Hello Troopers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model today was born in Chicago on January 15th, 1989.  She stands 5’7″ and measures 36DDD-24-40 and 120lbs.  Please stop freaking out man long enough to say hello to Miss Christina Iannelli!



  1. Nice jugs

  2. From the old poat

    Comment by Jimbro on September 30, 2016 6:10 am

    Good morning Lauraw. I’m here just a short time before workie workie. 4 cases today although there was a cryptic email around 4 o’clock yesterday that one was cancelled. I booked a case for Saturday AM and may try to move it to today to let me sleep in.

    Gastrocnemius recessions
    Wrist fracture
    Halo removal
    Supracondylar elbow fracture (potentially cancelled)
    Lateral condyle fracture (if it is cancelled and we reschedule)

    Get a flu shot somewhere in there

  3. Her DDD’s defy gravity

  4. I’m wondering about Tushar and hoping he was/is not affected by the train crash yesterday.

  5. And with that I need to get the kids moving since they’re responsible for getting their asses on the bus today without me or Paula around.

  6. Have a great day, Jimbro. Thanks for being here!

  7. ‘course, since it’s going to rain here for a few days (finally!), I can also make transplants to the cold frame and seed some hardy greens in there too for Winter eating.

  8. Besides all the studying of course

  9. I see they finally sorted out those helium implants.

  10. Why did the doctor put her tits on top of her collar bones?

  11. I guess neck boobs are a thing now.

  12. I blame Meghan McCain.

  13. Up is the new out.

  14. I kinda forgot it was friday until I saw the poat. Sad that I now tell the day of the week by the H2 poat.

    wakey wakey

  15. Detroit News endorsed Johnson (I’m cancelling today). Dallas paper endorsed Hillary.

  16. Just found next year’s Father’s Day gift idea:

  17. Ok, Ordered the obesity code because I love my family. Another family member (not this house but another) was diagnosed with teh diabetes yesterday.

  18. Her scale lies like Hillary.

  19. I also ordered Fung’s new book coming out in a few weeks with fasting plans. For my son. He needs closer directions that i can give him.

  20. That’s a good price for a safe, stainless steel still. Looks like they get you on the ‘optional’ accessories though.

    I have to agree with the opinion that for women, deep reduction of carbs in the keto diet is great for a few weeks (I lost that twelve pounds which was awesome) but it doesn’t help when your hormones start going haywire from lack of sleep and stress. At least, not for me. I felt like a nut until I started adding a little piece of fruit back into my life. Like, just a small pear, or a few black grapes, and I’m having it with a good fat like creme fraiche (basically a yogurt made with heavy cream). I feel much better this way and my weight is holding steady. I’m happy at this little plateau for now. My clothes are comfortable and I feel good. Maybe toward Spring I’ll reduce down again some more. We’ll see.

    Getting up early is awesome! I planted my cold frame, pre-watered some other greens beds in advance of the rain just to get things ready to absorb water (so dry it’s repelling moisture), and harvested seven of the butternuts. Leaving the rest to mature more if they can. Also got a good look around some neglected beds and there’s a ton of food in there.

    Then I found a dead sparrow in the birdbath. :(

    Now to study for exam. really mean it this time

    …also need to sow winter rye and pick a bunch of tomatoes in advance of the rain but I’m not feeling it right now. Hope it holds off a bit.

  21. The first book is a good read. I’m fasting Wednesdays and Fridays (no cream in coffee, even) now, and generally don’t eat before 11-12 on the other 5 days. I’m slowly breaking my plateau at 172.

  22. Been raining here all week. Only thing the garden is still producing are peppers. I need to make another batch of adobo and can it.

  23. Happy Birthday, Roamie!

  24. Today’s model looks like someone the future first husband would but on. Hope she knows a discreet dry cleaner.

  25. At the second or third week of August I sowed a bunch of quick catch-crop stuff. The hakurei, the bok choi, and some other baby greens are past ready for a thinning-type harvest. So I’ll do that this weekend. Then in a couple-three weeks I’ll have full grown plants out there for good eating through Fall/ early Winter if it doesn’t get too cold. If we have a snap, I’ll pull everything and put it in a tub of sawdust on the porch.

  26. Douchebag squirrel is running around burying his nuts in my garden.

  27. your whore mouths…

  28. Ok. Shit must be done.

    Enough reading on al gore’s Internets for the monring.

  29. whatever. You’ll be back. You can’t be productive forever.

  30. I’m going to have to weed the mustard out of the garden again.

  31. Happy Birthday Roamie!!!!

  32. USA Today endorsed for the first time in history, get this…St Pickles.

  33. I think her left front is down about 3 psi.

  34. Laura, your comment on fruit isn’t out of step with what’s in Fung’s book. His approach isn’t ketogenic, not really, it’s focused on controlling insulin. You can eat carbs and do that, it just takes some care.

  35. She has really pretty eyes, unless that’s photoshop. It’s a shame she ruined her figure with the balloons.


  37. Yeah, pretty sure those gray eyes are stock.



  40. Good morning, fellow Citizens Subjects.

  41. Might be colored contacts. My cousin with browns wore them for a while. Made her look more closely related, because most of the rest of us have grey/blue.

  42. Happy Birthday, Roamy…

  43. Happy birthday Roamy – may the pumpkin fly far in celebration.

  44. Happy birthday, roamy!

    Do you know how hard it is to find a birthday song with your name? Yeah, impossible. So, you’ll have to make due with this

  45. Happy birthday, Roamy. Hope it’s lovely.

  46. Is the L to R meme one of the greatest H2/IB inventions of all time?

    I say yes.

  47. Happy Birthday Roamy!

  48. Happy Birthday Roamy!

  49. Republican majority gave the democrats everything they wanted.

    What is the point?

  50. Laundry day today. I should probably go to the DMV as well and get a new driver’s license and register to vote. Then I get to spend the rest of the day working on homework.

  51. CoLex, use the DMV website to get an appointment. Works MUCH better than standing there in line all day.

  52. Scott, this time it’s going to be different. We’re going to super-duper be staunch against PResident Hillary this time.

  53. The FBI can’t find any reason to prosecute Cunthead because they are busy with this.

  54. 100% chance it’s faked.

  55. I give it 105% chance it’s fake. Seriously? KKK? “Leave N-word”?

    The 50’s called. It wants it’s civil rights movement back.

  56. The comments here are pretty … interesting :

  57. Yep. This is just the beginning.

    Between now and election day there will be an explosion of racism.

    Democrats need racism.

  58. Keep your government out of my racism.

  59. Won’t work. Hillary is white.

  60. Happy B’Day, Roamy!

  61. Lots of black students at EMU, makes it hard to narrow down the suspect, I’d guess.

  62. But she ain’t nowheres near tawrd.

  63. And she carries hot sauce in her purse.

    Authentic as fuck.

  64. Hillary has a D next to her name and Trump is a racist.

  65. Can we get back to important stuff? About how Trump called a beauty pageant winner “Miss Piggy” for gaining weight. It’s just horrible how he can be so concerned about how women look.

    wait …


  67. Hillary has a D next to her name and Trump is a racist.
    Still an old white lady. The only black folks that will show up are black women.

  68. She isn’t going to get the turnout, that’s why they are registering dead people.


  70. For Laura no one else look!

  71. Ugh. I work all weekend and a I worked all last weekend and I work all next weekend.


  72. I’m seriously pissed about this.

    Or I want to cry. I’m not sure which. I vacillate.

  73. Happy Birthday, Roamy!

  74. I want these.

  75. Your ass will look great.

    Post pics.

  76. A gentleman on the plane ride home last night was wearing one of these:

    Not sure if it was meant to be ironic.

  77. Ok Jay. Thanks?

  78. Take a look at that clip on Drudge of Hillofcrap descending stairs. That’s what 80 year old women do. She must never exercise those ankles.

  79. Those are great looking leggings, but $59.99? WTF?

  80. I know how big of a clickbait fan you are.

  81. Wordpuke, when I type cankles you don’t change it to ankles. I know what I mean, and I mean what I type.

  82. Pups, what did the guy wearing the jacket look like? Maybe a response to that imbecile, Kapernick.

  83. Vmax around? Our meat place is running a special on hamachi (amberjack) and I want to know what it tastes like.

  84. Tastes like your mom

  85. Amberjack tastes like lasagna and Jean Nate?

  86. Hahahahaha, Jean Nate.

    That brings back memories.

  87. Who started this, ‘your mom’ business?

  88. Your dad.

  89. Wait, my dad.

  90. All dads.

  91. You know, because she’s a whore.

    (Your mom)

  92. From wiki:

    William Shakespeare used such a device in Act I Scene 1 of Timon of Athens, implying that a character’s mother is a “bitch”:

    Painter: “Y’are a dog.”
    Apemantus: “Thy mother’s of my generation. What’s she, if I be a dog?”

  93. From wiki:

    In the Bible, King Joram is greeted by the rebel Jehu with a hostile expression concerning Joram’s mother:

    When Joram saw Jehu, he said, “Is it peace, Jehu?”
    And he answered, “What peace, so long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?

  94. Harlotries of your mom….ha

  95. I bet Jezebel would have been a BBF model.

  96. Car In,

    Thanks for the link to Rangerup!

    As a vet and I Texan I LOVED a few of their shirts and ordered 3.

    Wife may be a bit horrified, but fuck it. I did 26 yrs, I deserve to wear what I want to the gym.

  97. You may also like “Gruntstyle” shirts. Similar outfit. For Vets and Patriots.

  98. Laura,
    AJ’s are fun to catch! They call them reef donkeys.

    Oh sorry,
    Mild, firm, flaky white meat.Like grouper or snapper. Hold the fillet up to a bright light, they sometimes have parasites.

  99. That sounds really good, Vmax! Thanks.

    Unfortunately I just looked again and the sale just ended today. Dammit. Was 1.69/lb all last week, now 7.85/lb. Still a good price but not as good as what we pay for Chilean salmon and I already know that the Chilean salmon is awesome.

  100. BTW, any of you who live in Southern climes and can grow bok choi outdoors in the Winter, I am so very jealous right now.

    I thinned my asian veggie rows and the little baby bok choi are kind of nice just tossed raw in a pan of hot drippings from baked chicken. No other seasoning and no actual cooking.

  101. You might also enjoy

    They and RangerUp are who paired up to produce the movie Range 15.

  102. I should wear this one to yoga.

  103. For $1.69 I think I would have stocked up. $8 isn’t bad seeing as grouper and snapper cost 3x as much.

  104. Congrats on not dying for another year, roamy.

  105. Happy Birthday Roamy.

  106. Happy birthday Roamy

  107. Wow. Roamy’s b’day kilt it.

  108. Perhaps if we discussed the possibility of birfday spankings…

  109. It’s AnitaP’s birfday, too. Give her H2 love, ChrisP

  110. And spankings.

  111. Happy Birthday, Anita!

    Oso, what do you think of Luke Cage so far?

  112. Dan is making me wait until after dinner to watch!!!! I ❤️ him from Jessica Jones. I think the BLM take is hilarious.

  113. Evening Hostages!

    Jessica Jones was/is great. Looking forward to binging Cage.

  114. Happy Birthday, Anita!

    I got you one of these:

  115. My mom turns 86 tomorrow.

    She’s getting a couple pounds of smoked salmon.

  116. I’m on episode 2. It’s not bad, so far.

  117. Congrats to your mom, Scott. My grandpa turns 83 on Monday.

  118. Happy birthday AnitaP. Also to Scott’s mom.

  119. I bought a bottle of vodka today in a stainless steel bottle. The vodka isn’t very great but the bottle is cool.

  120. What brand, vmax?

  121. Jessica Jones was really good, but the length of it kept it from being great, as far as I was concerned. They could have trimmed off a couple of episodes and made the pace of the series a lot more exciting.

  122. You’re right, Sean, it did get a little long. But I enjoyed it so much overall that it didn’t bother me too much.

  123. Bill Clinton did Jessica Jones.

  124. Evening.

  125. Evening,

  126. Sorry Bcoch i was distracted, KRU

  127. this may work

  128. It works. That is kinda cool. Looks like a water bottle.

  129. Or a small scuba tank

  130. Hey Jewstin. I heard you’re not the Pork Hammer anymore.

  131. I thought the whole point to having your vodka in a water bottle was to not advertise that it was vodka.

    (A guy I know was telling a story the other night about how he briefly worked in a lab where they had big drums of pure ethanol. He would fill a Gatorade bottle with the ethanol and add a few drops of food coloring and just drink the stuff at his desk.)

  132. BiW stopped by for a while tonight. It was good to see an old friend. It was not good to see he was in a walking cast, and a lot of pain. I guess the diabeetus is swelling the bones in his right foot and causing him much grief.
    I hope he gets through it, with his foot…

  133. Jeez, Crispy. It sounded like he was getting into better shape over the last few months. I hope he’s okay.

    Oh, and wish your lovely bride a happy birfday for me.

  134. I don’t know how to reply to that Sean, i get distracted thinking about all that.

    If I have mentioned this before, please forgive my repetition, I found a cheep round trip flight to Miami, and a very affordable charter Captain in Islamorada. I have 2 full days chartered, I hope the hurricane turns tomorrow, if it doesn’t I might have wasted a bunch o $$$

  135. Jessica built slow, but OMG!!! Luke Cage is awesome. 3 episodes in. Gotta stretch it out.

  136. BiW is hiding stuff on the Facedouche. I, like Sean, thought stuff was getting better

  137. She’s getting a couple pounds of smoked salmon.

    Worst euphem…………..actually I kinda like it.

  138. Luke Cage is building faster than Jessica or Daredevil. So far, standing alone if you aren’t a Marvel

  139. I’m on episode 4. BACKGROUND STORY!

  140. AUGH!!! Dan is putting the brakes on my binge watching. Trying to stretch shows out. I’m surprised I got him to go 3 episodes of Luke. We’re watching Stanturd/Husky game

  141. Dan is a spoilsport. I bet he won’t even let you have a slice of cherry cheesecake with your Luke Cage.

  142. Oboyoboyoboy! Stanfurd just got their asses beat by the Huskies, 44-6.


  144. I’m sick and tired of the derp that you give
    When you don’t come home at night
    You said you’d call, that’s a lie
    But you could be so kind

  145. I read the collected edition of Alias which is about Jessica Jones. Rowan, as a puppy, shredded the spine of the book. And a bunch of Paula’s nursing textbooks.

  146. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Love you guys!

  147. BiW may be in a walking cast, but he is still kicking my ass in the Fitbit challenge.

  148. Ah, the harlotries of your mother.

    Biblical Hotspur.

  149. Wakey wakey

    those are great looking leggings, but $59.99? WTF?

    Yes, it is steep but quality compression leggings are around that and more.

  150. You’re welcome Phat. ANd yes you do deserve it.

  151. Cool. Ranger up sent me a code for 30% off. Those compression tights just got cheaper.

  152. Oh for fucking-fuck’s sake.

    TWO people are trying to get off for tonight.

    Can I please WORK WITH ADULTS. You need money because they have obligations.

    I’m so fucking sick of working with people who “work” for play money.

    And last night was horrible. the head cook apparently hasn’t been laid in a long time and was mean and combative all night. Not toward me – but I just don’t want to hear it.

  153. I’m sure there are plenty of sluts at the restaurant. Perhaps someone could take one for the team?

  154. Well, there was one who used to blow him apparently, but she no longer works there.

  155. Of course, he was married (and had kids) but wife left because he was cheating.

  156. We were supposed to feel bad for him.

    I didn’t.

  157. I hate you people so much.

  158. This lady weighs 120 if her boobs are helium.

  159. 120 is her lunar weight.

  160. Co-worker wore leggings for casual Friday yesterday. It prompted discussion of the tensile strength of Spandex. I want casual Friday banned or a weight limit on leggings.

  161. NSFW (Audio)

  162. If I get those stars and stripes leggins, I’m gonna wear the shit out of them.

  163. I just wish I could have them for the Detroit half.

  164. You got the body for them, Carin.

  165. Well, I don’t know that anyone has the body for wearing them everywhere. But it’s stars and stripes!

    I only wear leggins to work out, but sometimes I do run to the grocery store afterwards, but I try to wear a large sweatshirt (or tie one around my waist) to … hide shit.

  166. One less competitor for the trebuchet team. Guy misread the rules as throwing a pumpkin 100 feet, not 100 yards. Showed up with an itty bitty machine in the trunk of his car. Wonder if he will ask for a refund.

  167. LOL. Poor guy.

  168. OK, let’s get this saturday started.

    Here we go!

  169. Bwahahahaha, good one, Pupster. Looks like my stepmom’s cat.

  170. More, Pups, more.

  171. And Happy Belated Birthday to Anita!

  172. Hanging drapes today (not a euphemism).

  173. First put your potatoes away

  174. Don’t fall on a potato.


  176. More, Pups, more.

  177. I gotta go, going to an open house at the farm where Mrs. Pupster’s cow orker, uh…farms.

    Gif yourselfs:

  178. Happy Birthday, Scott’s mom.

  179. Comment by mare on October 1, 2016 11:59 am
    Hanging drapes today (not a euphemism).

    Make sure the carpet matches.

  180. I am cleaning the house today, starting with the kitchen. If the weather holds, today might be a flamethrower day.

  181. First day of bow season. After sitting in his stand for a whole five minutes the ole man shot a 7 pt. Then he returns home and grabs me and the son and two of his friends and we head out to the field and begin the real hunt. Find dead deer. After a couple of hrs wandering through wet terrain…deer located. Now begins the “how the hell to get it out” phase. Ended up using a ATV.

    Real happy the old man got one this year. Hunting has been his thing all his life and I don’t know how many he has left. Plus, I got some exercise walking through the woods and such. So, good day so far. Hope yours goes well as well.

  182. And you get some venison out of it. Win/win.

  183. I thought bow season here started in two weeks. Today was day 1 and I missed it.

  184. Christ, Leon, are you living under a rock?

  185. he lifted the rock, and sunk in the ground

  186. best gyros I’ve made were half venison. just sayin.

  187. Yes, Hotspur. For some reason I had Oct 1 stuck in my head.

    Also, I have a working flamethrower.

  188. Crossbow Flamethrower.

    Chop chop.

  189. Sorry, Oct 15 was stuck in my head.

    No, the regular FT is enough. Sadly, not enough to clear my weeds, but that’s more because I ran out of gas.

  190. Also, I have a working flamethrower.


    How many WPG do you get with that thing?

  191. The tank holds about 3.5 gallons, and I managed to burn through it in about 10 minutes. CO2 cost $6, gas was about $8, and I think I managed to burn down about 200 sq ft weeds. I should have used some kerosene in the fuel mix.

  192. And yes, I did get it on video, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll post a link when I have one.

  193. Any recipe bloggers with the keys want to give me a key? I’ve got a recipe I’d like to get out of my head

  194. Range? How far can you accurately “throw” the flame? And might as well throw in description of dispersion on contact (splash)

  195. The book claims 40-45′, that’s probably about right, but I wasn’t too far from my target zone. It shot water at least that far in testing. It was very much like firing a pressure washer at things (which makes sense given that that’s the “gun”), you just have to picture it shooting fire instead of water. Amusingly, the last thing out of the barrel was snow as the CO2 vented.

  196. Vigil mass. BBIAB.

  197. Leon,
    Try a 60/40 diesel/gas mix. I only say that because, here, diesel is less than regular gas…

  198. So, about 57 weedft2 per gallon.

  199. Greetings, people who are considering ill-advised homemade weaponry of their own.

  200. BTW,
    Plumbing sucks ass.
    We had the toilet shut-off valve in the utility-room start dripping.
    This is twelve years after we built this place. The valve has never been touched.
    It is identical to all the other shut-offs in the house, one for each toilet, two under each sink.
    It’s white plastic and push-pull operation.
    Anita talked to ‘the guy’ at the hardware store and he’s like;
    “Oh, you’ve got 1/2” cpvc. Get a “Shark-bite valve to replace it. No glue/primer. Just push it on.”
    She brought one home. The thread for the toilet riser is bigger than ours, so I got a different riser-hose.
    It took me two hours to get the old valve off of the pipe. I could have cut the pipe, but then the stub would have been too short and I would be under the house, cutting the riser and splicing a new riser and elbow and stub out into the utility room.
    It turns-out the shut-off was a “push-on” with no provision for removal.
    It had two toothed rings and an “O-ring”.
    I had to cut it off with a Dremel and a cpvc-shear.
    Split the boss with the Dremel, then cut the toothed rings with my flush-cutters. Cut the front of the valve off with the shear, so I could get the boss off the cpvc without scarring it.
    Of course it was in a really tight-space between the vanity and the toilet.
    Now into the Chateau Ste. Michelle dry Riesling…


  201. Chris, this wouldn’t have worked?

    Compress the collar and the teeth lift

  202. They charge a lot for the removal tool. These work just as well and they are probably 1/10th the cost.

  203. These

  204. Scott,
    That’s what I tried first.
    There is nothing sticking out of the back of these valves for the tool to compress. Inside the boss are two toothed rings, with the O-ring between.
    When I cut it apart, it was clear that there was no mechanism to release the teeth, ever.
    They are push-on, use once, then cut-the-pipe valves.
    The skydiver/plumber that did this for us was plumbing a development in King County(Seattle), and used what he had in his truck, that he was using up there…

  205. Wow. That is just horrible.

    Maybe the early version didn’t have the release collar.

    Hope you have better luck with the remaining ones.

  206. ..or the Chinese version.

  207. Andy is setting shit on fire right now.

    OMG What a finish for Tennessee.

  208. Miracle ending to Tennessee Georgia game

  209. 3 BBFs in the can.

    Going to be on the road for the next few weeks, again.

    Chrisp, what did you do for Anita’s birthday besides fix the terlit?

  210. Son of a gun. I was watching Wisconsin – state up north and MN Penn State. Missed Tn-Ga.

  211. I was watching Lobos and Ryder Cup. Trying to get a Luke Cage in before Louisville/Clemson

  212. Chrisp, I’ve been googling.

    There are a couple manufacturers of push-on fittings that simply “unscrew”.

    Could this be it?

  213. That state up north played a frustrating game, but managed to eke one out. Three missed chip shots, several stupid false starts, and two ridiculous illegal formations.

  214. NLWC is SOOOOOOO exciting!!! I pretty much H8 every team in the post-season

  215. Cal is up 4 over Utah as the second half is starting. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they win. I was happy to see Northwestern eke out a win over Iowa today. Wore my Wildkitties shirt and everything.

  216. That will make wallpaper removal a breeze.

  217. Leon, what did you do about calming your raging boner after making that flamethrower video?

    Scott wants to know.

  218. Leon, can I share that video?

  219. Someday, I too hope to marry a girl who will not only allow me to have homemade death machines but will chuckle in the background as I demonstrate them.

  220. I love the giggling in the background. This is a good wife.

  221. Why contain it?

  222. Sure XBrad, I’m hoping to boost views to my wife’s coloring channel.

  223. Her “Majestic Unicorns” coloring book will be on sale soon.

  224. “Flaming Unicorns” would be a fabulous mascot

  225. Leon that video might be the best thing I’ve seen on the internet that does not involve female nudity.

  226. There’s no Slayer playing in the background. And you need more leather chaps and colander face-masks.

  227. Be safe Leon

  228. Thanks Roamy

    Recipe to be posted within 24 hours to much fanfare and shit

  229. More of a chortle, in my opinion.

    That’s awesome dude.

  230. Removes stumps, wallpaper, carpeting, snow.
    Trims trees.
    Controls gophers, weeds, and bees.
    Heats the barn in a jiffy.

    I need one.

  231. Sears steak.

  232. I’m picturing Scott standing over Fat Bastard’s burrow, followed by gouts of flame erupting around the neighborhood, ala Caddyshack.

  233. I have a new chicken marinade recipe I’ll be poating as well, “Todd’s Chicken”. A gentleman I met on the job, shared his recipe after all his cow orkers told me I have to try it. I fixed it today on some breasts and thighs and it was outstanding. Best I’ve ever tasted.

  234. I honestly don’t think it’d help much with stumps.

    The book is on Kindle:

    You get a free PDF with clickable shopping links to Amazon too if you send him your email address. Plus he’ll answer build questions.

  235. Leon, that is utterly fantastic!

  236. Pups, I need that recipe for tomorrow!!

  237. And your yard is really beautiful.

  238. Sears steak.

    Why on earth would you buy steak at a Sears? That’s just gross.

  239. If you actually build it, I have pointers.

  240. “I honestly don’t think it’d help much with stumps.”

    It would ignite all the dynamite at once, while keeping the mosquitos at bay.

  241. That’s just the pond, Mare, the garden is actually just out of the shot, off to the left, and the horses are off to the right in the pasture.

  242. That was AWESOME, Leon. I giggled at the same time as your wife. Great minds and all that.

    Good deal, Jimbro. I posted two recipes, trying to decide if the third one is worth the effort. I had honey garlic chicken in the crockpot (sings chicken in the crockpot, picking out dough), and walking in the house after a day at the pumpkin patch to smell a dinner ready to eat was wonderful.

    The team finished second but got the Big Shot prize for longest throw. They only marked the field for 200 yards, and it went past that.

  243. I’ll poat it here, I guess I don’t have the keys to the recipe site.

    Todd’s Chicken (Marinade)

    1/2 Cup Olive Oil
    1/4 Cup Buffalo Sauce (I use Sweet Baby Ray’s Wing Sauce)
    4 Tbsps Soy Sauce
    4 Tbsps Montreal Chicken Seasoning
    1 Tbsp Black Pepper

    Marinade soaks in really fast, 1 hour is enough, 6 hours is too long. I cook the chicken on grill with indirect heat to start, direct to finish. Olive oil makes it a bit flammable, be careful of flame ups.

  244. So I have a friend who builds trebuchets, and one who builds honest to God flamethrowers.

    Only the Hostages.

  245. I gotta get a still frame from that for my LinkedIn profile.

  246. If you watch carefully, you can see the frost accumulate on the CO2 canister.


  248. I used to think potato cannons with Aqua Net propellant were hot shit.

  249. Thanks, Pups, making it tomorrow.

  250. Have Monterey steak but not chicken.

  251. Psst Mare, pretty sure it is avail at your local Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club now has Scan & Go. Download the app. Avoid the lines.

  252. So I have a friend who builds trebuchets, and one who builds honest to God flamethrowers.

    Only the Hostages.

    What, I don’t get any props for building that robot that looks like your mom?

  253. Scott,
    Pulling on the fitting while ‘unscrewing’ may have worked, but would probably cut grooves in the cpvc, causing the o-ring in the new fitting to leak.

    Oh, and lighting dynamite just sets it on fire.
    I know a LOT about dynamite…

  254. Yeah, dynamite just burns. What you really want is a combined fuse of some sort.

  255. I thought that too, but the teeth were left in place.

    There has to be a trick. The only fittings that aren’t designed to be removed are meant for lawn sprinkler systems.

  256. Thanks, Oso.

  257. Got this funny from Slublog. Creation stories:

  258. The panda one gave me lulz, laura. I like imagining God saying “did i fucken stutter?”

  259. Leon’s video would be well suited to the Amok Time battle score.

    I used to think potato cannons with Aqua Net propellant were hot shit.

    Hah, me too!

  260. OK, shmoopies, I’m scampering off to bed early. Goodnight.

    Don’t let the bedcowbears bite.

  261. G’night lauraw

  262. Twitterz had me laughing all day.

  263. This is the barrage, last shot from everyone and a drone in the air filming it.


  265. Definition of pathetic: Watching the Padres at DBacks the last wknd of regular baseball.

  266. Mmmm…pinon. Pignoli. Pine nuts.

  267. Roamy, you are kickass (as Rosetta use to say)!

  268. Pupster, I think I added you to the recipe blog.

  269. Missing Rosetta today. This week. Forever

  270. Beard Update, Day 335: I am officially one month away from a Yeard today.

  271. Scott,

    You can see the split boss and the toothed steel rings.
    There is no mechanism to release their grip.
    I split the boss, but could not spread it enough to get it off the toothed rings, so I used the shear to cut the valve face off to get the halves off the pipe, then cut the steel rings…

  272. That’s pretty long. Still enjoying it?

  273. New valve.

    Release ring visible.
    No drops of water in the pan…

  274. That’s pretty long. Still enjoying it?


    And yes.

  275. Other than weekend beard or vacation beard my facial hair gets grown in Movember which is fast approaching. That’s one hell of an Epic Beard Sean!

  276. Sean,
    You’re not quite old enough to have that much white in the chin fuzz.
    You could always audition for the young Gandalf, I suppose.
    Mine is all white, now…

  277. Thanks, Jimb. I’m going to finally trim it next month, but I’m not going to shave it off.

  278. My beard only gets out of control when I lose my tweezers. Did you know that diabetics can’t wax without signing away lots of rights? My obit may have references to waxing. Priorities people!!!

  279. That’s really the only place where I have any gray, Crispy. Kinda weird, but it is what it is. Not gonna use any Just For Men.

  280. Sean needs cheap sunglasses and a fuzzy guitar.

  281. TMI on the only place with grey admission.

  282. Hey, you’re the one whose mind went right into the gutter.

  283. Magnificent Seven, meh. Expectations too high.

  284. I can’t stand it when my beard starts to get long, I keep it trimmed short.

  285. I’m the same way with the hair up top, Puppeh.

  286. The street is cold, its trees are gone.
    The story’s told the derp has won.
    Once we set sail to catch a star.
    We had to fail, it was too far.

  287. *sniff*

    Peeyew! This bbf babe is getting rather rancid.

    I’m making sourdough to bring to work. Almost out of flour. Don’t think I’ll be buying any more for a long while. I’ll still keep the starter alive though because you never know. Nice to bring fresh rolls to Thanksgiving and such.

  288. Silicone doesn’t spoil.

    New poat

  289. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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