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b. some secret time in a secret place

This one likes to screw









Makita? DeWalt? Rigid?

12V, 24V?

What’s in your toolbox?

Whip it out.


  1. Chumpo, you nailed it. Kinda sorta.

  2. Amazing art.

  3. Quit screwing around! We’re all screwed, anyway.

    Back to the grind.

  4. I got a Skil and a DeWalt. This art is ironically some of the least screwed-up that you’ve done, Chumpo.

  5. I used to be makita, then dewalt, now Ryobi.

  6. Torx Lives Matter

  7. I needed the DeWalt to do the 37/64″ hole for the NPT quick-release on the base of the tank.

  8. Drilling that without a drill press sucked, that’s how I messed up my ring finger. It was a moment they would have shown briefly on my reality show and then cut to a commercial with ominous music.

  9. I’m voting for Pupster.

  10. A chicken in every pot, a dick in every bimbo.

  11. My cordless drill at home is a Makita. I’ve had it for a long time and would probably have a hard time finding replacement batteries for it if they ever wore out. Thankfully we don’t use it that much. At work I use Stryker and, yes, I do more screwing at work than home.

  12. Makita impact driver.

  13. I have a cordless somewhere, don’t recall the make, I almost never use it.

  14. Trump needs a better team of doctors to keep him from sniffling during the next debate. Hillary’s team must have infused her with the purified serum of newborn infants and umbilical stem cells to get her through the debate. Like MJ said last night, she’s going to disappear for days to “rest and recover”

  15. Amazing art, Chumpo.

  16. I know its a bit counter intuitive but Trump is working hard and Hillary is no where to be seen.

  17. What did the candidates say about immigration? I did not watch last night.

    That’s an important issue..obviously.

  18. Not much.

  19. It’s critical, that’s why it didn’t come up.

  20. wakey wakey.

    I have a $hitt tonne to do today.

  21. I wonder who Lester is voting for.

  22. If it helps Trump and hurts Hillary, it won’t be mentioned.

    But just remember Lester Holt is a registered Republican.

  23. Then the whole thing was a farce which I knew from the start since Lester Holt (who is is a friggen idiot) was moderating.

    Healthcare redo
    national security

    The rest is soundbites.

    Obama/Hillary have been shit on all four subjects.

    The choice is easy.

    *drops mic*

  24. Mika (hot cougar blonde-D) is right. If you’re scoring the debate, Hillary won handily.

    If you’re not–her words–an elite, educated person, Trump spoke directly to you and talked about what mattered.

    She thinks he comes out of this on the upswing.

  25. Are there more debates? Is he maybe holding the ammo until later to be sure he needs it, kind of like the ad spending?

  26. Insightful analysis from Mika?

    That’s a big grain of salt.

  27. I’m on a high salt diet.

  28. I didn’t watch the entire debate (I was working) just the last 45 minutes and I thought he did a terrible job.

    It’s time to ammo up folks. Prepare for whatever shit storm is coming.

    It’s not that he was unpolished. I’ve had my fill of polished politicians. He simply didn’t come across as … competent enough. I hate that I’m writing this. He repeated things, but didn’t make his case strongly enough. And his ego has a way of making him go to extremes to / repeat something over and over again.

    He should have practiced more. Prepared a bit. Conservatives are often good at debating because they do it all the time. THAT sort of prep work.

  29. There are two more. I’m not sure about holding ammo. Why?

    I also think the debates are not for us. We want to see blood and the majority of people don’t.

    Neither of them said anything important. Hillary was Hillary, which people hate, and Trump didn’t eat a baby on stage.

  30. Ammo up because I’m worried HIllary is going to win.

  31. I agree Car in. But I’m not sure that matters.

    In the first 25 mins he did very well and spoke about issues that people in PA, WI, MI, and OH care about. He even name checked them 2 or 3 times.

    Other than he was a boob, but people expect that.

  32. I’m building an AR and buying 30 round mags.

    I can see them being outlawed pretty soon.

  33. I suppose I should go back and watch the first 25 min. And hope people got bored and switched it before they got to the parts I watched.

  34. I think the point about debates being for junkies is a good one. Do undecided people even watch these, or is it the politically-interested version of a tennis match?

  35. nice tight art work there Herr Chumpinator

  36. ar’s have been outlawed in the peoples republic of newyawk –

    10’s of thousands of them magically disappeared when registration was required. the media was oddly quiet about how quickly both ar owners in nys registered their firearms.

    i’m sure that when the shtf they will just as magically re-materialize.

    molon labe baby

  37. Mika and Joe’s points were that:

    1. Normal rules don’t apply to Trump
    2. LIVs got something from him, nothing from her

    Then Mika blew me a kiss.

  38. “doctors to keep him from sniffling during the next debate.”
    that sniffling shit drives me nuts; it’s right up there with listening to someone whose dentures need an extra screw

  39. Mika is a single cougar

  40. Yeah but she’s getting schlonged by Joe. Boo!

  41. Mornin’ fellow deplorables. Thinking I should quit hanging out with those suicidal depressives over at the HQ as much. Or maybe it’s just that I recognize we’re frakked regardless so it doesn’t hurt as much, hells I dunno anymore.

  42. He can have her, she does nothing for me.

  43. Carin’s assessment of Trump’s performance at the debate last night was pretty darn accurate. I hate Hillary but Donald displayed virtually nothing new that would persuade the as yet to decide voters to jump on his bandwagon.

  44. Mike Gallagher is reading at least 17 polls including Time, etc ONLY CNN poll had Hillary winning. Even Slate had Trump “winning.”

  45. Dewalt 12V drill, baby!

    I actally kinda like her work (the hanging shirt in particular). The use of screws to achieve depth is rather clever. But her works must be pretty big if her pixel size is a screwhead. And I’m betting her canvas has to be some pretty soft wood…

  46. Jimbroo, don’t buy replacement batteries for old cordless drills. You have them rebuilt. It’s just as effective, and a fraction of the cost of a new battery. They take the case apart and install new rechargeable cells, then glue it back together. Easy peasy. Go to Batteries Plus or a similar store.

  47. Mare, I fond it odd that the polls are so different from the consensus here.


  48. And Mika has the sex appeal of a dinner plate.

  49. It’s almost like the polls are trying to say something different…

    538 says Trump wins. But that was before last night. My lib facedouche friends are crowing this morning, so I don’t think Trump looks very good.

  50. Jay, they weren’t going to vote for him anyway. Debates are a fucking waste of oxygen.

  51. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go into a bakery.
    As soon as they enter the bakery, Hillary steals three pastries and puts them in her pocket.
    She says to Donald, “See how clever I am? The owner didn’t see anything and I don’t even need to lie.” I will definitely win the election.
    The Donald says to Hillary, “That’s the typical dishonesty you have displayed throughout your entire life, trickery and deceit. I am going to show you an honest way to get the same result.”
    Donald goes to the owner of the bakery and says, “Give me a pastry and I will show you a magic trick.” Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry. Trump swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him another one. Then Donald asks for a third pastry and eats that, too.
    The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and asks, “What did you do with the pastries?” Trump replies, “Look in Hillary’s pocket”.

  52. Cheeto was horrible but so was Pickles.

    They’re both so awful.

  53. I get that, HS. But what they crow about is useful, in seeing what the left sees. And they liked what they saw from Trump, because he was incoherent.

    Sniffling, thought he was on coke, all over the place. He didn’t hit on her lies, but they are pointing out all of his lies.

  54. The general gist I get from various commentary is that Trumps performance wasn’t viewed as being combative enough. We live in a “Emperor has No Clothes” world. Trumps appeal is that he has been shown to standup on the face of this and go “WFT” in a language that’s more “working man” than “politician”. That he had opportunity to make these “you have no clothes” responses and failed to strike is where the negativity is originating. Trumps supporters don’t want to “play nice” they want Trump to go for the jugular every time. (I cant blame them, I’d literally like to watch the bitch die) The real take away (winner) from this will be whoever presented themselves as more genuine (real) and I think Trump has a advantage in this regard.

    The reality is polls (like the media) are now considered compromised by partisan interests making them suspect (like everything else)

  55. A clever tactician does not reveal his entire arsenal. What works best is a drip-drip-drip approach.

    I don’t know if Trump is clever, and I think he’ll make a terrible president. My only dog in the hunt is wanting to see McPicklyCunt get schlonged yet again.

  56. I have a theory that I posted on the ONT last night that Hillary may have hurt herself in the debate and helped Trump. If she attacks too hard she comes across to men watching the debate as a the bitchy ex-wife that men everywhere hate. Self-righteous, condescending, never forgetting any personal failures or imagined slights.

  57. What Hotspur said.

    They’re such wipeouts I wish they could both lose.

  58. Of course Hillary hurt herself in the debate. She showed up and she talked. Both things correlate strongly with lowering her poll numbers.

  59. *poof*


  60. Hostage survey:

    Are Americans stupid?


  61. Considering the last decade’s worth of evidence?

  62. Is a decade 30 years or 25?

  63. Y

  64. Silly MJ, it’s 4 Score, not 25.

  65. Not catagoricaly stupid.

    We’ve just lost our cohesion.
    American Exceptionalisim is very threatening to some.

  66. Watching a great talk on brain development/shrinkage and how it relates to diet. Pretty sure the government literally made people dumber.

  67. It’s like this, we got some that are fools and some that aren’t, and as it currently stands the fools have the high ground in nearly all areas. Thus it no longer matters if we’re categorically stupid, the stupid are calling the shots and we all have to deal with it.

    But then we let it get like this, so maybe the rest of us ain’t so bright, either.

  68. Watching a great talk on brain development/shrinkage and how it relates to diet. Pretty sure the government literally made people dumber.

    I should look at that sometime. It might explain why I feel like I’ve gotten dumber over the years. Though not quite as dumb as the rest of America…which is distressing enough…

  69. asy peasy. Go to Batteries Plus or a similar store.

    SERIOUSLY Hotspur?!!!???

  70. Four Score is 7 years ago.

    – things Lincoln said, vol IV

  71. The general gist I get from various commentary is that Trumps performance wasn’t viewed as being combative enough. We live in a “Emperor has No Clothes” world.

    That wasn’t the issue I had with the part I watch. He failed to make an argument. He just made assertions, and the exact same one, over and over again. I don’t expect or desire for him to quote policy. I just want a reasoned argument.

  72. We’ve spent most of my lifetime subsidizing the births of children on the left side of the bell curve. I’d get trashed for making that statement in almost any setting in America today.

    I was getting a flat tire fixed in 89 and shared with the kid who was working on changing my tire that my wife and I had just had a kid. I was 29, he was 20 at most. He told me that he and his girlfriend had just had their third. I told him that I owed the hospital about $6,000 and would have to get that paid off before we could start thinking about our second one. He looked at me like I was the dumbest motherfucker who ever walked into the gas station and said, “Man, you gotta get on Medicaid. None of my kids have cost more than about $17.” It was a very eye opening moment for me.

  73. Which is my way of saying, yes, we’ve gotten dumber. By design.

  74. It’s the same shit that Car in sees in her daily walk down at the fake doubleshift inn, no doubt.

  75. Yeah, Ace is jousting at his own commenters again today. Think I’ll hang out here instead, I have no patience for it.

  76. Cavil, that video is here. I left a pithy comment.

  77. SERIOUSLY Hotspur?!!!???


  78. Carin favors the smaller independent battery shops

  79. I didn’t know they could be rebuilt. This is why I like this shithole blog.

  80. Good link, Leon.

    Donkey Shane

  81. I have similar experiences nearly every week PG. People getting free shit have an entirely different approach to their healthcare than those paying for it. I get really busy near the end of the year working on kids of families who have met their deductible for the year and want to get elective stuff done before the calendar resets them to zero. I don’t mind squeezing cases and office visits in for them within reason.

  82. We have the technology. We can rebuild them.

  83. Around Christmas Home Depot has good deals on drills.

    I picked up a Ryobi cordless drill / reciprocating saw with two batteries for $100.

  84. GND lost all charitable feelings when she volunteered at a church a few days before thanksgiving.

    She works hard and got bossed around by people talking on their phones with really nice manicures as they vacuumed up hundreds of dollars of free food.

    She couldn’t really afford a manicure at the time.

  85. Carin favors the smaller independent battery shops

  86. When you open a store in Bangor, I’ll recommend you to Jimbro.

  87. 20 mph winds today, none forecast for tomorrow. 3pm tomorrow we’re due for a thunderstorm.

    Tomorrow, lunchtime conflagration.

  88. It’s the same shit that Car in sees in her daily walk down at the fake doubleshift inn, no doubt.

    Yep. Although politically they come in various stripes.

  89. Andrew Breitbart used to say — he said this the first time I met him — that the left creates a “Matrix,” as in the movie, a prison of illusion and reality distortion. When you are in the Matrix, he said excitedly, you can’t see the Matrix itself.

    From Ace.

    I’m going to repeat this to my lefty friends. Won’t change their minds, but it should shut them up around me.

  90. What week is good for a visit, HS?

  91. What week is good for a visit, HS?

    WTF MJ???

    God, I hate all you people.

  92. Tough Mudder is in Oxford next year (and earlier – in June). It’s about … roughly. ..7 miles from my house.


  93. I’m tied up early the week of Oct. 24. Otherwise I’ll be around.

    Should we let Carin know?

  94. Don’t tell Car in. But bring mare.

  95. Huh. Hillary had a campaign rally today.

  96. Whatever. I’ll be busy.

    Training for the tough mudder.

  97. Eating fish sticks is more fun.

  98. I have to wait until after the election. Probably in mid Nov.

    I’m not sure we should tell Car in. Let’s sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

  99. Rush is making my exact point RIGHT now.

  100. What was your point again?

  101. Power came back on just before 7 this morning. Thanks to SoCal Edison for that 23 hour object lesson in what it’s like to live in Venezuela.

  102. Were you visited by Sean Penn?

  103. What was your point again?


    That his ego takes him off message, basically. He becomes SO caught up in trying to clear his name, or whatever charge, that he looses focus and repeats himself, etc.

  104. He unties his focus and it falls off?

  105. Oh yeah. That was a pretty good point.

    He’s very defensive. Totally unrelated, but his family is beautiful. Chelsea, unfortunately, looks like howdy doody and probably is boring in the boo dwar.

  106. Carin, the last guy on the phone is my buddy from Worcester, MA. He’s grown this business from a little garage to a big ass store and plaza rented out to other tenants. Great guy who I met through my younger brother.

    He doesn’t do rebuilds AFAIK

  107. I stand corrected. Chelsea looks stunning in this photo.

  108. MJ, you need this

  109. Were you visited by Sean Penn?

    No. But my neighbor caught Oliver Stone rooting around in his trash cans.

  110. He thinks it was Oliver Stone, anyway. It may have just been a mangy raccoon.

  111. Hey everyone, Rush is making a great point that Trump get wrapped up defending his name and loses focus. It’s an excellent observation.

  112. you would have thought someone on here would have caught that before you, Colex. Good job!

  113. We should have a Trump day. Everyone stays in character, but is still kind of themselves.

    It would be tremendously stupid.

  114. Rush has the best points, doesn’t he folks?

    Car in tried to pawn of her ‘observation’ as similar but it didn’t really make sense. Next thing you know she’ll be talking about her children’s books and bottled tea.

  115. My hands are too big.

    And non orange.

  116. No hair.

  117. I don’t have any children, much less a classy, sexy daughter. SAD.

  118. I need some of scott’s luggage to ride around the house. It would drive Elliot crazy.

  119. You twerps need to relax. And MJ, I wouldn’t pack just yet.

  120. Dopey mare is just blowing off steam. #MJwins. @H2

  121. 9 out of 10 people think Trump won. Huh.

  122. MJ, thinks he controls the narrative but everyday H2ers can read between his piles of turds.

  123. #NeverMJ

  124. Fight back against the man! Go mare!

  125. MJ sounds like he has DickThroat. I demand to see his medical history!

  126. Cheese sauce mare thinks good wine comes from a box. Lulz. Smart people know tremendous wine is made at Trump vineyards.

  127. I saw the video of MJ staggering at an H2 meat up. His Crock even fell off. Something is not right!

  128. MJ’s “foundation” Dickish Lives Matter is a money laundering scheme.

  129. Lyin’ mare shot JFK. Twice. Once for being so damn handsome, we have the best looking presidents, don’t we folks? And once just to watch him die.

  130. #NoCheeseSauceNoNatchos

  131. Habahababsbababababababjzheueuwi


  132. I’m showing tremendous restraint by not pointing out mare’s love of fudge. Big league.

  133. Commenting from my phone sucks!


  134. MJ/Mare on the same ticket in 2016?! Puhleeze. Everyone knows that they’re the same hose fucker. Let a real millionare show you how to fire Carin.


    Only 83 percent? Surprised there are that many CUUUUUUUUUCKS in Newsmax’s readership.

  136. There are rumors that MJ’s “assistant” Hotspur are more than friends!


  137. I have already succeeded beyond my wildest hopes at work stuff today, so I’m going to close down the office early and go take a walk in the park.

  138. Did mare hack the DNC? Sources say the hacker was 400 pounds. #cheesecake

  139. When my boy got home from school today he went outside to walk around the yard and call Paula to let her know cross country was cancelled. I could see him put his phone in his pocket and figured it would be okay to let the dogs out for a while. What I didn’t know was that there were two college age kids in my yard near my back door. The dogs did. They barked at them with the hair on their backs raised and showed their crazy faces. Star nipped at the guys heel and got him moving. I was trying to figure out whether I needed to retrieve my handgun when they turned and left. Later Paula and the boy saw them walking around other houses bent down looking at their phones.

    The scourge of Pokemon Go led them to trespass on my private property, got them nipped by a dog and made a man question whether he needed to get his gun.


  140. The Archdiocese has said that we should call the police immediately if we find trespassers, regardless of any claims to be “pokemon hunting”. I think we got the same guidance for all other sorts of hunting, so it’s not like it’s unprecedented.

  141. I’m back.

    I was out dicking bimbos.

  142. ey everyone, Rush is making a great point that Trump get wrapped up defending his name and loses focus. It’s an excellent observation.
    Comment by Jay in Ames on September 27, 2016 2:27 pm

    you would have thought someone on here would have caught that before you, Colex. Good job!

    See? This is why Cyn left …

  143. #CrookedTomHill spends 90% of the money he gets on party subs from Ann’s Deli. SAD. Lawsuit coming. #MakeBrownfieldsRemediatedAgain

  144. MJ controls the horizontal, but not the vertical.

  145. It’s hot out and I don’t want to work on finance homework. I’m going to go nap in the shade.

  146. #CrookedTomHill spends 90% of the money he gets on party subs from Ann’s Deli. SAD. Lawsuit coming. #MakeBrownfieldsRemediatedAgain
    Heh. I wish Tom Hill commented here.

  147. Do the dave thing, and sleep in the pool.

  148. Pool is at home and I’m on campus.

  149. Fuckin’ Funny Bastids Today.

  150. Heh. I wish Tom Hill commented here.

    Don’t. Even. Joke. About. This.

  151. Crossfit/Zumba is gonna suck today

  152. Chili is in the crock pot.

  153. With or without beans?

  154. I forgot to add them before I left for Zumba, so without.

  155. If it has beans, it ain’t chili.

  156. Snob

  157. Chili with beans is an abomination before God, and Texas.

  158. *bans leon

  159. leon probably eats his with spaghetti

  160. I’m not some philistine from O Hi O, Jay.

  161. I eat mine with sharp cheddar.

  162. and dix

  163. No no, that’s Hotspur and MJ’s way of eating chili.

  164. I like a big ol helping of spicy dicks in my chili. If they don’t have the really good, locally sourced dicks, I use frozen.

    I dropped a frozen bag of dicks on my foot once. Hurt like hell. I couldn’t work out because of the foot crushing frozen dicks.

  165. Yeah, I gotta be careful, or that happens to me all the time.

    Not that your mom complains.

  166. Ah, that’s right.

    That video you posted really has me thinking about our modern diet.
    Imma start eating more meat than all your moms put together.

  167. Fuch vegtables and grains in the cell wall

  168. Nuts to nuts

    Seeds are for the birds

  169. I tend to think the occasional cooked tuber or properly-cooked starch is fine, but the key word is occasional. The constant stream of cheap carbs most people eat is basically begging for trouble.

  170. Delicious

  171. Revolting
    Animal substitute

  172. The bit at the end about vegan brain shrinkage made me LOL in my underoos.

  173. Leon, that video is outstanding. Really wonderful.

    I’ve said this to other people when they talk about how great grains are for you: Why would humans be the only animal that detests its best foods (and loves its worst)?

    That said, there must be a developmental preference to this sort of thing. When I was younger I was very meat heavy and you couldn’t hardly get me to eat veggies at all. But now I love them. I don’t like to try digesting meat without them, actually.

    One of the great things about having fermented raw veg ready to go in the fridge is that I can have veg with my meat anytime I want, without going through the cooking step.

    OH: and immature winter squash fermented like half-sour kosher pickles is THE BOMB. Crunchy and tart and delicious with cold meats. I’m going to do my next batch with preserved lemon slices in there.

  174. Carin, I don’t see a battery category for vibrators/sex toys on the Motor City site. WTF?

  175. Today I noticed a rather large object on the screen that sits on top of the rain barrel. It almost looked like a shell.

    I picked it up for further examination.

    Bird skull.

  176. Vegetables and non-sugary fruits are important for micronutrients, Laura, no reason to eschew them, but they are secondary foods, that’s what Groves was getting at. You need fat to build and nourish a brain, and you lack the gut to make it from plants.

  177. Plus Juan, Lauraw

    I am partial to parboiled carrots in a spicy jalopeno vinigar solution.


  178. Is wine a food group?

    I’m asking for a friend.

  179. Hey, MJane have you slipped one past the goalie yet?

    If you need a surrogate coalex is lookin to break the shrink wrap off the wedding tackle.

  180. Leon, have they tied lack of fat to multiple scherosis, fibromyalgia, and Alzheimer’s? Seems like if you’re starving off the myelin, that’s how you get sick. Something like Lorenzo’s oil would fix it.

  181. Pickled grapes, MJ. Eat all you want.

  182. I read that the keto diet helps altzheimer’s, Romacita.

  183. And seizure things like epilepsy.

  184. What video are you talking about?

  185. Frozen dicks are GMO. And contain gluten.

  186. See 11:51 Car in.

  187. From what he was saying near the end, human brain health is highly dependent on very long fatty acids, chains of 22+ carbons, that you can make – very badly – or get from saturated animal fat in the diet.

  188. fascianating

  189. Shrunken brains explains a lot towards the liberals on FB.

  190. Hey, MJane have you slipped one past the goalie yet?
    If you need a surrogate coalex is lookin to break the shrink wrap off the wedding tackle.
    I don’t play hockey.

    *thinks really hard

    Is it possible you’re talking about getting a new puppy?

  191. I found something about paleo diet helping with multiple sclerosis, but I’d like to see something really much more conclusive. I mean, it makes sense to me, but I feel like there should be more to the story than just eating animal fat and avoiding carbs. Seems simplistic.

  192. Chumpo’s right, MJ.

    You might be thinking that you want to enjoy your new wife for a while first before having kids. But it’s probably better to get her pregnant while she still feels obligated to be somewhat friendly and cooperative with you.

    Tick, tock, then. Babymakin’ time.

    *searches ‘Knitting for Beginners’ videos on youtube*

  193. *airmails Barry White’s Greatest Hits, box of classy wine, candles, incense and anatomically correct Muppet dolls to MJ and GND

  194. I can email MJ baby-making instructions if he needs them.

  195. Leon, where does grapeseed oil fall on the spectrum? (where soybean oil is bad and coconut oil is good) Mark’s Daily Apple is pushing avocado oil, but I’m hesitant to drop $$ on it. I would still like to make my own salad dressing and am trying to figure out what will work.

  196. If you need a surrogate coalex is lookin to break the shrink wrap off the wedding tackle.

    No shrink wrap on this wedding tackle. Your mom did leave a couple of weeping sores, however.

  197. Just have GND pick up a couple of shifts at Car in’s restaurant.

  198. Or as a cashier at Sam’s Club.

  199. 6/8 homework problems done. The homework isn’t going to be graded, just reviewed in class. Do I want to continue or give in to a case of the fuckits and go get dinner?


  201. I can email MJ baby-making instructions if he needs them.

    Why not just give him lessons next time he’s in town. Mare totally would.

  202. “Mare, how are babies made?”

    “Bend over and I’ll show you.”

  203. How are babies made?

    *lays out Barbie and Ken dolls

  204. That doesn’t work. Neither one has tackle.

  205. We’re in practice mode to make sure we get it right the first time.

    Next month is our first chance.

  206. Barbie has a smooth spot between her legs. Ken has a little bulge but it resembles a dead frog.

    You can’t teach with that shit.

  207. Is that on your business card?

    Bulge expert…….that would open some doors.

  208. I honestly don’t know anything about grapeseed oil, Roamy. I just use EVOO for salads and make sure I buy it in dark glass. Regular olive oil for cooking I buy in the big metal can.

  209. “Chumpo’s right, MJ”

    -Stuff Lincoln used to say every morning, noon, and night.

  210. I knew Lincoln. I served with Lincoln. I bought a couple of tranny hooks from Lincoln. You sir, are no Lincoln.

  211. Wildtree makes a garlic-infused grapeseed oil and an accompanying Italian dressing mix that sounds good.

    Found out over the weekend that one of the moms I’d always thought was a Whole Foods, organic-everything-down-to-her-Crocs kind of mom is a “Bojangles or Chik-fil-a?” kind of mom.

  212. It never occured to me to classify moms by where they shopped for food. There might have been some other categories though.

  213. How else would you classify MILFs?

  214. Waist-to-hip ratio?

  215. I have only had grape seed oil a few times and it had a kind of bitter flavor. Kind of like grape seeds bitter.

  216. How else would you classify MILFs?

    I’ve always used the # of chads system.

  217. She always seemed like one of those moms that had it all together and knew where she put it, and to find out she doesn’t cook at all was a shock.

  218. I mean, I’m no Cordon Bleu chef, but I have something resembling a homecooked meal on the table between 6PM and 7PM every night. Probably because I am too cheap to eat out every night and I live too far out for pizza delivery.

  219. Young Frankenstein is on TCM.

  220. Is wine a food group?
    I’m asking for a friend.


    MJ, did you get an answer?

    Asking for a friend.

  221. My husband and I are watching a show, The Great Barrier Reef (not a euphemism) and it is fricken awe inspiring.

  222. Pepe, The Frog, strikes back…

  223. Evening Hostages. Y’all still awake and kicking?

  224. SEDAGIVE?!?!?

  225. yo, BC. How’s the shoulder?

  226. No, mare, wine is not a food group. It’s medicinal .

  227. Wiser, it sucks.I’d heard that shoulder surgery was a bitch. That is completely accurate.

    It seems odd that I’m in more pain with far less mobility than before the surgery. But the hope is that it’ll pay off in the long run and my quality of life will be much improved.

  228. Too many vegtables and seeds in your diet, Beecoch
    Nice knowing ya.

    Too bad Leon didnt hip us to the meat meat and moar meat (NOW W BRAINS!!!) diet earlier. We’d all be Norwegian Supermen and as rich as Hawtspud.

  229. But Chumpo, Meat Is Murder!!1!1!!!

  230. Brent,
    Pay attention to the PT folks!
    Anita would be a cripple without them after her her “Total Hip” surgeries…

  231. Yes, wine is a good group!!!


  232. But Chumpo, Meat Is Murder!!1!1!!!

    yes. yes it is. sweet, delicious murder.

  233. Yeah, the PT folks are nice and I’ve been through lengthy PT before. I know how important it is.

  234. *food*


  235. Meat Is Murder!!1!1!!!

    That’s a bonus.

  236. sweet, delicious murder.

    Tasty tasty murder.

  237. I’d heard that shoulder surgery was a bitch. That is completely accurate.


  238. I’m cussing the next time I’m on your show, wiser.

  239. I’m cussing the next time I’m on your show, wiser.

    assuming there is a next time……

  240. Brent will get Tom to invite him on.

  241. Wait, Brent is gonna be on again? Pendejo hasn’t been on yet.

  242. Brent, it’s only been a short time since your surgery, no? You’re probably still quite swollen. Once that goes down, you should feel much better 🙂

  243. Wait, Brent is gonna be on again? Pendejo hasn’t been on yet.

    I’m to ugly for radio.

  244. Goddamn conspiracies…..

  245. Still haven’t been invited on WATR.

  246. Still haven’t been invited on WATR.

    You’ve obviously never heard about “open lines”

  247. You really expect any of us to watch a 6:55 long video?

  248. You really expect any of us to watch a 6:55 long video?

    It’s funny, you lazy fuck.

  249. I could have made it the whole 7 minutes but that fuch wouldnt pull back to a wider shot.

    There are car conspiracies.
    Can’t buy a Toyota Hilux in Shamerica. That 6 will run a million miles

  250. Derp it now
    The eagle in the sky
    How he dancin’ one and only
    You, lose yourself
    No not for pity’s sake
    There’s no real reason to be lonely
    Be yourself
    Give your free will a chance
    You’ve got to want to succeed

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