Ludwig Meidner

b.1884 Poland d.1966 Germany


Yet another turn-of-the-century German Artist, Meidner began his career as a fashion illustrator.




A fascinating treatment of light and an undulating sea sick stroke drew me in to Meidner’s apocalyptic atmosphere and laudlum tinged portraits.

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-8-33-25-pm screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-8-33-36-pm

\screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-8-34-01-pm screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-8-34-17-pm


screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-8-36-54-pm screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-8-37-13-pm



Ludwig Meidner

New Master.


  1. Come down off your throne and leave your body alone, somebody must derp
    You are the reason I’ve been waiting so long, somebody holds the key

  2. https://is.gd/F1qjr6

  3. Today is Monday, right? Should I put this back into draft?

  4. second to last one looks like prince chucklehead

  5. Wow. His portraits are pretty good.

    Nice, chumpo.

  6. Most excellent art!

  7. I’m dumb.

    I blame my brain.

  8. cool flamethrower, Leon.

    you should have a battlewar with the Trebuchenistas at Roamy’s

    I’ll give odds that Troy could take you all out with things he finds in the lint trap.

    On and on

  9. Zombie poat rises from the dead to take over the world

  10. The initial portrait was a bit jarring but the rest kind of grew on me in a good way. Not like that stubborn fungus your mom left me with.

  11. Light schedule today except for being on call. Drop the boy off to school, run some errands and then get home to supervise my neighbor. He’s the tree man and he’s coming back to finish a project he started back in April when the ground was still frozen. The trees down by the river need to be thinned. Part Deux is more of the same before the fall rain comes and softens the fields.

  12. Yay, someone fixt it.

    Good morning.

  13. Directly across the street a new condo building is going up, and much like the Mexican (I’m not exactly sure where these guys come from)workers in Texas, these guys work their assess off in over 80% humidity. And compared to the scummy, creepy looking white guys they are polite and friendly. The white guys are sometimes foul mouthed too.

    Cool portrait art, Chumpo. You’re good.

  14. Now is the time to wakey wakey here.

  15. Morning.

  16. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4432941/

    New concept (to me anyway) of a dressing with an electrical field in it. They’ve come a long way with chronic wound therapy since I was a pup. Back then it was Dakin’s Solution (dilute bleach) or saline wet to dry.

  17. Today already sucks.

  18. I’ve read some article titles that say supporting Trump because of Supreme Court judge appointments is not a sufficient reason to base your decision on or words to that effect. Given the likelihood that Pickles will appoint several hardcore leftists to the court I just don’t understand that logic. As if the senate and house will somehow stop her and force her to appoint more conservative judges. Unlikely.

  19. I dunno. Yesterday was pretty horrible.

    Today can only be an improvement.

  20. Yea, Jimbro. the Senate and House are going to be staunchy. We’ll be fine with HIllary. Just four more years and everything will be restored and we’ll have acceptable candidates again. I wonder what JEB!’s ground game is going to be …

  21. We will transition from a cold civil war to a hot one by 2018 if she wins.

  22. Work was horrible.
    I blew out an electrical switch and now I have no power in the living room (keeps tripping at the box now)
    The washing machine is apparently not working
    work was HORRIBLE

    That about sums it up.

    So, Zelda has now decided she wants to be the dog with her head on my foot. THe space underneath my computer is now PRIME location. Zelda did this when she was a pup, but hasn’t in years. She won the battle today and it’s her head on my foot right now. Moose is directly behind me

  23. Rowan usually occupies that space or an armchair near me. It hurts Paula’s feelings (not really) that her dog boy wants to be near me and not snuggling next to her on the couch. I don’t pretend to understand a mother who has two teenagers that no longer snuggle next to mom.

  24. She misses Oskar. Poor pup.

  25. RE Charlie Crist: He’s obviously gay and got married a few years back so he’d be more politically palatable.

    He has the worst instincts. The worst. Terrible. Couldn’t be worse.

    He’s be governor or senator or whatever if he would have come out. Gay is the new gay.

  26. Car in must have soft feet.

  27. he got beat by Scott, who seems unlikeable. Kinda like Steve King. He’s great because he pisses off the right people.

  28. Car in, did you see someone wakey wakey’d at AOS?

  29. Zelda is very much a follower. She followed OSkar for so long, so yes she misses him (it was good that he passed at home because she “knows”). She used to try to be as close to oskar as she could, but he was NO snuggler with her. She doesn’t want to snuggle with Moose, because she’s afraid he may take that as a sign that she wants to play.

  30. Car in, did you see someone wakey wakey’d at AOS?


    If they start saying how much they hate everyone, I’m gonna have to choke a bitch.

  31. I know many of you guys don’t eat oatmeal, but one of the crazy gym people came up with this idea, and it’s kinda nice for a switch.

    Get the steel cut oats, etc, but sweeten them with protein powder instead of just sweetener.

  32. Congrats, I was doing that in college 20 years ago.

  33. I suppose you’re going to tell us to cook them in the crock pot overnight, too.

  34. Don’t need to. Boil the water, drop the oats in, turn off the heat, and lid the pan. When you wake up, they take about 10 minutes to cook.

  35. Congrats, I was doing that in college 20 years ago.

    I hate you all so very much.

  36. I hate you all so very much.
    I read that AoS this morning. Someone is stealing your material.

    It’s probably for your own good, though. People have a right to take what is yours.

  37. Car in is just paying her fair share.

  38. leon is trying to poison us. Leave food out all night, pshaw!

  39. Carin I saw a cartoon that made me laugh at your expense. It shows a waitress at a
    table with her notepad and pen ready. There’s a married couple sitting at the table. The wife says. “We don’t eat gluten, dairy, meat, nuts, soy, or eggs.” The husband says, “What do you recommend we get?” The waitress says, “I recommend you get the fuck out of here.”

  40. Heh.

  41. “lidded pan” != “out all night”

  42. Maybe we should just let the possums take what they want, too, huh leon?

  43. Ok, I’m pretty sure my washing machine if worse off than Hillary. Parts run from either $250 (my cost) to a $20 part which requires the entire thing be taken apart.

    Neither option is something I’m willing to do right now.

  44. I waited on some poor young lady who’d obviously had a stroke. Three young kids. She was a bit confused about things, but her kids were SO nice and patient with her. Also were able to have a nice laugh about her confusion (they were being nice- although it sounds nasty how I put it).

  45. Don’t even joke about that, Jay.

  46. Apparently there are a lot of people that ask for gluten free beer at Birdsong, our fav brewery in Charlotte.

    We’ll lose WWIII when it comes.

  47. If you’re drinking beer, the gluten doesn’t mean much in the context of all the other stuff in it. May as well drink the real thing.

    I just have whiskey now.

  48. I have to figure out how to calculate carbs for homebrew. Damn carb counters.

  49. Your mom claims to be gluten free.

  50. do they ask for gluten free oatmeal?

  51. My dick is gluten free.

  52. Gluten free gluten is going to be the next big thing.

  53. It ain’t me. I have my own shticks. Besides, I’m keeping my head low since the banhammer’s on a hair trigger with wonky target criteria.

  54. meh, even MJ has been banned, and you can’t keep your head any lower than him.

  55. well, maybe leon can.

  56. Hey, it’s none of my business what leon and MJ do in their spare time…

  57. I haven’t been banned, but I haven’t bothered commenting in ages.

  58. yes, car in, Thank You Actors was funny. Thanks for the reminder to watch it.

  59. There’s a couple of good folks there, but between folks going all zampolig and the drunken ONT arguments and other crap it’s been turning into kind of a shitshow lately.

  60. Spelled zampolit of course, but my tiredness allowed a Freudian editorial slip there.

  61. Everybody is crabby over there, trying to dominate the other side. doesn’t matter which side it is, too!

  62. I think AoS days are probably numbered. Sad situation because he’s so funny and insightful. The joy is obviously gone, though.

  63. He’ll re-invent himself as a media critic and health&wellness blogger.

  64. He should do a podcast with Dr. Fung to kick off the new blog direction.

  65. I’d read that.

  66. Leon – is there any chance you’d homeschool? I have a LOT of good stuff that i’m getting rid of . I mean … a lot.

    Quality, expensive stuff. Lots of english/history lit stuff – up to 7th grade.

  67. I used Sonlight which uses a lot of real books. Not anthologies.

  68. Well, that scared Leon away.

    You’re welcome everyone.

  69. Homeschooling is a scam.

  70. Well, yeah, but everything’s a scam. Just gotta pick the ones you can work with.

  71. Your mom is a scam.

  72. I hear Hotspur’s mom gave lessons in home.

  73. MJ, did you see my post on the Pinellas county Charlie Crist ads? Hilarious. The ads, not my comment. Obviously.

    I go to Ace’s everyday and comment every day. Seems about the same. The ONT people get drunk and stupid. L’Elle and a couple of others always get into something best left private. Not sure why they aren’t banned. But generally I get lots of laughs from the commenters at Ace’s.

    Ace gets the ban itch, for example, when we are on the Monday Health Thread and some asshole just has to pipe in on the, “you guys are stupid just get out more and watch your calories!” Bullshit. That gets old, especially when they are asked nicely to just skip this thread if you don’t have something to contribute.

  74. I’m not sensing a groundswell of excitement for the VP debate.

    Let me save everyone the time you’d spend watching it:

    “Kaine wins in a landslide. Hillary? Inevitable!”

  75. I love, love Ace’s lifestyle threads. Pretty inspiring. People talk about their hobbies which are pretty wide ranging.

  76. e, “you guys are stupid just get out more and watch your calories!” Bullshit. That gets old, especially when they are asked nicely to just skip this thread if

    So if I suggested that you just kept your whore mouth shut more during dinner those pounds would just fall off, you wouldn’t appreciate it?

  77. Does anyone have even a wild guess about how much Ace makes with adverts etc., on his blog?

  78. Since when did Mare’s name get pronounced, “My-or”? That’s how Brad pronounced it last night, which is why I didn’t recognize her.

  79. Exactly, because that has nothing to do with my weight loss and fitness. And “just fall off” has ZERO meaning for a post menopausal woman (with regard to weight loss).

  80. HA!, Welcome, Paulitics! How’s it hanging? And by how’s it hanging I mean left or right?

  81. I’d love to homeschool, Carin, but I need to get the wife fully on-board. I’ll take whatever you want to offload.

  82. My-Or, how are you? Sorry about last night, but Brad isn’t fluent in English. Of course I remember you. I’m just surprised you can’t remember which way it’s hanging.

  83. Body comp is hormonally driven. You have to be an obtuse dipshit not to see that, but there’re three of them in every health post thread at Ace. This isn’t fucking global warming, this is actual, repeatable science. Give a guy testosterone and he gets beefy and lean sitting on his ass eating cheetos. Give that same guy estrogen and insulin injections and he’ll get fat no matter what he does.

  84. Exactly, because that has nothing to do with my weight loss and fitness. And “just fall off” has ZERO meaning for a post menopausal woman (with regard to weight loss).

    Not even a chuckle for adding in “whore mouth” to the eating equation?

    Tough audience.

  85. Good, good, Paulitics, just trying to keep these heathens on the straight and narrow.

  86. MJ, did you see my post on the Pinellas county Charlie Crist ads? Hilarious. The ads, not my comment. Obviously.
    Yeah, that’s why I commented about his being gay and the worst politician since Pickles.

    He was supposed to be the next senator so he got married and switched to D at the precise moment that being openly gay became popular and Democrats lost their panache in FL.

  87. I’d love to homeschool, Carin, but I need to get the wife fully on-board. I’ll take whatever you want to offload.

    I’ll give you everything. But it’s … a lot. I mean, it will be awesome if you homeschool. If not, my name will turn into “Fucking Car in” at your house.

  88. Your name is already Fuckin Car in at his house. Because of the whole running thing.

  89. I took “whore mouth” for granted, Carin.

  90. How many standard sterilite bins are we talking? I have room in the crawlspace.

  91. Millennials summed up:

    On This American Life, the narrator reunites his estranged father and uncle.

    They seem to get on after 20 years. No big deal.

    But the millennial can’t let it go. He keeps prodding about their upbringing 70 years ago. About how they feel. About how it hurt them and what can be learned from this glorious reunion.

    Finally the old dude says, ‘What are you a broad?’

    The narrator says he’s wearing women’s deodorant but he’s still a man.


  92. Move to Detroit, send her to public school.

    What could go wrong?

  93. whispers…”it already is”

  94. Charlie Crist is a political whore, much like Hillary and he likes the opposite sex about as much too.

  95. L’Elle did get banned for one of those ONTs recently I think. A few other regulars are cooling their heels as well for other offenses, some of which seem dubious to my eyes but I don’t see all so who knows.

    But then I’m somewhat paranoid by nature.

  96. The Catholic elementary just SE of us recently re-opened, so that’s an option. I still hold out hope that somehow we’ll get the school at my church re-opened someday as well.

  97. I enjoyed my Catholic School days and so did my children. Leon, because of circumstances my youngest didn’t get Confirmed in Middle school but took it upon herself to get confirmed in college, so something stuck. Although it could have been us as parents.

  98. I banned wiser, it’s turned out for the best.

    laura too.

  99. I can’t remember what it was but Ace in a health thread wanted Lauraw to give a recipe for something.

    ^^best comment ever!^^

  100. Wiser doesn’t come here anymore, does he?

    Can I start talking smack about him yet?

  101. Finally the old dude says, ‘What are you a broad?’


  102. Speaking of broads


    I’m sure Rady Children’s was the only cause of her suicide…

  103. So, I book a charter for 2 days of fishing months in advance. Flying to Miami Thursday.

    Who has a Hurricane?
    I hear hurricanes are good fishing.

  104. I took “whore mouth” for granted, Carin.

    Naw. The whole bit was so I could use “whore mouth” in relation to eating.

    I’m all on board with “the plan” everyone here is pretty much in agreement on.

  105. I don’t have it boxed yet. It’s lined up in neat piles in my hallway as I figure out what to do with it all.

    I imagine it will be … several boxes. SEVERAL.

  106. I’m sure Rady Children’s was the onlyconveniently wealthiest cause of her suicide…


    I imagine it will be … several boxes. SEVERAL.

    Even if I can’t use it, I know lots of people who can. I’ll take it.

  107. Is Wiser doing a regular radio show?

  108. Who has a Hurricane?

    MJ has a great recipe.

  109. I told Wiser that Hobo bodies washed out to sea made good chum. Haven’t seen him since.

  110. I think I heard him say something about cleaning out the crawl space.

  111. Anyone know an easy way to set the loginUrl dynamically in a website using FormsAuthentication?

  112. English, Motherfucker.

  113. No idea. Do you know how to configure a standalone instance of kafka with zookeeper?

  114. Jay, I vaguely know how to do that in a Java servlet. Do you have a web.xml that describes the various landing pages in the site?

  115. meh, it’s a production/testing scenario, I can change the web.config

    Just wondered if there was a class for doing that (M$, VB this one). Easy enough to do, just don’t like leaving settings to others, when they aren’t painfully obvious.

  116. I spend half my time explaining things, and how they work.

    Funny how no one can remember, or write it down.

  117. both pages are in the root directory of the site, and it will be the only site on the server (active, default is turned off in IIS).

    *watches everyone fall asleep

  118. Best of luck, that’s outside my bailiwick in large part.

  119. All my jazz runs in Apache or Tomcat on CentOS, and is written in Java or javascript, with occasional, sad bits of the now-defunct GWT.

  120. A stumbling first step is interdependant on the relatedness of motivation, subcultures, and management.

  121. I spend half my time explaining things, and how they work.

    Funny how no one can remember, or write it down.
    Heh, I had home access to hospital charts and x-rays with a citrix program and 2 factor identification that went tits up and had to call the help desk for reorientation. Then I couldn’t get my work email account going on my new phone. Help desk…

    2 calls in 5 years is not too bad!

  122. You’re a dream customer. I was talking about my co-workers.

  123. Im in gab, I’m somebody!

  124. I count it as a personal failure if I ever have to ask the same question twice.

  125. I try not to, but there’s a lot to remember, and so many brain cells to kill/anesthetize.

  126. Wow, a whole bunch of us are now in Matthew’s cone of death.

    We’ve been in a drought for almost a full year, this could fix everything.

  127. Given the likelihood that Pickles will appoint several hardcore leftists to the court

    Not to mention how she will drone the deplorables and basement dwellers, and others who tried to stand in her way, Branch Davidian-style……….
    She’s going to make her reign of terror as painful as possible.

  128. Or Vince Foster-style….whatever…

  129. Or shit…more like Benghazi-style….

  130. >>I count it as a personal failure if I ever have to ask the same question twice.<<

    Does this include begging for sex?

  131. I don’t beg, I offer when it suits me.

  132. So Mr. Beasn’s 88 year old father underwent a mitral valve clipping last week. He had a tear in his valve and his doctors thought, with his age, he would be a good candidate for the procedure…which was just approved to do in this country, this past November. (Supposedly only 300 people in the world have had it done and he is the sixth person to have it done at the hospital by his house….results have varied. )

    Grandpa Beasn is obstinate, and stubborn, with a touch of dementia. So imagine what recovery has been like for his sons when the man pushes to get released two days later (when they were estimating him to be in for a week). He was getting wobbly before due to his age, and after, weak on top or wobbly but he insists on pushing through. He is so stubborn, he is not listening to anyone to take it easy for a week or two to regain his strength. He has a walker but he carries it more than putting his weight on it. He’s fallen several times.
    And while still in the hospital, he spilled some scalding tea on himself and never told anyone….second degree burn, blistered and skin gone.

    Yesterday, Mr. Beasn had to take his mom to a doctor’s appointment and when they came back, they noticed blood in his foley bag. HE TRIED TO PULL OUT HIS CATHETER!! So back to the doctor in the afternoon to have it removed.

    Mr. Beasn and his brother have been taking turns spending the night and not getting any sleep because he gets up several times and won’t call to them. They are going to make a decision in the next week or two, depending on how recovery goes, about whether to get them in senior housing. Grandpa would like the society of others…his mom won’t.

    Btw, the results the doctors have had, at this hospital were….2 were a success, 3 were ‘meh’, 1 nada. My father-in-law is in the ‘meh’ column. His number was only improved by 1. He was at 4.5, the worst number to be with backflow into lungs. He went to 3. They wanted zero.

  133. I’m beginning to think he may have survived them cracking open his chest to fix the tear seeing as how scalding himself didn’t bother him or trying to pull out his catheter didn’t bother him.

    He’s an old farm boy where pain is for pussies. When he would hook himself while fishing, he wouldn’t pussyfoot around and try to wiggle the thing out, he’d yank it. “It’s just a flesh wound”. We had to ban him from our roof when we caught him up there checking for hail damage when he was in his late 70s.

  134. Tough decision at that age Beasn. Leave it alone and face the inevitable decline by a leaky valve. Do the repair hoping for improvement but risk tipping the balance toward complications. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  135. We were hoping for a little improvement in quality of life. Push the decline farther down the road and perhaps something else will get him. The rate he’s going, he’s going to have a bad fall and break a hip. We told him he is NOT allowed to go into the basement (the stairs are treacherous for 50 year olds) but he doesn’t listen. He said if he falls down the steps, he’ll be dead and he’s okay with that. Sister in law reamed him a new one saying he could survive with broken bones, bedridden, and in a diaper. “Oh, I didn’t think of that.”

  136. His brother, of the same stock, was diagnosed with liver cancer a few years ago. Given 6 months. A week or two later, his gall bladder went bad. Take it out, you have 6 months of dying. Leave it in, you get blood poisoning, and you have a week or two. He left it in and died two weeks later. He’d get pissed when he’d wake up alive.

  137. Well this sucks. Turn on facebook to find that one of the sweetest, bravest souls has shed her mortal coil. I hope her transition was painless.

  138. Sorry Beasn, hang in there.

  139. In other happy fun news, the Russians are conducting mass evacuation drills in case of the event of….

  140. Beasn, very sad news. Mo could always be counted on to post the appropriate Snoopy image.

  141. Do I continue to study, with rapidly diminishing returns, or do I go take a nap, and then yoga class, before my mid-term?

  142. Yes

  143. Who is going to take one for the team and watch the VP debate? I have WC ⚾️

  144. Jimbro, the Alias Investigations is awesome? Did you watch Jessica Jones on Netflix? Are you watching Luke Cage?

  145. oso, I shoulda known something was up with the pups staying in her room. I knew she moved into a long term care facility last year. I’ve got her address. She said nothing about going into hospice. We could have mass puppy pic’d her.

  146. I’m not watching.

    I’ve had enough shit the last few days.

  147. I’m sorry about your friend beasn.

  148. Rats. Missed the second episode of Poldark. Will watch it on computer but it’s not as good as the teevee screen.

  149. Car in, she is well known among the morons. You would have liked her.
    I think she wrote for chicksontheright at some point.

  150. She did. Everyone is sharing her posts on Hill Pickles health.

  151. Other than local news and sportsball I don’t watch much TV oso. Every once in a while Paula gets a hankering to binge watch a show on Netflix. Supernatural was my favorite.

  152. Your Mom was my favorite.

  153. Jimbro!!!! You have to watch JJ and Luke Cage!!! Luke Cage is freaking awesome.

  154. I nominate Hotspur to watch the VP debate and report back to us

    Okay , I will! Someone here turned me on to Lilyhammer on Netflix and it was freaking awesome

  155. Second the HS nom. He’s white, male, and privileged!!!

  156. I’m not watching any fucking debate. If I want to watch queers talking, I’ll go to the Aut Bar up the street.

  157. I will murder the next person who tells me that git is good software.

  158. http://www.autbar.com

    Serving the men and women of the gay community, their family, and friends

  159. Well 💩. Scott isn’t watching ⚾️. Maybe Scott can watch the VP debate?

  160. I’m gonna watch it.

    The pressure is on Tim Kaine, if he doesn’t perform well he’s going to shoot himself in the head three times.

  161. I will murder the next person who tells me that git is good software.

    Is Leon talking to himself?

  162. On live tv, Scott?

    Maybe I should record it?

  163. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  164. Throws Messican flag on HS autbar link. Fish tacos are clearly a soft corn taco dealio. Pic at site was flour tortilla. Sofa king wrong.

  165. Hotspur, I was in AA again and there are lots of cool little restaurants. Or so it appears. Is it all just hipster douchbag bullshit?

    Erin was in pain and in NO MOOD for any meetings. She’s still being a whiney bitch.

    “No, you cannot take 11 tylenols. I may need that kidney some day …”

  166. Thanks Scott!!!

  167. We had a 5 pm appointment and rushed from school. The time was actually pretty good and I ran into about zero traffic once I was out of AA.

  168. She got spacers today. Next week she gets some sort of “appliance” and then 4 teeth pulled.
    I keep reminding her that SHE wanted to do this.

  169. My favorite hang outs are the ghetto bar and Casey’s. There are loads of good restaurants, but lots of pajama boys and feminist cunts. YMMV

  170. Is she getting braces?

  171. Yep.

  172. Ugh, two of my kids went through that. My third kid needed them but she wanted to go to modeling school. I couldn’t afford both. She chose to be a model.

    After she grew up she paid for them herself.


  173. Man there’s a chick in here who is so short, I think she could blow me standing up.

  174. I need to find a good dive bar here. Unfortunately It’s either college crap, or I might walk into the wrong one and get shanked by some messican worker.

  175. Are you sure it’s not MJ in a wig?

  176. 😳

  177. No, I’ve met MJ.

    He didn’t blow me.

  178. I had creepy ortho. He would rub one off on me in the chair. My teeth look great!!! I had creepy opthalmologist too. Bad luck with Drs.

  179. Where are you living, Globe?

  180. The teeth-pulling is bullshit, makes the orthodontia easier.

  181. Not always. I had 4 pulled and still didn’t have enough room for the wisdom teeth to come in,

  182. My wisdom teeth never emerged. They show up in X-rays, but they’re tiny.

    Been dumber than a box of rocks all my life.

  183. Mine would emerge and go back. Caused an infection. Had to pull all four. Surgeon was a draft dodger. Bragged about it. I was in so much pain, I used my VN vet dad’s credit card to pay for it. Did I mention I have great teeth?

  184. Wisdom teeth hurt like hell.

    That was the worst week at work ever.

  185. No. but go ahead.

  186. My upper wisdom teeth were unopposed (no bottom ones). Dentists have been telling me for years they’ll need to come out some day. Last summer I had a cracked molar from from stress related teeth clenching (old habit resurrected…yay!). When I went to get that looked at he said may as well get the wisdom teeth too. He got the wisdom teeth out and then said it was too bloody to fix the cracked tooth. FFS! That what was causing me pain! His cute Asian partner with tiny yet capable hands fixed it a week later.

  187. I give up trying to figure this out. The hurricane center says TS warnings from 7 mile bridge to N. Miami. Makes sense. The NWS says seas 2′-3′ for Friday and Saturday. I know seas are not going to be 2′-3′ with TS winds, so someone is wrong, and the airline emailed me to say IF they cancel my flight they will not charge me to change it.
    That is a plus.

  188. The bartender is a pretty young chick, probably 30. I don’ like tattoos, but she has the fucking Fibonnachi Sequence tattooed on her fucking right arm.

    Gotta love that.

  189. HS, ink when done well is awesome!!!

  190. I still love the MST3K tramp stamp.

  191. Tacos are ready. Phone is dying. Watching Orioles/BJ game. ❤️ You freaks!

  192. Sorry your fishing trip got FUBAR’d VMan.

    Years ago I took a deep sea fishing trip off Islamorada with a nurse I was dating at the time. It was night time and there was no horizon for me to look at. My dinner went overboard as did my date’s.

  193. How much of it and why?

  194. “HS, ink when done well is awesome!!!”

    It’s never done well.

  195. I’ve sailed my entire life. Was in the Navy. Been in some heavy seas. I’ve never been seasick.

    If Trump uttered that, the MSM would report that he thinks people who get seasick are weak, and inferior.

  196. Minimum wage!

    Did you know Trump and Pence want to lower wages? Trump said wages were too high!

  197. Pence is much better at hitting points. And Kaine is interrupting left and right.

  198. I got seasick on a cruise, that’s why I didn’t join the Navy.

  199. Kaine has the most punchable face I’ve ever seen.

  200. Better than a taco truck and right nearby


  201. More punchable than Trumka?

  202. I wish (for a huge number of reasons) Rosetta hadn’t left us.

    His humor at the current situation would be epic.


  203. I saw a lady tonight with a “Whataburger” W tattoo on her calf. I thought about, and decided not to ask her why?

  204. Pence is hitting ’em out of the park. (Trying to watch both WC and debate.)

  205. The moderator and questions are propping up Kaine.

  206. I have only been seasick once. I was in a 20′ boat in 6′-8′ seas trying to tie a knot made me nauseous, but looking up I was fine, so I tied the knot above my head and kept fishing.

  207. Wow, Kaine, racist much? Trump said all Mexicans are bad?

  208. I was pissed at Rosetta today. Fucker. He would love this election cycle.

  209. This is horrible.

    Next moderator gets a taser.

  210. I loved Pence’s little dig about when Kaine goes back to the Senate.

  211. Moderator jumped in quickly when Pence hit the email scandal.

  212. The local newspaper tossed freebies in everyone’s driveway on Friday. It’s fall break here. On the drive home, I counted four homes with the newspaper still there. Hey, rob me, no one’s home. I should have stopped and put the paper in the mailbox or on their porch.

  213. Kaine keeps arching that one eyebrow like he’s trying to be Spock, and it’s damned annoying.

  214. Kaine keeps going on about the taxes.

  215. Kaine is really angry right now, looks like he’s gonna cry.

  216. Well, there’s something to hope for.

  217. Stolen off FB:

    “Tim Kaine’s lesser known previous career.”


  218. Outfield Korean v Rooftop Korean. Discuss

  219. Haha, good one!

  220. That guy in Galaxy Quest was the bravest, most badass squid ever.

  221. Blue Jay fan was an asshole, threw garbage on the field to try to break up a play.

  222. Had my wisdom teeth yanked. No problems. Had one side pulled one week, the other side, the next week. Easy extraction, not much pain…roots were fused. Looked like sharks teeth. Took them to my second graders for show-n-tell.

    Mr. B. has one wisdom tooth. Never emerged.

  223. Speaking of pain, Mr. Beasn has his dad at the ER. The burn looks really angry.
    So mad he didn’t speak up or noone noticed while he was still in the hospital. They would have never discharged him so early.

  224. Fight the good fight Beasnes

  225. Stolen off FB:
    “Tim Kaine’s lesser known previous career.”


  226. Roamy, exactly!!! I’m rooting for the bird team now!

  227. Kind of torn. A few of my first Twitter follows were Blue Jay players.

  228. oso, I’m hoping it’s more of my husband not knowing how these things should look and he’s covering all bases. His dad has been obstinate like a 3 year old and his mom’s real name is Negative Nancy.
    He’s spending the night there. His brother did last night and got zero sleep….had to call in sick today because of it.

  229. Kaine interrupted more than Biden did. Worked for him too.

  230. Pence should have told him to quit acting like a toddler and wait his turn.

  231. Knee Replacement is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. tomorrow – should be semi-bionic by tomorrow evening :-)

    I’m having so much pain in that knee right now that I’m thinking the pain after the surgery can’t be that much worse…..

  232. Good luck, TiFW! Will you be running the stairs at Horned Frog Stadium soon?

  233. Well, Juan Williams is very impressed with Kaine, and abortion.

  234. Borrowing the line from BiW, Juan Williams is the world’s only living brain donor.

    Good luck tomorrow, TiFW! Prayers up.

  235. Praying for the TiFW knee. Not the NFL taking a knee, but a Texas Aggie soon to be robotic knee!!!

  236. good luck TiF!

  237. Good luck TiFW!

  238. Good luck tomorrow, TiFW!

    When they took my wisdom-teeth(4 at once), the numbing was not effective (I’m a ginger!), so they shot valium into me.
    Anita says I was bearded Spok for three days.
    She called the dentist and asked when she could expect her husband back, or, was he dead?

    This morning I had to lay on my back in the chair for two hours while they ground “13” and “15” down, to accept the bridge for “14”.

    (That’s the upper left with “15” in the back, a hole for “14”, and “13” bringing up the front.)

    My mouth was jacked open for a long time.

    They had pulled “14” in a two hour escapade, and wanted to build a bridge between its neighbors.

    Doctor “T” wonders why I associate her with pain…

  239. Elk are fighting in the East pasture. Interesting antler sounds…

  240. Yikes ChrisP.
    The last time I went to the dentist for a filling, the numbing didn’t take, he ‘mainlined’ me (the stuff has epinephrine); made my heart race where I had to get up and walk it off; thought I was going to jump out of my skin, and he pushed so hard on my lower jaw while shoving in the filler, I thought he was going to dislocate it. I could barely open my mouth for several days.
    If I get work again, I will be reminding him how it went down last time.

  241. My former dentist specialised in kids and dental phobes. Loved him. Sold his practice to an Alegre. Nope. English MFer do you speak it?

  242. I may have to look for a dental phobe dentist next time I need work. I got anxious after a root canal and then after this last experience, serious anxiety.

  243. Beasn, I miss him so much. 50% of his practice was dental phobes. RL friend swears her new boss is great with dental phobes. I was supposed to see him Thursday. Didn’t RO. Got scheduled to work. Re-schedule for post Oahu

  244. It’s really good that your mom had her knees replaced, she had padding put in.

  245. Free baseball. Extra Innings.

  246. I’m still trying to figure out how they will spin this debate to Kaine.

  247. Blerg.

  248. We derp always underground
    It’s going to be so quiet in here tonight
    A thousand islands in the sea
    It’s a shame

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