Autumnal Equinox Edition

When I read an article about some group honoring  the folk singer John Prine it mentioned a song some other musicians performed at the ceremony (which I’ve totally forgotten the name of). Naturally I looked it up and it was okay. It didn’t make me want to listen to more though. At the end of the video it had a bunch of suggested songs to listen to. One caught my eye and I clicked play. Holy moley, talk about unlistenable! But the imagery in the video is straight out of a work by Hieronymus Bosch, or The Boscher, as my frat brothers* called him. Turn the volume down and enjoy Little Big’s (***NSFW***) rendition of “Hateful Love”.

You’ll note the inclusion of balloon tanks and guns, scantily clad models, creepy clowns, cat metaphors and Kalashnikov rifles. And a singer who is a dwarf! Get it?!? LITTLE Big? Anyway, it got me thinking about why that video would be suggested after searching for a folk song. You Tube, owned by Google (in the tank for Hillz), must have some sort of algorithm that knows what I want to see or maybe it’s Pay For Play, music industry edition.

Ah, the good old days!


Style icon will wear this on her next fundraising trip


Thanks Obama!


It’s been a good week to have a vacation. I was wicked busy last week and this has been the perfect week to chill out before the cooler weather arrives. I haven’t got much done but I did make chili! Boy #2 turns 13 this weekend and I got him a new deer rifle which will hopefully arrive before the party.


*Disclosure: I was never in a frat.


  1. re., that song up top: WTF was that?

  2. I saw some Scotch Eggs when I was in Londonistan. First I’d ever heard or seen of them. I wasn’t brave enough to buy one and eat it though. I didn’t eat any Spotted Dick either.

    Spotted Dick is basically an 18th century “pudding”, it’s supposed to be pretty good. Scotch Eggs are great, though they are primarily bar food, and I’m not making authentic ones. The real recipe basically calls for a shell of fried ham “loaf” (minced ham, breadcrumbs, onion, etc) and I’m just using sausage from a tube.

  3. Little Big may be a Russian psyops project designed to make Amerikkka further weaken.

    Even this article describing them (by comparison with other bands) name drops a few bands I’ve never heard of before.

  4. I couldn’t watch the video at all. It made me want to hurt people for making it.

  5. Would the video make you gather arms and like-minded comrades to storm an embassy or block a highway?

  6. The people who made it won’t be harmed by such acts, so my mind drifted to scenarios more like something out of The Mechanic.

  7. i learned a new word while watching this guys video –
    start at around 7 or 8 minutes if you’re bored enough to click on it…

    n e way the word is Dindu – he calls the rioters in NC part of the Dindu Nation – he nails it.

    Was MJ co-opted by the Dindu’s?

  8. that littlebig video is fantastic –
    you’re a hateful commie dindu if you pan a music video featuring a gun toting midget chick singing a love ballad

  9. He dindu nuffin. He was a goo’ boy. He was goan t’church.*

    *it is racist to note that this is said about 100% of Gentle Giants killed by police personnel while attempting to kill said police personnel

  10. the naked rocking horse would make a great H2SS –
    so i did a quick search –
    got this:

    my search thingy must need a little tweaking

  11. That Thanks Obama is an LOL.

  12. you’re a hateful commie dindu if you pan a music video featuring a gun toting midget chick singing a love ballad

    It also used meat as a skateboard. As a carnivore, that offended me.

  13. their horrendous treatment of those 2 poor snakes that dindu nuffin’
    is the only sketchy part of the video –

  14. wakey wakey

  15. I thought you were joking about dindu.

  16. The entire squad of the WNBA Indiana Fever franchise kneeled on the floor during the anthem. If the media didn’t cover it, perhaps 100 people would have witnessed it.

  17. jimes i should make that my new avatard

  18. Dindu? It really covers a lot of bases for you. Something goes wrong? Accused of a crime? Just activate the dindu card and you’ll be in the clear!

  19. I wonder if MJ looted a few extra iPads. I could buy one off of him.

  20. I just feel bad I can’t protest the WNBA by vowing to never watch another one of their games.

  21. “Honey! Are we out of clam dip? Oh!”

  22. The Life of Pupster

  23. Were the only wnba players protesting the anthem because we as a country have dissapointed them because of their being black or because of their being butchy lesbos?

  24. Looks like I might need some coffee.

  25. Moar coffee is always the right decision.

  26. I undercooked my eggs. Got one good scotch egg, and one pile of sausage, eggs, and flax meal.

    Darn. I guess I’ll just eat it anyhow. A hipster might call the pile a ‘deconstruction’, but I’m just calling it a pile.

  27. I’m holding off until Paula wakes up. She worked 7-7 and stumbled upstairs around 0800. So far it’s been 2 1/2 big cups of black coffee. I’m betting she’ll be up by noon.

  28. Unrelated topics but sorta related

    When a cop shoots a black guy the media and BLM say we have to form committees to investigate the police and educate/retrain them to be more open to those different than them.

    Two thoughts:

    1. Why can’t we consider them “lone wolf cops” not indicative of other cops?

    2. Why don’t Muslims need to be investigated and educated or retrained to be more accepting of those different than them?

  29. Man, that was filling. I’ll be shocked if I’m hungry again before nightfall.

  30. Because all cops become male white racist klansmen the moment they put on the badge, and because Muslims run the federal government. The time is ripe for a McCarthy-style hunt for Muslim Brotherhood.

  31. To your 9:55 point re: Muslims run the federal government. Try not to vomit.

  32. This is from a comment at Ace’s and encapsulates how I feel about the BLM bullshit:

    Why is the brother of guy who was killed by a BLACK cop giving interviews yelling that all whites are, “fucking devils!”

    Because the black suspect shot by the black cop who works under the supervision of a black police chief in a congressional district represented by a black congresswoman in a country with a black Attorney General and a black president was clearly the victim of institutional raaaaaaacism in a country where black folks just can’t get any power!
    Posted by: TrivialPursuer at September 22, 2016 08:52 AM (NnYnv)

  33. Very well put.

  34. CT just went from “likely” Hillary to “leans” Hillary.

    This is huge.

  35. I blame Wiser and his radio show. He must be converting them in droves.

  36. Trump has a chance here. There are a lot of angry people out there, and our liberal governor has a disapproval rating of 70%.

    That dick just paid Sikorsky Aircraft $220 million to not leave the state.

  37. trump in CT? truly the end times.

    still think Hillary wins, somehow trump will mess it up. it’s what he’s there for.

  38. Trump should campaign there and talk about all the businesses that have left the state, drawing parallels to all the jobs that have left the country for the same reasons.

  39. Butternut squash is taking over

  40. My pumpkin patch is the same size as the garden out back now. Expanding nicely into the front yard and reducing my lawnmower burden.

  41. it’s the gop that caused the issues in CT, silly.

  42. you should mow with a flamethrower

  43. Flamethrowers are for weeding, silly. Ponies are for lawnmowing.

  44. a two’fer:

  45. it’s fun being a chauffeur. drive everyone around, and no one let’s you pay for anything, and you get to sit and play on the innertubes.

  46. … and billions of dollars are being poured into R&D to eliminate your job.

  47. For some reason we have no plastic lawn rakes here. They may have migrated to camp. So I bought 2 earlier this week at Walmart and when I was pulling them out of my truck I noticed a tag on the rake part. It said words to the effect of “Before using rake put this screw in lowest hole in handle”. Lo and behold there was a 3/4″ length wood screw stuck in the plastic and an empty screw hole in the handle/rake junction. That was a genuine WTF moment for me. I tried to figure out the reasoning for it. Does it really save the company money to leave the screw out?; Is there some clause on the interstate transport of non-assembled rakes?; Is it because they can be damaged during transport if secured by the screw?; Do they want to make the purchaser feel like they assembled their rake?

    WTF Gardex ?!?!?

  48. I’m starting to get hungry. I may need to wake my sandwich maker by grinding some coffee beans and making a pot of coffee.

  49. I may have come into possession of a few TVs. Any takers?

  50. Jimbro, they probably ship the heads and handles separately. Too much time/effort to have a store employee put in the screw.

  51. Why is there a painting of that skank yoko ono at Ace’s?


    warning – may not be safe for your hearing

  53. i look forward to hotspur’s analysis

  54. Ah Pepe, the obvious answer eluded me!

  55. She’s a cunt.

  56. So how long before L&O: SVU does a “ripped from the headlines” episode based on Anthony Weiner?

    Of course, on the show, he will be a Republican…..

  57. He’s a cunt.

  58. So Hotspur, how many puppies have you kicked today?

  59. They protested the hell out of that guy.

  60. I think Trump and every conservative talk show host (radio and TV) needs to hammer home the difference between a protest and a riot.

  61. They protested the hell out of that guy.

    It’s not too harsh when you consider that he is a white devil.

  62. BLM destroying a CVS: protest
    Tea Party standing on the Mall: riot

  63. I can’t wait to find a gif of the angry black woman screaming “I got a purpose”.

    I denounce myself in advance

  64. Clickbait for Leon

  65. That clip of Hillary screaming at the camera is quite disturbing.

    She’s a cunt.

  66. Cameraman needs to take 8 steps to the left…

  67. The Hyatt Gun shop in Charlotte reported they had a line at the door this morning at opening.

  68. Best time to stock up?

    Now or yesterday or even further back

  69. Im looking to upgrade for from 12 guage pump to 12 guage autoload. Thoughts?

  70. gun store is probably looted.

  71. Here you go, PG

  72. Great minds, Jimbro. I have an older Benelli and it’s fantastic.

  73. Butternut squash is taking over

    Your gardener’s a babe.

  74. I looked at the Benelli but got this one

    Still room in the safe for the M4

  75. What’s with all the double postings at Ace’s?

  76. _What’s with all the double postings at Ace’s?


  78. Double posting is a feature not a bug. It is the triple post where much hilarity ensues

  79. The latest Hillary video should just about kill any chance she had left.

    She is the worst candidate of all time.

  80. Weiner’s in hot water again. This time he broke the law, not just his marriage vows.

  81. I think the parents screwed up by taking it to the media.

    If they approached a lawyer instead, she would be set for life.

  82. Wiener Hush Monies.

  83. Hillary’s IT guy is going down.

  84. I’d like to take a moment to thank God for Linda Tripp, without whom Hillary might be ahead by… well, not 50, but she’d be doing better.

  85. Just got back to Charlotte.

    It sucks. These people need to be introduced to Mr Firehose.

  86. Stay safe MJ. How’s the missus?

  87. Dan made Posole. I don’t even like posole. Eat it up yum

  88. I’d like to introduce them to Mr. Pump Shotgun Loaded With Rock Salt and Nails.

  89. Stay safe MJ. How’s the missus?
    Thanks, fag. She’s good. A little freaked out to see our normal hangouts getting trashed. The area that you’re seeing on TV is where we moved from 7 months.

  90. And then another shotgun shell loaded with malt vinegar.

  91. And a fourth loaded with tuna and mayo.

  92. I wonder if you would be able to sell that place now?

  93. These people need to be introduced to Mr Firehose.

    You mean a hose that shoots fire?


  94. According to her IT guy, Hillary was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009.

    He left that on Reddit when he was looking for help.

  95. She’s good. A little freaked out to see our normal hangouts getting trashed.

  96. Good night. Already on fire. Love you guys. Stay strong.

  97. HA! Laura’s friend had a kid like this. Monkey baby.

  98. I was a monkey baby. Asperger before it was cool

  99. Maybe you should go down there and urge calm, MJ.

  100. Man. Belichick is a genius.

  101. I’ll say that after the game. Can’t relax now, but so far so good.

  102. Do not click, unless you have tolerance for Tushar’s WTF links

  103. That’s not normal?


  105. For a guy who looks like a hobo, this guy is surprisingly mature and erudite.

  106. Skip the part where the athlete is talking

  107. Glad you guys are safe MJ.

    Any chance you can score me a hair weave if you’re out?

  108. Pro tip: If you set CVS on fire first, you can get in and out of the beauty place without anyone noticing.

  109. George Soros owns Walgreen’s stock.

  110. If it wasn’t for the weird shit Lil’ Wayne has all over his body, he’d be an okay dude.

  111. Has anyone asked smokeybehr for his/her current total bullwhip count?

  112. Fuck CVS.

  113. cozy in here –

    everyone must be out dicking bimbos and burning down CVS’s

  114. Danny’s errands required planning.

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