Weekend poat

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder.
Though Trump’s move today with Gennifer Flowers did cheer me up.
Love you guys.


  1. Me dos, Romacita.

  2. Trebuchet started throwing funny, found out one of the pulleys was nearly cut in half. Now is a good time to find that out, competition is next Saturday.

    Today’s menu was sort-of-French onion soup, grilled ham and cheese sammiches, and Kahlua cake. Sort-of-French because I had Gruyere cheese and toast on the side but didn’t assemble and do the broiler thing. Only a couple of people put the cheese on the soup. The onions caramelized nicely.

  3. Gave bupkus to Catholic Charities. They had some shenanigans with ACORN here involving housing and voting fraud some years ago. Same for Campaign for Human Development.

    I do give to the locals that help with adoptions and other pro-life support.

  4. I used to designate Catholic Charities with my United Way donations. Sam’s doesn’t let us designate. I don’t United Way. Easy peasy.

  5. I never give anybody my money. I only give them my funny papers.

    (Enjoy your earworm, oso.)

  6. Leftover posole here. Red chile was so hot, I started to cough up a lung. Dan was worried he “Hillary Killary’d” me.

  7. I have an extra cards shirt if you need it, oso.

  8. Sean, tell me about the tour!!! I needz details.

  9. tour looked fun

  10. How ya doin’, Jay?

  11. Jay, Dan has tons of Cards gear and Cards gear disguised as Budweiser gear. We have more signed baseballs by Cards than Reds. My Dad bought Dan a signed Stan Musial.

  12. I liked the gardening post at AoS today.
    Catman said he had gone to the farmers market and bought a bunch of banana peppers when he was canning tomato sauce, He now has tomato sauce roulette.
    Some are mild.
    Some are “Messican Saturday night!”

  13. The tour was cool, but I expected a little more of the company history and that sort of thing–it’s actually self-guided. You just get to walk through the factory and see them grinding the chili peppers, producing the actual bottles, and bottling the sauce. I am proud to report that I didn’t even really cough or sniffle on the way through the grinding area.

    At the end, they give you a little drawstring backpack, a free jar of one of their three sauces–Sriracha, Sambal Olek, or my favorite, Chili Garlic Sauce–and a free T-Shirt. I also bought a Chili Garlic Sauce shirt in the gift shop (all of their shirts are only $10!) and then they had a truck with free chocolate-vanilla-Sriracha swirl ice cream cones. All of this (except what’s in the gift shop) is absolutely free, by the way.

    Not a bad way to spend an hour on a Saturday morning.

  14. We have the chile garlic sauce as well.

  15. I live in Paradise Hills. 40 dogs have mysteriously died recently. Vets are stumped. Elevated liver enzymes. We are keeping MaryAnn away from parks until they figure out what’s up.

  16. Sean, the capacity and containment of your beard cover was impressive. I have dinky beard covers in the clean room that in no way would hold your beard. I would make you use two hair nets.

  17. Cascade Mall shooter was check this out…not Hispanic! IKR?

  18. I am doing ok. seeing dad kind of gave me a little peace, and some closure. still hard, but he really looked relaxed, and actually a little younger.

  19. The mall shooter was caught in my hometown of Oak Harbor. Turkish immigrant.

  20. (((hugs Jay)))

  21. (((HugzJay)))

  22. (((BroHugs Jay)))

  23. Dan is sick of my shit. As of 10/11, he is taking over. Blah blah tired of my shit. Trying to get 20-30 more years out of me. I never miss work. My sugars were all over the place last night. Could not stop shaking. If I freak at work they have to 911. Called out from work. I never do that.

  24. Dan is, of course, correct. Straighten up and fly right, missy.

  25. Actual Work Conversation CCLXVII:

    Me: “I’m sorry, but there are no dogs allowed except for service dogs. No exceptions.”

    Customer: “Well, couldn’t you make an exception for us?”


    Me [in actuality]: “I’m sorry, but no. We have to be consistent with this policy.”

  26. Always blame the health department for that, Sean.

  27. My other favorite tonight was the guy who wanted to blame us for the expensive items his son misplaced the last two times he was here. A pitching wedge and an iPhone, neither of which–shocker!–anybody turned in.

    Kind of not my problem. Sorry.

  28. I didn’t take the iPhone.

  29. When you wake up tomorrow
    You’ll be all alone
    All the derp that we had
    I have quickly outgrown
    I wanted to stay
    But I just couldn’t do it
    Couldn’t stand there
    And put you through it

  30. Good one, Sean, hadn’t heard that one in a long time.

  31. https://is.gd/nMMhXZ

  32. Pupster, all of the above.

  33. Though I have the coffee and I’m out of vodka.

  34. Can’t sleep either. Up at 6:15, just didn’t fight it today.

  35. His obituary is up, read if you like:


  36. Very nice Obit, Jay. Your Dad could be described as “Salt of The Earth.” The very best kind of people.

  37. One of the girls my mom lived with when she met my dad left a message on there. That was neat.

  38. That’s what I have to read, without reducing myself to a blubbering idiot.

  39. We should all hope to have such a long list of accomplishments and lives touched by ours when we pass.

    I think I jammed my right ring finger when my drill jumped yesterday. Hurt a little at the time, hurts a lot now and the swelling is so bad there’s a gap when my fingers are straight. I can still move it just fine, so I think the joint is just swollen, not broken. I did the same thing to the same finger when I was 15 or 16 and it eventually recovered. If it’s not improving by Tuesday I’ll see a doctor. The question is whether I can do yard work today.

  40. Leon, quick before Wiser gets here, final word, is brown rice any better than white rice?

    Asking for a friend.

  41. It’s harder to cook, has more nutrients.

    So it has to be better.

  42. Thank you for sharing that Jay. What mare said too.

  43. …about “Salt of the earth”, not the fcuking rice dammit

  44. When I use brown rice it’s usually to make a “congee” in the crockpot. Basically a cup or two of rice and a lot of chicken stock/water and let it cook forever to absorb the liquid. Add some meat and veggies and you’ve got a pretty tasty dish. Here’s an example I just picked after a quick search:


  45. The lady that does Mom’s hair insisted on doing her hair this morning before church, Just for her.

    For a little town (1000 in Elk Horn, 300 in Kimballton), there sure is a really high concentration of really nice people here. Mom has 2 fridges full of food.

  46. Excellent, thank you, Jay and Jimbro, but I will completely lie and tell wiser talking about food was your idea. RUUUUUUNNN!!

  47. that sounds really good, jimbro.

  48. leon, I’ve jammed my finger like that plenty of times. I think you’re right, if it keeps hurting after a day, go see one of Jimbro’s minions, who will amputate at that drop of a hat.

  49. wakey wakey

  50. you’re really late today, Car in. I’m assuming you’ve been working out.

  51. Jay, as much as I rip on people and those that I do, I think deserve it, there are lots of just really good people who do nice things because that’s how things are done.

    Love it.

    My dear, sweet dementia riddled Mother always says, “People are so nice to me, why are people so nice to me?”

    Probably because she is a smiler and makes those around her feel good.

  52. Carin, give us an update on your college daughter.

  53. Mom has 2 fridges full of food.

    That’s awesome. Same happened with my mom’s funeral, and it really helped with having all the family and friends from out of town and no one feeling like cooking for a crowd. One of Mom’s friends said he didn’t cook, but he brought a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, and a can of biscuits because he knew we’d need breakfast. God bless ’em.

  54. Okay, I’m going to go out and do something outdoorsy so I don’t sit home and watch the effing NFL. (also, so I won’t eat) I’m not even going to clean my kitchen first!*

    *Look, if I die while being outdoorsy would one of you come to my house and clean the kitchen? (It’s really just the counters and that one pan I used to make eggs.) So in death I’ll be remembered; “She was a clean person.”

  55. This book is being made into a movie


    It’s an interesting topic, probably able to be summed up in a long magazine article or extended blog post. I wonder if the scriptwriter and director will be able to pull it off without preaching about how evil da white folks iz

  56. One of Mom’s friends said he didn’t cook, but he brought a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, and a can of biscuits because he knew we’d need breakfast. God bless ’em.


    That’s good people!

  57. I have been up for hours, but I was hanging with hubby and bil before they left for work. I think I’m taking today off from working out (I’m sore from deadlifts from yesterday). I have a fake double today, so it’s a good day to take off.

    Hannah is doing well – I think. She’s got a job on campus- as the fitness center. SHe has one (honors) class that is really hard, but is designed that way. Basically it prepares them for the work they do their junior year. She was freaking out, but I suppose being told that it’s suppose to freak her out has calmed her down a bit.

    She texted me yesterday for pictures of Moose.

  58. Happy birthday to Jewstin and Tushar’s anchor babies.

  59. Sounds like she’s doing fine. Good!

  60. The guy who was the baby on Nirvana’s breakout album just posed again for the 25th anniversary of its release. He did the same thing at 15 years. What will make me giggle and, at that age, probably shart, is when he does it for the 50th anniversary.

  61. So the Turkish Mall shooter is mentally unstable. Is that we can now call radical islamists?

    Just wondering.

  62. I HATE taking a day off from working out.


    It’s one thing when I’m too busy. But I hate it when I actually have some time and don’t.

  63. Liberals want you to boycott the NFL.

  64. DUSTOFF = Dedicated Unhesitating Service To Our Fighting Forces.

    Google ‘Vietnam Dustoff’ when you get a chance.

  65. Liberals want you to boycott the NFL.

    I think there is truth in that.

    But I think the NFL is doing their share from within to make me not want to watch. And that whole “pink” month makes me want to puke.

  66. Paula went to the UMaine home game yesterday and noticed that they played the national anthem before the players even took the field. Good solution to the protests that will cool it off before too long.

  67. Jay, when you get an hour to kill


  68. Roomy: Check your email. I sent you a short video with your awesome NASA bike jersey.

  69. The Si Simmons in that first page in Scott’s google is one of dad’s service friends. the 57th is his unit.

  70. “She was a clean person.”


  71. Brown rice is a scam. No rice-eating culture touches it, because if you eat brown rice for all the calorie intake they rely on rice for, it will make you very sick. When I eat rice, I always eat white rice. Whenever possible I eat it reheated from cold, and always with vinegar now. Cinnamon too if it fits the application.

  72. Vinegar blunts insulin response, cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity. Do both after exercise and you almost can’t store fat even eating a nice plate of rice or potatoes. Won’t help with straight up sugar, though.

  73. I sent you a short video with your awesome NASA bike jersey.

    What other kind of video can you make, MJ?

  74. Roamy, thanks for the birthday wishes. The boys turned 9 today.

  75. Jay, you look very much like your father.

  76. Pupster is enjoying the weekend

  77. I might have to turn on the heat for a few minutes.
    It got down to 42 degrees last night.

  78. ^that is hilarious.

  79. I gotta go shower for work.

    No dicking bimbos while I’m gone.

  80. Howdy.

  81. I made a grave error executing my plan to easify my life.

  82. Happy birthday, Joo

  83. I work at a precast concrete factory. 15 hours every fucking day.

  84. Jay I watched your cyclones win one yesterday. Pretty sure they did it just for you.

  85. Happy birthday Tushar Twins!

  86. Jew, ju live an interesting life.

  87. Jeez, Jewstin.

    You have a knack for finding a particular type of employment.

  88. Man, window AC units turn into black mold factories if you don’t take them apart and clean them every year.

    What a pain in the ass.

  89. Heh, PG, might be the only one this year!

    Tushar, I actually look like my maternal grandmother. My brother is very similar to my father.

  90. Last two nights have been chilly here. Still no heat on but it may happen soon. My old rule was November 1st with woodstove fires before then but Paula doesn’t share my enthusiasm for sticking it to Big Oil.

  91. It is good to see you jewstin

  92. Lazy Messican: Yewstin, you like the yob?

    Me: What’s a yob?

  93. Happy birthday Jewstin. Good to see you. How’s the book coming?

    You are writing a book about these jobs aren’t you?

  94. A book about yobs. I will have to try that.

    Boyfriend and I are good. Separation is the key. Never talk to or spend time with a mate.

  95. Jewstin, show him your yunk.

  96. 37 degrees here yesterday.

    Happy Birthday, Jewstin and the Tushar Twins. “Tush Twins”???

  97. 2 AC units disassembled, cleaned, hosed, bleached.

    Parts are scattered everywhere.

  98. Show him your yunk.



    Happy Birthday, Jewstin!!

  99. Happy Birthday, Jewstin!

  100. Happy B’Day, Jewstin & Tushar twins!

  101. Somebody needs to organize a boycott of these idiots.

    (2nd to last paragraph is where the stupid is)


  102. Hi-lee-crap that’s dumb, Scott.

  103. Yeah, Wiser!!

  104. 2 huge slabs of ribs in the smoker. 5 friends coming for dinner at 6.

  105. Happy birthday, Yewstin.

  106. Happy birthday, Jewstin!

    And to the Tushar anchor-babies

  107. Hooray for Wiser. But not that douche Wiserbud.

  108. “5 friends coming for dinner”

    Why not 6?

  109. In between planes. Happy birthday Tushar Twins.

    Good to see the squirrel, happy birthday Jewstin.

  110. Wow. You can always count on Eli Manning for 2 bonehead plays per game, sometimes 3. Today it was 4.

  111. NYG vs Washington is always an ugly game.

    Too much hatred.

  112. Looking good, Wiserbud-San.

    *gong sound effect*

  113. Surprised they aired that way down there.

  114. That’s a damned fine looking golf cart.

  115. Any of y’all see the clip of the Penn State kicker leveling the Michigan returned from yesterday’s game? It is a thing of beauty. I’ll poat it if I can find it.

  116. http://www.foxsports.com/college-football/story/penn-states-husky-kicker-demolishes-michigan-kick-returner-092416

    Didn’t see it but it’s fun to watch!

  117. I’m kind of annoyed that we haven’t made ribs yet. Ever, I mean. We have never made ribs. Just some country-style ribs, but those are actually chops. Not real ribs.

    And I LOVE ribs.

    This is IT. After my next round of exams, I’m making ribs!!

  118. Paris http://tinyurl.com/h96jcok

  119. That’s it jimbro.

    My favorite part is that #5 intentionally whiffs on blocking him cause he don’t want any part of the big guy and then turns his head around just in time to see his partner get smoothgummed.

  120. hbd jewstin!

  121. Good day, husky kickers.

    (But not you, Husky kickers. People who kick dogs are scum.)

  122. I yust got home and it’s still day time.

  123. Hoo boy, James Comey is a real piece of shit.

  124. Happy birfday, Jewstin. I got you this shirt:


  125. Hahaha….nice, Sean.

  126. That’s a damned fine looking golf cart.

    I’m turning it into my “bug-out” vehicle. when the shit hits the fan, that thing is gonna be the difference betw

  127. een me living and dying.

  128. Yay! The Samurai is driving around! Awesome!

  129. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t have to make any sharp turns.

  130. Thanks for all the b’day wishes for my midgets.

  131. D’OH! Must’ve missed that it was the Anchor Babies’ birfday, too. Hope they’ve had a great day, Scary Brown Dad.

  132. Ladypug http://tinyurl.com/jva2q5e

  133. Is that Jeff Goldblum’s pet?

  134. Mini-me dashed in to tell me “arm was broken!” and some other breathlessly garbled shit. Finally figured out it was the *trebuchet* arm that was broken before I called an ambulance. Geez, this is why I see more gray hair every day. Still not good with 6 days to competition.

    Pastitsio, salad, and apple crisp for dinner.

  135. Boyfriend threw a birthday party last night. We had jello shots. I don’t recall dead hookers or blow but anything is possible.

  136. To be fair, a lot of people with broken arms spew breathlessly garbled shit until the drugs kick in

  137. Arnold Palmer died.

  138. I wanted jungle juice rather than jello shots but I think running out of baby cups of chilled booze was the better option.

  139. Arnold Palmer invented a great drink.

  140. Goddamnit I fucking hate 2016….

  141. *pours out 20 oz of iced tea and 20 oz of lemonade*

  142. Wiser, hasn’t this been one of the worst?

  143. Fast forward to November, Mare.

    * drinks *

  144. Arnold Palmer was an old school gentleman. A dying breed.

  145. Scott, there is ONE thing that could salvage 2916.

  146. Scott, there is ONE thing that could salvage 2916.

    Agreed. Commodore Xorg FINALLY defeating the F’Wyh’Ganx Mecha-Emperor in hand-to-claw combat.

  147. Is that Klingon?

  148. It’s pan-galactic Welsh. The Welsh really get their shit together sometime in the 27th century.

  149. OFFS, commenting from a phone sucks ass!!

    Clint, are the Longmire books better than the TV show?

  150. Happy Birthday Tushar Twins!!!

  151. Remember when Rosetta called Tushar’s kids the cutest anchor babies?

    Oh, how I miss that funny man.

  152. Happy Birthday Jewstin! Second on the book idea. You could be our very own Mike Rowe

  153. ‘Floyd’s balls’ still comes up on page one of a google image search.

  154. Happy birthday, Jewstin and Anchor Babies!

    Got a new bathroom scale this weekend – apparently our old scale was reading a few pounds light just before it gave up the ghost. Dammit.

  155. What a wonderful man your father was, Jay. I am quite sure that he was very proud of you {{{hugs}}}.

  156. He was a badass, the good kind.

  157. Boyfriend threw a birthday party last night. We ha

    WAIT. Jewstin has a boyfriend now. Did I miss this news, or is he just slipping it in all causal-like?

  158. The Longmire books are WAY better than the series. Easily one of my favorite series.

  159. Cyn is MIA, jewstin has a boyfriend, TIFW is getting new parts.

  160. I can’t believe how many people showed up for the visitation. Lots of relatives I haven’t seen in a long time, and some of my friends from high school, too.

  161. I knew the other two things. Last I knew Jewstin was going on various dates.

    Has he changed his face douche status? How serious is this?

  162. I will most likely be choking a bitch next weekend. I have a second Sunday shift in a row and someone else is pressuring me to pick up Saturday evening.

    FML. It was all I could do to not kill someone today.

  163. I almost cut a couple bitches last night, Ca rin.

  164. Choke the fuck out of that bitch. I wil offer alibi.

  165. Okay, this is why Yelp is fucking useless. This is an actual one star review of our establishment:

    The driving range is good. But the customer service is bad. Came here for a Saturday warm up.left the tablet on the bench went putting didn’t even left the premise and the tablet is gone. The customer sevice shows a don’t care attitude toward the customer. Just lost my favorite spot. Not coming back til the issue is resolved.

    This dillweed left his tablet behind and went over to a completely different area of the range, and someone swiped it. I don’t remember this guy coming to me, so maybe whoever was working could have been a little more tactful about this, but how the fuck is this our fault? Ridiculous.

  166. I H8 Sundays during football season. Between becoming Mexico for a day and being treated like shit from men who can’t sac up and tell their wives they want to watch football it totes sux to work Sunday. We open at 10. State law doesn’t allow package booze sales before noon. Put up signs. Block off area. Assholes think that they are the HRC of booze laws

  167. California is a terribly fucked up state, but at least I can buy booze at the grocery store 7 days a week.

  168. Between 6 AM and 2 AM, anyway.

  169. We have grocery sales too. Just not before noon on Sunday. Getting used to other state’s laws are weird. PA. TX. FL. TN. I’d rather deal with gun laws! ❤️😂❤️😂

  170. I’m watching Longmire season 5 on Netflix. It has Katie Sackhoff in black panties, so life is good.

  171. So, this is what 26 years of marriage looks like…Dan: I have to get up at 4. You’re off tomorrow. Do you mind sleeping on the couch? Oso: Meh

  172. Oso, Allsups in tx stop selling beer at 11:00 even though the law allows it to be sold until midnight. I asked the young scholar behind the counter why they did it that way and his answer was that it’s because Allsups is headquartered in nm and they’re on mountain time. Makes as much sense as anything I guess.

  173. Math mfer do you have it? You should be able to buy until 1AM. Gah! You can still get death burritos though!

  174. Deep fried gut bombs are available 24/7/365.

  175. Mmmm…Allsup’s death burrito

  176. Ride, Cowboy, ride

  177. Dominic ergonomically redesigned pencils.

  178. at least he’s employing a lot of ppl through his redesign efforts

  179. is that colex’s sister?

  180. I’ve been up since before 4.

    wakey wakey muthafockers.

  181. Working on MMM now.

  182. Sean, puck that dude and his stupid tablet. Yelp is useless.

  183. Do we have a drinking game for tonight’s debate? I think it should be – dems have to drink every time hillary coughs. PER cough.

  184. Wow. Nice to always have someone else to blame for your own carelessness.

    Now it’s customer service’s job to watch his stuff? Are you supposed to be vulching on absolutely everybody one-on-one, or just swoop down like Spiderman when you sense trouble? Does he also need you to clip his mittens to his jacket for him?

    Just lost my favorite spot.

    I’d say he’s the one with the problem, then. Ridiculous. I’m sure the other patrons on yelp can see what a jackass complaint this is.

    That said, I had an absolutely miserable day at work yesterday, and it was partly because I did a disservice to a customer. Accidentally, of course and I still feel rotten about it. Total misunderstanding. I had to call people and apologize. That part felt pretty good. Unburdening, you know. But I’m not 100% better about it.

    Fortunately I’m not a nurse yet, so nobody exploded in a shower of blood. It was just a washing machine transaction. But dang, even some simple things can get remarkably fucked up when miscues happen.

  185. Good morning, dick. Good morning, bimbo.

    Just took a practice test and now I get to go to school and take the real one.

  186. Looks like at least two weeks of mild Fall weather coming. Perfect. Gonna plant my cold frame.

  187. I’m waiting for the new poat before I start bloviating.

    /sips coffee

  188. It’s done.

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