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  1. Meh. It’ll do until Monday.

    I’m making ribs and questioning my purpose and destiny. Mostly ribs.

  2. I am hanging out with Possum while wife is at Selfridge. We are watching baby animals.

  3. Found any answers about your purpose and destiny?

  4. My purpose is doing just fine. Destiny is a bit suspect.

  5. I made short ribs last night. They sucked.

    Today I’m going to Birdsong with the pup & wife because everyone will be watching the game. I like a less busy brewery.

  6. https://is.gd/qoT8rB

  7. Purpose: Smoke ribs

    Destiny: Eat ribs

    It’s a work in progress.

  8. Trying to figure out how to add charcoal without a plume of ashes. I like the taste of charcoal cooking, but it can be inconvenient and finicky.

  9. I could do this I just don’t want to:


  10. I want to do that. I might get a bosu next time I buy carbon dioxide.

  11. Pupster, are you using chunks or briquettes? Chunks should be almost pure carbon, not much ash.

  12. Briquettes, I’ve never tried the chunks.

  13. I’m using bits of fat trimmed off the ribs for smoke and to help ignite new charcoal, these things are going to be smokey.


  14. I find the comments on imgur hilarious. Sometimes.

  15. I should do a long training montage video where I learn to do that exercise.

  16. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 2, 2016 9:00 am
    I am hanging out with Possum while wife is at Selfridge. We are watching baby animals.


    Best of times, Leon.

  17. Worky worky

  18. Morning.

  19. Morning squirrel. Try to not choke a bitch, CARin.

  20. https://is.gd/eEJpxZ

  21. I have to work on my car today.

  22. New lifters, push rods, fuel pump. Maybe some fuzzy dice.

  23. That seems kind of…intensive.

  24. Patriots look like crap today.

  25. Lifters, push rods, and fuel pump all have certain………connotations. Or maybe I’m just a perv.

  26. I bet Leon knows stuff about lifters.

  27. Patriots are in survival mode. Lose today to make it 3-1 just don’t suffer any injuries to consequential players.

  28. Comment by Jewstin The Hammer on October 2, 2016 3:15 pm
    I bet Leon knows stuff about lifters.

    And trannies.

  29. I don’t, actually. Which sucks because I need to fiddle with my lawnmower’s tranny.

  30. isn’t a lawnmower tyranny a plate and a rubber wheel.

  31. https://is.gd/zIR1Tr

  32. elliot is sitting in the chair with me, trying to rip a toy apart. it’s hilarious.

  33. gee thanks dodgers, for throwing Maeda today.

  34. Just raced out for a Craigslist “curb alert” for a Weber gas grill.
    I didn’t get there in time.

    Same model as mine but about 10 years newer.

  35. Good stuff goes fast. Paula drove by a yard sale a few weeks ago and saw two GT mountain bikes for $30 each. She stopped on her way back from the gym an hour and a half later and they were gone.

  36. Pitcher of margaritas didn’t help.

    Didn’t hurt though.

  37. I bet if wiser made the margaritas they would contain the answer to your porpoise and dynasty

  38. pitcher of margaritas sounds good

  39. there’s Don julio and sweet and sour mix in the basement. just sayin

  40. One tequila

    Two tequila

    Three tequila


  41. 7.5 miles just about killed me. 13.1 in two weeks may be problematic. I did work 11 hrs straight n my feet yesterday. Hopefully that accounts for some.

  42. why not sit on the couch and watch sports?

  43. God creating animals

  44. Greetings, riders of cups.

  45. Pups, your marinade was enjoyed by mare and husband! Thanks!

  46. YAY!

  47. My ribs turned out OK, not great. Timing seems to be my issue, I either take them out too soon or leave them on too long. I think next time I’m just going to go with cold side dishes so we can eat when the ribs hit the right temp, instead of eat when the sides are ready.

  48. that’s the key, pups. get them done early, and keep them warm if you have to

  49. Just make extra ribs and eat those on the side. Problem solved.

  50. “why not sit on the couch and watch sports?:

    Approaching hour 12.

    Half marathon.

  51. Door latch was mysteriously stuck today after all the kids came in. Nothing was loose so I sprayed some CLP from my gun cleaning set. No workie so I went and searched for a solution on line. Went back to it after 15 minutes and the CLP worked. Fixt.

  52. *sprays CLP into blog*

  53. 12 hours!

    * awaits trophy *

  54. Jay, your Cyclones damned near put the bears down yesterday. I’m pretty impressed with that new coach so far. I’m saying y’all will beat KU, TTU and if TU keeps shitting the bed, maybe them as well.

    Did any bear players rape any of your midwestern virgins while they were in town? Haven’t heard.

  55. Here you go “Champ”


  56. Heh, I think the Bears were happy to get out of Ames. Didn’t have time for any rape rape.

    Our coach has to have a little time, he didn’t inherit much from the last guy. Our O-line is really thin, and we don’t have any linebackers. We do have a little talent at RB and DB, and a couple D-line members are good. I was very happy with the result yesterday. There has been a lot of improvement from week 1, and the coach is really positive. Young guy, too.

  57. I think we have a chance against KU, but TTU will just score a lot of points on us.

  58. 12 hours!
    * awaits trophy *

    Scott attends college.

  59. Remember Troy Davis? RB from the 90’s, 2nd place in Heisman to Wuerffel. He was arrested for public intox, after being honored at the game, being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

    Stupid cops couldn’t just make sure he got home? He was walking to his hotel. He spent a lot of time in the bar that I used to run, and was there all week too.

  60. I can’t FB this, because CREEPY. I got home from work and Dan had Steeler’d up the Condo. He’s wearing his leather Steeler helmet and boxers. He’s already scared MaryAnn under the bed. My Chefs suck. He’s dancing around like a monkey in the Lion King show/parade at Disney.

  61. Dan has leather boxers? Kinky.

    Which one of you wears the gimp suit?

  62. “He’s dancing around like a monkey in the Lion King”

    Cover the floor with magazines.

  63. Found an old cigar in a cabinet. Lit it with the torch from the flamethrower.

  64. I ❤️ you guys!

  65. My ass would be a swamp in those things.

  66. They could be assless.

    And he could be dancing to show tunes.

  67. MaryAnn has recovered from her freak out of Dan in the leather helmet and the yelling.

  68. Regular boxers. Old school leather helmet. 60 yr old woman wearing faux leather leggings in The Club. Keyhole shirt. SMDH

  69. Uh huh.

    Best described as FABULOUS!

  70. It’s not creepy creepy.

  71. Did he show you his elephant boxers?

  72. CoAl…too early for the elephant!!!

  73. As badass as that was, my body was NOT ready for that much nicotine. There’s a wasps’ nest in my head right now.

  74. Boxing elephants seems like an especially dangerous and foolhardy enterprise. Stick with kangaroos.


  75. I’m just glad you didn’t melt your face off, leon.

  76. Me too. I need that for things.

  77. Oso,

    It’s never too early for the elephant!

  78. Seriously, you need some thickening agent to increase your range, and better burn your weeds.

  79. Well hell. Bad lifters are the result of a bad cam. Fuck my life.

  80. That’s what she said.

  81. Sorry, Jew, that was meant for b-rad and his thickening agent.

  82. Jewstin,
    The cam replacement makes it “Deep Kimchi”.
    Sucks to be you, pal.
    I hope it has not been “Making Metal” in the oil, or your crank is toast…

  83. I believe Agent Orange is effective against weeds.

  84. Is this the eggplant, Jewstin? Sorry for your troubles.

  85. Chrispy Idrained the old oil and ran it on diesel fuel to clean it out. The oil was yuck but I didn’t find any metal shards. I think it’s just worn out.

  86. It is the eggplant. I found out it has a bored out 400 instead of a 350. That’s kind of nice.

  87. I might try the 10% kerosene mix he suggests in the book.


  88. a screech owl down back is serenading the neighborhood –

  89. Chile was beyond hot this week. Dan told me his recipe for J’ames, but I was too intoxicado to listen.

  90. Dan should make some empanadas and send them to me

  91. Dan hasn’t mastered the empanadas.

  92. Dan is so fired. Never let him send me an empanada.

  93. He doesn’t bake. My mom is all about the empanadas, but we’re back to barely speaking mode

  94. I always liked Lyle Lovett’s song, The Road to Empanada.

  95. Your mom has a really nice Empenada.

  96. I thought the song was “The Girl From Empanada”?

  97. Me, a panda?

  98. I used to drive a 74 Empenada.

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