Good dog! Have a treat!

These are hilarious photos of dogs concentrating on catching treats tossed to them. The work of Christian Vieler from Germany. Enjoy!






Motorhead? Okay!

No politics today. Just dogs. Peace, love and gluten free donuts.


  1. And a good fucking morning to all.

    Nice stuff, Jimbro.

  2. CoAlex, see, I knew I was forgetting someone important.

  3. wakey wakey,.

  4. What is the website where Wiser and Sean post columns?

  5. Pretty sure it’s this one Mare. I’ve never searched it out, only followed their links. The logo looks the same.

  6. Paula worked overnight so rather than making coffee at home I grabbed a cup at the little gas station nearby. As I paid for it the cashier said good morning, calling me by name. Of course I had no idea who he was but he said his kid’s name and what I did for him both of which were unique enough that I remembered them. Stuff like that is both uplifting and disconcerting at the same time. Before I left the house I made sure my hair wasn’t sticking up and I was wearing an untucked collared shirt and decent pants. At least I didn’t buy some vodka at the same time to put in my coffee. For the most part I know people will recognize me here and there in my travels but it always catches me by surprise when it does happen.

    I did not find a twenty in the parking lot but Paula did bring me home a cup of McDonald’s coffee which was free today for some reason.

  7. I think it’s hilarious that the sidebar guy at Ace’s JUST found BroScienceLife.

  8. I’m trying the coffee with butter and Mct oil in it this morning. Immersion blender. Not bad.

  9. I’m having my coffee with Mobil 1 Synthetic 5w20 this morning. It tastes like everything else out here smells.

  10. Thanks, Jimbro. It’s under Entertainment at the site and you have to scroll to find it.

  11. What brand MCT you use Carin? Mobil, Valvoline or Penzoil?

  12. Haters gonna hate.

  13. Last night, I was complaining (about having to pick something up off the floor) because my legs are really sore from squatting on tuesday.

    So, 20-something server says “That’s because you’re old.”

    To which I respond, yea, but I can back-squat a lot more more than you.

    “yea …”

  14. Morning bimbos.

  15. /puts bag of dicks away.

    I don’t know who you’re talking to MJ.

  16. I had skipped workouts for 2 weeks, went back Tuesday. I’m not sore the next 2 days, so that means I’m in shape, right?

  17. I have squats and pullups today. I’ve got my one-legged squats to a box down to less than knee height, but not fully just yet. I can get a set of 3 chin-ups on either arm if I’m grabbing the opposite wrist, but that’s as far as I’ve progressed.

  18. Weak.

  19. I hate 1 legged squats. If i weighed 50 pounds less I probably wouldn’t. Same with pushups and lunges.

  20. Weak.


  21. I can do pistols if 1) i Hold on to my foot and 2) use a finger on a bar or chair to assist just a tiny bit.

    I worry about my knees.

  22. I’m going to try the 1ls with my wife’s 15# kettlebell today, I think, to see if that makes it easier. I’ve heard that it can help balance.

  23. If you hold onto your foot, it helps a little bit because you can pull your foot up .

    I don’t care if it’s cheating. It’s the only way it’s happening.

  24. Why would more weight help with balance on 1 leg squats?

  25. Yeah, my hip flexor doesn’t want my other leg out in front of me while the back leg is doing a lot of work. Almost like it’s an instinct to not fall on my ass.

  26. because it keeps you from having to balance as much.

  27. Here are a lot of variations.

  28. Today is National Coffee Day. Finally, an observance we can all enjoy!

  29. I am doing squat RIGHT NOW.

  30. Make sure you use a bleach wipe on your phone when you’re done, scott.

  31. Wake mare, HS, and me up when it’s national Rambauer Chardonnay day.

  32. Because it moves your center of gravity forward, Jay, makes it more about strength and less about balancing over your foot.

  33. I only do them with a chair, because I can’t lift my fat ass with one leg.

  34. If I’m stepping up onto a waist-high block, I can lift my weight with one leg just fine, so I’m sure it’s a balance/mobility issue.

  35. My balance is horrible, true.

  36. As I get older, I suspect I’ll value balance and kinesthesia in general more than strength, that’s a big part of why I’m focused more on calesthenics now. I was pushing too hard with powerlifting and I have some nagging issues in my hips and shoulders from it that I could have avoided.

  37. I like that leon always over thinks it, whatever ‘it’ is.

    If you applied this considerable mental defect to building the perfect fish n’ chips shop, which we could then sell as franchises, we’d be billionaires.

  38. We could call it, “Cliff Claven’s Fish n’ Chips”.


    “Food for White People”

  39. Anyone have some excellent hip flexor stretches?

  40. I’m working on my second billion.

  41. Gave up on the first.

  42. You guys should all crossfit zumba with me.

    We just added this stretching program. That’s what I need to work on. Flexibility.

  43. If you applied this considerable mental defect to building the perfect fish n’ chips shop, which we could then sell as franchises, we’d be billionaires.

    You are not wrong.

  44. Here’s our business plan:

    1. You come up with everything.

    2. I’ll make sure no one sees you, hears you, or interacts with you.

    3. Profit

  45. I like the frog pose myself.

  46. And really the butterfly … I really should just do that every day. I’m so tight in there.

    whore mouths, shut.

  47. Squats, overhead presses, and deadlifts today.

    I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I toss and turn and wake up with a tight lower back.

  48. you know frogs are racist, and a hate symbol, right?

  49. Fish and chips?

    Why not booze and broads?

  50. People make excuses. It’s human nature.

    My cousin’s wife has gained weight steadily since she’s had kids. She always blamed it on her foot/pain. Ok. that’s sorta legit, that you can’t work out, but the fat comes from what you put in your mouth.

    So, she got her foot amputated (below knee) , and had to get a fancy leg to run. Because that was going to solve everything.

    Saw a picture of her this weekend.

    Guess what?

  51. 1. You come up with everything.

    2. I’ll make sure no one sees you, hears you, or interacts with you.

    3. Profit


  52. Kapernick is what happens when a dumb guy gets daily bj’s from a Muslim/black lives matter attention whore.

  53. Thanks, Carin.

  54. Guess what?

    I suspect she’s no Amy Mullins.

  55. Sorry, Aimee.

  56. I, for one, like Leon’s scientifical take on everything.

    *makes me wonder how Leon does the sex*

  57. Yea, but know she needs a running BLADE. I bet that will make all the difference.

  58. now

  59. *makes me wonder how Leon does the sex*

    Only thing I don’t overthink. All instinct.

  60. Car in, if you send me her address, I’ll have a copy of The Obesity Code shipped to her in git wrap.

  61. It’s raining like a sonofabitch

  62. It hasn’t stopped raining here since yesterday morning.

  63. There’s a yoga class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I should go…

  64. Comment by Car in on September 29, 2016 10:20 am
    It’s raining like a sonofabitch

    Perfect time to go for a run!

  65. Frog pose

  66. The frog pose has left me with a paradoxical tightness in my flexor region

  67. Frog pose

    That makes me want to assume the downward thrusting dog pose.

  68. makes me want to assume the downward thrusting dog pose.

  69. For Leon

  70. 10:32. Didn’t take long for the H2 to tank into degeneracy today.

  71. I thought degeneracy was something the blog worked up to?

  72. I was trying one lee squats a while back. Found out that my right leg is really weak. Got kicked by horses a couple of times years ago. Guess it did more damage than I thought.

  73. Might be time for a new avatar.


  74. Pepe the Frog.

  75. I’m not even sure what y our current one is…

  76. I’m lying. He freaks me out.

  77. I’ll bet sohos would hate Pepe too.

  78. maybe something with a grasshopper?


  79. Grasshoppers aren’t relevant or topical. 😒

  80. Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich? Mr Garrison? Kanye Fishsticks?

  81. 10:32. Didn’t take long for the H2 to tank into degeneracy today.

    That’s yoga for you.

    Have fun Alex.

  82. It’s a yoga class likely full of 18-22 college girls. How awful could it be?

  83. Depends on how well you can tape down li’l Alex.

  84. Wow, I did not expect to murder the thread with that line.

  85. gotta hand it to the midget today –
    with all the talk of forward leaning sharts, one legged donkey squirts, back of the ass triple strap stands, and the like;
    he handed down one of the funnier broadsides this dump has seen in a while:

    “Comment by MJ on September 29, 2016 9:56 am

    I like that leon always over thinks it, whatever ‘it’ is.

    If you applied this considerable mental defect to building the perfect fish n’ chips shop, which we could then sell as franchises, we’d be billionaires.”

  86. I have zero motivation today. I blame the rain.

  87. for mj:

  88. What rain? It’s beautiful, and sunny out.

  89. Ace’s open thread is spot on, as is usual for him.

    I cannot vote for Trump, and cannot vote for Hillary.

    I am finished with politics, and will no longer take offense at statements by my friends in social situations. All of them are democrats, and since I am no longer a republican, I don’t care.

  90. And if this comment kills the thread then fuck it, it wasn’t a very good thread to begin with.

  91. That’s a better way to kill it than yoga-induced boners, I guess.

  92. for mj:
    Damn, I’m good.

  93. Hotspur is trying to rig the bet. It’s so obvious.

  94. It’s okay, I’m applying for his absentee ballot.

  95. I would vote for ANYONE if it might help keep that bitch out of the White House.

  96. We pick up MiLs mail. If I were a D-rat like most of mi familia, I’d break the law and cast an absentee ballot for MiL. Like my tias did for my GOPer Grammo once she had dementia. But that would be wrong. I have property in FL. I could probably vote ansentee there as well. But that would be wrong. Stupid fucking conscience.

  97. Bill and Chelsea will be flying all over the world giving $1,000,000 speeches.

  98. There is nothing left to care about.

    Abortion is settled.
    Open borders are settled.
    Crooked lying politicians are settled.
    Weaponized government departments are settled.
    Welfare is settled.
    Liberal primary and secondary education is settled.
    Deficit spending is settled.
    Liberal lying media is settled.
    I’m a white privileged racist. That’s settled.
    Gay marriage is settled.
    America is no longer great. That’s settled.
    Terrorism is the new normal. Settled.
    Getting an anal probe prior to boarding a plane is settled.

    Did I already say this? There is nothing left to care about.

  99. She would have no problem using the military for foundation cash.


    Anyone but her.

  100. Scott, I am voting for the Giant Douche. Look at the damage Hill Pickle did to the world as SecState. Now imagine the amount of death and destruction she’d do as POTUS.

  101. I’d have a 30 min conversation with Tom Hill if it meant St Pickles would be denied the presidency.

  102. Supreme court too.

  103. Let’s not get too crazy, MJ.

  104. I’d have a 30 min conversation with Tom Hill if it meant St Pickles would be denied the presidency.

    90. And I’d buy him lunch at Ann’s Deli.

  105. For me it comes down to a few things:

    I’m tired of the lies.

    I’m tired of being forced to positively affirm every dumb thing a 400 pound manic depressive SJW believes.

    I want strong economic growth to maximize by next 8 years of earning potential.

    I’m willing to accept risk. Trump will either produce a strong economy or it will be a total train wreck. Hillary will produce a day old banana pudding and tell me it’s cherries jubilee.

    I want to win the bet with Hotspur.

    I want to see Obama shake Cheeto’s hand and sit through his 120 min rambling inauguration speech. I hope he pulls out Obama’s birth certificate and asks him if it’s real.

    Hillary has made hundreds of millions of dollars while creating nothing. Ditto for most politicians.

  106. I’d fix Tom’s bunion gratis if it meant Pickles lost

  107. Never Hillary. She will never be MY president.

  108. Can you even imagine Hillary living through a 4 year presidency? She’d hide in the office and issue decrees from her fainting chair while meeting with diplomats via skype.

  109. I would blow bill if it kept hill out of office.

    With three condoms.

    I may just be talking smack. I don’t think I could do it.

  110. “A pen and a phone” would be replaced by “Depends and a Foley catheter”

  111. I’m pretty sure bill would be up for it. Surprised he’s not the Viagra spokesman.

  112. Do any of the Nevertrumpers really believe that Hillary won’t use the IRS, FBI, etc against the 2020 nominee?

    We’d see the Republican candidate’s campaign coffers seized in late September, while all of his principle advisors were suddenly indicted.

  113. That fucking guy at Gateway is a loon. I used to read him, but he’s been off the rails for a couple of years.

  114. I agree he’s been off the rails but it was the story I was after

  115. And I’m going to be the first to say it here. That train wreck in NJ was not an accident.

  116. Piece of crap multitool that serves as probable cause for a cavity search

  117. It was Christie’s fault. And those damn Republican obstructionists that kept Obama from spending more on infrastructure.

    And the muzzies

  118. Honestly if hill becomes prez, I may seriously lose my shit.

  119. Once this election is over I’m seriously considering trying to form my own political party. I can’t do worse than the current group of nitwits, right?

  120. I’ll talk you down.

  121. Right now Trump and Hillary are tied. Hell, according to the RCP state averages, Trump only needs to gain 1% to win Florida and he’ll have the majority of electoral votes.

    This isn’t over yet by a long shot.

  122. I don’t believe they are tied. There are way more NeverTrump people than there are NeverHillary people. The Berniebots are switching to Hillary, as expected.

    This is gonna be a blowout, which is what is intended, both by Hillary and Trump. I’ll vote, but it isn’t going to make any difference.

  123. I will talk down to you.

  124. Election will be rigged on the local level. Democrats are very good at getting their people in the critical jobs. Hillary will be handing out favors like crazy after the election.

    The only hope is a major public health collapse.

    Democrats: Vote for us, we’ll give you free shit, and we’ll tax the rich people you envy.

    Republicans: We’ll get you jobs……

    Easy choice for the vast majority.

  125. I’ll talk dirty to you.

  126. If Muslim gunmen are looking for a target to strike in the US, at this point I heartily recommend Harvard and Yale law schools. They’d be doing this country a favor.

  127. I think you are wrong, Jay. Nevertrumpers are just louder.

    Nobody is excited about voting for Hillary. If she can’t figure out a way to mobilize the black vote she’s toast.

  128. I’m reading a book right now about ISIS terrorists taking over a dorm at Columbia U. It’s all very plausible.

  129. HS is right. I’m betting Muzzies for Hoboken and Soros will be pulling BLM to San Diego to keep another terror incident out of the news and from trending.

  130. I think you mean “they’d be doing us irreparable harm from which we’d never recover”.

  131. Plus, the polls are still fake.

    We won’t get honest results for a few more weeks.

  132. Have you guys watched London Has Fallen yet? How about Narcos Season 2?

  133. I agree that the nevertrumpers are louder. Plus they make up a very large part of the elite conservative media.

  134. I think you mean “they’d be doing us irreparable harm from which we’d never recover”.

    Yes, of course. How careless of me.

  135. NeverTrump was always based on the idea that it was a low-cost stance to take. Trump was going to lose in a landslide, so why not oppose him.

    If he loses by 1% in Colorado or Florida…

  136. I think he’s going to win.

    His signs are everywhere,,,,in CT!

    Still have not seen any Hillary lawn signs. I saw some bumper stickers, but only at a place that was hosting a gun control rally.

    People are fed up.
    Lots of first time voters that are sick and tired of the same old BS.

    Hillary is the poster child for same old BS.

  137. I hope you’re right, but I’m not convinced of it. I think he is there to hand the election to Clinton.

  138. In CT Obama beat Romney by 18 points.
    Hillary is currently up by 7 points. (and this far out it’s probably actually less)

  139. I believe the buffoon.

    I think he loves the country and wants to help.

    Unfortunately, Paul Ryan would block his every move.

  140. CBS polled those planning on not voting.

    38% preferred Clinton
    28% preferred Trump

  141. I don’t believe they are tied. There are way more NeverTrump people than there are NeverHillary people.


    Link please.

  142. OMG Dan just tricked me into going to Sprouts. Hippie central. The Corrales location. 3 Stein bumper stickers. 2 Gary. 1 Trump. In Corrales. Not one single Hill Pickle. Still a bunch of Obama/Biden. I still can’t believe I saw a Trump.

  143. Seems lots of Trump signs here. No Clinton signs at all.

  144. Did you tell him it smelled like patchouli and failure?

  145. She’s in deep doo doo if RCP has CT as “leans Clinton”.

    We haven’t leaned since Reagan.

  146. He knows I H8 going there. I’ve actually had REI level panic attacks in Sprouts. He asked me to go to Total Wine with him. $10 coupon expires today. I noticed we were turning left instead of right leaving the booze store and BOOM! Acorn squash sale.

  147. The MFM praetorian guard doesn’t seem to be working this time. The Otherization is showing signs of weakness. We aren’t Deplorable or Irredeemable. Flyover Americans are hurting. Outside the Beltway Americans have been living in an 8 year Depression. The D-rats need the Felons, the Illegals, the Fraud, and the Dead to win. WTF is TFG having a Town Hall? WTF is he running for? His “Legacy?” Internals with the AA Community must be scary to the Pickle Jar.

  148. You know why black folks won’t vote for Hillary?

    She’s not black. That’s it. There’s nothing more.

  149. Mare, did you see what happened at the Ryder Cup?

  150. And if Brexit is any example, there’s a lot of people that aren’t really talking about their intentions.

    The night before the polls showed a 52-48 win for Remain. That turned out to be a 52-48 loss.

    Close, right?

    Actually, it’s an 8 point error. They had Remain winning by +4 but the result was -4.

    1-2? Sure. 4? You suck. 8? Let me sell you some British tooth paste.

  151. Rory Mcilroy and Henrik Stenson missed a 12 foot practice put 6 times. Some guy starts heckling them, “even I could make that putt.”

    Rory, “oh yeah?”, so he pulls him out of the crowd and hands him a putter.

    Justin Rose sweetened the pot, that’s his $100 bill right next to the ball

  152. mare, just my empirical opinion, no link available. I’m going by the people I talk to and know.

  153. Scott, that was hilarious!!! ⛳️

  154. I know absolute die hard Bernie supporters, that are definitely voting Clinton. Multiple people. I know of 0 Bernie Bots not voting for Hillary.

    Just on this site, I count 2 never trumpers. On facedouche? A helluva lot more.

    That is my observation.

  155. Heh, nice one, scott.

  156. Jay, Berniebots are falling in line. I’m just not seeing any enthusiasm from D-rats to vote Hill Pickle. Straight ticket vote, they will.

  157. Twice in the course of this week have I received replies to emails asking questions clearly and obviously answered by the very simple email they responded to.

    Apparently I have to rethink my personal policies and simply assume every living human being I deal with is a complete and utter imbecile.

  158. The Berniebots I know are voting Stein. They still can’t believe Hill Pickle won NM. They haven’t read any of the hacked email. DNC or Blumenthal

  159. The Berniebots I know have dismissed Stein as a no-win Kobayashi Maru scenario.

    Many GOP voters are still touting Gary Johnson as an alternative.

  160. It’s obvious that you just lack communication skills, Cavil.

  161. Apparently I have to rethink my personal policies and simply assume every living human being I deal with is a complete and utter imbecile.

    Just coming around to this? I’ve been putting warning labels on everything for a long time. I’m the pedantic asshole around these parts.

  162. My biggest pet peeve, the two question email.

    email: What is your address and what day is good for you?

    response: June 8th

    95% of the time!!!!!

  163. MFM has been targeting Gary for his deserved Garyisms. Othering. I challenge America to comment on Aleppo or name a world leader they admire.

  164. I like Nigel Farage and Viktor Orban. I didn’t know Aleppo, though.

  165. I could GAS about Aleppo or Raqqa. I admire Bibi. KMA Sudan and/or victims of Boku Haram. Hill Pickle and TFG own Africa and the ME. They own the “Refugee” crisis in EU. They own Turkey. They even own the BS in SA. Colombian truce with FARC? TFG. The world has gone insane.

  166. Leon, that is where the moderate Syrians and ISIS are hqd in Syria. Russia has been bombing them relentlessly including UN AID convoys. Children victim props. (I know that images are horrific. I also know that these are the same people that target Syrian Christians. The ONLY Syrians I GAS about)

  167. I need all of you to NETFLIX and chill and watch Narcos. Chop chop

  168. No narcos. I did watch the most recent season of Longmire.

  169. FARC and the narcoterrorists have won. Thanks, Obama. I now live in a 3rd World Shithole where Rule of Law has no meaning and the gangstas run the street. MS13 on LI? Meh. Kate’s Law can’t even make it out of the Senate. Miss Piggy is a cartel criminal and TFG gave her citizenship. Why isn’t she with her peeps starving in Venezuela?

  170. If you watch Narcos and aren’t fluent in Spanish, you can’t multi-task.

  171. Y’all need to multi task. Watch Shameless. Comment. Chew ice.

  172. Not being fluent makes it hard to watch my soaps and multitask. I still have to watch with spanish subtitles.

  173. Leon=Dan. Narcos is worth reading. Even if the translation is more friendly than real. Still watch.

  174. I love Shameless. It’s a bunch of LIVs who fuck up their lives and then blame everyone else for their misery.

  175. I still have to finish season 1 of El Senor de los Cielos.

  176. I have a feeling a soccer player is making a stealth move on Erin. He’s too shy to ask her out (homecoming is this weekend). They eat lunch together EVERY day with a group of soccer players. He’s actually going to homecoming, and the same dinner party before hand. It is shocking he’s going to homecoming. It’s not his thing.

    I say it’s Erin.

    We’ll see if I’m right.

    She is going to look amazingly cute.

  177. CoAl, watching Shameless right now. I love this show, but I can’t wait for Luke Cage tomorrow. Fiction wins. I need a little fiction, right this very minute, need a little fiction, WTFs a spinet? 🎶 need a little fiction NOW

  178. Is the Obesity code worth the read? Or is it everything we already kinda know?

    I’m asking for a friend.

    And by that, I mean my husband.

  179. Benjamin Netanyahu.

    A world leader I admire.

    Shit, is that so hard?

    You either HAVE an answer or you don’t – no leader you admire.

    NOT KNOWING …. that is problematic Libertarians.

  180. Carin, if he’ll read it, get it. It’s easy to summarize, though.

  181. Libertarians admire no one and know nothing. Every pothead you ever knew growing up

  182. He almost said Captain Crunch.

  183. Virga

  184. Turkey legs for dinnah! I’m starving.

  185. Rosetta, we hardly knew ye

  186. Already cried over the Rosetta.

  187. SOHO(s) is still going.

    Co-worker brought chocolate doughnuts to the meeting. I gave in to the temptation and took one. Bit into it and immediately regretted it. It was a Whole Foods vegan doughnut with carob instead of chocolate. It was hands-down the worst doughnut I’ve ever had in my entire life. To borrow a phrase, it was steeped in vileness. I wandered over to the other side of the building so she wouldn’t see me throwing it away.

  188. Quick, Oso

  189. Someone at knife show gave us some pound cake. Penelope took one bite and spit it out. It was some sugar free mess flavored with lavender. Horrible.

  190. Back from my sex cult meeting. When the instructions tor started in on the hippy shit during meditation at the end, I just quietly said hail Marys. One of my grad school classmates was there, along with one of my swing dance classmates. The latter is cute, but looks too much like a younger version of my mother.

  191. You joined Crossfit?

  192. When I took yoga classes as a resident, recommended by my doctor for stress relief, I always fell asleep at the meditation part. It would be nearing 9PM, warm room, corpse pose…what did they expect? I got kicked a few times by my classmates for snoring. I guess I was harshing their mellow.

  193. He’s probably busy treating his VD.

  194. Big rain shower here. The canyon by my house sounds like it’s running pretty high. Hopefully it won’t wash out the road.

  195. Virga and wind here.

  196. Just got back home. No VD. Lots of cute girls in tight pants.

  197. Really started pouring again. Tons of lightning.

  198. Comment by scott on September 29, 2016 9:43 pm
    You joined Crossfit?

    Nope! A yoga class. I want to bang college girls, not middle-aged soccer moms.

  199. Middle aged soccer moms is where is at.

  200. it’s

  201. Evening.

  202. Libertarians admire no one and know nothing. Every pothead you ever knew growing up

    Most libertarians are as bad as progressives. They have an ideal world worked out in their heads and are sure that we can make it reality. Unfortunately history and human nature don’t want to play along.

  203. Derp and A.W.O.L, that’s our team
    Step inside the party, disrupt the whole scene
    When it comes to beats, well, I’m a fiend
    I like my sugar with coffee and cream

  204. Up just after 5am. I actually slept great last night.

    I’m in my scrubs,
    my lunch is packed,
    I smell nice,
    hair is up.

    Go downstairs.
    See five texts on my phone.

    Clinical is cancelled.

  205. Today: a waste of deodorant.

    Can’t go back to bed. Maybe I’ll take a nap later.
    Sun isn’t even up yet. Dammit.

    And you all aren’t even around to entertain me.

    *lightly kicks Carin’s bed*

  206. Guess I could study for the exams next week.
    Yup. Could do that.

  207. Good morning Lauraw. I’m here just a short time before workie workie. 4 cases today although there was a cryptic email around 4 o’clock yesterday that one was cancelled. I booked a case for Saturday AM and may try to move it to today to let me sleep in.

    Gastrocnemius recessions
    Wrist fracture
    Halo removal
    Supracondylar elbow fracture (potentially cancelled)
    Lateral condyle fracture (if it is cancelled and we reschedule)

    Get a flu shot somewhere in there

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