Equal Time Clause

Debate rules specify equal time.




  1. I’ll watch the first ten minutes, if I can stand it, and then I’m turning it off and going back to studying.

  2. Blergh. Made the mistake of commenting on a public forum. Hillbots talking to me. Fack

  3. Horses suckered as lawnmowers if you have no fence.

  4. Stupid phone. Horses suck in general, but also at lawnmowing.

  5. yo

  6. Yo, yo

  7. Jonah still doesn’t get it.


    The problem is that we don’t trust the GOP leadership, so we don’t trust that they’ll replace him with a candidate who respects the base. The GOP establishment tried to push a pro-amnesty candidate on us, even after it was apparent that primary voters weren’t going to support him. They’re the reason that we have Trump instead of Cruz right now.

    The Dems know that if their chosen candidate gets replaced, the replacement will still push a leftist agenda. So they don’t care who actually fills the seat. Republican voters don’t have that same assurance. If Trump was replaced, the replacement would likely be a “moderate” Republican who sides with the left whenever possible as long as the Chamber of Commerce continues to get its goodies.

  8. Crap, let me try this again. Here’s the tweet he’s agreeing with.


  9. They don’t understand that the base is mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore. Do you think I WANT to vote for DJT? Will I vote to keep the Cankled Cunt out of the White House? Yes, yes I will.

  10. Europe needs to spare me the mock outrage of child brides. Doesn’t seem to stop the Statutory Rape culture from the illegals from del Sur.

  11. Oso, she’s 15, so she’s a woman now.

    Well, 12, but that’s close enough.

  12. Now, now. They do things differently in their culture. Ours is not to judge.

  13. Greetings, people who are preparing for debate drinking games/liver failure.

  14. Probably will show up on the ONT

  15. Illegals have learned that marrying in the church cuts their benefits. Still demand sanctuary pantywaists baptize their bastards.

  16. 20 yr old illegal females usually have 5 kids by that age. Free school. Free lunch. SNAP. They qualify for First Time Home Buyers. ‘Murica

  17. On an almost completely unrelated topic, here’s a pretty good profile of Alton Brown from the NYT:


  18. Mario’s cookbook came out last week. I already have 3 cases of Alton’s cookbook.

  19. Mario is kind of a smug turd. Hangs around with Gwynneth Paltrow. ‘Nuff ced.

  20. I cooked some fancy stuff tonight (for me anyway)

    Baked chicken, roast butternut squash, roasted brussel sprouts.

    As a kid my mom didn’t roast brussel sprouts which explains why it took until my late 30’s before I tried them prepared in the oven at my friend’s house.

  21. Alton is the man. I wish The Cooking Channel would just put all the Good Eats episodes on Netflix and be done with it.

  22. Alton Brown is great.

  23. Mario wears Crocs. Un-ironically

  24. Moron posted Mississippi Pot Roast. Dan decided to make. 2 hours left in crock pot. Condo smells like heaven.

  25. I made chicken bacon chowder for dinner. Alton Brown’s chocolate chip cookie show is the best – how to make them chewy or crispy depending on white or brown sugar, egg whites, and butter vs. Crisco. I like him and Pioneer Woman for dinner ideas.

    Going to make Jas. Townsend’s hasty fritters tomorrow, maybe.

  26. He also travels to other cities to stage his elaborate cooking and musical variety show. The current one, his second, is called “Eat Your Science.” In it, he performs stunts that involve helium, popcorn and puppets (not in the same act).

    I hear MJ has a similar act, but it’s banned everywhere but Tijuana. And even there the hookers charge him double.

  27. “Unless you have a medical bracelet that says celiac, shut up and eat the food,” he said. “We want to be so special. We not only want to be special for our cooking, we want to be special for our eating. There are times when vegetarians should shut up and eat the pork chop.”

  28. I just saw the strangest thing during the Buffalo Bills highlights.

    Pay attention to the Rams player on the 5 yard line. Had he stayed on his feet he could have pushed the guy out of bounds. WTF??


  29. Mmm…pork chops.

  30. I don’t know how Batali even got anywhere with his cooking show. Looking like such a hairy dirty swine the way that he does.

  31. Lauraw!!!! (((HUGS)))

  32. Maybe a tackle.

  33. *shares my goldfish crackers with Oso on the bench at recess*

  34. Mmm…goldfish crackers.

  35. Beasn and Car in want to double dutch at recess, because show offs.

  36. I don’t know how Batali even got anywhere with his cooking show. Looking like such a hairy dirty swine the way that he does.

    Deal with the devil would be my guess. Although, he’s a ginger, so I’m not sure what he could have given Ol’ Nick.

  37. That’s okay, we’ll watch, and clap for them, and talk trash.

  38. Rats. I thought we’d use the jump rope as a garrote

  39. *looks longingly at the popular girls; eats lunch in the library, ‘cuz nerd*

  40. That whole “deal with the devil” thing is Calvinist nonsense.

    Besides, gingers would just sell the stolen souls.

  41. Hahahahaha. “Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor announced on its Facebook page Friday that for the remainder of the season customers would receive a percentage off their total food bill equal to the final winning point differential in the latest University of Michigan football game.

    On Saturday, Michigan defeated Rutgers 78-0.”

  42. There are carnivores left in Ann Arbor? I thought everyone left there was vegan. Other than the football team itself, anyhow.

  43. I love that the kid chosen to introduce the debate looks like Long Duk Dong.

  44. What kind of library allows food! (Narrows eyes at Aggie TIFW)

  45. TTUN is a commie vegan enclave

  46. Happy Birthday Michael!

  47. Roamy, i watched part of the Mich v Rutgers game – wow

    i’m not sure what you say as a coach after that –
    they sure got the full frontal trumping

  48. Should be sponsored by Jack Daniels.

  49. OK, goodnight, darling hearts. I didn’t get much sleep in the last few days and I’m getting up stupid-early tomorrow to cram for an exam.

    Bite me, love you dearly, etc.

  50. 1. Not going to watch

    2. Family member has to work detail.

    3. Just found out usual democrat voting family member voted for Cheeto in primary. “He doesn’t speak down to people. He talks like they do.”

    4. COCK!

    5. Oso, tell Hillcocks to go f*ck themselves.

  51. I got a bite me from the Hump! Nothing else matters. 🎶🎶🎶

  52. Not watching either. I’ll read Hotspur’s summation tomorrow.

  53. Beasn and Car in want to double dutch at recess, because show offs.

    LOL! I learned how to do that in grade school when they started busing some black kids down from north city, pre-deseg.

    I became good friends with one and we bonded over Barbara Cartland paperbacks.

    Looked her up on facebook. Served in the army. Made something of herself (North St. Louis is a lot like the south side of Chicago)

  54. Someone call me if Hillary shits herself.

  55. Good luck on the exam Laura.

    Earlier today Paula did an online interview with one of our older boy’s basketball friends who is in his first year of nursing school for one of his assignments (“Interview a nurse about her nursing school experience” or some such bullcrap). Even thinking about her nursing school put her over the edge.

  56. Wat should we call you?

  57. Otter

  58. Call her Otter McGuiniapants

  59. Sox – Indians got rained out. Delaying the inevitable.

  60. He’s killing her! …….so far.

  61. Hillary is claiming nobody hacked her email while wikileaks is leaking them.

    She is looking very bad.

  62. Well, I think they just logged in with the default password that no one had changed. Not sure if that counts as “hacking”. I mean, if you left the door to your house open and a sign saying “feel free to look around”, you couldn’t really call it trespassing when someone looked in your fridge.

    So she’s technically correct.

  63. I’m joking, by the way. Based on the public reports, it wasn’t quite that simple.

    They had changed the password to “p@$$w0rd”.

  64. OMG y’all. Google the Mississippi pot roast.

  65. Do I have to turn off safe search to see what you’re referring to, oso?

  66. Your mom loves the pot roast.

  67. Moron posted last week. Yummy

  68. Cleveland Steamer has no comment

  69. This is a blood bath.

    Whoops. This is a gin bath.

    Hillary has no blood.

  70. I’m not even watching the debate and it’s driving me to drink.

  71. Mississippi Pot roast is yum. We served over mashed taters. YMMV

  72. otherwise known as italian beef, oso.

  73. Trump calling out the moderators, nice.

  74. Once again, Dan is thrilled I was barren and we didn’t have children that need to live in this shit.

  75. Jay, what? Mississippi Pot Roast is eye-taly?

  76. Hillary hasn’t fallen over, so she’s got that going for her.

  77. That’s how one of my friends makes italian beef, with pepperoncinis.

  78. The pepperoncinis are awesome!!! Dad added lots of pepper.

  79. Dan. Not dad. WTF autocuck

  80. gun show loophole!

  81. Dan is making fun of sweater boy.

  82. I told roamy to put them in her roast beef one time, but she thought I was being sarcastic.

  83. Italian beef is a Chicago thing.

  84. Haha, yes, it is, and that friend just spent his Saturday at Wrigley.

  85. Sounds like a good Saturday!

  86. It’s cultural appropriation.

  87. I’m sure he’s pretty happy. He’s trying to make us wear Try Not to Suck shirts for dart league.

    Yeah, no.

  88. Luntz’ Dunces liked Trump.

  89. What channel is that, alex? I’m on Fox.

  90. Twitter.

  91. Uh oh, Juan Williams thinks Trump did well.

    That isn’t good.

  92. Ace is right.

    Megan Kelly is a little bit biased.

  93. What I watched, I thought he did well. I missed the first part of the debate.

  94. Megyn is all about “vote for the woman!”

  95. Jay, there’s no honest observer that can say she did well. It was a shit show.

  96. I saw a lot of anti-Trump people on Twitter basically saying that he won. I’m starting to thing South Park is right and they’re both trying to lose without making it look too obvious.

  97. Yeah, Megyn is really digging in with the remarks. Biased as hell.

  98. We had to move a lot of shit out of here to get the carpet stretched and cleaned. As we move stuff back in, Anita insists we play “Trash, or Treasure?”
    She brought in one really heavy box that was full of drives.
    I gave her a #10 Torx and she took the circuit-boards off the back of 30 Seagate “Cheetah” high-speed SCSI drives. The electronics go in the trash. The drives go to the scrappers.
    Back in the day, this was thousands of dollars worth of storage.
    Today, not so much.
    I’ve still got 10 machines to pull the drives from, before we send them to the “E-cyclers”.
    Life goes on…

    Made my usual “Garlic Bread Pizza Crust” for a 16″ pie, but covered it with 8oz of pesto, some shredded mozza, shredded chicken thighs, quartered artichoke hearts, diced green peppers, and black olives covered by the rest of a one pound chunk of whole-milk mozzarella.
    It’s beautiful!

  99. That sounds like a helluva meal, Crispy. Yum.

  100. Wait, Clinton’s victims said under oath that they weren’t touched?

  101. And now Megyn is tooting her own horn. Gah.

  102. i read the tampa star from the book thread today. Will read the rest of the series this week.
    Good writing and my hometown was mentioned. Its most famious product was not but meh

  103. And I have never been robbed so completely as the time I went on a gambling to nowhere cruise. Nothing paid because nothing won

  104. Hey derp, where you goin’ with that
    Flower in your hand?
    Hey derp, where you goin’ with that
    Flower in your hand?
    Well, I’m goin’ up to Frisco to join a
    Psychedelic band.
    I’m goin’ up to Frisco to join a
    Psychedelic band.

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