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b. 199somethin’


this dreck used to sell for a quarter million or more.

Due to sweet sweet market forces it now it sells in the $10,000s.

Scott Douglas’ pouty mouthed GIrlfriend hardest hit.

Likewise with this bint.

He loaded paint in a fire extigusher and mass produced hundres of canvases like these which sold for mucho mucho dinero.

Now not so much.

Like so many skid marks on the art highway

Please pardon the mobile post.  I’m traveling in Northern California.

The goggles do nothing.

MMM 240: Halfway done

I got the CO2 sub-unit, the pressure-washer gun upgrades, and the initial hole in the tank done.  Hole needs to be widened and threaded, and the torch barrel needs to be carefully removed, heated, bent, and reattached.  Hoping to get the hole sorted out later today after I have a bigger, more powerful drill.  I’ll have to meticulously clean the tank of aluminum dust and shavings at that point, so I won’t be rushing.

Desert sex cultist.


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Marfa Fire

Meet Lou Jordan y’all

b. a while back





She lives on Bijou St. John in Louisianner.




Sorta sorta sophmoric with a nice stroke and a beautiful palette.

Right up mah ally.


After such a kick ass summer working in the cinematic coal mines, I guess I’ll go back to working in L.A. for a spell.  I hope to be on a show in the studio system by Oct.  My posse rolls at Paramount but I know a group at Fox and also at Universal.  Imma stay out of Warner Bros. yard and I don’t work for The Mouse.


I hope to start a lucrative retirement fund, who knows, maybe I’ll open another gallery.

How else am I gonna get rich like Hotspurn?  Lord knows there aint no future in shovin’ ass during Fleet Week.

How’s it hanging’ in your part of the world?


Have a grand ole’ time.






Hello  sheet-tuckers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today got her start posting pictures to reddit gone wild for free, and has since attempted to monetize the assets.  Born on January 20th, 199o in Berlin, Germany, she stands 5’11”, 32GG-25-37 and 120 lbs.  Please stop overcomplicating your language and welcome, Miss Lana Kendrick!


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