It’s Come Down To This


L, C, R: Women, Trump, Hillary






Yeah, that about sums it up. The conservative political menu always seems to include shit sandwiches as a solo offering. Heads, they win; tails, we lose. I’ve tried to remain upbeat but the relentless scheming by supposedly neutral news organizations has really convinced me it’s a lost cause. I’m on Team NotHillary for many of the reasons you all know well. Sorry to be a Gloomy Gus but good news seems hard to find these days.

Here, have a puppy to take your mind (possibly nsfw link ahead) off things!







  1. Up at 530 to get on a train to a 7 hour sales pitch for free software. Hoping you’ll pay for servicing the free software. And management is always surprised when I say the documentation sucks.

  2. Trying not to be a Gloomy Gus here, either. Mr. RFH has given up Facedouche until after the election, and his BIL isn’t speaking to us.

    I’m wishing I’d learned how to garden better, but it’s not too late.

  3. That kid on the slide made me LOL.

  4. Do you have any room for one, Roamy?

  5. Cattle dog pups!

    How long are you in NH Mare?

  6. If you are in Northern NH you must go to Peach’s for breakfast.

    If you are in Southern NH you must let me buy you lunch.

  7. Puppies will make it all better. We’d better just all get a lot more puppies to squish when the shit hits the fan.

    wakey wakey

  8. It’s time for a Moose report.

  9. Last year I cracked a tooth from my old habit of teeth clenching during times of stress (patient complication that was significant). I got it handled after deciding 2 months of pain was not a good thing. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, the setting and the actors: my mouth, a partially popped popcorn kernel, formerly broken tooth. You can guess the rest. After 3 weeks of gradually increasing pain I contacted my dentist and they’re squeezing me in today. I’ve been taking too much Tylenol and NSAID’s for pain relief and losing too much sleep to let it go on longer.

  10. OMG, scott, he’s just awesome. I can only guess that he’s in the 120-130 lb range. He’s freakin huge, but just as sweet as ever. He’s doing pretty well with training, but I really need some folks to volunteer to come over and play the part of “proper guest greeting.”

    He loves people SO much he just wants to love (and jump) ’em. Him jumping on you can knock you down. Pat thought it was cute. @@

    He absolutely loves people though. Still doesn’t like getting in the car.

  11. I told my husband we need two more Newfies so we all have something to hug during the Hillary presidency (my bil is here too).

  12. Elliot needs people training too. He’s way too wound up and violent with people showing up at the door.

  13. Heh, people who were banned at AOS trying to cover up why they were banned. Love the sidebar update.

  14. Is MJ still banned?

  15. Scott, I’m up north in Jackson.

  16. I banned myself years ago.

  17. It must be beautiful up there right now. If you want a wonderful breakfast, try Peach’s. It’s fast and you’ll think your Mom made it.

  18. JImbro forgot to mention that I’ll be pushing down this post in a few hours.

    Silly Jimbro.

  19. There’s a valley near us that is gorgeous in the fall. There is a railroad tour through here:

    If you watched the movie Twister, the tornado scenes with the pickup were filmed here. Helen Hunt is even more attractive in person.

  20. Banned status:

    Still banned.

  21. I would offer to take you, but 9 hours in the car for breakfast would be a little weird.

    Years ago I did a solo motorcycle vacation.

    Day 1 – Lake Placid NY for a burger
    Day 2 – North Conway NH for breakfast at Peach’s
    Bar Harbor Maine for lobster dinner

  22. I have a 5 hour rule.

    Unless there are more than 3 people to meet.

  23. Unless there are more than 3 people to meet.

    Do dogs count?

  24. Yes.

  25. Heh

  26. Lobster rolls tonight!

  27. Be very careful driving.

    Moose can be especially stupid this time of year.

    (no offense Moose)

  28. Comment by scott on October 13, 2016 8:52 am

    It’s fast and you’ll think your Mom made it.


    They serve PopTarts?

  29. None taken.

    Is that cheese?

  30. Those new P. Veritas videos should be in a nonstop loop on national tv. Right?

    Didn’t think so.

  31. Did you stay in that giant white place, Mare?

    How was it?

  32. Not banned yet. But I haven’t really been trying.

  33. You should self-ban Brother C.

  34. Didn’t stay there, however, did have brunch on the veranda! Too pricy to stay there. With friends and getting to see daughter tonight. Woohoo!!!!

  35. Lunch.

  36. I’ve grown accustomed to having my posts pushed down MJ. No offense taken you rat bastard that bastards rats whatever that means.

    Besides, I’m sitting in the dentist chair with my mouth numbed ready for an extraction of my most rear molar. It’s too far gone to save. Major crack.

  37. The view from the Mount Washington hotel especially with the leaves changing is spectacular!

  38. You do great posts, Jimbro.

  39. Don’t tell Pat you’re at Mount Washington. I’ll never hear the end of it.

  40. You’ve run with the ball since Cyn has taken a break.

  41. On the one hand, still folks there I like and respect.

    On the other hand, nobody gives a rat about anything I post anyway.

    Of course that’s true here as well, so I rate it a wash.

  42. We had a tour of the spa and it was very swanky.

  43. Does Pat like Mount Washington hotel?

  44. We all know the fraud is there. We know the democrats do it. We know the media is complicit. Email in wikileaks offering 10K to women making accusations about Trump. Meh.

  45. It’s all fake.

  46. We retaliated?

  47. She’ll probably die in office though. Bill will for sure.

    We have that to look forward to.

  48. Hillary has a great team. They’re just running out the clock with fake stuff until election day.

    No wonder she made a few hundred million while making a few hundred thousand in salary.

  49. 3 missiles fired back, Scott. After 2nd or 3rd launch at our ship. “Rebels” in Yemen acted “Alone” and were not acting at behest of Iran.


  51. I have to cut back on my reading the HQ. Commenters over there are starting to piss me off too much. I try to stick with non-political topics.

  52. Scott, we have so many native casinos now, we stop at their restrooms. State run reststops are always filthy or closed.

  53. Ohio rest stops are amazing.

    I think Trump must have built them.

  54. Scott, Texas rest stops are beautiful! So are lots in Florida.

  55. Heh, closing rest stops? People probably drop a deuce on the floor then.

  56. We have some nice rest stops but they’re not really on the east side of the state. Going North – there are some nice ones. Also, on the way to chicago- etc.

  57. Has the U.S. government lost its fucking mind?

    They let a Jordanian come here on a temporary visa to attend flight school?

    What? They don’t have any fucking flight schools in their shithole country? Or anywhere in the shithole Middle East?

    And he came here in 2012, and was issued a single engine license in 2015? Three fucking years to learn to fly?

    And if he got a license in 2015, why is the fucker still here?

    Well, he’s not because he managed to crash land right next to critical U.S. infrastructure. Is that why we teach them to fly?

    And what was he doing aloft with an instructor?

    It’s all bullshit. Fucking bullshit.

  58. Hahaha, that guy said he’d rather go in a bush! Hahhhaaa

  59. After donating to RNC in the old days, and a few candidates campaigns years ago, I am on lists to get all sorts of bullshit from all these RINOs now. Every single email gets tagged junk, and now they’re pretty much all going to my junk mail folder.

    Burn it down.

  60. Same here Hotspur.

  61. He was licensed to fly a single engine plane.
    He crashed a double engine plane.

  62. Where is this story? About the “pilot”?

  63. That answers one of my questions.

  64. Hey smoker fans, have you seen this? I think I like it:

  65. I was on the other side of the river that day and saw the plume of smoke rise up.

    To me, it looked to be coming up out of a residential neighborhood and very close to me. I didn’t hear any sirens, and I had time and a fire extinguisher so I drove towards the smoke.

    It looked to be about a block away, but I kept driving and driving.
    The plume was huge.

    I gave up when I hit Pratt & Whitney.

  66. Hotspur’s right, it’s bullshit. Learn to fly in your own shithole dump (one of Hotspur’s phrases I love) country.

  67. They can’t learn to fly over there, planes keep getting shot down.

  68. Holy smokes(heh),Scott . Glad you didn’t waste your urine pissing on the guy to put the fire out.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  69. You never see the start of a plume of smoke.

    Smoke mushroom cloud.

  70. In other news, I defeated level 140 of candy crush, finally!

  71. Jay should learn how to speak English. I can’t understand anything in his last comment!

  72. My candy crush reset on my iphone. I restarted from 0 and made some great progress second time through. Up to 80-something now.

  73. Laura got to play high school nurse today.

    Nurses office sees 100 kids a day.

    That blows my mind.

  74. Jimbro I busted Lol’d again over that kid on the slide.

  75. Busted??? Just, I meant just.


  77. Dude’s gonna get his ass beat for that…

  78. heh, just teaching them to not trust their surroundings.

  79. Slide kid sums up my feelings about this election quite nicely.

    The little hand to the head at the bottom is what makes me busted every time!

  80. Hahahaha

    I watched that gif of Scott’s about five times. Every time the kid gets bopped in the head I crack up.

  81. Comment by osoloco11 on October 13, 2016 10:57 am

    State run reststops are always filthy or closed.
    And dangerous. A few years ago an SAS guy was attending a special forces function in NM. Stopped at a rest stop by Santa Fe, and was mugged and killed. An SAS guy!!

  82. School is on it’s 2nd lockdown of the day.

    This time for a clown sighting.

  83. Are you being serious,Scott?

  84. My favorite rest stop is the one just over the border into New Hampshire.

    New Hampshire State Liquor Store & Safety Rest Stop.

    I giggle every time……and then buy booze….for safety.

  85. Laura’s exact words “a car with 4 clowns in it drove by, menacingly.”

    I don’t know what the first lockdown was about, but there are 2500 kids there and it’s a pretty crappy town.

  86. OK, they are a bit on edge.

    Police have arrested a 12-year-old boy in connection with making a threat involving clowns against the New Britain Public Schools.

    According to the New Britain Herald, the unidentified boy along with other middle school students made a threat on social media. Police said the threat indicated harm against three schools in New Britain.

  87. That was from a couple of days ago.

  88. 100 kids a day at school? I don’t think I even went to the nurse’s office once in HS. Never in Middle School.

  89. My candy crush reset on my iphone. I restarted from 0 and made some great progress second time through. Up to 80-something now.</em

    And people said you'd never make anything of your life …

  90. Place where I buy my lunch occasionally sell a beverage named GUS, which is short for grown up soda. It’s not full of sugar, and has natural ingredients.

    I’m getting addicted to the extra dry ginger ale.

  91. Me playing Candy Crush makes Paula roll her eyes. My rule: never spend money on it. That’s why it takes so long to get through levels. I was playing in the OR lounge one day and a tech told me one of the secretaries had spent hundreds of dollars on that game.

    Scratch ticket equivalent

  92. *steps away from Jimbro*

  93. I went back and read the comment from Carin’s coworker again.

    Its the best amalgamation of cliche I’ve seen in a long time.

    I bet she feels like she really found her voice.

    *single tear

  94. 100 kids a day is a lot of condoms and plan b to hand out. Lord knows that they can’t give the kids and aspirin.

  95. Iran is sending “warships” to the coast of Yemen. Looks like the party is finally going to get started.

    Nothing to see here, move along now you deplorable rednecks…

  96. Someone should grab her in the pussy.

  97. The coworker. Not Carin.

  98. School nurse is a job involving a lot of bullshit. Imagine combining hospital/healthcare regulations with public education regulations and then dealing with clueless, entitled parents on federal and state aid. For the right person it’s a job that needs to be done and can help a few kids out but I have to imagine there’s a lot of burnout in the ranks.

  99. They give the kids motrin or tylenol, with parental permission.

    School nurses do a lot of eye rolling. It’s actually kind of funny.

    OK, I gotta go again. BBL.

    *puts on clown mask and goes for a drive*

  100. I can only imagine what any nun in my school would have responded with if I’d gone to her and said, “Sister, I have a headache.”


  101. My kids are talking about creepy clowns. There was a “sighting” somewhere around here which spread like wildfire among the middle school/high school grape vine.

  102. Creepy clown panics.

    Man, this country’s going to get worse fast when the last adults have absented the premises entirely.

  103. Parents ask me for permission slips for giving meds in school. I always tell them that if they’re still requiring narcotics they shouldn’t be in school. Motrin is a every 6 hour drug so if they give a dose right before school they won’t need it till school lets out. Because I hate filling out forms.

  104. I think an army of 10,000 clowns could take over the nation.

  105. From the looks of things, I’d wager it already did.

  106. From the looks of things, I’d wager it already did.

    *fist bump*

  107. Navy seals should dress like clowns.

    Imagine how terrifying that would be.

  108. Are we still ignoring Brother Cavil, so he feels like he’s at the HQ on the H2?

  109. If creepy clowns killed Osama Bin Laden, there would be no ISIS.

  110. oso, who?

  111. At least that bozo that puts carrots in his chili isn’t here.

    …he’s standing right behind me, isn’t he.

  112. We should all freak out over creepy clowns instead of worrying about ROPers shooting up malls and BLMers rioting and looting. Trump is the creepy clown candidate.

  113. Carrots in chile?

  114. I meant chili. Not chile. Sheesh

  115. Chilean carrots in chili?

  116. Only creepy clowns put carrots in chili.

  117. If a Muslim gets killed by a clown they don’t get virgins.
    It’s in the Koran.

  118. Not even virgin goats.

  119. Are there virgin goats with ROPers around?

  120. Yea, me!
    We’re going to get the remnants of a few Pacific typhoons with hurricane force winds, 35 foot waves, power lines, limbs, and trees down along with prolonged power outages!

    Went to check on the generator and found that the rubber bushing that holds the fuel shut-off valve has dried and cracked. It leaks like crazy and drips gas all over the generator.
    It says “Generac”, so I went to their web-site and could not find it.

    Called them, sat on hold for 35 minutes, and heard;
    “Oh, that’s really old. Back then they were made by Briggs & Stratton. Call them”.

    Went to B&S web-site and could not find it.
    Called them and, after waiting on hold for 50 minutes, heard;
    “Oh, that’s really old. We have no parts for that. I’ll send you a list of antique dealers”.

    I went out and took the thing apart, only to see that it was really fucked and I can’t fix it.

    Anita Binged around and found three dealers that have the part.
    The part is $1.29.
    Shipping(non-refundable) is $13.00!!!

  121. So, Bob Dylan wins a Nobel Prize.

    Has Obama had to mail his back yet?

  122. ChrisP, just get a gallon of Val U Rite and some candles, and ride it out.

  123. Yeah, the wind has everyone freaked out.

    My wife was bending my ear about it last night. She was on her way to get flashlights since she has the boys until Monday (They’re with me for a few hours Saturday Night while she goes to some ladies function at church), so I have going home to an empty house that might not have power either.

    Everything is awesome.

  124. some serious contenders in here:

  125. Do you get generator fuel before the storm?

  126. some serious contenders in here:

    I noticed one of them claims to be from Breckenridge, TX. I used to live there about 25 years ago but I don’t recognize the name.

  127. Pauly Potato is running; so is Soul Bunny, Darth Vader, and Hydrox Cookie –

    decisions… decisions

    i’m undecided right now… but, imma talk to Buddy the Elf about the Riff Raff in the line up

  128. *grabs jam and brother cavil by the pussy

  129. Mickey Mouse is, of course, in the running, evergreen as usual.

  130. There’s an iphone app to track me during my run on saturday. Could be fun.

    “She’s not moving. Why isn’t she moving? Seriously, she’s at a 17 min mile pace ….”

  131. “I think she’s going so slow she’s going backwards …”

  132. “Wow – she really just sped up … she’s doing about 25 miles an hour … Oh, nevermind. She was going too slow and the clean-up crew has forced her on the bus”.

  133. Qatar gave The Clinton foundation a million dollars for Bill’s birthday.


    shesh. What is wrong with you people?

  135. /Crossfit rant

    Ok, so gym has that other lady who does her boot camp bullshit, and ever since she started, our workouts have become less “crossfit” and more bootcamp. Meaning – less weights.

    I’m getting kinda pissy. They’ll have MOSt Of the workouts be “crossfitish” – as in hero workouts , which are mostly heavy conditioning. Running, Burpees, etc. No weights. Today’s workout totally sucks and many days I’m just skipping because my time has been very precious lately and I’d rather workout at home than driver there/drive back, etc.

    Here is today’s workout:

    For time:
    50 box jumps, 24-inch box
    25 handstand push-ups
    40 box jumps, 24-inch box
    20 handstand push-ups
    30 box jumps, 24-inch box
    15 handstand push-ups
    20 box jumps, 24-inch box
    10 handstand push-ups
    10 box jumps, 24-inch box
    5 handstand push-ups

    Puck that shit. I’m not doing it.

    Then the second half is this:

    3 rounds:
    30 second Tricep push-up/plank
    10 burpees
    3 rounds
    10 push up suicide
    15 Double Unders

    Seriously, I can condition just fine at home. I can run or whatever. I don’t need a crossfit gym for ^ That stuff. Every once and a while? Fine. But it’s been this all week. And the week before and the week before.


  136. Where are the weights? NO WHERE.

  137. Not only that! Apparently he likes pussy too! But not like Bill likes pussy. Trump just makes a pass at pussy, Bill rapes Pussy. Sooo Trump is a little weak in the pussy motivation arena, but hey, we still have a couple of weeks left for the rape allegations to prove that Trump is a man like Bill

  138. The weights are all with the real lifters.


  139. The only other gym with weights in town (real weights, not machines ) is an “anytime fitness” where a bunch of knuckleheads go. Plus it’s tiny.

  140. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week. I was supposed to go last Thursday, but I had a fever which I didn’t realize until it broke and I felt like warmed over shit. Tuesday I still felt like crap, so today is the first day back.

    30 minutes on the treadmill
    Squats 5×3 @ 250
    Overhead Press 4×5 @ 135
    Deadlift 2×3 @ 300.

  141. That sucks. One of these days I’m going to be able to afford a power rack and weights and a place at home for them.

  142. Careful opening cans this Thanksgiving!

    Safety first!

  143. Oh, and the girls’ soccer team was working out today while I was in the gym. I was surrounded by 18-22 year old girls doing squats. Lots of leg…

  144. Wouldn’t survive that workout, Car in.

  145. New post.

  146. It just sucks J’ames. It’s just a horrible, horrible cardio workout. The handstand pushups would probably fubar my shoulder. And I’m not doing that many box jumps before a half marathon. nopity nope nope.

    But honestly, it’s just a stupid, long, horrible workout.

  147. We should hire a creepy clown to run behind Car in.

  148. Scott is an idea man.

  149. squeak squeak squeak squeak

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