Hello wisers and wiserbuds,  and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Our features today have graced these esteemed pages previously, she’s glamour model from Essex, England.  She measures 30F-26-35, 5′ 5″ tall and 120 lbs.  Please pop the clutch and welcome again, Miss Sammy Braddy.














  1. Why not 119 lbs?

  2. She has nice teeth for a Brit

  3. She looks dumb with short hair. I don’t mean it’s a bad look for her, I mean it makes her look like she might be a dimwit.


    I was told there would be more possum pics.

  5. I have to admit that I played the “Big” gif more than a few times.

  6. That gif is from a photo shoot with Sammy and Alice Godwin, I can’t link it here but video is available if you want to pick up on the nuances of the storyline.

  7. I’ll be damned. I thought it was from an advertisement for a community college.

  8. she has teeth?
    *scrolls back up to check*

  9. I like her very muchly.

  10. I have been lax, I will try to get one up today.

  11. She has a bit of a schnozz, but I think I could work around that…

  12. PoL updated.

  13. Hey MJ,

    It’s tough trying to lead mediocre people convinced of their superiority.

    Are you hiring? I’m really looking for premium compensation for mediocre production.

  14. *SQUEE*

    Oh she’s just adorable Leon.

  15. This t-shirt picture has been making the rounds

    I haven’t been able to locate a source for the actual shirt, although, realistically there would be very few opportunities for me to actually wear it.

  16. That’s not a real dog !

    Oh, and SAUSAGE FEST!

  17. Do any of you know if Kapernick got booed? I didn’t watch.

  18. When I dropped the boy off at school I heard sports radio saying he got booed but he performed well “making an argument for keeping him on the roster” whatever that means.

  19. Heh heh

  20. We still have a huge band of rain and wind over us. It was raining horizontally last night. It’s been 5 days, would love to see the sun.

  21. wakey wakey

  22. If you haven’t already, please give the musical selection a chance…it’s fun.

  23. Mare and Carin need to go look at PoL.

  24. I took the day off. I’ll take Boy1 to work and lay in some supplies for the weekend. I’m going to grill every day.

  25. Going to look at POL. What am I going to find?

    I work all weekend, bartending. I’m going to be one fukksize mean bitch by the end of this bulkshit holiday weekend.

  26. XBrad, is that you?

  27. Me and the Mrs are drinking vegetable juice once a day for a month now. Today we started a 3-day session. Nothing but juice for next three days.

    If I don’t make it, know that I love you all.

  28. Very cute Leon. Shockingly cute. No offense.

  29. Tushar, we will avenge your death.

  30. Looking at POL, it makes me miss all the folks who aren’t here.

    Like what’s up with TAGNASH? Did he find another world to conquer?

  31. This may shock you, but I was about that cute at the same age. Same hair, looked a lot like her in the face.

  32. Sure you were, Leon.

    Sure. You. Were.

  33. Very cute Leon. Shockingly cute. No offense.

    Heh. Getting the beeyoch on early I see.

  34. I can admit that my kids are much more attractive than me.

    It’s ok.

  35. Heh. Getting the beeyoch on early I see.

    I’m just tweaking leon/he knows that. But yes, I’m preparing mentally for my weekend.

  36. With some training and some discipline, I think she could become handy in the kitchen.

  37. I was seriously fucking adorable. I don’t know what happened.

  38. *single tear falls down cheek

  39. With some training and some discipline, I think she could become handy in the kitchen.

  40. It’s okay, Carin, my sister is still very pretty, and we were almost identical as toddlers. Possum will be fine. Testosterone and age have just made me not look like a delightful cherub anymore.

  41. I have been lax, I will try to get one up today.

    I’ll take “Things hotspurs mom gets tired of hearing” for $400, Alex.

  42. Fixed Pendejo’s italics. Not sure how to delete the empty one without possibly getting him into the spam bucket.

  43. Holy crap! Possum is adorable!!

  44. Looking at POL is bittersweet.

  45. Where has xbradtc been?

  46. Thanks engineer friend.

  47. Hopefully xbrad is on a cyn rescue mission.

  48. Comment by pendejogrande on September 2, 2016 11:04 am
    Hopefully xbrad is on a cyn rescue mission.

    He and a team of mercenaries are breaking into the Tijuana jail right now.

  49. I have been summoned to attend a wedding this weekend. I am going but only because it is necessary to ensure the continued production of sammichs in the future.


  51. And by “sammichs” Troy means sex.

  52. Why do the repubs always get suckered into these ambush debates?

    Why can’t Trump stand up and say “nope, nope, and nope”? Where is there a downside in saying, “They’re the fucking media who have been up my ass all campaign, but giving Cankles a pass on almost everything”?

    Oh well. At this point what diff…

  53. I have clung on to life since morning. The pulse slows, the vision fades….


  55. It was nice knowing him.

  56. Who the fuck came up with the idea of drinking nothing but vegetable juice for three days?

    I snuck in a small piece of grilled chicken when the wife was not looking. I think this will help me survive for a couple more hours.

  57. Can you guys hold the eulogies for a while? If I don’t comment for a few hours, you can start the formal eulogies.

  58. No sane person does this. Why are you?

  59. Seriously, juice fasts are retarded.

  60. Leon, the once a day juice turned out good for both of us. We are doing the 3-day on an experimental basis, with the proviso that we will quit if it gets too much.

  61. Is it beef juice, at least?

  62. [withholds disgusting comment I was about to make ]

    You guys are welcome. I was really close to putting it up.

  63. It was nice knowing you, Tushar.

  64. Leon, sadly no. But apparently, there is some vegetable stock later in the day.

    I think my body did not like the sugar assault from the beet+green apple juice. I am fine if I stick to disgusting stuff like kale/celery/swiss chard juice.

  65. *puts raw steak in juicer*

    This is gonna be great!

  66. Apparently I am going to feel grouchy on day one, better on day two and horny on day three. No way to short circuit the first two days.

  67. *schedules all visits to Tushars for Day 1 and 2*

  68. तुषार एक अच्छा भूरे रंग व्यक्ति था। यह उसे पता करने के लिए वास्तव में अच्छा था

  69. WTF, Mare?! I left you a gif in the last thread. Maybe you could try reading the POS comments on this POS blog?

  70. Jay must be drinking that same juice.

  71. Hahahahah, I’m sorry, xbradtc, I like that gif.

  72. Jays computer has been taken over by dave/rajish from the windows “help” desk telephone scam line.

  73. Todos precisam ler diferentes linguagens


  75. Ha ha! That is awesome, Jay. Though, I don’t think Google Translate did the best job.

  76. The name of the cashier is Scholastica? That is an impressive name.

  77. Just landed and read the FBI stuff.

    Is this reality?

  78. Evidently.

  79. Nice FBI news dump before a four day weekend.

    James Comey is a first class piece of sell out shit.

  80. 3 day, whatever.

  81. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but we have to elect Trump.

    *drooze (drugs and booze combined)

  82. Trump vs Hillary is only a hard decision if you are virtue signaling. Choose, your Country or your virtue.

  83. If you tell the cops that you didn’t know stealing cars was illegal, they’ll let you off with a warning.

  84. Just make sure your paragraphs are in alphabetical order and everything will be OK.

  85. If she’s honest, she’s an imbecile. If she’s dishonest, she thinks everyone voting for her is an imbecile.

    It’s also possible that she both dishonest and an imbecile, of course.

  86. If the bitch is elected I may forego my clearance altogether. I don’t want any sort of dealings with the intel community if she’s in charge.

  87. It’s just impossible for me to believe that a fucking buffoon like Trump is the least worst choice. He’s just Jesse Ventura or Jerry Springer with a bigger wallet in my estimation. I’ll put an X by his box just to do my part in keeping scrunt out of the WH, but that don’t mean I’m voting for him.

  88. PG, same here.

    I am not voting for Trump. I am voting for Hillary’s opponent.

    …if I survive this juice diet.

  89. EVERYBODY is voting for not Hillary. That’s my point. It’s an easy vote….NOT HILLARY.


    Where all de white wimmens b @ ?



    OK, so dry rubbed two racks with this stuff, charcoal grilled on indirect heat. Best ribs ever.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Meathead is a genius.

  93. Speaking of racks, nicely done with today’s model, Puppeh.

  94. Hard to go wrong with a Big Boobed British Brunette.

  95. Lawn is mowed. Time to make more sauce. Going to try and get 6 quarts jarred up this time.

  96. That sounds like a challenge!

  97. Ha! Sean nails it.

  98. I have yet to try Meathead’s medium rare hamburger technique.


  99. Calling shenanigans on Sean’s article that Marilyn would’ve been a 16. *Throws flag. Even Mae West wouldn’t have been that big. MM would’ve been equivalent to a 10 or a 12. Small waisted enough to be an 8.


  101. Tough day at work. Amigo riders were pissing me off. I kept visualizing the exploding heads from the Kingsmen. People kept clogging the toilets. Mojado Friday so there was TP all over the bathroom floors. No female maintainence scheduled today, so the guys kept having to close the Women’s Restroom to clean. Some guy had a shitstorm in the Men’s Room. Poop everywhere. Floor, walls, and stalls.

  102. Hahaha great timing Scott!

  103. Some guy had a shitstorm in the Men’s Room. Poop everywhere. Floor, walls, and stalls.

    I never understand how that’s possible. What do they do, stand on their heads and and start spinning?

  104. Happy Birthday DiT. (Or should we change that to DoT: Dave on Twitter? )

  105. CoAl in exile, I don’t get it either. We had a guy poop his pants at the register and shit all over the guy in line behind him’s shoes. Metformin blow out.

  106. I can almost understand shitting yourself because of the drug that you’re on, or even shitting on the floor on the way to the toilet. But the walls?

  107. I never understand how that’s possible. What do they do, stand on their heads and and start spinning?

    The kind of person who’s okay with doing that probably isn’t bashful about using their hands.

  108. I projectile vomited once.

    I didn’t think what I did was possible.

  109. But I’m sure they wash their hands thoroughly on the way out.

    Before handling everything in the store.


  110. I think Terence and Philip had an episode about splatter on South Park. I just know it happens. Try not to speculate.

  111. I was happy nobody else was in the room.

  112. Scott, Exorcist level projectile?

  113. A buddy of mine projectile vomited while tripping hard on acid once. Said it went like a perfect rainbow arc into the toilet. He swears he went back later and there was no mess anywhere to be found.

  114. People are weird.

  115. Fire hose.

    I wrecked that room.

  116. Narcos Season 2 on Netflix. Other than babies, I have never seen projectile vomiting. Totes not on my bucket list.

  117. Still alive. 5 liters of vegetable juice is not enough to kill me.

  118. Scott…AUGH!!!!! This comment may make Scott vomit. Cubs fans are starting to believe that this is the year. More than one. I’m not a Cubs fan, but who starts the hoodoo in early September? Bad juju.

  119. Tushar has more pesticides in his body than anyone else.

    He’ll have vivid dreams.

  120. I love the Cubbies. I was raised a Cubs fan. Got to watch a ton of games when Harry Caray was on WGN. They will find a way to fuck it up. Probably at the last possible minute, with a World Series berth just within reach.

  121. I saw a guy projectile vomit in the back of a C-130 doing a low level flight in Colorado.

    Yeah, it set of a chain reaction.

    No, I didn’t get splattered.

  122. I saw a guy projectile vomit in the back of Hotspur’s mom in a Motel 6 in Colorado.


  123. OMG!
    I was reading a post at WUWT by Willis who is a interesting character.
    There is a picture of a guy who belongs here.
    His shirt reads
    “If fishing was easy it would be called your mom.”


  125. I saw Projectile Vomit open for Spinning Shitstorm back in ’04.

  126. Should be high velocity high trajectory vomit. All expelled vomit is projectile.

    /barf pedant

  127. Spew isn’t projectile, that’s what George Soros wants you to think.

  128. Man, “barf pedant” had better be listed somewhere on your CV.

  129. barf pedant
    There is a your mom joke in there somewhere.

  130. I’m pretty much an expert on barfing.

  131. My buddy has a C130 barf story, he jumped out without wearing a parachute.*

    *He was SF so it is mostly, kind of, believable.

  132. A wonderful old(from 2005) essay on “cookies” from Ven der Leun.

    My last “Projectile Vomit” was when I faced the prospect of actually meeting Mare!
    The possibility was, apparently, so horrendous that I became physically ill.
    My spew was accurate, in that it went into the bowl, but at such velocity that the water was forced out onto the floor.
    One doesn’t just walk into Mordor meet Mare…

  133. Someone came into our store in Ferndale (we sold that location ) asked to use the restroom, then proceeded to smear shit on the walls. Everywhere.

    It was a woman.

    And she was driving an ice cream truck.

  134. blerg.

    It was actually a good night to be stuck behind the bar. The dining room was a shitstorm and we ended up making good money in the dining room. I doubled what a gal made. I didn’t tell her.

  135. 💩 out for Harambe! G’night you freaks

  136. Virtual used car dealership. Low Startup cost:

    WTF, O?
    Take a picture of a parked car and offer it on Craigslist?
    Is this a thing?

  137. And she was driving an ice cream truck.

    Soft serve.

    You were all thinking it.

  138. Ick Carin

  139. Tomorrow morning we should evacuate and incinerate this thread. Perhaps nuke it from space.

  140. Goodnight, darling hosefuckers. And wash your hands.


  142. **mails seanm some surplus body armor

    Fetal position is often your best bet.

  143. Thank you, sir. Got anything that’s buoyant and/or poison resistant?

  144. Hotspurs mom is buoyant. Not sure about the poison thing.

  145. So long Sammy
    See ya in Miami!

    Stolen from Bugs Bunny, however I shall be in Miami in 4 weeks so

  146. Daphne effortlessly rebuked Petra.

  147. New poat.

  148. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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