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Election 2016




Feel free to push this POS down. Surely MJ has something on his mind related to the VP debate.



  1. I bet the block has completely worn off on Teresa’s knee by now…

  2. Stupid Amelia. Everyone tried to tell her. But NO, women’s lib or sumfin stupid like that.

  3. Feminism kills.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. OMG – yes. MJ watch this now.

  6. I’ve had cellphones of one type or another since around 1995 and last week was the first time one of them took a toilet dunk. I was wearing a jacket with a zippered chest pocket and headed into the locker room to get scrubs on. My ID badge was in the pocket and I unzipped it to get in the room. In a hurry and wanting to pee before a 3 hour case I leaned over the terlet to lift the seat and….it happened. I grabbed it asap and dried it off. I left it in my locker during the case and checked it later. The screen was wonky and the touch controls were intermittently working. I’ve had it for at least a few years so decided to get a new one that day since I was on call for the next three days. Got the iPhone VII which is supposed to be water resistant in case this becomes a habit. Of course my old iPhone V is working like a champ right now and it’s become my back up to play Candy Crush.

    tl/dr: always zip up

  7. Similar problem jimbreo. iPhone 4 quit taking a charge and I couldn’t afford to go phoneless for a week while the charging port was replaced. Bought a new 6+ and sent 4 to shop. Now I’ve got two perfectly good phones but only need one.

  8. Yeah, I wasn’t to keen on getting a new phone. It was the last one purchased by the hospital. They now pay a stipend of $50/month to cover “official use” but they don’t buy phones anymore. This is the first phone I’ve bought with my own money since around 1997.

  9. My work does the same thing. You supply the phone and plan, they give you an allowance for using it.

    At least if you get fired you get to keep your phone.

  10. Bernie Sanders is hosting a Hillary rally tomorrow in Bangor. The news article admitted Bernie was way more popular than Pickles in Maine. I’ve seen more Bernie stickers than Clinton ones.

  11. Looks like the hurricane may hit where it’s hit before, right where I use to live on the east coast of Florida. We went through 4 hurricanes, 5 if you include Andrew. We did not get a direct hit from Andrew but the outside hurricane bands were rough on our area also.

  12. I was getting off the boat once and my flip phone fell in the water – about four feet deep. I ran to a buddy’s boat, got his landing net, and scooped the phone out. Shut it off immediately, shook it off, then set it on the dashboard of the car. It was a sunny hot day, and I left it there all the way back to Ann Arbor – about a 2-1/2 hour drive. It sat in the sun the whole way.

    By the time I got home, I turned it back on. And it worked fine.

    A very hardy little phone. Not like your mom.

  13. I hope you are safe, Mare. They keep reporting that people aren’t taking this seriously.

    Maybe it has to do with how the news and weather people awfulize everything.

  14. not small ones, either. at least 4 inches

  15. First tranny VP candidate?

  16. Thanks, Hotspur, I’m now on the other side of the state and we may only get just a bit more humidity and some rain.

    Letting people we know on the other side they can come here.

  17. Stay safe, mare. Make sure to nail down your feed bucket and tack gear!

  18. Did I miss something? Is Kaine a queer?

  19. His wife probably did your mom.

  20. I just asked for indefinite weekly OT, I will likely get it. We’ll see if the payoff is worth it, but it could be another 25% pay bump.

  21. He just likes to be taller than others. Kaine is 5′ 10″, Pence is 6′. Yet in pictures when they shook hands, Kaine is taller. Ergo he’s wearing high heels.

    Panties and garter belt not confirmed, but who knows?

  22. Did I miss something? Is Kaine a queer?

    No, but he’s 5’10” and insecure about his height, so he’s pretty much a total pussy.

  23. Fucking ridiculous. Evidently it’s all about the optics.

    Cuntles wanted a step stool. They didn’t give her one. No way that feeble bitch could navigate in fuck me shoes. She’d break a cankle.

  24. Ok, made it through ALL the misc paperwork in my office. It’s all in file folders and ready to be filed.

    Now … those books in the hall …

    “Oh Leon ….”

  25. Kaine is horrible and as left as Hillary, more so. The second he became the VP candidate he was seen meeting with George Soro’s son.

    It’s rigged. Cabal.

  26. You can bring them to me and meet Possum and see the farm, or I can come get them and you can meet… me.

  27. Make her unload them too, leon. Call it a “workout”.

  28. I’ll bring ’em. I need boxes so I can move them from my floor first.

    I have another trip to AA next week and that’s sorta near you, right? Perhaps I can combine things. I’ll have ERin with me.

  29. Erin loves babys. (too)

  30. babies.

    Baby’s heads.


  32. When are you headed to AA?

  33. What did leon redact?

  34. I think next tuesday? the 10th

  35. Travel dates. I won’t be available Tuesday, unfortunately.

  36. *cancels raid on leon’s compound

  37. The 10th is Monday, I will be here in the morning for sure.

  38. You’d honestly have to be a damn fool to come here raiding. Please bring .22LR, it will save me a shopping trip.

  39. That’s why you have to be sneaky about it. “Hey, i’m bringing you books”.

    But when I leave? You house will be FILLED WITH BOOKS.

    Bam. Mission Accomplished.

  40. They will likely go in the barn for about a week while I sort out a final destination. It’s a little crowded right now because we’re storing a horse trailer in it, but still has plenty of space.

  41. Traveling partner likes to gamble, so I’m sitting in a casino bar waiting for him to loose or the flight home, whichever comes first.

  42. Lose

  43. I don’t think Vmax is fishing today.

  44. Maybe Matthew is a good guy hurricane and is just throwing fish into the boat like a bro. A bro-icane, if you will.

  45. No fishing today Scott, couldn’t even get to Florida all flights were cancelled.


    And if Trump was a Democrat, the media would totally have his back.

  47. You need to get a worm wet this weekend, vmax.

  48. Leon, don’t be tricked. By the time your baby is ready for school, those books will be so out of date, you’ll just end up burning them.

  49. Subjects worth studying don’t get outdated. I had a 30yo geometry book 25 years ago. Wish I still had it.

  50. All those classic lit books will totally be outdated. Hotspur’s right. By the time possum’s in school they will be reading the memoirs of Kayne for literature, and Howard Zinn’s history books.

  51. Yeah, she won’t be reading those.

  52. They read Mitch Albom’s book in senior english. @@

  53. I’m surprised he can read, let alone write.

  54. New post.

  55. Holy shit, I think I had to buy a Howard Zinn book for Mini-me.

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