Saturday funnies

Per Osita’s request, let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
billy mays
“Not long ago GM was building cars in Flint, Michigan and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. After 7 years of Obama and his Democrat Administration, GM now builds cars in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint, Michigan.”

And this pretty well sums it up.

Okay, one more.
Happy birthday, Michael. Y’all have a good day.


  1. wakey wakey everyone


    No shit, one of Mini-me’s teachers thinks “test” is a trigger word, so she calls them “celebrations of knowledge”. This will not end well.

  3. @@

  4. Good morning dry rubbers

  5. He’s got a point – these are trigger words for me : “sine, cosine, “

  6. Looks like I missed a real shit storm last night

    Every once in a while that happens in our office. There’s a bathroom right near my office rooms that patients use. It’s called a Code Brown and they spray citrus scent (dubbed “Shitrus”)

  7. Good morning, good people.

  8. Tuesday is going to be interesting. Co-worker must have gone off his meds or something – told me in a quite conversational tone in front of another co-worker that I was the anti-boner, that all he had to do was look at me and he’d lose his erection. I think he got sent home. I have no idea WTF he was thinking or where *that* came from. Don’t care about his boner, either.

  9. People are gross.

  10. Holy crap, Roamy! What the hell? No one calls THE H2 rocket scientist, trebuchet party planner, and HHD writer extraordinaire the anti boner!! He’s definitely gay and obviously a psycho!

  11. Do you know what happened 166 years ago this summer in 1850?

    California became a state! The people had no electricity, the state had no money and almost everyone spoke Spanish. There were gunfights in the streets.

    So basically NOTHING has changed except back then the women had real tits and the men didn’t hold hands.

  12. People are weird.

  13. Mare, it was really weird, just like he was discussing weather or weekend plans.

  14. Speaking of weekend plans…

    declutter library
    line up stuff to donate to Mini-me school fundraiser
    pay bills
    figure out what I’m going to feed the trebuchet team on Monday

  15. Just worked out. Worn the heck out.
    Since it rained the last 5 days all chores are done except those 2 stupid closets.
    Go to Play It Again Sports to look at toys
    Possibly out to dinner.

  16. It sounds like maybe he tried to flirt with you and was rebuffed, and he’s awkward as heck. You don’t come out with anti-boner material unless there was butt-hurt of some kind there to start. Maybe you embarrassed him professionally just by being smart and funny and oblivious to his fragile ego?

    Also, he needs an ass-kicking and some new glasses because you are hot and smart.

  17. “toys”

  18. Crossfit
    Ate breakfast
    now worky worky in a bit

  19. Either H2 is accessible to the deceased, or I am still alive. Not sure which.

  20. Thanks for the funneh, Romacita! What is the background of the blind deaf fool?

  21. Tush, how is Day 2 going? We expect detailed comments

  22. I’m going to de-bug the back yard with some Cutter Yard Spray and have a cookout and campfire, I bought some personal and area mosquito repellant devices. Tired of not being able to sit in the shade out back.

  23. If he ever flirted with me, I was totally oblivious. The witness co-worker pulled him away with, “Dude, are you trying to get fired?”

  24. Oso, I am in surprisingly good shape. In fact, my first juice yesterday had more sugar than my body likes, and went WTF. I felt dizzy and grouchy till my next juice. I am holding up pretty well since then.
    I have lost 3 pounds, but I am sure that is mostly my GI tract getting empty.

    According to the wife, for once, I am not full of shit.

  25. Roamy, I think your coworker needs a meeting in a dark alley with me and Chad.

  26. Roamy, it is time to go to manager and/or HR and tell them you are not comfortable with him around. The asshole needs to pay a price.

  27. I agree with Pupster on the idiot at work, Roamy.

    Plan changed, husband wants to look for an electric piano, type with 88 weighted keys (we had one before) possibly Costco. They always have a couple for the Christmas season.

  28. I think RFH should get to decide….

    Death by torture
    Ass whiping from mr. RFH
    Termination of employment
    Come to jesus meeting regarding professional communication and not being a fucking idiot.

    Supposed to do a wedding today, but counter part awoke with a migrain. And while I prefer not to go to weddings, I’d rather do that than her be in discomfort.

    Appliance tech this morning (I can’t figure this shit out)…washing machine won’t stop filling. Watched some DIY vids and broke machine down, cleaned it all up, checked everything, put back together…I believe its the master switch/timer doohickey. I’ll order the part later.

    If no wedding it’ll be car maintenance afternoon.

    Absolutley beautiful weather here today

  29. Laundry day today. After that, studying for the rest of the day and doing homework.

  30. My travel drama:

    Got on plane in Spokane going to Salt Lake City – small plane only two seats per side. So I have the aisle seat, and the window seat is this guy, who I mistook for a chick in the airport. He says to me “Pardon, but me and my boyfriend got split up, would you mind taking the window seat over there so we can be together?”

    I said “Sure, no problem.”

    So we switch. Then I keep smelling this foul stench, and finally I figure out it is coming from the guy right in front of me. Seriously, this son of a bitch smelled like he hadn’t had a bath in forever, and hadn’t drawn a sober breath in the same time period. The plane was full so I couldn’t move.

    I almost asked the queers for my seat back, but decided to just tough it out.

    Then, since the bastard was in the row in front of me, I had to follow him all of the way out of the plane, then we ended up in this sort of narrow corridor where I was trapped behind him for the next hundred or so feet. Did I mention that he walked really slow?

    Anyway, then I get on the next flight where I had an aisle seat, and in the seat next to me is this enormous fat bitch, who took up her seat, a quarter of mine, and a quarter of the guy who had the window seat.

    I hate flying. The window seat is cramped because of the inward slope of the fuselage. The aisle seat sucks because people bump into you all of the time going up and down the aisle to piss or shit or whatever people do on planes. (Why can’t they just fucking wait ’til we land?) And the center seat sucks, because then you are sandwiched in between two assholes.

    When I get rich I’m only flying first class.

    When I get really rich Ima buy my own plane and have MJ fly me wherever the fuck I want to go.

  31. Hotspur, the thing I love most about my job is total lack of travel. Plus, I deal with computers more than people. Computers are nice, people are assholes.

  32. Flying really puts you out there with the public. People you’d never choose to be near or associate with are in your personal space. Not to mention dealing with TSA apparatchiks who may arbitrarily make your life miserable because you look at them the wrong way. I’m only required to attend a big meeting every 3 years and I’ve been lucky with the locations so far. 2016 was my first flight since around 2007. The rest I skipped or drove to.

  33. I can’t decide whether the 3 year thing is for revenue or whether they want to check a box to say you’re “Active” in the society. When I fill out the forms for my CME hours I’ve got way more than I need from local, regional and online courses

  34. Just heard a big splash on the lake and I looked up to see an eagle flying away with his dinner. Nice!

  35. I’ve got enough tomatoes to can again, and that’s what I have to do if I want to see the dining room table. I’m getting very fast at it, but it’s really wearing me out.

  36. My travel drama:

    My world. Welcome.

  37. It’s pickle-palooza over here.

    So many pickles.

  38. Chess Thread is up

  39. I finally ran into a member of Team No Pants!

  40. Today I learned Team No Pants is a thing

  41. The sign says you have to wear a shirt.

  42. And shoes.

  43. UCLA is going down!

  44. I take traveling as a member of a first world society seriously. There is a social contract between myself and fellow travelers, really anyone, to be polite, aware, clean and dressed in such a way that others are not repulsed.

    Gentlemen, if you travel in shorts, don’t. NO ONE wants to touch your skin for hours. Wear shoes and keep them on unless you’re in first class and are certain your socks, shoes, etc. don’t stink. If you’re not sure keep them on.

    Bathe(please wash your hair), Eat before you fly. Go to the bathroom before you fly. Don’t drink incessantly while flying, figure out why.

    Keep your body within the confines of the seat you paid for. I despise giving up a 1/4-1/3 of my seat because you’re a fat ass. Buy two seats. And no, you may not put the arm rest up, it’s for sharing and we will, with smiles and consideration share it or split the time.

    Oh, and I am sick of hearing about your shit, LOUDLY, before the plane takes off.

    Unless you look like Chris Hemsworth (if you are unsure, you don’t) DO NOT fall asleep and lean on me.

    Lastly, check your seat row and letter TWICE.

  45. I always offer to switch seats when I see couples or little old ladies or people who don’t speak English. Most are so appreciative, only once did o get a jackass who acted as though it was his right.

    Got to be honest, not sure I’d do it for a couple of gay guys unless I recognized Jewstin. But then he wouldn’t be wearing a shirt and that would be violating one of my rules.

  46. I take traveling as a member of a first world society seriously. There is a social contract between myself and fellow travelers, really anyone, to be polite, aware, clean and dressed in such a way that others are not repulsed.

    Gentlemen, if you travel in shorts, don’t. NO ONE wants to touch your skin for hours. Wear shoes and keep them on unless you’re in first class and are certain your socks, shoes, etc. don’t stink. If you’re not sure keep them on.

    Bath (please wash your hair), Eat before you fly. Go to the bathroom before you fly. Don’t drink incessantly while flying, figure out why.

    Keep your body within the confines of the seat you paid for. I despise giving up a 1/4-1/3 of my seat because you’re a fat ass. Buy two seats. And no, you may not put the arm rest up, it’s for sharing and we will, with smiles and consideration share it or split the time.

    Oh, and I am sick of hearing about your shit, LOUDLY, before the plane takes off.

    Unless you look like Chris Hemsworth (if you are unsure, you don’t) DO NOT fall asleep and lean on me.

    Lastly, check your seat row and letter TWICE.

    Respectfully, how often do any of these things come up while you’re on the Royal Yacht, Your Majesty?

  47. Sean, I noticed you didn’t say that to Hotspur who basically said the same thing. And unless you don’t travel much you can’t possibly disagree with anything I’ve said.


  49. **doesn’t bathe for days, eats a curry dinner, wears shorts and stinky socks, and books the seat next to Mare**

  50. Don’t bother, Tushar enough people do it already.

  51. I didn’t say anything to Hospurt because he’s an old man and we all know how they like to tell stories.

    “This guy on the plane smelled.”

    “I was in the Navy.”

    “The nurses are beating me up and stealing my medication.”


  52. Yea, me!
    I scored 650 gallons of propane(and propane accessories) for $0.98/gal…

  53. I’m excited for USC vs Alabama.

  54. I’m cranky because I haven’t seen the sun in 6 days. However, right now it’s a gorgeous evening.

  55. I wonder if anyone at all bet on South Alabama in the football pool.

  56. What a game!

    Screw you UCLA

  57. I’m cranky because I haven’t seen the sun in 6 days.

    Look, mare, you stop fighting with the guards, they’ll stop throwing your ass in The Hole.

  58. Damn it, Scott what happened? I don’t have it here, they are playing New Towson vs South Florida.

  59. That’s what my husband says, Sean.

  60. Houston beat Oklahoma?!?!,!

  61. Eau de Curry Por Homme

  62. Forgot to say that I don’t disagree with anything you said about flying. That’s why In take Greyhound whenever I can.

    Well, that, and there are more people willing to trade sexual favors for really small amounts of cash in bus stations than in airports. It’s America’s best-kept bargain secret!

  63. Wow, Trojans.. (Not the condoms.)

  64. Heh, I use to take Greyhound back and forth to school sometimes.

  65. Hmmmm. Tell me more…

  66. Yeah, Alabama game is already disappointing.

  67. I dunno, I’ve never seen a field goal like that before.


  69. Yikes, Pupster. Gross.

  70. Heh 69 comments

  71. First trip to Hawaii, I had middle seat between Dan and a yuge Samoan guy. That trip is why we created our travel game: Most Annoying Person on Plane. Row in front of us had a young hipster on aisle and a thin young guy on the window. Woman boarded with screaming toddler. We could see both Thin Guy and Hipster Guy: Please not middle seat, please not middle seat AND their faces when they got screaming toddler. I really didn’t mind yuge Samoan after that

  72. Cyn? NOOOooooo


  74. Good job, Beasn

  75. Hurts is going to be something.

  76. In all fairness, we expect the customer/member to fill out the cake form. We have to call and verify any potential mis-spelled name or word. Indians are worse than African Americans for creative spelling. Sorry juice guy Tush man

  77. Sam’s Club provided cakes for the Victoria Martens birthday vigil. Decorators cried while decorating

  78. I was scheduled off tomorrow. Why did I decide to help out in another area? Oh yeah, loser. Ran my numbers. I’m the #3 Club in sale % in the US.

  79. Why not #2?

  80. Sean, IKR? Based on % not $$$. I’m a slacker.

  81. Bible loss.

  82. I H8 laziness. DREAMer started working clothing last year. She is 5, 11, and 12 in clothing. Up 234% in kids clothes. They are pushing me to be a Lead. I really don’t want it. I’m happy with pushing for bonus

  83. Scott, I will never ever understand Cat 5 Bible Loss. Who steals Bibles? WTF?

  84. Congratulations, Osita!

  85. Thanks, Roamy. I was teaching the Clothing team. Never expected that.

  86. Roamy,

    I have a pic of us at the first TitTS.

    You’re touching me. I was hard.

    I still am.

  87. I also remember Tushar rubbing my shoulders.

    That made me very not-hard.

    Can’t speak for Tushar.

  88. Leaving tomorrow for Shannon, Ireland.

    I picked up this trip because it has a 4 day layover in Shannon.

    It’s a weird quirk of how the airlines seasonally adjust schedules and it occasionally results in some good deals.

    I will have to stay awake to do my Fantasy Football draft at oh my god early, but I’ll deal with it.

  89. Our layover hotel us actually in Limerick.

    Back in the olden days when I had the USAF job translating for the Russians I used to stay in Shannon.

    Shannon is a very small village.

    Much better to stay in Limerick.

  90. Thank you, Phat. **blush**



    Yes, spanish-americans. You ARE also the descendants of white european aggressors, just the exact same as the British and French and everybody else. You can stop laying on your fucking bullshit now. Ya been fingered, fools.

    Garcia is not a motherfucking Cherokee name, assholes. YOU ARE WHITE PEOPLE FROM EUROPE.


  92. Clothes bag is packed, have to go pack the flight bag before bed.

    Have discovered that shit gets left if not preflighted the night before.

  93. Samurai update:

    Last weekend, I designed a custom part that I determined would make replacing the handbrake cables unnecessary. Luckily, I have a multi-billion dollar international corporation at my disposal for the fabrication of these custom-designed parts (free of charge, btw).

    I got the part delivered to my home by my “contact” earlier this week and installed it today.

    Aaaaaaaand… it worked PERFECTLY!! Just like I planned!

    So I am now one more step closer to passing inspection.

    Also ordered a couple of new wheel studs (yeah, go ahead…) which should be arriving sometime next week, meaning I can reinstall the cleaned and prepped front brake assembly and wheel.

    All I need to do now is to patch a small hole in the body and it is ready for inspection and registration. Hope to have it on the road by the end of September.

    A couple of years ago, after my FiL and I had a few years into this project, his brother started giving us a hard time about how we’ll never get this thing on the road again.

    I can’t wait to drive it into his driveway in a few weeks and flip him off.

  94. I was in Shannon a few times.

    But then we broke up.

  95. OK, the Pamplamoose thing on the ONT, I’m just blow away that Jack is the CEO of Patreon.

  96. I was in such a groove today that I even spray-painted a few spots under the car with rubber under-coating and polished and waxed the hood to remove some surface rust.

    Even started hitting it with Armor-All…..


  97. I’m still pissed that Santa Fe moved fiestas to this weekend. Cunts. It has always been after Labor Day. State Fair:? Went from top 3 in 81 to nobody cares. Ghey

  98. We got cut off by a Samurai yesterday. Fucker. No slugs just WTF

  99. We got cut off by a Samurai yesterday.

    You should have chased him down (not difficult) and pushed him over (also not difficult.)

  100. I’m off to bed but don’t fly to Ireland until 1800 tomorrow night.

    Talk to you in a couple of days.

  101. OK, the Pamplamoose thing on the ONT, I’m just blow away that Jack is the CEO of Patreon.

    Mr. Coldcuts?

  102. That was Johnny Coldcuts, you idiot.

  103. I, uh, was just testing you. And you passed!

    Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket!

  104. You got a gold suede coat and a derp like fire
    You got all you want you couldn’t be no higher
    Said you bent the town like you’re a queen
    And there ain’t no place that you’ve not been


  106. The Sound of the Machine

  107. Well, JackM did take over the Johnny Coldcuts personality.
    OK, worky-worky.

  108. We’re going to have a FULL day of sunshine!!!

  109. Good morning. Another beautiful day out there.

  110. Bleg. My horrible weekend continues.

    When will this horrible holiday weekend end?

    And guess what ? My SUPER AWESOME manager hasn’t put up the schedule for tomorrow yet.

    And YES. She has it off.

  111. *tips generously*

  112. Me, riding your mom.

  113. Today is steak day. Got some half-price rib-eyes purely by chance (butcher marked them down while I was standing there, my life is awesome). Baked potatoes, steak, pasta salad and strawberries with cream for dessert.

  114. Sounds good Pups



  117. Pups, I am conflicted about this.
    On one hand, O getting snubbed gladdens the heart, but the Chinese snubbing American President like this is not acceptable.

  118. Me, trying to find happiness in life.

  119. Steak?

  120. I should go to mass. Since I’m up this early.

  121. Never mind. Going to the 11am mass.

    Instead I’ll sit here and write an outline for my criminal justice reform proposal. “Want reform? Bring back the whipping post.”

  122. The waverunner is out!

    Repeat: The waverunner is out!

    Bring on the pumpkin spice everything.

  123. Yo.

  124. So the FDA is banning the use of antibacterial soaps. Good. Studies done 20 years ago showed regular soap cleaned as well, if not better, than antibacterials.
    Pissed me off when my kids told me their school didn’t have them wash their hands before lunch…..they had those hand sanitizer stations in the lunchroom.

  125. Dinner last night:

  126. Used Mercedes G-wagons, some with diesel engines, are selling for as little as $25k. Three lockable differentials (center, as well as both axles). Damn if I am not tempted.

  127. Carmax is full of low mileage Mercedes.

    2 & 3 year lease vehicles most likely.

  128. Scott, I don’t want their stupid little SUVs. Those are dime a dozen. I am talking about the G wagon. 1980s design. Looks like shit. New ones sell for $120k plus. Can go anywhere. No way I can afford $120k. But a 10-12 year old with 120-150k miles on it? Those are a steal at $25-35k. If I buy one of those instead of a similar price new SUV, the Mercedes will outlast the new one by a decade easily.

  129. They also sell european Military surplus G240 wagons too. Not luxurious like the G500. Have a smaller diesel engine, but otherwise equally capable.

  130. Mmmm….BLT and brownies for lunch. Husband is going to cook me some fishy for supper.

  131. 3 comments from me, and Beasn merely using the word brown is what it takes to kill this.

  132. Happy Birthday Beasn!!! Anything Blingy this year? 🎂🎁🎉💍

  133. Ok, I’m alive. Commence not worrying.

  134. Beasnsnsna, we miss you! And Hapoy Birthday!!! (If it’s true!)

  135. Hapoy???

    Now autoasshole doesn’t work??

  136. Have you guys seen the video of the manatee resting its fins on the stand up paddle board? Well, my husband and I were kayaking today and 3 manatees were hanging out so we paddled in their direction and a big manatee swam over and put his fins on my kayak and moved my kayak in a circle. Totally friendly and playful. It’s against the law to feed, pursue or “harass” wild animals. But these friendly goofs came over to us. We just paddled nearby. Got to say, it was pretty cool.

  137. Oh, and also had dolphins about 10 yards away. One was jumping out of the water.

  138. Oh and saw a guy at the beach in the water that was Sean’s doppelgänger. Beard, shorter hair, exact glasses. He walked out of the water and I think he was 6”4″. So maybe not Sean?

  139. and no pictures.

  140. Cool manatee story! It’s a sea cow!

  141. 6feet 4inches, stupid phone.

  142. Was he wearing a Goonies tee with Chunk on it? An Angels jersey? Not Sean.

  143. Are manatees mostly white meat or dark meat? What’s a good manatee round?

  144. After I beat the manatee about the head and neck with my paddle, he seemed pretty tender.

  145. Naked from the waist up, Oso.

  146. Oh and saw a guy at the beach in the water that was Sean’s doppelgänger. Beard, shorter hair, exact glasses. He walked out of the water and I think he was 6”4″. So maybe not Sean?

    Your first indication that it wasn’t me should have been that the guy was at the beach. I hate the fuckin’ beach.

    Also, yeah, I’m 5’11”.

  147. Well, he got what’s coming to him after charging you and commandeering your vessel.

  148. *prepares to be murdered*

  149. Everytime I see someone wearing a Chunk tee, I GLAR. (IB old school)

  150. Hope you guys are having a great, long weekend.

    If it’s a work weekend, I hope you’re sneaking in some fun.

  151. I’m at work right now, but I’m also goofing off here, so I guess that counts as fun. Yay.

    How have you been, MJ? Come across any new bands that everyone else would hate?

  152. Oso, I rescued a WHA New England Whalers bobblehead from the trash.

    There is only one example on all of the interwebs

    Apparently it’s pretty rare.

  153. Scott, that is awesome!!!

  154. Crazy Bobblehead Money™

  155. I put it eBay and started the bidding at $200. No bids yet but 5 people have an eye on it.

    It retailed for $2 in the 70’s.

    Some of these collectors are crazy. I found one guy last night who is trying to get every piece of Whaler memorabilia ever made.

    The bobblehead is on his ‘needs’ list.

  156. “collectors are crazy” You shouldn’t talk about the Birthday Girl behind her back like that. Beasn is scary

  157. I read somewhere a couple years back that the Whalers are still in the top ten in terms of NHL merchandise sales through sales of throwback gear. If only their fanbase had been that devoted while they were still a team.

  158. Sean, 9/16 is Angel Mickey figurine night at the Big A!!!!!

  159. Sean their fanbase was that devoted.

    I think we were #1 in the nation for non-corporate ticket sales.

  160. Early on I think there was a lot of support from local corporations.

    Back when you could write off your hockey tickets as a business expense.

  161. Fired up the Big Green Egg knockoff, grilled a pork loin with something close to Meathead’s Memphis Dust and some chicken leg quarters with my dad’s mustard sauce. Chicken was goooooood.

  162. I think if the city had made repairs to the stadium, we’d still have the Huntsville Stars. AA baseball team, first for Oakland then Milwaukee. No one wants to sit on broken seats, no matter how much of a fan.

  163. Egg chicken is really moist.

  164. Dan is making corned beef. Made me go with him to Sprouts. It was turrible. I H8 Corrales hippies. And old people. BIRM. (Sprouts is where hipsters too cool for Whole Foods shop. Locally sourced. 👸🏼🔫

  165. This was only the second time I’ve used it, and I got the correct temp right off the bat.

  166. Isotopes park is ok. We lost baseball for 3 years. I H8 the new park. Miss the old drive in outfield. Berm seating just isn’t the same. Lawn. Off.

  167. I used a Sharpie to mark vent openings. It helped a lot.

  168. Roamy, (my autocorrect keeps wanting to say Risky which makes me smile).

  169. My last comment, although true, seems weaker than usual.

  170. My husband cuts and preps chicken wings the Meathead way and I’m telling you they are terrific. You add any sauce afterwards (RedHot, BBQ) or no sauce and they’re just sooooo good.

  171. Go!! TEXAS!!

  172. Dad’s Mustard Sauce? Get thee to the recipe site!

  173. Wow!

  174. Your Mom liked Dad’s mustard sauce.

  175. 😘😂👍🏻

  176. Hahahah, Scott is gross.

  177. Micheal Keaton, the actor, used to be a stagehand on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

  178. ^^^^ Best comment ever^^^%

  179. I met Mr Rogers, he offered me cookies and milk.

  180. Cookies, milk and mustard sauce.

  181. I took the cookies. Milk is gross when you are drunk.

  182. Milk is pretty gross sober, too.

  183. Memphis dust on ribs = yum

    Memphis dust on chicken thighs = meh

    Would also like to try Dan’s Mustard

  184. SCREW YOU NOTRE DAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Mare loves Scott!!

  186. backatcha

  187. My Dan’s oriental mustard?

  188. I would recommend cooking the wings like this first, then smoking them instead of baking:

    The apple cider vinegar is sooo tasty. Had wings like this this weekend. Best ones ever.

  189. What up my niggah’s?

  190. I dont eat wings.

  191. You’re missing out. All that collagen, such a juicy, different taste.

  192. TS9 isn’t new, but can we ask the bullwhip question anyway?

  193. Well I signed into my old account but my avi is still wack. Xbrad and I talked on twitter — BTW no harsh R on my previous comment

  194. What up my niggah’s?

    Sup, dog?

    Nice to see you again. Jay has a question for you.

  195. Damn, at this point in a game, if you are not up on Notre Dame by 30, you’re done. ND has made s deal with the devil. Like when they honored Obama (most pro abortion senator in history) his 2nd week in office.

  196. Sorry, Romies’ Dads’ mustard sauce. My chicken is meh.

  197. Yes, I dipped on the blogs for a while but been chatting with Xbrad. Astounded this community has remained to vibrant! Love it.

  198. Well, we’re all recipes and workouts and garden blogging now.

    But I had occasion today to revisit the Fake Reg thread. Man. What a piece of work the W’s and the Wiser’s did.

  199. Rooting for UT-Austin is like rooting for Nieman-Marcus. They spend more on their program than the rest of the d1 schools in the state combined. They oughta beat everybody’s ass every year.

    On a similar note, I loved the shit outa cougar high kicking zero u’s ass yesterday. Nieman-Marcus doesn’t want cougar high in big xii.

  200. Take and bake sourdough from Sprouts is yummy. I’ll still rage against the hippy funk though. Regular butter, not Kerrygold.

  201. PG, whole time I was on campus at UT, I had the heebie jeebies. Whitman Tower yo

  202. >>Astounded this community has remained to vibrant! Love it.

    Yeah. Some have vibrators stuck up their asses to stay vibrant.

  203. Howdy Top!

  204. I’ll need to make the sauce again and actually measure this time. The only thing I measured was two tablespoons of butter, the rest of a lot of this and a little of that until it looked and tasted right.


  206. Oso, my wife and I were in Austin last weekend. Driving down Guadalupe you litterally can’t tell the students from the homeless. I dodged a bullet that neither of my kids was interested in matriculating there.

  207. The heebie jeebies kept me from attending. JCL and in-state wasn’t enough. (Junior Classical League scholarship. Could’ve gone to University of Miami OH on it as well) waves at Car in

  208. Well, we’re all recipes and workouts and garden blogging now.
    Sounds so fun!

  209. JCL? Thought Oso was a mainframe programmer there for a minute.

    Crossing the acronym streams.

  210. Not!


  212. Kicks the dog for the last post/link

  213. I napped after work this AM. Could’ve been pancake+syrup high. Dan just beat me to the bed. Did not past go. No ice cream tonight. I’m wide awake, but I need to beat him to sleep

  214. ” I need to beat him to sleep”

    you know posting that won’t help your defense attorney…. right?

  215. There are better ways to get him to sleep than beatings.

  216. I wonder if major head trauma induced unconsciousness is more or less restful than REM?

  217. *hits jam2 over the head with a shovel*

    *hooks up EEG*

  218. Night kids.

  219. silly hound EEG’s are meaningless – i’ve been flat-lining them for years

  220. heh

  221. alone at last

  222. just you and me, my little or’wrought chat room

  223. *stretches and takes a deep breath…. WTF!!!!!*
    smells like a mid august midden heap in here…

  224. *sprays pulchritudinous patchouli spagyric prophylacticly*

  225. Sorry, I was working on a column that will probably piss a bunch of people off.

  226. **farts**

    **blames it on Pupster**

  227. too late – the damage was already done

  228. sean just imagine if 41 hadn’t said “read my lips”

    a politicians’ promise that changed the course of history; perot would have never risen

  229. Sean, of the two conservatives you mention, I suppose the first one is a certain Ewok. Who is the other one?

  230. *sprays a lit can of lysol in xfarts direction*

  231. later days –
    i’m out

  232. **shits on the carpet**

    **blames Pupster**

  233. Tush, it wasn’t the Ewok. Different fight a week or two ago. But I’m still not gonna name names but will mention that they’ve both been on the certain Ewok’s podcast.

  234. He blesses the boys as they stand in line
    The smell of gun grease
    And the bayonets they shine
    He’s there to derp them all that he can
    To make them feel wanted he’s a good holy man

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