MMM 234: Mid-Summer Harvest

I got squash for days.  Days.  And about a hundred green tomatoes just about to go red on the vine.  Phone screen this afternoon that I really, really don’t want to screw up.  I don’t have any reason to think that I will, but after bombing the last interview my confidence is a little less than rock-solid.  I’ll have to be sure to do some prep beforehand.  Maybe listen to this a few times.  Or possibly to this.  And almost certainly to this and this (hey, I like that one, it ain’t about you).

And I should probably review some cybersecurity basics and architectural design patterns.  Even if he doesn’t ask, the practice will help my confidence.

Is that Miami?


These are really fun and way harder than they look.


I hate when they get cut off at the head like this.






Glistening just a bit.


Enrobing or disrobing?  Or just adjusting?


Ahh, the classics.


Tasteful monochrome.  And ab veins.


After some sparring.


Have an excellent Monday, everyone.


  1. Good morning, slackers.

  2. Is it that early, or is everyone busy already?

  3. It is early.

  4. None of your business.

  5. I woke up at 530 and gave up on sleep at 557, so I was at the office about 640. Going to be a long day.

  6. Not sure whether enrobing or disrobing. But definitely adjusting his cock and balls.

  7. Hillary hires Wasserman??? Hillary hires Wasserman??

    No one is even trying to hide corruption anymore.

    I’ve come to understand (fully) that a real and fair media is absolutely necessary for our government to run without screwing the people.

    Idiot that I am, I assumed there are only a few bad actors but I think politics attracts the worst kind of people; greedy, attention whore, power grabbers.

  8. On the other hand about half our Nation is so stupid, so ideological, so radicalized truth doesn’t really matter to them. So Eff it.

  9. Rowan started rustling around looking to go outside around 0600. I finally gave in around 630. That rat bastard is now back asleep with Paula in our room and I’m wide awake. If she wasn’t working overnight tonight I’d be making noise and shaking things up.

  10. Mare, I unfortunately don’t think that most people even understand why DWS going to work for Hillary after all this is an ethical problem.

  11. Good luck with the interview, Leon.

  12. Thanks, Pepe. I have very little idea what to expect. I think it’s a soft call from a manager sort rather than a technical review, but for all I know he’s going to have a tech guy in the room on his end to grill me with gotchas. Normally that wouldn’t phase me, but last time that happened my mind was a haze of fog for some reason.

  13. Yes, good luck, Leon. You sound prepared.

  14. my mind was a haze of fog for some reason.


    Lack of sleep and carbs?

  15. Eek. Hillary Clinton is speaking less than a mile from my house, at the Neighborhood theater.

    Only campaign volunteers, no public.

  16. When are cucumbers ripe?

  17. Get ready for a shit show as far as traffic and your sanity goes, MJ.

  18. Dunno, Mare. Just wasn’t on it that day. I was rested, I’d had my usual cup of coffee on the way there. My only defense is that I didn’t know it was coming then, thought it was just a manager-level chat and then I’d be out of there, and instead it was 4 hours, 3 hours of it technical-heavy. I wrote code on a whiteboard for 3 different people.

    I’d have been great at that job, and their interview didn’t give them that, so it really is their loss, but it still shook me a bit.

  19. MJ, when the flowers start to go brown, it’s time to pluck, generally.

  20. Speaking of shit shows, twitter is a swamp of pathetic emotional investment of “their candidate” with a healthy dose of dickishness thrown in.

  21. Who is Gavin McGinnis? I have him on my twitter feed and for some bizarre reason he twittered himself running naked.

  22. You can pick cucumbers at any size that suits your needs. Gherkins picked really teensy are called cornichons, and they’re freekin adorable. I like to wait until they are bigger because I’m greedy and want more food per square foot.

  23. Can you see his wenus?

  24. Hmm, leon, that interview is what keeps me from applying for a new job. The devil you know and all that.

  25. I had a green summer squash get away from me and it became a zucchini. My mom took it home to make into bread after the party Saturday. It also looks like the two volunteers I hoped were zucchini plants are instead crooknecks. I’ll have to figure out something to do with them, as they are only somewhat edible, and much better as decorations or water-containment vessels.

  26. Jay, what really gets my goat about it is that I knew almost all of them, colleagues for many years. None of them went through that interview process. At most they had a one-hour talk with a manager and his lead engineer. Somehow the edifice hasn’t collapsed under their care.

  27. Grate them into a big pot, reduce them on the stove to about half or less volume, and freeze the resulting thick mush in pints. This is what I add to Winter soups, stews and chili to add good texture and flavor and fiber content. Booyah.

  28. I’m loving this book, Leon. Are the recommended dietary proportions the same for non-athletes?

  29. Think there was some leftover animosity leon? An abnormally hard interview just because?

  30. Place not your trust in princes, yo.

    Mornin’ Hostages. Someone brought up fluffernutters, I looked up what they were (which was less of a mistake than usual), and now I want one, dammit.

  31. Hmm, zucchini in chili, Interesting.

  32. You don’t even see it in there. It dissolves and mixes in and disappears. Good thickener if you really reduce it down well in prep.

  33. Proportions should be the same, Laura, though you probably don’t need as much salt unless you’re doing a lot of physical labor and/or sweating.

    Think there was some leftover animosity leon? An abnormally hard interview just because?

    If there was animosity, it wasn’t from anyone I met with that day. Most of them I met semi-regularly for drinks for years, and we get on well. I think this is just how they interview people now that the company’s changed, and someone who wasn’t in the room took the opportunity of my lackluster technical interview to quash the desires of the fellows who really wanted to get me in. I had been a terrible slacker at various points in my career there, and I think that caught up to me. If that’s the case, I don’t doubt I deserved it.

  34. Zucchini I think you’d see. Crookneck is orange-fleshed and would just vanish as Laura says.

  35. I’ve made stewed meat for burrito filling on the crockpot with grated yellow squash mixed in there too. Because the yellow skin shows up as flecks in the mixture, I added some corn. This effectively camouflaged it from Scott’s Weird Vegetable Issues.

    Dear Scott: I am no longer growing yellow squash in the garden. I promise. You can go look.

  36. Yes, full on flapping in the breeze while running.

  37. Or you could just go into the other room and tell him.

  38. Maybe you should have Possum in the background with a “Please hire my Daddy!” sign.

  39. Nah, reeks of desperation.

    Plus I’ll be on the phone in my truck out in the parking lot.

  40. CALABACITAS!!!!!! *Runs through blog*

  41. Ugh…… I rarely drink alcohol. Sat nite I had a few with my Son in Law. My metabolism is still all over the fucking place and that’s after spending most of the day yesterday laid up in the rack. File under shit I just cant do anymore…..thing is, compared to my previous behaviors I really didnt drink all that much. Maybe a 6 pack and two shots of rum over a 4 -5 hr period…..

  42. My suggestion Leon is that you dont “over” think this shit. Focus your mind on what you bring to the table, dont try to anticipate too much, just let the conversation occur. Now I want you to look into a mirror and repeat the following…. “Dog gone it! Im a good person and people like me.”….

  43. “Dog gone it! Im a good person and people like me.”

    I’m trying to be better about lying to myself, Troy.

  44. I’ve done the grated up potato thing in the lentil soup recipe. It worked well.

  45. There was one year I grew cousa which is a Lebanese summer squash. It’s traditionally cored and stuffed with rice and a little lamb. One got away from my sight and grew to the size of Hillary’s calf which was a disgusting sight.

  46. As we sat down to dinner last night my mom mentioned she almost made stuffed grape leaves but ran out of time. I almost offered to run down to Bangor and buy a jar of leaves but restrained myself.

  47. I picked a cucumber and tried it. BITTER!

  48. Meme magic

  49. I don’t know if letting them sit for a day after picking will help or not, MJ. I’ve read/heard that the bitterness is related to soil quality.

  50. Or you could try cleaning them first.

  51. Slice the cucumber and salt it. Salt brings out the juices and most of bitterness with it. Rinse and enjoy

  52. Ha! I just read a news alert that the FBI is investigating the DNC email hack.

    The result is inevitable: Trump did it and Hillary, although incompetent, is entirely innocent.

  53. Hilarious. Does the FBI ever investigate when Republican stuff is leaked?


  54. The parody headlines almost write themselves.

  55. laura, that’s a job for the IRS.

    When Republicans…

  56. Good morning!

    Leon, good luck with the interview. I’m sure God will provide what is best for you.

    In other news, I finally got back to the gym after almost three weeks away. I’m regretting the deadlifts. Sooooore…

  57. According to a reliable source, the fellow who’s due to screen me is the opposite of a hard interviewer. It was suggested that the call may simply be to determine if I am, in fact, a living human being.

  58. How do you cram for that interview?

  59. “Brains, Brains…”

  60. I’m just making sure I’ve had my coffee so it will be more obvious.

  61. Do some squats.

  62. Listening to the last music track on repeat for now. It’ll have to do.

  63. I may or may not have linked them at the top of this poat merely to ensure that I’d have a selection ready for my inner montage.

  64. Leon prepares for the interview of his life.

  65. Bernie Sanders is icky. Communist icky.

  66. Pulse status: confirmed.

  67. There was a technical person on the call, but she had read documentation I had written on two different projects.

    *high fives past me

  68. Looks like neverhillary is a whole lot bigger than nevertrump.

    Dem convention might look like a riot.

  69. Burn it down! Burn it down!

  70. If Bernie’s supporters can challenge Kaine for the VP slot… Oh boy.

  71. I was supposed to link this

    Half of her base is gone.

  72. Heh, someone is about to get Palin’d:

    Wore her own clothing line all 4 nights. The dress she wore Thursday? $158.

  73. Ooops, $158 was Wednesday night’s dress. Thursday’s was $138.

  74. My spidey sense exploded when every news station was anticipating a total shit show in Cleveland.

    That basically outed the DNC as a full on, three alarm dumpster fire.

  75. I would really love to see rioting and absolute chaos at the Democratic convention, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

  76. Wore her own clothing line all 4 nights. The dress she wore Thursday? $158.

    Then she won’t get too upset if it gets torn off in the heat of passion.

  77. I’d like to believe that, Scott. But the dems always get in line no matter the fuss they make.

  78. scott, do you have another link? That one doesn’t work for me.

  79. Now way. Every democrat plus the LIVs and some republicans loved Obama.

    No one likes Hillary. Not even her husband.

  80. Linked at Drudge “Berning Hot”

  81. “The only Hillary supporters I’ve seen out here is CNN.”


  82. Ivanka would look hot even if she is wearing a priest’s white robes.

    Only a tired old pig needs a $12000 Armani lipstick.

  83. Ha ha!
    Bernie fans are such die hard Bernie fans, they booed even him for supporting Hillary.

    Feel the bern, Bernie.

  84. Amazingly, I was able to get out of Costco for less than $200.

  85. And now Hispanics are pissed because Tim Kaine does not look Messican from any angle.

    Live by identity politics, die by identity politics

  86. Ivanka killed a woman with cancer in high school after giving her a haircut because she was a lesbian. She rode to high school everyday in a solid gold car that had it’s own car elevator and a dog permanently strapped to the top.

  87. Amazingly, I was able to get out of Costco for less than $200.

    Looks like someone needs a PBC!

  88. She’s probably a Mormon too.

  89. Mmmmmm…christmas meat.

  90. I’m not sure when Obama is speaking but if he says ‘fat cat billionaires with corporate jets’ I’m gonna die laughing.

  91. Can’t have one in the HOA, J’ames. Can only grill with gas.

    And really, a lot of the meat in the pic is pork chops and ground beef, which, I bake the pork chops, and use the ground beef as an ingredient.

  92. If the Republicans can’t make any hay with the “Taco Bowl” comment from the leaked e-mails, they are completely incompetent.

  93. Pork chops done on the PBC are awesome.

    You could do the same on gas, indirect heat with a foil pack of wood chips. Try it sometime.

    Same thing with burgers.

  94. Wiser, typo in your column.

    one can only come to the conclusion that failure is truly a resume enhancer foe a Democrat.

    For, not foe

  95. One more:

    To be fair, Gov. Malloy did get inherit a massive budget deficit from the previous Republican governor

    Lose the word get before inherit

  96. Just to give to give you an idea of how this breaks down.

    Lise the give to before give you

  97. Oh, check out the new citizen correcting the reporter on his English!

  98. Thanks, Tush. I kinda rushed through and had to get it p osted before he spoke.. Currently making other fixes as well.

  99. Oh, check out the new citizen correcting the reporter on his English!

    trust me, he’s probably way better at this than I be.

  100. Tomorrow is the beef tri tip roast.

  101. Mrs. P has become more political as she’s gotten older due to my grumbling but she’s still not what you’d call a zealot. However she’s watched enough of the two conventions to make the following observation when I was home for lunch a while ago.

    When there is shouting and booing at the rnc it’s “discord”. When there’s shouting and booing at the dnc it’s “passion”. MSM frames it the same way every time.

  102. Leon,

    Have pork chops waiting for the grill as we speak.

    What do you marinate/season them with?

    I rarely grill pork chops, obviously.

  103. Xbrad,

    See if your local store has Allegro marinade. I use the ‘Hot and Spicy’ on my tri-tips and it kicks ass. Marinate overnight, if able.

  104. Phat, I marinate my pork chops in cheap Italian dressing.

    As for the beef tri tip, it’s prepacked in marinade. All I gotta do tomorrow is open the bag.

  105. Occasionally, I’ll liberally apply Greek seasoning to pork chops.

  106. I’m debating between greek and cajun seasoning.

    Will still do the foil packet with wood chips, though.

  107. Plain old salt is a winner. Dry brine. After that, season with whatever you want. Only the salt absorbs into the meat, after all.

  108. Wiser, I just googled ’emergency brake cable for Suzuki Samurai’ and got a ton of results. E.g. selling that cable for 1985-1995 model years for under $25

  109. I googled “your mom” and got a ton of results.

  110. Yeah, your mom is about a ton.

  111. Yo momma’s so fat and old when God said, “Let there be light,” he asked your mother to move out of the way.

  112. I marinade my meat in your mom.

  113. All night.

  114. So, a dry rub, right?

  115. >>>>Wiser, I just googled ’emergency brake cable for Suzuki Samurai’ and got a ton of results. E.g. selling that cable for 1985-1995 model years for under $25

    Cool! Guess I’ll have to call you when I need parts.

  116. I could use a new right knee.

  117. Hotspur does your meat burn on the grill or only when you piss.

  118. Spad, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass? Right now.
    And welcome.

  119. Bullwhip question has been asked and answered previously. But thanks for the welcome back.

  120. Well, if it’s been asked and answered, where the hell have you been? Lemme see who signed your hall pass!

  121. Greetings, people who are kind of hoping for Bernie Sanders-inspired rioting.

  122. Sorry X-Brad I been workin’ for the man. He been keepin’ me down yo.
    I’ll try not to go 3 months between comments from now on.

  123. My spadhole is killing me. Probably that time I got drunk in Haiti.

  124. Co-worker gave me some crookneck squash. I sliced them longways, sprinkled with garlic-infused oil, salt, and pepper, and grilled them for about 6 minutes. Nom nom nom.

  125. Gonna probably see a Spad XIII C.1 in a few days.

  126. I might try that. I should have a dozen of them in a week or so.

  127. (hey, I like that one, it ain’t about you)

    Listening to the last music track on repeat for now. It’ll have to do.

    They repeat the same 3 lines for the whole song. How can you even tell if it’s on repeat or not?

    Eh, whatever works for you, man.

    My new jerb just lost one of the reasons I took the new jerb. Marketing and Business Development lady who hired me left today, quietly. I’ve been here a year. I hope they don’t start “correcting” some of her decisions, too.

  128. MJ maybe you should cut down on the bullwhips. You ain’t as young as you yousta be.

    Hi Roamy I hope you have a good time checking out the Spad. Where is it on display?

  129. They repeat the same 3 lines for the whole song. How can you even tell if it’s on repeat or not?

    I think you get it. I actually moved on to Disturbed’s Indestructible shortly thereafter. I got supremely pumped up for entirely genial conversation with no hard questions at all.

    So right after that I banged your mom.

  130. Marketing and Business Development lady who hired me left today, quietly.

    That’s too bad. But I guess it’s probably better that she left that way than in, say, a blaze of glory.

  131. Pupster, are you looking, then?


  133. Spad13, USAF Museum in Dayton. Haven’t been since the Centennial of Flight airshow in 2003, figured it was due for a re-visit, especially with my son majoring in aerospace.

  134. No, this company took a chance on me and deserves my undivided attention and loyalty.

    Not looking to make a move, but if I get whacked I’ll probably either go on a 57 state killing spree or curl up in a catatonic ball and starve to death.

  135. I have a place to live.

  136. I brought Boy2 in to the office and he took a test they’ve been giving the CAD Operator applicants…he’s had one semester of CAD in high school and he smoked that test. The last 5 applicants claiming 2-10 years experience with CAD Design all failed.

    Pretty sure Boy2 is going to be a CAD Intern, once they create the position for him. Another reason to stick around.

  137. Sweet pad, CA!

  138. I have a place to live.

    Dang. Nice. I hope there’s no catch, seems too good to be true.

  139. That looks very nice, Colex. And Ventura is only a couple hours from here.

  140. I could pay 2.5 mortgages for that rent. My mind boggles.

  141. Below is one of those, ‘ye be warned, this is a Tushar link’ kind of link.

    NSFW ofcourse. But it is more of a ‘WTF, Tushar’ link, rather than a ‘Tushar I am going to murder you’ kind of link.

  142. OTOH, I just learned that health insurance for wife and kid at the new place is also going to cost more than my mortgage.

  143. I spoke with the owner. It’s a guest house that he used to use as a studio. It’s about thirty minutes from class, away from high traffic areas, and quiet.

  144. Well Tushar…that one definitely rates a “wtf”. You damn sure know your wtf’s when you see em.

  145. A dude wrote that ad? I thought it had a cat lady vibe to it. Is he gay?

  146. Me: Yeah, nowadays my only vices are the occasional glass of bourbon and a cigar.

    Landlord: Back in the 90s I got the opportunity to play in Cuba with the permission of the Clinton Administration. I still have a couple of boxes of cigars that I brought back with me. We’ll have to share a few.

  147. Roamy I wish I could take the time to be there for the WW1 expo they are having the beginning of Oct.

    I’m fascinated by the WW1 aircraft and pilots. It took real guts to climb into something made of wood, wire, maybe some pipe covered in fabric and fling yourself into the air with nothing but a leather jacket and helmet for protection.

  148. Him: So what was this legal trouble that you mentioned in your application?

    Me: Back in 2012 I got drunk at a Thanksgiving dinner, blacked out, and woke up in the ER. I regret it and took it as a sign that I needed to make some changes in my life.

    Him: I understand. I used to party with the Allman Brothers.

  149. TerribleTroy, it is nice to be appreciated for my special brand of link-foo. Most people here have no appreciation for my genius.

  150. I went up in a biplane many moons ago. Nothing aerobatic, really cool open cockpit, new meaning to low and slow. It was a Flying Circus show in Bealton, Va. I lived close by so I’ve seen the show more than once.

  151. So he’s a commie hippie fag?

  152. Probably, but the place is cheap and has a pool.

  153. TT sounds like a great ride but I’d like to do at least one barrel roll. Or maybe a falling leaf.

  154. Pupster, interesting patch. Bet they sell a bunch of ’em.

  155. I used to party with the Allman Brothers, too.*
    *May refer to attendance at a party where someone was playing an Allman Brothers CD.

  156. Spad, there was a museum about an hour south of here with all kinds of WWI planes. The owner died, and the collection was split up. I just remember being tickled pink to see a real Sopwith Camel.

  157. Leon,

    The rents out there are insane. 2000 for a one-bedroom apartment that’s not in the ghetto.

  158. This link is more of a ‘meh, Tushar is losing his touch’

  159. Who’s watching the DNC and laughing hysterically?!

    This shit-show is amazing. You thought the RNC was a bit wobbly? Oh man, this is totally cocktail foisting worthy.


    I think I peed a little laughing.

  161. Did they have the RNC on all the free channels?

  162. No, they did not.

  163. Michelle is giving a speech. Telling about how capable of hands we are in.

  164. It’s on ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS.

  165. Race, race, race, race, misogyny, race.

    House that slaves built.


  166. What an amazing time we live in, where about half of each party loathes their own nominee.

    Fucking democracy, how does it work?

  167. The glowing reviews begin now. Oh my.

  168. Oh goody, Fauchohantos is next!

  169. Can’t they even find one decent looking person in the crowd to pan to?! Ugh.

  170. Michelle and her shtruggles.

  171. Even Fox is raving about it.

  172. I’m watching on C-SPAM

  173. I’m going to bed. I watched a episode of Marco Polo tonight. I’ll leave the political stuff to my betters.

  174. H2 Panda Party

  175. You guys have a stronger stomach than I watching that stuff.

  176. I found out that my company is opening it’s first out of state office. It will be in the Tampa region.
    I love Houston, but in a few years I might transfer back to be closer to family and fishing, but mostly fishing.

  177. I think Warren is with Hillary.

  178. If I were a democrat, I would be wholly insulted by the amount of gratuitous blacks and women speaking. It’s a wonder that she picked a white male as her VP.

  179. Oh wait… here comes the old white guy now. My bad.

    And let the entertainment begin!


  181. Watching this makes me think of Rosetta and the blow by blow he’d be giving us with that special je ne sais quoi that was so unique, all while laughing his ass off and ripping those idiots a new one.

  182. Come on, Bernie, take the nomination!

  183. There were groupies in tears out there as they panned to the crowd. HAHA

  184. Haha, he’s not giving up his votes.

    This is gonna get good.

    *pops popcorn

  185. No, he didn’t say to give ’em to Hilldawg did he – holy shit I am tuning in tomorrow for sure.

  186. Is he pulling a Cruz?!

  187. I keep waiting for him to say “vote your conscious”, heh heh

  188. Nope. He’s endorsing Hillary.

  189. Awwwww, rats.

  190. THEY GOT TO HIM!!!!

  191. His delegates are NOT having it.

  192. Oligarchy – spoken like a true Socialist!

  193. Going back to watch Stranger Things. Damn good show.

    Oh, and hiya, Cyn.

  194. I can hear the cash register in the background.

    Cha Ching. Cha Ching.

  195. Bummer. I have to put away the popcorn.

  196. I don’t recall a lot of enthusiasm from this Fox crew during the RNC. They sure do love them some DNC, though.

  197. I think he was the last big speaker for the night. Interesting that he was on the first day – maybe to help curb the Bern-fever.

    Hiya, Sean.

  198. Got to talk to the prosecutor for the state today.
    I pretty much related the tale I told here on 4 Nov 2015 to her.
    She seemed to be amused and said that there would be a “Dispositave?”
    (is that even a word, or just lawyer-speak) meeting tomorrow and thanked me for the information that I gave her(which was, pretty-much what I posted here on 4 Nov 2015.).
    Ten minutes later, the Law-bitch for the defendant called and wanted to clarify what I told the prosecutor. He was grasping.
    When I told him I was not good at remembering faces(Had you seen the deputy before?), he seemed to seize on that.
    I can’t wait for him to ask me, in court, :
    “Do you see the driver of the wrecked vehicle in this courtroom?”
    At which time I can respond:
    “Okay, cover all these faces with fresh blood that is running down onto their hands, which are clutching their phones and dripping onto their shoes and the ground.
    That is the face that I saw, asshole…

  199. Well, J’Ames, all things considered, I’d still rather fuck Sarah Silverman than Scott Baio.

    I’m just saying is all.

  200. Nytol…

  201. As long as she doesn’t talk, Sean!

  202. Too right, tommy.

    Weird thing at work today. Nobody has twenty dollar bills. Hundreds, tens, fives, and ones.

  203. When I wake up early in the morning
    Lift my derp, I’m still yawning
    When I’m in the middle of a dream
    Stay in bed, float up stream

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