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Our subject today is a Glamour Model from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Wales, UK, Britain, England.  She stands 5’6″, has a 30F upper-midsection and probably smells like bacon and purple lilacs.  Please don’t kill the fantasy and welcome, Miss Dylan Hardy!


















  1. Well, she’s just a little scamp!

  2. I don’t like her weiner in the last picture.

  3. A ginger??

    *says prayer for pups soul to be returned

  4. First time for everything I guess.

  5. I think it’s neat Hillary has found a 3 day cure for pneumonia. I hope she shares it with the world.

  6. Def a buck twenty

  7. Carline wakey wakey.

    I liked homeschooling better.

  8. I demand bigger bewbs!

  9. Her mons is damn near a mountain.

  10. I like her, I bet she looks nice in dresses and such.

  11. Serious question: if a zombie apocalypse breaks out, and I just smear some blood on myself, paint a fake wound and start shambling around, will the zombies think I am one of them and leave me alone, or will they see through the ruse and come after me?

  12. You will have effectively camouflaged yourself among them, Tushar.

  13. Depends on which universe you’re in. Wouldn’t work with cordyceps zombies in The Last of Us, but it works in The Walking Dead.

  14. Does Hotspur have the new iPhone yet?

  15. I find Miss Hardy quite fetching.

  16. Where’s Ms. Laurel? I thought they were a team.

  17. I’m in line for the new iPhone.

    Oh look, there’s hotspur.

  18. “Laurel” is what Ms Hardy calls her mons.

  19. Harry Reid is so loathsome he may be worse than Hillary. I’m calling it, yes, yes he is worse than Hillary. That’s a pretty fricken high bar.

  20. I think it’s sort of funny to see the old people like Reid, Bill C, and Pickles trying the attacks that worked 10 years ago.

    They just seem dated. Everything seems so yesterday.

  21. I’ll give her this…Hillary has established the lowest bar of all time.

    Do not die on TV.

  22. Can any of you explain the creepy clown in woods by schools phenomenon to me?

  23. Wait, is that already self explanatory?

  24. “Can any of you explain the creepy clown in woods by schools phenomenon to me?”

    It either ISIS or the DNC.

  25. “….the DNC.”


  26. I thought at least one of those turned out to be a hoax.

  27. >>I find Miss Hardy quite fetching.

    I would like Miss Hardy fetching me sandwiches

  28. I would like Miss Hardy to fetch me sandwiches too.

  29. Good morning. Sorry I’m late.

  30. I was dicking a bimbo.

    Your mom says “Hi”.

  31. will the zombies think I am one of them and leave me alone, or will they see through the ruse and come after me?

    …only if you’re as good an actor as Bill Murray.

  32. All I know, is if I see a clown in the woods, that’s where they are going to find the dead body in a clown costume.

  33. I really wish John Kasich won the primary.

  34. You misspelled “died in a house fire”.

  35. Can any of you explain the creepy clown in woods by schools phenomenon to me?

    Harry Reid taking a vacation from the Senate.

  36. Mash up two chocolates and create your own

  37. GRAINS!!!!!!

    —-Vegan Zombie

  38. I’m trying not to Lol at a subway.

    Troy’s clown comment and PD’s house fire comment made me laugh.

    Also, is it wrong when the guy at Subway says, “6i inch?” I reply, “I prefer bigger.”

  39. The news linked to Drudge’s ‘Trump trolls media’ headline is a fun read.

  40. Drudge headline:

    Trump Trolls Media

    These Pickles lapdogs got played – again.

    Fucking hilarious.

  41. Hahahahaha

    *fist bumps Tushar*

  42. Hotspur,

    It is like Trump is Lucy and the media is Charlie Brown. Every. Fucking. Time.

  43. Just read the article.

    Trump not only just fucked their wife, he nutted in her face and offered one of their shirts for her to clean herself up.

  44. It’s very entertaining watching these shills piss and moan.

    Trump got them to sit through 40 minutes of endorsements by military leaders and medal recipients, before they realized they were duped – that had to be the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in a long long time.

  45. I agree, Trump played this beautifully.

    WTFF are the media idiots talking/caring about where Obama was born? He’s not running for President. That’s what Trump/Pence/Any GOPer should say.

  46. Then when he tied the birther movement to Hillary, their fucking heads exploded. If he keeps this up it’s going to be fun.

  47. This will make Leon weak in the knees.

  48. Think about it, this was planned, for awhile at least, in order to have the MOH recipients and Gold Star moms and what not to attend.

    I heard Trump’s campaign manager on the radio yesterday and she seems to be a sharp cookie. Evidently so.

  49. Holy Ganish. That was some epic trolling.

  50. The press is made up of Top Men.

  51. >>The press is made up of Top Men.


  52. Small-fingered vulgarian outwits small-brained journalists!

  53. Journalists are mentally deficient. And cry babies. And whiners. And dicks.

  54. They really do deserve every bit of scorn that can be heaped upon them. They’re dishonest, elitist, narcissistic, and think they deserve access.

    I suppose I should have shortened that and just said, “They’re democrats.”

  55. I think they’re just lazy.

    Why bother doing any research when you can just copy/paste from someone else or type out your view which is always the correct one?

  56. This is a few days old, but perfectly illustrates the MSM.

  57. Speaking of lazy.

    Nothing worse than a lazy BJ.

  58. That was just Trump dicking bimbos in his own way.

  59. Actually not true. A lazy BJ is bad but reading Allahpundit purse his lips and harrumph over anything good for Trump is worse.

    Just come out of the closet for Pickles already. I mean, how long is this defender of fake conservatism going to defend his boyfriend?

    I like Cruz, but I’m fairly sure he’s not running.

  60. I liked how the MSM declared it necessary for Trump to release his medical records.

    Just as soon as Obama gives up his grades.

  61. Racist


  63. Why bother doing any research when you can just copy/paste from someone else or type out your view which is always the correct one?

    what MJ said.

  64. What are we talking about?

  65. What’s worse than bad sex.

    You go first.

  66. Doing Hotspur’s laundry. The whites.

  67. >>Doing Hotspur’s laundry. The whites.

    Allegedly white

  68. What are we talking about?

    Crossfit, Gardening, and the importance of tipping 20%, but we’ve moved beyond that and now we’re talking about laundry.

  69. Laphroaig.

    *ducks and runs in a serpentine pattern*

  70. Bad prison sex.

  71. Trivia time:

    Hotspur’s mom coined the term “rear-ended” during fleet week.

    The meaning has evolved over time……..

  72. I’ll just hang out with you juvenile delinquents for while.

    It’s Friday.

  73. That’s right, it’s Friday night!

    Off to work.

  74. *throws a tenspot at Hotspur’s mom on my way out the door*

  75. A tenspot? Wow, 100% tip. :)

  76. >>Hotspur’s mom coined the term “rear-ended” during fleet week.

    The term ‘Rear Admiral ‘ also originated during fleet week.

    What is the vice of the Vice Admiral?
    The rear of the Rear Admiral.

  77. Who’s taken more penis in the ass, MJ, Pepe, or Tushar?

  78. Watch it, Brown Man. . .

  79. Chief, I was just thinking about you. How you been?

  80. I’m old and my knees hurt so, fucking wonderful! 😀

  81. They can fix those, ya know?

  82. Have to ride in a cart to play golf but. . . I am on the right side of the grass.

  83. As long as you haven’t been dicking bimbos, you should be fine.

  84. Single payer = Rationed care. Anyone tells you different is either stupid or a Democrat.

  85. Baby Hillary

  86. Chief, I got you to comment, and that is an achievement. I fear nothing.

  87. Chief, get those knees replaced. Dave is happy with his titanium knees.

  88. Are you sure, Tushar? Maybe he can’t walk over to the computer to log in.

  89. **puts outfit from 5th pic on wish list**

  90. Tally ho, ho talliers.

  91. I haven’t tallied a ho since that time with your mom.

  92. Your tally is wack, yo.

  93. You Caucasians be all fucked up. And shit.

  94. So some neer do wells moved in on the block across the street. They reside at the other end and up from the corner. Since they have moved in, there as been a sudden spate of vehicle break ins on my block. This weekends project is mission “get the fucking message”.

    Any ideas? Methods? All suggestions are helpful to the creative process.

    PS I know I could send Spurs mom, but that would just be cruel and excessive.

  95. Beat the biggest one to death with a lunch tray. They’ll respect that.

  96. And Sean proves you can learn stuff in jail. Well done Sean

  97. You may have to spend some time in The Hole for that, but you’ve been in Hotspur’s mom’s hole anyway, so you can do this standing on your head.

  98. Method….distance delivery against glass? Re purposed election “sign” in yard? Hmmmm..jackrock the driveway…….

  99. Send them a series of anonymous letters about how you know what they’re doing and threatening serious consequences if they don’t stop. But be vague about what you know–that way you can see if any other nefarious activities cease.

  100. i see you malingerers are in fine form today…

  101. if they own the place a window a week gets annoying;
    or so i’ve heard

    a tire a week can be just as irritating i would imagine

  102. Who you calling a malingerer? I’m at work RIGHT NOW.

  103. and?

  104. Fucking Trump walks on stage in Miami and says How you Deplorables doing tonight? (or words to that effect)

    Too fucking funny. He kicked some political ass today and chumped the MSM.

  105. and?

    And your mom says not to wait up for her.

  106. sean could you post the link to your last column again preez…? i didn’t finish it and forgot were it be

  107. >>Comment by roamingfirehydrant on September 16, 2016 6:36 pm
    **puts outfit from 5th pic on wish list**

    I will be in my bunk.

  108. if trump continues to listen to ailes he might not lose in an electoral landslide

  109. Lately I had gotten into the habit of having a Scotch every Friday.
    Then I realized that although controlled, it is a tad excessive.
    Besides, it is no fun drinking in moderation.

    So, I decided that I will get piss drunk once a month, rather than a bit drunk every week. I havent had a stiff one since I met Laura, Wiser, Scott and Andy in late July. Speaking of which, have I mentioned lately that I love you all? If not, consider yourselves loved.

    So, today is the day. I am already 3 Indians (apart from the default one Indian. No scratch that. I am an American now). Over the next two hours, you might read some incoherent rants from me. Do try to ignore them.

  110. There is a part of my brain that is very conspiratorial.

    So here goes a theory:

    Murdoch and Fox are all in for Trump, but they don’t want to be seen helping Trump. But want to lend a helping hand. So, give him your sharpest brain. But people would tie it back to Fox. So have him do a bit disgraceful exit from Fox. So he is free to help Trump without having Fox paw-prints over the whole deal.

    Ailes resigning in disgrace should have fuelled coverage from other networks for weeks. That did not happen. I wonder why.


  112. thanks

  113. Howdy, y’all

  114. Hey there klanette!

  115. Ha ha ha! Niggaz would nigg.

  116. MJ, I prefer to be called Deplorable! The NC clown was the hoax. SC was not. Stoopid Yankees

  117. “I havent had a stiff one since I met Laura, Wiser, Scott and Andy in late July.”

    I am still hungover from that.

  118. The thing I like about NeverTrump Sean Moore? He isn’t constantly posting anti-Trump crap 24/7. Some of us H8 Pickles more than the Doll-handed Cheeto. We have decided to take one for the team #NeverHillary. FFS I voted for Juan McCain and I despise him. He’s right there with Searchlight IMHO.

  119. Chick I know who just got out of her second stint in rehab in the last few months is posting pics of herself smoking pot on Facechimp. I give it a month, tops, before she’s back to using meth.

  120. Cabal meeting in L8 July? Noted

  121. >>I am still hungover from that.

    The fuck? You didn’t even drink! I was watching.

  122. Did the Cabal decide who was going to call Cyn?

  123. Beer doesn’t count. Beer is the alcohol of teenagers. And fags. You are neither.

  124. Oso, two things:
    1. The cabal operates in mysterious ways. An occasional slip of the tounge while intoxicated should be discounted.
    2. What is up with Cyn? Does anyone know? Does someone need to go to Arizona to check on her? I am worried.

  125. Ok, if we need a volunteer, I volunteer. Just give me her contact details.

  126. I have lost one dear friend. I don’t want to lose another.

  127. She sent me an email the other day, Tush. Kinda cryptic. It just said, “Sell the house. Sell the car. Sell the kids. Find someone else. Forget it. I’m never coming back. Forget it.”

  128. Sean. You know I am drunk as a skunk. You know how it is. Don’t toy with my emotions.

    The Indian meter is reading 6.71

  129. did she shave her head with bowie knife?

    if not, it’s nothing serious

  130. Heh. Google that quote when you sober up.

  131. Sean, when I sober up, I am coming to CA to kidnap your dog Riley, and give you a severe wet willy.

  132. I emailed Cyn a few times.

    No answer. She may have quit us for good.

  133. MJ, but why? We are a bunch of assholes, but we are the kind of assholes Cyn can put up with

  134. 7.39

  135. so i’ve been following the epipen story with wry amusement – these dumb fucks will never admit that government involvement in anything that requires intelligence, commitment, and drive will only sink the endeavor… the dummies in DC and various State Capitols have done their best to fuck up new drug discovery and development & that in turn puts financial pressure on existing/mature drugs.

  136. *whispers*

    She is Mare.

  137. No response to my texts either.

  138. this is government:

  139. I’m off the Epipen train. Very selective about what I eat, breathe, or touch. Thanks, Obama


  141. scott did you buy a gamo whisper?

  142. If you like your epipen you can keep your epipen.

  143. i’ve just recently been using mine. the trigger is horrific.
    i replaced it with one of these:

  144. Last batch of cucumber pickles started in brine tonight.

    *sad violins*

    Still plenty of other stuff coming along in the garden.

    *happy fiddles*

  145. Yes, I have one but I don’t have a problem with the trigger now.

    It took a while.

  146. कहीं दूर जब दिन ढल जायें
    सांझ की दुल्हन बदन चुराये
    चुपकेसें आये
    मेरे खयाॅंलों के आंगन मे
    कोई सपनोंके दीप जलाये
    नजरं न आयें

  147. When the sun sets
    The evening shadows steal my spirit
    I can’t see, but in the depths of my dreams
    Someone lights up the lamps of hope
    I can’t see them, but they are there.

  148. Sorry about that. Just the vestigial remnants of my ethnic upbringing.

  149. I will never give osita shit for her Spanglish comments again.

  150. Very funny, Sean. You live… Till we meet.

  151. Ha!

  152. sean’s being threatened with tushar’s vestigial remnant

  153. Is Tush smoking dope or drinking?

  154. Tushar, we love every bit of who you are. Never apologize for the poetry that informs your spirit. Poetry is never truly ethnic; it is the universal music that nourishes and animates all people’s inherent faggotry.

    We all have that kind of faggy poetry pussy-shit inside of us. It is what makes us human, and worthy of scorn and painful arm-punches.

    <3 <3 <3

    Alcohol makes it worse, I've found.

  155. …or better, depending on your vantage point and BAC.

  156. For all the Cinco de quatros…today is Messican Independence day. El Grito. Black Americans get the shortest month. Messicans get mid-month that includes Columbus Day. AKA Indigenous People Day. Yawn

  157. Laura, if I was anywhere near you, and Scott was nowhere to be found, I would smooch… your hand.

    Glad that someone appreciates me for what I am, faggy poetry and all.

    **glares menacingly as Sean**

  158. Poetry is never truly ethnic; it is the universal music that nourishes and animates all people’s inherent faggotry.

    This is true. Maya Angelou and Robert Frost may not have looked much alike on the outside, but within each of them stirred the heart of a faggy-ass pussy.

  159. Maya Angelou was a fraud!

  160. Sean speaking truth. I know why the caged bird sings at the road less traveled. GHEY

  161. Fish heads
    Fish heads
    Roly poly fish heads
    Fish heads
    Fish heads
    Eat them up yum

  162. Glad that someone appreciates me for what I am, faggy poetry and all.

    Someone? Hah! You’re surrounded. But I think you already knew that.

    OK, I have to work tomorrow. Goodnight, kids. Stim you later.

  163. G’night Lauraw

  164. Ok, now that laura is gone, I can reveal what I truly think about her – as I always tell my wife, Laura is one woman who has a better sense of humor than 99.99% of men. She is awesome.

    Truly, Scott is the luckiest man I know.

  165. I used to believe the old saw that women weren’t funny…then I discovered the HQ and Lauraw.

  166. sleepy time –
    monkeyboy out

  167. Does it count if the funny woman we’re talking about isn’t, you know…

    *looks around for her*

    …exactly human?

  168. see ya later, ya great ape.

    I might topple soon too…

  169. You take that back right now, Sean!

    Or I will come down and shit in each one of your 18 holes.

  170. Wow! Sean is brave while The Hump gently sleeps

  171. Look, I know you’re fond of her and all, but she’s a self-admitted monster filled with poison who spends a large chunk of her free time trying to murder me.

    Other than that, luverly girl.

  172. Our POS Versa has no amenities. It does have an emergency trunk release from inside the trunk. Dan keeps trying to get me to test it.

  173. Oso, Nissan Versa is one of the greatest automobiles ever built. It gives the most miles for the least amount of money. You may not appreciate it, but I am 100% with Dan about what a wonderful vehicle it is.

  174. Tush, ours has NO amenities. Roll down windows. Driver side keyed entry. Manual transmission. Visited my Padrino at the heart hospital last week. Their car has everything! All the bells and whistles! Who cares that they’ve had to AARP up on long road trips twice. GPS and rear vehicle video TALKS BACK!!!

  175. We could leave the Versa with windows down and doors unlocked and it would still be there.

  176. Oso, I drive a Honda Odyssey to work. I bought that vehicle 9+ years back because I was expecting twins. Best purchase I ever made, next to my 2000 Toyota Corolla.
    It just completed 100 thousand miles. I intend to drive it for another 100k miles. Don’t be taken in by people who try to sell an automobile as a lifestyle statement. It is an appliance, like a toaster.

    Speaking of which, my $25 toaster is 17 years old and still going strong.

  177. Ugh, don’t get me started on toasters! LOL We have been married for over 26 years. Dan runs vinegar through most of our small appliances. Steamer, washing machine, etc. Our dishwasher wasn’t replaced at Christmas after all, because a vinegar purge got it working again.

  178. Oso, I just bought a steamer machine. I think I can save at least $5000 on that $125 purchase.


  179. OMG!!! Stuff that used to be mopped or sponged is now STEAMED!!!! Hush! It works, but ugh!!!!

  180. He’s been eye-balling the power washers at work. NOOOOO

  181. Gwyneth Paltrow swears by the combo power washer/steamer. I think she even has a gold-plated one in her catalog.

  182. With my derp in my hand
    I’m a hungry man – for you
    I got stars in my beard
    and I feel real weird – for you.

  183. Tossing and turning for two hours, might as well get up. Sigh. Today will feel loooong. Oh well.

    Anyway, interesting personal interaction problem developing at work. My one friend switched to a department where she is working with my other friend (male).

    Female friend has some control issues. I love her, but I’ve had difficulty setting boundaries with her in the past. For the most part we are copacetic. She has an excellent work ethic.

    The male friend is a lot of fun, but not the best worker. She is butting heads with him and trying to get him to heel and do what he is supposed to be doing. She is not his boss.

    As far as I can see, he has already tried to set a boundary with her by very firmly and rudely declining her direct request for help. That has set a VERY negative tone with her. But she is tough and persistent.

    Let me be clear: he is lazy and he sucks to work with in some important ways. I go to his desk to get a laugh now and then, but I try not to get roped into doing his work for him.

    So anyway; now, with his word ‘no’ still hanging in the air, but she still pestering him, he has moved on to the passive-aggressive, fuck-you, cat-and-mouse games.

    And she is, predictably, going insane.

    This is one of the few instances where I can see a dynamic in motion and recognize everything that’s going on. One reason why, is that, due to unfortunate situations in my upbringing, *I* become passive-aggressive when confronted with persistent controlling people. I will often stop defending my boundaries at all. I will let them get their way, but in the end I make absolutely sure to steal the flavor of victory from their mouth. It just never turns out the way they think it will. Somehow it all gets fucked up. So strange.

    Anyway, I think the only way I can help my friends is to keep gently reminding my female friend that this other individual is his boss’s problem, and not hers. His task list will not get finished. Oh well. Not her problem.

  184. *presses a pillow on Sean’s sleeping face*

    *sets a large book on top of the pillow*

    *drags up a large rock and heaves it on top of the book*

  185. *checks around edges for air movement with a lit match*

  186. *accidentally lights corner of pillow*


    shit shit shit

  187. *beats fire out with rock and book*


    told you today would suck.

    got blood all over this pillow.

    *checks self*

    oh, it’s not mine, never mind.

  188. I have to leave for work in a couple hours. Who’s going to clean up this mess?

    More specifically, who can I blame for this?

    *looks at Riley*

  189. *presses match book under Riley’s paw*

    *sprinkles dog hair on bloody pillow*

    This is gonna work out fine

  190. *tiptoes out*

  191. Did Sean get murdered overnight?

  192. Possibly. He said some hurtful things last night. I have never admitted that I am a monster.

    Thanks for sticking up for me and threatening to shit on his golf course, Tushar. You’re a real gentleman.

  193. Can Trump win this thing?

  194. Lauraw, I have found the hardest thing to organize are my boxes (several) of papers/recipes/notes/letters/articles of interest/old calendars/stuff/stuff and crap.

  195. Me too, Mare. So I threw it all in Scott’s burn pile and now I don’t have to anymore.

  196. OK, time to pack a lunch and drive to vierk.

    Have a good day, bimbos and dickers.

  197. I have kind of wondered what would happen if I just threw the box(s) away and therefore don’t know what I’m missing.

  198. *looks around at blood spattered walls*

    *notices shit and dog hair everywhere and sean’s disturbing glassy eyed stare and a strange woman playing with her box in the corner*

    *leaves quietly*

  199. Full time dad, day 2. Raining out. If I want to take her for a walk, we’re stuck going to the mall.

  200. I now know pretty much everything about animal migrations, seasonal water shifts, and dung beetles.

  201. Baby FrogTogs.

  202. Also polar bears, penguins, owls, and caribou.

  203. ww

  204. Just not Caillou. Anything but that.

  205. African penguins now, Cape of Good Hope. Great white sharks everywhere. Almost time to go try for a car nap.


    New poat.

  207. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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