  193. Blood lust, Greek god, gold discovery
    Gone bust, tight wad, slow recovery
    Axe job, flame thrower, iron bar and gun
    Betting shop, new owner, a derp in the sun

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