Tire Wire

Well, I was hoping to find a sculpter for this week and look what came rolling out of the intertube.


Introducing Yong Ho Ji

b. yes, Korea



He makes these larger-than-life animals out of cut tires.











Get your rotation and pressure checked often.

On and on.


  1. Good morning. Love the lion. I should find my pic of the big metal chicken that’s on highway 231.

  2. Interesante.

  3. Have a good day, amigos

  4. Neato.

  5. Harambe!

  6. That’s a big, Wow!

  7. Nifty.

  8. Went to the gym this morning.

    3 TVs.

    CNN. CBS. ABC.

    CNN–20 Mins of GOP civil war 25 mins Trump Tape.

    ABC–15 Mins GOP civil war 30 Mins Trump Tape.

    CBS–10 Mins COP civil war 15 mins Trump Tape, 15 mins Trump Tapes trigger sexual assault victims to relive their pain, 5 mins locker rooms are akin to libraries according to locker room professionals.

  9. wakey wakey

  10. They’re loving their GOP Civil War stories right now

  11. Woke up. Went through my Twitter spew. Now I’m looking for that handle of Makers Mark I stashed somewhere in the garage.

  12. I gotta hand it to Ryan. Dude looks innocent but he’s crafty as hell.

    Trump gave himself a chance on Sunday but Ryan made sure there wasn’t a comeback.

    Well played, Eddie Munster. Well played.

  13. And Ace is totally right on this point: The DNC will practice destructive politics as long as it works.

    Hope was great 8 years ago, but the last two cycles have been about personal and professional destruction and it’s worked superbly.

  14. Ryan helped make this.

  15. Remember when we nominated a respectable candidate ? Romeny – who carried himself with dignity.

    That turned out so well.

    Certainly the left is completely w/o bias in their character assassinations.

  16. Heh – this is funny:

    “I think that these were obviously personal and private moments that unfortunately were made public for partisan, political purposes — a part of the ongoing politics of personal destruction that was so much a part of our country’s life and certainly our time in the White House,” Clinton said. “I had to address what was public in my memoir, and I tried to do so in a way that might provide some insight and information to the reader.”

  17. That moment when you agree with Justice Ginsburg:

    “I think it’s dumb and disrespectful. … I think it’s a terrible thing to do,” Ginsburg said of the protests, “but I wouldn’t lock a person up for doing it. I would point out how ridiculous it seems to me to do such an act.”

    When pressed about protesters’ rights to do so, Ginsburg said, “If they want to be stupid, there’s no law that should be preventative. If they want to be arrogant, there’s no law that prevents them from that. What I would do is strongly take issue with the point of view they are expressing when they do that.”

    Broken clocks, twice a day, lather, rinse, repeat.


  18. HRC sure likes “the politics of personal destruction” when it works in her favor, doesn’t she?

    It would be amazing to see how this all settled out if we had a true non-partisan press.

  19. She’d lose. But it’s really the best outcome.

    Can you imagine president Trump?

    Corruption is better at this point. I couldn’t stomach someone that was attracted to women and crude about it in the oval office.

  20. So what kind of work outs should we talk about now?

  21. orruption is better at this point. I couldn’t stomach someone that was attracted to women and crude about it in the oval office.

    MJ’s right. I mean, I bet Trump would do something completely beyond the pale. You know, like get some intern to blow him in the oval office.
    No, it’s best that we elect dear leader and enjoy our chains.

  22. MJ, I’m in a (not really) panic right now. I have the half marathon this sunday and my training hasn’t really been that focused on running.

    Oh well, I doubt I’ll die.

    My foot continues to bug me so that’s the problem really.

    And all the shit i’ve got going on is messing with my cult participation. I’m going to go try to lift heaving things in a little bit though.

    It’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

  23. I think it will be great when Clinton wins the election, immediately tries to confiscate our guns, the shit hits the fan, civil war breaks out, and we destroy these liberal/progressive/socialist/marxist motherfuckers. It will be EPIC!

  24. It would be worse than that. He’d blow it in the helpless girl’s face, lie about it to the country, then try to defend it as ‘boys being boys.’ And we both know the media would fall in line behind president Trump to defend him. They’re such shills for the Republicans.

    I prefer to pay a higher tax rates for everything than vote for Trump. I’m sure the government will use my money wisely. Better than I could, anyway.

  25. We had a cult-like workout last night. Pretty hard, for an old fat guy.

    1 Dive Bomber
    2 Superman with pull back
    3 shoulder push ups
    4 V curls (with free weight)
    5 tricep pushups
    6 180 jumps
    7 band chest press
    8 figure 8 band pull down
    9 band chest pull up
    10 tricep pull down
    11 star jacks
    12 chest press with free weights
    13 standing flys with free weights
    14 deltoid flys with free weights
    15 skull crushers with free weights

    start at 1. got to 2, then back to 1. Go to 3, then 2, then 1. etc.

    I made it to 15 before time gave out. Hardest workout yet.

  26. MJ, I’m in a (not really) panic right now. I have the half marathon this sunday and my training hasn’t really been that focused on running.
    Oh well, I doubt I’ll die.
    My foot continues to bug me so that’s the problem really.
    And all the shit i’ve got going on is messing with my cult participation. I’m going to go try to lift heaving things in a little bit though.
    It’s the only thing that keeps me sane.
    Egads. That sounds like a big deal this weekend. Is this the race over the bridge?

    You should try to scale it back a bit. I’m sure things will get cheaper and the economy will be soaring as long as we don’t elect Trump.

  27. Looks like we’re going to be neighbors, Jay. A scant 8 hour drive.

  28. 7 hours to Ann Arbor.

  29. did you pack your winter coat and boots? It will probably be a cold one this year.

  30. It’s 9-10 from here to Lapeer. Where the hell are you moving? Indiana?

  31. Yes, it’s the race over the bridge and back through the tunnel. I guess I won’t pay attention to time this go-around and try to just enjoy myself.

  32. Yeah, looks like Evansville area. We want a calmer life, closer to my family. I think I have a decent shot to work at Berry for awhile and I’m not really effective working remote.

    And the company is paying for it so there’s that.

  33. Jewstin!

    may be NSFW

  34. We’ll have to take beasn and phat to a Cardinals/Cubs game!

  35. Ooooohhh. That sounds like fun. STL isn’t far, but in full disclosure I may bring a molotov cocktail and throw it at the Cards bench.

  36. It’s ok, we’ll keep you in check with beer.

  37. Forgot to mention: I also saw the Khans on CNN again this morning.


  38. Were they going over the treatment of women, MJ?

  39. I’m not sure but the dad was being interviewed and the pictures were of his son so I’m sure it was ‘what is your reaction to Trump saying your son were alive if he were president.’

    Why else would they drag him out?

  40. As long as it’s not close Hillary can stay out of public view.

    If it gets close she’ll have to up her schedule and her chances of kissing the pavement go up considerably.

  41. I see they banned flash photography at her events.

  42. They’ve banned photography in the wh unless its the official wh photog doing it. Press is aok with it.

  43. MJ, I think whatever poll is making you hinky is wrong.

  44. The only people I know who are voting/supporting Hillary are the diehard idiots. The socialists I know aren’t. Just the devoted dems.

  45. I don’t think they mean anything. I’m just being weird this morning because it’s fun to give into emotion.

    I think the media is really trying to drag ol’ Hillary over the line but I’m not convinced it will work. They are really trying hard to depress turnout, which might be effective. Dunno.

    I really do think the system is corrupt and needs to be reformed ASAP.

  46. The only people I know who are voting/supporting Hillary are the diehard idiots. The socialists I know aren’t. Just the devoted dems.
    I’ve heard people state that we’re in a base election. Makes sense to me.

    It’s also instructive to note that the media keeps banging Trump for only talking to his base.

    Well derp, motherfucker. No shit.

  47. My daughter is unmotivated to vote, so we’re offering her $$.

    I’m cool with that

  48. Car in,

    You’re supposed to offer her cigarettes and gift cards. That’s how it traditionally works in Dem strongholds.

  49. Nice.

  50. Urgh, no cell service this morning. I blame Hillary.

  51. I know many Bernie supporters that are all in for Hillary. Many, as in dozens.

  52. She’d probably do it for beer.

  53. I’ll buy the beer. One good stuff, though.

  54. Last week when Bernie came to BGR to Shill for Hill the crowd chanted BERNIE! BERNIE! etc not any of her slogans. They came out to see their hero.

  55. Only.

  56. TSHTF in America, seen from Peking:

    “Comrades! The Western devil is collapsing on itself! Now is the time to seize its resources and finish it off forever!”

    “Chairman Wu, with America gone our economy is collapsing! The peasants in the provinces are revolting and Army units are joining them! Also, the Russians are peeking over the border!”


  57. Do young college coeds still drink wine coolers? It’s probably cider now.

  58. At insty- link to article that Obama is MIA during his Cuban missile crises.

  59. Live bligging from National Air and Space museum near Washington DC.

    SR-71 Blackbird

    F-14 Tomcat

    Space shuttle Discovery

  60. I gotta go there sometime, always wanted to.

  61. They’ve got alcoholic sodas now. So you never have to grow up while still drinking booze.

  62. The world is going to hell and quickly.

    There’s going to be another major war, and I think the US will lose a lot of people in the fighting.

  63. Those sodas are delicious. I started with the Not Your Father’s Root Beer, and moved on to Henry’s Orange.

  64. NYFRB was ok, but not great. I’ve never tried Henry’s Orange.

  65. I liked the root beer as a change. It took me weeks to go through a 6 pack. I saw the onslaught of other alcoholic sodas but just stuck with regular beer.

  66. That SR-71 Blackbird is awesome.

  67. I think the socialists say they’re not voting for Clinton to save face for the way they got dicked by the DNC.

    Secretly they’ll vote for her.

  68. >>I think the socialists say they’re not voting for Clinton to save face for the way they got dicked by the DNC.

    >>Secretly they’ll vote for her.

    Democrats are not bound by any principle apart from power grabbing, mooching on other people’s hard earned money, and imposing their will on others.

  69. BTW, I am still at the museum. If anyone wants a photo of any specific aircraft or other object, let me know

  70. Do they have a Dust Off Huey?

  71. If they have a photo of Cankles on her broom, I’ll take that.

  72. Jay, you mean the chopper that was used in Vietnam? Yes.
    I am headed in to see an iMax movie. Will take a snap right after.

    They also have the Enola Gay. That plane evokes mixed feelings. You have to stand there, 5 feet from it, to experience it.

  73. If they have a medical one, with the red cross, that’s the one! Thanks kind brown person!

  74. >>f they have a photo of Cankles on her broom, I’ll take that.

    This place is huge, but still has size limitations. That fat ass won’t fit through their hangar doors.

  75. Jay, when I walked by it, I don’t remember seeing medic insignia. It did have rescue jig though. Will take a second look.

  76. Just remember, she’ll be carried in on her fainting couch.

  77. Tuscarawas, I’m in DC today. How long are you in town?

  78. Tushar, rather. Stupid phone.

  79. Just got some personal communication from the Rodham-ster, herself!

    I know how to take on a bully, Jay

    Jay —

    I can take whatever Donald Trump wants to throw at me — I know how to deal with a bully. But what I cannot and will not accept is the way this man goes after entire groups of Americans.

    His comments about the way he feels entitled to grope women are deeply disturbing — but he says it’s just “locker room talk.” When pressed on Sunday night, he doubled down on his excuses and refused to admit he’d done anything wrong.

    When a Muslim woman at the town hall asked him how he’d address Islamophobia, he responded by blaming innocent Muslim Americans for some imagined failure to report terrorism.

    And he once again questioned the intelligence of military leaders who employ tried and proven strategies to save civilian lives.

    He’s shown us again and again how deeply unfit he is to be president. I’m absolutely unwilling to take even the smallest chance that he might win — are you?

    We have four weeks left in this campaign, and I intend to fight my heart out during every last moment, just like I did on the debate stage on Sunday night. I need my best supporters like you fighting beside me all the way to the finish line — step up with $3 or more right now and show me you’re with me.

    I can forward the email on to anyone wanting to donate. I’m checking my bank account right now, to see how much I can send.

  80. Democrats have 4 weeks left. They vote 4 weeks from tomorrow.

    Spread the word!

  81. I’m staying Fairfax. Gmail me if you’re around for a while.

  82. J’ames, I’m going to DOUBLE whatever amount you give to Cankles.

  83. Great, now I’m losing prepositions. I will stop trying to type on so little coffee.

  84. It could be worse. Beijing hasn’t been called Peking for how long, and yet…

  85. Nice try, J’ames, but I’m pretty voting is on third tuesday of the Month.

  86. But what I cannot and will not accept is the way this man goes after entire groups of Americans.

    Really?? REALLY?????

    You fucking hypocrite scum.

    Basket of Deplorables ring a bell?

  87. Nice try, J’ames, but I’m pretty voting is on third tuesday of the Month.


    I’m pretty sure that’s hate speech if it’s on facedouche.

  88. Donald is hitting hard!

  89. He needs to blitz that ad.


  90. I’m pretty sure putting in all of her feeble moves is misogynistic and hateful.

  91. Seems fair to me, since they can bug his private conversations from 11 years ago.

  92. Nobody was disgusted at Trump’s remarks. Nobody.

    It’s all feigned outrage to either further attack the man and otherize him, or in case you’re a republican to keep yourself from being attacked right along with him.

    Paul Ryan can go eat a bag of dicks, and get grabbed in the pussy.

    And to think once upon of time, I thought he was worthwhile.

    He’s worse than Boehner.

  93. Lots of people were disgusted. It’s just for their benefit, not the benefit of anyone actually referred to in that conversation.

  94. When the candidates talk about jobs, the economy, borders, or anything else that matters to us, Hillary loses.

    The topic for the last 3 weeks?

    The Khan family, Alicia Machado, and pussies.

  95. Worser

  96. Oh, and Paul Ryan.

  97. This is why Clinton does not talk about issues that matter. She loses when she does.

    She is in full out attack mode because she has nothing else.

    Well, she has the media. They’re in full out attack mode too.

  98. He’s a muslim http://tinyurl.com/jsjuqyx

  99. Let’s talk about pussy.

  100. *Awards Hotspur a Special Award.*

  101. No one tell hotspurt that I’m in Ann Arbor again.

  102. Don’t leave your car idling.

  103. And watch your speed especially on Depot Street. The cops watch it like a hawk.

  104. Hey Oso

  105. Why would I leave my car idling?

    There was a brush fire on the way down. Semi list a wheel. It was something to see.

  106. Hotspur. I’m hoping to need you to bring me some coffee.

  107. Typos will only increase until moral improves.

    My moral. Which is improved with coffee.

  108. I read about the MGTOW movement this morning.
    Men going their own way. Interesting stuff.

    Apparently, feminism has screwed up women so much that men are giving up on having relationships.

  109. It’s a hookup culture, now. Hook up, shack up, don’t marry, no commitments.

    Win win!

  110. Good article, you go read NAO!


  111. Why would I leave my car idling?

    Well, I don’t know. But it is illegal in Ann Arbor now.

    As to coffee, too late in the day. Wine maybe.

  112. Maybe?

  113. Well, you know Carin. She might be hitting the hard stuff these days.

  114. I find it most queer that you fags all live so close yet we dont party.
    Is it close to Banf?

  115. The MGTOW crowd always seemed weird to me. Too bitter and angsty.

  116. Men

  117. Then

  118. They have some valid points.

    In every sitcom the man is a week dufus who has to be told what to do by the smarter wife. In every commercial, movie……….

    Sounds like they created a generation of bitchy bossy women.

  119. I like my women that way.

    It makes it that much lore sasy to go fishing

  120. Moar EASY!!!

  121. I don’t deny there are some valid points. The problem is that they come off as guys who will never attract a partner, and so have decided to pretend that it’s their choice in the matter.

  122. I got that too.

    And who can afford a divorce when you have $200,000 in college loans.

  123. I can see the lure of it.

    But sex on demand beats sex on sort of demand that takes more effort and sometimes leads to really weird situations where girls cry on the first date in your dining room while guzzling gin.

  124. If by “Going Their Own Way” you mean “said to hell with it, I have better things to worry about” then that’s where I’ve been for a while.

  125. There’s a similar trend in Europe.

    Men don’t get married because there’s no benefit. Their mothers still take care of their domestic needs and they are free to pursue women who put out.

    I think the Europeans do most things better except win wars or invent things.

  126. That commercial with Hillary getting tossed into the van is brutal.

    Good contrast of strong enemies and a weak Hillary.

    I’m not sure it’ll be effective but it’s a good ad.

  127. I like the sharks and Harambe. Does the art smell like tires or is it treated? Black Widows love tires. TBC at the Club is constantly finding widders in the tires.

  128. Hillary hates everyday Americans! Shocked face on! Actually addressed in the e-mails

  129. .Japanese men all turned pajama boy too.

    Mankind is doomed.

  130. Trump marketing has been outstanding,

  131. Leon, I am here with family for one kid’s therapy. Me and wife take turns being with him while the other entertains the other kid. Moving out early tomorrow.

  132. AIDS, syphillis, or the clap?

    No thank you.

  133. Tushar, we really liked the Air and Space Annex.

  134. My right knee swells after certain type work days. Walking-pfft. Nothingburger. Working 50 cases of books? Yeah. Dr thinks I can still ice, elevate, and ibuprofin. Blah blah blah lose weight. Gheyest thing ever. Dan and I decided to go to the same primary in the same group and have appts the same day. PA asked if we wanted to just have the same exam room…it was weird, but at least I had someone to talk to between PA and Dr.

  135. Wait till you share a GYN


  136. That’s next week, Jimbro 😘

  137. Stopped by WalMart and bought old fashioned ice pack. Knee swelling totes gone. No ibu

  138. Some of my patients mention this Oso:


    No-Eye-Deer if it works

  139. Thanks. I’m trying to find an ingredient list. Searching.

  140. https://battlebalm.com/pages/ingredients

    Heh, it has frankincense. I had an earth mother come in with her daughter suffering with an arm fracture we needed to fix. ER had given her a narcotic Rx but she didn’t want to use anything that wasn’t natural. She was using frankincense and some other homeopathic bullshit for it. I told her narcotics are natural too and wrote a Rx for the oxys the kid needed.

  141. I am not allergic to any ingredient!!! Dan H8s the smell of menthol. Could be doable

  142. No worries, Tushar, I just would have felt awful if you had time and I didn’t offer.

    I really like menthol. More proof that I’m transblack.

  143. Howdy my fellow everyday Americans that Hill Pickles H8s!!! What are you doing here? Go read the Wiki!!!

  144. DJT should hire one of the look-alikes and have her read the emails. Throw in a few balloon loving seizures.

  145. Useful list.

  146. https://is.gd/7Wvc1d

  147. I fell asleep after the 10th Inning last night. Friends lasted the whole game. MLB is stupid. Games on cable only channels AND How many kids on the East Coast get to stay up to 3 AM on a school night to watch baseball?

  148. The bars close at 1:00 AM.

  149. Playoffs. 20 pitching changes and games go 6+ hours.

    They lost me when they started that crap.

  150. The playoffs lost me when Detroit got schlonged by Cleveland.

    I’ll watch the World Series.

  151. Special delivery, a balm.


  152. “The bars close at 1:00 AM.”

    How do you live?

  153. Madam, does your dog bite?


  154. That’s not my dog

  155. October is my favorite month.

  156. We H8 all the NL teams. Don’t H8 the AL teams still in the chase. DH!!!! WTF MLB? WTF?

  157. Tan bien

  158. 1) Create a pitch clock. If you don’t throw a pitch in 10 seconds you get a ball called.

    2) Batters can’t leave the box more than once. If they do, they get a called strike.

    3) Limit the number of pitchers who can take the mound to 3.


  159. DH. Always been bullshit.

    Make the Prima Donna motherfuckers bat.

    Mickey Lolich hit a home run in the World Series ffs.

  160. * steps out of box *
    * spits *
    * adjusts junk *
    * spits *
    * adjusts junk *
    * fiddles with glove *
    * wiggles head in helmet *
    * adjusts junk *
    * spits *
    * enters box *

    Every pitch!

  161. https://is.gd/DOxl68

  162. Scott, we have the clock in the Minors! It isn’t enforced, but soon! Soon! Always counting! I watch it more than the speed counter.

  163. Pups, that bae is adorbs.

  164. Randomly fill game balls with C4.

  165. Scott may have a point. Remember Jim Sundberg? OMG I wanted to throw my mitt at him.

  166. Let 4 alligators roam the field.

  167. I have a Joe Carter mitt. Perfection

  168. Make 2nd base a bee hive.

  169. Let 4 alligators roam the field.


  170. Before each game, the players pound their fist over their heart and chant, “We, who are about to die, salute you!”

  171. Litter 3rd base with broken glass.

  172. Make them low crawl beneath live wires between first and second base.

  173. Instead of Bat Day, make it Slingshot and Marbles Day.

  174. https://is.gd/7Sz9Kn

  175. Daisy Red Ryder Day.

  176. lolwut Pupster, that’s almost cartoonish misproportions

  177. A ball is out of bounds only once it leaves the stadium. Even if it’s in the hands of a fan.

  178. Trapdoor at the rubber.

  179. Basemen allowed to guard bases with chainsaws

  180. Boswellia / frankincense –

    this chick can be my pharmacist – (pup should ask her about a possible BBF slot)

    i’ve taken it (boswellia) for spine issues (fusions and disc probs) it seems to work in high doses – but narcotics work better for pain

  181. All games must be played with Eagles fans in attendance

  182. BC, we’re talking ways to speed up the game. Not end it.

  183. Who guards the outfield? Lord Humongous!

  184. Phone dying. Watching Cubs/Giants. Ignoring silly anti-baseball humor. I said good day! I said good day! 😜

  185. You know you’d watch Chainsaw Baseball.

  186. Replace the players with real athletes.

  187. http://tinyurl.com/zan9okj

  188. Suzy Cohen, RPh doesn’t inhibit my COX2

  189. this chick can be my pharmacist

    She sure does swing those things around in the video. I’m guessing she dips into the pharmacy stock a bit. Watch her facial expressions with the sound turned down.


  190. You know how, when you’re sitting at the bar, and some muslim looking dude comes in wearing a black hoodie, and sits down without making eye contact with anyone, and you don’t even think about your personal safety?
    Yeah. Me neither.

  191. That and the price are why I drink at home.

  192. Racist.

  193. pup you’re right, that video is much better with the sound off

  194. Chainsaw baseball sounds intriguing

  195. Is it the second inning yet?

    * adjusts balls *

  196. >>>>I read about the MGTOW movement this morning.
    Men going their own way. Interesting stuff.

    Who knew Xbrad was a trend-setter?

  197. Replace pinch runners with doberman pinschers.

  198. Pinsch runners.

  199. with hand grenades.

  200. Nomar Garciaparra was the batter that always irritated me. Adjusted both gloves every time, super fidgety.

  201. Time out to change from batting gloves to base-running gloves…..

  202. The thing that killed it for me is the pitching changes. Change pitcher, 5 minutes to warm up…….gets strikeout, change to another pitcher, 5 minutes to warm up…… aaarrrgh.

  203. well, games went faster this year, they did speed it up.

  204. Chumpo, this is a great art post. I love the textures, the placements, the sense of movement. Deceptively simple, a master of his medium.

  205. …although, while the other animals are rendered faithfully to their actual heft and flesh, those two lions have a very ‘chinese festival dragon’ feeling to them. A bit hollow about the middle, you know. But still very very nicely done.

  206. Used 9 volt battery day.

  207. Got a 90/100 on my finance midterm.

  208. We had a frost this morning. After the sun came out, our spaghetti squash looked like Leon had been through the garden with his “Mostly Peaceful”.
    It’s dead, Jim…

  209. Actually, I did better than the asians.

  210. Please stop the world. I want to get off now.

  211. Thank you, LauraW.


  212. Now this could only happen to a derp like me
    And only happen in a town like this
    So may I say to each of you most gratefully
    As I throw each one of you a kiss

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