Marfa Fire

Meet Lou Jordan y’all

b. a while back





She lives on Bijou St. John in Louisianner.




Sorta sorta sophmoric with a nice stroke and a beautiful palette.

Right up mah ally.


After such a kick ass summer working in the cinematic coal mines, I guess I’ll go back to working in L.A. for a spell.  I hope to be on a show in the studio system by Oct.  My posse rolls at Paramount but I know a group at Fox and also at Universal.  Imma stay out of Warner Bros. yard and I don’t work for The Mouse.


I hope to start a lucrative retirement fund, who knows, maybe I’ll open another gallery.

How else am I gonna get rich like Hotspurn?  Lord knows there aint no future in shovin’ ass during Fleet Week.

How’s it hanging’ in your part of the world?


Have a grand ole’ time.






  1. Good choice Chumpo. The one below Bijou St. John looks like a crucifixion scene to me and the one below that like poppies.

    The last one resembles the lining of Hillary’s brain bucket.

  2. not sure what they are, but they’re colorful

  3. “the lining of Hillary’s brain bucket”

  4. Looks like the shit I used to see in the microscope and couldn’t identify. So I copied from the chick at the next lab table and passed.

  5. My mom used to paint. We had one of hers that she’d done in this style hung in our house when I was a kid.

    It scared me like something out of a Lovecraft story.

  6. Chumpo is stretching our brain pan.

  7. Good luck with going back to werk Chumps, you’ll do great things.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. A presidential candidate’s media is trying to tell us she has issues because she’s dehydrated and yet she still refuses to drink enough water.


    This cannot get more absurd.

  10. What the nevertrumpers don’t understand is that this entire WACKKY episode with Hillary, where the reporters dare not question or report what happened until the Hillary staff tells them what happened – THIS is Amerikkka under Hillary.

    That scares the shit out of me.

  11. You know when I have the most problems with dehydration? The morning after I consumed a liter of whiskey the night before. Just sayin.

  12. And bret stephen’s article this morning in the WSJ just claims – we’ll be able to “ride her out” .

    Yea, like Venezuela rode out Chavez.

  13. FCUK.

    I have to take Erin to AA for an appointment, and I just heard on the radio that Tim Kaine is speaking on the campus .

    FML. Seriously? UGH.

  14. I think that’s an ongoing theory too, PG. We’ve got top men analyzing that situation.


  15. Ugh. This.

    “A 68-year-old woman, with pneumonia, still kept a schedule that most of us wouldn’t make it through, flying here and there, holding multiple events and briefings a day.

    That’s not weak. That’s actually strong and tough as hell.”

    Seriously? Most of us wouldn’t make it through? She is hand held/driven/spoon fed through her entire day. She isn’t taking care of children. She isn’t paying bills. She isn’t doing laundry or ANY chores, or cooking her food.

    And, I believe she actually has a rather LIGHT schedule. Where is she today? Where was she all last week aside from one speach and then an appearance at the memorial?

    She doesn’t have to deal with traffic or cars or car trouble or gasoline or fucking anything.

    Tell me again about how “tough” her day is.

  16. I think I’m going to choke a bitch today.


  18. Mare obviously isn’t the one to count-on to talk me down.

  19. Top.

    Sean and MJ?

  20. Everything is going to be fine, CARin.

    Or not.

    The fuck do I know?

  21. “Mare obviously isn’t the one to count-on to talk me down.” *Snickers.*

  22. I have been summoned.

    Observations from the past few days:

    1. Hillary probably has pneumonia or some sort of respiratory infection but it’s caused by a larger health issue. In addition, she was willing to put everyone at the memorial, random children, and her campaign & family to keep it out of the headlines.

    2. You are all deplorable and it was very kind of the Clinton campaign to point out how much they hate you while her uber wealthy donors laughed and slurped up $19 cocktails. Hearing the Dana Milbanks and Charles Blows of the world agree and push the line is a death blow to an already shaky Hillary.

    3. The MSM is talking about frog memes as white supremacist imagery. We already knew, but now have rock solid proof that they will accept any story without any thought if it suits their narrative. That was the goal from the start and they fell for it hook line and sinker.

  23. I don’t know anyone in Ann Arbor anymore. Choke away.

    Hotspur might be at his office, though. He might like to visit if you can. Or you could swing by here with a small detour and hold the baby.

  24. Is it Ann Arbor, or Alcoholics Anonymous?

    6 of one, half dozen of another.

  25. Or you could swing by here with a small detour and hold the baby.

    Have you checked outside the window? You know how she is.

  26. I had a dream about you all.

    We were sitting around high tables drinking. and laughing.

    Best O Times

  27. Has Pickles sobered up yet?

  28. These must have been something before the flooding ruined them like that.

  29. Looks like the inside of my grill.

  30. I have to take Erin to AA for an appointment, and I just heard on the radio that Tim Kaine is speaking on the campus .

    You’ve driven your kids to drink at such a young age. GOD JERB!

  31. Hillary probably has pneumonia or some sort of respiratory infection but it’s caused by a larger health issue. In addition, she was willing to put everyone at the memorial, random children, and her campaign & family to keep it out of the headlines.

    Either the pneumonia was the communicable kind which she got from her campaign staff, or it wasn’t. If it was, then she’s an idiot who risked the lives of children as well as the health of others. If it wasn’t, then how the hell did she come down with it? Allergies? Why hadn’t she gone to a doctor to get any of the many basic allergy meds that would have prevented it?

  32. Not kidding. They are trying to tell us that she has non contagious, contagious pneumonia.

    And the press is too dumb to note it.

    But we should be talking about my garden. A few tomatoes are still coming in.

  33. As my dad weakened – and had a constant cough as well – he would aspirate fluid into his lungs and get pneumonia.

    I’m betting that’s how she got it.

  34. Kind of struck by the parallels to Benghazi. Hillary is attacked and hustled away to a safe house where she holes up until she can defend herself from the press.

  35. More important than her health, in the long run, is her unwillingness to ever be honest and her compete lack of regard for laws. I’m sure health concerns pry away a few live but it really a major issue compar d to the others. At least that’s my take.

  36. Ducking fone.

  37. She hasn’t had pneumonia all these week, causing a cough. The cough – caused by something else – caused the pneumonia.

  38. Kinda what Chris Stevens was hoping for, that night of Sept 11th. And of course she didn’t get help to him. Bitch.

  39. Probably COPD.

  40. If she’s had a stroke, etc, they’ve said that could cause swallowing issues which is causing the cough.

  41. She doesn’t have pneumonia. Convenient disease to cover her symptoms for her bullshit lying life.

  42. As my dad weakened – and had a constant cough as well – he would aspirate fluid into his lungs and get pneumonia.
    I remember that, and it makes sense.

  43. My sister is a speech path. She deals with people who have pneumonia from aspirating fluids all the time. I’ll ask her what she thinks.

  44. None of it makes sense. It’s all a pack of lies.

  45. Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun da dun dun. (/Phil Collins)

  46. It’s bullshit. She doesn’t have pneumonia.

  47. A lot of people seem to want justice for the liars and thieves in society and it’s happening right before our deplorable eyes.

    What a time to be sober!

  48. They’re going to try to pull a Dave. I just know it.

  49. By now BCoch should be waking up from his shoulder surgery, hopefully not horrified that they’ve worked on the wrong side.

    Hint: It’s best to try and cadge some narcotics from him early while he’s still disoriented and the nerve block is still effective.

  50. She totally has pneumonia, the kind that makes you freeze up, twitch and fall down.

    During the debates, they better be standing and make sure nobody has an earpiece.

    I’m praying for a major glitch at one. I’m talking Exorcist foaming at the mouth kind of glitch.

  51. I’m talking Exorcist foaming at the mouth kind of glitch.

    Lefties would just feel sorry for her, and vote for her anyway. probably most of the “independents” too.

  52. I thonk she has a tumor on her brainstem.

    Probably from dehydration though so, y’know, vote her in. She can obviosly handle the job and is such an inspiration to invalids everywhere.

  53. That “power through” collage at Ace’s should make the media thoroughly embarrassed.

    But it won’t.

    The only thing that bitch has powered through is her sixth martini before 7PM.

  54. A lot of what I see with Hillary tracks with what I saw with Mom when she had pneumonia.

    I mean, I’m pretty sure there are other underlying health issues ( and being a drunk) but it seems pretty damn familiar.

  55. Heh, Hillary headed to Chelsea’s so she could keep her treatment private.

    Now THERE is an explanation I can believe!

  56. Wow, a workout story we can all get behind.

    Damn dust…

  57. Hey Leon,
    Try out your unsweetened ice cream topped with salted nuts, or just a good sprinkle of kosher salt by itself. Mine was meh until I salted it.

  58. Salted nuts killed it.

  59. Just drove by hotspur’s work.


  60. Hello little girl…

    Not that, you pervs!

  61. It’s OK Jay, that’s just her body double!

  62. Would someone please explain why Pepe the Frog is a white supremicist? I am clueless.

  63. I don’t know that it can be explained, but it’s 4chan/8chan, I’m sure the media is getting it wrong. 80% of the stuff written there is just posters trying to say something more extreme than someone else.

  64. I don’t get the frog thing either, maybe because I just learned of it today. Pretty sure it means I’m a misogonist.

  65. Pepe isn’t explicitly a racist meme. It’s actually been around a while. But apparently, some racists have adopted him, and added Nazi shit, and have been spamming the shit out of NeverTrump types, particularly Jews.

  66. My day at the office…

  67. I’m powering through a traffic jam. I have water so shouldn’t start seizing.

  68. Apparently I can’t take a 1-credit swing dancing class since I’m a grad student without jumping through a whole bunch of hoops. Fuck that shit.

  69. Someone switched Ace’s coffee this morning.

  70. Chumps,

    Very nice art. Is there a way to buy reprints of this? I see a lot of good stuff at, but could not find Lou Jordan there

  71. Today’s winning in government moment: I have to submit a form prior to buying any chemicals, basically asking permission to buy it and creating an inventory entry that EPA can track. I did this using the name brand chemical. What was bought is one of the generic brands. (I would have chosen the name brand but really don’t care.) Paperwork weenie insists they are not the same, and I have two days to submit new paperwork and get it approved, or the shipping and receiving dept. will send it back. (Actually 3 days, but they informed me at 4:00 PM yesterday to start the countdown clock.) I will also get a reprimand for buying chemicals without prior approval (going to fight this tooth and nail).

    This is why SpaceX, Blue Origin, the Russians, and the Chinese will beat us to the moon and to Mars.

    “We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.” – Wernher von Braun

  72. Why don’t you dance around their requirements, Colex?



  74. Yeah, the thread over at the HQ is turning ugly…

  75. Can they throw you out if you show up for it to be nice?

  76. That sucks, Roamy. You should report that as fraud/waste/abuse.

  77. The gal at the registrar’s office suggested that I work out some deal with the professor on the side. I may mention it to the instructor if she responds to my email.

    From what I’ve seen she is a good instructor who focuses on the basics and not simply some showoff-y crap. I’d like to continue to take the course, and I know she’d like me there as a lead since the other students are all brand new.

  78. See if you can get a slot as a TA for the dance course.

  79. What the eff, Carin? Why didn’t you stop?


  80. I’ll be back the 4th of Oct. And teh 11th. And very often after that. I’ve just been busy with being away over teh weekend, etc.

  81. We actually got there with 2 hours to spare, but I felt bad putting you on the spot.

    We just wondered around town. Saw two Trump trucks driving around. It was hilarious.

  82. This video from a doctor about Hillary is quite insightful

  83. Car in

  84. WTF do we want another 110,000 refugees next year? Kerry is an effing corrupted prick.

  85. Oh and only .046% of them are Christian. F this administration.

  86. Statistically, 110 of them are homicidal terrorists.

    But really, how much damage could they do with access to the internet, hardware stores, and gasoline?

  87. Did pickle jar opening motherfucker do anything amazing today? Like shoot an 18 at Augusta? Or score 100 in a pickup hoop game in the ghetto? I been on the road and kinda outa the loop. And shit.

  88. The Clenis and TFG campaigned for Pickles while she recuperates at home. Wiki dumped more emails. OFA and DNC may have colluded illegally. Yawn.

  89. Pickles McPicklesface. Harambe McHarambeface is such a cute baby gorilla.

  90. Oso, I saw an inflatable Halloween yard decoration at Walmart of a dauchsund wearing a witch hat and words across the body, “Hallowiener.” Thought of you.

  91. I can’t find it now, but someone painted a port-a-potty like a Tardis and called it a Turdis. (I know, I am 4. And a nerd.)

  92. If you have not seen the 1:30 minute video of the MSM using the talking point “power through” concerning Hillary’s brave act of campaigning for 60 minutes a week, you really should.

    The Hillary machine tells the media what to say and they say it.

  93. Roamy, your statement is in no way inconsistent with regular commenting at this “blog.”

  94. Mare, I love it! I can’t have one, HOA, Condo, no yard, blah. I think it would work on the vigas, but Dan doesn’t want to pay the daily fine.

  95. Psst, Roamy…4th GRADE!!!! Way more mature than just 4 year olds. Cartman’d

  96. The “power through” spin is going to be in effect until she bows out or is forced out of the race. Then it will be admiration of her wisdom and judgement for a day or so before the idolizing of Joe Biden begins.

  97. I think the Dr in Tushar’s link nails it.

  98. He’s the second Dr I have seen that has come to the same conclusion.

  99. I don’t think she will be forced out. All the early votes for her would have to be tossed.

  100. And they’ve been pushing hard on the early voting before any more Wikileaks hit.

  101. On the other hand, she’s the only candidate Trump can beat.

  102. That’s why I’m hoping for a slow drip of health problems and leaked emails between now and election day rather than a catastrophic withdrawal of her candidacy.

  103. Early voting is bullshit.

  104. Local talk radio caller about a year ago……..with a real Southern accent…

    “Hillary is as popular as a hair in a muffin.”

  105. Her name is Sam, I hope to meet her someday.

  106. Xbrads blog is dead?

  107. Oops.
    Was just a burp “500 internal server error” nginx…

  108. Brad’s blog overheated.

  109. Brad’s blog doesn’t drink enough water.

  110. Possibly it’s a scam.

  111. I suspect VD.

  112. Guys, you need to binge watch Narcos. Season 2 is better than season 1. Remember FARC just negotiated a cease fire where they assumed control of half of the country. #ThanksObama

  113. Oh, if you don’t Espanol there is reading involved. Worth it.

  114. Brad’s blog overheated.

    A couple of times at the music store this evening, people made little jokes about “dehydration” and “pneumonia” when they paused when asked a question.

    This event is seriously going to hurt her.

    Not good.

    We need her.

    She’s the only person Trump has a chance against at this point.

  115. Exactly WB. Her double and the real deal.

  116. BTW, new season starts this weekend. first guest will be talking about voting/voter fraud. This is gonna be a fun season.

    And my new Gab account is @wiserbud.

    Not that I plan to use it much, unless it takes off, but at least I grabbed @wiserbud.

    Someone else has that on Twitter, but doesn’t use it at all. Bastard.

  117. Too much info to assimilate, WB. I’m too pissed about the trailer for Pitch

  118. Too much info to assimilate, WB.

    My bad.

    I should have typed slower………

  119. Wiser, I recommend using the sock puppets to explain…

  120. I’m watching Narcos Season 2 and I H8 to translate. Serial. I H8 Spanish. Best series ever.

  121. Type real slow…

  122. Find memes without Pepe or Harambe.

  123. Special

  124. Edition

  125. Saturday

  126. returns

  127. for

  128. a

  129. new

  130. season

  131. this

  132. weekend

  133. at

  134. noon

  135. Eastern

  136. on

  137. 1320

  138. WATR

  139. .

  140. Shirlena?

  141. FUCK SALT!!!!

  142. 🙂 It needed to be said. Classic response, Wiser.

  143. And in keeping with the classics, squishy hugs and good night!

  144. And in keeping with the classics, squishy hugs and good night!

    {{{{{{hugs back}}}}}}

  145. I suspect VD.

    Gotta get laid to get VD.

  146. Portland is kinda weird.

    I like it.

  147. Go to Powell’s City of Books. You go nao.

  148. Your derp is golden, mine is grey
    You walk on grass, it turns to hay
    Your blood is blue and your eyes are red
    My body strains, but the nerves are dead

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