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I don’t know why this song popped into my head this morning.  NOW IT’S IN YOURS!



While we wait for Monday Motivation:



  1. Mare is crafty.

  2. We’re all going to have to be crafty in Hillary’s america.

  3. In 6-10 hours we will have 9 lbs of smoked pork butt!

  4. My deck project has put a major crimp in any smoking. The weather didn’t cooperate to stain today.

  5. July here was the hottest since 1955, and almost no rain.

    I think we are about 6″ below average so far this year.

    We are trying to enjoy the good weather as much as we can because there is has to be a whole bunch of crappy weather somewhere on the horizon.

    Hopefully we catch up before winter.

  6. Colorado had been wetter than your mom this year.

  7. I’m sitting outside enjoying the cool sunny morning and waiting for a friend to show up and help me load my larger furniture into the trailer. He’s now 15 minutes late.

  8. 30 minutes

  9. Mom and Possum are out for the day to go see some friends who are building a barn. I am here alone for the remainder. Time to prepare the office to be my workplace once again.

  10. Good Luck, Alex. I sold or gave away any furniture I couldn’t move with my immediate family. Lean and light. Agile.

    Today is going to be chicken thighs and ribs on the grill. 9 lbs of pork butt sounds pretty good too, but I’m setting my sights lower, dinner for today and leftovers for two or three lunches this week.

  11. I think Dan is making teriyaki chicken in the crockpot. I work at 9:30. He went to work at 3. I left the sun tea outside all night. Oops.

  12. I tried a leaf of something I hoped might be oregano out in the garden. It wasn’t, and was in fact awful, so I spat it out and then ate a bunch of lambs quarters while I weeded them. Now my coffee tastes like I sweetened it and I know I didn’t.

    I sense profit potential.

  13. Pupster,

    A bed and a futon. That’s all the big stuff that I wanted help moving. The rest is crap in small boxes.

  14. I made that Hollandaise-like sauce Lauraw recommend and it is good!! I had it with my omelet this morning, however, I added a lot of cayenne pepper and it was delightful!

    Down 6 pounds from last week, bitches!

    Low carb, high fat and intermittent fasting. Switched from white to red wine (2 glasses, if that). Tons of energy even with my cold. Feel great.

    Thanks, Ace, for the inspiration!

  15. And by “bitches” I mean sweet people of the H2 and Hotspur.

  16. Ketosis, the entire time, which I’m not sure I’ve done before. can’t remember.

  17. Oh sure, I say this shit for years and Ace gets the credit.


  18. What was the ace post about? I was on vacation.

  19. Eating LCHF and intermittent fasting. i.e. how I eat.

  20. Friends just left. I haven’t laughed as much as I did with them in the last 24 hours in years. Nor have I consumed as much red meat and alcohol. So many stories, new and old, kids all grown up and growing up. Divorces and alimony/child support stories. The most fantastic story is by my friend Hoj whose wife tried to have him killed by her lover 5 years ago. His divorce was just finalized and he now feels free to share the details. He says he will write a book about it and I hope he does….the details are stranger than fiction.

  21. Basic summary: He married a nurse we all knew and had 2 kids with her. His in laws were very involved with their daughter and seemed to know about this lover. He was drugged by her in the form of a cookie she told him had herbs for wild sex with her. When he ate it he was quite sedated and the guy tried to push him in the family pool to drown him. Everyone knew Hoj liked his recreational pharmaceuticals and it would have worked if he didn’t fight back. She panicked and called 911 and the state cops chased the guy until he pulled over and jumped off a highway bridge to his death. Her parents destroyed her computer and phone. Like a kid beginning to believe Santa Claus wasn’t real he went a long time not believing that this was how it went down. He finally saw the light and began to extract himself. So many other details not included above. He had 2 million in life insurance which she would have got had he “accidentally drowned”. He has two years left to file a civil suit on her which he is ambivalent about since he just wants to move on with his life. She can apply for alimony in 5 years which is why we, his friends, suggested he file the suit.

  22. He needs to file the suit. Sounds like a book I would read.

  23. Well damn, Jimbro. He better write that down. As a warning to other men if nothing else.

    Office is in shape, time to build my awesome new chair.

  24. He was an intern with me and decided to go into ER medicine 2 years into a surgery residency. He was disillusioned about medicine overall and tried to get a cosmetic practice going with a mutual friend who finished a plastics residency. He was working his ass off with this endeavor while his wife was screwing this guy. He’s now working for the federal prison hospital at Devens, the “town” created after the army decommissioned Fort Devens. As soon as his kids are out of college in 5 years he wants to teach anatomy at a college or university.

  25. Like a kid beginning to believe Santa Claus wasn’t real he went a long time not believing that this was how it went down. He finally saw the light and began to extract himself.

    Wait, he stayed with her after that?

    Must be some world class pootananny.

  26. Not to go all manosphere, but: beta male.

  27. I only say this because I’ve been there. I stayed 10 years with a girl I should have left after high school, and ended up divorcing.

    It was pretty good pootenanny, though.

  28. I always thought she had a nice rack and a pretty face built for blow jobs but I wouldn’t have hung around. The state cops told him right off to get a lawyer and file a restraining order which he didn’t and now regrets. This came out of nowhere as far as he was concerned and I think the disbelief just took over. I wouldn’t characterize Hoj as a beta male at all, just thrust into a situation with a sociopath that he was ill equipped to deal with.

  29. It’s funny because if you try to warn someone (be it a woman or a man) that their significant other is horrible, they simply won’t listen.

  30. Moose passed his “final”.

    And then refused to get in the car.

  31. And aided and abetted by the in-laws.

    Whew-boy. He’s lucky to be alive.

  32. Neighbor puppy has some issues with his mom petting other dogs, get’s growly and bitey. Nessie is taking it pretty well, but has put her foot down (on the neighbor dog) a couple of times.

    They took her to puppy pre-school last night and she was banished after 15 minutes for fighting.

    Turns out she is just kind of a bitch.

  33. I’ve got a theory based on my observations of doctors I’ve known. A whole lot of them marry poorly because from age 22 to about 30 or so they must subordinate all other aspects of life to the goal of surviving med school and then residency. They basically forfeit their twenties, socially speaking, in order to pursue a career that demands 100+ hours a week of them. Add to that, they’re viewed as a future pot of gold by the opposite sex and are succeptable to gold diggers. Both docs who delivered my two kids fit this pattern. One male and one female.

    My older daughter thought she wanted to go to med school. I had very negative feelings anout it. Organic chem talked her out of it faster than I ever could have.

    tl:dr. Just fuck the nurses. Don’t marry them. No offense, Lauraw

  34. Check out the big brain on PG.

    And shit.


    The office is ready. Now I just need hardware and I can get this new job thing going.

  36. Your theory is spot on PG. I dated several women, the majority being nurses, who would’ve made fine wives. From age 23-33 I basically lived in hospitals and really didn’t have a normal life. When I finally got done and took my first job in St Louis I had no idea what to do with a weekend off. By then I had married my first ex-wife unfortunately. I’m happy to report that I’ve figured the whole weekend thing out now.

  37. The doctor who delivered daughter #2 (cesarean) was a very fine young man. Friendly, unassuming, but very much projected an air of competence. He probably had to have been at least 32 at the time but I was 31 and he seemed like a youngster to me.

    He was married to a woman who was probably about 40 and had some staggeringly large breasts for such a tiny waist. He worked all week in our small town and then went to Fort Worth and worked a couple of ER shifts most weekends at the county hospital. This cannot have been pleasant duty. But her spending habits required a seven day work week.

    We lost touch with him after we moved back to west Tx but I sincerely hope he ditched her ass. She was the most blatant goldigger I’ve ever seen but I never heard of anyone claiming that they’d heard him utter a peep. He may’ve never had enough of a dating life when he was younger to realize that this was not what a normal relationship was supposed to be like. Or maybe she just gave great head.

  38. Leon, I’ll have you know you’ve inspired and educated me several times.

    And for obvious reasons I must say that by educated I mean educated.

    What I love about Ace’s is the VERY specific details people give about what works for them. Ace is very specific also.

  39. Bangin’ your mom works for me. Is that specific enough for you, or do you need to know the position?

  40. Leon, why are you being a brat? You got your office fixed. You bought a new chair. You had a day to regroup and recharge. Now if you’d like to go outside and come back in with a better attitude, we’ll see about a whiskey and ribeye dinner.


  42. I’m probably just being irritable because Dell’s website is crappy and I can’t find the laptop I think I’m going to need.

  43. Well, okay then.

  44. Pupster, the link with the levels made me laugh.

  45. Had to rush the grilling so Boy1 could eat before work, ribs and chicken turned out OK, not awesome.

    Boy1 inherited his mom’s passive aggressive bullshit, I reminded him at the dinner table he had 1/2 hour before he had to leave for work, and he proceeded to putz around not getting ready, to the point where I found him sitting on the couch reading a book with 10 minutes left, not dressed and lunch not packed. He acted all put out like I was being unreasonable, he had plenty of time. I hate that. Ended up being late because he couldn’t find his shoes.


  46. Kids are morons.

    We do our best, Pups and they still make head shaking an Olympic Sport.

  47. https://is.gd/x4GtrR

  48. Oh boy, squash again!

  49. Today’s was literally the size of a 2L bottle. This is probably throwing me out of ketosis.

  50. Greetings, skeezers, hoes, and biyotches.

  51. Oso needs this https://is.gd/Uhdmn3

  52. Nevermind, I should be fine. Fitday says 3# of zucchini = 23 net carbohydrate.

  53. Yea, my zucchini are … gargantuan.

  54. Everybody needs that, scott.

  55. Carin, this was the post from Ace: http://ace.mu.nu/archives/364573.php

    I went through and watched the vids from the bottom up. It took some time. The last Gary Taubes one is great to watch if you don’t have time for all of them.

    But the book on keto that Leon recommended to me has more explanatory information and is my new favorite resource, especially concerning the types of fats that are in different oils, and the preferred mix of fats the body wants or can use.

    I still haven’t been religiously calculating the breakdown to make sure that I am getting 75-80% of my calories from fat. It’s hard for me to get in the habit of measuring stuff in the kitchen. I just turn the olive oil over and pour.

  56. What about the studies that show that fasting is bad for women?

  57. I think mostly they show that daily 16 hour fasts aren’t good for some women, Carin. 14 hour daily fasts or 2/week 24 hour fasts (dinner to dinner) are usually okay. I don’t know if there’s any data on ‘fasts’ that only exclude protein and carbs for the majority of the day, permitting, say, cream in coffee or a bit of coconut oil in the morning rather than a full breakfast.

  58. Can’t believe I missed the first hour of Sharknado 4.

  59. I found my new favorite youtube clip:

  60. I can’t believe I didn’t know it was a thing that was going to be on teevee until I saw people livetweeting it.

    Oh, wait. Yes, I can believe that.

  61. When I’m eating this much fat, I can see myself only wanting two meals a day. I had to force myself to eat some meals, a couple times in the past two days. Need to stop doing that and just let my gut decide.

    Leon, do you bother trying to reduce the amount of alanine-containing foods you eat in order to enhance ketosis?

  62. Scott is right, I needz that puppeh!!!

  63. I’m not trying to be a snarky asshole here, I’m genuinely curious–is eating that way actually enjoyable? It really sounds like a chore to me.

  64. The cicadas are going berserk.

  65. Sean, it’s awesome for someone like me, whose eyes roll over white for rich foods high in fat. It’s like heaven for me. And I keep losing weight while eating this way, holyshit winwin.

    YMMV, though, and how. For example, Scott would never enjoy this. He always cuts the fat off his steak. He wants potatoes and corn and really doesn’t enjoy super fatty foods all that much anyway.

    Everything else we talk about here is tweaks, pretty much.

    Although I looked up the alanine thing, and while alanine can throw you out of ketosis, it doesn’t look like that big of a deal. Almost anything you eat with protein in it is going to have alanine.

  66. Third party was supposed to set Harry Potter this AM. Never showed up. I was freaking so Dan set the pallet for me. Up before 10. Woohoo!

  67. Glad you’re enjoying it. It just sounds to me like there’s a lot of calculations and junk. And it also sounds like it wouldn’t necessarily be easy for someone with el goutcho. I eat a lot of poultry and fish these days.

  68. I have never been on a diet.

    I tried to get fat once.

  69. Dayton. Survived the family reunion hosted by BIL who proudly displayed his personalized Valentine from Hillary on his fridge. I hope FIL is haunting him if he spent his inheritance helping that crooked bitch. Walked away from the nephew with the Bernie sticker on his computer, but not until I heard about how conservatives are against the 1st and 4th amendments. This is the same nephew whose room we occupied for two nights. He said he cleaned up. His dad said he helped clean up the room. His mom said *she* helped clean up the room. If that’s what it looked like after three “adults” cleaned it, I would hate to see the before picture. Life has a big lesson for this young man at some point in the future.

    Best part of reunion: different nephew’s other grandma was there. She is the one who held it all together when Mr. RFH’s sister was dying of cancer seven years ago. She is a force of positive energy and love, and I got a dozen hugs from her over the weekend. Wonderful lady.

    Also, we set off about $300 of fireworks, and it was awesome. (Bernie fan complained about the noise and went in the house after the first mortar went off.)

  70. Dug myself out of spam bucket.

  71. FYI, I’m doing the midday show Monday – Wednesday this week.

    First guest is Kurt Schlicter, Monday at 10:10 eastern

    GonnA be a great couple of days.

  72. Post them for us WB

  73. Leon, do you bother trying to reduce the amount of alanine-containing foods you eat in order to enhance ketosis?

    No. Never seemed worth the effort.

    It just sounds to me like there’s a lot of calculations and junk.

    Only at first, and a lot of it is intuitive after you’ve done it a while. Hungry? Eat something, preferably something with a fair amount of good fat if you’re especially hungry. Make sure you get a half-pound to a pound of meat every day; more if you’re working out, less if you aren’t. Eat a lot of green vegetables. Eat berries in small quantities. Salt to taste. Salt liberally if you’re sweating a lot or working out. Put cream in your coffee. Don’t eat any sugar, bread, or starch.

    It’s really not complicated.

  74. Bedtime. MMM @546am.

  75. Why not 545?

  76. slacker

  77. Pretty sure I won the argument for staying in a hotel the next time. I am not OCD if the room has wadded-up dirty socks, empty and half-full juice and Gatorade bottles, and fingernail/toenail clippings in the carpet. Just OCD about other things.

  78. 545 is a sacred hour, fit only for the creatures of the night. Whores, bums, politicians.

  79. Anyone have a VW? Thinking of getting a Jetta. Great deals on them, and I kinda need a car.

  80. Whores, bums, politicians.

    Why are you repeating yourself?

  81. Emphasis.

  82. J’ames, my cousin, Erica, is VW loyal. D and I are team datsun/nissan

  83. Anybody still alive in here?

  84. I don’t know if you’d call this life.

    We exist here. Forever and ever…

  85. Fair enough

  86. I’ve had 2 VWs in my life, a Rabbit and a Scirroco. Liked them both.

  87. Everything floats here, B’coch.

  88. Don’t think I didn’t notice that turd in the punch bowl, Sean.

  89. I figured you would. I was just hoping you would have taken a sip before catching on.

  90. Still packing. Cleaning crew comes tomorrow. Kill me nao.

  91. Can I wait until you get to California first? It’ll just be easier that way.

  92. When your derp is broken
    Will it bring you down
    You may be awoken
    I’ll be ’round, I’ll be ’round

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